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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  September 10, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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♪ three cheers for his majesty the king. >> hip hip hooray. >> the oath has been taken. >> i will strive to follow the inspiring example i have been set. >> god save the king. >> what we have been seeing is this incredible transition. there's been a bittersweet feeling. we have had cheers and tears,
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and it's really two sides of the same coin. >> for us to see meghan and harry reunite with kate and william, and i think this will be seen as a hugely respectful thing to do for her imagine ind -- majesty. >> that's quite an amazing moment. i'm shaking now. >> people are are wondering whether or not this was a photo opportunity or truly the beginning of some kind of reconciliation process. >> i'm pamela brown in washington, you are live in the "cnn newsroom." in great britain tonight, a royal transfer of power, king ch charles iii is formally named sovereign of the british monarchy.
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this is the first time the british people could turn on their tvs and watch the proclamation of their new head of state, and amid that new beginning, a final farewell. the funeral for queen elizabeth ii now announced for a week from monday. and her eldest son now the king, mourning the loss of his mother whom he shared with the world. >> ladies and gentlemen, it is my most sorrowful duty to announce to you the death of my beloved mother, the queen. i know how deeply you, the entire nation, and i think i may say the whole world sympathized with me in the irreparable loss we've all suffered. it is the greatest consolation to me to know of the sympathy expressed by so many. >> and this moment as striking as surprising, prince william,
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and joined by their wives. a royal source tells cnn that despite their strained relationship, they came together in quote a show of unity. cnn's max foster has more on this bittersweet day in british history. >> prince charles phillip arthur george is now by the death of our late sovereign of happy memory become our only lawful and lord, charles iii. >> king charles iii publicly declarified as the new monarch of the united kingdom, a day enshrined with language and tradition of another age. when word of a sovereign requiring it to be spoken
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outloud on the streets of the nation. >> god save the king. ♪ gun salutes across the four nations mark the principle of first public proclamation being made. >> hip hip hooray. hip hip hooray. hip hip hooray. >> reporter: this moment captured by cheering crowds on smartphones, it followed what was traditionally a private ceremony. the new prince of wales with queen consort camilla helping to steady her as she walked on to stage. the solemn and somber event televised for the world to see. rituals and proceedings carried
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out at the council designed to confirm and endorse the king's position as the new head of state. former prime ministers, currently political leaders and heads of the church, some of the so called privy counselors invited to witness this historic moment. standing in front of the most senior of the thrones, king charles began with a tribute to his beloved mother. >> my mother's reign was unequalled in its duration, its dedication and its devotion. even as we grieve, we give thanks for this most faithful life. >> reporter: before pledging his own lifetime of service. >> and in carrying out the heavy task that has been laid upon me and to which i now dedicate what remains to me of my life, i pray for the guidance and help of almighty god. >> reporter: taking an oath to
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uphold the security of the church of scotland, which is separate from the state, unlike the church of england, by his side stood his closest allies, his son william, the new prince of wales and wife camilla, his queen consort. >> god save the king. >> reporter: the day's pomp and pageantry continued, a second proclamation read at london's royal exchange, the heart of the city's financial center. the announcement being sent onward across the four nations and the kingdom's overseas realms and territories to mark a new era. as king charles, his car adorned by the royal standard arrived at buck buckingham palace to begin what will be the task of a lifetime, his new reign. max foster, cnn, buckingham palace, london. >> and the eyes of the world now shift back to scotland where the late queen embarks on her last great journey tomorrow. cnn's nic robertson is in
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edenboro with the latest. nic? >> reporter: pam, at about 10:00 a.m. local time on sunday, the queen's body will be taken by hoaearse, on a slow long dri, leaving balmoral, passing through the villages, arriving in the city of aberdeen, turning south, passing through stone haven, dundee, perth, before driving through the streets here in edinboro past the castle to t, which will be placed in the throne room, on monday taken by procession to st. charles cathedral, attended by the british prime minister, liz truss, later in the week, similar as mucservices in north
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ireland and wales, taken to london, to buckingham palace, and westminster hall, one of the oldest buildings in westminster abbey where she'll lie in state for four days, giving the people of britain a chance to come and pay their last respects and then on monday, the 19th of september, a funeral service at westminster abbey, after that, the queen's last journey to windsor castle where she'll be laid to rest, pam. >> our thanks to nic robertson. >> and joining us now is carolyn harris a royal historian and instructor in history at the university of toronto. thanks so much for joining us tonight. i want to talk about what's in store for king charles now. there seems to be an enormous amount of goodwill for the new king, but he's inheriting britain in a state of crisis, the challenges of brexit,
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inflation, and the energy crisis. although king charles doesn't have actual political power, the people of britain will no doubt look to him for leadership. how do you expect him to establish himself in that role? >> well, as sovereign, above party politics, he's expected to act as a unifying force, and it's no surprise that one of the first things he's planning as king is to tour the united kingdom, visit scotland and wales and northern ireland to receive condolences on the death of queen elizabeth ii, but this is also a way of reminding all these different nations in the united kingdom that he is equally their sovereign. the title of prince of wales has been passed to his son william, and william also inherits the scot scottish titles that the king held as the prince of wales. we're seeing tate where there's talk of another scottish
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referendum, northern ireland, the rest of the united kingdom is complicated because of brexit and the trade regulations, sharing a border with the republic of ireland, the presence of the king, even though he is a ceremonial figure acts as a symbolic source of unity for a united kingdom whose different regions are experiencing a lot of different challenges at this time. >> he is not as popular as his late mother or his eldest son. does that matter? >> well, certainly it may be a challenge going forward in the various commonwealth realms. as last year, barbados transitioned from being a commonwealth realm with the sovereign as head of state to being a republic within the commonwealth and it's possible that other realms, particularly in the caribbean may discuss their future as to whether they
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want to be constitutional monarchies going forward, and we have noticed that the new king emphasizes that he is not only king of the united kingdom, but of these other 14 commonwealth realms of canada, australia, new zealand, and various countries in the caribbean and the south pacific. so from very early in his reign for the first day, that is the tone that's being set, that the king will be a unifying force. >> yeah, and since the queen passed, you were hearing some of those countries in the commonwealth suggest they're going to leave. there is a dark history of colonialism and the monarchy. does king charles and the royal family need to confront that? >> i think the royal family has been confronting that history in recent decades. we saw the queen in india in 1997 having a moment of silence at the site of the massacre.
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and quite significantly when the queen visited ireland in 2011, she stated in a speech that included some gaelic that there were some things that could have and should have been done differently in terms of britain's relationship with ireland. on his overseas tours as prinprince of wales, king charles in barbados spoke forcefully about the atrocity of slavery, and more recently in canada, he acknowledged the pain of indigenous peoples who had gone through the residential school system, so in recent decades, we have seen members of the royal family, senior members of the royal family, the sovereign and heir to the throne acknowledging this very difficult past. >> and there are still many people who would like to see that trend continue now with king charles on the throne. so queen elizabeth was famously apolitical, but charles has been a long time advocate for action on climate change. that has been a big passion of
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his, and he talked about in his speech, his initial speech that he would take a step back from anything that would be perceived as activism, the issues he cares about, talk to us a little bit about why that is, exactly. >> well, the new king has had a reputation for being quite outsmao outspoken on the issues that matter to him, and a trail blazer in poplarizing organic farming, for example, and recycling programs, when he first stepped into public life as a young prince of wales, some of his interest in the environment was considered quite eccentric and gradually he was seen as being ahead of the curve. he has spoken out on the importance of combatting climate change and the importance of sustainable development. he's also shared his views on a wide variety of topics from interfaith dialogue to preserving traditional architecture so there were concerns at one time that when
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he became king he might be too outspoken in the role when he's expected to remain above party politics. he made very clear in his first address that his priority now is his role as sovereign, and that others will continue to carry out the advocate for the causes that were most important to him. >> all right. carolyn harris, thank you so much. and our coverage of queen elizabeth's passing continues. we're going to show you a special visit the queen made to cnn shortly after the september 11th attacks. and still ahead for you tonight, the justice department and former president trump battling it out in course over the review of classified documents taken from mar-a-lago. plus, 11 major wildfires burning right now across california. we are live with the very latest developments, and we're going to be right back. answer a few questions and our techno wizardry calculates your car'r's value and gives you a real offer in seconds we'll come to you pay you on the spot then pick up your car
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a new look at the water crisis still gripping central mississippi tonight. reporter molly minta of mississippi says this dark brown liquid is what she saw flowing from her sync on friday. something for coffee like than water. and she tells cnn that the water coming out now is merely a clear beige color but says her toilet water is still dark brown. nearly a week ago, the fema administrator told cnn it was still too soon to say when all residents in jackson will have tap water safe enough for drinking. a boil water advisory remains in effect. california may finally be getting some relief after weeks of record-breaking temperatures that put enormous strain on the state's power grid. tropical storm kay is now bringing strong winds and flash flooding, but that rain is also desperately needed, and it appears to be helping
5:21 pm
firefighters battling a 28,000 acre blaze east of los angeles. that's where we find cnn's camila bernal, what can you tell us, camila? >> reporter: look, what happened here at the fairview fire was the best case scenario because everyone was really worried about that storm bringing too much rain in a short period of time. that's what causes the mud slides, and just it could have been really bad, but instead, what they got was steady rain throughout the day friday, and now what we have is 40% containment of these flames. there are many people being allowed back into their homes, and of course, people are happy to be back. but unfortunately this fire did destroy at least 13 properties, and so many of the families are coming back to a scenario like what you see here behind me. i haven't gotten a chance to talk to the family here, but of course it looks like they're assessing the damage. you see here also the cars completely melted, just melted aluminum, the bumper of one of the cars also melted.
5:22 pm
this is what the kind of fire that we're experiencing does to communities like this one, and it is a difficult process for a lot of people coming back. keep in mind, the flames are still burning. authorities say it's going to take them at least until monday to get containment at 0%, and they're hoping that the weather cooperates. here's what cal fire told us earlier. >> it's kind of an odd situation we're dealing with, especially in the last couple of days where southern california, we've gotten this cloud cover that's helped us on this fire, but we've had major fires going on in northern california, central california because they don't have this cloud cover. they have the extreme temperatures up there. they're dealing with low humidity, so firefighters have their handfuls in northern california with multiple fires in that area. >> and one of those fires in northern california is the mosquito fire, and it grew significantly overnight. and so that's another concern,
5:23 pm
the temperatures are extremely high all over california, and authorities telling me, look, we're dealing with these high temperatures in the hundreds throughout the season, and they're expecting it to continue to be just as bad, especially because california is just going through this ongoing drought, and it just makes everything a lot worse. pam. >> and tropical storm kay has been downgraded but still causing flash flooding. when is it expected to move out of that region. >> reporter: we're expecting it to move out later on in the evening, and it was just something so unprecedented. there was no storm like this in many many years, so this was something that everybody was watching because they really were worried about a lot of that rain in a short period of time, and even though california really need that rain, it could have been catastrophic because what happens is you get dangerous floodings. you get those mud slides, and the creeks and the rivers, they rise really quickly, so thankfully at least in the area
5:24 pm
that we are at now, we had that best case scenario that we talked about. but it was concerning because it was unprecedented and because it could have been extremely dangerous. there's still people under flood watches, but hopefully everything turns out to be okay, and california continues to get that much needed water. pam. >> so many natural disasters in california, camila bernal, thank you. an arrest in the murder of a las vegas investigative reporter and the dna evidence that may tie a local official to his violent death. every murder is tragic. but the killing of a journalist is particularly troublesome. with 20 grams of protein for mumuscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. ever wonder what everyone's doing on their phones? they're investing with merrill.
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and arizona have been bussing thousands of newly arrived migrants to other u.s. states without notice. in the past few weeks, texas governor greg abbott has sent several thousands people one way to cities like new york and washington, d.c. this week, he sent another 300 migrants to chicago as well. i spoke to chicago's mayor, lori light foot earlier today about her concerns. >> governor abbott is obviously playing to the lowest common denominator in his republican party. and not acting like an american and a patriot, and frankly, not acting like a person of faith. you don't treat people with this lack of respect, lack of dignity, putting them on buses to an unknown destination with very little food, very little
5:30 pm
water. they have very little that they need with they're on these multiple-hour cross country bus trips. >> did the administration offer any help or assurances to you? >> well, i think we had a very candid conversation. we've agreed that there's got to be better collaboration and communication with cities like chicago, new york and washington, d.c. i've talked at length with my fellow mayors from both of those cities. we are doing everything we can to make sure we address the needs of the migrants that are coming to our respective cities. of course we expect the federal government to step up and provide us with resources. >> if there were better conditions, if there was more coordination as you have said you wanted, would you be okay with governor abbott doing this? i mean, if there was more in terms of providing them what they need? >> well, unilateral political
5:31 pm
stunts, i'm never going to be okay with. i don't care if it's governor abbott or anybody else. and what he's trying to do is play to the lowest common denominator in his party to burnish his credentials as the candidate for president in 2024. but i think americans see him for exactly what he is, and frankly, i hope texans see him when he comes to the polls in november. meanwhile, we will do our part to step up and welcome these migrants into our city as we have immigrants and refugees from all across the world for centuries. >> and governor abbott has said in response to this criticism that she should be focused on president biden, not him. mayor lightfoot says that she still has not heard from governor abbott directly. in a recent statement his office said bussing the migrants to other states provides much needed relief to our overwhelmed border communities, and they say it fills quote, dangerous gaps left by the biden
5:32 pm
administration's refusal to secure the border. governor abbott is always become on the show to discuss this. an investigative reporter in las vegas who was stabbed to death had his alleged killer's dna underneath his finger nails. this shocking revelation coming out in the arrest report. and the story gets even more bizarre. the murder suspect is an elected official. clark county, nevada, public administrator, robert tellis has been charged in the death of ”las vegas review-journal” reporter jeff gurman. he had written about mobsters, and corrupt government officials for decades and recently uncovered allegations of wrong doing by tellis. cnn's ed lavandera is in las vegas. >> reporter: jeff german had just walked out of his home when investigators allege clark county public administrator robert tellis attacked him. his body was found with
5:33 pm
approximately seven sharp force injuries to his body. >> this is a terrible and jarring homicide. >> reporter: the court documents reveal that german suffered wounds on his arms and that tellis's dna was found on the reporter's hands suggesting a struggle. >> the dna from mr. tellis was found on the hands and perhaps under the finger nails of mr. german. >> reporter: robert tellis has been charged with murder. in may, german published an investigative report about the chaotic working environment under tellis's leadership. he reported that the public administrators office was quote mired in turmoil and internal dissension over the past two years with allegations of emotional stress, bullying, and favoritism leading to secret video taping of the boss and a coworker outside the office. >> we knew that as an investigative reporter he had written several articles and there were different allegations and statements about potential people that would be upset about it. >> reporter: german's body was
5:34 pm
found last saturday but it wasn't immediately clear that tellis might be the suspect. investigators discovered video of a vehicle registered to tellis's wife driving around german's home around the time of the murder and clothing matching the suspect's description was found inside tellis's home. >> there's apparent blood on the shoes, and the shoes were cut likely in a manner to try to destroy evidence. >> reporter: tellis denied the accusations raised in german's reporting, but lost his democratic primary bid to get reelected. german's colleagues at the las vegas journal review say they are outraged and helped in the case by identifying on google maps a maroon suv in tellis's driveway which matched the description given by authorities. >> tellis got quite a bit of time in the story, talked to jeff, his points of view were represented, and there wasn't any corrections or anything factually wrong with the story. he just didn't like that we were holding him accountable as a
5:35 pm
public official. >> and our thanks to ed lavandera for that report. we're keeping a close eye on a story unfolding off the coast of papa new guinea. the u.s. geological survey reports an extremely powerful earthquake registering a magnitude of 7.6. it was detected about 42 miles from the eastern coastline of the island. we're going to continue to monitor and bring you developments as we receive them. the united kingdom is paying tribute to queen elizabeth ii, a look at the flowers, tributes, and crowds outside buckingham palace up next.
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5:40 pm
services will be at westminster abbey, the same historic church where he received her crown in 1953. as cnn's anna stewart reports a makeshift memorial is set up across from the queen's london home, buckingham palace. >> reporter: hours after the news broke, the mourners came. flowers left at the foot of bucki buckingham palace and pinned to the gate, so many the palace have moved them across the road, a memorial of flowers. this is just the beginning of this floral tribute, so you can imagine how many flowers will be here in the coming days. tens of thousands of people are expected to turn up to buckingham palace and come here to greene park to pay their respects to the queen. it's an opportunity to reflect on her reign, what she meant to people, and a chance for people to show the queen and the royal family how much she meant to them. whether it's letters of gratitude or pictures of corgis,
5:41 pm
it's an individual expression of grief expressed in public for all to see and share. >> she was kind. >> and caring. >> notes from children who acce celebrated the queen's platinum jubilee just three months ago. >> you're going to remember this, aren't you, when you're older. >> reporter: for many, the emotions are still raw. for others, it's a storm that's passing. >> it's really really sad, so you almost saw it coming through the afternoon, but then when it cut to the announcement, there were tears in our house. then you have to sort of process it. >> flowers for the queen because she was such an amazing person. i felt very sad because she's the only queen or person i've ever had. >> reporter: a sentiment shared by those far older than anne bell. few can remember life before the queen's 70 year reign. here there are also messages for the king, one from 9-year-old william morris saying he's
5:42 pm
grieving, too, and understands how the queen must feel, his grandmother recently passed away. crowds gathered to catch a glimpse of king charles iii as he returned to buckingham palace after his formal proclamation as king. >> we came predominantly today to leave the flowers for the queen, which is why we came this morning, isn't it, and then it's been such an honor to see king charles as well. >> the mood feels quite deep now. >> it's really nice, and i really hope the crowd and country give charles a chance, and it's lovely. >> reporter: as you can see, this period of national mourning isn't just about looking back. it's also about looking forward. a anna stewart, cnn, buckingham palace, london. donald trump and the department of justice have each put forward what they want from a special master, a person who would review at least some of the documents seized at mar-a-lago. we're going to break it down
5:43 pm
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turning now to the federal government's other trump investigation. the justice department is in a tug of war with the former president's legal team over who should be appointed to review evidence seized during the fbi raid of mar-a-lago last month. cnn's marshall cohen has the very latest on this special master show down. marshall. >> reporter: hey, pam, the justice department and donald trump's lawyers are at it again. this time they're fighting over the special master who will be appointed to independently review the materials seized from mar-a-lago. in a court filing late last night, the two sides put forward
5:48 pm
vastly different proposals for how this special master process should work. so let's break it all down for you. on the left side of your screen here, this is what prosecutors are asking for. they say the special master should not what -- with taxpayers covering half of the expenses, and he wants a longer review period taking up to 90 days. it will now be up to a federal judge to decide the way forward. district judge aileen cannon, a
5:49 pm
trump appointee says she will issue a ruling quickly to finalize the parameters of this special master review. she has already handed a major victory to the former president by agreeing to bring in a special master in the first place. the doj opposed that move and they are appealing parts of her decision, specifically, they say, judge cannon is actively harming national security by blocking investigators from accessing the materials that the fbi seized last month from mar-a-lago. pamela. >> thank you so much, marshall, and joining us now is former l.a. county criminal prosecutor lo lonio, hasn't the fbi and doj gone through the documents. can the special master set aside the knowledge within the documents? >> you know, pamela, this is exactly what the doj has been arguing from the beginning. we served a search warrant, we
5:50 pm
got these documents, we started working on them. we went through them, had our own review team pull documents out that would fall under attorney client privilege. we went through and cataloged these documents, then two weeks later we get this request for a special master. marsha a special master is what they do in the end is they return documents back to someone who legally possesses those documents, right? but the problem here is all of these government documents, all of these classified documents are not legally possessed by trump. he has no right to possess them or even to look at them at this point. so the doj is saying, look, we can go through this rigmarole of a special master t time and money it's going to cost, but in the end what's going to happen? none of these government documents can or should be returned back to donald trump. so what's the use of this special master? >> all right. i want to talk about steve bannon for a second here. he pleaded not guilty to defrauding donors to his we build the wall campaign.
5:51 pm
let's listen to what he said while being escorted by police. >> this is what happens in the last days of a dying regime. they go never shut me up now if they kill me first. i have not yet begun to fight. >> what is going on here with him? what is this all about? >> pamela, this is more serious legal trouble for steve bannon. now, remember, just this summer he was convicted of contempt of congress. he's going to be sentenced for that in october and he's looking at a minimum of 30 days in prison. now we're hearing about the state charges. if they sound familiar, they're based on the same incident thhe was the federally indicted on in 2020. this is the we build the wall campaign that was on the internet where they crowdsourced fundraising up to $20 million for this we build the wall and then allegedly he and the other cofounders siphoned this money off for personal use. he was indicted along with the
5:52 pm
cofounders but donald trump pardoned him and only him in 2021. so new york started doing their own state investigation. they determined that over 11,000 new yorkers were defrauded in this campaign, so they fired state charges. it looks like a strong case based on the indictment. there are apparently texts from steve bannon that are incriminating, as well as his coconspirators. if he's convicted on the most serious charges, he's facing 5 to 15 years in prison on this case. >> all right, lonnie coombs, thank you so much. much appreciated. as people around the world pay tribute to queen elizabeth ii, cnn's own christiane amanpour shares what it was like to meet and be honored by the late british monarch. you're in the "cnn newsroom." on.
5:53 pm
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♪ taking a look here at buckingham palace. in just a few minutes we'll
5:58 pm
bring you our special report, "a queen for the ages: elizabeth ii". here's christiane amanpour's memories from that moment several years ago. >> reporter: it is of course every journalist's dream to interview the queen of england. well, it never happened. the closest i ever got as a reporter tro-to-her moorjs was in 2007 when she rewarded he a as i knew honor known as cbe, the commander of the most excellent order of the british empire. this was an amazing experience for me, and you can see from the pictures and i look back and i recall now how nervous i was, how much anticipation there was. i was standing there in what i thought was a lovely white suit, which got a bit crumbled. i had a hat on, chital was really cool. it looked like the leaning tower of pisa. >> christiane amanpour for services to journalism. >> and i was afraid it was going to fall off when i bowed front
5:59 pm
of her before she pinned the medal and the ribbon to my lapel. and i was told, you know, to engage her quickly, animatedly, and get out of there. and she decides when she talks you to and when she dismiss you. so i quickly talked to her about horses, knowing that i had that passion, she had that passion, and i also thanked her for opening cnn's bureau here in london in november 2001, which was shortly after the turmoil and the global eruption that was caused by 9/11. and she came here to cnn and that was an incredible thing for us at cnn. so i thanked her for doing . that i had been in kabul at the time when she was in the bureau. you know, i'd always been told that no matter how many times you see the queen on television or in pictures -- >> the late kipping's daughter became england's second queen elizabeth. >> nothing prepares you for the real thing, and you got it right there and then, her connection and the power of the presence,
6:00 pm
and that translucent, glowing complexion she was so famous for. you really got it when you saw it in the flesh. >> what a memory. thank you so much for joining us this evening. i'm pamela brown. see you again tomorrow night starting at 6:00 eastern. the cnn special report "a queen for the ages: elizabeth ii" is next. the following is a cnn special report. >> she wasn't t supposed to be queen. >> suddenly, her father became monarch and princess elizabeth became heir to the throne. >> princess elizabeth's life changed overnight. >> it's a very dramatic scene when you see the queen coming down the steps to claim her kingdom. >> she became monarch at 25 years old. >> is your majesty willing to ke


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