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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  September 18, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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continue to stream into westminster hall where the queen lies in state. among the world leaders paying respect joe biden with the first lady and final preparations for the funeral to begin tomorrow. katelyn collins and kate williams in london for this occasion. katelyn, president biden marking this historic moment in world history and poignant things to say when he was signing the condolence book. >> he did. he was talking about what it was like for him to interact with the queen -- >> katelyn, i apologize. looking at downing street right there with the new prime minister but it is right now a moment of silence and we'll take that, as well.
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[ a moment of silence ]
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[ silence ] >> all right. a beautiful picture of the palace of westminster where big ben was chiming the bells for a moment of silence to begin for the celebration of the late now queen elizabeth ii. tomorrow the funeral gets under
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way. back now to katelyn collins and kate williams. we saw the moment of silence recognized from downing street to hyde park where you could hear a little bit of the bell tolling. katelyn, the president of the united states is there. he paid tribute earlier today even remarking after signing that condolence book. >> people come to take in the moment of what this means and reflecting upon the queen's legacy and president biden himself did that earlier today. the first stop in london and went to see her lying in state as we you people waiting in line to do so. over a dozen hours in line.
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he signs the condolence book and talking about what it was like when he met her and described him as someone that reminded him of her mother. >> she was a same in person as the image. decent, honorable and all about service and our hearts go out to the royal family. king charles and all the family. it's a loss that leighs a giant hole and sometimes you think you'll never overcome it but as i have told the king she's going to be with him every step of the way, every minute, every moment. so it's to all the people of united kingdom our hearts go out to you. you were fortunate to have her
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for 70 years. >> why did she remind you of your mother? >> the way she touched and leaned over. she had that look like are you okay? anything that i can do for joy? what do you need? do what you are supposed to do. >> president biden talking about when he met the queen and hosted she for a private tea last year and with king charls. a phone conversation this week. tonight after signing the book he hosted president biden at buckingham palace where he talked about what this loss is like and what it means for him and reassuring him saying the queen is with you. >> how do you reflect on the moments that have coalesced in
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celebration of the queen? >> so many moving movement. yesterday the children there. the statements put out and the ordinary people in the queue queueing up to see her. they really are -- do want to show the gratitude to the queen and reflects a huge impact on so many lives. very few remember anything from her. secretary clinton on cnn last sunday and said that 9 in 10 people in the world born after the queen came to the thrown and really only q&a enthat people that remember and president macron at the reception said she
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is not your queen but the queen. >> thank you so much. of course checking in again because tomorrow into the funeral and continue to be moments of pomp and circumstance throughout the evening. now breaking news from puerto rico. the island is without power as hurricane fiona approaches and strengthened today. cnn's laila santiago joining us live from puerto rico and chad meyers. describe what's happening besides the fakct that there is no power. >> reporter: right. in terms of what to see out here we kobtd to see more and more wind and rain picking up. i have spoken to families who say rivers are starting to rise
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as well. lots of concerns coming to flash flooding and mud slides. but the island wide power out ands. i heard from the private company that runs power on this island and they're having issues with transmission lines and not safe to send crews out to assess the situation. lots of factors to see with the wind, the rain and what else -- there are feeling it -- >> we have our audio there with laila. chad in the weather center, already bad results and this storm is really just getting started. >> picking up strength.
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hilting the dominican republic tonight. all eyes have been on puerto rico radar. guess what happened when the power went out so did the radar. we have did newest picture. very, very heavy rainfall. catastrophic flooding expected. 100%. not one bit of power. 103 was the highest gust. 15 inches on top of what's falling between 4 and 6 and then hits heavy rainfall on puerto
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rico. surge of 1 to 3 feet. didn't have the time to gather strength and the surge of water but with winds 85 to 100. the waves will be deadly. get in the water the chances of some type of rip current very, very high and then a category 3. hoping for a turn. a few models say hole on a bit but still many days out. >> lrt. thank you so much. we'll go back to laila santiago. go ahead. >> reporter: yeah. sorry about that. chad talked antbout the concern where we are even though this is coming on the southwest portion of this island 100 by 35.
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i threw a lot of numbers at you but the private company that run it is power telling us it could take several datss to restore power with issues with transmission lines and not safe enough to work on them. this could take days to get power back to the citizens on this island. the timing is -- today i stood right here and reported when hurricane maria approached this island and that anxiety that people feel given the trauma that lingers. this is a family that we spoke to 30 muptds south of where we are right now. it is dark in the video with no power listen to the exchange she
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was a year without power after hurricane maria. [ speaking nonenglish ] i'm asking her if that's what she thinks about when the rain comes. she said, yes. she says every time with rain for three or four days they go weeks without power. a wind gust came in and that anxiety is palpable. we are not with them but i can imagine as the rir near them continues to rise that is what is very much playing a role for many on this island. watch -- >> all right. laila
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laila santiago. thank you. i think everyone gets the gist of it. tens of thousands are expected to line the street for queen elizabeth's funeral on monday. a better look at the security and the logistical challenges.
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injection site pain, headache, eyebrow, eyelid drooping, and eyelid swelling. tell your doctor about your medical history. muscle or nerve conditions, and medications including botulinum toxins. as these may increase the risk of serious side effects. see for yourself at irks with thousands expected to attend queen elizabeth's tomorrow security will be tight especially with the royal family foll following the coffin. nina desantis has more. >> reporter: these mourners are among 2 million expected to gather in london. overnight trains have been laid on to bring people from all over the country desperate to catch a glimpse of the monarch.
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for the capital's authorities balancing ceremony and safety is toughest test yet. thousands of officers are deployed a day. the queen's coffin is lying in state. air thanksgiving is suspended while the cortege made the journey there. ♪ and this is what they've come to see. britain's longest serving monarch. a moment in history that so many said they had to be part of. with the numbers comes high risk. >> the most realistic people is quite frankly yetting squashed.
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the national threat level is substantial. a terrorist attack is likely. terrorists are attracted to crowds. >> reporter: and then there's hundreds of dignitaries to con consider. they have been urged to limit the size of entourages. a most high profile being president biden. >> there's no doubt about it that the americans are demanding customers for security and recognize where the boundaries are. >> reporter: planning for protests is also inevitable. these help up blank canvass to highlight anti-monoartie. >> if they don't break the law it needs to be allowed to take
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pl place. i met the queen and certain that she would be here today advocating for rights to protest. >> reporter: the crowds are still coming. britain is prepping to ensure the sendoff goes as smoothly as possible. >> pomp and pageantry spanned the ten days of mourning for the queen 'she makes the final journey tomorrow. the queen will continue to lay in state until monday morning. the coffin will travel with an escort from the royal navy to westminster abbey. a funeral begins at 6:00 a.m.
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eastern. the coffin will depart and travel around the wellington arch and cut through the government district to the wellington arch. the queen will be driven 25 miles west of the capital to windsor castle there where the queen lived the last two years of life and then drive along the long walk where thousands will bid a final farewell. the king's troupe royal horse artillery will fire minute guns from the east lawn as the queen travels. a separate intimate service and the private staff will have in
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attendance and then the coffin committed to the royal vaultd. a private burial will be held monday evening and the queen will be buried in the memorial chapel with prince philip who she was married to for 73 years. it is a momentous event in world history. let's bring in two guests. good to see all of you ladies. >> thank you. >> there's so much to cover here. beginning with did funeral ceremonies marking an end to an extraordinary life why what are the thoughts on how to be recognized and bid adieu
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tomorrow? >> i think we are seeing now the degree to which she was a player on the world stage and took her country with her. the recognition that's coming in from individuals alm all around the world and the ceremonies are historic and the mourning is global. >> this is an extraordinary ten days. how do you expect to see people reacting tomorrow? >> well, i think how we saw people react after the one-minute silence is
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indicatetive. britain is put center stage with all of these dignitaries coming in. queen elizabeth would have been really pleased that britain is elevated so much because of this. everybody's looking toward britain. it is a great opportunity for world lead esches to get together to have quiet conversations. prince charles has helped facilitate with the meeting of 13 religious leaders he brought together. i think the new prince of wales said the same thing. i don't think even the queen would have realized what a massive impact this has on her subjects but the world stage to bring people together especially after tough times.
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>> i was confused hearing the moment of silence. so explain that feeling of exuberance after that moment of silence. >> there are many sides of greefr, respect there? let's be honest. the queen had a beautiful death. we have to meet our end. surrounded by family, planned how she could go, and look what she's done. all of those people cheering have pride in britain again. it is very difficult from the states seeing the stars in stripes. brits aren't quite like that. slightly embarrassed to pick up the country. i think. i'm sure we like to hold the light under bushel.
12:28 pm
everyone has come to pay homage to our queen so i think that's a celebration for britain, for the flag and the queen having brought the people together. >> yeah. thank you for that. i get it now. all right. juliet, to you. >> now for the buzzkill. >> i know. it is a downer but the reality. right? it is where we are every day all the time. huge throngs of people together and of course there are security threats. how does metropolitan police coordinate and also protecting the royals? all walks of life. this is an unbelievable task. >> it is remarkable. "operation london bridge" also included security.
12:29 pm
it is trained. this is a noticed event. we know what's happening. i was thinking to have the four cs problem. it is quite unique. a city and crowd to protect. company including the president of the united states and then the crown. each reich different security apparatus. a solution is shut it down. essentially when we hold or plan major events, think 0 after super bowl, even an olympics, you try to minimize the security foot footprint. the only solution is trying to control as much activity near all the different places with
12:30 pm
walking, driving, air threats. the combination. so the only real solution is what you are seeing which is london is loezed and will be protected. where there's no pretense that the city is going to move on in any capacity. >> the queen meant so much to so many. and we heard from president biden after signing the condolence book and talked about the respect for her service for country and felt like she was a lot like his mom and a cute story but what do you suppose they want the thoughts to be as they sign the come don ens book to express themselves? >> i think in many ways they
12:31 pm
want to be associated with the queen because she did come to stand for something far above the sovereign of one nation, one island. i think there is a feeling that s she really represent the difficult times so i think there's almost no one on earth who wouldn't orr no leader on earth wouldn't want a little of that luster to rub off? we have spoken about the security and the affection. the queue up to 24-hour queue for ordinary people and celebrities to view the queen
12:32 pm
has ooitsds become very british phenomenon. >> impressive. >> yeah. >> trisha, the royal family, they will be and have been on full display in the way they are honoring the queen and i wonder does the passing possibly shoift public opinion, perception of the cohesion of this coordination or even of the king? i have never seen him smile as much. not happy his mom is gone but seemed to open something for him seeing a different charles. >> i couldn't agree more. he gets to create his own per so no and role. people ask will he fill the
12:33 pm
queen's shoes? no. everyone defers to -- thinks of her like a mother figure. we have seen the english touchiness and can laugh about that and shaking hands and somebody handed him a pen saying you might need this. he could laugh at himself which is great. on another point everyone in the royal family is busy, busy, busy, busy. when you think of the miles, the minutes of people they reached to. they have been able to park the grief. i think after the funeral it is a very, very difficult and some mention of prince george the wales' 9-year-old going to the
12:34 pm
funeral. i don't know whether that's decided or not. a 9-year-old boy saying good-bye to his great grandmother who he was close to but not just a 9-year-old boy. what happens if you want to cry or suck your thumb? you have the world press looking at you. photographs to be around forever. once the funeral is over everything that we have seen the royals will have time to feel the queen's loss rather than commiserate with other people. she is not coming back. the moment you want to pick up the phone and talk to mommy and she is not there. >> i was talking to the team
12:35 pm
about this for the public body of people. they really cannot grieve out loud but then once all this is over once the public display is over the grief will be felt in a different way most certainly. while this is a very somber occasion it is enlightning for me and for people learning so much. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. isn't that right phil? sorry, i'm a little busy. what in the world are you doing? i'm in the metaverse, bundling my home and auto insurance. why don't you just do that in the real world? um, because now i can bundle in space. watch this. i still don't get it. save up to 25% when you bundle home and auto with allstate. click or call for a quote today.
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as republican governors send asylum seekers elsewhere the new york governor said they received 11,000 asylum seekers since may and is reaching the breaking point. what else did he say? >> that's right. he is asking the federal government to step up and help. eric adams is critical of the republican governors to coordinate and give a heads up. people have been arriving in new york city on daily. six buses this morning at port authority and yesterday. nearly 300 people yesterday alone. this is becoming a daily 0 kurnts in new york city in addition to martha's vin yards and in washington, d.c. where we see sigh grants dropped often in
12:41 pm
front of the vice president. >> home. they have to provide shelter, health care services for the migrants and local officials asking the federal government to help with the effort. >> gloria, thank you so much. in a new cnn report jake tapper goes one on one at 9:00 p.m. we'll be right back. we want to buy your r car so go to carvavana enter your license plate answer a few questions and our techno wizardry calculates your car's value and gives you a real offer in seconds when you're ready we'll come to you pay you on the spot and pick up your car that's it so ditch the old way of selling your car and say hello to the new way at carvana
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lives forever. i'm 75 now and i can't remember except the queen being there. it must have been so trouble for her being solitary. she was here. i think she carved her own role. she made a rule that she had to have private time and passions and public role and i think that is very important that the dowry is planned out so you know when you are on duty and got to do things and in scotland in august that was the moment where it was her enjoyment. although she was probably working with the red boxes throughout she could have the family to stay and do the things she loved. her real passion was racing.
12:47 pm
she was able to escape. she had to stop next door. go every day. work out the next meetings for the year. i think she always kept that as a private bit. you wouldn't dare question her or ark with her on how horses is bred or ran. i remember coming from here at clarence house to go to windsor the day i got married when i probably wasn't firing on all silders and putt on a pair of shoes with different heels. nothing i could do.
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hurricane fiona making landfall in puerto rico. the island is without power as sustained winds hit 85 miles per hour. live to puerto rico at the top of the hour. with just over 50 days until the high stakes midterm elections governor kemp and the democratic rival abrams are deadlocked in the race for georgia governor. eva mccann joining us now. what are the these candidates doing to separate themselves in
12:54 pm
these final weeks? >> good afternoon. governor kemp about to take the stage here in sandy springs. recently he is telling republican voters don't take the foot off the gas conceding that democrats outworked the republicans in this state so telling the voters don't take anything for granted. so many issues including the inflation or the economy or reproductive access in this care and medicaid expression. stayty abrams making this core to the argument to expand in the state and governor kemp rejecting that. listen. oh. we are not getting that sound
12:55 pm
right now. also of importance is the race for senate. warnock, his competing against his republican rival herschel walker. it could determine the balance of power in washington. back to you. >> thank you so much. thank you for joining me today. we continue with jim acosta with the latest on hurricane fiona right after that. ♪ don't stop me ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪ ♪ h having a good time ♪ ♪ i''m a shooting star leaping through the sky ♪ ♪ like e a tiger ♪ ♪ defying the laws of gravity ♪ ♪ don't stop me now ♪ ♪ 'cause i'm having a good time ♪ ♪ i don't wanna stop at all-l-l ♪
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you're live in the cnn newsroom. we do begin with breaking news this hour. hurricane fiona had made landfall of puerto rico and the entire island without power. the storm lashing the island with wind gusts up to 100 miles per hour. it could take several days until power is restored. look at this. this landslide that we got


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