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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  September 10, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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your kohler® walk-in bath. and take advantage of our special offer of no payments for 18 months. ♪ three cheers for his im imagima imaginety majesty, the king. >> i shall strive to follow the inspiring example i have been set. >> god save the king. >> and what we have been seeing is this incredible transition. there's been a bittersweet feeling really. we have had tears, and we have had cheers. it's really two sides of the same coin. >> for us to see meghan and harry reunite with kate and
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william, i think this will be seen as a hugely respectful thing for her to do her majesty. >> i asked her if i could have a hug and she hugged me back. i'm still shaking now. >> people here are wondering whether or not this was a photo opportunity or whether this is truly the beginning of some kind of a reconciliation process. >> i'm pamela brown in washington. you are in the cnn "news room." ♪ in great britain tonight, a royal transfer of power. king charles iii is formally named sovereign of the british monarchy. the ancient ceremony, making its own history. this is the first time the british people could turn on their actual tvs and watch the proclamation of their new head of state. and amid that new beginning, a
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final farewell. the funeral for queen elizabeth ii now announced for a week from monday. and her eldest son, today formally proclaimed as the new king mourns the loss of his mother who he shared with the world. >> my lords, ladies and gentlemen, it is my most sorrowful duty to announce to you the death of my beloved mother, the queen. i know how deeply you, the entire nation, and i think i may say the whole world, sympathize with me in the irreparable loss we have all suffered. it is the greatest consolation to me to know of the sympathy expressed by so many. >> and this in a moment, as striking as it is surprising, prince william and his brother harry joined by their wives walking among the tributes in
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crowds outside windsor castle. a royal source tells cnn that despite their strained relationship, they came together and, quote, a show of unity. cnn's max foster has more on this bittersweet day in british history. ♪ >> charles philip arthur george is now by the death of our late sovereign of happy memory become our only lawful and rightful liege lord, charles iii, king, head of the commonwealth, defender of the faith. >> king charles iii publicly declared as the new monarch of the united kingdom. a day enshrined with language and tradition of another day. spoken outloud on the streets of
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the nation. >> god save the king. ♪ >> gun salutes across the four nations marked the principle or first public proclamation being made. >> hip hip -- >> hooray. >> hip hip. >> horray. >> hip hip -- >> hooray. [ cheers and applause ]. >> this moment captured by cheering crowds on smart phones. it followed what was a traditionally private accession ceremony, inside saint james palace. the greater the good of the british establishment gathered. the new prince of wales with queen consort camilla, helping to steady her as she walked on stage. the first time, the somber event televised.
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rituals and proceedings carried out at the accession council, designed to confirm and endorse the king's position as the new head of state. former prime ministers, current political leaders and heads of the church, some of the so-called privy counselors invited to witness this historic moment. standing in front of the most senior of the thrones, king charles began with a tribute to his beloved mother. >> my mother's reign was unequalled in its duration, its dedication and its devotion. even as we grieve, we give thanks for this most faithful life. >> reporter: before pledging his own life time of service. >> and in carrying out the heavy task that has been laid upon me and to which i now dedicate what remains to me of my life, i pray for the guidance and help of almighty god. >> reporter: taking an oath to
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uphold the security of the church of scotland, which is separate from the state unlike the church of england, by his side stood his closest allies, his son william, the new prince of wales, and wife camilla, his queen consort. >> god save the king. >> reporter: the day's pomp and pageantry continued, a second public proclamation of the new king read at london's royal exchange, the heart of the city's financial center, the announcement being sent onwards across the uk's four nations and the kingdom's overseas realms and territories to mark a new era. as king charles, his car adorned by the royal standard, arrived at buckingham palace to begin what will be the task of a life time. his new reign. max foster, cnn, buckingham palace, london. [ cheers and applause ]. >> and the eyes of the world now shift back to scotland where the late queen embarks on her last
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great journey tomorrow. cnn's nic robertson is in edinburgh. nic, what have you learned? >> reporter: it's going to be a long journey before the queen arrives back in london. it begins tomorrow at 10:00, local time in the morning. the queen will be taken in the coffin by hurst on a long road journey, more than 100 miles expected to last over six hours. she'll leave balmoral, go through the town of bancory city of aberdeen and turn south and go through stone haven and dundee and perth before they get here to edinburgh and pass along the streets right here, castle behind me. they'll go past the castle and then to the official residence of the monarch in scotland. the palace of holyrood house. the queen will be taken, the coffin to the throne room there where she'll rest. on monday, she'll be taken in procession to saint charles cathedral.
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there will be a service there attended by king charles, other senior royals, british prime minister liz truss expected to be there. and in the coming week, there will be other similar services in northern ireland and in wales. but on tuesday, the queen will be taken back to london, to buckingham palace initially and westminster hall which is one of the oldest buildings in westminster abby where she'll lie in state for four days. so the people of the country will have an opportunity to pay their last respects. and then monday, the 19th of september, the funeral service at westminster abbey before the queen begins the last part of her final journey back to windsor castle where she'll be laid to rest. the streets here we expect tomorrow to be thronged with people as well as along that six-hour journey, people from across scotland, coming out to take a last loving, longing look
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at the queen as she passes on her way to her rest. >> all right, nic robertson, thank you so much for that report out of edinburgh, scotland. and let's continue this conversation. joining me now is sally bedell smith, author of "elizabeth the queen, the life of a modern monarch." sally, great to have you with us. i know you have been going around the clock for the last several days. i want to play more of the brother's reunited because that has been such a big talker today to see them together, the new prince and princess of wales and the duke and duchess of sussex mingling with the crowds, as you see right outside windsor castle. sources telling cnn it was at the invitation of prince william. given their public rift, what is the significance of this moment? >> i think we'll find out in the days to come. it was certainly just lovely to see the four of them together and to be paying their respects to the queen and looking at the
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flowers and the messages. it was wonderful that it was a gesture from william, perhaps prompted by what his father had said the night before about, you know, loving meghan and harry and wishing them well in their new life overseas. and you know, i think it was a good gesture for william. and i think we'll just have to see. they're actually going to be sort of cheek by jowl over the next week living very near to each other since william and kate just moved to the windsor home park right next to windsor castle and harry and meghan already have a house there. they're very nearby. so, you know, i think we should just sort of wait and see how that plays out, if there is some common ground for reconciliation
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afterall the rifts that have emerged in the last two years. >> it's clear that the public would love to see reconciliation because when they walked out, there was loud applause. people love seeing them together. you can imagine, you know what they may have been thinking. look, this is what the queen would have wanted. they would want us to come, be united and have this sort of force to show the public as the four of us. and you mentioned what the now king charles said in his address, sending love to harry and meghan. can you see them ever coming back to being working royals? >> well, i think it's largely up to them because there are a lot of things they could do for king charles. there are a lot of things they could do as they had been doing before meghan and harry decided to leave. there was a whole wonderful commonwealth portfolio that the
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queen had very sort of made it sort of bespoke portfolio for them to have that would have enangled them to be representatives, her representatives around the world. and there's no reason why they couldn't do it for king charles. and they could really perform an enormous service for the monarchy if they were to do that, but it's really up to them, i think. i don't think they could be half in and half out. i think they would have to either, you know, recommit to the monarchy as charles remakes it, redraws the contours of the family and, you know, it's certainly possible. but i think the ball is sort of in their court. >> that's interesting. you know, as i watch the videos of king charles now, you have to think, look, yes. the commonwealth has lost its
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queen, but he just lost his mother. >> oh, i know. >> losing a mother is so, so hard. how is he balancing the weight of responsibility he now has while balancing the weight of grief he must feel? >> well, the queen was always very good at compartmentalizing things. i'm not sure charles does that as easily. we could see his grief, you know, it was -- you could really see more evidence of his grief when he was speaking last night. so not so much today. but last night was a very personal speech. it was one that he really wrote. he's probably been writing it over and over for a long time. and so i think he knows. he's a professional. he's been working at being prince of wales for many years. and he's been training for it. his -- he's been spending a lot
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more time over the past summer with his mother up in scotland. i think it's so striking this is slightly off point, but i think it's so striking that she is going to be lying in state in scotland, which is a first. the monarchs have always layen in state at eventually, but the fact that she died at balmoral and some people who i have spoken to who said she wanted to die in balmoral. >> that was her favorite home. >> well, it really was. so much happened there. it was such a place of solace for her. and that she's going to holyrood house, going to saint gilles is hugely significant and speaks to her abiding love of scotland, princess margaret was born in scotland. her mother grew up in scotland.
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it's very, very deep and very significant that that is where she will be lying in state before london. >> it's a special place. i lived there for a while. you know, i want to talk about as we look ahead with king charles, of course he's not going to be able to avoid the comparisons. >> no. >> right? i mean that is the sad reality. his mother strived to stay out of politics. >> yes. she was brilliant at it. >> that's the question -- >> she was called the light above politics. and it is an essential function of the monarch not to get entangled in politics because the primary purpose -- or a very important purpose of a monarchy is to unify. not to divide. and once you get involved in politics with one party or another, you will inevitably divide. now, charles has talked about
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using his convening power, and he has had some initiatives that have, for example, youth unemployment, youth job training where he has been able to bring in the three parties in the uk and have them work with nonprofits and do initiatives. and i think those are the kinds of things that we will see him do, which is a little bit more activism than his mother did. and that would be more in his style. and yet he could do it without being partisan. >> crossing that line. >> yeah. >> because he, i know people had said previously he maybe had been meddling in areas where he should not because -- >> he was definitely meddling in a lot of areas, but he had much more freedom as a prince. now he can be a charitable entrepreneur. >> as he said in his --
3:17 pm
>> exactly. >> i'll put my causes and my charities and leave them to the capable hands of others. >> yeah. >> now i will devote myself to the considerable duties of the monarch. >> yeah. that was a striking moment. >> yeah. >> sally, great to have you on. >> great to be here. >> i hope you can finally get some rest soon. we have a lot more ahead for you tonight. the queen was famous for her love of dogs. and the dozens of corgis she had during her life time. we're going to talk to the man who helped train some of them. also, the mayor of chicago is going to be joining us as she takes on the texas governor and opens her city to migrants sent there by governor greg abbott of texas. plus, first it was heat, now california deals with the threat of flooding and more wild fires. we are live. ♪ the bar in the handle reremoves unseen dirt and debrs ahead of t the blades, for effortless shaving in one efficient stroke.
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time it may actually bring some benefits. after weeks of record-breaking temperatures, tropical storm kay has brought powerful winds and life threatening floods and bringing much-needed rain and helping firefighters contain at least one of the wild fires burning in the southern part of the state. cnn's camila bernal joins us where the deadly wild fire has been burning. what are you learning? >> reporter: we learned from yesterday and today firefighters made significant progress. look, everyone here was worried about too much rain in a short period of time because that's what causes the flooding and the mud slides, especially in areas like this one affected by the flames. but what happened here was essentially a best case scenario. what cal fire was telling me is they got consistent, steady rain throughout the day friday and that led to 40% containment. there are many people being allowed back into their homes, evacuation orders being lifted. but unfortunately the fire did
3:23 pm
destroy at least 13 structures. so many of these families are going to come back to areas like the one you see here behind me where nothing is left because of the flames. and look, we have covered enough fires to know that it is going to be a very difficult process for the people that come back to these destroyed homes. and it's also really important to point out that the flames are still burning. there's still a lot of work to be done. cal fire saying that they need at least until monday to get this fire contained. and so, there is still some work to be done, but they're hoping that the weather continues to cooperate because what they say is that the cloud cover here has been extremely beneficial for this area but not necessarily for other parts of the state. here is how cal fire described it. >> it's kind of an odd situation what we're dealing with, especially in the last couple days, southern california we have gotten this cloud cover that helped us on this fire, but we've had major fires going on in northern california, central
3:24 pm
california because they don't have this cloud cover. they have the extreme temperatures up there. they're dealing with low humidity. so firefighters have their handfuls in northern california with multiple fires in that area. >> reporter: and one of those fires in northern california, growing significantly. firefighters saying they don't think the situation is going to get any better because of the on going drought here in the state of california. pam? >> camila bernal, thank you so much for reporting the latest there in california. well, the states of texas and arizona are sending thousands of migrants to big cities outside of their states. and now those cities are scrambling to take care of the surprise arrivals. chicago mayor lori lightfoot joins us next to explain how her city is dealing with it. you're in the "cnn newsroom," we'll be right back. ♪ the dribblbler's getting hands-on practice with her chase first banking debit card..... the drummer's making savingsgs simple with a tap... ...round of applause.
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washington, d.c. declared a public health emergency this week because the governor's of texas and arizona are bussing thousands of migrants to other parts of the country. this is one of those buses arriving in washington. you can see the capitol building in the background of this image. now, so far texas has sent more than 7,900 migrants to d.c., more than 2,200 to new york city and arizona sent more than 1,600 migrants to washington. texas, when it comes to the price tag here, it has spent millions of dollars on these cross-country bus trips. more than 12 million as of august 9th. and since then, that number has likely grown quite a bit. cnn obtained this figure by
3:30 pm
filing a freedom of information request with the state of texas. when it comes to reaction, here is what the cities are doing to cope with the situation. chicago, like others, is providing food, clothing, shelter and medical care for its new arrivals. new york sent a fact-finding delegation to texas this week and as i mentioned, washington declared a public health emergency. now the city will spend $10 million to set up a new office of migrant services. the mayors of chicago and new york say texas governor greg abbott is using the migrants as political pawns. >> it's just a mean and cruel thing that he's doing. he's just totally disregarding the human part of this. there's a humanitarian part of being an american. i think there's nothing more anti-american than what he's displaying right now. >> this is not a governor who wants to collaborate and cooperate with us. there's a way to do it. it's real simple, pick up the phone, send me an email. that to me would show he's importantly regarding these
3:31 pm
folks as human beings who are deserving of respect and dignity and not treating them just like freight to be shipped across the country. >> chicago mayor lori light hood joins us. mayor lightfoot, thank you for coming on the show. we want to know that clip we just played was from tuesday. have you heard from governor abbott or anyone from his administration since then? >> no, unfortunately i have not. and frankly i don't expect to. governor abbott is obviously playing to the lowest common denominator in his republican party and not acting like an american and a patriot and frankly not acting like a person of faith. you don't treat people with this lack of respect, lack of dignity, putting them on buses to unknown destination with very little food, very little water. they have very little that they need when they're on these multiple-hour cross-country bus
3:32 pm
trips. but we are going to take care of them as we have welcomed immigrants to our city from our earliest days. but this is clearly not the way to get things done. this is a national problem. we need a national solution. i was just in washington, spoke very candidly with customs and border patrol and dhs and told them about what they needed to do to step up and collaborate and cooperate with us. but i'm not ever going to treat another human being, one of god's children, as anything other than someone who is ultimately deserving of our respect and dignity as a human being. >> so did the administration offer any help or assurances to you? >> well, i think we had a very candid conversation. we've agreed there's got to be better collaboration and communication with cities like chicago, new york and washington, d.c. i've talked at length with my fellow mayors from both of those cities. we are doing everything that we can to make sure that we address
3:33 pm
the needs of the migrants that are coming to our respective cities. but of course we expect the federal government to step up and provide us with resources. we had very i think productive series of conversations with folks from fema and it's my expectation that we will get resources from there. but the thing about this is this is a manufactured crisis on the part of governor abbott. we can all do our part. and i believe we all must do our part. but we've got to do it with collaboration, with cooperation. it's a lot of logistics that are entailed to make sure that we're meeting these folks' need. but what i don't like to see is people taking these cross country trips, getting off the bus and being immediately taken to the hospital because they were put on the buses with delicate medical conditions that no one in texas seemed to care anything about. that is simply not right and it's un-american. >> if there were better
3:34 pm
conditions, if there was more coordination as you have said you wanted, would you be okay with governor abbott doing this? if there was more in terms of providing them what they need. >> well, unilateral political stunts i'm never going to be okay with. i don't care if it's governor abbott or anybody else. and what he's trying to do is play to the lowest common denominator in his party to burnish his credentials as a candidate for president in 2024. but i think americans see him for what exactly he is and frankly i hope texans see him when it comes to the polls in november. but meanwhile, we will do our part to step up and welcome these migrants into our city as we have immigrants and refugees from all across the world for centuries in my sister of chicago. we are a city of immigrants and refugees whether it's the irish, whether it's ukrainians, whether
3:35 pm
it's germans, more recently afghani, ukrainians, we are going to make sure we step up and do the right thing because that's who we are as chicagoans. >> governor abbott we should note for his part you should put the blame on president biden and not on him. this is what he had to say. >> they are seeing the chaos that has been caused by the biden administration. well, i have news for new york, i have news for washington, d.c. as well as the rest of the country, we are not done yet. there are more cities on our list. >> what is your reaction to that? >> i'm just going to ask you does that sound like a reasonable, rational human being? it doesn't to me. that sounds like somebody who is holding a pep rally but meanwhile he is treating migrants, human beings, babies, children, elders, he's treating them like freight, like political pawns.
3:36 pm
there's nothing of goodwill about what this man is doing. so you asked me before, if there was more communication, where i would start is to say, governor, respect these people as human beings. start with that. show them the dignity that you would want to be shown. any one of our family members. when he embraces that very basic american ideology, when he embraces that as a person of faith that he says that he is, then we can have a different conversation. but i don't expect that from someone like him. >> what do you think the solution is then to the migrant problem that texas is trying to pass on to chicago and other cities in the united states? >> well, look, as you well know, this is not a new one. it's a complicated problem. it starts with what's going on in their home countries and making sure they're safe, that there's economic opportunity and that their not facing political oppression. that's something obviously that
3:37 pm
the diplomats and the state department must continue to work on at the highest level of urgency. but when these folks do come to our shores, we have to treat them with dignity and respect. international and national laws say that they are entitled to asylum once they pass the screening. but there's got to be better coordination on the ground, in states like texas and arizona. we are absolutely going to step up and do our part. we have shown that. we'll continue to do that. but we have to make sure that there are resources, that there's housing, that there's opportunities for these families to be able to integrate themselves into the communities that there ultimate destination. someone needs to step in and intercede to stop this madness that is being manufactured at the expense of these human beings by governor abbott. >> i want to just ask you before we let you go about some of these reports that are coming out of some of these migrants being sent -- that are being
3:38 pm
sent to chicago, being housed outside the city. some local officials are saying they weren't notified in advance. here is what the mayor of burr ridge told "the chicago-sun times." he said the mayor of chicago complained he wasn't given any information by the governor of texas which she has the right to get information and i agree with her. she should have or somebody from the city who made this decision should have reached out to me or the village of burr ridge and let me know. just because i'm just at frustrated with her as she is with governor abbott. and mayor, you were just talking about how coordination is so important. i'm wondering what do you say to that? >> well, i agree that coordination is important. this was a decision that was made by the state, not the city of chicago. but we will be reaching out to our partners in the metropolitan area to make sure that they are up to speed as well. but that decision was made by the state, not the city of chicago. we have asked our state government as well as our county government and our federal
3:39 pm
partners to step up and do more. the state decided that there were resources that were available outside of the city of chicago to house some of these migrants, and we certainly welcomed that. but we will make sure that on a going forward basis that wherever folks are going that the state steps up and makes sure that they are reading the local mayor's into those decisions. i'm going to do my part to make sure that that happens as well. no one needs to be caught by surprise. there shouldn't be a crisis. we should all be collaborative and communicating with each other. >> chicago mayor lori lightfoot, thank you for your time tonight. we appreciate it. >> thank you. and you're in the "cnn newsroom." tributes are pouring in tonight from near and far to honor queen elizabeth. how her legacy is being remembered here in the states up next. ♪
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it's the end of a long, historic era in great britain and the beginning of a new reign. even here across the pond, americans and british ex-pats alike are remembering queen elizabeth and looking ahead to a new era for the uk with king charles. cnn's polo sandoval reports from a british tea house in new york. polo? >> reporter: pamela, a lot has been said about queen elizabeth as a global monarch. it isn't until you spend time here in the streets of new york city in the west village outside of a quaint little tea shop that you really get to understand that. the last couple days the owner of this place telling me that folks have been stopping by and paying their respects with queen elizabeth ii here in one way, shape or form. but look, what we have seen here from new yorkers, pamela, and ex-pats as well, really a desire to come together, to reflect on the legacy that she leaves behind. but also asking a key question of what may be next for the institution under king charles
3:45 pm
iii. this is how sean, the owner of this lower manhattan establishment lays it all out for us. >> just been a constant stream of people coming by, dropping off flowers to show they're supporting us and, you know, feeling the sense of loss. i can't but hope the love that even a proportion of the love that was for the queen carries on with charles. i think he has every chance to do that. i think, you know, i thought his speech was really great. >> reporter: queen elizabeth embraced internationally is certainly no surprise to people here folks are very much interested what's happening across the pond especially as we get closer to the funeral in the next few days. pamela? >> polo sandoval, thanks so much for that. well, a new poll asks americans what they think is the country's most pressing problem. harry enton will join us with the answer with that up next as we run the numbers.
3:46 pm
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polish tennis star in straight sets at arthur ashe stadium. this is the third career grand slam title. the 21-year-old won the french open in 2020 earlier this year she wore a ribbon on her hat in support of ukraine's final. well, as we inch closer to the midterm elections, we're
3:51 pm
getting a better view of what americans are most concerned about. so who better to turn to to find out what that is than cnn senior data reporter harry enton. he joins us now to run the numbers. what tops the list, harry? >> reporter: this will not surprise a lot of people. it's the economy. this is gallop's numbers. essentially any mention of the economy temperatures the list at this particular point. 37%. but here is the thing, a few things i'll point out. number one, i'll think okay republicans are more trusted on the economy by 20 points. you'll say okay, most of the plurality of people say the economy is the problem. they trust the gop more on the economy than democrats by a wide margin. why aren't republicans running away with this? the thing i'll note is 66% of poll respond dants named something else. the economy tops the list but the other issues combine top the
3:52 pm
economy. >> interesting. so how do the results of this poll compared to those on the previous midterm elections? >> this gets at the point i was driving at. okay. 37% tops the list. let's put this in a historical perspective, right? if you look back at elections since 1988, you go through 2020, what do you see. the average percentage of people say the economy is the most important problem is 39%. 2022 is about average so despite all of this inflation that's going on, despite the fact that real disposable income, the money people have in their pockets is down year over year. americans as a whole are not listing the economy as more important than they do on average. this is not 2012 when 72% said the economy was most important. it's not 2018, either when i was 13% but this election is about on average and that is why these polls are so close for the
3:53 pm
ballot despite the fact republicans are overwhelmingly trusting the economy. there are more issues than just the economy. >> it's just so interesting the inflation haven't having more of an impact on people saying the economy is the number one issue. so i want to turn to something else that's been going on that we can talk about and that is this settlement between juul and over 30 states this week for illegal marketing to teenagers and this just raises the overall question just how bad is the vaping problem among teens? >> yeah, so this is something in which, you know, often times we have public campaigns, public health campaigns and i think that they're not necessarily working. i think this is an instance where a public health campaign actually has been working. so if you go back to 2011, 2% of high schoolers said they used e-cigarettes in the past 20 days. jump forward to 2019, it jumped to 28%. that is a huge number that's nearly a third of high schoolers that said they smoked an
3:54 pm
e-cigarette in the past 30 days but look at the trend line since 2019. it dropped to 20% in 2020 and then just 11% in 2021. pam, you know, i look at numbers all the time this is one of the weirdest, oddest trend lines but this public health campaign run by a number of organizations has clearly worked to curb a rising trend among teenagers to use e-cigarettes. it's clearly on the way down. >> it is. and has that lowering support paved the way for tougher laws on e-cigarettes? >> americans certainly want it, pam. they certainly want it. and it's one of the issues in which there is clear bipartisan support. laws covering e-cigarettes should be made stricter. pam, i look at poll numbers and i'm not sure i've seen democrats and republicans agree as much on one issue as we do on
3:55 pm
e-cigarettes. >> that's a really good point. before i let you go, i ran into our buddy wolf blitzer yesterday and he had to make the point his beloved buffalo bills had a good week but the big burning question for us tonight is are they still the favorite to win the super bowl? >> yes, they are. they were 10% before crushing the los angeles rams on thursday night. they're now up to 16%. that's nearly double the next closest team, the tampa bay bucks at 9%. there is a chance the bills won't win but if they perform as they did on thursday night, my lungs may in fact collapse upon themselves because i was yelling so loud when they won. >> you and wolf blitzer both. harry enton. thanks so much. always great to see you. check out harry's podcast margins of error on your favorite podcast app or remember this?
3:56 pm
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i'm pamela brown in washington. great to have you along with us on this saturday. the top stories, the people of the united kingdom are mourning their queen and the nation's sadness might emphasis on might be dependent o


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