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tv   New Day Weekend  CNN  September 24, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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good morning and welcome to your "new day." i'm boris sanchez. >> and i'm amara walker. right now two stornls are threatening the u.s. and canada. post-tropical storm fiona now making landfall and barreling into canada's coast. the latest on the storm coming up. and florida's governor declaring a state of emergency there as a tropical storm strengthens in the crib yarngs for
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caribbean, forecasters warning it could become a serious hurricane. we'll show you exactly where it's headed. and president biden takes aim at the republican midterm election and focuses on the abortion fights right. can he turn it into a winning strategy, and can he capitalize on recent political wins. plus, international outrage. rub has been accused of holding a sham referendum, attempting to annex parts of ukraine as the u.s. is threatening horrendous war crimes. we're going to take you to the front lines. welcome to the weekend. saturday, september 24th. we're grateful that you are starting it with us. good morning, amara. >> good morning to you, boris. it is dark, and it is early, but it is very nice to be with you. this morning we're watching two major storms.
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first to hurricane fiona, which is now a post-tropical cyclone making its way to canada. damaging winds and heavy rain are pounding the region. in nova scotia, more than 300,000 customers are without power right now. >> officials are warning the deadly storm that caused major destruction across several caribbean islands could now become canada's hurricane sandy. >> we were still making calls to residents just to try to give some heads-up that you need to be up, you need to be watching what's going on, and you need to be ready to move at a moment's notice if you don't already move right then. >> reporter: meantime all eyes are on florida, that state declaring a state of emergency as trob cal storm ian gains strength in the caribbean. it's threatening to make it to hurricane status as it makes its
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way to cuba by monday afternoon. as we take you to the cnn weather center and cnn's allison chinchar, it looks like it's headed right to the florida peninsula. >> right, it is. if you live in florida, this is not what you want to see. fiona has winds of 90 miles an hour. this is a significant, very potent storm making its way to canada. 26 miles per hour to the north. you still have hurricane warnings in the red and some tropical storm warnings for surrounding eras like newfoundland and quebec. you're looking at 95 miles per hour around sidney. halifax still up around that 60 to 70-mile-per-hour range. once we get into late saturday and especially into sunday,
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you'll see it come back down in the 20 to 30-mile-per-hour range. even across maine, you have wind advisories and high wind wa warnings. even though the system is still far enough away, it's close enough to bring significant winds to areas of northern maine. now we switch gears to the secondary system. this is tropical storm ian named very late last night around 11:00. sustained winds at 45 miles an hour, gusting to winds at 60 miles an hour. we have hurricane watches out for the kaman islands. the regular is we expect it to strengthen as it makes its way toward the cayman islands. it could reach hurricane strength by the time it makes its way to the gulf of mexico and makes a right-hand turn back toward florida.
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from this time forward, everything is fair game. you've got a pretty wide swaugt. even though tampa is really toward the center, the concern is going to be, boris and amara, the fact that it's likely to intensify because it's about to go through very warm waters the next few days. >> we know you'll keep an eye on it. thank you so much. we want to pivot to politics now. president biden is sharpening his messaging for the midterms with the election just 45 days away. >> 45 days away. that's not a lot of time. at a democratic national commit t tee event. he blasted it. he highlighted his accomplishments so far and promised to make abortion rights leeshlgs protect social security pass. >> let's take you to the white house now. cnn white house correspondent arlette saenz joining us live.
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arlette, walk us through all the messaging coming from the president to voters right now. >> reporter: president biden tried to create a contrast between the democratic platform and what he has described, the agenda coming from the maga republicans. he offered an agenda that he unveiled on friday, calling it a thin series of policy goals with little to no detail, and the president specifically said the republicans did not offer a plan for protecting social security and medicare or for protecting abortion rights. the white house really leaning into that issue of abortion rights. they're hoping it could energize voters heading into the midterm elections. president biden himself and over the course of the past few days has really been hammering that message, specifically pointing to that bill from senator lindsey graham which would ban most abortions in most cases at 15 weeks of pregnancy, the president calling that em
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policemblematic. he said he would do everything he can to prevent republicans from banning abortions at that level. take a listen. >> republicans want control of the congress. abortion will be banned. by the way, it will be initially banned, but if they win congress, i will veto it. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: democrats are hoping will resonate with female voters as well as independent voters. you heard president biden talking about some of the legislative accomplishments when it comes to gun restringzs put in place in a bipartisan manner. also touting some of the economic proposals when they passed the inflation reduction act. he plans to hammer away this campaign message as he heads to florida on tuesday.
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>> arlette saenz, thank you very much. at the white house there. let's get some perspective from our white house correspondent for the "pbs newshour." you know the president has been vocal on the abortion issue, but he's obviously making it a focus of his midterm. this is going to be a mobilizing issue for voters, especially independents and suburban women. >> that's right. they really do believe that this could potentially help them defy history because as we know in the past when it's a midterm election, the party in power tends to not do very well. the party that holds control of the white house. so democrats are entered this election with pretty bleak odds, numbers, but with the your turning of roe v. wade, the
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ongoing january 6th investigation and the trickle-downrepresentative lagss from that as well as the doj investigations into former president donald trump, democrats are hoping in the mix of all of those things it could potentially make it so they can at least hold onto the senate. i haven't heard that they really think the house is -- that they're still able to keep the house in their -- under their power, although, a number of polls are starting to make it look as if they have a fighting chance. >> it's all about government poll circle gun control and health care, which they call the inflation reduction act. we saw a glimpse of what the policy blueprint will be for republicans, as kevin mccarthy unveiled that. what is the contrasting message,
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then, from the gop, and how might it resonate? >> a lot of republicans from the beginning have been trying to run on the economy. the economy wasn't looking good for the past year or so, particularly with consumer goods, gas prices going up. now with gas prices going down as well as democrats being able to point to low unemployment numbers at least still for now, that has been the dmiemocratic counter. republicans are really focusing on crime, immigration, but, again, in that blue print that the house gop laid out, there aren't a lot of specifics in terms of what actual legislation they will pass. we've also seen a number of republican candidates in senate races backtrack on their positions on abortion going from more extreme support of bans on abortion to starting to say they support exemptions to, you know, being more open about what they
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would potentially support in terms of protecting abortion rights. but in the blueprint that republicans laid out just yesterday, they said simply that they would protect the unborn children, quote, as well as their mothers, but did not go into the specifics of how they would do that. >> i guess it would show how vulnerable the democrats might be with president biden at the helm. i say that because the latest cnn poll shows president biden's approval ratings at 43%. 55% disapprove of his job performance. also there was a new poll from marquette law school that was released on thursday. this is quite striking because three in four americans -- that's 72% -- do not want biden to run again. of course, a huge percentage of that including democrats themselves. if not biden, then who else?
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why do democrats want, i guess, a different candidate? >> i think it's a lot -- there are a lot of the same reasons that during the primary, a number of democrats when they had their pick in the democratic presidential primary, they weren't necessarily behind bind. they wanted to see a new generation of democrats start to gain control. but, again, ultimately a lot of democratic voters went with president bind because they thought he was the best suited to beat former president trump. now, a lot of -- you don't hear many democrats offer up another name, at least not right now. and a lot of democrats, i think, are simply, you know, waiting for the president to decide whether or not he's going to run again. but younger voters that i talked to across the country, again, a lot has to do with the president's age, and they'd like to see new democrats rise up
3:13 am
within the ranks and different leaders. >> it doesn't seem, at least the names we've heard out there right now in terms of the prominent democrats are. there are not a lot of democrats who want to cross him at this time. when it comes to the senate race, what's happening in arizona, pennsylvania, ohio, you know? these are three states where you have gop nominees for the senate. they seem to, with near certainty, would win this. but there are some vulnerabilities, unfortunately seeming changes. what do you make of that? >> i think the dobbs decision of overturns roe v. wade has had a number of decisions made. since that was handed down, more women are registering to vote, and more as democrats.
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the democrats i've talked to are looking at the numbers, how are those going to factor in? ultimately the five different elections that the democrats thought were going to go their way starting with the kansas abortion referendum didn't go their way and it went toward democrats. democrats have seen their base start to become more motivated. part of the reasons biden's numbers were so low was the lack of even thus yachl among the base. we're starting to see it pick up because roe v. wade was overturned and democrats are rallying around their party. a lot of the votering i talk to say that's something they really want the party to lean on. as you see heading closer to the midterms president biden talk about that, take on what he sees
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as a pervasive election among republicans, you're starting to see the base rally more around the president as well as other democrats. >> again, i think in these states and in many races, i think republicans are, you know, grappling with that dilemma of how much do you embrace trump while keeping that distance as well. laura barron-lopez, appreciate you joining us this morning. thank you so much. >> thank you. last night a break for politics as the white house south lawn hosted a rock concert featuringed music icon elton john, otherwise known as "the rocket man," president biden even getting emotional during that song. we should explain why. president biden used to sing the
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song to his son beau and when his son couldn't communicate, he would share moments with his son. the famed musician was caught off by president biden as he came on stage to present him with a special humanities medal. watch this. >> i'm never flabbergasted, but i'm flabbergasted and honored and humbled by this award from the united states of america. i will treasure this so much. >> the white house says the medal was a tribute to john's musical legacy as well as his global advocacy in the fight against hiv and aids. still ahead on "new day," ukrainians with fear and defiance. plus, alex jones on trial. his surprising reaction on the stand and n the face of the sandy hook parents. and later, a memorable
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from the network america relies on. new this morning as moscow is threatening to annex parts of ukraine, president biden says the united states and its allies are prepared to deliver swift economic sanctions on russia. >> in a statement he went on to call what they're doing a sham and said the united states will never recognize ukrainian territory anything other than as part of ukraine. cnn's ivan watson is in hong kong this morning with more. >> reporter: boris and amara, a creme len spokesman said the russian government could move rapidly to formally annex russian occupied parts of ukraine where pro-russian officials have been organizing these referendum votes to try to
3:22 am
justify breaking off from ukraine. to bolster this effort, there were large pro-government rallies staged on friday in moscow and in st. petersburg. but we're not seeing widespread support for vladimir putin's announcement on wednesday of what he calls partial mobilization of hundreds of thousands of men to go fight for the russian military in ukraine. we've seen signs of tearful far farewells, and we've also seen this bizarre phenomenon where the flights out of russia right now are almost sold out with ticket prices soaring and long lines reported and surging of travelers at the russian border with finland, the russian border with georgia, where cnn was filming at the border terminal today, and russian men -- almost all the travelers were men of fighting age said they were waiting 10, 12 hours to cross
3:23 am
the border. most of the men we spoke with said that they're trying to evade this draft. and similar reports of long lines at the border with kazakhstan and other neighboring regions as well. there's been criticism too. the jailed russian opposition leader from prison calling the referendums and russian occupied ukraine fake, and going on to accuse putin of a hi tore cal crime by drafting them to go fight the battle on the border of russia and ukraine. >> thank you. max, great to see you this morning. so much to talk about. we've seen this movie before, you know, specifically in 2014 after russia invaded crimea and annexed it. how does this sham fit in with
3:24 am
the dep des pratt situation? >> i think you said it. he's in a desperate situation. he doesn't know what to do. this week he announced two steps -- really, three steps. the first step being these, of course, sham referendums. they're not legal. they're not asking people's opinions. they're going to announce some fantastic results and annex ukraine. the next is to increase the mobilization, mobilize at least 300,000 new soldiers. and the third step, if you want to call it that, was basically to engage in nuclear saber rattling because what he's basically trying to do is saying we're extending the territory of russia and we deserves, ours, to use nuclear weapons to protect russia, quote, unquote, if it's being attacked like it is doing
3:25 am
with ukraine. he's trying to scare his adversaries and change the plan on the battlefield because he understands he's losing this roy. the ukrainians have gained ground in the kharkiv in the northeast and the russians are barely holding on around kerr s kherson in the south. putin is throwing everything out there he can possibly do to try to evade a ukraine victory. >> i was struck by our own reporting at cnn. putin is actually micro man anding what's happening on the ground. i mean speaking to the generals in the field itself and giving directions to them, which is highly unusual with the modern world we live in and the modern militaries we have. give us a concrete sense. what is exactly happening on the ground in terms of losses for
3:26 am
putin and how he really is losing this war. >> i mean he really is. the russians are suffering the greatest losses. they're estimated to have lost killed and wounded around 100,000 soldiers, and they have lost vast quantities of equipment, over 1,100 tanks. they are really hurting. they're running out of precision-guided munitions, they're running out of. artillery shells from north korea. they're really reeling. what putin is trying to do is stabilize the lines to prevent them from collapsing because they've already suffered great setbacks around car keeb, which has liberated several thousand miles of ukrainian territory and putin is afrald they'll make a
3:27 am
break to the south. it's a bad sign for the russians because the last time putin did this was at the beginning of the war on february 24th when he had this cob may me idea of taking kyiv within three days with an insufficient number of troops and apparently the trgenerals td him it wasn't going to happen and now they're suffering. with low morale, heavy losses, and incompetent leadership, that's not a good combination. >> you wroep an op-ed, max. you said it's time to step it up. we're going to have to leave it there, max boot, but thanks for waking up. appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. coming up, conspiracy theorist alex jones says he's
3:28 am
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the conspiracy theorist alex jones took the stand this week at his latest defamation trial and got into a heated exchange with his attorneys saying he's through apologizing to the families of the sandy hook victims. >> the infowars host ended up in a fiery rant. that exchange and shouting between attorneys prompting an admonishment from the judge who warned they could be held in contempt. cnn
3:33 am
cn cnn's brynn gingras. >> reporter: the defense attorney said it was his decision to make, but it does come after very explosive testimony from alex jones the day before where the plaintiff's attorneys questions him on a number of things leading to some vary fiery exchanges. here's one. >> you have families in this courtroom here that lost children, sisters, wives, moms. >> >> are we in china? i already said i'm sorry. i'm done saying sorry. the americans are being blamed. it was rejected. i stand by that, and i don't apologize for it. >> don't apologize, mr. jones. please don't apologize >> i've already apologized to the parents over and over again. i'm not apologizing to you.
3:34 am
>> objection. objection, argumentargumentativ >> it's hard for me to get a word in edge-wise. >> reporter: after that happened the judge warned not only jones but both attorneys they could be held in contempt of court if this kind of manner continues. we heard from a number of victims' family members who talked about their loved ones who died in 2012 and how their lives continue to be impacted by not only jones but infowars and his followers and the lies that continue to spread. it's unclear where we go for now to court that picks up next week. we do know the defense attorney does reserve the right to call alex jones back to the stand. i'm brynn gingras, cnn news, in watertown, connecticut. >> let's get the latest from cnn's legal analyst, joey
3:35 am
jackson. always great to see you on a saturday morning and get your expe expertise. it's not the second time we've seen this with alex jones. he has had words about the judge, talks about these cases on his show. how does it impact him? >> i think in a very negative way. good morning, boris. let's not be surprised. he failed to participate, failed to turn over relevant information of the other side, failed to follow judicial instructions, failed to really be a part of the process or otherwise engage. as a result of that is correct it led to three dpee fault judgments in three separate cases, one in texas and the one we're seeing here. what it means also is in the event you don't participatele, you lose by default. he's been determined to be
3:36 am
liable, responsible for defamation. it's false statements that impair and injure other people's reputations and oour because cause issues. everything is real. the deaths are real. we're at the damages portion of the trial where it's simply being determined how much he owes. to your question, i think his combativeness and the nature with which he presents this, which he commercializes and profits from, is something we should anticipate. i was not at all surprised by his antics in court the other day on thursday. >> is that why you think his defense team decided against a cross-examination after that outburst? was that a way to mitigate more loss potentially? >> i think so. i think -- you know, listen, it's certainly the case that in a court of law, there are going
3:37 am
to be heated exchanges. this there's a lot at stake. what happened on thursday where you certainly engage in total disrespect, you don't answer questions but you go on into rants, you make accusations, it's not really what you should be doing. le his team reflected and knew that did not move the ball forward in pairing the jury negatively. they sid, let's not put him on the stand. let's take a break, go on to the next witnesses. i think it was a good call not to resume the court on friday with any more that he would have to say. >> and, joey, why well have you, i want to pivot to another big him line.
3:38 am
the justice department is having concerns with the credibility of two central witnesses. what's your reaction to the doubts about those witnesses? >> you know, so this is significant, bore rirks let me tell you why. what happens in federal court is the federal government investigates you and then after making an assessment as to credibility of witness, as to whether the witnesses can be corroborated, they will then charge you. that's why the federal government has an over 9d 0% conviction rate. in state court, they'll arrest you and then investigate. here with regard to this question. these two central witnesses have credibility irns. one is a tax collector and former friend of matt gaetz. he was the tax collector. he had information. he pled guilty. the offenses he pled guilty for are fraud, identity theft, and
3:39 am
other issues that are really credibility impairing. so you can't hang the hook of the case on what he would have to say, which is matt gaetz was involved with a 17-year-old, you p im. are there text messages. emails, anything else. of course, the 17-year-old as well, they're deciding they cannot prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. that's what this is about to this point. >> joey, quickly, if there are no federal charges, could there be a state case. >> there can always be another case built against you. at this point the fedle say, look. if something else coming up, they can charge you. you have to have not tonal testimony but have cooperative
3:40 am
proof. if you don't have that, you don't have the indicate prou. . as the investigation koonlts to proceed. >> joegy jackson thangs going for the time, sir. >> always. thank you. coming up, the more dox' "empire of influence" premiers with two episodes. here's a preview. >> murourdoch is the biggest newspaper baron. >> this was built on the backs of salacious headlines. sales are booming. >> you have to realize if you can make them afraid, they'll
3:41 am
keep watching. >> rupert's goal was never money. >> he's got his eyes on much bigger. >> rupert mer douurdoch is the powerful force. >> he's been sucking up to americans for decades. >> he's building this dynasty to hand to his children. >> he set it up into a trial by combat. >> there's no such thing as a sure bet in the succession battle. it's a kill or be killed mentality. >> he wales this. >> is murdock empire of influence, is prememiere. i ththink we're good. okay. let's go. mom, do you know where some wrapping paper... need to wrap something for grandma. uh, yeah.
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[ marcia ] clearchoice dental implants gave me the ability to take on the world. i feel so much better, and i think that that is the key. right now it's not just the u.s./mexico border that's overwhelmed. >> cnn's priscilla alvarez embedded with the u.s. coast guard and border protection. >> reporter: a grim reality out at sea. migrants relying on makeshift sailboats to get to united states. now it's a regular sighting for the coast guard sfwhee see at least two to three different ventures in a span of five
3:47 am
hours. >> reporter: u.s. coast guard crews have intercepted boats. thousands of migrate gralkts have also made it to shore. so far this fiscal year, border authorities have encountered nearly 3,600 migrants in the miami sector. that's up from over 1,000 last year. >> seeing the uptick for us is concerning in the fact that we're seeing more individuals on not so sea-worthy vessels, putting a significant amount of those individuals at very dangerous risk for loss of life. >> reporter: this includes surfboards tied together and surf boards with no navigation systems. for years cubans have been fleeing the island, but recent unrest and a push for basic goods has pushed them to leave. they're hiring additional staff. >> for the most part individuals have come to us with stories of
3:48 am
persecution from the local government for their inability to participate in certain events, for not agreeing with local and communists of the area. >> reporter: they patrol for incoming vessels, and it's not just cubans they're looking for. officials are also grappling with an incoming number of haitian migrants. >> this is a journey that can take about a week. if you look, you can see the clothes and the snacks left behind on what is a make shift sailboat. >> this chief acknowledged the demand on resources to address the new trend. >> we're all working with finite resources. as we encounter these individuals, you don't know who's on that boat. it takes our agent's time to
3:49 am
bring them into custody, make sure they're healthy and clean and fed and that they're safe and then identify exactly who they are. >> reporter: administration officials can see the jump in cuban migration not only at sea but at the u.s./mexico border poses the challenge. this week the administration saying the u.s. embassy in hav na is preparing to present full visa processing for the first time since 2015. out at sea, they prepare for the worst. >> what do you see? >> it can be traumatizing and very sad, the scenario you find these people in. >> reporter: u.s. customs and boarder protection has provided additional i agents. of course, the major concern now is the hurricane season and the danger that poses to migrate gralkts who may take to the see. pris priscilla. coming up, roger federer's emotional good-bye as he leaves
3:50 am
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two of the greatest athletes of this generation. >> a big night for albert pujols and roger federer. >> that's right. one of those nights in sports history that a lot of people will remember for a long time. let's start in los angeles. albert pujols hitting home run 699 in his first at-bat of the night, and his second with 50,000 eagerly watching, history made just over the wall, joining barry bonds, hank aaron, and babe ruth joining the 700 slugger club. he got a huge hug from his friend yadier molina.
3:55 am
then the curtain call. he's retiring after this season. he said he's at peace with it. in london, not a dry eye in sight as rogered iffer er took to the court one last time. the 41-year-old 20-time grand slam champ joined by his longtime rival and friend rafael na nadal. the pair not able to get the win unfortunately, but that's not what anybody is going to remember. the night was a celebration of one of tennis ice greatest champions and revered athletes in the entire world. boris and amara, just a great night. really special. >> a lot of tears. thank you so much. stay with "new day." we're back in just moments.
3:56 am
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good morning. buenos dias and welcome to your "new day." i'm boris sanchez. >> good morning to you, boris. i'm amara walker. right now we're tracking two major storms, fiona hitting canada's coast, right now bringing with it dangerous winds, heavy rain, and a potential storm surge. plus, a bit further south, preparations ubdsnderway in floa as tropical storm ian strengthens in the dribbian. they could get hit early next week. we've got your latest forecast. and a cnn exclusive. former president donald trump ge


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