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tv   New Day Weekend  CNN  September 17, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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♪ good morning and welcome to your "new day". it's saturday, september 17th. i'm whitney wild. i'm boris sanchez. welcome to weekend "new day" >> thank you for having me, boris. you're always such a gracious host, and i'm glad to be here. we start with the battle over immigration and the migrants caught in the world.
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florida governor ron desantis is ranged to fly 50 people from texas to martha's vineyard off the coast of massachusetts. this is all part of the campaign to protest the biden administration's immigration policies. but the white house says she's governors are using the migrants as political pawns. >> those taken to martha's vineyard are receiving shelter and help at a u.s. military base. miguel marquez has more on their journey. >> referee: after less than 48 unexpected hours in martha's vineyard, nearly 50 venezuelal migrants were given a warm sendoff, embracing each person as they boarded buses. then ferries and onto the next part of their long journey. their unannounced rival wednesday all part of a campaign
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by texas governor greg abbott and florida governor ron desantis to send them to sanctuary cities by surprise. >> free to the alien but certainly not mandatory. and that way they're able to go and these sanctuary jurisdiction cans put their money where their mouth is. >> reporter: these immigrants were picked up in texas. some were taken to a hotel to wait, then boarded planes. well, we didn't know until last minute such as our destination where our relatives reside in new york. they say they were promised all sorts of things, including jobs and housing, things that never materialized. we were told it was humanitarian aid by a foundation that in this case remains unknown, he says. it's just the latest account of migrants seemingly deceased and
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dropped off. from washington, d.c. -- >> they felt fooled and they felt their suffering was exploited. >> reporter: to confusion in new york city. >> standing at port authority he asked me and how do i get to portland, oregon. >> reporter: to california, where governor newsom has asked the department of justice to open an investigation into the controversial practice. >> what ron desantis is doing is a disgrace. it's almost monstrous. >> they did get a packet with the map of martha's vineyard. they are also treated very well with all of this. they are treated well with meals and everything. >> reporter: while volunteers and officials in martha's vineyard promptly cared for their guests, they said the stop did nothing but detour already desperate people. >> it is sickening cruel, stick
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obst obstacles in the way. >> my heart breaks for them because they were not the first priority. they are in my heart forever. i don't know what else to say. >> reporter: look, there is no doubt these immigrants were well taken care of here by the people on martha's vineyard. the people here and across the country raised money, almost $200,000 for the immigrants as they move on in their journey. but many of these people are trying to maintain their status here. they're here from venezuela, fleeing political oppression. they havism congratulation hearings coming up in washington state, cincinnati, back in texas, all over the place. the idea of sending them here in martha's vineyard, an island off the coast of massachusetts really only complicated an already complicated journey. back to you. president biden has
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criticized republican officials for, quote, playing politics with human beings. >> let's take you to the white house now. jasmine wright is live there for us. would you say officials have not publicly outlined a coordinated response to this. but you reported this week they are holding meetings on it. what have you learned about what is being discussed on it? >> reporter: they are leaning in on those two governors abbott and desantis from florida. one white house source told me basically they feel the governors miscalculated. that is why you are seeing this increasing intensity when it comes to the criticism coming out of the white house. president biden saying they are playing games. we heard from the vice president kamala harris last night, the migrants were dropped at her house. she said they are playing political stunts with human
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beings. we heard yesterday from the podium from white house press secretary. take a listen. >> these vulnerable migrants were reportedly misled about where they were heading, told they would be heading to boston, misled about what they would be provided when they arrived, promised shelter, refuge, benefits and more. these are the kinds of tactics we see from smugglers in places like mexico and guatemala. and for what? a photo-op. >> reporter: so in addition to that language and calling for republicans to come to the table on legislation, they are having meetings on the crucial issues, including operational issues. it was scheduled before the latest drop of migrants here in d.c. on thursday.
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still, that is something that is likely to come up. separately, we know department of justice officials and department of homeland officials have been discussing what litigation options. you're right, no coordination on this front. there are discussions happening in the building behind me. boris. >> jasmine wright from the white house, please let us know when they put out a public plan for what they are thinking of doing. thank you so much. for more, let's bring in daniel libman. always appreciate you being up bright and early for us. ron desantis said he is trying to be helpful to the migrants. but there is a political calculation, right? >> it is happening one and a half months before the election. the house and senate have been dimmed by some of the weaker candidates out there, like the
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dr. ozes and her shell walkers of the world. it reminds me of donald trump when he was president in 2018 talking about the migrant care adv -- caravans as well. >> people like these venezuelans have fled marxist regimes. it doesn't appear there will be blowback from the cuban american voters. >> he will continue his culture war antics. he uses it on any hot-button issues. he wants to say to his future primary voters in 2024, he and greg abbott, who also did this tactic, we're tough on immigration. we don't care if we lose some of the hispanic voters because we can double down on immigration
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being all in. and this takes place as republicans actually get more hispanic voters to vote for them. but, you know, a lot of those people who are legal hispanic voters, they are kind of skeptical when people use an illegal path. of course everyone is sympathetic to people fleeing venezuela. they are saying, hey, look at these blue states. my grants want social services, jobs, they want to be welcomed. but if they are being moved to martha's vineyard, many of them have not even heard of it. >> what have you heard about what democrats are willing to do to take a stand against these republican governors? >> well, the department of justice is going to look to see whether the migrants were being
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misled, whether they were being promised jobs and sign where they were going properly in languages they could understand. but there is very little the white house can do. we have interstate commerce, interstate planes taking place. it is not like massachusetts can say no planes from florida. it is interesting desantis talked to this to dough tphars a few days before it happened. he had political considerations on his mind. >> this is something he planned on. congress hasn't performed comprehensive immigration reform since the 1980s. the last time a widespread bill was looked at was 10 years ago. even the republicans that wrote it were running away from it. tpheugs in the horizon on your mind that lawmakers pass this
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issue in a wide sense? . >> nothing that is imminent. i think democrats, if they keep control of the house and the senate, they might revisit immigration reform next year or the next time they're in power. they feel like they tackled climate change. they still want to return to the child tax credit, paid family leave. and immigration, that's another one of the issues they want to address but not at the expense of igniting a big political firestorm. as inequality in this country continues to get worse in many cases, democrats don't want to lose those working-class voters that are pretty hawkish on immigration in some cases. >> plenty to get to for both parties on the agenda, depending who gets control of congress. we will have victoria sparks on later. daniel lippman always appreciate
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the time. the doj is taking issue with two elements of the judge's ruling. it is just two major things at issue. the first is the judge telling the justice department to stop the criminal investigation until a special master weighs in. and the second thing that the doj is taking issue with is the judge's direction that they provide certain documents to the trump team. cnn's jessica schneider has more on the appeal filed last night. >> reporter: the justice department filing their appeal with the 11th circuit. they're asking for limited relief. they are telling the court they want two things that judge eileen cannon refused to give them on thursday night. first, they want to be allowed their criminal investigation into classified documents unimpeded. that means they want to resume using the 100 classified
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documents that judge cannon said they can no longer use, whether in grand jury proceedings or witnesses. they are asking the 11th circuit for that. plus, doj is saying they shouldn't have to turn over the classified material to trump's legal team or even a special master appointed for this review. they said the lower court judge was just wrong to order the disclosure of this some of highly sensitive material in the midst of this investigation. in a broader scale of this investigation, the doj saying courts shouldn't be stepping in on this issue because all the documents belong to the government. allowing the government to use and review the records bearing classification markings would not cause any injury to plaintiff. that being donald trump. he has no legal interest in those records. plaintiff has identified no cog
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tphaoeuzable harm. they said the court has exercised great caution before interfering with criminal investigations or cases. they criticize the lower court judge for even stepping in here. we will see how quickly the 11th circuit acts. it will likely be a panel of three judges. six of the 11 are trump appointees. judge raymond deery has scheduled a hearing for tuesday at 2:00 p.m. to go over how scheduling will work since the clock is already ticking there. the judge said he has to review 11,000 of those documents by november 30th. jessica schneider, cnn, washington. >> jessica, thank you so much
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for that. officials in london are urging people not to travel to see queen elizabeth lie in state. these are live pictures in london where mourners are expected to wait in line for 24 hours for a moment with the queen. we're going to take you there next. plus, president biden's warning to russian president vladimir putin as the war in ukraine wages on. stay with "new day".". we're back in moments. versus 16 grgrams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients fofor immune support. boost® high protein.
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stretched 10 miles long. officials had to close the line over and over because it just kept hitting the limit on the number of people they could have in the queue. it is the great equalizer, right? there's david beckham. he was in line. there are people with small kids in line. i just wonder why are people compelled to wait so long for just a brief moment with the monarch? >> reporter: well, this is a moment of history that many people have told us they simply couldn't miss being a part of. the line is snaking through, moving through quickly and steadily now. as you mentioned, overnight there was a stand still. they were sreuszing people not to drive in because it had reached capacity. it is the weekend and that lying in state period will end early
3:21 am
monday morning. the people we have been speaking to have been quite upbeat despite the chilly and cold weather. you are not allowed to bring many bags with you, so people are low on supplies. there are volunteers, stewards dotted around, helping people. we have been speaking to some of those waiting in the queue overnight. what time did you arrive? >> we arrived at 1:00 this morning. >> this morning? >> yeah. we traveled from midland. we left 9:30, joined the cue at 1:15. >> why was it so important for you to do this? >> her majesty has been serving this country with utmost dedication. it was our wish to pay our last respects for the dedication and service she has given to this country over 70 years. how have you been coping, getting on in the cold? >> it's been very hard. >> it was very cold last night.
3:22 am
very bitter. and i think through the night it was from, i don't know, about 4:00 it got really cold. the daughters that were with us were also losing motivation. when the sun was rising at 6:00, people started getting upbeat. the people around us, the people we met were lovely. we met a lot of people, made friends. and that's also been a really nice experience. and we want to be part of it. >> wonderful. good luck. >> thank you. >> as you mentioned there were celebrities, david beckham, and foreign dignitaries in london for the preparation on monday. in an hour or so, we are expecting justin trudeau to express his respect for the queen in the hall.
3:23 am
nada bashir, thank you. >> my first question is americans might be surprised the idea someone would wait 24 hours for a moment with the monarch. the point you make is she really did work for the people. can you explain that and what way she garnered their loyalty and love. >> good to be here. i'm so glad you are covering that aspect of it too. might i say when you look at everybody in that line it is a magnificent mosaic from every single nation. why are they there and why are they doing it? you hear so often she devoted herself for 70 years, the sense of duty. even things like we don't hear every day. she would be cutting ribbons in old people's homes. the average person she touched. she touched one-third of the
3:24 am
nation. one in three people had seen her or she had been somewhere to where they live. and this isn't just british people there. this is people from across the commonwealth and indeed the world who weren't commanded to be there, they wanted to be there because of the sentiments to everybody, regardless of their background, race, color. i think it's wonderful to see those people also in the line. >> she left obviously a lasting impression on millions and millions of people, if not billions. we're expecting a very elaborate good-bye monday. walk us through what you are expect to go see. >> this is going to be the first state funeral since winston churchill. the closest people have seen is diana, princess of wales. one of the interesting parts we will see is her coffin will be moved onto a gun carriage. and it will be pulled by members
3:25 am
of the navy, sailors. why? because queen victoria's funeral was actually a disaster, and the horses were ready. it was a freezing cold morning. when they were supposed to move, they buckled and wouldn't move and they wouldn't move. they finally moved and they reared and the chassises broke. the artillery that failed and the navy like we see today. you will see different things like that. there are about 500 heads of state, including of course president biden has gone. the dignitaries are going to be shifted in what they are calling pods, actually buses. can you imagine the emperor of japan is going to be on a bus with other global leaders and monarchs from around the world are going to be on buses. now, president biden will be in the beast going there. they will be going to westminster abbey, the first
3:26 am
time a british monarch had their service in westminster abbey. why? because of the vast phaplt in atte -- amount in place. they have been in place for decades, nuances of political shiftings means it's more sensitive than it was even a little while ago. >> all sorts of considerations and quite the history lesson, too, about the cavalry. >> the artillery and the navy, yes. >> hilary fordwich, appreciate your time. look forward to more coverage on monday. >> pleasure. >> thanks. the russians may have been chased out of areas of ukraine but what they left behind is atrocious. we will share the grim discoveries tphoupbd ukraine. ♪ ♪
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president biden is warning vladimir putin about escalating fighting any further in ukraine saying playly in an interview with "60 minutes" there will be consequences if putin decides to use chemical or nuclear weapons. >> don't, don't, don't. it will change the face of war unlike anything since world war ii. >> biden declined to give any specifics about possible retaliation but did say russia would become a pariah more than ever before. >> more atrocities are being unearthed in the ukrainian town of izyum. >> 400 civilians, including children, were found in mass burial sites. the ukrainian deposit says there were signs of torture on their bodies. nick paton walsh joins us.
3:32 am
it's horrific, horrific what they found. >> reporter: yeah. it's important to point out when we saw this site yesterday, not all graves had been exhumed. still at this early stage, ukrainian officials very clear in what they want to tell the war, families have been killed in an air strike, soldiers that had their hands tied and seemed to be shot at close range. when we spoke to police and investigators there, still ongoing, and questions about when these people died and which side buried them. a horrific scene, part of the general picture of the more errors ukraine is finding as russia flees areas ukraine is re-taking. here's what we saw. here is where the horror gets names and numbers. russia's unprovoked invasion killed many. only now in liberated cities like izyum are we founding out who and how.
3:33 am
and even this rain cannot erase the smell of how death haunts these pines. it's important to point out that this was a military position. these are tank positions around the city. presumably for the russians when they occupied it. burying these bodies where their troops would lay to rest. and defense the city. ukrainian officials said over 400 bodies were buried here, even children, all showing signs of a violent death. through the day, they have been exhuming dozens of bodies. most individual graves, numbered and orderly. one bearing a number as high as 398. but this we are told, and can smell and see, is a mass grave where 17 people were found, a policeman here told us. ukrainian official told bodies
3:34 am
found including a family killed in an air strike, ukrainian soldiers shot with their hands bound and bodies showing signs of tortured. >> others are marked by a number and some have someone's full history. >> alexei looks like he died age 82, buried here. >> reporter: here are civilian bodies and military ones further along, he said. they will be sent for further investigation. it seemed to be the extension of the long-time cemetery nearby. wreath, coffins, candles. some people knew who they were burying. next to this invader's camp site, likely not. they saided russians first hit
3:35 am
the graveyard with an air strike, and then moved in. >> translator: we tried not to go out because it was scary. they dug trenches for their vehicles. we only heard how they were destroying the forest. when they left, i don't know if there was fighting or not. we just heard heavy trucks one night a week ago. >> translator: we saw refrigeratored lauries leaving town. nothing can wash this site clean. >> reporter: ukrainian president zelenskyy drew comparisons between this site and the horrifying scenes that were likely war crimes when russian troops withdrew around kyiv in bucha. still the united states, united nations, european union joining in condemnation of what ukrainian officials are finding
3:36 am
as russia pulls back. russia's president vladimir putin might have thought he had a friendly audience as he met the quieter nations at a conference in uzbekistan. instead, india said the war needed to stop now and himself said he didn't see any need to change the pace of the conflict, saying we'll see what will happen in the end. a defiant moscow despite the horrors of what it has done to ukraine. those deaths moscow is responsible for no matter how the circumstances played out. russia increasingly, if that was possible, isolated. back to you. >> nick paton walsh. thank you. up next, shocking testimony in the alex jones trial. a witness said he knowingly lied about the sandy hook massacre to get more viewers online. that's coming up after a quick break.
3:37 am
join us for "champions for change". >> come on, girls. keep your knees up. >> cnn journalists shine a light on those who inspire them. >> it is a huge commitment in sacrifice and generosity. >> the changemakers. >> i love it so much, man. . >> it comes down to everybody playing their role the right way. >> the dream makers. >> i wanted to make a difference in the world. >> he's a champion for change because he's actually making the change. >> hi. thanks so much. >> "champions for change" all next week on cnn.
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3:43 am
cnn's brynn gingras has that story. >> reporter: yeah. it was an emotional start to this trial in connecticut where we heard from an fbi agent, as well as at least one family member of those newtown families who lost loved ones in that horrific, horrific school shooting massacre back in 2012. it was listening to pwreuz any paz on the stand. she spent 15 hours the last few days, the company spokesperson for free speech systems, the company owned by alex jones. and the plaintiff's attorneys brought her on to debunk some of the theories he put out there. talking about it was a hoax in general, that they never used google analytics as a tool.
3:44 am
and saying they were crisis actors. >> free speech doesn't contend that he is. >> is he an actor? >> no. >> dylan hawkly an actor? >> no. >> is daniel barton an actor? . >> is emilie parker an actor? >> no. >> so you can see right there it was such an emotional moment in the courtroom where the camera panned to some of the families that were sitting there. our courtroom reporter erin keeper said they were crying and tissues were being handed out all throughout this trial this emotional week. but, again, the plaintiff's attorney debunking this theory that alex jones keeps bringing up that this newtown massacre
3:45 am
was a hoax, using videos, spreadsheets, a number of means to make that point with this specific person's testimony. now, she is going to, again, be back on the stand next week when court gets started. but then after that eventually we should be hearing alex jones himself on the stand when the defense gets their turn up. but this trial is expected to last several weeks. and, again, remember, this jury is deciding how much money in damages these eight families, along with an fbi agent should receive for alex jones for all of these lies spread in new town, connecticut. back to you. here with us now to discuss this further is cnn legal analyst joey jackson. joey, my first question for you is how do the plaintiff's attorneys go about showing the families were materially damaged directly because of what jones said? how does the jury put a dollar amount on the damage?
3:46 am
>> yeah. whitney, good morning to you. i think they're starting that process. the first way you do it is through the opening statements by showing that lies have consequences. we're talking about an event that occurred 10 years ago, it will be 10 years in december. people died. children died. 20, in fact. additionally, you have educators died as well. they were not actors. why am i saying that? that resonates into the fact that this was materially false statements that were being made over and over that really translateed into damages, reputations, opening up emotional wounds and leading to harassment of people. first, when you get through that part with respect to conveying
3:47 am
with the jury what this was all about, which the jurors will certainly know based on the witness testimony, then you get to the impact that it had. and the jury has to translate that into how should we compensate these families? how should we, as we look at the damages, the jury deciding how much alex jones and his company should play, the 15 plaintiffs representing eight victims, et cetera. but ultimately what the jury has to do is quantify in their own way how the families were impaired and what the specific monetary measures should be for their impairment based on the lies that were told and the profits made by the company of alex jones as much as. >> joey, this is the second of three trials. the first trial in texas resulted in a nearly $50 million judgment against alex jones. and so i'm wondering if you think that this trial will result in the same way? i mean, after he saw the result of the texas case, could he have
3:48 am
said okay, clearly this is not going in my direction and i should settle with these people. do you anticipate he might just settle the third case? >> so, what happens is that what we have to distinguish here is liability from damages. he, in fact, already has been found responsible. that's the liability part. but he wasn't found responsible based on any jury trial. he and his team decided not to cooperate, no the to transfer and hand over critical information that the families would need in order to really move forward in the case. as a result of that, this is a default. a default is, for example, two teams are scheduled to, you know, play with each other, for example. one doesn't show up. one wins by default. far different. nothing about a gain here. but this is a default based on him not engaging. so his strategy, to your question, has been not to engage. this portion of the trial is about damages.
3:49 am
you've already lost. you've been determined liable by default. now you will pay. he would have to agree to pay a specific monetary amount. his play on not engaging at all has been to avoid the situation and try, through bankruptcy and other measures, not to be accountable. i don't expect there will be a settlement here or in the case that's to come therefore. >> joey jackson, thank you. we'll be right back. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. welcome to allstate where the safer you drive, the more you save like rachel here how am i looking? the most cautious driver we got
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an inspirational story about one of the greatest nfl receivers of all time. good morning, coy. >> good morning to you, boris. a second behind the great jerry rice. larry fitzgerald inspired by mom carol who passed away from breast cancer in 2003. a major part comes through his work in the community. the future hall-of-famer told me when it comes to excellence at anything in life, the journey is where the magic happens. >> what was the secret to your success? >> you've got to be able to work at it. you've got to fall in love with the process of getting better. i wanted to do it the right way every day, leading by example. those are some of the important aspects. >> you are always giving back. i know you're doing special things with the larry fitzgerald foundation. >> it's important to give back and utilize the platform that you have. my mom was in the non-for-profit world when i was a child. i always enjoyed being involved in the things she did, hiv and
3:55 am
aids. when my mom passed away from breast cancer in 2003, i wanted to make sure i was not only making contributions not only with my capital but my heart, using the platform in specific ways >> do you have a kid that touched your heart? >> it's a lot. you go and work with the organization. you see the light from these kids, a mom, in and out of homeless shelters. but the child has so much energy and enthusiasm for life. you can look in their eyes and say this young lady is going to be special. you want to be a violinist, act or o, doctor. all of those things are at your fingertips if you want to do the work. it is something we focus hard on. >> one of the most kind, caring and humble superstars you will
3:56 am
ever meet. the larry fitzgerald foundation builds up women, under privileged communities and lifts up family affected by breast cancer. can't wait to see him go into the hall of fame in a few short years >> no chance he comes back? rumors of him going to tampa? >> he hasn't officially, officially retired. he has that podcast with tom brady. you may be onto something. >> serena said the same thing. tom brady started the trend. >> open-ended. thanks, coy. right now thousands of people are waiting for their turn to pay respects to queen elizabeth. we're going to take you live to london for a line that stretches and stretches and stretches for hours right after the break. ♪limu emu & doug♪ it's nice to unwind after a long week of telling people how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance
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