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tv   New Day Weekend  CNN  September 25, 2022 3:00am-4:00am PDT

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good morning. welcome to your new day. i'm boris sanchez. >> good morning. i'm amara walker. florida braces for what could become a category four hurricane before landfall. we'll have the latest on the storm's path and when it could
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potentially hit. >> plus congresswoman liz cheney says she is ready to part ways with her party if donald trump becomes the nominee in 2024. we'll tell you how she plans to keep fighting to prevent the former president from running for the white house. >> and making a direct appeal to russian fighters being called up into harm's way. plus, a hollywood actress st stalked for more than a decade. we'll tell you about the dna technology that helped solve this crime. the start of a new week, sunday, september 25th. thank you so much for waking up with us. amara, good morning.
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>> it's always so refreshing to hear you say it's the start of a new week. we are watching one storm, all of florida watching the caribbean this morning as tropical storm ian continues to gain strength. the latest forecast shows it's growing to a category four hurricane over the gulf of mexico before slamming into florida. it would be the first major hurricane to hit the state in four years. >> so yesterday florida governor ron desantis extended an emergency order to include the entire state and president biden declared an emergency for florida putting fema and other federal agencies on alert. residents from the florida panhandle to the florida keys are being urged to prepare for storm surge, hurricane force winds and of course heavy rain. >> this is the calm before the storm. i've seen lines at the gas stations and the natural gas,
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propane. they're taking it serious and i encourage those that are not to always take a storm serious because you can never estimate where that storm might turn. and we need to be prepared. >> let's bring in cnn meteorologist allison chin thechinchar. what are you seeing inside the cone uncertainty in. >> it's the last-minute wobbles that can wreak havoc if you don't prepare. the storm is still really trying to get itself together, even though it is gradually strengthening. the hurricane hunters are out there trying to gather as much data as possible to find out where the center of the storm is, whether or not it's showing continued signs of strengthening. that helps give us enough information to put into the track of where we anticipate it's going to go.
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you have hurricane warning out for the grand cayman islands and as we make our way up towards cuba, hurricane watches along the extreme western coast and tropical storm watches more in the center. storm surge is going to be one of the the key components, especially for cuba. you're talking 9 to 13 speet all along that western coastline, and the reason for the difference is you're going to start to see that storm rapidly intensify over the next 24 to 36 hours. likely becoming a hurricane later today or even early this evening and then possibly up to major hurricane strength as it's making its way into it goes from a 4 back town to a 3 and part of that is bus you have much cooler
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ocean temperatures there along that big ben region. we'll have a lot to discuss over the next couple of days. >> there's a huge gap there. hopefully that closes very soon. thank you for that. so the white house is of course getting track of ian and pledging full federal support ahead of the storm. as you were saying, priscilla, the white house has issued an emergency declaration. what more do we know. >> reporter: that's right. this is a storm at. as the strm approaches, what that means is that and coordinate release efforts and produce intense fal ebiden of
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course had plans to and also attend to at that dnc rooly and that has has now been cancelled. >> priscilla, let's talk more about i enand preg prep racks. >> so we don't know a lot at this time in terms of exactly pr this storm is going to mitt pu we know much of florida is still in the counsel. but that could change quickly. so what is your message to the people of florida. who should be preparing? >> so i appreciate you allowing us to call the show this morning. i think the first message is everyone in florida is going to feel the impacts of the storm.
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in irma we had a southwest raple and you can and oum glad to see heem people around the state are getting prepared. what we want people to do now are to get your plans toing the, we overestimated the people ef evacuated. about 6 million evacuated and about 3 million it an emergency.
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>> what about the evacuation orders then? when do you expect those to come down? i understand the emergency managers in the flchlt keys are still waiting because there's so many urn certainty regarding pem there in monroe in a rogue county. >> regional evacuation appearance time. when you sart to put ul that flm. that's why we need 48 to 72 hours of the evacuation order to actually get cleared out. >> do you have anything you need so far, if if.
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>> yeah, as you npgs. in i spokesnm we did get the emergency back kwrs twrp. that will allow us to dmachl snchl i have about 153 left if we should have to to that evacuation of, let's say, tampa. >> reporter: and lastly, you know, boris and i talking about this yesterday. i lived in miami more seven careers. i could be down to the keys for many storms. we know the attitude.
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there's a very laid-back altitude. and a lo t of people sum already there we've gone that about since the mid 8 thousands if snchl three, four, five days. ji yards of ten days. that is actually okay but nuke. >>ism appreciate your royce.
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thapg you. from sfwlfrmgts we've got some new images to show you from eastern canada that display the trail of dough trucks left behind after fiona swept through the region frm hundreds of thousands in the dark. service homs flchl fiona has claimed lives of at what f to ever hit want ba's atlantic coast. still to come this morning, bibl ib even going as far as who. . >> it it cnn is getting an
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republican congresswoman liz china draws a political line in the sand. she says if donald trump is the gop nominee for president in 2024, she will not remain a republican. >> as you might recall, cheney was booted from the house republican leadership last year hefr him a trump-backed candidate. >> daniel a dias has more for us. what else did cheney have to say? >> she spoke at the tribune festival where she finned to as
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you all said she no win the nm name forecast -- go i think that drft is db he's the on wentfrrj. >> how, toe the fact that my party has refused in the months since then to stand up to them i think does tell you how sick the party is. i'm going to make sure donald trump, i'm going to make sure he's not the nom fee and if he is the nominee, i won't be a republican. >> okay. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. incredibly notable that she's saying this as she was once seen as a rising star in
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the blook party, she was the daughter of mick cheney and now because of her outspoken words against former president donald trump 2020 pee has been boot, doesn't attend conference meetings anymore against republicans and lost her primary in not be in congress of a that term. glou, she also said that she would campaign with wrats in it meant that someone like, for example, kerrey lake, the gubernatorial candidate in arizona who continues to spread these throughs that the election was stolen from former president how he said there's a little of
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bod policies in the voter rye to fan that this shut be snmt from 230r78 are president donald trump. >> we'll see how her potential endorsements ring out for democrats. daniela diaz, thank you so much for that. we actually want to play the sound of liz chainy making headlines, for saying that she'd be willing to campaign for democrats going up against republicans, promoting falsehoods about the 2020 election, including that race that daniela mentioned in arizona. listen to this. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure that carey lake is not elected. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: so does that include campaigning for democrats if that's what it takes? >> why.
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>> she's also the managing editor of axios. always good to see you bright and early on a sunday. there's not ideological overlap between liz china and the democrats. do you think a race could help like a race like the gubernatorial one in arizona? >> i think thoul from and he believed that her still like the nrm mr. republicans across america, don't tay stay home but if do frmt this is a big deal.
3:21 am
to me it's a bigger deal saying she wouldn't remain a republican if donald trump is the nominee again. if he is the new hampshire for the gop anyhow if if n basically all nine republicans, don't go to the polls. stay home and vote for the coordinator. >> it's twice scored nary. her long-term. >> would you like president trump to testify?
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>> any. in that committee has with under the ad the bench. >> what are you anticipating from the next hearing in. >> i wouldn't bet on it pu that with is nfbl snmt it's interesting because see answered almost every other question instinctively but ne or no but the if he's been frfrm fwrchl
3:23 am
but i'm home dr her hesitation in answering it for us speaks tore tell 2020. there was a line that schwab it didn't and potentially problematic. do you seech it that way? >> yeah, you know, there's a f more rook scott from florida n. from and.
3:24 am
from and he want to hop on issues. he's saying the focus should be no. is message in a way where the poem want (as sort of as paging a. in and ideal like smaller government and ways that could undercot democratic games and professions don't care, on medicare. and also on aprgs frouchlt but mccarthy and had nchlkt that republicans went ling.
3:25 am
in n (n i was really draw by how he and liz chain oo's metro sum. think is this i dewhether facts are senator, m -- oh, right now in america, she twlochlt and i just thought n that's rel the about thele inside flchlt or is it more important to right in the. in. >> a mass nating at this nn. all right, new this morning
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ukraine. the president of russia is replying on the call to bring up 300,000 people. >> he said he was quoting the russian people themselves where thousands were fleeing to avoid the draft. yesterday alone more than 8,000 russians crossed by land, you can see the land there of cars, into finland. ben wedeman is there with more. hi there, ben. what are we seeing in terms of reaction to this latest massive
3:31 am
mobilization by putin? >> what we heard from president zelenskyy here in his nightly address was he was calling on those russian soldiers who end up on the front lines in ukraine to either surrender and if they surrender, they'll be treated in a civilized manner and the circumstances of their surrender will be kept secret. the russians said anyone who surrenders voluntarily could face up to 10 to 15 years in prison. he said in the event of a prisoner exchange, if any of the russian prisoners does not have to go back to russia, ukraine will facilitate that desire. he also called on russian soldiers in ukraine to sabotage russian operations.
3:32 am
this is part of ongoing psychological war by the ukrainians against russians. the other day i was near the russian front lines, i have a ukrainian phone and i received on it a text from the ukrainian authorities saying soldier of the russian federation, you are fulfilling a criminal order, you will die. surrender to captivity, you will return home safely. now as far as action going on on the ground here in ukraine, the city of odesa has recently come under repeated drone odesa is fairly far from the front line. in one case several drones hit a civil administration building in the middle of the city causing fatalities and in another it hit the navy headquarters there. of course odesa is a port city.
3:33 am
in response the ukrainian authorities have called upon the irania iranian embassy to pull its staff and the accreditation of the ambassador. it was an emotional reunion this weekend when two american prisoners of war returned home after being held captain by russian-backed forces in ukraine. >> they embraced their family and friends in birmingham, alabama after being released earlier this week following a prisoner swap. kyley atwood has more on the story. >> reporter: they are back in the united states after the traveled to ukraine earlier this year and they were captured by
3:34 am
pro russian proxies held captive for more than three months. their families knew very little. only one of them was able to have a few conversations with their family members while they were held captive and they were released as part of a swap of prisoners of war between the ukrainians and the russians that the saudis and turks helped to facilitate. they traveled to saudi arabia, got medical checks, met with u.s. diplomats on the ground there before returning to the united states. so birmingham, alabama, where they were reunited with their family. >> kiley, thank you. an ohio doctor fighting to protect heher patient's life fis herself up against ohio's new abortion law. that story is next. (vo) your family is safer in a three-row subaru ascent. love. it's what makes subaru, subaru.
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many women in the u.s. have faced difficult choices in the shifting legal landscape after the supreme court overturned roe v. wade. we report on one couple who were denied an abortion in ohio, even though doctors told them the baby would not survive beyond a few hours if they carried it to term and it could potentially endanger the mother's life. care and justin george met right out of high school, got married and this spring they were thrilled to find out they were expecting. early on sharing ultrasound
3:40 am
pictures with friends and family, buying onesies for the boy they named griffin. >> all i could think of was hanging out, watching sports, doing everything a dad would do with his son. >> reporter: then at a routine ultrasound halfway through her pregnancy -- >> the woman doing the ultrasound gets up and leaves the room, doesn't say anything. >> that's when a high-risk pregnancy specialist came in. >> there was no fluid around the baby. >> reporter: the baby had severe heart defects and -- >> the baby had complete kidney failure. >> reporter: could that baby survive after birth? >> this was a uniformly dangerous -- >> they say if he did live, the chances of him living would only
3:41 am
be a few hours. >> reporter: tara could stay pregnant but she was at high risk of blood clots and preeclampsia, two deadly conditions. >> we have to think hard if we want to put tara's life at risk for that. >> reporter: in ohio, an anti-abortion law allows for abortion to prevent the death of the mother or when there's a serious risk of impaymirment or major bodily function. >> how sick does a woman have to be to be protected? >> one of the problems is it's unclear how sick she has to be. >> reporter: the authors of these laws say they protect the life of the mother. do they? >> they do not. these laws absolutely put patients at risk far more than
3:42 am
they protect them. >> reporter: the doctor tried to get an abortion in ohio for tara but was denied. >> i felt a lot of anger and disappointment. when i had to call tara and tell her that we couldn't do it, that was really difficult. >> reporter: the closest place tara could go to get an abortion was michigan. she went there last month. she had to spend two days there. >> it was really scary. i feel for all the other women out there that are going to be going through it as well. it's just horrible. >> reporter: now all they have are memories. >> it says "i love you your whole life, i'll miss you for the rest of mine." >> reporter: the pain of their loss on top of the pain of being sent away to get the care they need. elizabeth cohen, cnn, cleveland, ohio. >> thanks to elizabeth for that report.
3:43 am
and in the new cnn original series "the murdochs," we take a look at rupert murdoch and the future of his empire. >> i think i was a good dad, not always present dad but i think beloved by his kids. the kids walked in his office, it didn't matter which one, he would immediately stop everything and hug them. i don't think he deliberately set them up against each other, but that doesn't mean they didn't feel that he was doing that. >> from the time that we were very small, this is one of the lessons that dad taught me, it had been very clear that you have to control your o own destiny. >> be sure to tune in to the all new originalal series "the murdochs, empire of influence" it premieres tonight only on cnn.
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we have a chilling story to share with you this morning that ironically unfolds like an episode of a true crime show. for oaf a decade a mysterious stalker was terrorizing this "csi" actress and her whole family. >> he threatened to rape are for cher and even kill her, but stopping the danger wasn't as simple as a hollywood script. cnn's jean casaras has the story. >> reporter: she was threatened by a man who threatened to kill and rape her and demember her and her daughter. >> hellish, nightmarish,
3:49 am
deviant, perverse, sick letters. >> reporter: the fbi shared the letters with us. >> in one of them he said my main mission in life is to stalk you, rape you and terrify you. i want to make your life so miserable that you can't stand it. >> reporter: approximately 49 letters in all. >> every time he would find us, we would move. >> reporter: sold your house? >> yes, sold my house. >> reporter: when the letters began, she played an investigators on "csi." she was depending on the authorities to protect her. he left dna but it didn't match any database. >> so we are playing that we have the technology but in real life we didn't have the technology then. >> reporter: then the science of
3:50 am
genetic genealogy emerged, first used to identify the golden state serial killer. >> we used it as an investigative tool to reverse engineer family trees and figure out who he was. >> reporter: they compared dna with the stalker's letters with dna in databases, consenting their dna could be used by law enforcement. >> go through the trees and identify the common ancestors to your suspect and go down until you find the person who had the right age, lived in the right location. >> reporter: and you knew the letters were coming from ohio. >> the letters were all coming from ohio. >> reporter: the letters were now threatening her daughter at her school.
3:51 am
>> he's tracked down the high school and he's calling the school. >> this is a recording from a voice message left at the high school. >> hello, i want to leave a message for kaya callahan, this is the man who is going to rape her and kill her. >> when this last recorded call came in, we hit the gas pedal as quickly as we could. >> reporter: agents took a tour of his workplace and saw the type of item they would need for dna comparison. >> there was an arby's cup and straw and we took the dna to compare to the dna on the letters and it was a 100% match. >> reporter: rogers was arrested in an early morning fbi raid at
3:52 am
his home last november. >> we decided to arrest him because we weren't sure what he was going to do. >> reporter: rogers pleaded guilty to federal crimes from stalking to mailing threatening communications and was sentenced to 40 months in prison. >> this happened from the time my daughter was 5 years old and during her formative years. >> we feel okay now. we know where he is for the next three years. >> i feel okay so that's nice to feel. >> wow. what a remarkable story and some really innovative technology. and before we go, a quick programming note. join dr. gupta for a new report, a truth behind the havana concussion. >> something happened to those individuals in havana. >> reporter: a global mystery
3:53 am
concerns scientist. >> what is the motivation to be doing that t to american diplomats? >> were you worried about the president potentially being attackcked? >> join dr. sanjay gupta for answers. "immaculate concussion," the truth mind havana syndrome tonight at 8. dy for athing. from the network america ries on. finding the perfect project manager isn't easy. but, at upwork, we found him. he's in adelaide between his color-coordinated sticky note collection and the cutest boxed lunch we have ever seen. and you can find him right now on when the world is your workforce, finding the perfect project manager, designer, developer, or whomever you may need... tends to fall right into place. find top-rated talent who can start today on
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a big upset in college football for a third time in four seasons, kansas state knocked off oklahoma. >> coy wire has all of the football action in this morning's bleacher report. >> it's the number six team in
3:58 am
the nation, oklahoma, they might be looking forward to joining the sec in 2025, in part so they won't have to play kansas state in football every year. despite 85,000 fans in the stands and a huge home crowd advantage, the sooners could not stop the wild cart quarterback adrian martinez. check out this play, third and long, late in the fourth quarter, martinez tucks this ball, runs up the gut and 55 yards down the sideline showing why he was a heisman candidate at nebraska before injuries and a string of tough losses and the wildcats hand oklahoma their first loss of the season. two gut-wrenching play ended up costing number 10 arkansas against 23rd ranked texas a&m.
3:59 am
quarterback k.j. jefferson fumbles as he reaches for the end zone and the aggies go the rest of the way, 97 yards for the touchdown. fans thinking this is one of the wildest touchdowns we've ever seen. arkansas with a chance to one. the field goal attempt hit the top of the upright. are you kidding me? a&m holds on to win 23-21. >> mizzou quarterback looked desperate but auburn somehow recovers the bald in the end zone. as pete was reaching the ball out, it just slips out of his hand just before crossing the goal line. it capped off a wild 17-14 win for auburn.
4:00 am
>> the mascot was the pancake. he gets absolutely steam rolled by a giant human powder. >> i hope you guys had a much better game than we did. >> soon we'll get some highlights on. i know you'll put them on. >> the next hour of "new day" starts now. good morning. and welcome to your new day. i'm boris sanchez. >> and i'm amra walker. right now all eyes are on tropical storm ian as it pushes toward fliten it. plus congresswoman liz cheney threatening t


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