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tv   CNN Newsroom With Jim Acosta  CNN  September 18, 2022 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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you're live in the cnn newsroom. we do begin with breaking news this hour. hurricane fiona had made landfall of puerto rico and the entire island without power. the storm lashing the island with wind gusts up to 100 miles per hour. it could take several days until power is restored. look at this. this landslide that we got
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pictures of and the storm is still going strong. chad meyers is standing by with the latest on the track but we begin with laila santd ysantiag on the scene for us. >> reporter: on the southwest part of the island hurricane fiona made landfall. we are dealing with rains and wind gusts and flash flooding right now on the ground. but the big story in terms of impacts to the u.s. citizens on the island is there is an island wide power outage going on for an hour and they don't expect that -- power as this natural
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disaster comes in. the timing here is part of the story. remember nearly five years ago to the day i stood here as hurricane maria left the island without power for months. the video is dark because there's no power but listen to the exchange. [ speaking nonenglish ] she says when the power goes out she gets real anxious and tense and worried. she is worried what she will find at her house. >> reporter: the governor saying that mud slides are part of the concern and urging everyone to stay home and days until we
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expect power to be restored. jim? >> you were there for hurricane maria and will be on top of it. long night in the dark for people in puerto rico. chad meyers, what can we expect? it looks like the dirty side of the storm is pummelling puerto rico. >> it is. every storm has a personality. some are surge storm makers. this is a flash flood machine with 15 to 20 inches of rain on top of the island. all of these red boxes flash flood warnings. the gauges are higher than ever in areas. you know it.
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100% of the island without power. 103 mile per hour wind gusts. it's been called landfall but for many, many hours the norp part of the eye wall was right on shore. just pounding the area. the weather service putting out a statement that catastrophic flooding is expected so this is the rain maker that we talk about. not a salt water generating storm maker. for now not heading near the u.s. but close call for bermuda. thinking about the folks in
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puerto rico tonight. thank you. joined by thomas van esen, the former new york city fire commissioner. tom, the entire island of puerto rico lost power before hurricane fiona made landfall. americans are dealing with serious conditions. what does this tell you about the days ahead? >> it tells me that the poor people suffer from this stuff. the wealthy people make it work but the poor people have no way to work the refrigerator, medicines, the food goes bad. shelters are always what a shelter is. great in an emergency and don't want to stay there long and the
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power company was -- i remember the governor saying think of the worst corporation is this is worse. haven't changed much i guess. different people and names. but it is the same basic premise of political corruption and favoritism. members of families working in these places without the expertise. i hope those that get done and seems outrageous. before the storm hits they are out of electricity. >> you led the recover ri five years ago. but i'm guessing there are some big parts of puerto rico still
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dealing with what happened after maria. what are the biggest concerns? >> takes so long to get things back. the main lines go through the hills there and if they are damaged they don't have the ability to get the other sections up and running. a biggest problem is so much area relying on other areas. with smaller local systems you couldn't lose the whole island. a storm across on a coast and doesn't mean that the whole other coast will be out. the system is old. it needs major changes and tinker with it but not doing what they need. just takes so long. really criminal for poor people.
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>> all right. tom, thank you very much. now to the united kingdom where in one day queen elizabeth ii will be laid to rest ahead of the spectacular good-bye a national moment of reflection. 60 seconds of silence. the public viewing of the queen will end. thousands stood in the mile's long line waiting and more than
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million people expected to witness the state funeral in london. world leaders are beginning to arrive. president biden paying the respects. from there they headed to buckingham palace for a reception by king charles iii. joining me is christiane amanpour and david axelrod. when we look at the images of people waiting hours just to have the few seconds in front of the queen's coffin how important is this? people coming together to mourn. >> i think you put your finger on it. beyond that it rises so far above the daily hustle and
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bustle ian tlis and deep partisanship that people embraced this and as you can see it is nonstop 24/ 7. hopefully the people get through by 6:30 a.m. local time when they will close it to prepare the coffin to get on to the gun carriage taken to the funeral service. >> david, president biden made remarks about the queen. let's listen to that. >> as i have told the king she is going with him every step of the way, every minute, every moment. that's a reassuring moment. >> why did she remind you of your mother? >> the way she touched when she leaned over. she had that look like, are you
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okay? anything i can do for you? what do you need? and then also, make sure you do what you're supposed to do. >> president biden you knew him as vice president, he is good at playing the consoler in chief and now on the world stage. >> yeah. there's no doubt. he draws on his experience. experienced great loss in his life. people would line up to share the burdens with him because he was so good to empathizing with the sense of loss so yes he is good in these situations and all the american presidents, i know the ones i know, had great affection for the queen.
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which is she was an extraordinarily gracious person who radiated character and concern in a way that touched everyone. >> give us a size of the scope and of what we'll see tomorrow. is there anything to compare it to? most people around the world haven't seen anything like this. >> i think you're absolutely right. i have seen top level funerals but nothing like this. i had been to king of jordan on the throne for 47 years and president clinton was coming with a large american delegation. the prime minister of israel, egypt. all the countries that jordan had made peace with, with israel. all the other countries that
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came and the heads of state walked behind the cortege during that funeral, walking to pay the respects and here you have seen the enormous arrival from dignitaries and as we have seen the live streams you have seen a number of dignitaries, pemp perhaps many, many with kings and queens and the presidents including middle eastern rule everies coming to watch. half the time they don't know that they are there. as you said there's going to be potentially a couple million people descending on the city. they have big scenes in the parks and the parts of the ik and northern ireland, scotland
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and wales. cinemas own to show the events on the big screens. live streamed. and as you know of course cnn will broadcast it. it's the biggest security operation that the british had to deal with going beyond the olympics of 2012 and anything previously. >> david, there's a great story about the first time president obama met the queen and wanted to give her a n ipod. can you tell us about that? >> he wanted to giver her a gift to be meaningful. he knew she was a fan of musical
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theater. they loaded the ipod with tunes of musical theater and apparently greatly appreciated the gift. they had a good relationship. the president and mrs. obama at buckingham palace i think three times they and their children and mrs. obama visited and got wonderful treatment and there was a special relationship. striking to me as an am watchin this. british politics are divided and it's so interesting to me to see the shared experience that they find. people finding each other and with a sense of loss at a time with few things drawing us
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together and moving to see. >> we heard the new queen consort pay tribute to the queen. let's listen to that. >> she has part of our lives forever. i'm 75 now. and i can't remember anybody except the queen being there. it must have been so difficult for her being a solitary woman. there weren't woman prime ministers or presidents. i think she carved her own role. >> i'm trying to think of the last time that i heard the queen consort speak where i heard her voice but she said the queen took the throne when there weren't female prime ministers or presidents. what will she remembered for the
1:17 pm
most? >> probably that. remarkable thing for a woman to be at a high level for so long and had an inspiring effect for women. nobody could aspire to be queen but a woman could do this job and the prime minister, the former prime minister may told me that that was her inspiration. she did inspire women and we will not have another queen for generations. three males in succession. and i think that is something that a lot of women are talking about. i think that hearing what you and david said about the politics and i have heard people say that we could have spun off
1:18 pm
as to as divided as the united states but the queen kept a lid on the outrageous undemocratic behavior. i think that that has been appreciated and she is as i go around and cycled around and saw the queue today and people saying what we are doing now in this moment is fulfilling what the queen herself talked about in 2019 believing in the tried and true methods of civility. trying to come to a common understanding. and show hoped that that would continue. we have seen it the last ten days. >> president biden has to forge a new relationship. what advise would you give? >> look. those are separate issues.
1:19 pm
i'm sure that he'll have a convivial relationship with the king. the relationship with the uk is important. there are some on which there is not relative to brexit and northern ireland and meeting at the general asosembly later thi month and see where it goes but there's a real impetus to try to make the work. >> all right. thank you very much. excellent discussion join the cnn team from london as the world remembers queen elizabeth ii. our live coverage of the state funeral tomorrow at 5:00 a.m.
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schwaaab! learn more about personalized indexing at schwab today. over 100 members of the national guard activated. lawyers calling for a federal criminal investigation in massachusetts. and unlikely front in an ugly mig migrant stand offer. trks sents migrants to new york city. here's what mayor adams told cnn. >> this is as stated a humanitarian crisis created by human hands and an all hands on deck moment to come together and
1:25 pm
coordinate. coordination in a crisis is something to do together. >> let's bring in cnn political commentator van jones and barbara comstock. we heard the mayor talking about how at the very least they don't get the coordination with the governors before the migrants are dropped off why what do you make of what they are up to? >> it is shameful. there is a way to handle this. we need more immigration and not less. it would help with inflation and everything else. unfortunately there is a complete break down and you need for someone like desantis to convene the governors.
1:26 pm
use a bipartisan group to do more and coordinate it. they are just doing the stunts and the ambushes to score political points and so it's actually -- they are i would say using or pimping the pain of the border towns that need help and making the political grand gestures is disgusting. >> what do you think, barbara? this is not a solution to put people on a plane or a bus. why not offer solutions like van is saying? >> ironically charlie baker of massachusetts made the very point that van was just making saying we need workers in massachusetts and thanked the fellow republican governor desantis for sending the free
1:27 pm
help to massachusetts because they need service workers as so many states do and need to have a solution to immigration. we need to have immigration reform. in 2018 when many republicans, a republican from florida, will heard from texas, when they came together and i supported them to have immigration reform it was a bill that donald trump even said he would sign and ron desantis opposed it. i think a great thing for president biden would be to convene people like charlie baker and will heard and call the bluff of governors like desantis saying let's sit down with charlie baker.
1:28 pm
let's bring them together on the border and work on the solutions that the people wanted to work on, get the chamber of commerce who wants a solution on immigration. we need nurses, more legal immigration in this country. i think you would find republicans who want to help in that regard. >> people in both parties to treat the my grapnts humaneely. >> they're asylum seekers. we should be and would find republican governors and members of congress to support that. >> van, former president trump held a rally last night for jd
1:29 pm
vance and that is what that looks like these days. >> "the new york times" did a fake story today. big front page. jd wasn't sure if he wanted the support. jd is kick kissing my ass. said bad things before he knew me and then he fell in love. >> conventional wisdom say they help democrats in november. are you worried that the party -- that your party needs to get as enthusiastic as the trump rallies have gotten? some were strange last night but they see a path through m motivating the base. >> the better that is for
1:30 pm
democrats. an amazing thing for usually when you have the crime and economic problems that you have you want it to be a referendum on biden. the reason that trump is showing up is because jd vance is not doing well and basically donald trump thinks he is throwing a life ramp but it is an anvil. he is kissing my you know what. might be great for a rally. not great for an election. the more that trump wants to be the center the better for democrats. >> was that helpful to vance at all? >> i thought that was an inkind contribution to the democrat. it was humiliating. that rally last night was a qanon fest.
1:31 pm
it was playing the strange qanon music and bowing to this -- i think marjorie green was talking about the one true leader and not well attended. i think this is a dying -- the last gasp of a dying cult. not the -- i do think this is an embarrassment. if i were vance a shell of a person bowing and scraping to somebody who he rightfully attacked just a few years ago in the statements are out there publicly and the best thing for tim ryan to put the prior s statements attacking donald trump and donald trump saying he is kissing the orange one now.
1:32 pm
that is not a man that you want to have in the u.s. senate because it is not someone to stand up for ohio but somebody to be kissing the guy in mar-a-lago and bowing and scraping to whatever he wants. >> van, democrats are leaning into the abortion issue. california governor newsom has been leading the charge on this putting up bill boards in seven red states saying things like texas doesn't own your body. you do. is this smart politics? >> i think it is and sincere. he is a believer in women's rights and the right to choose. i think it is cutting for democrats. the republican party is so extreme on the issue.
1:33 pm
most people are still where bill clinton was in the '90s. want abortion to be safe and legal and rare. going out there saying that rapists have to have the child of the rapists and the no exception and hear the horrific stories and they don't have the character and the judgment and running to the extremes so i think that democrats are now becoming a safe harbor for people to say at least let the very difficult decisions be handled with some grace and nuance here so i think that -- i appreciate what gavin is doing. >> what do you think? have republicans overreached on this issue? >> i think the problem is that the republicans' message is very mixed epa highlighted this week
1:34 pm
by lindsey graham talking about a national bill when republicans have said that when the dobbs case was decided it would be returned to the states and republicans had been for obvi obviously exceptions. that had been my speexperience n i was in congress and the state house and compromise and then have seen the extremes and as van discussed. so because of the mixed messaging and extreme candidates and many -- many men who didn't know what they were talking about is a problem and so i think the mixed messages driven away independents and democrats when republicans in order to win back congress and the swing districts and states needed to
1:35 pm
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new details on a member of congress who sought a pardon unsuccessfully. matt gaetz is being investigated as part of a probe into sex
1:40 pm
trafficking allegations and now learning that the republican congressman had conversations with white house officials. cnn anna gear is following this. he has not been charged with a crime. what can you tell us? this is very interesting. we had heard in the january 6 investigation allegations made that members of congress seeking pardons. what can you tell us? >> woef known that gate among republicans seeking a presidential pardon before donald trump left office and didn't know the details and now half new reporting by first "the new york times" we know that gaetz seeking a pardon relating to the department of justice investigation into allegations of sex trafficking and this is something that he was actually concerned about coming from
1:41 pm
testimony that was given to the house select committee investigating january 6 from a former white house aide testifying to this to the committee and how we know about this conversation. >> the members of the committee as they were exploring this asking who wanted the pardons. that's interesting. the -- what else is the committee revealed about seeking pardons? >> this is a thread that the committee is pursuing for a while. a number of republican members of congress seeking pardons. but gaetz is not only the republican member of congress seeking a pardon before donald trump left office. month brooks of alabama, andy
1:42 pm
bigs, scott perry and lou wi gohmert. of course trump never did issue the pardons. >> all right. thank you. we appreciate it. we will be right back.
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get two pairs of sofia vergara frames plus a free exam for $89.95 for a limited time at america's best. book an exam online at speaking of duos, i hope she checks her mentions. almost done... and... post. modern day torture chambers found in ukraine. the president of ukraine said more than ten chambers found in kharkiv saying the russians dropped the devices and fled. ukraine takes back territories from troops. >> reporter: ukrainian forces continue to gain more ground in the kharkiv region although at a slower pace than the laths two weeks while russian forces
1:48 pm
trying to dig new defensive lines. they say they want to restore services in the liberated areas while efforts continue to exhume bodies outside izium and showing journalists what they say are russian prisons with torture rooms. this area under bombardment. saturday morning missiles slammed into an industrial site here in kharkiv epa nearby a russian barrage killed a 11-year-old girl. i'm ben wedeman, cnn, from kharkiv. stunning video as an
1:49 pm
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a desperate search for survivors is underway in southeastern taiwan after a powerful 6.9 magnitudeearthquak morning. right now, nearly 700 people are stranded on two separate mountains after the quake blocked roads. at least one person was killed.
1:54 pm
this 5-year-old girl and her mother were rescued earlier after a building collapsed on top of them. take a look at that video there. and then take a look at this dramatic video that was captured. a gymnasium roof collapsing in realtime as people were running for their lives. just look at that video there, just extraordinary. this earthquake has leveled buildings and taiwan's president is asking residents to stay alert for potential aftershocks. there it is, that image one more time. this week, cnn's hero is an english high school teacher in new jersey when he sprung into action when he realized that kids did not have easy access to books that teachers were struggling to provide. >> so many of us have heard about food deserts, but there are also these things called book deserts, areas where people just don't have access to books. there are pockets of poverty where they don't have them in their homes. there are no libraries. in the great forest, a little elephant is born.
1:55 pm
his name the bebar. >> the most important tool that they get are words. and there are some kids who grow up hearing lots and lots of words, because they're read to every single night. kids living in book deserts don't have that. and so reading and books helps level that playing field. >> very good stuff. this was a great haul. >> giving kids books almost ensures academic success. what we do is irrigate book deserts, but pouring hundreds of thousands of books in. >> first grades, you'll probably want the picture books. >> reporter: teachers are the best distributors of books that we have. we are improving lives, one book at a time. >> for the full story, go to coming up, we continue to follow the breaking news out of puerto rico, where hurricane ff fiona has just made landfall. the entire island is without power at this hour. we'll be a live report, next.
1:56 pm
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and now, introducing, the best price for two lines of unlimited. just $30 per line. there are millions of happy campers out there. and this is the perfect time to join them... add a line to your existing plan, or see for yourself how easy it is to save by talking to our helpful switch squad at your local xfinity store today. you are live in the "cnn newsroom." i'm jim acosta in washington and we begin with breaking news. hurricane fiona has officially made landfall and is battering the southwest coast of puerto rico. heavy rainfall and winds gusting to over 100 miles per hour are now slamming the island. and the entire island of 3 million americans is under a


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