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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  September 17, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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i'm pamela brown in washington. the top stories on this saturday. dozens of migrants get settled at a military base in massachusetts, but they may not be alone. florida governor ron desantis is pledging to send migrants from the border to other states. plus, stocks falling, mortgage rates rising. everywhere but the gas pump surging. how close are we to a recession? and rain is falling in puerto rico as tropical storm fiona gains strength and power outages are already becoming a problem. florida's governor is turning up the heat on his
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migrant relocations, vowing that we what we saw this week is just the beginning. he says he will spend every penny from his $12 million relocation budget to send more migrants to liberal areas. >> reporter: the ongoing feud between republican governors and the biden administration over immigration policy escalated this week with florida governor ron desantis jumping into the mix and sending 50 migrants to martha's vineyard. texas governor greg abbott send migrants in front of the residence of vice president kamala harris. now, the white house was very critical of these actions this week, saying it was a political stunt. the department of homeland security also saying the lack of coordination between these states and the cities where they're sending migrants, can, quote, wreak havoc. the city officials both in martha's vineyard and washington, d.c. and new york and chicago have been trying to shore up resources to help those
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asylum seekers sent by texas, arizona and now florida. the biden administration has been grappling with an increasing number of migrants at the u.s./mexico border for months now. they met yesterday to discuss support along the border as well as funding. this was a meeting that a white house official told us was previously planned, but a source familiar also tells me lawyers are discussing litigation options regarding the movement of migrants out of state by republican governors, but those governors showing no indication of standing down. just this morning texas governor greg abbott send migrants to washington, d.c. again. >> my next guest says she was nine months old when her family escaped a country on the brink of civil war and built a life in maryland. she is the president and cree
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o ceo of lutheran immigration service. thanks so much for joining us. we appreciate it. i want to go to this tweet you put out, saying nobody wins in cruelty contest between desantis, ducey and abbott. asylum seekers had to flee the only home they've ever known. shame on all those who would exploit vulnerable migrants for naked political theater. strong words. >> it's sad when you see what's happening. we're talking about children and families fleeing communist dictators, the kinds of leaders governor desantis and governor abbott have railed against. they flee because they have no other choice. they come to the u.s. they go to the process to seek out legal authorities. they get documented. they get legal paperwork to file their asylum claims. the idea of shipping them with duplicitous lies claiming
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they're going to get housing, social services, jobs, lying about their final destinations and trying to dump them in an isolated island. it's a tragedy and a political ploy. of course, that was not the end of the story. it was amazing to see how martha's vineyard, the local communities rallied together to give them a hero's welcome. >> it feels personal to you given what your family went through? >> it does. of course sri lanka is still in the news. when my parents fled a country on the brink of civil war, they fled when i was 9 months old, my brother was 3. they didn't feel like they had a choice because they wanted to protect their children and give them a better life. >> texas governor abbott is defending the migrant relocations. he said they were not misled. let's listen. >> everybody that texas has moved, they sign an authorization to go to the destination that we drove them
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to. so there has been zero people that texas has misled. >> so he says zero people were misled by texas. do you believe him? >> based on accounts we've heard from the migrants, whether they were going to d.c. or to martha's vineyard, it doesn't seem accurate what he is suggesting. some of these folks actually have legal cases where they need to show up in texas in a month's time. it's clear they signed these forms because they are hopeful there's going to be services when they arrive. but they're arriving and just dumped on the side of the road with nothing, because they're fleeing these countries, taking months long journeys and all they have are the clothes on their backs. >> what do you say to conservatives who say, you can call it a stunt, but the overall purpose here is for blue states to understand what red states are going through with overwhelmed communities at the
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border and hopefully they will finally do something about the border crisis now. what do you say to them? >> i agree that immigration is a federal issue and it does require a national solution. no single state can solve immigration alone. but i think it's important to understand what they're doing. they're creating a crisis where one doesn't exist. there's infrastructure. my organization, for example, serves asylum seekers in texas, arizona, new mexico. we're not overrun by asylum seekers there. what they're doing is they're taking people from places where there's existing infrastructure and sending them to places where there's not with no advance notice, because they hope those communities will get flat footed. i think the final thing i would say is, look, this is a time where the u.s. should take advantage of the fact that people risk their lives to come here. we pay a price premium, whether it's inflation, whether it's the 11 million jobs going unfilled, because last year we had the lowest rate of immigration to
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the country since 2010. we're hurting ing ourselves in e political shenanigans. >> the white house has held meetings about this, trying to figure out what to do. if this is getting the attention of the white house in the way it is, are you concerned this will only fuel these efforts by these conservative governors? >> i am worried, because it seems like one party views this as a wedge issue where they can score political points and the other party views this as their achilles heel and they don't want to talk about it, especially in advance of the midterm. the reality of what we're seeing at the southern border, it's not going to go away. my hope is the white house will recognize the administration can do things. the d.c. mayor asked the national guard twice and both requests were rejected. the federal government can put resources to this issue. but likewise they have to recognize there needs to be coordination. if you take the refugee system,
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we have a national system where we work with local communities, we recognize whether a family has a u.s. tie and we will make a collective effort on where that family should go. with the asylum system it's ad hoc. there's no reason why the federal government and also congress need to play a role. it's a sad reality that for 30 years we have not had any major immigration reform. >> when asked whether the border is under control, the white house said it's currently fixing a broken system. it's going to take some time. that's what we heard from the white house press secretary. but the bottom line is, the immigration system is broken. it had been broken for a long time. what is it going to take to fix it? >> america. i think maybe what gives me hope is less than ten years ago, thanks to the leadership of the gang of eight, we were able to get 68 votes in the senate for real immigration reform. that wasn't that long ago. what we need to resurrect is the
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republican leadership that we have seen in the past. you used to have border state political leaders like john mccain and george w. bush consistently support immigration reform. that's what we need to see today. we also need to see president biden recognize immigration is a strength of our country. it's not an issue to shirk away from. just as we've seen bold action on the climate crisis, on infrastructure, that's what we need to see on immigration. >> all right. thank you so much for coming on. >> thanks for having me. so we're hearing it called a stunt and inhumane. it's also obviously become part of the playbook for some republican governors, taking often unsuspecting and sometimes misinformed migrants and shipping them out as pawns in the effort to bring the reality of the immigration crisis directly to liberal cities and states. two of the republican governors at the forefront of the strategy
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are ron desantis of florida and greg abbott of texas. >> reporter: while residents of martha's vineyard hugged and cared for a group of about 50 venezuelan migrants sent to the island from texas on chartered planes, courtesy of florida's republican governor ron desantis, a group of venezuelan and latino activists gathered in miami to lash out. >> he has to stop. we demand him to stop using our pain, our suffering and our desperation for his political gains. >> reporter: this was a publicity stunt that is the lowest common denominator of human decency. >> juan carlos planas is the son of cuban exiles and a former state republican representative from miami. he says it's not clear yet if desantis has angered the political base of cubans and
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venezuelans in florida. >> they haven't mentioned it. they probably don't know how to deal with it. there probably will be a negative side to this. this may be the step too far. >> reporter: governor desantis vows to keep as many migrants out of florida as possible through his relocation program. >> i got 12 million for us to use, so we are going to use it. you're going to see more and more, but i'm going to make sure we exhaust all those funds. >> reporter: florida is home to the largest populations of cuban and venezuelan immigrants fleeing socialist dictatorships. there are deep political divisions in these communities. >> there are venezuelans who are hard core trump supporters. basically these are folks that believe there should be a hard line on everything. >> reporter: for several months texas governor greg abbott has put more than 11,000 migrants on some 250 buses with some going to cities with democratic leaders like washington, d.c.,
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chicago and new york. texas division of emergency management figures show it has cost the state more than $12 million. abbott has repeatedly appeared on fox news to showcase the bussing program. >> most of america has not really understood the magnitude of the problem that we have on the border until we started sending these buses up to new york. >> any politician uses this issue in the way these two gentlemen have, it's the worst kind of cynicism we have in politics. >> reporter: this is a rmformer democratic representative from the texas board town of eagle pass. his home overlooks the rio grande into mexico. he says if there's a political price to pay for these political stunts, abbott and desantis haven't experienced it yet. >> there are a lot of people who criticize abbott and desantis and say what they're doing is inhumane and not right. do you think for the average voter out there it matters? >> i think it may not.
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>> reporter: a university of texas and texas politics project poll this week found that abbott's bussing of migrants has about 52% support among texas voters, including 50% support among independent voters. >> the response that they got was exactly what they wanted which is what are you doing, why are you sending them here. that's what they wanted and they got it. >> reporter: the governors of texas and florida say they will continue to do more of the same. we are getting new video tonight. a military jet crashes after a bird gets sucked into the engine. we're going to show you coming up. plus, ukraine says bodies found at a mass burial site show signs of torture. now the united nations plans to investigate. next, it feels like the price of everything keeps going up, food, cars, homes.
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this was by every measure a bad week for stocks. all three major indexes, the dough, the s&p 500, nasdaq, they all logged their fourth losing week out of the last five. catherine rampell is with us. so just how bad was this week and what's the expectation heading into the new quarter? >> the stock market did not fare particularly well this week. that's mostly because the inflation numbers came in much hotter than expected, which suggests that the fed is going to have to continue raising rates perhaps more than they would like to. basically if price growth is too strong, that means you need rate
4:19 pm
hikes to be a little bit more aggressive in order to cool demand. that has effects on the stock market. generally when interest rates go higher, that's bad for the stock market, particularly tech stocks and other growth equities whose profits are primarily in the future. >> that is certainly something that home buyers do not want to hear right now, because the average 30-year fixed rate topped 6% for the first time since 2008. that was on thursday. that is nearly double this time last year. what do we do about this? >> well, if you are trying to buy a house, it's probably not good news for you certainly. the cost of borrowing has gone up. again, this is expected. this is what happens when the fed raises interest rates. part of the fed's goal is to try to dampen demand. the downside of all of this for the housing market, of course,
4:20 pm
is that it also discouraging new home build ing. if it becomes more expensive to buy a house, if you are a home builder, it looks riskier to invest in more building. the fed has one tool to deal with inflation. it can cool demand or not. it can't do very much on the supply side of things. in an ideal world, of course they would have a tool kit that basically allowed them to effect the prices of everything else without touching the housing market. but that's where we are today. unfortunately the total cost for buying a house has gone up. the actual sticker price for housing may go down, because of course it costs more to borrow. >> bad news, good news, i guess for buyers. we're hearing the word recession being tossed around. listen to what the fedex ceo said this week.
4:21 pm
>> i'm not an economist. >> you know more than economists. >> i think so. >> you think we are going into a recession? >> i think so. again, these numbers don't portend very well. >> do you agree? are we nearing a recession like we just heard from the ceo of fedex? >> i think there's certainly large risks for recession. it's not inevitable. the problem, again, is that inflation has been persistently higher than is comfortable. that means that the fed is going to have to raise rates more than it would like to in order to get inflation down. the more the fed raises rates, the higher the risk of recession becomes. again, interest rates are sort of a blunt instrument. in an ideal world, the fed would be able to raise them just enough to cool demand, but not so much to tip us into recession. they're going to have to get more aggressive essentially, because inflation continues
4:22 pm
unabated. so that's the challenge here. how do you make sure that we get that price growth in a more comfortable area without actually tipping us into a global recession. so long as we continue to have problems in the energy markets as well, so long as we continue to have high prices overall, the risk for recession here and globally is very high. >> i'd like to end on a positive note, if i can, that gas prices do continue to fall, down an average of 26 cents from a month ago. catherine rampell, thank you so much. >> thank you. up next, the doj making an appeal in the special master review of documents seized last month at mar-a-lago. why it wants parts of the judge's order to be put on hold. they fear if it isn't, it would cause irreparable harm. less comd
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the justice department is asking an appeals court to temporarily block a trump appoints judge's ruling that prevents the doj from accessing classified records seized last month at the former president's resort in florida. jessica schneider has the latest. >> reporter: the justice department filing their appeal with the 11th circuit, but in doing it they're asking for limited relief. they're telling the court they want really just two things that judge cannon refused to give them when she ruled on thursday.
4:28 pm
first, they want to be allowed to continue their criminal investigation into classified documents unimpeded. they want to resume using those 100 classified documents judge cannon has said they can no longer use, whether it's in grand jury proceedings or with witnesses, so they want to use that. plus, doj is saying they shouldn't have to turn over that classified material to trump's legal team or even a special master who's been appointed for this review. they're saying the lower court judge was wrong to order the disclosure of some of this highly sensitive material in the midst of this ongoing investigation. on a broader scale doj is saying courts shouldn't be stepping in on this issue because all of the documents at issue belong to the government. they say, allowing the fw government to use and review the records for criminal investigative purposes would not
4:29 pm
cause any injury to plaintiff, that being donald trump. plaintiff has no property or legal interest in those records. plaintiff has identified no cognizable harm for continuing to review the records. they continue to say that is why courts have exercised great caution before interfering through civil actions with criminal investigations or cases. so the doj in that last sentence in particular really criticizing the lower court judge for even stepping in here. now, we'll see how quickly the 11th circuit acts. it will likely be a panel of three judges. notefably six of the 11 judges the circuit are trump appointees. the special master review is just beginning. judge dearie, the special master, has scheduled a hearing for tuesday at 2:00 p.m. to go over how scheduling will work. since the clock is ticking
4:30 pm
there, the judge has said he has to review 11,000 of those documents by november 30th. jessica schneider, cnn, washington. ♪ it is a celebration of a life that was shared with the world. in london this weekend, thousands of people have stood in lines stretching for miles with waits up to 24 hours. their goal, file in to westminster hall to say a final farewell to britain's queen elizabeth ii, who is lying in state. in one of the more moving moments of testifhe day, the qu eight grandchildren stood vigil by her coffin. prince william led the procession. a short time ago we learned that the queen concert camilla will pay tribute to the queen in a tele
4:31 pm
televised show tomorrow. she will praise her strength and recall fond memories of her, quote, wonderful blue eyes. president biden and the first lady arrived in london. they will gather with heads of state from around the world at the queen's funeral monday. cnn will have live coverage of the state funeral of queen elizabeth ii beginning monday at 5:00 p.m. you are in the cnn newsroom. coming up, more than 400 unmarked graves found in a forest in eastern ukraine, some of the bodies showing signs of torture. mason clark from the institute of the study of war joins me next to discuss. (fisher investments) in this market, you'll find fisher investments is different than other money managers. (other money manager) different how? aren't we all just looking for the hottest stocks? (fisheinvestments) nope. we use diversified strategies to position
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ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy. and save at life... doesn't stop for diabetes. be ready for every moment, with glucerna. it's the number one doctor recommended brand that is scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar. live every moment. glucerna. disturbing details emerging tonight about torture rooms found in ukraine. a short time ago, president zelenskyy nuanced in his nightly address that more than 10 torture rooms have been found in several liberated areas of the
4:36 pm
kharkiv region. zelenskyy said as russian troops fled, they quote, dropped the torture devices and left them behind. officials also found evidence of electric shock to rture devices. and a gruesome discovery of a mass burial site in an eastern ukrainian city. authorities say they have found more than 400 graves and that some of the bodies show signs of torture. it's located in a forest where, according to a cnn team on the ground, the horror can be easily seen and smelled. cnn's nick paton walsh saw the site firsthand and has this report. >> reporter: here is where the horror gets flnames and numbers. russia's unprovoked invasion killed many but only now are we finding out whom and how.
4:37 pm
even this rain cannot erase the smell, how death haunts these pines. it's important to point out this was a military position. these are tank positions around the city, presumably for the russians when they occupied it. burying these bodies where their troops would later rest and defend the city. ukrainian officials have said over 400 bodies were buried here, even children, all showing signs of a violent death. through the day that have been exhuming dozens of bodies, most individual graves numbered and orderly, one bearing a number as high as 398. but this, we are told and can smell and see, is a mass grave, where 17 dead were found, a policeman here told us. ukrainian officials said bodies found included a family killed
4:38 pm
in an air strike, ukrainian soldiers shot with their hands bound and bodies showing signs of torture. some of the graves marked just by a number and others have someone's full history. looks like he died aged 82, buried here. this investigator tells us what he found in this spot. here are civilian bodies and military ones further along, he said. over 20 have been examined here and will be sent for further investigation. it seems to be the hurried extension of the long-term cemetery nearby. wreaths, coffins, candles. some people knew who they were burying. others next to this invaders' camp site, likely not.
4:39 pm
they first hit the graveyard with an air strike and then moved in. >> translator: we tried not to go out because it was scary. they dug some trenches for their vehicles. we only heard how they were destroying the forest. when they left, i don't know if there was fighting or not. we just heard a lot of heavy trucks one night a week ago. >> reporter: multiple refrigerated lorries leaving town, but we're asked not to film the contents of this one. part of the history where russia's brutal occupation will be written and nothing can wash this site clean. >> president biden is warning vladimir putin about escalating the fighting any further in ukraine, telling 60 minutes there would be consequences if putin uses chemical or nuclear weapons. >> don't. don't. don't. it will change the face of war
4:40 pm
unlike anything since world war ii. >> going to talk to republican jim rich, ranking member of the foreign senate relations committee. here's what he told me about the possibility of putin using nuclear weapons in ukraine. >> he knows the situation there. the use of a nuclear weapon would change dramatically the world in very short order. there's two things i'm convinced he's not going to do. one is use a nuclear weapon. the other is to attack a nato country. he's been very careful not to do that. those are a couple of really smart moves on his part. a joining us is mason clark, lead russia analyst at the institute for the study of war. so mason, i'm still shaken by watching nick paton walsh's report. it's so awful what is happening on the ground. the bottom line is russia is losing ground in parts of ukraine. senator rich told me russia is
4:41 pm
losing this war. are you concerned that he could resort to chemical or nuclear weapons? >> i think that's unlikely at this stage. as you noted, the ukrainians have been doing very well the last couple of weeks and i think the initiative is firmly in their hands at this point in the war. the kremlin is still dedicated to sending in additional troops and seeing what effects the winner will have on european support for ukraine as russia leverages its energy weapon, so to speak. i agree it's jaihighly unlikely that putin elects to use a chemical or nuclear weapon in the ukraine. i don't think that would happen. i don't think a nuclear strike on a ukrainian city would force the ukrainians, who have shown incredible resolve throughout this conflict, to back down or surrenders and would likely lead to pretty immediate retaliation against the remaining russian forces by the u.s. or nato. >> president putin of russia,
4:42 pm
for his part, made some comments yesterday, saying there's no need to change anything of this, quote, special military operation, as he calls it, in ukraine. what do you make of that? >> right. so the kremlin's insistence on keeping the framing of the special military operation is quite important, because since the beginning of this war they've refused to call it as such and have also not conducted full mobilization to call up the masses of conscripts to fill out full russian military units that that would provide and would be normally done in a full scale war. instead the kremlin is using this ad hoc approach of creating new volunteer units, essentially press ganging russian civilians into interim combat units. most notably we saw reports a couple days ago of escalating efforts to directly recruit from penal colonies into various forces like a kremlin run private military company. >> there's new details emerging
4:43 pm
about torture rooms. the level of depravity, i can't even put it into words. does this level of apparent war crimes change the game for the international community? >> it certainly should. i wish i could say i was shocked or surprised by this. my team reported back in april with the exposure of the russian crimes in bucha north of kyiv that this is likely an intentional part of the russian occupation regime. they actually have a word for it, which has a number of different systems and mechanisms associated with it. this is likely ongoing in all of the other russian occupied territories that ukraine has not yet liberated. it certainly should come to the attention of the international community and lead to whatever sort of punishments and trials can be carried out after the war is over. >> i'm going to ask you about this. so we know china has expressed questions, concerns over russia's invasion of ukraine. now the indian prime minister modi appears to have rebuffed
4:44 pm
putin's invasion as well, telling putin to his face that he needs to, quote, move onto a path of peace. if countries like china and india stop backing putin, what happens then? >> right. that's something the shanghai cooperation organization was quite a wakeup call for putin. this war has already erased a lot of leverage and clout, for lack of a better term, the russians have amassed over the past several years of economic and diplomatic ties and has shown their actual real power is much less than they projected on the world scale. that's likely going to, as sanctions take a harder blow on the russian economy, it further drops in their ability to seek out new allies and simply portray themselves as the global power that putin claims russia is. >> mason clark, thank you. up next, a midterm pivot. how one arizona republican running for senate is changing his strategy to appeal more down
4:45 pm
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want a permanent solution to homelessness? you won't get it with prop 27. it was written and funded by out-of-state corporations to permanently maximize profits, not homeless funding. 90% of the profits go to out-of-state corporations permanently. only pennies on the dollar for the homeless permanently. and with loopholes, the homeless get even less permanently. prop 27. they didn't write it for the homeless. they wrote it for themselves.
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arkansas republican gubernatorial candidate sarah huckabee sanders says she has undergone successful surgery to treat thyroid cancer. sanders says her doctor found the cancer during a checkup earlier this month, and her doctor says the surgery removed her thyroid and surrounding lymph nodes, and that he expects her to be back on her feet in the next 24 hours. in arizona, republican senate candidate blake masters is attempting to pivot to the center on key issues in an effort to reel in independent
4:50 pm
voters and unseat democrat mark kelly. it is a sharp turn from the platform masters was running on early in the campaign. we have the details. join me to in welcoming -- [ cheers ] >> reporter: arizona republican senate nominee blake masters pledges he's paving a path for the new political right. >> who's ready to beat mark kelly? [ cheers ] >> reporter: but first masters needs arizona voters like john kane to get behind him. >> >> if he doesn't turn his head around he's going to lose the election. >> reporter: are you concerned about him? >> absolutely. he runs an ad on tv, and at the end it says independent for arizona. i said, what? >> reporter: it's the general election pivot -- trying to appeal to independents who make up roughly a third of registered voters in arizona. >> they've made a whole party out of just dividing people. >> reporter: in the speech, masters focuses on the border, inflation, and crime.
4:51 pm
>> republicans have a plan to make our families safe again, to make this country prosperous again, and to make everybody free again. does that sound extreme to you? >> reporter: but the edgy rhetoric and imagery that marked his primary was missing. >> this is designed to kill people -- >> reporter: the primary candidate who doubted the 2020 election results -- >> i think trump won in 2020 -- >> reporter: and downplayed the january 6th insurrection -- >> it wasn't a coup, it wasn't an insurrection, this was trespassing. >> reporter: didn't mention donald trump in this room. >> i'm pro life and i will never run away from that. thank you. >> reporter: but he has altered his campaign website, scrubbing strict anti-abortion language, and he's backed off from this primary position -- >> maybe we should privatize social security, right, private retirement accounts, get the government out of it. >> reporter: to this in the general election -- >> don't want to privatize it. they, you know, probably a
4:52 pm
misstatement by me. i'm saying the same stuff i said in the primary. the democrats have failed, delivered nothing but chaos and pain. we're pushing back. we have a beautiful america-first agenda. i was proud to campaign on that for more than a year, that's exactly what i'm campaigning on now. >> reporter: you're saying the message is exactly the same as it was before the primary? >> asked and answered. >> reporter: the senate leadership fund, the super pac to help elect republicans, canceled $8 million in planned ad spending to boost masters this month. >> blake masters, too dangerous for arizona -- >> reporter: at the same time as incumbent democratic senator mark kelly and allies are pouring millions into ads, using masters' words against him. >> we can't trust blake masters with our retirement. >> your incredible senator mark kelly! >> reporter: kelly, one of the senate's most endangered incumbents, has 20 times amount of cash on hand compared to masters and vows to continue calling out the contrast between the candidates. [ cheers ] >> i think it's important that
4:53 pm
arizonans know what each of us stand for. i think that's pretty clear. >> it's about choices. they're pretty obvious choices. [ cheers ] >> our thanks for that reporting. you are in the "cnn newsroom" on this saturday night. still ahead for you this hour -- tropical storm fiona is barreling toward puerto rico, leaving tens of thousands without power, but the worst appears far from over. when we might expect that storm to upgrade to a hurricane next. ] [message] hey babe, meet us at the bottom of the trail. oh, man. hey! open up! the redesigned chevy silverado. with a sophisticated, high-tech interior... open the door! it's easy to forget it's a truck. ♪ - thanks. - nice truck! it was. find new style. find new roads.
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right now, tens of thousands of people in puerto rico are without power as tropical storm fiona approaches the island. earlier today a hurricane warning was issued there reflecting forecasters' belief that it will strengthen to a hurricane by the time it's near or over the island tomorrow night. cnn's allison chinchar is tracking all the latest developments. what is the biggest concern for this storm as it impacts puerto rico? >> pamela, the biggest concerns with there storm are going to be the potential for flooding as well as widespread power outages. fiona is not moving very fast, but that gives it a lot of time to dump a tremendous amount of rain. it's also expected to strength overnight the next 24 hours which is why you have hurricane
4:59 pm
watches and warnings in effect even though the storm isn't actually a hurricane yet. the national hurricane center calling for this to become a category-one hurricane before it makes its way to hispaniola. in the short term one of the concerns is rainfall. across the u.s. virgin islands and the northern half of puerto rico, you're talking widespread six to ten inches of rain. on the southern half of puerto rico, now you're talking 10, 15, as much as 20 inches of rain. again, in a very short period of time. even across areas of the eastern dominican republic, you're looking at widespread four to six inches of rainfall. in addition to that, you have the flooding potential from storm surge. both puerto rico and the dominican republic looking at the potential for one to three feet of storm surge, and areas of the u.s. virgin islands like one to two feet. the storm is expected to continue to strengthen likely up to a category-two storm by the middle portion of the upcoming week. but it will start to make more of a right-hand turn to the
5:00 pm
north, steering it away from the u.s. mainland. however, i will caution it's still likely to incur some rip currents and push a lot of high surf up along the east coast of florida. >> and the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts right now. this is amongst the most powerful of images we've seen so far. the grandchildren, this is not a state occasion, this is saying good-bye to their grandmother. these 50 migrants have been transferred voluntarily to joint base cape cod. they're going to have access to, of course, food, shelter, medical care, legal services, as well. >> we are here today to tell governor desantis that he has to stop using our pain,


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