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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  September 15, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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hello. i'm victor bwell. >> i'm alisyn camerota. asylum seekers being used as pawns in the middle.
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earlier this morning two buses full of migrants arrived in washington, d.c., from texas. texas governor greg abbott ordered that the migrants be dropped off on vice president harris' doorstep at her residence at the naval observatory. governor abbott and governor ducey of arizona already bussed thousands of migrants to other states in recent weeks. also today, florida governor ron desantis proudly claims he chartered two flights to bring 50 migrants from texas to martha's vineyard in massachusetts. there were seven families on those planes, including children. if this was his idea of a solution to the migrant issues, you would think that the governor would have alerted the governor of massachusetts to this. but these plane loads of migrants reported arrived without any warning to local officials who scrambled to set them up at a local church. here's how desantis sees it. >> we're not a sanctuary state, and it's better to be able to go to a sanctuary jurisdiction. yes, we will help facilitate
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that transport for you to be able to go to greener pastures. every community in america should be sharing in the burdens. it shouldn't all fall on a handful of red states. >> a massachusetts lawmaker says desantis is using these asylum seekers as political pawns. it's unclear if the group even knew where they were heading. cnn's miguel marquez joins us now live from martha's yard. what more are you learning about how this played out. >> reporter: i think people here would have loved a little heads up. there is great interest and desire to help people in this situation, but the fact that these two planes arrived at the airport here in martha's vineyard with 20 minutes' notice, they didn't know who was getting off of it, that is the problem we're seeing. but people here have rallied. i'll show you what's happening here at the st. andrews parish house across the street from the church. all 50 of the immigrants are here right now. they're all being cared for in this one place. they're taking everything from help with donations, financial,
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clothing, food. they're even doing -- signing up up people who speak spanish, lawyers, because all these people, keep in mind, are here on some sort of political asylum or some sort of asylum claim, and they have hearings in the months to come. one state legislator we spoke to who was here last night and much of today says that if this were just coordinated a little bit, that would have gone a long way. >> ron desantis and republicans might want to play political games with people's lives. i believe that's incredibly inhumane to be using women and children and families as a political pawn. you're going to talk about it on tucker carlson and pretend to be tough on immigration? what's real tough, what is really bold is the people coming here together today on island to support these families. we're going to continue to do it. >> reporter: so there is great
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frustration that these people were just sort of unceremoniously sent here without warning whatsoever. four children between the ages of 3 and 8, seven different families among the people that were up here. all of them we've spoken to and all the organizers saying everyone was from venezuela. they did a month, month and a half the relationship, most of them walking from venezuela most of the way up through mexico and into texas. they were in san antonio yesterday morning, and then governor desantis apparently coordinated with texas to pay for planes for them to come here, two planes. they stopped along the way. one of those stops was in florida, and then you had the buses at the vice president's residence. it all sounds to people here like there is a coordinated effort to do this. but to what end? their concern is they're using these people as pawns in a bigger game, rather than discussing immigration reform and what needs to be done. back to you. >> these people weren't even in
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florida. desantis sent a plane to pick them up to take them eventually after a few stops. miguel marquez, thank you. now to ukraine. russian president vladimir putin praised china's balanced position on the war in ukraine at an in-person meeting with president xi jinping today. on the battlefield ukrainian forces continue to make advances despite russia's ongoing assault on civilian infrastructure. an attack at a local reservoir caused major flooding and evacuations. >> regardless of the recent gains, ukraine, again, asked the u.s. for a longer range missile systems and tanks and sources tell cnn the biden administration has denied these requests, at least for now. cnn's katie bo lillis joins us now. what do you know about the response to the request? >> so for the last couple of days some of our colleagues and i have been surveying biden administration officials as well as military to get a sense that
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would translate to conversations about potentially upping the ante on the kind of military and intelligence support that they're providing to ukraine, potentially sending some of the items on ukraine's wish list that so far the administration has been reluctant to provide because they see some of those systems as too escalatory, in particular because many of the systems have a range that might allow ukraine to potentially strike russia from within its own borders. and the short answer to that question right now is no. the biden administration at this point views the success that ukraine has seen in its counteroffensive so far as a vindication of this kind of carefully calibrated, iterative, and some would argue incremental strategy towards providing military aid and assistance to ukraine. now, this isn't necessarily going to be a popular answer. there's certainly some
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bipartisan frustration on capitol hill that the administration isn't doing enough and isn't doing it fast enough. now, the administration officials of course would say they are in daily contact with their ukrainian counterparts to make sure that they are getting the support that they need when they need it without dipping into u.s. stores too heavily or damaging u.s. national security. i think the other thing we're hearing from u.s. officials at this point is, it's still early days in this counteroffensive. let's see if ukraine can sustain its gains. >> thank you very much for the reporting. joining us now to talk about both the migrant issues and ukraine is congressman seth multien. thank you so much for being here. this morning you received a classified briefing on ukraine, which of course you cannot share with us. however, can you tell us if you think that the ukraine gains we've seen over the past few weeks do represent an inflection point in the war? and do you support the u.s.
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sending those long-range missile systems and tanks that katie was just talking about? >> first of all, yes, the ukrainians have had tremendous success. but this doesn't mean the war is going to be over anytime soon. anyone who thinks this success is going to translate to victory by the end of the year, it's likely they're fighting this war a decade from now. in terms of the long-range weapons, i've been a consistent advocate to help the ukrainians, and the administration has done a fantastic job as represented by the success we see here on the ground. one of our consistent criticisms from the committee as they have not been moving quickly enough, but they're evaluating these requests carefully and looking at what will have the biggest impact for the ukrainians, what will not impact our own readiness across the globe, because not all of these weapons are in great supply. third, they're looking at what the ukrainians are prepared to use. they have to have training on these advanced weapons systems to make use of them. some of that training went on in
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the past last few months, but if they don't have the training, it doesn't make sense to send them right away. >> congressman, let's talk about what's happening in massachusetts today with the migrants. as you know, two plane loads of migrants from texas were put on a chartered flight, it sounds like, under false pretenses, frankly, by forsome reason governor ron desantis of florida. not certain why he's inserting himself in texas, and sent them to martha's vineyard. and locals are now scrambling to find help for them. do you understand what governor desantis is doing? >> yes, i do. he's playing politics with people's lives. he's playing politics with people's lives like governor george wallace did during segregation. if you want governor george wallace's legacy to be the future of the republican party, then that's exactly what ron desantis is showing all of america today.
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now, that didn't stop ron desantis from coming to these same massachusetts islands a month ago. he was on nantucket a month ago to fund raise for his own political campaigns. what's going on here is pure politics and it's disgraceful. >> let's look at it for a solution. if we just look at texas's point of view for a moment, they're saying they're overwhelmed. according to u.s. border patrol, they have 1.9 million encounters a year, this past year, just to date with migrants. somewhere roughly about 200,000 a month. the majority of those are in texas. and that's compared to massachusetts, which has, according to the governor's website, they've welcomed 1,000 migrants per year. so is it fair for some of the border states like texas to say
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that other states need to help pick up the slack and need to help shoulder this burden? >> first of all, i can tell you that my district alone in massachusetts has done an enormous amount to welcome afghan refugees just in the last few months, so we are absolutely stepping up to the plate, just as you see the people of martha's vineyard doing today. but let's put this in perspective. ron desantis is a republican. governor abbott in texas is a republican. the hard thing about immigration is getting democrats and republicans to come together. yet when republicans control the white house, the senate, and the congress under donald trump, they did absolutely nothing on immigration. so if they're complaining we don't have an immigration solution, it's their own fault. >> those are fair points, congressman. but let's talk about a solution. i understand that your district welcomes afghan refugees, but they don't have 200,000 coming per month. and so what is the answer? i mean, how can texas be expected to process all of that?
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>> the answer is that we need to have responsible immigration reform at the federal level, something the democrats have been pushing in congress for years to make it clear to the world that america welcomes immigrants, but we welcome immigrants who come through an orderly process. we have provisions for people to come here and work on farms, like farmers want and need to fill jobs as immigrants have for decades, and yet haven't been able to since the pandemic, which is why you see so many problems with restaurants not being able to provide bars for people to go out and eat. it's a broken system nationwide. democrats continue to put forward solutions that are broadly popular with the american public. republicans continue to play politics with immigration as abbott and zidesantis are doing today in the legacy of segregationists, playing politics with people's lives, and that does not advance a solution. that does not do anything to move the ball forward. so we're standings here in
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washington ready to work on immigration as we have for years, and we have the support of the american people behind us. >> do you know where governor ron desantis got the idea to charter planes at $12 million, i read, to the taxpayers of his state, that was the cost to send them to martha's vineyard? >> i don't know, maybe tucker carlson or something like that. he's obviously an irresponsible steward of taxpayer funds. there's problems with this at some levels. at the base level, though, it's just a disgraceful abuse of people's lives, young kids, families who are just searching for survival by coming to the united states. people seeking political asylum. do you think they walked for months to get to the u.s./mexico border because they were happy at home? these people are folks that we should be helping. america welcomes immigrants, has welcomed immigrants throughout our history. that's what the statue of liberty stands for in new york harbor. ron desantis is running against
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that entire legacy. >> congressman seth moulton, great to get your perspective. thank you. >> thank you, alisyn. former president trump now claims that he declassified all those government records that he took to mar-a-lago, but his lawyers are not making that certification. former white house chief of staff mark meadows has complied with a justice department subpoena. what we know about the materials he has handed over. we have cnn exclusive reporting next. they insurance,our car so you only pay for what you need. and by switching, you cocould even save $652. thank you, libiberty mutual. now, contestants ready? go! why? why? only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.♪ your shipping manager left to “find themself.”
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documents. today the fbi and homeland security briefed a bipartisan group of senators on the pr problem. durbin said the threat was second only to the threat from international drug gangs. >> also in the mar-a-lago case, the justice department set a deadline today for a federal judge to make a decision or the doj will file an appeal. the doj wants their investigators to be able to continue reviewing the doc documents, some of them top secret, that were seized from trump's florida estate. cnn justice correspondent jessica schneider is here to explain this. jessica, will judge allene cannon announce her decision today? >> it's possible. really prosecutors, they're asking her to essentially reverse her own ruling by today. that could be anytime before midnight if she sort of complies with them. if she doesn't, doj is saying they will appeal to the 11th circuit court of appeals. that in and of itself carries its own risk because 6 of the 11
11:20 am
active judges in the 11th circuit are trump nominees. so what the doj wants is they want judge eileen cannon to halt the part of her ruling that said all of the fbi's review of the classified documents must stop. because of that ruling, that review has been on hold for a week. but doj has since said because the fbi's review has been stopped t intelligence review of the ramifications of these documents at mar-a-lago, that has also come to a stop. since this is an ongoing investigation, prosecutors want their work to continue. so alisyn and victor, we'll see if judge cannon allows them to keep working, essentially reversing herself. if she doesn't, doj has said, in fact, they will go for it 11th circuit and see what the appeals hold in that court, guys. >> let's turn to the cnn exclusive about trump white house chief of staff mark meadows. we're learning about how he is
11:21 am
now complying with the justice department subpoena. what have we learned? >> this is actually meadows complying with a criminal investigation essentially. he has, in fact -- our team has learned, led by pamela brown and evan perez, that this exclusive information that meadows has complied with the subpoena from doj, and that meadows has given the feds in that investigation the same information that he gave to the house committee investigating january 6th. and at the time we reported that meadows turned over these thousands of text messages, thousands of emails from his time as chief of staff. now, this is all crucial and important because this makes meadows the highest-ranking trump official that we know of to respond to and comply to a subpoena at the federal level. of course this is all coming as the doj has really ramped up its investigations into jicanuary 6. we have talked about how doj is touching on everything from pushing false election fraud
11:22 am
claims to fake electors, even delving into how money flowed to support these fake efforts, if you will. so the doj is really ramping up here, and we know now that meadows has, in fact, complied with at least their subpoena dealing with the federal criminal investigation. alisyn and victor? >> jessica schneider, thank you for that reporting. let's discuss further with gloria borger. we have with us bradley moss, national security law attorney. let's start there, gloria, with what jessica just reported, which is mark meadows. he was -- at least he was quite involved with everything that happened on january 6th. so what do you think the fact that he's turned over these emails means? >> i think it's very important and i think the justice department is not likely to stop there. as jessica previously reported about over 2,000 texts and emails he turned over to the
11:23 am
january 6th committee which works plto place him before and after. when you look at mark meadows as the president's former chief of staff, he was involved, for example, in the question of what happened in georgia, showing up in georgia, talking about fake electors on the phone call with brad raffensperger, for example. he's also the person, as the president's former chief of staff, who was responsible for gathering all those documents for the archives. and we know that there's been an awful lot of problems with those documents. we know that after those documents were found at mar-a-lago , that meadows even gave more of his own documents to the archives. so i'd have to say that mark meadows is central to all of these stories. if you were to look for a link between a, b, and c, it would be
11:24 am
mark meadows. >> bradley, the doj has been gearing up for a fight on the question of executive privilege because, as gloria mentioned, mark meadows handed over a lot to the january 6th committee, but not everything. there was about 100 messages he held back, how tough will it be to get the rest of those messages from meadows? >> certainly, yeah, there could be a fight. we're waiting to see whether or not doj has to push further on mark meadows, not only for documents and text messages, but for testimony before the grand jury. we know at least two different white house counsel lawyers, pat cipollone, patrick philbin already testified. they both involve attorney/client privilege that had to be negotiated and framed out. it would be even narrow given meadows isn't a lawyer. if the lawyers are able to in some fashion testify before this
11:25 am
grand jury, certainly there's going to be a legal argument for doj to use to push mark meadows to testify. he has a lot of very interesting material information about these various, you know, interwoven issues of different criminal liability. >> okay. bradley, let me stay with you because there's a new development on all of the classified documents and top secret documents that were seized at donald trump's mar-a-lago resort. he was on a radio show today with hugh hewitt that he has fastened on an explanation for what he was doing with all those. i will play for you what donald trump says now. >> mr. patel said he witnessed you giving verbal orders to declassify the papers that ended up at mar-a-lago. do you remember making those orders? >> that's correct, and not only that, i think it was other people also were there. but i have the absolute right to declassify, absolute. a president has that absolute
11:26 am
right, and a lot of people aren't even challenging that anymore. >> well, his lawyers have never mentioned that in court when they had the opportunity, and all sorts of legal experts have dismissed that out of hand. but is he right? does a president a "v" absolute authority to declassify whatever he wants? >> yes. while he was president, up until the moment joe biden took the oath of office, donald trump could declassify anything he wanted. here's the big problem for him. if he didn't follow through, we see all those markings on those documents fell down at mar-a-lago. if he didn't make sure the documents were properly declassified through the process, then if he had that unilateral i don't have to follow procedures, authority , that meant joe biden the moment he took the oath of office could we classify it and not follow procedures as well. it goes both ways. so he's going to have to at some point, you know, put up or shut up here and provide affidavits,
11:27 am
proof, someone to go on the record under oath saying i witnessed him do this and he's the process that was followed. so far his lawyers have shown none of that. >> can i just add that none of the statutes that the department of justice referred to in doing the search at mar-a-lago refer to declassify documents. so that is kind of a side show at this point. that's not what this is about. in our own reporting a few weeks ago, people were using words like ludicrous and ridiculous, and he can't wave a wand and just do this. when you're talking about declassified documents, it has to be memorialized. if it is memorialized, where is it? >> yeah, more than kash patel would know about the declassification in that room of really crucial documents. gloria borger, bradley moss, thank you. a leading negotiator on a
11:28 am
bill that would codify same-sex and interracial marriage nationwide says they need more time to negotiate this issue and they don't want to delay any vote. oh, sorry, and they want to delay the vote until after the midterms. president biden takes a victor lap after officials reach a deal to avoid a rail strike. new reaction from the white house. that's next. (dog barking) we love our pets. but we don't always love their hair. which is why we made bounce pet hair and lint guard with three times theet hair fighting ingredients. just one sheet helpsemove pet hair from your clothes! looking good starts in the dryer with bounce pet. welcome to allstate just one sheet helpsemove p where the safer you drive, the more you save like rachel here how am i looking? the most cautious driver we got am i there? looking good (phone chimes) safe driving and drivewise
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for the first time in 14 years, mortgage rates are now above 6%. that's more than double where they were a year ago. and as these rates climb, inflation remains stubbornly high. >> the labor market is resilient, though. weekly jobless claims fell for a fifth straight week. the number of people filing for first-time unemployment benefits dropped 5,000 this week from the week before t lowest level since may. president biden is praising the deal that averted a national rail strike which could have become an economic disaster. union and rail leaders came to tentative terms after more than 20 hours of negotiations. >> cnn is learning the president himself was key to pushing this deal across the finish line. cnn's kaitlan collins joins us from the white house. what exactly was president biden's role in all of this? >> reporter: he had a call at hour 12 of these negotiations as they were happening inside the labor department yesterday. that was 9:00 p.m. last night
11:34 am
after these union representatives had showed up at the labor department after 9:00 a.m. president biden making that call personally, calling on them to reach a consensus on this because, of course, the concern here at the white house was that if they didn't come to an agreement, this was going to paralyze key parts of the economy, adding to the supply chain issues that the u.s. has already been dealing with for so many years now. but it took until 2:30 in the morning, we're told by sources that, they reached that verbal agreement. you saw the white house announce it at about 5:00 a.m. this morning that they had reached this agreement which president biden later framed today as not just a big win for the unions, but also for the companies as well. >> this agreement is a big win for america and for both in my view. this agreement is validation of what i've always believed. unions and management can work together, can work together for the benefit of everyone.
11:35 am
>> reporter: president biden was not the only one involved. obviously it was the labor secretary, marty walsh, at the center of these talks that stretched for about 20 hours yesterday. transportation secretary pete buttigieg as well in addition to the agriculture secretary they did not want the strike to happen. they wanted to avert that. you saw president biden speaking to this today in an event added to his schedule. when it comes to his schedule for tomorrow, we are learning that for the first time he is going to be meeting in person with the families of paul whelan and brittney griner, the two americans being wrongfully detained in russia right now. they have made multiple attempts to get them released. president biden will be meeting with them in person tomorrow. but i just asked the press secretary karine jean-pierre if they will be coming home soon. they said the russians still haven't accepted that prisoner
11:36 am
swap offer that we know the united states made to them. so instead, president biden is meeting with them so they know this is still an issue that's top of mind for him. it's still important for him. but unfortunately they are not going to be getting the update that of course they have been looking for for so many months and years now. >> and the families have certainly wanted the engagement personally from the president and the white house. we'll see what comes out of that meeting. kaitlan collins, thank you. the bipartisan group of senators negotiating a bill to codify same-sex marriage says they need more time. senator tommy baldwin t lead democrat in these talks, wants to delay the vote until after the midterm elections. >> cnn's manu raju joins us now. >> reporter: i talked to negotiators moments ago and they're all indicating this, in fact, will be delayed until after the november midterms because the timing of this made it difficult to get the ten republican votes that would be necessary to overcome a likely filibuster attempt. this group of negotiations have
11:37 am
been behind the scenes trying to get this to pass by next week. but they simply just could not get there. one of the big issues they had been trying to sort out, so-called religious liberties provision they would add to this bill. they did agree to some language on that issue, but as the talks began to brief republicans on this, it became increasingly clear they simply wouldn't get there. they believe a better chance that it's going to pass after the midterms, because it would ease a lot of political pressures that members are facing. when i talked to one of the top democrats in the senate, dick durbin, about the republican criticism that a vote before the midterms is political, he pushed back. >> there's a concern about republicans that this is too close to the election and this is clearly a political move by your party. >> well, when you have a painful vote, that's what you always hear. you're playing politics by making us take a vote. there are lives at stake here. >> we have just put together language that is finalized that
11:38 am
has tremendous, i think, respect for the input we've received on religious freedom. but the fact of the matter is it's only 18 hours old. we think it's fair for the members who are interested in working with us to give them an opportunity to do that. there have been some that said the timing of the vote was political. >> so that last comment by thom tillis, one of the key negotiations saying some republicans believe the timing of this vote was political. democrats say this is necessary because the descent in the roe v. wade decision, which clarence thomas suggested this could overturn issues like that gay marriage ruling before the supreme court. nevertheless, these negotiations are confident that ultimately this will become law, but it will become law a couple months from now after the election. >> manu raju, thank you. now to this insane story. an iowa teenager who says a man
11:39 am
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11:44 am
probation and ordered to pay restitution to her alleged rapist's family. >> cnn's lucy kafanov joins us now. the teenager was able to escape prison time, but this payment is part of iowa law. explain that. >> that's right, victor. prosecutors never disputed claims that lewis was sexually assaulted or trafficked, so regardless of the sentencing in this case, this is a young woman who is for life going to be deeply scarred and traumatized by these horrific experiences. she described running away from a difficult home experience as a teen, winding up with no place to live, eventually moving in with a man who forced her, sometimes at knife point, to have sex with other older men, including zachary brooks, who allegedly raped her multiple times, including while she was unconscious. she described waking up to the rape, snapping, grabbing a knife, stabbing him to death. here's pieper in her own words. >> i wished the events that took
11:45 am
place on june 1st, 2020, never occurred. but to say there's only one victim to this story is absurd. >> her attorneys were pleased with the court deferring her sentence. she was facing 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to voluntary manslaughter and willful injury for killing her alleged rapist. the sentence could mean she could have her record expunged, only if she completes scot-free the five years of probation at a correctional facility. take a listen to the judge now. >> the next five years your life will be full of rules that you will disagree with, i'm sure. this is the second chance you've asked for. you don't get a third. understand that? >> yes, i do. >> now, victor, as for your question, iowa law does require courts to sentence offenders to pay $150,000 if they kill
11:46 am
another person. the judge did say his hands were effectively tied in this case. but there was a gofundme campaign that was launched by lewis's former school teacher which has raised i believe as of this hour more than $370,000, which will go towards paying the restitution as well as the other fees, as well as potentially college tuition for lewis. now, rights advocates do cite concerns that this case is another example of a system failing young and vulnerable girls. take a listen. >> i don't think that justice was served. women of color who have experienced sexual violence, trafficking, who act in defense against the people who harm them have not been treated well by our legal system historically. >> rights groups go on to say this case highlights a broader trend of victims of sexual abuse and trafficking, being punished rather than protected by the legal system. victor, alisyn, back to you. >> oh, my gosh, lucy, what an
11:47 am
awful story. i know she has an "a" gofundme page that is helping now because so many people have heard about this story and want to help. thank you very much for the reporting. we're learning new details about the plans for the state funeral for queen elizabeth as hundreds of thousands of people, you see some of them here, file through westminster hall to pay their respects. parallel parking yourself?hat ♪ alexa ask smartfeed to feed the dog. does it get better t than feeding your dog from 50 miles away? yes... it does. at buick we see a future that's even better. because the life enhancing innovations you've never even dreamed of? buick is dreaming of them every day. she was supposed to be the one. i used to believe in the one. anthen i realized, there's plenty of savings in the sea. what? anamazon has daily deals,s pleso every day is a chancea.
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11:51 am
thousands of people are still lining up in london to pay their respects to queen elizabeth. at one point today the queue to view her coffin was more than four miles long which means people were waiting in line for nine hours. >> visitation is 24 hours a day until monday's state funeral. catherine jinxens is from the order of the british empire and also a welsh opera singer who performed for the queen and
11:52 am
recorded the first investigation of god save the king for the bbc. here is a bit of that. ♪ god save our gracious king, long live or king, got save the king ♪ >> catherine, it is good to have you on a beautiful rendition there. and beyond just the lyrical change to god save the king, what was that performance like for you, what are you feeling and thinking as country goes there this transition. >> well i have so many amazing memories of singing the national anthem for her majesty over the years. and so it was obviously very emotional to sing the new version of the hymn. but i was actually on friday morning in a very small little church in the countryside in
11:53 am
england and we got the call from bbc saying they would like to play the first recording that morning of "god save the king" and could i record it for them. so we stopped what we were doing, there was only a few in the church and we held a moment of silence and said a prayer for the queen and for the king and then i just sang it. and hugely emotional. but a huge honor to be asked to do it. >> what was it like, catherine, to perform for the queen, in front of her? >> well, i've always been such a -- of her majesty. i grew up that my mom loved her so the more i got to know her over the years, the more i had admiration for her and the more i liked her. it should have gotten easier singing for her but i got more
11:54 am
and more nervous. when you think that somebody like her, it is a big national occasion and you want to do the best because that is what she deserves. and i have memories to cherish from those times. >> when you see the hundreds of thousands of people, catherine, filing through westminster hall, standing in line for hours at a time, the line got up to four miles, what do you think? what do you feel? >> i think it is the people of the ux k. wanting to take a moment to thank her majesty for her incredible service and dedication. she was so beloved to us all here. and i think people just want that moment just to say thank you. and so, you know, i think that the queues will get longer and longer and i think people will
11:55 am
make the effort to do that. >> it was just in june that you were helping to celebrate the platinum jubilee and we have this sweet shot of her driving by in her car and i think waving to you when she saw you there. i think we have a shot of her waving at you. because she was happy. there she is. so she was happy, obviously, to see you. and you've described her as maternal. so how did that come across? >> well, i actually had a -- i was invited to lunch at buckingham palace and there was a moment where i was a little unsure of what to do with one of the courses. they brought a bowl of water with a piece of fruit and a piece of gauze and i had a panic. i wasn't entirely sure what to do with it and i felt like she's caught my eye and sensing that i was a little uncomfortable and kind of just helped me.
11:56 am
she said, just follow me and i think that she had an amazing gift for sensing people and how they felt and how to put people at ease because to walk into a room where everybody knows who you are, but you don't know them, she had an amazing gift for making conversation and settling people. and i came away from that lunch feeling that she was very warm. >> what do you do with a bowl of water and a piece of fruit. >> which course is that? >> it was actually, it was after the main course and you are to take the piece of fruit and wash it in the big glass bowl and take the gauze and dry the fruit. >> good to know. that is very good to know for the next time we're at buckingham palace. >> yes. i'll know what to do. >> catherine jenkins, thank you so much for sharing your remembrance of here. really great to talk to you. well a political fight over
11:57 am
immigration is escalating. the republican governors of florida and texas send migrants north including one bus that dropped off migrants right in front of the vice president's home. details on the political fallout. that is next. ♪don't stop me♪ ♪'cause i'm having a good time♪ ♪havingng a good time♪ ♪i'm a shooting star leleaping through the sky like a tiger♪ ♪defying the lawsws of gravity♪ ♪don't stop me now♪ ♪'cause i'm having a good time♪ ♪i don't wanna stop at all♪ ♪ ♪ah, da, da, da, da♪
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