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tv   Inside Politics With Abby Phillip  CNN  September 18, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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border wars. republican governors in the south send thousands of migrants to blue cities and states in the north. >> it is not defensible for a superpower to not have any control over the borders of its country. >> this is a plan to create chaos in democratic controlled cities. >> the gop base may love it but could it backfire. the president feels the wind at his back. >> the soul of america is vibrant. the future of america is bright and the promise of america is
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real. >> but will high inflation derail the democrats' momentum. gop primary field is set. it is filled with trump picked election deniers and some are changing the tunes. >> we live and learn. right? the election was not stolen. >> "inside politics" the biggest stories sourced by the best reporters now. hello and welcome to "inside politics sunday." i'm abby phillip. illegal immigration roared back into the headline as republican governors sent migrants up north. governor desantis flew approximately 50 vendsn migrants to martha's vineyard saying he was using the tax dollars to make a point. >> we'll spend every penny to
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protect the people of the state of florida. we have an infrastructure in place now. there's more that's happening. >> the democrats say he's using human beings including women and young children in a cynical ploy. buses sent by texas governor abbott brought migrants to washington d.c. dropping them off outside vice president kamala harris's residence. it is going on for months. they sent at least 10,000 my grants to cities like new york, washington and chicago but the problem is that it happens with little if any coordination with local officials. let's discuss this and more with the great panel. amy walter, casey hunt and presp priscilla alvarez. it might seem like a small thing
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but they're fairly large northbounds. how does it compare to what's going on at the border? >> the biden administration is grappling with large nuk of migrants coming to the border they track 1.8 million encount ores including people crossing more than once. migrants they move about the country as they go through the immigration proceedings so these are migrants bussed to the cities and they have less government custody. i have talked to some who came to washington, d.c. and knew they were coming to washington, d.c. and hoped to move to other parts of the country and so this is a costly endeavor for the states. texas spent already $12 million to take migrants to washington,
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d.c. and new york city and then chicago. but again to take a step back and these are migrants processed and released as they go through the immigration process in the united states. >> it is astounding to me. it is a lot of money to spend to do this but obvious that they do it for political reasons. the polling on this pretty much tells the story. republicans say that immigration is the top issue. 22% of them. look at democrats. 1%. it could not be more night and day. >> right. look at where independents are. i think that's the group that we don't spend enough talking about. i've sat in focus group this is year and to give you a sense of where the independent voters are they every cynical and frustrated. >> they are cynical? >> incredibly. they see politics as cynical.
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they don't believe what anyone is telling them. they don't know that good things will be followed on through by politicians. a politician says this will happen i don't trust it until i see it coming through so the success quote/unquote of anything that they are doing if you make a political statement, may be enraging the other side, engaging the base but alienating the voters, a small percentage but make and break elections. >> let's be clear about what ron desantis is doing. trying to enrage and he is more focused on the people of martha's vineyard and the reaction from democrats than the welfare of these people and the kind of politics that has rewarded republican politicians
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in the last six years since donald trump was running for president but undermines the sense of the system generally. the hope of the president talking about unity an soul of america. i think republicans think he hasn't hit that note correctly but leaves us in the same place. >> they know that immigration is sensitive for this administration. they were dealing with a surge of chin and then haitian migrants under a bridge and the administration says it's a western hemisphere issue. >> the democrats have made a choice. as we have been discussing this bussing has been going on since april but 50 migrants in martha's vineyard kicked off a push back from democrats. listen to this ad from charlie
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crist. florida. >> my faith teaches me that we are all children of god, whoever oppresses a poor man insults the make every. that is lost on ron desantis. for him it's always putting politics over people's lives. mocking the fight for freedom makes me sick. >> i found that ad in particular really interesting. i don't think we think that charlie crist is going to win in november but it does have some interesting interstate dynamics for ron desantis. this is a constituency in southern florida that republicans have worked to court and to the extent that voters in
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southern florida pay attention to this and choose to reward or punish desantis is a slice to watch but democrats writ large, i can't count how many times the white house is asked about this in the past week and that the press secretary said this is a cynical political stunt. you heard president biden say that on thursday night and president biden is going down to florida next week for a rally. >> ron desantis will look at this as a win. we are talking about him. >> the democrats have decided to let this be the story lines a that in and of itself is a gamble because that's what desantis wanted. >> to your point i think this is on the flip side where to backfire on ron desantis because i talked to republican strategists this week while they
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say i don't feel sorry for people in martha's vineyard they say they are not economic migrants but fleeing a basically communist regime. and they're coming to america seeing the system as hopeful and with cuban migrants in miami, the experience they had and often aligned with the republican party. >> there's the part where in washington, chicago and new york they are calling this a crisis which seems to cut against the argument that democrats are making to voters that this country can handle immigration. >> it's the through line with all the cities and say it's a lack of coordination and department of homeland security said that can wreak havoc. they are not built to help these my grants. vulnerable people who have fled
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very difficult conditions and so the shelters in the cities aren't necessarily always equipped to meet the needs and what they are working on. >> this is something that i think is going to be a test of whether immigration actually ends up being a rising issue for voters but it is rising for republicans as it's always been. a maga republican admits that trump actually lost the election after he won the senate primary. will voters buy this abrupt reversal? in renewable energy, helping reduce cacarbon footprints, and big betsts on environmentaly conscious construction. citi has committed 1 trillion dollars in sustainable financing to help build a better future. because to reach net zero, it's going to take everything. ♪ ♪
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a broader electorate and some are trying to soften the edges. take in nerlens noel nerlens noel don boldoc saying that trump won the election and less than 24 hours after winning the nomination he said this. >> we, you know, live and learn. right? i have done research and come to the conclusion the election was not stolen. was there fraud? yes. and unfortunately president biden is the legitimate president of this country. >> hans nichols of axios is joining us at the table. i'll let "the boston globe" speak here. they say how dumb does he think voters are? really? >> the senate candidate in
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nerlenew hampshire has a late primary and hard to pivot back. all politicians do it. maybe not as brazen as that. i'll say live and learn. >> so funny took like 12 hours? >> 12 hours. >> anyone to try to pivot back to the general is better served in a state with the primary in may and june. republican strategists that really want to win new hampshire say it is late and probably not going to work but we'll see in new hampshire. the test is how much outside money goes in that state. >> this is also about those people that amy is obsessed with and i love which is independent voters. new hampshire is a favorite place for politics because not just the presidential primary but a congressional delegation going back and forth with the
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political winds because it's a true swing state where the independent voters make a difference. do they buy this? i'm skeptical. republicans in washington are skeptical that he can win and in the state establishment. i think he does have some consultants in d.c. in the you want to win, you have to do this. >> she is pro new hampshire and not iowa? >> i think -- iowa has a special place in my heart. >> it is not just new hampshire. it is also blake masters in arizona trying to scrub abortion from the record. dr. oz taking off the trump endorsements. people are trying to make that pivot but this is about some of the -- you can stop a random
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person on the street and understand election deniers. it is hard to erase that. >> in some ways yes but in other ways and the people at this table in politics it's hard to believe that there are people just tuning in or haven't tuned in at all. in the background for them and what's driving the vote choice is what's happening in their lives right now. are we spending the next six weeks talking about election denier january 6. whatever else is coming out of mar-a-lago and boabortion or talking about immigration and the republicans. if you're the republicans you hope it's the latter. watching the ads since labor day started the word inflation and
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biden in almost every single one and the approval rating in the states you mentioned is fantly underwater. is it going to work in an era where people are saturated for six weeks with the money that hans was pointing out? the senate races now, the amount of money is mind blowing. this is stuff a presidential campaign wouldn't have spent four years ago. i'm sorry for the people in those states. you will never turn on a device. >> we'll be talking about more in the show what you teased but one thing looming over this and difficult for republicans to keep the focus on the economy is the fact that former president trump is out there. he was in ohio last night. and "the new york times" had a great piece this week saying
5:20 am
that trump has been showing up basically uninvited at some rallies. whether he is invited or not. he keeps holding rallies in battleground states where the candidates hold calls to strategize on dealing with calls from trump saying i'm coming. >> we know from watching the trump rallies 99% of the time it's not about the candidates. it is about donald trump himself. we saw that in ohio last night. i'm sure in north carolina this week campaigning for the candidates down there but the focus is on donald trump and why you see the candidates in the swing races feel that he is not very beneficiary and you have people like dr. oz saying i would have voted to certify the election and didn't make donald trump happy but it's a stamp to see for sometime.
5:21 am
we talk about president biden's approval ratings. donald trump's is underwater by double digits. >> can you re-run 2020 and 2022? >> swing states hope so. >> the states that democrats need to hold the senate are states that biden narrowly won. i said could you imagine if for the last two weeks donald trump could do the election denier but then just close with economy, biden, disaster, ged rid of them all. right? make that the pitch. how many times through the -- if only more strategic. >> how many times will republican strategists go down that road wishing trump is not who he is but it is overshadowed by the other stuff that comes before it and i think a question
5:22 am
in the senate races where he is endorsing candidates, georgia, pennsylvania, these are potentially wentible races but having a little bit of a tough time. >> they are. there's a couple exceptions. the candidates matter in a way they don't in house races but if it's a choice between joe biden and donald trump they are more likely to win. right now with the way that things have been going with trump and mar-a-lago and the rallies it is a choice between trump and biden. as a republican strategist they say to us if trump could be on message it would be so great. he won't. they are stuck. >> we will dig in more because democrats now think that maybe
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for months republicans were sure that they would be surfing a red wave to majorities in congress but with 51 days to go democrats think they are back in the game. president biden's fortunes are changing. approval rating is up 9 points since july in "the new york times" poll. with favorable marks by democrats this week he celebrated two big wins. >> i am very pleased to announce a tentative labor agreement between the railroad workers and
5:28 am
the railway companies. this is a big win for america. single most important legislation in the congress to combat inflation and a significant law in my view. >> but here's one thing that the democrats can't shake. stream of bad economic news from rising mortgage rates and warnings of a worldwide recession. this week a near miss on a labor strike potentially that could have derailed the economy but biden averted it and things generally trending in his direction, inflation numbers not but the others making democrats feel like this might be a weird midterm year to outrun the economy? >> seems like mostly aspiration on the house side.
5:29 am
nancy pelosi is obligated to say she can win the house. you don't meet many serious democrats that think they will win. >> including chuck schumer. >> very good point. >> look. the battleground is small in the house but they could minimize republican gains. >> that means that mccarthy has the gavel. doesn't make life easier to deal with the investigations. yes, he has a hard government funding, the debt ceiling to talk about down the line but the core of the power structure means investigative challenge. the senate i think is more of a jump ball and where biden's
5:30 am
numbers coming up probably do help. >> i am a little bit obsessed with just the weirdness of it all, a weird cycle in which there's a bit of a disconnect between now voters feel about the president and democrats writ large. those that disapprove of biden and not really but somewhat who will they support in the midterms, 44% say a democrat in congress. that is not all that typical. >> not normal for an at least six to ten years. those voters that disapprove of a president vote the other party's candidates and people who like the president vote for that party's candidate so this
5:31 am
group of people calling them the meh voters, i don't like or hate him but he's not the driving determinant of my vote. it is how i feel about the direction of the country. i think a big issue and a big reason why the president's numbers rebounded is doing better with democrats. look how badly he was doing in that "new york times" poll. historically low. i think the disapprovers are democrats. >> there's a combination going on. some is what biden is doing passing the inflation reduction act. student loan stuff helped with democrats. abortion primarily.
5:32 am
galvanized by the issue you look at the president and feel better about the fact there are democrats in charge. >> here's quotes are voters. one an oregon voter said i can barely leave my house over inflation. this is someone who thinks inflation is terrible but probably votes for democrats. one says what has taken place is unacceptable to me why they denied women the control over their own bodies. for some states and voters this abortion issue changed the calculus about how to make a decision on casting the ballot. >> right. a poll said if you take issues societal of aboertion rights an
5:33 am
democrats perform well among voters on an issue and why you see democrats on the defensive so much on abortion to get the base excited. i don't think there's persuasion of swing voters. closer to the midterming you will see voters go home to the parties but the more the president that you cans about the issues that matter, we talked about the 70% number. i can't imagine president trump with that kind of a rating with republicans. >> for the things that trump did kept the republican party today. biden bringing democrats home is huge. look at biden in detroit at an auto show earlier this week.
5:34 am
>> holding hands. no closer than that. we have come to will they campaign with biden to holding hands. >> see how many people in swing states want to hold hands. >> gretchen whitmer of michigan in a much more solid position than the swing state. >> the driver's state? >> all right. kicking you off. >> we are. the other group of voters who republicans and democrats fighting over since 2020. the voters who voted for trump in 2016 and biden in 2020. republicans were convinced in 2021 they had been rented. su sur ban voters that they on most issues support republicans and couldn't stand donald trump. now democrats say we'll get them back not talking about the
5:35 am
issues that were important to them like the economy, taxes, flas. we are talking about abortion and election denial and democracy. >> trump brings democrats home to the party and turns off independents to republicans. for women in the philadelphia or chicago suburbs with trump own the television more likely to vote -- >> the president's approval ratings at 42. >> better than it was. >> had you asked a republican strategist to go into the midterms with the president in the low 40s they would have taken that. but the overall environment is still bad, still favors republicans. that's why they like the chances in the house and they -- you
5:36 am
showed a few polls. it comes down to three states, georgia, nevada and pennsylvania. right? like republicans are not running away with it but they're in position. >> democratic strategist said to me we have gone from hopelessly pessimistic in may to reasonably competitive and i think that's a fair -- >> the smart strategists are not over the skis on this. thinks it puts them in the game but abortion or no abortion they have to answer for the economy. a calling for a nationwide abortion ban. why did he do it? why did he do it? we'll discuss next's high qualiy pasta and rice sides are now made with no artificial flavors or preservatives. knorr. taste for good. dry skin is sensitive skin, too. and it's natural. treat it that way
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most significant proposal by republicans in congress to curtail the procedure since roe versus wade was overturned. >> i think we should have a law at the federal level saying after 15 weeks no abortion on demand except cases of rape, incest and where to save the life of a mother. >> a republican strategist called it a disaster but is it? according to graham, graham believes according to a source that dana bash spoke to he needs to give the base something here and doesn't think it will work for republicans to ignore abortion saying you can't something with nothing. >> what i will say about what graham proposed is that it is within the mainstream of
5:42 am
opinion. the polling shows us that. americans are willing to tolerate some restrictions at a certain point. >> just to pause for a second to look at the numbers speaking to the point. six weeks into the pregnancy 74% of americans favor abortions to proceed. 15 weeks the number drops to 53%. at 24 weeks it flips. a majority say 65% say that abortion should be restricted at 24 weeks. >> the problem -- so he is in the mainstream and what republicans have trouble with is have been taking the far extreme position which is no abortions, no exceptions. but this would apply to blue states everywhere. he says nationally to make it
5:43 am
illegal. putting the fellow senators in a difficult place like in pennsylvania where abortion is illegal and don't seem to want to make the change. the party on the extreme edge. i think we have seen this is not tenable. >> he is doing what many republicans wished. >> yes. >> supporter chief justice wanted to do which was to the dobbs case coming that conclusion. 15 weeks is fine. states want a limit we are all for it. we at the supreme court won't overturn precedent why that's what we assumed would happen before the dobbs decision. >> instead the most extreme. roe protections in place democrats who supported no restrictions could be cast by republicans as extremists. now with the dobbs decision basically allowing the most extreme positions it is very,
5:44 am
very hard for republicans to cast themselves as anything else. >> it does strike me here that what we don't know is whether voters even want national legislation on this at all. maybe in mississippi and louisiana a 15-week abortion ban is well within the mainstream and don't know at the national level. republicans in washington when they were asked about what lindsey graham is doing they don't agree. >> this is an issue that people talk about but the campaign -- the election will be about the ridiculous inflation. >> i don't think there's anything at the national level for sure that comes to 60 votes. >> i support this going out to the states. laying with the the people to decide. >> to be fair the position prior to roe being overturned issing that for the states to decide. >> yeah.
5:45 am
the best line i heard on the graham move is someone privately saying he meant to be helpful. there's a southern bless his heartness to that. i don't know if it's two or three or six cycles. you can see the country getting to the consensus on 15 weeks. >> or 20. >> not this cycle. >> but 2024 it is there. >> you could see the country maybe coming to this consensus and why there's so many elections fought on this. >> completely undermines the republican argument is for states to decide. >> one thing with the timing, too, graham rolled out the bill on tuesday, same day a bad inflation report came out for
5:46 am
biden administration. what everybody was talking about was the abortion issue and splitting republicans. >> from a political perspective democrats will be making the argument that this is not all hypothetical anymore. a republican majority in the senate and house means abortion restrictions are coming. >> if we take back the house and the senate we will have a vote on the bill. >> in terms of scheduling i think they prefer that this be dealt with at the state level. >> bless his heart. >> definitely. >> biggest impact is that graham raised money for democratic candidates. that clip out there and seen this having it, so animating and the broader picture is democrat voters coming back home graham
5:47 am
is helping them come home and democrats to raise money. he saw rubio join him. it is rubio's position and didn't see the caucus but the end of the day -- >> passed a 15-week ban. >> yeah. >> hardest is nevada with abortion rights in the constitution and it gives -- given republicans in that state something to shield them from having to confront this to say i support what the voters of nevada voted on but this brings it back and allows democrats in the state to say whoa whoa whoa. remember. if you elect republicans they will overstate what is approved. >> i got to play this from nancy pelosi. take a listen. >> i think what you're seeing there is a conflict within the
5:48 am
republican party. those think that life begins at the candle light dinner the night before. >> she knows what it takes to use a wedge to her advantage. >> of course. she and mitch mcconnell so focused and good at electoral politics in the respective realms and know the way graham did this is a huge political problem for republicans. said very different things. they were saying the same thing. >> and nancy pelosi speaking directly to the democratic base knows how potent this is for them and how important for the turnout come this fall. next for us, is brittney griner closer to freedom? i spoke with her wife right
5:49 am
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this week a significant development for the families of two americans detained in russia. president biden held meetings at the white house on friday with cherelle griner, wife of wnba star brittney griner and with elizabeth whelen, the sister of paul whelen, a former marine. the u.s. government considers both of them wrongfully detained by russia. i first met cherelle griner in july. she told me in an interview she was deeply frustrated with the administration's response. >> i know you've had some conversations with the secretary of state and other officials, but you want to talk to president biden, right? >> absolutely. you know, he has that power. he is the person that ultimately will make that decision for b.g. to come home.
5:54 am
so when everybody else wants to tell me they care, i would love for him to tell me he cares. >> that meeting has happened. i spoke to cherelle griner on friday shortly after she left the white house, she told me that biden was genuine and honest about what the administration was trying to do buzz heend the sooerns. she said, quote, he's in a position where nothing is going to stop him from getting this done but he'll continue to see barriers along the way which is causing the elongation. it's not the fact that he isn't putting in the effort every day. among those barriers is this, a toxic relationship between russia and the united states amid a war in ukraine that isn't going russia's way. cnn reported earlier this year the biden administration put a prisoner swap deal on the table in exchange for biden and whelen. biden also suggested this week russia had been moving the goal post in those negotiations. cherelle griner telling me after meeting with biden, quote, i
5:55 am
don't think they've quite figured out exactly what russia wants in return for b.g. a key piece of this incredibly complex puzzle, earlier this year president biden met with the family of trevor reed, another american detained in russia about a month before he was released eventually in a prisoner swap. could this be the beginning of the end for both greiner and whelen? cherelle griner certainly hopes so. after meeting separately with biden on friday, elizabeth whelen pleaded with russia to, quote, engage in good faith with the biden administration. both families acknowledging, unfortunately, that the ball remains in russia's court. that's it for "inside politics sunday." don't forget you can listen to our podcast and download "inside politics" wherever you get your podcast. scan that qr code at the bottom of your screen. "state of the union" with jake tapper and dana bash starts next. thank you again for sharing your
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for decades, i've worked at the intersection of domestic violence and homelessness. so when prop 27 promised solutions to homelessness, i took a good, hard look. it's not a solution. 90% of the money goes to the out-of-state corporations who wrote it.
6:00 am
very little is left for the homeless. don't let corporations exploit homelessness to pad their profits. vote no on 27. breaking point. in a move critics call cruel, gop governors send migrants and a midterm message up north to blue states as cities struggle to cope. >> these are human beings. >> what do they need and is there any hope for true reform? i'll speak to new york's democratic mayor eric adams next and midterm message. with two months until the midterms, the gop splits on issues from election security to abortion. do they have a message that will win in the fall? republican senor


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