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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  September 16, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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mention the incident actually happened under a republican governor. >> it's so important that you walked us through all of those details. thank you for doing that. >> thank you. "new day" continues right now. playing politics with human beings. good morning to viewers here in the u.s. and around the world. i'm brianna keilar with john berman. >> instead of working with us on solutions, republicans are playing politics with human beings, using them as props. what they're doing is simply wrong. it's unamerican. it's reckless. >> this comes after florida governor ron desantis sent two
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planes of migrants to martha's vineyard, massachusetts. it's still not clear why the florida governor organized flights for migrants from texas but he made clear he doesn't want them in his state. >> we are not a sanctuary state. it's better to be able to go to a sanctuary jurisdiction. and we will help facilitate that transport for you to be able to go to greener pastures. >> there are some signs those on martha's vineyard may have been misled. >> when he got off the plane, i asked what do you think of this? he said beautiful. there were three options. the plane left and brought us here. >> we're joined live from edgartown on martha's vineyard.
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miguel, what are you seeing and hearing this morning? >> reporter: well, this is their second night here. the bottom line is all 50 that arrived here are well cared for. there were seven families, four kids between 3 and 8 years old. they are getting settled in. the question is where do they go from here? lawyers who met with all these migrants for a long time yesterday said they were misled. and that's the same information we are hearing from from the many we have spoken to as well, between myself, we've talked to over a dozen migrants here on martha's vineyard yesterday. they said the same thing, erp in sannin toneio, they were approached by somebody who said we can give you an opportunity, we can give you jobs and a private hotel and they were then put on place, all 50 of them,
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all venezuelans, all from texas or were in texas, they were brought here. they had no idea where they were going. some thought they were going to boston and they ended up here. >> they're very grateful to be here they feel very safe here but they have asylum cases as far away as lo los angeles and cincinnati and and whether they will probably move off the island in the next day or two. most, in not all of the immigrants here maybe on to massachusetts and other places they'd like to go to. big venezuelan population in new york city and miami. so those are places many have talked about going to. >> miguel marquez on the ground in martha's vineyard. >> joining us is chris wallace, cnn anchor and host of "who's
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talking to chris wallace." it's so great to have you this morning, chris. what do you think watching this go on in martha's vineyard? >> you know, i think there are two sides to this story. i understand people who are upset, who say the and sometimes not knowing where they're going to be dropped off at martha's vineyard or at the corner of massachusetts avenue or on the other hand, if you're the governor of texas or florida, you're saying we have been forced to deal with this ourselves, alone all this time and this should be we're going to make everybody fool and the fact is, you know, we've been
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covering it as the lead story every hour all morning. so to a degree, you may not like the tactics of desantis or abbott but they accomplished their mission, which is to make this a national problem, not just a problem in their state. >> at least put it in a national focus to make sure it's something people are talking about to be sure. we are in the midfor the general election battle. there's a pivot from the primaries. go. >> there as critics and then there a this i want to show you the difference before and after, what he said about the 2020 lebs before he thought was a toll stolen and now listen.
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>> from every party, i have come to the conclusion and i want to be definitive on this. the election was not stolen. was there fraudpresident biden is the legitimate president of this country. . and you're seeing this in a number of states where republicans who ran on the hard right talking about their hardline positions on abortion, their hardline positions on the 2020 election. now that they have won their primaries and secured their base, they're trying to move. you've also had these democrats talking about the clr threat from maga, democratic
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democraters ant portions m boot you saw that in new hampshire, for instance, with the democrats seeming to help bolduc over his moderate opponent morris and then a noum of other states. hypocrisy rainsin allified m ch that their own political apparatus frpg this srt of move that woor seeing bolduc make -- >> right. >> -- it's not just him, right. can he do or does he gain pop on the right or can he broaden his base of support? >> we'll see. it's a perfectly good question and nobody has a real answer but you're seeing in a number of other states, this is one of the more egregious examples.
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for example, like masters in arizona who was taking a hardline position on abortion has started scrubbing his web site as if we couldn't -- there weren't screen grabs where you could see he was opposed to abortion in almost all cases beforehand. you know, it is something that politicians do. i've seen it in the 30, 40 years i've been covering politics. you secure your base in the primaries and then you try to move to the center because that's where elections are won, whether it will convince people who maybe haven't been paying attention in the center or whether it's going to turn off people on roo you told me that trump this. >> some issues are easier to do this on than ors. so the former president did an interview with hugh hue it, actually yesterday, and was talking into the investigation of the documents at mar-a-lago.
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if asked donald trump what would happen if he faced charges for the possession of those documents. listen to his response. >> i think if it happened, i think you'd have problems in this country the likes of which perhaps we'd never seen before. >> i think they'd have big problems. i just don't think they'd stand for it. >> what are you hear persian gulf. >> in the after math of january the possibility of violent protests and that is a concern. the wofrldbank and donald trump's words and it doesn't matter what i hear, it's what his followers hear and clearly what they hear is a call to arms in many cases so that is.
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chris, it's great to have you this morning. >> thank you. >> that's formal press and informal press. >> where's flip flop beach, chris? we need one of those maybe in the middle. >> i'd like to see john berman in his informal clothes. >> i have very nice legs. that's all you need to know. >> i'll never be able and no problems with chris's fuel lines before launch. thank you very much, chris. ukrainian soldiers have discovered at least 440 bodies in unmarked graves in the eastern city of izium, which
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ukraine a large pd was dug in the adding that the corpses buried there were mostly civilians. the causes of death and circumstances around the burial, not clear. >> translator: we want the world to know what is really happening and what the russian occupation has led to in bucca, mariupol and now unfortunately izyum. the world must be russia to responsibility for this war. >> zelenskyy said he is inviting journalists today to see what was uncovered. >> vladimir putin has questions and concerns about russia's.
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>> we highly appreciate the balance position of our chinese friends in connection with the ukrainian crisis. we&your questions and concern in this regard. during today's meeting we will explain in detall, our. >> and joining me now is the form ares author of lessons from the edge," a memoir. she testified after being targeted by trump and his allies after impozing a how are you seeing this? >> well, i think it's evidence of russia's increasing isolation in the world community where back in february you'll recall the two leaders met and they
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talked about a partnership without limits. and now, you know, over the months we've seen that china has not provided the kind of support that i think russia was hoping for when they fund the military tied and now they have a summit where prz ps. >> yes, support without limits now appears to have is prrng. it would be interesting know what actually happened behind closed doors. >> ambassador, i understand you were. given the events we've all unseen so rapidly. what's your take on how this happened and what it portends? >> yeah, so if i could just say a word about being in kyiv, it was really inspiring. the ukrainians are courageous,
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they are committed and they are confident. they are confident that they will prevail in this fight with russia. and all of that was before the good will and support was coming in. and for me it was downright -- it was really wonderful. >> i mean, going -- how did u. >> i think it's the result of frors frms i think,en, the courage of the ukrainian troops, i think it's good planning. and the ability to use deception with the russian military so
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that the so this ewill love. over the last week or so will probably slow down. they've lost some of that element of surprise. i think they're continuing to press forward and i think we'll continue to see success on the part of ukrainians. i should also add this is a ukrainian victory but u.s. and western military is tap including the hue. been a game changer in ukraine. >> there is is sfrrm who are frustrated that economic sanctions against russia have not brought rush to its knees. have not affected russia negatively in way that they were
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hoping and that all the way into the beginning or few months into next year before they might really feel the pain. is the ukrainian military -- are they going to be able to hold on until then? will european allies be able to hang together until then? >> yeah. so i think one of the most important things is the unity of allies and partners in supporting ukraine. so what we need do is to provide the ukrainians everything that they need, not only to hold but to win. and so that includes more of the long range systems that we've been talking about, it includes air defense systems. because what we've seen is russia attacks not only the ukrainian military, it attacks
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roo they bonded dm in the south, they abombed the attack infrastructure on gas and electricity. i mean, it's just appalling. so the air toe fence system. >> you have went threw. >> what are why are concerns heading to the winter months as this conflict wears on? >> well, you know that old saying of winter is coming and it's going to be a cold one. i guess my hope is that mother nature will help us out here. but it is obviously a concern. will the ukrainians have enough electricity to power some of the heating systems? he will have enough gas in order to keep people warm? and then of course i think one of the things that we don't
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realize is that when taking zap reesia, that has been the multiple issues in ukraine. the ukrainian people, though, i mean they are meted, they are ready to do whaef it takes and keep on moving forward. i use this word a lot but it's the right one. it's inbeing making sure that allies and partnered union prevails. in european countries some are also facing what could be a cold winter is it going to be, what i'm seeing now is that.
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we thank you for your time. >> thank you. coming up, sex after covid. why health officials in the abarm over frm actually an abortion. why she's coming forward now. >> it's five lives rng. >> i h have to go and j. >> ffrm many.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ in london tens of thousands of people are standing in a line that is stretching nearly five miles with a 14-hour wait. they're there to pay their final respects to the queen who is lying in state at westminster hall. entry to the line has actually just been paused because it is at capacity. king charles and queen consort camilla greeted with a 21-gun
5:24 am
salute in wales just moments ago, marking their final stop on their official tour of the united kingdom. nina, first to you there. set the scene. >> reporter: yeah, it's a jubilant scene here where you heard those 21 gun salutes heralding the return of no longer the prince of wales but the king of this nation inside the united kingdom. remember he's been to this, all four corners of country country now and his realm and they have devolved powers. they have interest and that's particularly the case here in wales where we have a nationalist party in government, in the senate, in the parliament here which is where but wales has a typically sent tray ka
5:25 am
prince charles has bequeathed his title over to his son, wulam. demonstrators here over my right holder are prepare to arrest what this it [ cheers ] from the crowds. they have their well, flags and we're expecting the monarch to come immantly. >> you're outside of westminster hall where the lines are hours and hours and hour, i guess five miles long. they're not allowing anyone in the line now, are they? >> they're recommending that nobody else comes to joy because
5:26 am
it we've rached capacity. so it is on but they are but we were here earlier this morning and it was row markable to adjust how many people have cuedover nights to have their time to being and some people had been waiting since 9:00 last night. we even spoke to two emmany people cross the grs they do so have a long way to go from here to get all the way down the thames king charles thoud.
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alarming new data from the cdc. after dipping during the pandemic, std cases in the u.s. climbed last year reaching almost 2.5 million. dr. tara narula, i was going to ask how this is happening but i think we know how it's happening but why. >> there was a 4% increase in terms of numbers comparing where we are today and where we were five years ago. when you look at the breakdown of type of stds, chlamydia accounts for most of the cases,
5:32 am
syphilis much less common but even there we saw a jump between 2020 and 2021. it's important to realize how much we need investment in std clinics and funding for this. any individuals from 13 to 64 should get checked at least one for hiv, sexually active win less 25 or older and gay or bisexual men also at least yearly for gone riha, chlamydia and stds. >> and a stern warning about nicotine gummies saying they can easily be mistaken for gummies. >> these can look just like candy. the fda commissioner recently said this is a public health
5:33 am
crisis waiting to happen to our youth. when you looked at the gummy packs themselves, we're talking about at least in this company 12 gummies per pack. each gummy had about a milligram of nick otine. anywhere from 1 to 4 milligrams can be toxic to kids, that's 1 to 4 gummies. not to mention that nicotine is addictive and can affect the growing brain in terms of potentially causing learning and memory problems. and it's also good to be aware we're not just talking about gummies, there are lozenges and gummy bears, too. >> have the conversation with your kids. thank you very much. >> new overnight, a setback for
5:34 am
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former treasury secretary larry summers warned democrats about potential inflation from the very start of the biden administration after another alarming economic report showing inflation up 8.3%. summers tweeted this confirms that the u.s. has a serious inflation problem. joining me is larry summers. secretary, thank you so much for taking the time to be with us. you don't see this getting better soon. can you give us sort of your assessment of where we are and where we're going with inflation. >> look, brianna, you're going to see all kinds of fluctuations because gas prices go up, gas prices go down. there's other volatile components of inflation. so what you have to do is look at what the underlying more medium term inflation rate is
5:39 am
and that means looking at things like the behavior of wages, that means looking at the median component of inflation, whatever product each month is right in the middle of the distribution and it means looking at core inflation, so-called core inflation. and i think those statistics are pointing not towards 8 or 9% inflation, but they are pointing towards our having inflation in the 5% range, which is well above what is acceptable. it's more than the inflation we had when richard nixon imposed price controls 50 years ago. and that's just where we are, and it's going to be a central priority for policy starting with the federal reserve. and just as when you eat too much or drink too much, it
5:40 am
doesn't define the rest of your life and you can get through it but it's going to be uncomfortable afterwards, i think that that's the kind of situation we face with respect to inflation and just as in other kinds of excess when you've gone to excess, it's better to address it sooner rather than to address it later and more weakly and tentatively. i think as chairman powell recognized in his last set of remarks, recognized i might say somewhat belatedly, i think that the fed has got to act strongly and policy in other areas has got to be supportive with respect to doing whatever we can, whether it's getting permits for wind powered plants or whether it's reducing pharmaceutical prices, whether
5:41 am
it's making it easier to get natural gas out of the ground or whether it's reducing some tariffs so we can get crucial inputs for our production from abroad at lower cost. all of us have to be doing whatever we can to minimize inflation. >> and one of the areas that is really hurting is housing we see mortgage rates above 6% for the first time since 2008. how high do you think that's going to go? >> i think we've certainly seen a substantial part of the increases that are going to come, but it wouldn't surprise me if we see some further increases in mortgage rates. that's what happens after a
5:42 am
period of excess. 7, 8? >> i'm hesitant to make a numerical forecast but i don't think we're at the peak right now but i don't think we're going to see massive increases from here. >> are you worried that we can see a housing crash on the horizon? >> i think for a variety of reasons this is nothing like what happened in 2008 in some parts of the country, but i think housing prices probably are more likely to fall nati nationwide at their current level than they are to rise. that's the consequence of the fact that the economy at some point will slow. that's a consequence of higher mortgage rates and the reduced
5:43 am
affordability. unfortunately i'm not sure at all that rents are going to fall, and i think rents may keep increasing in part because given these mortgage rates, people are going to move from buying homes to renting the places where they live. >> yeah, i think that we're starting to see that, and that's going to be reality for so many americans here. secretary, we appreciate you being with us this morning. larry summers, thanks. >> thank you. >> chrissy teigen revealing the miscarriage she had two years ago was actually an abortion. >> republicans governors blasted for the treatment of migrants arriving in the u.s. so what is the situation at the border? a reality check ahead. ♪ ♪ it's what sanctuary could look like... feel like... sound like... even smell like.
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five things for your new day. ukrainian officials say at least 440 unmarked graves have been discovered at a burial site in the newly liberated town of izyum. it comes as the white house has a new security package to bolster ukraine against oncoming forces. >> and raymond deary has been na named a master analyst. an official says there is movement but no breakthrough on efforts to get them out of russia. >> and chrissy teagan opening up about the loss of her unborn son
5:49 am
two years ago. speaking on a panel she said let's just call it what it was, it was an abortion to save my life for a baby that had absolutely no chance and she said to be honest, i never put that together until two months ago. she said the appeal of roe v. wade made here realize it was not an abortion as she first reported. >> that's five things to know for your new day. more on these stories all day on cnn and don't forget to download the five things podcast every morning. >> and what is the president doing to address the nation's border issues? john avalon has a reality check. >> reporter: to a nation of
5:50 am
immigrants, america has a never-ending debate about immigration. but even by our screwed up historical standards, we've got a lot to work with. vice president let's put some facts first here. it is true that we are on a pace to see an unprecedented 2 million people try to cross the southern border illegally by the end this have fiscal year, and obviously that's not confirmation of a secure border, not by a long shot. but it's also not remotely the sign of an open border, because those are actually the number of folks who have been caught. that's right. increased attempts to enter the u.s. illegally are being met with increased apprehension, let's say the rnc tweets about ago hended illegal immigrants, that's a reflection of the customs and border protection officers doing their job well under difficult circumstances. the numbers also being boosted by repeat offenders, ironically in part as a result of a trump
5:51 am
era policy which allows for immediate deportation rather than arrest. you will see we have had spikes in border apprehensions before, particularly the 1980s and 1990s before falling off through much of the 2000s and 2010s. one big thing has changed since 2020, these migrants are increasingly coming from countries farther than mexico and its neighbors, countries like venezuela, cuba and nicaragua, fleeing political persecution and economic chaos. if a person is seeking asylum from certain nations they can remain in the country while their case is heard by a judge. which brings us to this case and the influx of mooig grants particularly into texas. this isn't something that should get passed off as someone's problem, it's a national problem and needs national solutions. i understand why some conservatives feel frustrated in what they see as liberal hypocrisy who wants more lenient policies but don't live close to the border. still, when owning the libs becomes the overriding impulse for republicans who might want to run for president you end up
5:52 am
with a cruel mess and that's what happened when florida governor ron desantis allowed texas governor greg abbott's busing of migrants up to new york by chartering two flights on the taxpayers dime from snpt to martha's vineyard. this proved to be a way to get ascension. even with unintentional echos of reverse white freedom -- as pointed out by a tweet by the jfk library. this may not be the political win desantis thinks it is because many of the folks being treated as political pawns in this game of move the mooig grant are asylum seekers, most from venezuela, part that have huge wave of folks seeking freedom from the authoritarian maduro regime. this has been a righteous cause for many conservatives. but from 22,000 to 2019 venezuelans were the fastest growing part of the hispanic community in the united states
5:53 am
and most live in florida. they might not take kindly to this treatment of their fellow countrymen, especially in an election year. some analysts have suggested depending on what the mooig grants were told transporting them might run afoul of snuggling laws, even violate the florida laws that gave desantis the taxpayer cash to move mooig grants out of the sunshine state but didn't say anything about flying them out of texas. here is what we do know, america still hasn't gotten serious about fixing our broken immigration system. too many politician would say rather dem a dwog the issue than deal with t when it comes to the respectful treatment of refugees that should be an area where we can unite as a nation. "politico" says they believe america is a beacon of freedom. refugees are the ones who are seeking out that light because the heart and soul of our country comes from people fleeing political persecution and seeking to build a better life. the day we forget that in favor of fixating on political food fights is the day that we start to forget what really makes
5:54 am
america great. and that's your reality check. >> thank you so much for that, john avalon. former president trump warning of, quote, big problems if he is indicted over his handling of classified documents after leaving office. the latest turn in the investigation ahead. ed. it is just right for my little business. (jeni) we switched, too. (kari) unlimited premium data. unlimited hotspot data. my point of sale is on point. (vo) swititch to verizon business unlimited today. from the network ameririca relis on. the day of the heart attack, i was scared. i didn't know what to do. seeing my daughter have a heart attack, it shook me. aspirin helps reduce the chance of another heart attack by 31 be sure to talk to your doctor before you bin an aspirin regimen.
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the out-of-state corporations who wrote it. very little is left for the homeless. don't let corporations exploit homelessness to pad their profits. vote no on 27. (vo) a thin painted line. the only thing between you and a life-changing accident. but are these lines enough?
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5:59 am
about food deserts but there are also book deserts, areas where people just don't have access to books. there are pockets of poverty where they don't have them in their homes, there are no libraries, and in the great forest a little elephant is born. >> the most important tool that they get are words and there are some kids who grow up hearing lots and lots of words because they're read to every single night. kids living in book deserts don't have that and so reading in books helps level that playing field. >> very good stuff. this was a great haul. >> giving kids books almost ensures academic success. what we do is irrigate book deserts by pouring hundreds of thousands of books in. >> first grade, you will probably want the picture books. >> teachers are the best distributors of books that we have. we are improving lives one book at a time.
6:00 am
>> wonderful. and to learn more go to >> and i love the babar reference in there which of course is two bs, babar, just not right next to each other, which is a flush reference for anyone out there. >> cnn's coverage continues right now. ♪ >> very good friday morning, i'm jim sciutto. >> and i'm poppy harlow. we're glad you are with us. we are following several major stories this morning. first, a setback for the department of justice, a florida federal judge issuing a series of orders overnight appointing the trump team's pick as special master to review documents seized from mar-a-lago and effectively pausing much of the criminal investigation. plus, the continuing political battle over immigration, president biden is now criticizing republican governors in florida and texas for transporting migrants to the


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