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tv   The Windsors Inside the Royal Dynasty  CNN  September 17, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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to your service. there is a motto which has been borne by many of my ancestors. a noble motto. i serve. prince charles, the future king of england, has a dangerous secret. a secret which threatens the entire house of windsor. he's in love with a married woman. >> and isn't that a sight? >> the queen expects him to produce an heir. and she hopes he's found the perfect bride. >> for better, for worse. >> for better, for worse.
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>> till death us do part. >> till death us do part. >> but what happens when royal tradition stops you from following your heart ? in the medieval fortress of carnarvon castle charles, the eldest son of queen elizabeth, is crowned prince of wales. >> i charles, prince of wales, do become your liege man of life and limb. >> there's so much pomp, so much glamour. but under it all is a nervous
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20-year-old who feels very strongly that the whole weight of monarchy rests on him. he had no choice in his life at all. his future was mapped out for him. he knew from an early age that he was part of a machine. >> prince charles is a central figure of this dynasty. he is the future. he is the great hope. >> the young prince who just celebrated his 3rd birthday carried out his handshaking duties most sedately. >> the prince as a child was quite withdrawn, very sensitive, very shy. >> but right from the beginning there's all this weight of expectation on this poor little boy's back. >> when charles was 4, he watched his 27-year-old mother crowned queen after the
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unexpected death of her father, king george vi. >> she had to juggle the really onerous duties of being queen, being monarch, with being a young mother. >> she went off on long tours for months at a time around the commonwealth and charles was left. >> she came back and instead of hugging him, she was cool and aloof. this gives you an indication of the formal institutionalized nature of their relationship. >> his father, prince philip, was an alpha male, a leader. charles was unconfident, diff diffident, not at all the sort of son that prince philip wanted to have. >> it was clear to the prince that his father was disappointed in him. and i think that was very painful. >> his father's method of dealing with that was to try and toughen him up.
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it's the school of hard knocks. >> gordonston as prince charles arrives with his father. the school's most famous boy. remember how you felt when you started? >> gordonston, a boarding school in the remote north of scotland, is renowned for its tough regime. >> philip chose it for his son because it was the school he was at in the 1930s. >> philip had been a terrific success there and so he believed that this school would fit charles to wear the crown. you couldn't have a wimp sitting on the throne. >> his parents very much wanted prince charles to be treated just like anybody else. but he wasn't anybody else. >> and so he was ostracized by the other pupils. >> he was so vulnerable and such an easy target. >> they slept in dormitories, and they would come across him,
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beat him up at night. he was unmercifully bullied. >> he emerged from his education with a lack of self-confidence and constant worry about whether he was doing the right thing. >> charles's whole existence is totally defined by the family firm and by his position within it. >> queen elizabeth inherited this idea from her own mother and father that she's supposed to belong to a model family, that they're supposed to represent something to the nation. >> so the heir to the throne needs a suitable bride. >> a spouse had to be spotless beyond any doubt, no unpleasant details about their previous lives, and there weren't that many people around who could fit the bill. >> when you marry, in my position, you're going to marry
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somebody who perhaps one day is going to become queen. and you've got to choose somebody very carefully i think who could fulfill this particular role. >> in his early 20s, charles begins to have a social life. >> he's in london going to parties, meeting girls. >> he was slightly uncomfortable with members of the opposite sex. he hadn't got a lot of experience. >> one of the women whom he he meets is camilla shand. >> camilla, the daughter of a military officer, is 24 years old. >> she isn't aristocratic but she's easy to be with, she's fun to be with. >> her ability to talk to everybody, her ability to communicate, and this sense of humor that she's got always made her a very attractive person. >> charles was bowled over, head over heels. finally, he's found someone he
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can actually be himself with. >> but charles knows the queen expects him to choose a bride who will uphold traditional royal values. >> there is this prevailing idea that charles must marry a virgin bride because he is a future king. >> camilla had enjoyed life. she had had a number of romances. >> and so the problem that prince charles has is that he's fallen for someone thoroughly unsuitable. >> but the more time charles spends with camilla, the more he sensed that she could be someone with whom he could spend the rest of his life. >> charles, now an officer in the navy, embarks on a six-month tour of duty. >> he thinks that camilla will be there when he returns.
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>> but while he is away at sea, he gets word from england that camilla is going to get married. >> camilla has gotten engaged, a military officer by the name of andrew parker bowles. >> camilla knew that she was never going to marry prince charles. i mean, he was prince charles and she was just camilla shand. so she said yes to andrew. prince charles realized that he'd lost what he suddenly felt might be the love of his life. >> he writes to a friend that he is devastated by the news. he says, "i will not have someone to come home to."
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(kari) i just switched to verizon business unlimited. it is just right for my little business. (jeni) we switched, too. (kari) unlimited premium data. unlimited hotspot data. my point of sale is on point. (vo) switch to verizon business unlimited today. from the network america relies on. in the winter of 1973, prince charles arrives at westminster abbey for a royal celebration watched by millions around the world. >> the wedding of the decade. princess anne and captain mark phillips. >> his youngest sister is getting married. >> instead of celebrating his sister's marriage, prince charles is not full of joy about this. he feels that he's been left behind.
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>> princess anne's wedding falls on charles's 25th birthday. at his age his mother was already queen and married with two children. >> here is prince charles, a young adult, but with no clear-cut job and a very strong set of duty. he ought to be marrying the right person and he isn't. >> prince charles, if there's a problem, he broods about it. he talks about it. he needs a shoulder to cry on. >> he seems to be really very much left on his own without much guidance. >> he sees very little of his parents. he has to sort of make a formal appointment to see them. >> one person in his life who gives him a lot of time is his great uncle lord louis mountbatten. >> my grandfather and the prince of wales had a very unique relationship. sometimes it's easier to be
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close to someone who's not necessarily your parents. >> he calls him grand papa. but actually, charles comes to see mountbatten much more, i think, as a father figure. >> lord mountbatten is the uncle of charles's father, prince philip. it was mountbatten who acted as matchmaker to charles's parents. >> louis mountbatten is very free with advice on love and marriage. >> his attitude was play the field. sow your wild oats. enjoy yourself. and then eventually you'll meet some nice pure girl that you can marry and make the queen. >> prince charles takes his advice on board with a vengeance. >> and the public sees a new side to charles. >> he's the most eligible bachelor in the world. everybody wanted to go out with him. nobody was going to say no.
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nobody was going to turn down the prince of wales, were they? >> he went on tour around the world. those girls would pursue him. he was undermined. >> he is known as action man. he is a heartthrob. >> the girlfriends that he picks up get a lot of publicity in the press. they're known as charlie's angels. >> the prince's private life is now front page news. >> increasingly in the 1970s there's a new era of competition especially in the british tabloid press, so there's now an incentive and a price for paparazzi pictures of members of the british royal family. >> he couldn't take any young woman out for anything without being photographed. >> the latest girl would come in
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and if she fluttered her eyelashes at him or charles smiled back, the story would break. >> i think it was very tough for the prince of wales under the pressure and surveillance which went on. >> i rather feel that being here today is rather like asking a pheasant to award the prizes to the best shot. [ laughter ] i've only got a few pellets in my back side, and you haven't yet brought me down. >> but soon charles is concealing something from the press. >> charles is having a relationship with a married woman. camilla parker bowles. >> camilla, charles's first love, is still married to andrew, a cavalry officer. >> charles never stopped really adoring camilla. >> he hasn't ever really gotten
7:17 pm
her out of his mind. >> she was the woman who made him feel as if he'd come home, as if this was his soulmate. >> they continued to meet on the polo pitch and their relationship turned into an affair. >> the royal family doesn't mind a bit of hanky panky but this was adultery. >> an officer in andrew's regiment gets word to the queen and she takes a very dim view of it. she actually says camilla will no longer be invited to royal events. >> frankly, the royal family were terrified that he was going to turn into king edward viii, who abdicated to marry mrs. simpson. >> in 1936 edward, the queen's uncle, was forced to give up the throne after falling in love with a divorced woman.
7:18 pm
the queen was 10 years old when this scandal engulfed the monarchy. >> the whole abdication with the great drama that defined the queen's reign, she's still living in the shadow of the abdication. >> throughout her reign queen elizabeth has fought to maintain the windsors' image as stable and dutiful. >> when i was 21, i pledged my life to the service of our people. i do not regret nor retract one word of it. >> the queen has been building this picture of her family as an ideal royal family. i mean, a dynasty is about a family. >> once that image of kind of perfect family life becomes tarnished, well, what do they represent to the nation? custom scans help you find new trading opportunities
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1979. prince charles's great uncle and mentor lord mountbatten is spending the month of august with his family at their country house. >> we were at the castle in ireland every summer. >> they were pretty magical
7:23 pm
summers. until, unfortunately, in 1979 when that came to an abrupt halt. >> lord mountbatten and several members of his family set off fishing on a boat that he had. >> suddenly, the boat is ripped apart by a bomb. >> my brother and i weren't on the boat. but my brother and i heard the bomb. we heard it go off and -- and, you know, the chaos that followed was unimaginable. >> lord mountbatten has been killed in an explosion in his boat off the coast of county sligo. a local boatman died and one of the children of nicholas braverman is said to be missing. >> the queen's family were
7:24 pm
targeted by the irish republican army, who want an end to british rule in northern ireland. >> none of the royal family has left the castle since yesterday, and security operations have been stepped up. a platoon of extra soldiers was brought to the castle by lorry to join an undisclosed number of policemen flown here from scotlard yard. >> he had a distinguished naval career so as far as the i.r.a. were concerned he was a legitimate target. >> his 14-year-old grandson and the dowager lady brabourne are also killed in the blast. along with paul maxwell, the 15-year-old irish boat hand. >> it was brutal. and deeply upsetting and disturbing. you know? we had our childhoods ripped away from us.
7:25 pm
>> they that go down to the sea in ships and occupy their business in great waters, these men see the works of the lord. >> this is the greatest personal tragedy in the life of prince charles. his honorary grandfather is dead. >> the one man who made him feel about himself, who had his back, who he could talk to freely and who was guiding him had gone. >> when mountbatten's body came back to england his father, the duke of edinburgh, didn't want him to weep, didn't want him to
7:26 pm
cry. and he started to say, come on, pull yourself together, got to be strong about this. that gives you a picture of the complete incompatibility of father and son on a matter of profound importance to both of them. >> charles is not only devastated but he's also kind of unmoored. he is now 30 years old. everybody is pressuring him to marry. >> certainly his father felt he must have a wife. she would straighten him out and give him the respectability that a future king should have. >> charles's unwillingness to marry was really about his deep emotional relationship with camilla. he knew she was married and he couldn't possibly marry her but think it made him keep, quote, not finding the one.
7:27 pm
his parents had to get him out of that relationship, so they really began to hunt for a bride. >> in the summer of 1980, a meeting is orchestrated between prince charles and a 19-year-old who will change the shape of the house of windsor forever. >> the young diana spencer was not some girl just taken out of a nice middle class home. she was a daughter of one of the most illustrious families in england. >> the royal family, particularly the queen, thought she would be ideal. they were much taken by her. >> she was an earl's daughter. she had a title. and she was a virgin. she did tick the boxes. >> they arranged for her to be invited to this house party where they knew he was going to be. >> she talks to him in quite an open and rather engaging way.
7:28 pm
>> she speaks to him about having watched the mountbatten funeral and how sad he looked and how much he needed to be comforted. she's charming and a pretty english rose. she is 12 years younger than he is, but he is intrigued by her. >> the royal family's plan for charles is working. >> she could not have been more perfect. on paper.
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by september 1980, prince charles is beginning to spend more time with lady diana spencer. >> among other places he invites her to is his mother's estate in the scottish highlands, balmoral. >> the queen sees her as a prospective bride. and diana is falling for charles. >> diana was always madly in love with the idea of marrying the prince of wales. he was the great heartthrob of the time. i mean, his picture was in her boarding room dorm. >> she tried very hard to make herself everything that he
7:33 pm
wanted. >> diana did this great impersonation of someone who loved to walk the wet moors, interested in shooting, and all the things she actually hated. >> because of her childhood i think diana did have an absolute craving for love and for security. >> diana was only 7 years old when her parents divorced acrimoniously. >> one of her most vivid memories was listening to her mother driving away, and diana is thinking that she'll never see her mother again. >> what she saw in charles was life happily ever after with her prince. >> but diana is not the only person searching for a fairytale romance. >> the royal hacks from the tabloids are across the river with their long lenses.
7:34 pm
>> diana, the press decided, was perfect. it seemed to the media at the time that the stars had aligned. >> and the next day in huge headlines, "diana is the one." >> when the press get wind of the fact that charles and diana are dating, it is absolute chaos. it is a nightmare for diana. she lives in a flat in london. they besiege this flat. they are following her. >> i followed her through the town. i followed her car. this was it. we had phoned everyone. >> is there any possibility, any announcement of your marriage in the near future? can you tell me? >> it was utterly overwhelming for her. >> i'm not going to say anything. >> she was 19. she was a 19-year-old with that glare of publicity. >> this girl was on the front pages of the newspapers. she was being offered up as the
7:35 pm
perfect bride for charles. >> headline after headline. charlie, why aren't you proposing to this woman? >> charles had all sorts of reservations about diana. he didn't really know her. she didn't share many of his interests. she wasn't widely read. >> he was still in love with camilla. and he was in a real quandary. >> he kept agonizing and analyzing but his father philip's concern was that so much had been said and written about her that if he didn't do something she was going to be a very damaged young woman. >> prince charles gets a letter from his father basically telling him it's time to make up your mind. want to marry her? marry her. if you don't, well, then let her off the hook. >> charles misconstrued it, thought that his father was instructing him to marry diana,
7:36 pm
way earlier than he would have comfortably chosen to do it. the tragedy is that these two men, father and son, could not simply see one another face to face and have a conversation. >> he meets her at windsor castle and he goes down on one knee and proposes. >> six months after they start dating charles and diana announce their engagement. >> they've only been together 12 times. they've only had a few times alone together. they barely know each other. >> he really did think he was doing his duty sacrificing his heart really to do the right thing. >> can you find the words to sum up how you feel today, both of
7:37 pm
you? >> difficult to find a word, isn't it? just delighted and happy. i am amazed that she's been brave enough to take me on. >> and i suppose in love? >> of course. >> whatever in love means. >> yes. >> the engagement interview revealed the shape of things to come, that this was not a love match. that it was almost you could say a marriage of convenience. >> to shield her from the press, the royal family moves diana into a suite of rooms at buckingham palace. >> life in buckingham palace was very difficult for her. it's beautifully appointed and lovely furniture but it's not a home by any stretch of the imagination. >> she was suddenly shut off from everybody. she didn't have her own friends around her. >> diana's social life now centers around charles's friends. one of them is camilla parker
7:38 pm
bowles. >> certainly all his friends knew that he was in love with camilla. certainly the royal family knew it. so diana was really a bit duped in this whole situation. >> diana's in one of the offices at buckingham palace and notices there's a little parcel addressed to camilla parker bowles. she opens it and finds this bracelet. diana always felt, you know, who are you marrying, me or camilla? >> charles is going off on his trip to australia, and there are images of diana weeping. >> it wasn't because he was going and she was sad. she'd overheard him talking to camilla just before he'd boarded the plane. she's thinking, how can i go
7:39 pm
through with this? should i call the wedding off? she goes to see her sisters and she explains the situation. >> and really the response she got from her sister was fairly succinct. your face is on the mugs and the tea cloths now. that's it. >> there's no backing out now. the nation expects it. there's going to be a huge royal wedding. you play your part. (man 1) oh, it looks like we're in a screen saver. (man 2) but we need to go higher. (man 1) higher. (man 1) we're like yodeling high. [yodeling] yo-de-le-he...
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once upon a time there was a prince who lived in a palace. he fell in love with a fair young maiden and he asked her to marry. what you will see now is the story of two very real young people sharing their day of happiness with us all. >> the wedding was extraordinary. it was spectacular. diana's amazing dress. charles in his beautiful uniform. >> and have you ever heard such cheers? >> the queen had every reason to be proud and happy and hopeful for the future. >> hundreds of millions of
7:44 pm
people around the world watch as lady diana spencer arrives at st. paul's cathedral. >> i thought like so many other people that it was the ideal match. >> and isn't that a sight? >> i don't think anybody would have disagreed with that at the time. >> the public, they're elated. totally in love with this ideal couple. and yet, the public can't see everything. >> as diana walks down the aisle with her father, she sees camilla. >> here is the stuff of which fairy tales are made. the prince and princess on their wedding day. >> there she is on this magical day and the one thing that she
7:45 pm
is focusing on is the image of camilla. >> charles philip arthur george, wilt thou have this woman to thy wedded wife? >> i will. >> diana frances, wilt thou have this man to thy wedded huds band? >> i will. >> charles persuaded himself that he could be in love with diana. at least enough in love to get married. they went on honeymoon and they sailed around the mediterranean. diana was hoping that they would sunbathe in the sun and sit and chat and laugh and have a good time. >> but after a while she realized that camilla was still present on her honeymoon. >> charles wore cuff links that had been given to him by camilla. >> she overheard charles making a call with camilla.
7:46 pm
>> she finds that prince charles has pictures of camilla inside his diary. >> that puts her in absolute agony. she was terrified really of what she'd got herself into. >> but for the cameras diana is all smiles. >> how are you enjoying married life? >> highly recommend it. >> how do you find balmoral as a place? >> lovely. >> there's a longstanding contradiction in what the royal family actually wants in a bride because on the one hand they want somebody meek, blushing, deferential. but at the same time they want her at the flick of a switch to be able to manage on her own, not make a fuss. and not to be too emotional. >> how do you see your role
7:47 pm
developing as princess of wales? >> my life will be a great challenge. >> are you going to have time for the private life, for making a home and running a home? >> domestic responsibilities. >> are you looking forward to making a home at high grove, for example? >> oh, yes. very much so. looking forward to being a good wife. >> prince, princess and baby prince emerge to the cheers of the crowd. >> one year into their marriage, diana gives birth to a son. prince william arthur philip louis. >> the birth of prince william did a great deal for diana. wow, you know, this is great. you know? she's done her job. >> the birth of william is a happy moment. charles enjoys being in the nursery with him. and they have that shared love.
7:48 pm
but at the same time there's a lot of tension between them. >> a princess in the most famous family in the world. diana is a young mother caught in the spotlight. >> she was meant to be a mum. she is meant to do it all and meant to do it all with a smile. that's a pretty tough brief for anybody unless there's a support crew. >> the royal family thought she wouldn't be able to cope with what was expected. her family had been couriers going back generations. they thought she was one of them. >> she said if only once or twice they would say well done but that's the way the royal family were brought up. you don't do the praise thing. >> because of her discomfort in the royal family and the issue of camilla hovering in the background, she was in a very bad way. >> well, there's no doubt that
7:49 pm
she has lost weight since the birth of prince william. >> she was so thin. she was painfully thin. her wrists looked like sticks. >> she is according to the palace currently fit and well. the palace adds the proviso "as far as we know." >> she sat me down and actually told me that she had bulimia. and i was very -- i was shocked, actually. >> the bulimia was her way of trying to vent. she would purge herself of her emotions and discomfort. >> she's really, really suffering and no one seems to be helping her. >> she just wanted somebody to put their arms around her and tell her it's all right, darling. and i know that that didn't happen. >> the queen and princess diana belonged to very different generations.
7:50 pm
duty and self-restraint are absolutely hardwired into the queen. >> and here the royal family have a very emotional young girl who is to their mind hysterical. >> the royal family bring in a >> the royal family bring in a doctor, a psychiatrist. they prescribe valium. but diana doesn't want to take pills. she wants her life to get better. >> and nobody is addressing the central issue, which is that prince charles' heart lies elsewhere and diana feels lost, alone, and abandoned. before i found quviviq, an fda-approved insomnia medication for adults. you would not believe the things i used to think about when i couldn't sleep. hey, linds. i need you to sign this business contract. all 114 pages. lindsey, lindsey!! hey, lindsey! it's workout time.
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tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reaction may occur. best move i've ever made. ask your dermatologist the royal family is gathered together at windsor castle to celebrate the christening of charles and diana's second son, henry charles albert david, known as prince harry. >> granny was christened in this. >> great granny. >> great granny. >> and i was. i was christened in this. it's incredibly hot inside, isn't it? >> the birth of harry and having
7:55 pm
two beautiful children just meant the world to her. >> question, what is prince william's favorite toy? >> jamie, he loves his koala bear he's got, but he hasn't got anything particular. he just likes something with a bit of noise. he got a plastic whale that throws things out the top, little balls. >> she thought that bond of parenthood would help bring their marriage together, but that's not really what happened. charles at the beginning of the marriage tried to make things work, but i do believe that camilla was in his mind from early on. >> diana didn't talk much about camilla. she kept quiet and her had bulimia and had her upset and hoped it would all come good. >> she wanted love.
7:56 pm
she craved love, and what she found she was getting was love, the love of strangers. >> the public take to diana like no other royal. she had a kind of a glamour and a kind of wholesomeness that people found very endearing. >> here is a popular young princess who engages with ordinary people. she seems to be kind, caring, and she's beautiful. >> princess diana. >> the children made it clear in a direct way that only children have that it was the princess they wanted on their side of the rope. >> charles became quite a forlorn figure. the photographers didn't really take many photographs of him unless he was in the frame of diana. he was very jealous. his wife was further down in the royal pecking order than he is, and yet, she's getting the most
7:57 pm
attention. >> crowds estimated in the thousands are straining for a peek at the prince and princess. >> when the royal couple arrives in america for their most high profile tour yet, diana is greeted with a frenzy of press and public excitement. >> princess diana was a tremendous star in the united states. there was a bit of an american hysteria. >> might be a once in a lifetime experience to actually see royalty. >> she's beautiful. yeah. much skinnier than i thought. >> she fulfilled those dreams. she grew up and married the prince. >> the dramatic high point of it was the dinner and dance with the reagans at the white house. >> nancy reagan recognizing the powerful mix of hollywood celebrity and british royalty organizes a publicity stunt. >> john, are you going to dance
7:58 pm
with the princess tonight? >> if she'd like me to. >> my job was to go to john tra travolta, and i said mr. travolta will you please cut in on the president and ask the princess to dance? and he says i can't cut in on the president. and i said, oh, yes, you can. ♪ >> diana didn't just upstage charles, she eclipsed him actually. i mean, she made him nothing as a truth. >> he had been the star of the show. he had been top of the house of windsor, and now he was running a very poor second. >> to the chorus first, had the princess enjoyed her dance with mr. travolta. >> i'm not a love puppy so i can't answer that i'm afraid. i think you enjoyed it. be interesting if she didn't enjoy dancing with john travolta. >> it goes to the heart of a
7:59 pm
great sense of insecurity in him, and a growing resentment of her popularity. >> why did the prince think there was so much media fascination? >> it's my wife here. >> charles the dutiful prince has married the perfect bride, but that union will pose a threat to the entire royal family. >> they are already deeply unhappy, and at the same time, she has become a global celebrity. >> he wants to control what's going on. perhaps he's sensing that it's slipping out of his control. she is slipping out of his control. >> she is in essence a ticking time bomb. >> next on "the windsors," the
8:00 pm
war between charles and diana through the press could pull down the whole of the monarchy. >> here she was undermining the throne, undermining the dynasty. >> when you unleash the demons of the press, you then cannot keep them at bay. nobody dreamed that it would end in such a shocking way. elizabeth ii is preparing for her coronation. soon he will be crowned queen. she is just 27 years old. the future of the house of windsor rests on her shoulders. >> all of us here know that we are present at the making of history. >> as the queen takes her firs


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