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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans and Laura Jarrett  CNN  September 13, 2022 2:00am-2:59am PDT

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all right. here we go. it is tuesday, september 13th. 5 a.m. exactly here in new york. thanks for getting an "early start" with us. i'm christine romans. we begin with ukraine's claims of stunning advances on the battlefield. top military commanders declaring huge areas of
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territory claimed by russia have been liberated. on sunday ukrainian military commander clanld the army had retaken nearly 1200 square miles in two weeks. by monday the official number had doubled. >> translator: from the beginning of september until today our soldiers have already liberated more than 6,000 square kilometers of the territory of ukraine in the east and south. the movement of our troops continues. >> the drastic jump in the news is the fact journalists are being denied access to the front lines. u.s. officials refraining from putting out numbers. they say ukrainian soldiers have pushed the soldiers back. >> clearly we have seen them go on the offensive in the last couple of weeks and actually regain quite a bit of territory.
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again, i think i'll stay out of quantifying it in too much detail but they are actually taking territory back certainly over the last two weeks during the counter offensive positions. >> cnn's matthew chance has more from ukraine and russia. >> we are one people from russia where this kremlin propaganda is posted. no one is reading it anymore. ukrainian forces tear it down the words of a celebrated ukra ukrainian president. fight and you will win as one pointed out a dramatic weekend of ukrainian gains. in towns and villages against vast swaths of kharkiv region, ukrainian folks are being greeted as liberated.
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for months these people have lived under russian guns. now it's ukrainian guns celebrating the recapture of strategic tanks. those who appear to be racked. equipment destroyed or abandoned. the armor, ammunition, even food and clothes left behind as ukrainian commanders say their russian enemy simply turned and ran. pow powerful, humiliating blow for the kremlin and its military. russian officials are putting on a very different spin. in order to achieve the goals of the special military operation, as they still call it, a decision was made to regroup
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russian troops, says this defense ministry spokesperson. it's an orderly withdrawal he suggests. even on pro kremlin television, the once triumphant mood seems to have shifted towards reality and the blame game is now in full swing. people who convince putin this special operation would be fast and effective really set us up, complains this puppet. someone must have told him ukrainians would surrender, he says. >> translator: six months ago did anyone believe would be supply them? this is a serious army and their weapon are serious, too, admits
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a third. ukraine's dramatic advance seems to have genuinely shocked russia. that makes its leader, who oversaw moscow anniversary celebrations at the weekend, even more unpredictable and potentially dangerous. already russian hard liners are calling for president putin to act, mobilize troops and do you believe double down in ukraine. calls he may no longer be able to resist. matthew chance, cnn, london. the kremlin says president putin is aware of the situation. let's get more on that from cnn' frederick pleitgen. >> reporter: they continue to say that they will achieve, as he always puts it, their aims,
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as he puts it still calling it the special military operation. as you mentioned, vladimir putin are leading this operation. russians continue to say they will push on. one thing matthew said that's key, if you look at the situation in russia, where do things go next? are they going to reinforce the forces they have? are they going to try and escalate? if you look at some of the people that are speaking up, i do think it is quite remarkable. one of them is the strong man in chechnya, staunch ally of russian president vladimir putin and he has come forward and said that mistakes were made. he blames the military leadership for this. he said if that's not alleviated, he will speak to russia's leadership, meaning
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vladimir putin himself. he wants to escalate it himself. he has tens of thousands of fighters trained and there are some hard liners in moscow who are calling for the same thing. you have a lot of state pundits and some political analysts saying these are pretty big losses that the russian military is taking. there are some that believe this is getting into problems. on the weekend russian foreign minister sergei lavrov said russia was still very much open to negotiations with ukraine. he warned those negotiations have to happen quickly or the moment will be squandered. the russians understand they're in trouble. >> absolutely. fred pleitgen, thank you for that. brittain's new king is about
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bruising, bleeding, or paleness. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. when opportunities come your way, be ready to say i'm in for what's next. ask your doctor about enbrel. looking at live pictures of saint charles cathedral in edinburgh, scotland. the queen's casket is lying in state there. king charles iii and his queen consort camila will leave hollywood house and will be arriving in ireland. they'll be joined by prime minister liz truss. later today the queen's coffin will be brought to buckingham palace.
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she has been lying at rest at saint giles since monday. the queen's children, charles, andrew, edward, ann holding a solemn vigil around their mother. joining me live is nina dos santos, isa soares and how have the royals spent this mornings in edinburgh? >> reporter: we'll expect in the next half hour king charles iii and the queen consort depart the hollywood house. they're expected to depart and make their way to the airport where they'll make the way to bell fast. very much part of the king's royal tour as he visits following those proclamations in
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the last 24 hours. whilst we see the swing from the official order of business of the king, we're also seeing the grieving and really an outpouring of slough and respect for the queen. you can see behind me a line of mourners walk by. this line, christine, expands all the way down, snakes through a part and goes down. overnight we were looking at lines of seven to eight hours. look, we're prepared to make the sacrifice. only 7 hours versus 70 years that the queen has dedicated a life of service. i want to bring in roslyn, actually, who spent some of that time in line lining up to pay her respects. you were able to pay your respects, roslyn, yesterday? >> yes. >> how long did you have to wait
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for. >> 5 1/2 hours. >> how important was it for you to be here right now. >> the ee lite queen has connections here. the new king comes up. in fact, i saw the new king just a month ago and he was up. he comes up every year spends time at the castle. he wore ships at a church where we were able to see him very close up. >> what does this moment mean for you? all i've been able to hear is just the silence? >> absolutely. going into the cathedral. just hushed him sever, very sad and seeing her scottish crown on top of the coffin was quite
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emotional. the flowers of course came from balmoral, you know, from her home there. it was very emotional. so glad i got here to see it. >> thank you very much, roslyn. really appreciate you taking the time to speak to us. christine, i spoke to one former serviceman in the last two hours, he said he spent hours in line wyatting for that very moment to pay respects to my old boss. those were his words. this is a big logistical operation. people in london have to line up, get arm bands, they go through a white tent where they check the bags. this is the moment for scots to say their final farewell to a queen who they loved dearly and forso many years. >> clearly she loved scotland, no question, throughout her whole life. about 90 minutes from now the
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king and queen consort will arrive. nic robertson at the church. >> reporter: we can expect the king and the queen consort to go to the royal residence here in northern ireland. they'll have meetings with politicians from both sides of a deeply divided political spectrum here. of course you have the pro british, if you will, politician here and you have the pro irish, pro united island politicians here who decided not to attend the royal proclamation. they said that was an event for people whose political affiliation is towards the british monarchy.
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they have been very complimentary of king charles. they've been very complimentary of the queen and everything she did. both sides will have that today. the irish president has been invited. the irish prime minister. these are important steps for the monarchy to take to help affirm and strengthen the peace. there are troubled times here. king charles has met some of those with a para military background. there's some deep emotional ties here for king charles. they are seen, the monarchy is seen here by all sides as a good
2:19 am
thing for the people in their daily lives and as helping cement peace. the queen of course here back in 2012, she shook hands with a former para military commander, martin mcguinness seen as hugely significant. king charles coming in that capacity to help lead the mourners as well and their reflection here. the queen will be making her way back to buckingham palace. she'll ultimately be laid to rest next to prince philip. what kind of ceremonies, nina, will we ekt spekt to be taking place today? >> what we're expecting is the coffin bearing queen elizabeth
2:20 am
ii will remind about 15 miles away from the british capitol, it will be greeted by members of the royal air force and royal guard. her daughter, princess ann, will be accompanying her body. it will make a procession down through the freeway and then through some major landmarks taking in great sites. it will be transferred, greeted by members of the royal family. her children will be back including king charles iii and queen consort camila. we're expecting them to be back to be present for receiving their mother's body back to buckingham pail lace which was her main home and palace.
2:21 am
her coffin will lie in the bow room, a specific room until about 5 a.m. tomorrow morning. thereafter it will move towards westminster hall for four days where it will lie in state giving many people an opportunity to pay their respects before the big state funeral on monday. we're talking about a massive logistical operation. new test for the biggest police force in the usa. this is a huge deal. there are changes in the realm of policing as well. they said this is going to be the biggest test they've ever faced. we're talking 10,000 officers who are going to be deployed. they're expecting potentially clouds of up to 2 million to
2:22 am
converge on the british capitol. their objective is to keep people safe and keep people away from the former dignitaries that will be arriving over the next few days. and president joe biden is coming four the funeral. this is a big logistical challenge. >> every little twist and turn approved by the queen herself. this is the final public appearance for her time rest. she will be moved to westminster hall where she will lie in state through sunday. on monday there will be a state funeral at westminster abby. join cnn as we remember her.
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the white house is trying to stave off what could be the first national rail strike in 30 years. some 60,000 engineers and conductors could walk off on friday. it's not about money. unions are battling over personal time and scheduling rules. the rules are forcing engineers and conductors to be on call seven days a week. president biden is calling for a reduction in cancer deaths by 50% in the next 25 years. >> imagine simple blood test during an annual physical that could detect cancer early. imagine getting a simple shot instead of a krulg chemo, getting a pill from a local
2:29 am
pharmacy instead of invasive treatments and long hospitals stays? >> the president spoke about his cancer moon shot from the jfk library 60 years to boost biowilling to. the president talked up the $1.2 billion infrastructure plan during a stop at boston's logan airport. >> the fact is that right now with this infrastructure law, america is really getting on the move again. >> president biden said it's creating jobs and making big improvements at airports and other transportation hubs. federal prosecutors intensifying their investigation into the january 6th riot. they have issued more than 30 grand jury subpoenas to members
2:30 am
of former president trump's campaign and fundraising teams. they include former trump campaign manager bill stepien and bill dalton. neither responded to our request for comment. we expect to see king charles and his queen consort on the move to ireland. they're about to be joined by the castle.
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zeize the day. zyrtec. at this hours king charles iii and his queen consort departing scotland for northern ireland. they'll depart hillsboro and meet other leaders of the party to receive a message of condolence. later today the queen's casket will leave scotland where a steady stream of mourners has been paying last respects before her casket departs for london. i want to bring in hillary fordwich. king charles iii makes his first visit to northern ireland as a
2:36 am
monarch today. talk to us about the historical and political visit for king charles. >> reporter: christine, a great question. why? because everybody has heard about -- not everybody. most people will probably have heard about the troubles that took place in northern ireland between north and south ireland. what this signifies is going to be helping everybody. what did she do in northern ireland? she helped see the end of the troubled. why? one of the things she did was to bow when she went to northern ireland and then, remember, she took the leader in ukraine. how many people will be able to shake the hand of somebody so beloved and so close to them who had ordered that bombing?
2:37 am
that's what she did. she was a laty of forgiveness. so it's a great show. the irish people appreciated that. we're hoping king charles is going there. there will probably be the outpouring that you saw in scotland also as the queen goes to -- as prince charles, now king charles goes to northern ireland. >> that iconic moment shows she really saw as a monarch and a leader the bigger picture, right? the bigger picture for the u.k. and for history. >> absolutely. >> she reined during the many struggles and triumphs of the 20th century and two decades into this century. how do you think king charles will be his own monarch.
2:38 am
yes, christine, labors. he 's also known as a softy, emotional, very warm in person. people think he was very stiff and stodgy. a number of things we're going to see. he's called it streamlining the monarchy. he -- it means that he wants to have only the senior royals and those that are his direct desce descendents. there's a conundrum because they won't be able to touch as many people. keep elizabeth always believed to be seen is to be believed. when they're asked about having
2:39 am
a monarchy, even those that are against, when they realize that it only costs, about $1.50 per person per year, would you pay that for all the monarchy does. how will he be different? he has planned to have more openings at buckingham pail lace which is open to the public and the same thing with balmorla. he will be and he will be more emotetive, as i mentioned. >> we'll get a glimpse of that. there will be people lining up to go through security and get their risk bands. talk to me about that moment for the british people. >> oh, my goodness, it's up to 30.
2:40 am
there are great restrictions about food and water that you can't believe. and from ponds, actually get pot point where -- the met bliss, the bon done police force is getting to the point. are they going to do i claire, they're even talking about all of the heads of states being in buses and there won't be enough of them individually to be in motorcades. the line is going back now to tower bridge. that is miles away for people to wait. this is absolutely a british event. this is not just the british people. if i might add i've been going
2:41 am
to many studios and many studios in d.c. here, and, christine, all along there are union jacks on the flag posts and the flags are at half staff. so touching. thank you, america. >> a special relationship. >> yes. >> all of these finishes touches she approved. this is her final public appearance. >> you're absolutely right. she helped plan it. what i will tell you it's rather disappointing, this is something that -- this is what people are tapping out at the moment. one thing, not traveling by train because, remember, when jfk, terrible assassination, his train had thousands of people lined by the tracks to watch jfk's train. the royal train, that was one of her beloved means to travel.
2:42 am
she was supposed to be by train, but they were afraid and the security was going to be needed. they haven't been able to do this. they were concerned about flowers on the tracks and too many people at the station. you would have to have literally police taking flowers off the tracking all the way down to aberdeen. that's why it's changed. >> thank you very much. nice to talk to you this morning. thank you. 42 minutes past the hour. conspiracy theorist alex jones back in court. and inflation is cooling. for 24 hours. aveeno® ♪ my name is austin james. as a musician living with diabetes, fingersticks can be a real challenge. that's why use the freestyle libre 2 system.
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looking at markets around the world. european markets opened mostly higher. real wages fell sharply. wall street, stock index futures leaning higher here. stocks picking up steam ahead of the release of the key consumer price index from the labor department. the dow rose more than 200 points there yesterday. the s&p and the nasdaq both picked up gains of more than 1%. if cpi inflation falls in august, this would be the second straight month of decline. that hasn't happened since june of 2020. investors are mating a level.
2:48 am
let's bring in washington post economic reporter rachel siegel. energy prices have crashed. air fare, used car prices too. i suspect we're going to see that in the august cpi number? >> that's exactly right. we'll know in a couple of hours. the expectation is we'll continue to see pleases decline. families will have a little bit more room. that's such a long way to go even if prices are down the 8.5% we saw in july. >> inflation is still dangerously high. no matter what this report shows today, the markets are expecting another big rate hike when the fed meets later this month, is that right? >> that's exactly right. the fact we haven't seen push back seems to signal that's what
2:49 am
we're looking. that is to underscore the message the fed is not seeing what it needs to see month after nont after nont. >> the good news is, the noon market is really loud. it wouldn't hurt to have the up employment lies here. >> it's one of the painful consequences of the tool that the fed has to fight inflation in the first place. interest rates are blunt and they work with broad force to cool the entire economy. that can mean sending the unemployment rate up to get the inflation down. in a famous poll last month the fed chair said there aeks an
2:50 am
explanation for in general. >> what do you think is a soft landing? what do you think is the soft land. you if you can psy it. the question of the soft landing is a big question. it is encouraging that the country doesn't seem to look like one now. the job market is still porpg. >> as the fed issues the whopping interest right result or much more slower growth in the economy. >> rachel, i know you'll be watching when that number comes out. thanks. >> thank you. >> uncrude blue orangie crash.
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♪ this morning ukrainian forces seizing even more territory. i'm john berman with brianna ke keilar. new developments in the remarkable reversal of fortune for ukraine in the east around this region right here and to a


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