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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  September 23, 2022 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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before thinking he should have rounded the bases. >> keep your eye on the ball. andy scholes, have a great weekend. >> you, too. thanks for joining me. i'm christine romans. "new day" starts right now . soldiers died in this war in six months. tens of thousands wounded, maimed, do you want more? no. then protest. fight. runaway or surrender to ukrainian captivity. these are the options for you to survive. >> that is the president of ukraine calling on russians to revolt as vladimir putin faces an uprising from his own people this morning.
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i'm brianna keilar with john berman. the russian leader continues to face major turmoil at home. his order sparking angry protests across the country and leading to more than 1,300 arrests. the move is now causing some russians just to leave. there you see emotional f farewells as the mobilization gets under way. russian men leaving their families. in this video traffic is seen building up at border crossings as men try to escape the war. >> the demand for flights out of moscow is up dramatically. as of now tickets are said to be sold out, google trends leaving russia saw a sharp spike in searches in the last 24 hours. and one way tickets out of moscow to istanbul are started
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at $2,000. before the announcement from putin, the tickets were about $350. huge increase there. happening now. look at this map. these are the areas where at this point these regions are holding what the u.s. considers sham referendum, you can see the rough lines of them. parts of them voting to leave ukraine and join russia. again, these are staged elections. most of the world does not consider them legitimate in any way. i want to bring in nick paton walsh in eastern ukraine. what's the latest on this, nick? >> reporter: this voting -- i shouldn't even call it that -- gets under way. but it's not even in person initially. sometimes they'll be bringing ballot boxes to people's homes. imagine having a part of the occupying force coming to your home, do you want to be part of russia or not. it reminds me of the soviets
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saying it doesn't matter who votes, it's who counts the vote. but we expect by the middle of next week some faked mandate for these areas joining russia and how it changes russia calculus and what it thinks it can do to defend them. the biggest issue is probably the most dangerous decision putin has made in his 22 years in power. the categories that he seemed to say, reservists veterans, those with specialized skills doesn't seem to be going over well. the last six months an ordinary russian your life hasn't changed because of the war, it's something you've seen on television with propaganda telling you how ukraine is a nazi state has to be put in its place, force. but now you're likely to know someone called up in this war
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and somebody killed in this war because we're going to see, by the kremlin's plan, hundreds of thousands of men, possibly dying because they don't have the equipment, training or supplying that for the last six months we have seen russia's regular army on the front lines here. this is a make or break moment for vladimir putin. we will never know how real and widespread decent is because of the state media in russia and their security forces are good at suppressing decent. that's why we're hearing from volodymyr zelenskyy, the message to people sent to the front line. don't run, go, desert, give yourselves up to be taken prisoner. this is unlikely, they're not going to listen to the man that they've taken as an enemy but he also reminded russians that their silence has led this war
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to go ahead. i have to tell you now with this enormous change of people being put on airstrips, bussed away to a front line where they had a high chance of losing their lives or being injured, never seen the kremlin try this before and it's a key time for vladimir putin. >> we don't know for sure how strong the dissent is, but the stories we're hearing, unlike anything we've seen before. stay safe, nick. thank you. happening now, the u.s. mainland is under threat of another monster storm brewing in the atlantic. hurricane fiona is hitting bermuda, while canada braces for a once in a generation storm. let's get to meteorologist chad myers to see what you're looking. >> fiona is still 125 mile per
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hour storm, luckily for bermuda at least, the eye wall did not hit there. but canada will not be that lucky. the storm is traveling to the north up towards nova scotia and newfoundland and it will make impact there. some of the people we talked to in canada yesterday said this could be canada's sandy. because this is going to get a turn, push all of this water into north of halifax, into nova scotia and hurricane warnings are in effect. look at the winds, no one lives on sable island but that's 127 mile per hour forecast. this too happened, tropical depression number nine will turn into hurricane hermine over the weekend. a good flare up of satellite activity in the overnight. but here's where it is going. into the caribbean, up through possibly over cuba and into south florida. as i zoom this in, only two
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thirds of the storm stay in the cone. that's what they want. they want the third to miss. they want to keep the cone as small as possible. the storm could be well into the gulf or completely offshore. but take a look, this is still five days out, there's a potential for something getting into florida. and the models today agree, remember yesterday these models were from here to here, they were 700 miles apart. last night they started to agree. >> yesterday was a hot mess if i do say so looking at that, but we can see they really converged here. chad, thank you so much for that. you're welcome. this morning disorder in the court. alex jones will be on the witness stand in his sandy hook defamation trial. in court yesterday the judge admonished jones after he got into an argument with the attorney for the sandy hook family as the trial went off the rail. >> reporter: the judge continually has given parameters
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to the attorneys and alex jones, exactly what the answers and the questions should include and she said, no politics, nothing about elections, not the first amendment, not the second amendment. at the end of the day, though, she said watch out, next step contempt of court. a contentious day of testimony from conspiracy theorist alex jones kicking off with jones saying the judge in the case was acting like a tyrant. >> this picture right here, that's the judge, correct? >> yes. >> that's who you're referring to as a tyrant. >> yes. >> jones took the stands thursday in the damages trial to determine how much money he must pay victims' families after perpetrating the lie the sandy hook school massacre was a hoax. >> i said it looks like he was acting. >> you said it looked like he was acting. >> jones was questioned repeatedly on whether he
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believed the victims' families were actors. >> robby parker is sitting right here, he's real, isn't he? >> yes. >> for years you put a target on his back didn't you. >> objection to the form of that, judge. >> overruled n. >> didn't you? >> you put a target on his back like every single parent and loved one. >> no, i didn't. >> jones became combative railing against liberals and likening the line of questioning to, quote, ambulance chasing. >> you have families in this courtroom that lost children, sisters, wives, moms. >> is this a struggle session? are we in china? i've apologized to the parents over and over again. don't apologize to you. >> objection, objection, objection, judge. >> aren't you -- >> objection, argumentative. >> don't apologize to you. >> it's hard for me to get a word in edge wise. >> despite repeated warnings not
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to politically grand stand during his testimony, jones repeatedly referenced politics in his defense. >> you would never want to be maligned or lie about things that are important to you, correct? >> yes but i have been plenty. >> you have been. that's the world's fault, isn't it? >> the world is an easy place. when they become political figures -- >> as i told the jury, this case is not about politics. >> reporter: the plaintiff's attorney also questioned him about content on his infowars website. >> you're asking your audience that comes to your page to take a survey, aren't you? correct? >> ye i didn't write the survey. >> and the survey is, what will be the most likely deep state false flag ahead of the midterms, right? >> yes. >> what's the first option? >> mass shooting. but i didn't write the poll.
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>> excuse me, sir, mass shooting? >> yes. >> so when the next mass shooting comes, you're already conditioning your audience to believe that it's a fake staged event, are you? >> false flag doesn't mean stage. it means they let it happen. >> whenever the next mass shooting strikes we can be sure what you're going to do, right? >> objection, speculative. >> jones' testimony was interrupted by objections from his attorneys and admonishments from the judge. >> just yes or no. >> yes. >> a lot of media in the room. this is my press conference, this is clearly not your show. and you need to respect the process. >> reporter: now prior to this trial, jones did admit that it wasn't a hoax, sandy hook was real and they were not actors, the family members but according to documentation, that occurred
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after the lawsuits were filed. jones said he's been apologizing for six years but also said in a 2019 deposition that the reason he said all that, it was a form of psychosis. so next on tap, cross-examination and let's see if they bring up his defense, the mental state that he had at the time, the years he was saying this. because they want to mitigate damages. >> what a scene to see all of it like that. >> and there's a jury that's watching. >> and the family of victims there. >> yes. >> that's what i keep thinking. terrific reporting, thanks so much. put up or shut up, the special master in the mar-a-lago search case is ordering president trump's legal team to prove claims they have made out of court that the fbi planted evidence in the search. judge raymond dearie said the lawyers must submit a sworn declaration, that means under oath, in it they have to say if they believe the justice
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department has included any materials on their evidence list that were not actually seized during that search from mar-a-lago, and itemize them outside of court. trump and his legal team haven't faced any consequences for these statements out of court. just days after the rage trump ranted about it on social media and he and his lawyers took it to television as well. >> quite honestly i'm concerned they may have planted something. i don't trust the government. that's a frightening thing as an american. >> i don't think there's anything there that was worthwhile. we'll see what they come up with. if they did, it'll be interesting because they precluded me from watching what they did. but at this point i don't think they would go to the extent of plant the information, they just make stuff up and come up with whatever they want. >> the problem you have is they go into rooms, they won't let
3:13 am
anybody -- they wouldn't let them in the same building. did they drop anything into those piles or did they do it later? there's no chain of custody here with them. >> wouldn't that be on videotape? >> i don't think so. they're in a room. >> that's what they said publicly. will they say it under oath? joining me to talk about this is former federal prosecutor joseph marino. this appears to be the special master calling trump's bluff. what are the moves here his lawyer can make? >> as i'm watching this, served on the defense side, my heart is palpitating. this is every defense nightmare, their client goes out and says thing and at some point you get called to the carpet, the judge says you said these things on social media, said them in public statements, even court filings, what do you have? sounds like probably not much.
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this is reminiscent of the times in the post 2020 election when the trump team made these outlandish arguments in public about all these voting irregularities and things but every time they were unable to bring evidence this court. they better watch themselves this judge dearie is not having it. they have to put up or shut up. >> do you think the special master process has maybe backfired for trump? >> if the goal of the trump team was to buy itself some time, i guess it's done that. the special master is in place and has to november 30th to do his job. if the goal was to get an advantage or keep any of these documents seized from mar-a-lago out of evidence, it's not going well at all. if anything it's showing the hypocrisies of the team. right now, per the 11th circuit, all documents marked classified are out of the special master's hands back to the dodge.
3:15 am
and judge dearie is saying i'm sk skeptical about privilege here. so maybe he just bought himself a little extra time on the calendar. >> but also a little extra humiliation. >> i don't think that stops him. i think he sees it as a badge of honor. it would whorror fie me. >> in pennsylvania the stakes are high and the senate race is close. can oz win over republicans who wish someone else was their nominee. a political argument leads to a man running a teenager ager over with his car and killing him. >> we can dream of a four-day work week but what if there was prove it made us all more productive? that's why a at chevron, we're increasing production in the permian basin by 15%.
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this morning results of a new study which shows when it comes to work, less is more. or might be. in the united kingdom, companies experimenting in a four day work week pilot program saw no loss in productivity. almost half the companies saw some signs of improvement. with me hard worker chief business correspondent, cristian christine romans. you've been doing a lot on this. >> yes. there are a couple different pilot programs happening, this one in the uk is fascinating. look at this productivity, 46% of companies said that people maintained around the same level of productivity and look at that 34% improved slightly, 15% improved significantly. the pilot program is not done, they're about halfway through. i was speaking to ceos in a
3:21 am
similar u.s. pilot program and they were dumbfounded by how well it was working. turns out if your workforce is well rested and have telegraphed personal time to manage their life, they actually are good workers. they don't quit, don't go to your competitors and it's good for the bottom line. it's good to see this develop but it's a small cohort of company working out the four day work week. >> a, i don't know what it's like to work well rested. b we're not talking about working from home on a friday. we're talking about not working. we're talking being off for three full days and part of this is maybe working a longer day than the traditional 8 hour. >> but in these pilot programs it's 32 hours in four days. in those 32 hours they're doing the same as the 40 hours. they have shorter meetings. they have figured out how to
3:22 am
schedule the time so it works. i talked to a ceo last week whose company is fully remote monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, everybody has friday off. some top managers have a conference call on friday. i spoke to a ceo in the uk, they have to cover their clients five days a week so some people have friday off, some have monday off. they learned to pass the baton and it won't get done. when you need man power seven days a week, for example, restaurants have struggled to figure out how to do this. and in an economy you can't find workers, you need more workers not fewer hours. we'll see how it goes. in the u.s. they're almost through a big pilot program in the u.s. >> you had me at shorter meetings. this is intriguing i can't wait to hear more about this. thank you so much. he's in a tight race for senate in pennsylvania. can oz win?
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less than 50 days now until the crucial midterm elections one of the most closely watched races is for the senate in pennsylvania. pitting democrat john fetterman against republican mehmet oz. the problem for republicans is they wish someone else had won the nomination. jessica dean is on the trail for us. >> reporter: here in the commonwealth of pennsylvania, mehmet oz is working hard to win the support of rural conservative voters so we
3:28 am
traveled to two of the most conservative counties within the commonwealth to see what voters there think of oz. bedford, pennsylvania is home to a historic downtown, scenic landscape and some of the most conservative voters, former president trump won here in 2020. every week a group of retired veterans meets at the route 220 diner to drink coffee and talk politics. >> we may not have all the education that you do, we may not know all of the -- all of the intricate things of economics but we know how to balance a checkbook. >> reporter: this is the same diner oz visited back in february. oz eked out a primary victory after a recount. winning by just 951 votes and faced the immediate
3:29 am
challengeover consolidating the support of a somewhat skeptical pennsylvania gop base. >> oz was trump's candidate, he's not our candidate. people in bedford county are probably going to hold their noses and vote for them because fetterman is a dead loss as a candidate. >> that's my feeling about oz. i'm sorry i have to vote for him. but i'd rather see him as a senator than fetterman. >> reporter: a recent cbs news poll showed 36% of oz's supporters are say they're, quote, very enthusiastic about voting for him. 60% of republican voters in pennsylvania said they wish someone else had been nominated. still in bedford and somerset county, where trump won with 77% of the vote, most voters we spoke with are ready to cast the ballot for oz.
3:30 am
>> the big prize is to control the senate. >> reporter: the chairman of the republican party for somerset said he knows they had doubts about the tv doctor. >> they were hesitant on dr. oz at first. they weren't sold on his second amendment stance. a lot of pro-lifers here, they weren't sold whether he was pro-life or not. it took time but they're realizing my best option is to vote for dr. oz. >> reporter: like a lot of people that live here, karen and terry have lived here for decades and share a lot of concerns about the state of the nation. >> economy. inflation is out of this world right now. energy is a big issue right now. and, of course, the border crisis. >> reporter: mitchell said she met oz and his wife and found them to be genuine. >> obviously he's our candidate of choice now so we need to back
3:31 am
him because red is better than blue. >> reporter: jennifer also saw oz in person when he visited somerset. >> i wanted to hear what he had to say, i liked what he had to say. >> are they voting for oz or against fetterman? >> the sense i get, it's a small portion of the voters who are saying i have to hold my nose and vote for oz, i guess. most have come on board. i am not getting any feedback that people are going to sit the election out. >> reporter: oz's rival, lieutenant john fegovernor john fetterman is also trying to make inroads. his company believes that his path to victory relies on keeping the republican margin down in these counties and running up the score in urban and suburban areas. a teenager in north dakota
3:32 am
is dead and a man admits to hitting him with his car on purpose. why he says he did it next. plus a significant new development this morning in the welfare scandal involving brett favre. >> chris wallace join us to discuss his new show set to debut. >> i feel like a woman. >> yes. you got the guitar part, too. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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in california, a very close call caught on video of a little girl just inches from being hit by an suv. the video, which is captured by the dash cam of a driver who stopped to let a family cross the street shows an suv barrelling through an intersection, you can see it there, nearly hitting the young girl. it put the scooter right out from under her. that is amazing. the girl's father told cnn affiliate kgo that his daughter is doing fine, now she's doing great, only suffering a scrape on her knee.
3:37 am
according to the san mateo political police department, the driver returned to the scene and spoke to the police. and the city is considering major traffic changes at that intersection. she's so lucky. that's terrifying. >> i'm so glad the driver returned to speak with authorities, right. but it's a reminder if you see someone stopped, obviously you have to stop as well. it's just i think so many people are distracted. >> it's been a long time since my kids were on scooters like that. i remember back to those days, they have minds of their own. their kids would go forward and you couldn't stop them and it was something like this that always terrified me. >> i have death grips on my children. that's probably going to continue for a little while here. this morning police in north dakota say a man has confessed to fatality hitting a teenager with his car after a political argument.
3:38 am
cnn's adrienne broaddus is live with more. >> unlike that story john shared with us, this driver did not return to the scene. and authorities are saying, at least at this point, there's no evidence show casing there was a political argument before that teen was killed. here's what we do know. 41-year-old shannon brant has been charged with criminal vehicular homicide. now he did call police and told investigators he hit a pedestrian. he was later arrest at his home for driving under the influence. his blood alcohol content was above the legal limit. he did consent to a breath test at his home. he told investigators he feared that teen was calling people to come get him. by contrast, those who knew the teen say they were surprised to hear all of this unfolding. >> it's just impacted the
3:39 am
community like nothing i've ever seen before. what bothers me, and a lot of people, the most is it has become something political. which it shouldn't be. this is nothing more than a person who took another person's life. >> and this morning that family is trying to figure out what exactly happened and why. it's unclear if the teen and the 41-year-old who was charged knew each other. brianna. >> adrienne, so many questions here. thank you for that report. in her first interview since her mother died of suicide, wynonna judd is reflecting on her mother's mental illness. >> i did not know she was at the place she was at when she ended it, because she had had episodes before and she got better.
3:40 am
that's the challenge with mental illness. it's really, really mysterious. and that's what i live in is like, was there anything i should have looked for, or should i have known i didn't? that's why it's such a shock. she had great days in the middle of the dark days. that's why it's confusing. >> sometimes you can't know. wynonna said she's continuing with the judd's tour that was announced weeks before naomi died and she's doing it in honor of her father. the reporter that former president trump crawled to lie about how rich he was, is now speaking out. today "avatar" rereleases in theatres ahead of the highly anticipated sequel this winter. cnn speaks to james cameron
3:41 am
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new york ag laity sha james not mincing words in her lawsuit against donald trump saying, donald trump inflated his wealth by billions of dollars to cheat the system. back in 2018, in a washington post article a former forbes reporter detailed how trump posed as an exec to convince him that trump deserved a higher spot on the forbes list. >> what's your first name? >> john. >> are you saying that -- >> correct. that's correct. >> okay. and when you say, you know, in excess of 90% of the ownership? >> i'd say in excess of 90 -- well, it's really even the ultimate. it's in excess of 90%, yes. >> jonathan greenberg is with us now. i know you got that call back in
3:46 am
1984, jonathan, while you were researching his wealth for the list. you now think he didn't even deserve to be on the list at all, and i suspect you're not all that surprised about what leticia james is saying here? >> no, i'm not. at that time, not only did he not have 90% of his father's assets, he had 0% of his father's assets and would not inherent them for another 10 years. i'm not surprised at what she's saying at all. >> you may be the leased surprised person in the america based on what you went through many years ago. what's different, though, about what she is saying, the new york attorney general, and what she is producing to back it up? >> that's a great question, john. it's one thing to lie to a journalist to fabricate your identity as your own pr person. you know, to boast and exaggerate in business and in
3:47 am
business negotiation. it's another thing to produce financial statements and provide them to lenders who have a legal and fiduciary responsibility to receive accurate numbers and review accurate numbers and also to do the same thing to insurance companies which insure your buildings and properties, which are regulated by the state and by the federal government. and also to provide those numbers to the irs when you're filling out your taxes. and stating the value of a property such as trump's west chester golf estate where he gave some land to the state and then vastly inflated its net worth to take a larger tax deduction, you know, and deprive the state of $3.5 million in revenue, for example. >> it's been well documented, his father before him, how he
3:48 am
would value assets in a way that they were not valued. how he would overvalue them for certain purposes, under value them for other. why do you think it took this long for this to come to this point? >> well, that's a good question. you know, trump has always pushed the boundaries on what is legally permissible. because he's -- he's done that in negotiations. he sees a contract in business, for example, the reason the new york real estate community, including many republicans, find it impossible to do business with because he sees a contract as a point of departure. he sees the rules that apply to other people not applying to him. in this case, michael cohen came forward with financial statements that are more recent than the things that happened when he basically scammed tens
3:49 am
of millions of dollars from his public companies for the casinos, when the casinos went bankrupt based on $3 billion of borrowing in atlantic city in the 1980s and he went bankrupt the first time. this time there's documentation and that documentation leads to further information and reviewing of tax records and the whole picture becomes clearer. just like the picture what his real net worth was in 1982 when i first put him on the forbes 400 when i started it back then. so the information becomes clearer and the big picture comes into view. and that's what's happening here. >> jonathan, it's great to have you. it is still something every time to hear that tape. it really is. jonathan greenberg, we appreciate you. >> thank you very much.
3:50 am
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yankees slugger aaron judge was so close to putting his name into baseball's record books last night. andy shols has more in the bleacher report. he keeps doing it. >> it was like this close, brianna. more than 42,000 fans on hand at
3:55 am
yankee stadium. they were hoping to witness history last night. and for a moment they thought they had. judge at the plate, tie game, judge crushes this one, even the cameraman thought it was long gone. no. the out. that went 404 feet would have been a home run in 13 ballparks but not yankee stadium. >> just got underneath it a little bit. pretty windy night so i was hoping maybe it was blowing out the time i was hitting but just missed it but a nice walk on that's for sure. >> the yankees did win in a walk off by josh donaldson to clinch a play off spot. the watch continues today at yankee stadium, it's on apple tv. the celtics suspended head coach ime udoka for the entire
3:56 am
upcoming seasons. multiple report say he had a consensual relationship with a female staff member that violates rules. the suspension is effective immediately and the decision on his future will be made at a later date. in a statement he said, i want to apologize to our players, fans, the organization, and my family for letting them down. i am sorry for putting the team in this difficult situation and i accept the team's decision. udoka led the celtics to the nba finals in his first season as coach last year. assistant joe mazzula is going to serve as interim coach. >> the celtics are sending a message with that, that's a long suspension. >> team policy is team policy and they weren't going to waiver on it. >> thank you so much, andy. as for aaron judge we'll see if he can etch his name in the history books.
3:57 am
the latest "saturday night live" cast member to depart the show joining a long list this year. we have the latest. there are departures every year but this year it seems more. >> we're one week away from a brand new season of snl and it's going to look very different, john. take a look. >> live from new york -- >> it's almost time for season 48 of "saturday night live." this year the parities of politics and pop culture will come after an epic talent turnover, as eight cast members including pete sadavidson, chri red, amy bryant, kyle mooney, and kate mckinnon announced they were leaving the show. >> i love you. >> beginning october 1st, there will be four new faces, marcel low hernandez, michael long
3:58 am
fellow, and devin walker. according to creator and producer lauren michaels, "saturday night live" is in a quote transition year. >> that's not necessarily a bad thing. as we've seen on so many long running shows, sometimes change is exactly what they need. >> "saturday night live." >> and michael signalled those changes this season as snl won the emmy award for best variety sketch show, the sixth straight win that lasted through the pandemic. >> lots of people who could have left didn't, and i want to thank them all for showing up. >> everyone else was fleeing new york but lauren was like we should go back for comedy. >> now with lauren michaels still firmly at the helm, veteran cast members will help carry the show closer to a landmark 50 years on air. and as former cast members are
3:59 am
quick to point out. >> wow, it is great to be back. >> reporter: the show is always in transition. some cast members return when current events call them. >> i can see russia from my house. >> others just stay season after season. >> it's only getting better. >> and for better or for worse, "saturday night live" lives on. "saturday night live" also announced multiple musical guests you'll see willow smith take the stage. and megan thee stallion, where she'll be hosting and performing. i know so many people that love snl, including myself, this is a big shakeup, eight people to depart, that's a record amount of people to leave in one season. but as you know, the show always does bring the funny. >> change is hard. i think the audience will pull through. they're make it through the difficult time.
4:00 am
thank you so much. "new day" continues right now. so vladimir putin under serious pressure this morning as he faces dissent at home. i'm john berman with brianna keilar. staged referendum in four occupied areas of ukraine under way. what the u.s. considers sham elections to vote on whether the regions should become part of russia. now it comes as putin has really shocked his people by essentially announcing a draft. now the ukrainian president, volodymyr zelenskyy, is calling on russians to resist. >> translator: 55,000 russian soldiers died in this war in six months. tens of thousands wounded, maimed. do you want more? no. then protest. fight. run away. or surrender to ukrainian captivity. these are the options for you to survive. >> the call up from putin ha


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