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tv   The Windsors Inside the Royal Dynasty  CNN  September 10, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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elizabeth ii is preparing for her coronation. soon she will be crowned queen. she is just 27 years old. the future of the house of windsor rests on her shoulders. >> all of us here know that we are present at the making of history. >> as the queen takes her first cautious steps as monarch, she is torn between the palace old guard led by her mother and those like her husband philip who want change.
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with scandal swirling around her sister margaret, threatening to tarnish her reign, the queen must assert her power. sacrificing the happiness of those she loves. february 1952. elizabeth ii has been queen for just a few days following the death of her father, king george vi. >> shortly after the king's death, lord mountbatten holds a dinner at his house in hampshire. >> lord louie mountbatten played a key role in the young life of his nephew philip. >> when philip is a child, they
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flee to exile and really his father has no time for him. >> louie mountbatten takes over as prince philip's guardian. he sees him as his son. >> he already had dynastic ambitions for philip. he was like some of medieval character plotting the advance of his own dynasty. >> lord mountbatten makes a radical pronouncement. the house of windsor should take philip's name. >> mountbatten asks everyone present to raise a glass to house of mountbatten. in this they are saying the house of windsor is dead. the house of mountbatten is the next monarchy. >> what he hadn't reckoned with was the wall of opposition from the formidable queen mary, elizabeth's grandmother.
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she took a very dim view of it. >> what has this damned fool ought to do with the name of this house. >> george v began the house of windsorer. >> queen mary guys to windsor castle and says this is what mountbatten is plotk. >> my grandfather was alarmed and upset. >> people are suspicious of mountbatten. they are suspicious of his role, of him moving forward, trying to influence the queen and prince philip. >> it's a huge dilemma for the queen. she knows how much it means to philip. on this occasion she has to side with churchill against her husband. >> and indeed it came to cabinet who decided that the royal house would remain the house of windsor. >> i think one has to remember how kwyoung the queen was. she had no experience of being queen. so of course she is going to listen to the prime minister. >> windsor castle was a friend of her father's and the man who
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people saw as having won the war. >> he is an incredibly formidable figure. the idea that this almost almost child-like queen should defy the prime minister is completely off limits. >> the queen issues a proclamation. the name of the royal house will remain windsor. for the first time in british history heirs to the throne will take their family name from their mother and not their father. >> for philip this is a terrible, terrible humiliation. a typical marriage at that social rank in the early 1950s would be one with a superior husband and a charming, de deferentialle wife. had prince philip married anybody else, that's what he would have got. >> he thought of himself, there is no other father in the united kingdom who can't give his own name to his own children. >> i'm just a bloody amoeba, he
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said. it's a terrible slight to his masculinity. >> and there is more humiliation to come. >> while all this turmoil is going on, prince philip at least has one thing which he can cling to, one place he can feel sort of safe, which is clarence house. >> prince philip's idea is we stay at clarence house and you work from buckingham palace. >> but tommy lasso, the private secretary and windsor castle, the prime minister, overruled him. >> the queen agrees and moves her family into buckingham palace. >> adding to the duke of edinburgh's prustration is the fact when they arrive at buckingham palace still living there of course is his mother-in-law. >> the royal mother, queen elizabeth, was reluctant to leave. >> that's not easy. however big the place is, she had been queen of england.
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that was awkward, that situation. >> queen mother and prince philip are not natural cell mates. she would have seen him as a sort of brash kind of independent type of person. he would have seen her as very conservative. >> the queen mother has a huge amount of influence over her daughter, and says i know how things are down. >> the queen retains her parents' courtiers. these royal advisors are traditionalists, determined to keep an iron grip on the running of the palace. >> of course, these courtiers think because the queen is just a woman, she is a young woman, that they can have all the influence because she will be so easy to control. and philip is hut out. >> for quite a while, that secondary role was a step behind his wife, i think it was a difficult role. >> he was observed to be at a very low place.
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he seems very depressed. >> the queen i realized philip has to do something. she can't expect a man of his energy to be unemployed. >> against the advice of the palace old guard, the queen puts philip in charge of organizing the ceremony in which she will be officially drowned. crowned. >> sir james ma's palace. >> these courtiers have traditional ideas about how things should be done. they want everything to stay exactly the same. philip things he needs to modernize to survive. >> philip has been put in charge and things are going to change. >> they are on a collision course.
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june 1953. journalists from around the cloeb descend upon london to cover queen elizabeth ii's coronation. >> the world's finest equipment will be used, including the largest telephoto lens in the world to bring the spectacle to this theater. >> months earlier, the bbc had made an unprecedented request. to televise the coronation live. previous ceremonies had been filmed, but always edited before being broadcast. >> the queen's instinct is to exclude television from the abby. she feels that a whole coronation is going to be an enormous strain and to have her every movement spied upon by the lens was too much for her. she thinks, i really don't want this. >> of course, with the courtiers
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there is a lot of snobbery. >> there is a terrible feeling people may be watching the coronation in unsuitable modes. they might be having their feet on the sofa and not being sufficiently dignified. >> the queen agrees with her advisors. buckingham palace announces the coronation will not be broadcast live. there is a public outcry. the. >> the british newspapers, the daily express and "daily mirror" take the side of the public. they suggest to their readers that the politicians in the palace don't want you to see the coronation, and if you like, they stir up trouble. >> but the bbc, the press and the public have a surprising ally. >> prince philip thought very strongly the coronation should be twiezed. he could see times were changing. you couldn't continue to do things behind closed doors all the time. he understood this wasson unbelievably good opportunity to make the nation feel closely
7:13 pm
connected to the monarchy. >> there is and always has been an interesting difference between the queen and the duke of edinburgh. the queen is naturally a conservative individual. she believes in tradition. she likes to do things the way they have been done before. >> the duke of edinburgh is dynamic. he is forward looking. he is a young man in a hurry. >> she was anxious, but philip tries to persuade her that this is a way for her to reach millions and millions of her subjects. >> he plays a key role in helping to bring the queen around to the idea and make her comfortable with it. >> eventually, she says yes. >> encore nation day crowds lined the streets hoping for a glimpse of their queen. and across the nation people
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gather to watch it live on television. >> and now like a great seventh wave the cheering grows to a climax. into the full court of the palace comes the gilded coach with the screen. queen. >> at westminster abbey, suddenly you hear this roar. slowly around the corner came this golden coach. it was like walt disney. absolutely extraordinary. and there we saw the queen for the first time. her dress was so beautiful. the train had satin handled under it, so it sort of flowed over her hands. >> we then got in place and then the queen turned around with a radiant smile and said, ready, girls? we said, yes, ma'am. and off wea went. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> they were all dressed up. it was like a medieval tapestry. >> she comes now to confirm. the promises which she has made. >> the coronation is a very ancient religious ceremony and at the heart of there is this sacred riot of the anointing of the monarch by the archbishop of canterbury. >> there you saw her. she looked very vulnerable and alone and i thought, goodness, what a weight is on this girl's thou shoulders, because she was only a girl. >> a moment of the anointing. a moment so old, history could scarcely go deep enough to
7:16 pm
contain it. >> the anointing means so much to the queen because she believes she has divine sanction for her power, she was chosen by god. >> it was the holy oil. it's a symbol really. which i think she felt changed her from being a whole new person into being a queen. >> god save the queen! god avsave the queen! >> two-thirds of all adults in the uk are tuned in via television to the coronation. >> people were thrilled and everybody cried around these minuscule television sets to watch. >> this was completely revolutionary that people could get up close and personal with the queen. >> 27 million people watched this ceremony. the use of the new medium of television, it vindicates prince philip and the idea that we need
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to modernize the monarchy. >> the coronation was a magnificent pageant. as people were coming out of abbey, a little event took place which was to cause the queen terrible anguish. in the years to come. >> when queen elizabeth's younger sister princess margaret is caught shattering a royal taboo it threatens to undermine the monarch's young reign. ts c ue options chain, easy-to-use tools, and paper trading to help sharpen your skills, you can stay on top of the market from wherever you are. power e*trade's easy-to-use tools make complex trading less complicated. custom scans help you find new trading opportunities. while an earnings tool helps you plan your trades and stay on top of the market. hey, did i tell you i bought our car from carvana? yeah, ma. it was so easy.
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for the young queen. but as the guests leave westminster abbey, an incident takes place that jeopardizes elizabeth' reign before it's hardly begun. >> the queen's sister, prince margaret, was seen brushing a bit of fluff off the uniform of her household official, senior household official. >> she picked off his uniform. it was such a loving gesture. >> stand nearby is a sharp-eyed journalist and she recognizes
7:22 pm
this is an act of such intimacy that there is something going on between prince margaret and a royal servant, peter townsend. >> it's a scandal. peter townsend is not only a royal servant, he is 16 years older than the princess and divorced with with two young children. >> there is a horror in the royal family. they regard divorce with a sort of almost superstitious dread. >> 17 years earlier, the queen's uncle, edward viii abdicate today a marry an american divorcee. elizabeth's father reluctantly took on the thrown. >> i think we have to remember that the queen is not only a devout christian, but she is also the head of the church of
7:23 pm
england. >> the church of england at this time does not recognize divorce. it means that the queen very conflicted. >> the royal court reacts very badly to the news of a romance between margaret and townsend. but a lot of ordinary people vessel sympathized with margaret and townsend and i do think that the senior courtiers were really rather out of step with the mood of the nation. >> so when the press does start talking about it, there is a great divide between those who think divorce is unacceptable and those who feel that let love prevail. >> marg ris profile in the 1950s is of a beautiful iconic princess. she was a real star. really almost like a hollywood star. she's very beautiful. she photographs marvelously. she is always in the papers.
7:24 pm
and there is constant speculation who is the princess' favorite suitor. >> peter townsend was a war hero, very good looking. >> he was known as this dashing air force pilot. his reputation was a wonderful one. >> margaret desperately wants to marry townsend, but the problem is that she is 22 and any member of the royal family under the age of 25 needs to have the consent of the ruling monarch. the decision is not in margaret's hands. it's in the hands of her sister, the queen. >> the queen is in a terrible bind really over this. because she loves her sister. she would like her to be happy, but the queen's instincts were not to do anything that would undermine the monarchy. the royal family traditionally was supposed to be an image of ourselves behaving well, and if
7:25 pm
the royal family started to behave badly, then it could cut at the root of the people's loyalty to the crown. >> so once that image of perfect family life becomes tarnished, can we justify all that taxpayers money? >> margaret's fate lies in her sister's hands. the queen decided to asay i'm not saying no, that you can't marry him, but i'd like you to wait. >> on the advice of her courtiers, the queen agrees to banish the man her sister loves. >> the british embassy in brussels attracted a number of cameras which focused on the arrival of group captain peter townsend. having driven his own car to take up his new appointment. >> peter townsend is exiled to belgium for two years. >> it's a case of getting rid of
7:26 pm
townsend, getting him out of the way. >> my father was asked to leave the country. the country he served as a fighter pilot in the second wo world war. >> prince margaret finds this incredibly hurtful. two years when you are 23, two years is a long time. the queen hopes she has diffused the scandal. but two years later townsend returns. >> excitement bubbles like champagne in london as group captain peter townsend returns from diplomatic duties in belgium to call on prince margaret. a climb am i can phase in the romance that had the western world agape. >> margaret is 25 and legally able to decide who she should marry. >> the queen does what she
7:27 pm
always does in a crisis. bury her head in the sand. she tries not to get involved, to leave it to her advisors. >> her advisors and the british government are still opposed to margaret marrying peter townsend. >> and even the prime minister said if you marry townsend you have got to abandon your royal status. >> people of the city were thrilled -- >> margaret will become playing mrs. peter townsend, somebody br brought up like she has, this is not a very alluring prospect. for three weeks they are harried by the press. they go from place to place. they are trying to make up their minds. >> it sank into frantic sensationalism and it turned into a circus. >> whenever prince margaret went to open a -- or something, people crowded, go on, maggie, marry him anyway. >> at this stage it was still asked, will they become engaged?
7:28 pm
>> royal duty and consideration for her sister's position comes into her feelings very strongly. she wouldn't knowingly do anything that would damage the queen or damage the idea of the monarchy. >> prince margaret wavered, i think, one moment she thought, the next she thought she couldn't, you know? >> finally, on october the 31st, 1955, prince margaret issues a statement. >> we are interrupting programs for a special announcement. i would like it to be known that i have decided not to marry group captain peter townsend. mindful of the church's teaching that christian marriage is indissolvable, i have resolved to put these considerations before any others. >> i think there was a sadness for a long time after that. i mean, i always think that the first person that falls in love with, one always has a twinge of
7:29 pm
regret, a longing. and the first person you fall in love with is something that is special. >> prince margaret sacrificed her happiness for the institution of monarchy. but soon the queen's own marriage will suffer the same scrutiny. ever wonder what everyone's doing on their phones? they're investing with merrill. think miss allen is texting for backup? no she's totally in charge. of her portfolio and daniel g. she's building a greener future and he's... running a pretend restaurant. and phil? phil has questions, but none of them are about his portfolio. digital tools so impressive, your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company.
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♪ philip and elizabeth ar golden couple. they are young. they are beautiful. already they have a very practiced double act. but behind the scenes the people around the queen can sense that he is restless. >> philip is struggling with living in the shadow of his powerful wife. >> her idea was she would wear the crown, he would wear the trousers. he organized the home. he decided where the children should go to school. all the domestic matters were decided by prince philip.
7:34 pm
>> here is a young spirited man, huge energy. his whole world becomes circumscribed. of course, he does itch for a bit of freedom. >> going to what's known as the thursday club in soho, the red light district, actually, of london. >> the thursday club is a predominantly sort of male luncheon club. it was a place where prince philip felt he could sort of escape and let his hair down in private. and there was a lot of drink drunk and a lot of dirty jokes told and a general sort of air of dislawsuitness. >> of course, prince philip occasionally would go out with friends and once or twice he found himself in a nightclub late at night. he was seen dancing with an attractive young actress. he might only have met her that evening. but some of his behavior was considered a bit fast and
7:35 pm
reckless by courtiers at the time. >> the british press differential towards the royal family largely ignores rumors of philip's partying. >> it's a very difficult problem for the queen. because of the way that she had been brought up in this royal bubble, she had no idea of the sort of behemoian world that existed outside the walls of you can buckingham palace. >> we get a feeling within the marriage of a kind you have separateness. >> so when he came back smelling rather heavily of drink, i think she was uneasy about it and retreated rather into herself. >> and there so see off the duke of edinburgh are the queen, princess anne and the duke of cornwall. >> in october 1956, philip leaves for a solo tour of the commonwealth. triggering widespread speculation. >> the official reason for it is that he is opening the olympic
7:36 pm
games in australia, but he is away for about four months. and very, very slow to come home. >> even at the time there were people asking questions about why the duke of edinburgh was away for so long. was he trying to get away from the queen? what was happening? to that is a scandal. not just a whiff of scandal, but a real scandal. >> a shadow falls on the last stages of the duke of edinburgh's tour. michael parker, his secretary, has resigned. >> mike parker, who was prince philip's private secretary, leaves the tour early. he has been divorced by his wife for adultery. >> certain london papers have given front page publicity to his family troubles. >> what's going on? his best friend is getting divorced. he is his closest companion and alley. is something similar going on in the life of prince philip? >> michael parker introduced
7:37 pm
prince philip into this soho world. people think they are at in the thursday club. >> this led to an enormous amount of rumor and speculation that the duke was playing away from home, you know, that he was having affairs. >> in the 1950s, divorce is seen as a form of social suicide. and i think in the social network, the expectation was that whatever happened you had to, you know, put up with it. grit your teeth and carry on. >> the rumors that there might be cracks in the queen's marriage threatened to undermine the moral authority of the monarchy in british society. >> the usual response of buckingham palace to speculation about the royal marriage is basically neither to confirm nor to deny. >> buckingham palace felt that it was important to just lance the boil and they did issue a
7:38 pm
statement saying there is no royal rift. >> there was a concerted effort both on their part and on the parts of the sestablishment to show that their relationship and, therefore, the monarchy, was a unit. >> in a public display of commitment to her husband, the queen honors philip with a more senior title, elevating his status within the royal family. >> he married the queen, he was prince philip of greece. then he was made the duke of edinburgh. but as a direct result of this controversial trip to the commonwealth, the queen made her husband a prince of the united kingdom. that's when he became prince philip. >> we don't actually know what went on inside their domestic lives because everybody is discrete about it. shortly after that two more children were born. prince andrew and prince edward.
7:39 pm
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summer 1957. a once differential al british press has a new target. queen elizabeth.
7:43 pm
>> in an natural his journal he voices criticisms. the queen and her court. >> the attack comes from a committed monarchist. he is the son of a former royal courtier. >> i think my father had real concerns in a world where republics have become the new monarchy, the exception, that a monarchy would become seen as an an acronym. >> he is very unhappy with the stuffy old-fashioned way in which the monarchy is run. he is critical of the courtiers, the old guard around the queen. he is particularly critical of the words they put into the queen's mouth. >> i thank you for inviting me and my husband here tonight and for the kind references you have made to my family. >> he said that she bwas forced
7:44 pm
to speak platitudes and spoke in the voice of a british school girl. >> i give you the test. >> these chris sichlts were received with absolute horror by the palace. >> it was absolutely not done to criticize the queen in the 1950s. she was almost a dare bigger. >> the tabloid press in particular sensationalized it and represented him as a traitor. he was given the fierce grilling on national television. as he was leaving the broadcasting studio he was struck hard in the face by a league of the empire loyalists. >> but one or two of the courtiers said altering ham has a point. we really must begin to move the monarchy in a slightly more modern direction. that is less looking to the past and more looking to the future. >> once again, the queen is torn. between maintaining tradition or
7:45 pm
reinventing her monarchy. two months after altering ham's public critique, the queen arrives in america on an official visit. >> new york's ticker-tape reading is liking in else on earth. the queen looks like a bride again. >> she uses the trip to experiment with a more informal way of interacting with the public. >> when it was announced that the queen was coming to see a university of maryland football game and visit a shopping center in the area, it sort of caught you by surprise. >> following the criticisms made by lord altering ham, the queen seeks to modernize and update her style. >> she took a lot of time greeting people, shaking hands, fascinated by the size of the
7:46 pm
grocery store, fas nicinated bi carts, the way people got food and everything. >> whole thing was extraordinarily alien to her. she is shy. she is very stiff. but she tries. >> what's happening here is something that's very characteristic of queen elizabeth, which is that when people criticize, she listens and she changes. >> but will this modern queen approve of her sister's latest romance? four years after parting from peter townsend, prince margaret has a new and unconventional boyfriend. >> he is a brilliant photographer. long before he meets prince margaret, he is has made his name. he has a very good social background. he is not an aristocrat. he is absolutely at the cutting edge of the approaching '60s
7:47 pm
revolution. >> the 1960s is a decade that witnesses great social, cultural and political change. in britain there is a liberization in terms of how ordinary people are behaving. >> he wears a poerl neck sweater insteadeva collar and tie. his assistants have to stitch up his jeans so tightly. tight jeans were just coming in then. >> he was a real breath of fresh air. completely different from anybody she had known or gone out with. bec of course, he had huge sex appeal. huge sex appeal. >> tony has a room. it overlooks the river. it's old and romantic. it's a place he can get away from everybody. and he takes her down there on his motorbike. can you imagine a royal princess getting on a moat htorbike and driving down to a flat? unthinkable really. >> tony would prep a steak and
7:48 pm
salad and prince margaret would put on the rubber gloves and do the washing up. >> when the announcement of the betrothal was made from clarence house, the reaction not one of surprise but one of the greatest pleasure throughout britain and all over the world. >> it was a tremendous shock to everybody. we all expected her to marry some of the aristocrat or other because in those days they didn't really marry commoners. >> it was a very happy wedding. by that time we were used to the idea of her marrying him and we were thrilled. >> westminster abbey, since it was built on thaimes side, ther could heartily be a more beautiful wedding. >> the queen likes tony very much. he is very personable. he can be extremely charming. >> the queen was delighted her
7:49 pm
sister had found somebody would was going to look after her and love her. >> but some people can see that this is not going to be a marriage made in heaven. >> tony very much embraced the sexual freedoms. '60s. everyday you could think of. loads of girlfriends and i think a few boyfriends. he did lead, we have to admit, a rather loose life. many of the court had heard stories of tony's goings on. they were frightened i might mar the princess in some scandal. >> here they are intensely in love, wildly in love, but there is danger ahead. answer a few questions and our techno wizardry calculates your car's value and gives you a real offer in seconds we'll come to you pay you on the spot then pick up your car
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that's it at carvana
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tiny homes communities, project roomkey supportive hotel units... and intensive mental health and addiction treatment. in short, 27 means getting people off the streets and into housing. yes on 27. >> by the mid-1960s the queen and prince philip are increasingly eclipsed by princess margaret and her husband tony. in 1965 they go to the states for a three week, 5-city tour. this glamorous couple take the united states by storm. >> they are an unofficial visit
7:54 pm
ability the queen and are treated like movie stars. margaret is the first world celebrity ppc and elizabeth taylor the two most photographe woman in the world. >> did touchdown incent wrisco. and the best good to go of them was that in iran the famous san francisco cable cars. >> every newsreel, newspaper an tv company -- >> people were running alongsid their cars just trying to get a glimpse of something. >> misses margaret's next-stop is at the epicenter of fame and glamour colyn hollywood ppc and 20 toward the middle -- movie studios. hollywood maybe the city where dreams are made but doesn't leave much time to relax. >> they receive an open arm welcome on the set of hitchcock film "torn curtain."
7:55 pm
and meeting her julie andrews and margaret, who love the st stars, is just in seventh he heaven. you there having a ball. just a they like to party in london, they also like to party in the states, and they never give up for the entire trip. >> hollywood laid out its red carpet in what was perhaps the most potent social event in its illustrious history. it was the night the real-life princess and her prince went to a hollywood ball. >> they were usually the last t go at parties people they staye until 2:00 a.m. 3:00 a.m. when everybody else was exhausted. >> after one very slight party, princess margaret, it was reported, was a bit indisposed the next day. >> there is considerable criticism on the british press that they are partying a lot. >> when news breaks of
7:56 pm
margaret's extravagant behavior the queen faces a serious problem. >> in the 1960s, the royal family are essentially funded through public payment. is essentially tax payers money that is reallocated to the royals. in the public starts wondering, why is it we are paying for the water to grow and enjoy themselves cavorting abroad? are we getting value for money from the royal family? >> the royal family is having some image problems. >> by 1958 the queen understand she need to transform public perception of the monarchy. she approved the filming of a documentary about her family. elizabeth, philip, charles and andrew and edward will be the subject of a television special following them over the course of a year the royal family to demonstrate they are a ordinary modern family and that the
7:57 pm
royals were ready for money to be philip being the modernizer he hears encourages the whole thing. >> i was having terrible troubl keeping it in. short body long arms. >> this is an estimate grips of the royal family, so we are going to be introduced to them as personalities, as opposed to distant personas. documentary is the first time the queen has allowed her family to be filmed in such a relaxed and informal way. >> is about as occasional -- vacation family seen as a famil can be seen in, william sitting atop a land rover, charles making salad dressing. >> actually, it was a nice thin to do. there were not so
7:58 pm
different as all that ppt were still family people. and the other one was to se her taking prince edward into the shop at balmoral to buy him ice cream. one of the golden rules had bee that their conversation was not to be recorded when they were out and about in public events. >> the public saw and heard the i think anyway which was entirely new. >> capocasa ecstatic. they never believed that the queen, prince philip, and their children could be just like t them. people whose ratings i think 34 million people in britain watched. than the extraordinary thing about it wa now that you cannot see it at all. as its been almost wiped from the archives. entity ther is a tipping point most of the
7:59 pm
family felt that perhaps they let their guard down too much. >> the output of the queen's a mystique about her, and if you get too close and find out too much, you lose that. and i think that was something that will read them. >> there is this terrible balance that they want to strik between the extraordinary and being ordinary. and they came to the conclusion that they wer being too ordinary. >> decreasing season was trying to documentary, but by then it is really too late, the damage is done. >> the public and the press hav got a taste for this more intrusive style of oil coverage after the 1969 documentary, we see a more personal form of media coverage up very quickly, which is set on disposing the impropriety that exists behind closed pedestals. >> next on the windsor's colyn charles had no choice in his
8:00 pm
life at all. >> everybody is pressuring him to find a wife. >> but this was not a love ma match. >> till death do us part. >> till death do us part. dana feels felt was an aban abandoned. >> she is in essence a ticking time bomb. prince charles iworah the future king of england, has a dangerous secret. a secret which threatens the entire house of windsor. he's in love with a married woman. >> and isn't that a site. >> the queen expects him to produce an heir, and she helps he's found the perfect bride. >> for better for worse.


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