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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  September 22, 2022 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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>> all right. thanks . a bruising legal 24 hours for donald trump and a bizarre new defense. i'm john berman with brianna keilar. overnight the department of justice scored a win in the fbi's search of mar-a-lago. overnight a reverse and investigators will be allowed to use some documents in their criminal probe. neither the special master nor trump's team will have access to them. part of the reasoning was the trump team has never produced any documents that the documents
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were declassified. on that subject overnight, trump offered a, frankly, odd defense. >> if you're the president of the united states you can declassify by saying it's declassified. even by thinking about it. because you're sending it to mar-a-lago or wherever you're sending it and there doesn't have to be a process. there can be a process but there doesn't have to be. you're the president. you make that decision. so when you send it, it's declassified. i declassified everything. >> he seems to be creating a new security category. declassified in his mind. more on that in a moment. in new york, trump, his children and empire accused of fraud over the value of his properties for more than a decade. the new york attorney general wants the trump organization dissolved. also trump is facing a new
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sexual battery lawsuit from eg carroll, who accused him of raping her in a department store in the mid '90s. genie thomas, wife of clarence thomas, has agreed to sit down for an interview with the january 6th house committee. >> let's bring in caitlyn to talk about the new developments here. trump losing the special master review issue, which is quite a defeat for him. and the judge ruling that the doj can continue the mar-a-lago probe here. what more are we learning? >> everything donald trump was trying to do here about the heart of this investigation, these 100 or so documents marked as classified, he's not going to get to do. the appeals court is rejecting everything the trump team tried to do here and much of the ruling from judge eileen cannon,
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a trump appointee. and on this appeal panel were two trump appointed judges. his team was saying that trump should be able to keep everything, even what was deemed classified. and his team saying the fact that trump was under investigation was hurtful to him. they should put the brakes on it. the appeals court came back, no, that doesn't make sense. that's not a good enough reason, the possibility that you could be under investigation for us to pause the whole thing. finally on the declassification issue, are you that decl declassified, classified, the court wrote it's a red herring. right now they're marked as classified, they appear to be national security secrets that the executive branch should keep control over, has to tread
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carefully who gets to see them. the appeals court wrote we cannot discern why the plaintiff, donald trump, would have an individual interest in or need for any of the 100 documents with classification markings. a person may have access to classified documents only if he has a need to know the information. this requirement is equal to presidents, unless the administration chooses to waive that requirement. at this point there's no reason why donald trump and his team should be able to look at this. perhaps trump can appeal to the supreme court. >> two of these three judges trump appointed, correct? >> yes. >> separately the wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas and also a conservative activist, who was talking to a lot of state officials in their efforts to overturn election results, she's going to talk to
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the january 6 house committee. what do they want to talk to her about? >> she came up in this january 6th investigation that the house has been doing because she was texting mark meadows, the white house chief of staff not just generally or as an activist. but specifically in the election, in wanting to find fraud, block the result of the election. the committee has been interested since reviewing the mark meadows text messages. so she's going to sit down with them. a new look at the former president's unusual business practices. according to reporting obtained by cnn from a book by maggie haberman. trump was once paid for a business transaction with gold bars wheeled into his trump tower apartment. and she reports he faced more
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precarious positions than realized. >> author of the trump's three generations of a builder and a president are here. jeremy, tell us more about what we've learned here in these revelations. >> it's interesting, especially on the heels of what we're hearing from the new york attorney general in terms of the president overvaluing, according to that attorney general, hundreds of assets by billions of dollars. now we're learning of several additional practices by the president, including some colorful ones like the one john described former president trump in his business dealings was allegedly paid for several leases in cash and in one instance gold bars, gold bricks to cover a lease on a parking garage in manhattan that trump owned at the time.
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according to haberman, trump directed the chief operating officer of trump organization and former security guard to wheelbarrow those bars to his trump tower apartment. trump denies this we should note, calling it a, quote, fantasy question. but it is just one of a series of revelations about these questionable eyebrow raising business practices that trump engaged in during his business practices. >> a wheelbarrow. what more can you tell us about this mob connection or interaction? >> trump acknowledges to haberman, anybody that built in new york, they existed. his connection to the mob, he was in business, whether it was construction, real estate, casinos, the mob was involved in that in new york city in the '80s and '90s in particular,
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that's documented. but the question is in terms of overvaluing his assets. she writes that trump's financial situation was more precarious than appeared. in fact, trump borrowed money from one of his executives. this is the executive ross, who said that it was to quote cover a situation that was disposed of very quickly not to cover payroll expenses. not clear exactly what that is. and then there's this instance that trump was more involved than previously known in misleading the securities and exchange commission in 1999 as it relates to misleading earning statements, trump denied he was involved in this misleading statement uncovered in 1999 but alan markus told haberman that trump marked up the draft and made predictions rosier than they were.
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certainly that lines up with the behavior that the new york attorney general has alleged. >> who hasn't been paid with a wheelbarrow of gold bars. i want to ask about the new york attorney general lawsuit, which appears to be significant with significant data backing it up. where does this rank? how does this compare to the other legal scrutiny that donald trump has been under that you covered so much over the years? >> if i were him, i'd be pretty nervous. she's got dozens of interviews. she alleges 200, i believe, violations of law. she's got a lot of documentation. >> in what way does it differ from the types of things he has been, again under scrutiny before. sat for a bunch of depositions before, this one, though, he took the fifth. >> he took the fifth. since it's a civil case, taking the fifth, jurors are allowed to
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see some implication in that, as opposed to a criminal case where you're not supposed to make anything of it. >> what about the kids? how much do you think it concerns him that his three adult children are part of this? >> well, he seems to think anybody with the last name trump is, you know, a little better than anybody else so i'm sure he's very concerned, absolutely. >> how do you think this will shape the decisions he makes going forward, whether it's deciding to run for president, anything else he might be considering going forward? >> his denial machine so that in a sort of, let's use a homely cookie jar analogy. i didn't put my hand in the cookie jar, it wasn't my hand, wait it was my cookie jar anyway. he has that response so it'll be a battery of those responses, of course much more violent than
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that. violent, but anyway, much more passionate than that. and lattorney general james doe not look like she's going to be moved by any of that. new this morning, more than 1,300 people have been detained in cities across russia in a crackdown on anti-war protests. just a sample of how putin's planned mobilization of some 300,000 reservists is playing out in moscow, st. petersburg and beyond. nick paton walsh reports from ukraine. >> reporter: really the day in which the rubber hits the road for putin's high stakes gamble. i should point out for ordinary ukrainians the siren you're hearing now is the sign that the constant bombardment continues in front line areas.
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but people waking up in moscow they are seeing the potential of people they know who are not in the army being asked to go to the front line here. so we are seeing ticket sales, men trying to get out of russia. seeing protests and possible as many as 1,300 people arrested around those protests. when they chant no to the war this is after 6 months of the war and possibly the thing that put them on the streets is the fact that ordinary russians who haven't been impacted are going to be rushed to the front. russia hasn't overcome the problem, how do they supply people on the front line, equip those new recruits and come up with an effective strategy that means these lives aren't potentially wasted in poor decision making on the front line. but ukrainian president volodymyr zelenskyy wasting no time during a speech with the united nations general assembly calling for russia to be stripped of veto power
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suggesting the diplomacy russia is suggesting is to slow down their retreat. the winter is certainly coming and it's unclear as to whether this partial mobilization will affect any change on the battlefield. though there has been a remarkable success by ukraine overnight. while talk was on partial mobilization in russia, they affected a prisoner exchange where the god father to putin's child and a key player in ukraine politically before the war, arrested by the ukrainians in april as a collaborator with russia, he was swapped for 200 soldiers who were at the steel planet. remarkable pictures as they come back to ukraine, their families, and ukraine celebrates those as heroes while russia gets back
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one influential individuals. these four referendums coming they're likely to declare they want to become part of russia and that puts pace as the key question on the battlefield, can ukraine change what's happening before winter, before russia decides to change its battlefield tactics or use the new recruits. >> thanks to nick paton walsh. we'll have new reporting coming up at 7:00 about the russian military and their strength as they try to bolster their forces for this invasion of ukraine. after suggesting the sandy hook massacre was a hoax for years, alex jones prepares to take the stand at his civil trial. the federal reserve raising interest rates to the highest level in 14 years. how the latest boost might help tame inflation. also this -- >> that is growing anger in iran
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with mcafee plus, you can enjoy life online confidently because safety has a feeling all its own. so the federal reserve making history, approving a 75 basis point hike for the third consecutive time this year, they've never done three in a row. this is the highest the fed rate has been since 2008. federal reserve chair powell said the move was needed to fight inflation even if that means pain for americans nationwide. >> if we want to set ourselves up, light the way to another period of a very strong labor market, we have to get inflation behind us. i wish there were a painless way to do that, there isn't. >> with me now christine romans
3:19 am
and rahel solman. 75 three times in a row and not just that, he said there's more. >> there's more coming. jerome powell, mild mannered economist probably holds more control over your standard of living than anyone else in the world right now because jacking up these interest rates is going to be felt in your home loan, car loan. the jobless rate essentially, they want to see the jobless rate rise a little bit so they can kill this terrible entrenched inflation. so this is a big deal that means money in your pocket, your 401(k), your standard of living. it's really historic and more is coming because inflation is still too hot. the job market is still too strong and the fed has admitted there's more work to be done. >> i want to draw your attention to the chart which showed interest rates at 2.5. after yesterday they're actually higher than three, and we learned yesterday they're probably going to be closer to
3:20 am
4, 4.5%, perhaps even 5, according to some projections next year. to christine's point what we have seen, we're going to see more of, which means that credit card rates could continue to two up, which means that auto loans could continue to go up, so people at home you want to prepare for that, if you can transfer your balance on your credit card, you want to do that. the labor market could be changing, seeing job vacancies, less demand for workers. that's something as a worker you want to be mindful of making career decisions because this is not just something we'll deal with today, probably not next year but probably years to come in terms of the aftermath. >> credit card debt is going to kill you as the rates go up. jerome powell and the fed for years has said the target rate is 2%. why is that magical? >> you don't want it less than that because you don't deinflation.
3:21 am
you don't want much more than that because you don't want consumer behavior to change. 2% is the goldilocks number all the banks have that target. we're far away from 2%. 8.3% cpi in august. we've seen gas prices declining, that's good on household budgets week over week. but inside the cpi numbers we've seen spreading out of prices. that's worrisome. >> in addition to inflation becoming entrenched, the fed is also concerned about a wage price spiral. if you, john berman, or christine or myself, start to think that 8% inflation will be around for years maybe we go to our boss and say, i need an 8% raise. >> i'm not doing that right now. >> nor am i. >> well played. but you know, you might start to think i need an 8% raise because
3:22 am
i'm going to have to deal with this 8% inflation for years and that becomes a harder problem to solve because perhaps employers start to pass it to consumers, so it's a vicious cycle. >> that's one thing for people that's hard to wrap their heads around. you think as an individual worker i want to be paid more. but a macro sense, the trends are tough, it will hold the economy back. >> the job market remains strong. they were talking less about the unemployment rate but more about the quits rate. people who can quit and get a job at a higher pay. and also there are two available vacancies, that's a big number he's worried about showing how tight it is. what we learned yesterday -- we knew this but learned explicitly yesterday, the fed thinks that a little more joblessness is less dangerous than entrenched
3:23 am
inflation. i've heard people say a little joblessness is better than inflation for years. >> the lesser of two evils. >> people need to know they're in a way trying for this. that's the goal. hurricane fiona is this year's strongest atlantic storm but there could be another big threat brewing. where it's headed next. plus alex jones set to take the stand in his defamation trial for calling the sandy hook school shooting a hoax. after a day of emotional testimony from families who lost loved ones in the massacre.
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brewing in the atlantic with an eye on the u.s. gulf coast this is hurricane fiona, now a category 4 storm moves towards bermuda. let's get to chad myers. a lot going on. >> yes. and all of a sudden the storm you're talking about will likely be named hermine. here's fiona, gaston is in the atlantic. but here's fiona right now a category 4, 130 mile per hour storm in the atlantic, not making a u.s. approach but certainly a canadian approach. this weather brought to you by safelite your vehicle glass and recalibration experts.
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even though fiona misses bermuda up to nova scotia, that area up there, probably a 100 mile per hour storm still this far north, it's going to be a wave story for bermuda. these waves will be 30 to 40 feet and even the atlantic coast in the u.s., between 7 and 11 foot surge with waves pouring on. not storm surge, just waves. high surf advisories here, a good weekend to stay out of the water here. there's the storm we're talking about for next week. this is still six days away. but the models are in very bad disagreement on where this thing goes, going to have to keep watching that storm. it's still six days away from the golf but we know it's there. >> the pspaghetti model does pu it in the gulf. thank you, chad. this morning new testimony in the defamation trial against alex jones.
3:30 am
families describing the pain and fear they felt after jones spread the lie that the massacre was a hoax. today jones is set to make his first court appearance and take the stand. what we should expect here. >> many had no idea what the family members of the victims of sandy hook elementary school went through in the aftermath of everything. now in this connecticut courtroom they're taking the stand and, through their testimony, having to relive almost each and every moment. an emotional day of testimony after three family members whose loved ones were murdered at sandy hook elementary school took the stand describing the harassment they endured as a result of alex jones' false statement that the massacre was a hoax. >> i felt like i was under water. and to have someone publically
3:31 am
tell you -- telling the world that it didn't happen is incredibly disorienting. >> reporter: the trial is to determine how much money jones and his company will pay after they were found liable for defaming the families back in november 2021. david wheeler and jennifer hencele recounted the online harassment they faced after their children were murdered. >> people were accusing me of lying, telling me they never lived, telling me that i was going to burn in hell and that i would pay for what i've done. >> of all of the people saying that we faked this and that it never happened and that she's still alive somewhere, god if she were, wouldn't that be amazing, but she wasn't.
3:32 am
>> hensel testified after her husband jeremy committed suicide in 2019, people went to her daughter's grave site looking for evidence that her death was faked. >> people were going around looking for evidence that jeremy had died. and i don't have a grave marker for jeremy right now. i haven't quite figured out how i want to do that yet and honor him in his way. and so they wouldn't have found something there, but that, for them, was enough proof to say that he never died or that i was making this up. i couldn't wrap my head around just one more family member being part of this narrative. >> erika laugherty's mother dawn was the principal of sandy hook and was also killed that day.
3:33 am
she remembered the letters coming to her home claiming her mother never existed. she has moved several times and travels under a different name because of the harassment. >> this case is because of lies about me and my family. >> alex jones is set to take the stand today. what he will testify to, nobody knows at this point. there are parameters however. and we know his company is generating a lot of profit because of all of this publicity. >> and what these families have been through, jean, and now we're getting this glimpse into it, it's so important. thank you for your report. protests are spreading in iran after the death of a young woman in custody by the morality police there. aaron judge of the new york yankees is one home run away from tying roger mer ris.
3:34 am
and olivia wilde weighs in on spit gate. was it a run in between harry styles and chris pine?
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via the proreform activist outlet iran wear. shows protesters on the streets of iran burning head scarves, clashing with police as protests continue in the wake of a death of a 22-year-old woman who was in police custody last week. she died after being arrested by iran's morality police. police say she died of heart failure but her family said she was in good health before she was arrested and had no preexisting heart condition. at least eight people, including a teenager, have been killed and hundreds more injured and now there's a widespread internet
3:39 am
blackout. the hacker group anonymous has claimed responsibility. this comes as iran's president addressed the united nations assembly here in new york. accused the west of hypocrisy for iran's treatment of women. >> rinne, i wonder seeing these protests we're seeing in iran, are these different than we've seen before? >> reporter: i think the bravery in the level is a new level. you're seeing women removing head scarves, having them burned in the streets. young, old, even this image of a woman who took her head scarf off and started cutting her hair in front of these large crowds. the protests started in the west now moving to tehran. the question is can the iranian revolutionary guard control and contain what we're seeing right now on the streets. internet out in many parts of the country right now, they
3:40 am
can't access even through vpn. so we're not able to see the images coming out at this very moment. >> that's the question. is the regime losing control here? what do you think? >> i covered the green movement back in 2009, and there was this incredible moment of this woman whose murder was captured on the streets and really mobilized people. we're hearing now the protests that we're seeing are far larger than they were in 1979 during the iranian revolution. it's hard to tell exactly how much further this grows at this point but even back in 2009 when i covered that green movement, there was such hope that as people took to the streets and demanded change that something would come of it. and then, every single time, they're able with brute force to sort of tamp down these protests, one iranian british actor called this iran's george
3:41 am
floyd movement, they're demanding change it cannot be ignored. but it's hard to tell the bravery of these people, the amount of life we're going to see in the past few days, and when the president returns from iran, i believe it's going to be worse as he returns from the u.n. general assembly. >> what does this mean when he's at the u.n. ga? >> after he spoke, a couple weeks later it was president biden's turn and he acknowledged the bravery of people in iran for just basic human rights. he's meeting with people, including macron, who spoke out about this as well. but every time this has happened the iranian authorities are able to use brute force and take over these people. but the bravery we're seeing today, the people taking to the streets demanding change who are fed up, at the u.n. general
3:42 am
assembly, i think the president let it slip that inflation in iran is around 60%. people are demanding change and we have to wait and see what happens but overcoming this regime is not an easy task. >> thank you for your expertise on this. >> you bet. new this morning, the master mind in the suspected scheme of the largest navy bribery case has been caught. plus. >> i think we have a crisis of democracies, let's be clear about that. >> french president, emmanuel macron on the global threat to democracy in a new cnn interview. a monster was attacking but the team remained calm. because with miro, they could problem solve together, and find the a answer that was right under their nose. or... his nose.
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president biden is not the only world leader raising concerns about the state of democracy, french president emmanuel macron is sounding a similar alarm, telling jake tapper that the world has what he calls a crisis of democracies. watch. >> i think we have a big crisis of democracies, what i would call liberal democracies, let's be clear about that. why? first being open societies and
3:47 am
open and very cooperative democracies, put pressure on your people. it could destabilize them. and this is why we always have to articulate the respect of people's willingness, middle class references, and all the progress made by our democracies welcoming a different cultures being open, cooperative. this is, of course, a matter of balance. it's clear during the past few years we had increasing pressure in our societies. and we are at a point where, in our different countries, there is a -- what i would call a crisis of middle classes. they consider a little fragile, weakened by all the destabilization. also, i think social network is playing important role --
3:48 am
>> they're negative? >> for the best and for the worst. >> yeah. >> at the very beginning it's the best way to cooperate, during the pandemic thanks to social networks and cooperation, we were in full transparency. we exchange a lot of information and data. i think we accelerated -- >> there's a way to accelerate lies, racism. >> on the other side, it's clear that this is part of fake news -- this new -- which is a killer for our democracies. >> new relativism which is a killer for democracies. what an interesting discussion. the same issues we're seeing here over in france right now. you can see more of jake's interview today on "the lead," that's at 4:00 p.m. eastern time. legal woes deepening for former president trump, two
3:49 am
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all eyes are on yankees slugger aaron judge but he didn't come through with a record tying home run last night. andy? >> reporter: good morning, yankee stadium just electric again last night as fans were hoping to see aaron judge tie roger maris' home league record. the fans in the bleachers hoping
3:54 am
to catch a lottery ticker, a dealer said he offered $100,000 for home run 6$61, 200,000 for home run 62. he doubled in the first at bat. judge then struck out in the second inning. and in the fifth he hit this ball really hard down the line but the crowd letting out a grown as it bounced over the wall for a ground rule double. and then the fans booing when he was walked in the eighth. no home run for judge but the yankees win 14-2. i'm sure berman would love to see judge tie the record and break it against boston. >> that's why i got assigned the story to talk to you, because he knew you would say that. andy, thank you. wait, there's more.
3:55 am
all this fanfare is as aaron judge pursues seventh place on the all-time home run list. talking about records. he's going for seventh place right now. if he played for the royals we wouldn't be talking about this at all because there's interleague play. yankees get special treatment we'll give them the yankees special treatment. where is aaron judge in pursuit of seventh place. >> i hate the yankees, i do it because it's an interesting story and stick to the stats, it's nonbiassed here. he's at 56 home runs currently. the american league record, 61 homers, he is almost certainly not going to get to the mlb record 73 bonds back in '01. but let's be real. part of what's going on here is a lot of people don't believe that bonds' record is legitimate because of alleged steroid use.
3:56 am
so we're talking around it by talking about the american league record here. >> that's right. that would put him at seventh place. what's interesting is the separation between what he's doing and who's behind him. >> it would be one thing if it was judge and someone else going after the record like when maris and mantle were going after it in 1961. look how many home runs he is ahead, he's 20 homers ahead, kyle schwarber in second place with 40 home runs in major league baseball. compare it to bonds and maris. bonds nine homers ahead of his nearest competitor in 2001, sammy sosa with 64. maris was 7 ahead of mantle in 1961. the average for the seasons, the leader ends up being on average five homers ahead of the second place person. so judge being 20 home runs ahead of kyle schwarber.
3:57 am
he is so far ahead of the competition, i think that's what makes it so impressive. >> he's a very good baseball player as he pursues seventh place on the all-time home run list he's also doing other impressive things. >> he is. it would be one thing if he was hitting home runs and not doing anything else. such a thing called the triple crown that's leading the american international league in homers, batting average and rbi. one person who hit 50 plus homers in history, mickey mantle in 1956. if the season ends right now, aaron judge would win. on batting average he's just the tiniest bit ahead of xander bogarts. >> who plays for? >> boston red sox. >> thank you. if we look underneath the advanced metrics -- >> yes. look here, aaron judge ahead on
3:58 am
wins above replacement, slugging percentage, on base plus slugging. he's leading on the traditional stats, the advanced stats. this is a historic season. >> he's having one of the best seasons ever as he pursues seventh place on the all time list. >> my father used to care about the difference between the american and national leagues, maybe we should too. >> i don't feel i'm enough to provide a counter balance to the yankees hate on the show. >> it's not hate. it's the facts. >> okay. all right. so a new chapter in the did he or didn't he saga? you're going to remember this video from the venice film festival a few weeks ago. some say you can see wilde's boyfriend, harry styles, spitting on actress chris pines. it seems like wilde is trying to
3:59 am
put spitgate to rest. >> another weird rumor, spitgate, which you might have heard about. >> did harry styles spit on chris pine? why or why not? support your answer. >> he did not. it's a perfect example people look for drama anywhere they can. harry did not spit on chris, in fact. >> only time will tell. >> no, he really didn't. >> well. we shall see. >> we've seen it. >> science isn't everything. >> oh, yeah, berman, like i'm taking her word for it. she's dating the guy. >> i don't understand what the debate is. you can look at chris pine, he appeared to react as if there was some kind of -- some kind of -- >> chris pine actually says that he didn't spit on him. that's probably the most important thing. >> then why are we talking about it? there was no spit. >> what is he reacting to?
4:00 am
>> i don't know. that's a good question. we'll get to the bottom of it. >> or we won't. we'll see. either way, "new day" continues right now. an exodus, a crackdown and new infighting among russian generals in the wake of vladimir putin's dangerous escalation of his invasion of ukraine. i'm brianna keilar with john berman this morning. we have reporting that reveals russia's military is rife with decent. that's according to multiple sources familiar with u.s. intelligence. sources also say that president putin himself is giving directions to his generals in the field specifically. which is highly unusual for a modern military like russia. >> this as there are anti-war protests in central moscow and st. petersburg. more than 1,300 people have been


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