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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  September 11, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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least temporarily put the differences aside kneeling to respect the monarch that united the country in mourning. >> thank you. hello again, everyone. thank you for joining me this sunday. i'm fredericka witfield. we begin in ukraine and saying they have recaptured the key city and russian forces fled a strategic town in kharkiv and the luhansk. ukrainian military chief said the forces have recaptured more than 1800 square miles from russia this month. let's go to melissa bell in kharkiv, ukraine.
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does the ukrainian military seem to think they can keep the momentum going? >> reporter: look. what we are seeing is a far more come complicated picture on the ground. a blackout of electricity and in donestk. two cruise missiles hit. we went with police to the wider region that have been liberated traveling to see the areas where even now investigators are beginning to look into possible war crimes. they've been under russian occupation for six months now and taken within the first few days of the war and today watched investigators dig up some of the first vkts and possible first evidence of war crimes now retaken as a part of
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the offensive. this is what a man had to say about what he saw of russian troops leaving the last few days. >> translator: i never expected that it would be so fast. i went to the store and when i returned everyone was running away. they even drove through the cemetery. can you imagine? my wife saw how they rushed through the garden. she was worried the house could be demolished. >> reporter: in the whole region traveling today to a town that ukrainians had believed was entirely liberated. there's still a good deal of fighting happening inside the city center. >> melissa, ukraine said it liberated towns and villages in the area and now hearing of war
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crimes that may have been committed in the months of this russian occupation. what can you share? >> reporter: that's right. the kharkiv region, today it was a grave being dug up. two civilians shot in the first few days of the war and you have to remember parts of the country that have been under russian for six months. think back to bucha and the towns kept for a month and what the world founds there. this is the beginning of what we see in the region and yet the fighting continuing in parts of it that we assumed to be under ukrainian control. >> thank you so much. ukrainian president zelenskyy explains why he believes there was no use trying to negotiate
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with russia at this point. >> translator: first of all, setting ultimatum conditions and you meet them or we keep invading. that is the strategy. very slow. well, dining. they are eating you piecemeal bit by bit. russian cannibalism i would call it this way. and i don't want to play this game. i don't like this. i cannot tell you right now all the details about certain operational plans but you understand what i'm talking about. we will not be standing still. we will be slowly, gradually moving forward. >> the determination there. let's bring in lieutenant
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general mark hurtling, a military analyst. thank you so much, general. what do you make of these ukrainian victories that we are seeing? >> good to see you, too. it is not a surprise to me. it would come. we have been talking about this for years. the people and the army are fighting for sovereignty. they have a will contributing to that. the strength not as mighty as it is right now a few months ago they're bringing it back to the forefront and trying to push the russian occupiers out of their country to re-establish the borders. it is not a surprise the ukrainian army is very strong and professional over the last two decades and we see certainly they have the will to protect the people and the land.
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>> besides that will or maybe reinforcing the will is the flow of u.s. arsenal. how much of a bigger deal did it make for ukraine to decfend itself? >> as nato contributed equipment sometimes not as much as ukraine wanted but to conduct the phase early on. it was anti-tank and anti-air weapons. then it became the long range artillery that are precise going after the kind of things that russia was using to bomb ukrainian people and infrastructure as opposed to taking it to the ukrainian military. it all has been significantly helpful. a report in "the new york times" suggested there's increasing
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collaboration between u.s. and nato out of european command helping the ukrainian forces plan the kind of attacks and seen the ukrainian military and army be brilliant in shaping operations over the last several weeks to conduct the operations, the attacks in the north and also in the south. while also holding the eastern provinces of the russian supporters at bay. it's been a pretty good operation. the contributions of a lot of allies to ukrainian success and depends on the backbone and the will of the ukrainian people. >> let's break down the situation. ukrainian military said it reclaimed 1800 miles of occupation. we can see a comparison. what has ukraine been doing differently here? >> conducting as i said.
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shaping operations. we reported that on cnn but then what they have been able to do is conduct reconnaissance in force with a small force to find where to conduct a much larger break through pushing tanks and artillery through the holes in the russian front and then getting into the russian rear areas. when you have that happen as a military force and know the ukraine are in your areas where you have logistics and supplies and ammunition it has a tidal wave of effort against the enemy force. the russian. it causes them to lose morale and what we have to remember is the russian force facing ukraine has been decimated over the last six months. they are a much smaller force
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than they went in and not a large enough force to occupy, to seize and secure the towns that vary in size from izium of 25,000 people up to kharkiv close to a million. so it's difficult to have a military force not only occupy but secure the town. the russian forces just did not have the people to do that and we have seen the dysfunctional logistics. the untrained personnel and the exceedingly poor leadership from the sergeant level up to the general level of the russian force and thought that ukraine would hold their own and take the fight back to the russians as we see them doing now. >> do you see evidence of vladimir putin losing touch with how the war sefrt going in ukraine? >> yeah.
12:10 pm
that started on the 20th february. president putin wasn't aware of the capability of the force. he was lied to by the generals in the field and the minister of defense as they acquired equipment. as they gifted taking money from the military. the military forces i saw untrained. they were not conducting the exercises or training that a modern-day military force and the equipment was actually in terrible shape. when you talk about treating recruits with harassment and hazing you can't generate a force that will fight for the country. if the country and the national values are such like russia has with a leader like putin who's corrupt and a criminal, you are
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not going to have a military to fight for him. that's an indicator of modern-day warfare. they have to believe in the government and the leaders. >> all right. lieutenant general, thank you so much. >> pleasure, fred. thank. still ahead, queen elizabeth ii's coffin in edinburgh after a six-hour journey. we'll show you the scene across the royal mile as thousands bid farewell to the queen, after this. (gasping) ♪
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the queen's coffin arooied in the scottish capital of edinburgh. she's now laying in rest at the
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official scottish, the palace of holyroodhouse. making a solemn six-hour trip from the balmoral estate. huge crowds gathering along the iconic royal mile bidding fatherwell to the queen who died on thursday at the age of 96. we have full coverage of today's events. nina desantos is at buckingham palace in london and nic robertson in edinburgh. quite the farewell for the queen through the streets of scotland today. >> reporter: really was. it wasn't raining like this when the queen arrived. the people were straining to get a better look. they had come to pay the respects. they knew the queen was traveling from balmoral and they were the sense of anticipation that they had waiting here for a
12:17 pm
chance to see the cortege go by was palpable at the moment it happened. we were talking to younger and older people and memories were made here today. >> she was named georgia elizabeth after the queen. >> reporter: do you have memories of the queen yourself? >> oh yeah, i do. all we have ever known and my grand not with us now loved the queen so much and makes me think of her, as well. >> reporter: what does it mean to be here today? >> sad. >> reporter: do you have good memories of the queen? >> yes. >> reporter: what do you remember about her? >> clothes and the elegance. >> reporter: do you have any memories of the queen?
12:18 pm
>> seeing her as a young lad meant a lot to my mum, that generation. i'm here today -- yeah. good to be here. >> reporter: that was really the feeling here. this idea that the queen had given the country so much service through all the year that is the opportunity here was to sort of pay the respects and pay back what the queen had given. throughout her life. yet they knew it and felt it. >> we can feel what they are feeling. so many miles away. really is palpable. thank you. nina, the queen's coffin returns to buckingham palace on tuesday. the crowds there leaving flowers. what are you seeing? >> reporter: thousands, perhaps 10,000 people if not maybe more,
12:19 pm
line the streets waiting in line for up to four hours just to get as close as they can to buckingham palace to lay the floral tributes. as that private moment to mark the significant moment in time with the passing of a monarch the only one they have known many of them. the generations were in the crowd. the youngest 8-month-old and the eldest into the 80s. here's how they say they felt and why they had to be here. >> comes across really well. also aged like fine wine. i think he's -- comes across really nice. did a lot of work for charity. yeah. i'm quite excited to see what charles will do. >> used to be considered
12:20 pm
relative to every british family. we felt like when she gone sadly that it's like a member of the family basically. there's a really shocking news. >> reporter: and tomorrow is an important day for the new king. king charles iii will be in westminster hall to hear lawmakers from both the house of commons and the house of lords pay condolences and then in scot lanto take in a tour of the four parts of the kingdom. it will be wales and northern ireland and back to london where i am. >> thank you both. thank you. president biden said he will attend the queen's funeral next
12:21 pm
monday. tim neftali, so good to see you. the last time a british monarch died president truman did not attend the funeral. right? sending the secretary of state. talk about the significance of president biden who promised that he's attending before he knew the date. >> yeah. something very dramatic happened in the relationship between the monarchy in great britain and the united states over the course of queen elizabeth's reign. her father and mother the first to visit the united states while sovereign. that was very important to the world war ii generation of americans but it's queen elizabeth who came to this country repeatedly who developed a bond to many americans in a way that no previous british
12:22 pm
monarch had ever done. indeed the history is structured around a monarch, george iii. there is a e n emotional bond w queen elizabeth. unlike 1952, when president truman did not go to london for the funeral of king george vi it is much more expected the american president would be a mourner. it is a change that queen elizabeth brought over the course of the 0 years as monarch. >> so the queen, she met with 13 of 14 presidents and biden first met the queen as a young senator in 1982 and then see her again and here's some pictures when she hosted a tea for president
12:23 pm
biden and dr. jill biden in 2022. talk about the importance of the bond and why president biden is so resolute making sure he is there. >> president biden at the time and did that with a chuckle saying i don't want the queen to take this the wrong way and remind me of my mother. the biden apparently had an excellent visit. every american president later would report that. >> no one's complaining. >> seemed to be -- but some you can tell some presidents developed an emotional attachment of sorts. president obama did, for example. >> yeah. he said she is one of his favorite people. what a statement. >> first and second president bush. not every president had a close
12:24 pm
emotional bond. john f. kennedy did not. joe biden apparently did. i also think as representative of the united states to be there in london for the funeral on september 19. >> he wouldn't go alone. there's a delegation to take. does he take former presidents who have met with her? how does he calculate who to appropriately take? >> i assumed you would ask me. >> okay. i know you have the answer. >> i don't have the answer but i can lay out the challenge because this is a tough diplomatic issue. if this is joe biden saying who do i want with me, he should be the bigger person and bring donald trump. but it is not. the question is, who will represent the united states? and that's what this is about.
12:25 pm
ronald reagan when he was thinking about who to represent the united states of anwar sedat included nixon because he had a close relationship with sedat and included him i think because the egyptian government wanted nixon to go. does the british government want donald trump to go? if that government doesn't want him to go it wouldn't be make sense to be part of that delegation. >> the former president is under investigation. talking about information to compromise british intelligence i think everyone would understand there's reticence about why he would be invited but are you also saying that the british government or monarchy would say, and so, president
12:26 pm
biden, this is who we would want or not want on your list for the delegation? >> we are the united states government and the majesty's government is close so there's a way to do it. the other part of the story that's important which is do you include in a delegation that represents our country someone who stimulated and arguably led an armed insurrection against the united states government? that i think is a very important question and not an issue of joe biden and what he likes but should represent the united states at the funeral of the head of state of the closest ally. >> all things being considered. tim naftaly, thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up, the nation marks
12:27 pm
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it's been 21 years since the september 11th attacks. at the memorial ceremony in new york today a victim's family member made a call for unity. >> it took a tragedy to unite
12:32 pm
us. and i want to remind all of you there, it should not take another tragedy to unite our nation because if i have to stand at this podium again or another podium for another event because of lives lost, dereliction of duty, it is going to hurt just like it hurts me. >> at the p&g president biden took part in a wreath layinger is point -- ceremony. >> we regain the light by reaching out to one another and finding something all too rare. a true sense of national unity. to me that's the greatest lesson of september 11. >> joe johns is at the white house. joe, how did the leaders commemorate the anniversary today? >> reporter: we had the president at the pentagon as you
12:33 pm
saw right there. we had the first lady in pennsylvania and we had the vice president at ground zero at the national 9/11 memorial. she was accompanied there by the mayor and the former may i don't. the vice president made a little news but in a pre-recorded interview with nbc and expressed some concern that baseless claims about the 2020 election could potentially undermine the u.s. role in the world. the president for his part really stayed away from politics in his speech why however, he did allude to the idea that democracy must be protected and preserved. he stayed away from some of the more inflammatory language the president useded that created
12:34 pm
tro in the run-up to the midterms. fred? >> thank you. for so many the pain of 9/11 never goes away. including the first responders. joining us is a firefighter that served that day and continues to serve new york. james mccarthy. so good to see you. >> good evening. >> what is today feeling like for you? >> well, once again we approach this date and the rest of the nation commemorates september is 1, 2001, and the anniversary and remembers where they were and what they were doing at the time but here in fdny and the firefighters here in new york city we remember it every day. just the last week of august we
12:35 pm
had four funerals for members that died from trade center illness and at 299 members that have died since september 11, 2001, from trade center illnesses. it is an every day reminder of the things we went through and things we did for the nation and the city. >> yeah. grim reminders. more than two decades. the health effects from the tragedy continue to devastate. 299 firefighters who went to ground zero died after september 11th. approaching 343 who died on that fateful day. what are the concerns about people to continue to suffer in so many different ways? >> we are very concerned and why
12:36 pm
we are trying to make sure that the funding for this bill gets passed in congress. money will run out in 2025 and approaching that date the services rendered to the people that responded to september 11, 2001, will be reduced and a person in every congressional united states who helped in the rescue and recovery effort. so that funding is important to get medical monitoring and prescription drugs because the earlier we are diagnosed with the cancer the better it is to treat it and the more survivability for the members with the illnesses. >> how might that be reversed that the federal fund that pays for the care would stop
12:37 pm
accepting new members? what are the hopes about what can be done to suspend that possibility? >> we are hoping that the members of congress and there was funding in the build back better bill that did not pass and chuck schumer, senator schumer promised a standalone bill with the funding and the members of congress many promised to support that bill and they will be remembering september 11 with photos or good wishes and need them to be there with a vote to make sure that the funding covers the medical monitoring and prescription drugs because it was an attack on the nation and not just new york city. >> in addition to renewing that support as you mentioned the anniversary of 9/11 is a moment
12:38 pm
for people to pause and reflect. how do you want americans to remember today? >> you know about the tragedy and the violence and the death of so many people but remember the heroism and the self sacrifice for the people that came down to volunteer or work at the trade center site to help bring people -- bring the remains back to families and bring a little bit of closure to those that lost the lives. let's remember the sacrifice of the people and rushed to the site to help and to try and save looifbs and bring the remains back to people so the positives coming out of it are essential.
12:39 pm
remember the tragedy and the heroism. >> lieutenant james mccarthy thank you for all that you have done and continue to do. >> thank you very much. algh coming up, firefighters in california battling yet another wildfire. multiple communities in el dorado and pacer counties are threatened and thousands evacuated why . the latest next. alice loves the scent of gain so much, she wished there was a way to make it last longer.
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that's why at chevron, we're increasing production in the permian basin by 15%. and we're projected to reach 1 million barrels of oil per day by 2025. all while staying on track to reduce our carbon emissions intensity in the area. because it's only human to tackle the challenges of today to help ensure a brighter tomorrow. firefighters in southern california are hoping better weather conditions will continue to help them in their battle against the fairview fire, bunn bunning -- burning in hemett. are firefighters able to make any progress? >> reporter: fred, yeah.
12:44 pm
some progress but what they say today is all about is a test day because they say that now they'll be able to assess whether or not the rain helped them and will continue to help them make progress or back to square one because it is hot and dry. one of the firefighters told me it may rain a little bit but an hour after it is dry again. what was really beneficiary about yesterday is the cloud cover. the fire did not grow in size and saw containment numbers going up. that cloud cover is not really helping today. one thing that they did accomplish yesterday is began those assessments or continued them and we know that more structures were destroyed. we see that number multiplying and look. it is hard for families to come back to an area that looks like this. you have nothing left.
12:45 pm
ashes. everything melts. that's what you see over and over again in the properties and two people were already killed as a result of this fire. just yesterday a helicopter crashed. this was a helicopter, a private helicopter that coordinates helicopters in the area. the people inside of the helicopter were injured. three people. one was the private pilot and two others cal fire employees. one released from the hospital. but we are waiting to hear about the condition of the other two and goes to show how dangerous the fire is for the people that live in the area and the firefighters. >> dangerous every moment for
12:46 pm
them. now to northern california. what can you tell us about that fire? >> reporter: the situation is worse there because every single day we see the fire growing now burned more than 41,000 ache everies at 10% containment. so much work to be done there. the temperatures decreased a bit but because it's so dry the fire was activity yesterday and expect it to be as active and then will be cooler throughout the day and the winds could then continue to help that fire grow which is a concern for the firefighters. fred? >> thank you so much. be safe. still to come, the nfl has kicked off epa the new season is bringing new high-tech security systems to keep fans safe. a look at how it works, next.
12:47 pm
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welcome back. after weeks a team from the environmental protection agency in jackson, mississippi, to figure out what led to the water crisis last month. flooding took out a water management plant where the pumps were failing. this morning the mayor saying he is not aware that he is under investigation but will cooperate. >> no one has talked to me. i don't know the scope or the
12:52 pm
timeline to investigate but to the extent that they will be speaking to city employees i will direct them to cooperate with any investigation. >> this year epa staff reported the water system had inadequate staffing and as a result a failure to perform routine maintenance. some nfl teams are stepping up security with a new screening process for fans. cnn's nadia romero in atlanta where the falcons use the new technology today so walk us through how this works. >> reporter: fred, this is all about making sure that people gather and feel safe while doing it. they're big blue pairings with sensors and art firm
12:53 pm
intelligence saying the technology can determine the difference between a cell phone and a weapon. take a listen. >> the advance sensors and machine learning models to identify weapons on people waughing through the pace of life. >> there's a seamless technology for the fans and for the associates so the process is not as tiring. you don't get that negative interaction that you get with the other screening technology. >> reporter: part is to determine the difference in the body to just continue to walk through instead of having to stop and being searched with a wand or patted down. does it look? the tennessee titans installed the technology and in the three games they spotted 250 weapons that may not have been detected
12:54 pm
otherwise. fred? >> a-ha! other events happen there. does that mean at that stadium you will be subjected to the same high-tech security check? >> reporter: yeah. it is something to get at the falcons games and got a hefty price tag and that organization using it. 20 school districts have a contract to have it put into the schools here in georgia, new york, across the country because we are just as concerned about weapons inside schools as we are big stadiums like the one behind me. another layer of protection. >> the worries are constants. that's for sure. thank you so much. appreciate that. thank you for joining me today. "cnn newsroom" continues right
12:55 pm
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you're live in "the cnn newsroom." queen elizabeth final journey has begun. the casket traveling through the beautiful scottish countryside. she was met by crowds of mourners along the way and at the destination scotland's capital of edinburgh the cobblestone streets of the royal mile packed with somber subjects waiting to pay respects. from there carried into the throne room at the scottish residence of the british royal family . tomorrow the queen's coffin will be taken i


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