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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  September 26, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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happening now, a cnn exclusive. we've obtained new video of trump alley roger stone that is expected to be futured in the committee this week, and ear learning about text messages mark meadows that reveal his direct communications with a pro-trump operative behind a plan to seize voting machines. and tonight ian is a
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category two hurricane, quicklyin tensefying as it gets closer to florida. residents of tampa area are preparing for the worst as warnings about ian grow more dire. and nasa will deliberately slam a spacecraft into an asteroid soon in a historic test of earth's defensing. we're getting the first live image this is lauer. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. wolf blitzer is off tonight, i'm alex marquardt in "the situation room." >> we begin with all of krvn exclusive new reporting on the january 6 investigation including the new revelations about mark meadow's communications. cnn political correspondent sara murray has our report. >> reporter: as donald trump and his allies made a final push to overturn the 2020 election. >> there is still plenty of time to certify the correct winner. >> reporter: retired army
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colonel phil wald ron. >> the core of these voefting systems are rife with vulnerables. >> reporter: communicated with then white house chief of staff mark meadows complaining that an arizona judge dismissed a lawsuit calling for election equipment to be handed over. he told meadows arizona was our lead domino. we were counting on to start the cast cade and complains they were using delay tactics. pathetic, meadow's responded. wald ron and his attorneys did not respond. the new details about efforts to acves voting machines reaching the top tier of the white house as federal and state prosecutors are trying to up end the 2020 election and as the house committee is get geared up for a committee hearing this week. fighting against trump even if
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it means leaving the goppic. >> i'm going to make sure he's the nominee and if he is i won't be a republican. >> and all of the swirling about ai nine second call to one of the rioters. >> get a real aha-moment. >> after the call was revealed by denver riggleman, cnn reporting it went from a white house land line toe a cell phone belonging to 26-year-old anton luttig, a trump supporter from new york who illegally entered the capitol with friends and plead guilty in april. sources tell cnn the trump supporter doesn't remember receiving the call and doesn't know anyone who worked in the trump white house. the call's content and significance still a mystery, one that has committee members urging caution. >> we've been very careful about what we say. not to overstate matters. >> reporter: the commissiony also awaiting an interview with
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ginni thomas, wife of clarence thomas. >> she said publicly that she wanted to come in and talk to the committee and she is doing so. >> reporter: and sifting through a mountain of information from the secret service. now the committee also subpoenaed wisconsin house speaker robin voss and they wanted his testimony today. he got a phone call from the former president in july asking him to decertify the election in wisconsin. they are suing to block that subpoena and as of now his appearance is on hold. >> our colleague don lemon just sat down with two filmmakers, following roger stone around and they've turned over some of the foot ang to the january 6 commissiony. here is a clip of stone before biden was declared the winner. >> let's just hope we're celebrating. i suspect it will be -- i suspect it will be up in the air. when that happens the key thing to do is to claim victory. possession is nine tenths of the law. no, we won -- [ bleep ] you.
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>> so what does this say about what we could especially see during the next committee hearing. >> they've shared some of the clips from the committee they do want to put more of a spotlight on roger stone and his lull in ginning up the crowd after january 6. we heard from other people around the former president the sort of same sentiment, that you should just claim victory no matter what. and we're waiting to see how much of that is a focus in the upcoming hearing but it is a point the committee is hearing in. >> still a lot to figure out about what we're hear going to hear. stay with us as i bring in our panelists, eli honig and elliott williams. elly, how revealing do you think that clip is which we just on taped from that roger stone documentary? what does it tell us? >> this is one of the big remaining oun answered questions from the january 6 committee. they've answered a heck of a lot
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of questions but one of the big ones that we don't know the answer to is was there a direct line of communication from the white house to some of the these extremist groups. now a lot of people have focused on roger stone because he has known connections to oath keeps and proud boys and seen with those members leading up and on january 6. but we don't know if there was a line of communication established through roger stone and that is a big focus on wednesday. >> elliott, the text messages with the former white house chief of staff mark meadows, how concerning do you think that this level of coordination is went meadows and a man who is a known conspiracy theorist attempting to overturn the 2020 election. >> you know, alex, it is concerning and it also sheds light on how forthcoming mark meadows was not in terms of his relationship and his communications with people who were engaged in the planning of january 6.
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to remind, he provided a number of his text messages to the january 6 committee and stopped providing information. we don't know why or what exactly got turned over. what is clear here is that he's got a little bit of explaining to do. exactly what was the extent of his communication with these folks and what was he directing them to do or not directing them to do. now the question is, is there criminal exposure for him? i think it is too early to tell based on the information that is available, particularly if one of the text messages he just said precisely. he's making a statement of agreement. but not actually sort of entering into a criminal conspiracy with anybody who is engaged there. but more than anything else is sheds light on the fact that he just wasn't entirely straight with the committee. >> and we have learned more about this mysterious phone call between someone at the white house and a rioter on january 6. we've been able to identify the person who received that phone call. committee members of the january 6 committee, they've downplayed
3:08 pm
this phone call. but what questions do you think it raises about the potential significance of that conversation? >> well, alex, there certainly is a lot that we don't know. specifically who was on the other end of that phone call. at the white house, and it is nine seconds long. was anything discussed, was this a dial and a hangup or some substantive discussion. and what this really highlights to me is that the committee's work is just about done. they have one more hearing left and a few more months left. eventually the justice department is going to be the only entity left to answer these questions and this is the kind of question that prosecutors that doj is positioned to answer. they have grand jury subpoenas and they could talk to the individual who is on the other the end of that. and he's pled guilty and he won't have any remaining fifth amendment right and this is one of the issues that doj has a responsible to pick up on once the committee con deludes. >> and sarah.
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back to what we could learn on wednesday, in this final hearing by the january 6 select committee, how do you think that they plan to connect all of the various strands of the investigation. >> think one of the goals the committee is to bring this back to the former president. bring this back to the notion that this wasn't something that sort of happened spontaneously but that there were a lot of former president's allies who had an idea of this in their head before january 6. that there was a lot of communication around the former president's inner circle. i think folks are right, that the hardest thing is tieing some of this stuff directly to the former president. because obviously they didn't get testimony from a number of folks that they wanted to hear from who were in direct communication. we know donald trump is not a person who uses text messages, who uses emails. so that is always been not just for the committee, but also for criminal investigators, a big hurdle when it comes to donald trump. but this is an opportunity for the committee to sort of tie their story together, tie their
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narrative together and to put the former president at the center of it. >> congresswoman zoe lofgren said there is no expectation that they will get the former president or vice president in front of the committee. elli, i want to ask you about criminal referrals. that is something that the committee still hasn't decided whether their going to as this investigation wraps up, are they going to approach making criminal referrals? >> they'll decide but i can't say nif, it is simply does not matter at the end of the day. the justice department number one does not have to act on a criminal referral they receive. number two, they can proceed and open an investigation and prosecute someone even without a criminal referral. all a criminal referral is a statement they believe a crime was committed. you or i as citizens of america could write a letter to congress and make a criminal referral. congress has issued subpoenas and done great work on behalf of the american people, but this
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question of a criminal referral is a little bit of a distraction, think. because of the fact that the ultimately decision is with the justice department. they will decide and if they want to move into prosecution, they will. and if they don't, they won't. >> in this final hearing, sarah, we understand it is going to take in the middle of the day. when i spoke to congresswoman lofgren about it, she acknowledged one of the reasons is they would like to reach fox news viewers. because that channel chooses often to show the hearings during the day sas opposed to prime time. >> i think partly sunny impo -- i think it is helping the committee. they are trying to write a history, knowing more than what we knew at the time when wear all glued to our screens watching this unfold. and part of that means being able to speak to people who maybe just saw glimpses of that
3:12 pm
that day and sort of been, you know, taught by fox that it wasn't that big of a deal and i think they do want to speak to that audience to drive the point home that it was. >> we'll be watching closely to that hearing. 1:00 p.m. on wednesday. thank you all very much. and just ahead, a key member of the house intelligence committee reacts to's exclusive reporting on the rioter called by the white house on january 6. congressman jijim heinz is standing by. and we'l'll go live to tamp florida, as strengthening hurricicane ian moves closer. the national hurricane center is warning of a near worst case scenario when the storm hits. stay with us. in a thursday night showdown of speed versus swagger. thursd night football. only on prime video. not flossing well? then add the whoa! of listerine to your routine. new science shows it gets in between teeth to destroy 5x more plaque above the gumline than floss.
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we are digging deeper into the mysterious nine second phone call from the white house to a rioter on january 6. sources revealing to cnn that the rioter's identity, let's discuss the significance of that callond the questions it raises with congressman jim himes, a member of the house intelligence committee. thank you so much for being with me this evening. i want to start with that phone call. how critical in your mind is it for investigators to determine why a white house phone
3:17 pm
connected with a rioter during that chaos on january 6? >> well, it is important obviously. and it may be nothing, by the way. again, we've been talking about this phone call for quite a period of time now. it may be nothing. but the fact that there was that phone call, means that we need to find out why. and there is a variety of ways to do that. the white house could probably figure it out. they keep records of who is associated with what white house number and of course if the individual is known and if the individual is in trouble, this may be something that they would want to talk to law enforcement about in order to perhaps reduce the intensity of the trouble they're in. >> and cnn has also learned that a former white house chief of staff mark meadows was texting with a key figure, a conspiracy theorist who was working to overturn the election by trying to seize voting machines. so what to extent do you believe that the white house was directing that effort? >> well, you know, i think for
3:18 pm
history's sake, the fine distinction between directing that effort and the fact that they were tolerating maybe even encouraging effort is a pretty fine distinction, right. it is shocking enough that any white house, any defeated president would do anything other than say shut it down, stop it for the good of the country. we're going to do what we've always done for 250 years. we are going to do a peaceful transition of power. so, i am skeptical that there was a massive conspiracy that was closely and in a detailed way directed by donald trump. i mean, again, there is a keystone cops quality to what they do. but it was certainly encouraged and we know that. all of the wild theories from john eastman to rudy giuliani, to sidney powell. there was just constant encouragement and including the
3:19 pm
attack on the capitol which the department of justice will pars that but people need to let that sink in in terms of what it means four our politics. >> and among those players is roger stone. we have now this new footage that cnn got exclusively from documentary filmmakers who were following stone around through the 2020 election and that coup attempt and we hear stone in one clip before the election results came in even saying that, quote, the key thing to do here is to claim victory. we won, he said. so what does that tell but how it plot evolved over time? >> well, it is not one bit surprising. right. roger stone lives for this sort of thing and roger stone would proba probably be in jail today if he was not been pardoned. so it is not one bit surprising coming from roger stone. it is really surprising and shocking coming from the chief of staff mark meadows, an
3:20 pm
individual that i knew pretty well when he was in the congress. it is shocking coming and, you know, presumably the january 6 committee hearing will hear about this. but from the wife of a supreme court justice virginia thomas and it is most shocking of all, although given how well we know donald trump perhaps not so shocking that this was all being encouraged by him and his family and his closest advisers. that is what in some ways is the most just awful part of all of this. >> well we know that you will be watching that hearing on wednesday as closely as we will. congressman jim himes, thank you so much for your time tonight. >> thank you. coming up, hurricane ian has intensified to a category two storm. as it barrels toward the florida coast. mandatory y evacuations now underway. and moments from now, nasa is rooting for a space collision. why it thinks this could be key to protecting our small planet in the future.
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florida is bracing for a direction hit from hurricane ian. which has just strengthened to a category two storm with winds up to 100 miles per hour. storm officials warn that it could be something that we have not seen in our lifetime. ryan young reports from tampa which is right in the path of the hurricane. >> this could be the storm that we hoped would never come to our shores. >> reporter: up and down the west coast of florida, hurricane preparations underway. it is been a century since the
3:26 pm
tampa area of south florida has been directly hit by a hurricane. and now hurricane ian could change history. >> everyone and i everyone in pinalas county will witness some degree of impact from the storm. >> reporter: 70,000 people have been ordered to evacuate in the tampa area alone. and school and universities announcing closures in preparation for the storm and set up as emergency shelters. >> we are looking at the possibility of having ten to 15 foot storm surge. and clearly that would be very devastating for our community. >> reporter: residents here taking this seriously. >> i wasn't worried about it yesterday but today you start making your preparations and doing what you have to do. tie everything down, secure your car, make sure you have enough food and water at the house and that is all you could do. >> i think we're taking it seriously. up until yesterday we were thinking its would wo hit panama city or something like that, but right now i think it is real. >> reporter: the tampa area of
3:27 pm
florida more vulnerable than other parts of florida. >> the area around tampa bay, there are a lot of low-lying areas compounded with a lot of development. so we have a large population that has built up since the last hurricane. and it is build up in low-lying areas and so we have a lot of exposure. a lot of risk. >> the florida national guard has activated 5,000 florida guardsman and 2,000 additional guardsmen from tennessee and georgia and north carolina. >> reporter: every official here with dire warnings to prepare for the very worst. >> this is going to be a storm like we have not seen in the past. >> reporter: and that is the real concern. i could tell you people are really bagging up sand as much as possible right now to get ready, specially in the low-lying areas, they want to protect their homes and at this facility, you show up after sitting for hours waiting to bag your own bags and to take them
3:28 pm
home. at one location they had already passed out 10,000 bags as of 1:00 and i want to show you something, as we walk this direction, to show you this line and how long it is. look that direction. this wraps all the way around this park, almost a mile long in terms of people waiting at this one location just to get up to the front to be able to bag their own sand and take it home. also at the grocery stores you could see the same thing. water is going out because people desperately want water to get ready for the storm. >> as this storm gets closer, people really hearing this message and heeding the warnings. ryan young in tampa, thank you very much, sir. let's get a closer look at exactly who is in the path of this hurricane. meteorologist tom sadir is in the weather center. how hard could this hit florida? >> well it is going to scrape the entire coastline. there is a surge problem for the entire coast. now the closer you get to tampa, the worst it is going to be because this is going to put on
3:29 pm
the brakes. last thing we want to see. we thought it would crawl at 5 miles an hour and now we're thinking three or four. haver anna will have some flooding an lose power. the watch in the tampa area is now upgraded to a warning. so that tells us that not only is the storm going stronger but the models are in better agreement of where this path will be therefore the national hurricane center said it could pack off the bay. spaghetti plots show there are some out liars. if this moves in any direction, that will change the direction. the two main models have been shifting to the east, european back a little bit more to the west. so now look at them. we'll put them both on top of each other. this is american in red, european in blue. they are identical and that is what you want to see if you're forecasting to get a better idea. get some consensus. but you don't want a category four off the most villenerable spot in all of florida with the inlets and waterways and coastal
3:30 pm
regions and of course the hundreds and hundreds of coastline. so it doesn't lose any strength over western cuba. category four but then pay attention to that, it is a category four and it keeps the surge and it carries it as a category four surge into the bay area. these models could not be more in agreement. this is wednesday and it's starting midday for 36 to 48 hours it is going to kick heavy amounts of surge into every inlet and drop on top. and that water has nowhere to go but flood. so the rurj warnings are in effect. we're looking from cedar key a five to eight foot surge and that is up to ten maybe more in the bay. that water can't leave, and then you have 10 to 20 inches on top. this could be the superstorm sandy. >> tom sadir in the cnn weather center. thank you very much. and joining me now is kevin guthrie, the director of the
3:31 pm
florida division of emergency management. thank you so much for joining me. i know how busy you are right now. i want to ask you about this storm. it is now a category two hurricane. barreling right for florida. you heard tom sadir saiding that it do impact so much of the state. what are in this moment your main concerns? >> so, maybe concerns right now are making sure that people first heed the evacuation warning. that started going out today and i know for a fact we're going to see more tomorrow from some counties that are north of the bay. some counties that are a little bit inland and another handful of counties that are south of the bay. so, the evacuation tomorrow, people will start getting on the road and we'll start having traffic issues. want to make sure that people maybe go to the florida department of transportation website tonight and look at the emergency shoulderize section of the florida department of
3:32 pm
transportation. we will most likely turn on emergency shoulder use. that means we don't do contraflow here in florida, we do emergency shoulder use where it is authorized to operate in the emergency lanes at slower speeds but we open that three lane up to a five lane road and so on. so first of all, evacuations and second we're worried about complacency. people being complacent and trying to get on the road or sitting in traffic and furn around and go back home and they just sit in their homes or manufactures homes or rvs. and i was down there in pinellas today with the governor and hundreds and hundreds of travel trailers that are now fixed homes, a lot of old mobile homes, the average age there is quite old, so we're -- i'm just really concerned about complacency in the evacuation at this point. >> the national guard has been activated.
3:33 pm
7,000 national guard troops we understand. does your state, do you have the support that you need to face this storm? >> yeah, absolutely. we're getting all of the support that we need. i've had multiple emergency managers that have said, hey, we're here for you from the nevada to montana, to the northeast all the way down to louisiana, arizona and so on. all of them more than happy to come and assist if we need their assistance. so we got more than enough mutual aid support through the states. we also have a lot of e-mack support through the national guard. that is a national guard from tate to state. so we're bringing in a lot of rotary wing equipment, like chinook to help with search and rescue afterwards and into areas that we can't get into it. we're going to have a lot of boats so those are all sort -- there are all things that we're
3:34 pm
getting plenty of federal support and d.o.d. support and support from the federal government. >> i'll let you get back to work. thank you so much. wishing you and your team the best of the luck in the coming days. >> thank you again for having us. >> of course. just ahead, the spreading turmoil in russia. as thousands attempt to flee vladimir p putin military draft. and we're getting the first live a images. nasa about to smash a spacecraft into an asteroid. we'll be right back. to be a coincidencobvious e. ♪
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in russia tonight, we're seeing new significant backlash against vladimir putin's military draft as his war strategy in ukraine appears to grow more desperate. cnn's correspondent matthew chance is following this for us. matthew, what is the latest on what really has become a mass exodus out of russia? >> well the skedous is on the border between russia and georgia so the south. it is gridlocked with traffic stretching back more than ten miles toward the border. we're seeing reports that the russian military are moving into the area to set up road blocks in an attempt to stop people from flooding out of the country to semly escape the mobilization. there are families in these crowds of cars as well. but it is mainly young men, men who are fleeing the possibility
3:40 pm
of being called up to fight in ukraine as part of the russian armed forces. similar scenes elsewhere, to the west toward finland, there is a report according to finnish border agents that the number of russians coming out has doubled in just a week. and so, yes, this is a physical sign of how much opposition there is. how much fear there is in russia about this call up. elsewhere we're seeing protesters as well. particularly in the south of the country. bag stan is seeing some particularly extraordinary scenes. remember protesting in russia is against the law. you could go to prison for going against the street what the authorities want. we're seeing these extraordinary acts of resistance with hundreds of thousands of people. hundreds and thousands of people getting into the streets and physically blocking roads to prevent buss from taking away men to the military so they could do military service in
3:41 pm
ukraine. it is a real sign of just how much, as i say, opposition there is to this mobilization it is being called by the kremlin. >> a real sign of the anger and the fear there in russia. matthew chance in london, thank you very much. joining me now is the state department spokesperson ned price. thank you for being with us this evening. i want to talk about nuclear weapons. the white house said they have spelled out the catastrophic consequences that russia woulda. so to be clear the administration told russia specifically what that response could look like. >> we've been clear in public and private about the implications for any use of nuclear weapons by the russia federation. we've been clear that the consequences could be significant. they'd be extraordinary. we use the word cat a strophic. the consequences could be real and they would be extraordinary.
3:42 pm
again, for any use on the part of the russian federation. it is been our charge, in new york last week with the rest of the world, to spell that out very clearly for not only the international public but also for the russians and we've done so in private. of course we're not going to detail exactly what that response would look like. but we've left the russians with not a scintilla of doubt that we mean what we say when we say the response would be real and extraordinary. >> would it be military or cyber or more economic. >> you're not going to get me to draw out any further what this response would look like. but we want to leave no detroit a -- leave no doubt. >> and let's talk about this backlash to the mobilization in russia. it is remarkable. we saw a shooting attack in an enlistment center. so what do you think this said about the state of russia's fight and its military and then putin's grip on power?
3:43 pm
>> well it is extraordinary. what we're seeing, alex. this is something that we've seen during the course of president pute ip's war against ukraine. you may recall if the first hours when president putin sent his troops across the border on february 24th, we saw mass protests in dozens of russian cities, thousands of russians actually detained, arrested and some are serving prison time for exercising what is a universal right. which should be a universal right, the right to freedom of assembly and expression. and we're seeing a replay of that. within hours of president putin announcing this partial mobilization of 300,000 russians, they might not be able to skpoes their will at the ballot box but they have been voting with their feet. their bought up all of the a airfare where they could travel and we're seeing long lines at border crossings. russians are indicating with their feet that they are not supportive of what president
3:44 pm
putin is doing to them and they're not going to be the next russian sentenced to fight and potentially to die in ukraine. >> ned, before i let you go, i want to talk about iran and we've seen really a deadly crack down on protesters after the death of 22-year-old massa amini. she was arrested. and we see thousands of young people risking their lives asking for basic things and we've heard criticism that the administration is not doing enough. will the administration step up as some are calling for and more vocally support this movement? >> well a couple of points, alex. first massa aminy should be alive today. the only reason she is not is because of the brutal repression that this regime is exercised in this case that is also indicative of the broader oppression that we've seen from this regime over the course of decades. we have been clear and consistent that we stand with the iranian people, just like they're russian brothers and sisters are doing all they are
3:45 pm
doi doing is peacefully ask for their right to be respected. but we've done more than offer our firm rhetorical support. last week we issued sanctions against the so-called morality police. we issued sanctions against the entity with seven other individuals who are responsible for oppression of their own citis. we took an additional step on thursday, we issued a general license that allowed u.s. companies to make operational inside of iran various pieces of software, some pieces of hardware that will allow the iranian people to communicate freely with one another and with the outside world. it is important that the world sees what is happening in iran, we want to give the iranian people the tools to do just that. >> and internatietet access is something ththey're asking for. >> thank you so much. coming up, gas prices are up and stock prices are down again
3:46 pm
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hit. seem for many potential first-time home buyers. >> the fed's increases are even inflicting pain overseas, pumping up the dollar at the
3:52 pm
cost of other currencies. the british pound crashed to a record low against the u.s. dollar today. but some analysts say a recession is not inevitable. >> broadly speaking, we're in pretty good shape. we saved a lot of money during the pandemic when sheltering in place because of the government support. >> reporter: but mark sandy and other experts acknowledge not every american experiences the ups and downs of the economy in the same way. >> this is a really tough time for people living on the edge. this is a time to think out of the box. it may not be the time for you to live on your own. it may not be the time for you to buy that new house that you've been pining for. it may be the time to hold on to that jalopy that you have and fix it up until things stabilize in the economy. >> one segment of the u.s. population that is a significant driver of the economy, america's seniors. they're having a tough time as well. and that's not being talked many senior citizens in the d is united states are on fixed ly m
3:53 pm
incomes, andoi analysts say thes are really struggling with rising interest rarates, as welr as the climbing prices of gas, alexex? >> thank you so much for that n® report. we will have more news ahead, including an expected nasa collision in just minutes. be right back. president biden signed the inflation reduction act into law this afternoon. ok, so what exactly does it mean for you? out of pocket costs for drugs will be capped. for seniors, insulin will be just $35. families will save $2,400 on health care premiums. energy costs, down an average of $1,800
3:54 pm
a year for families. and it's paid for by making the biggest corporations pay what they owe. president biden's bill doesn't fix everything, but it will save your family money.
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you are looking at live pictures from the dart spacecraft, courtesy of nasa. in just a few minutes, the agency will be crashing a spacecraft into an asteroid. i want to bring back kristen fisher and miles o'brien. kristen, walk us through how this collision is going to happen. >> well, what we're seeing are live images from a camera that is mounted on the dart spacecraft. and that larger point of light in the middle of your screen, that is the asteroid, didimos. that's what it has been targeting for the last ten months.
3:58 pm
the fainter light is actually its target. that is its smaller target. didymos is moon-lit, called dimorphos. it is what the spacecraft is targeting. it is going to hopefully hit it at about 7:14 p.m. eastern time, just a little over 15 minutes from now. and the reason the images there are still so small, alex, is because this spacecraft is traveling at four miles per second, not per hour, just per second. so pretty soon we're going to see this asteroid fill the entire screen. and you know, alex, for billions of years, all the inhabitants on planet earth have had to take it when it comes to asteroids. they've had no defense. tonight for the very first time, earthlings are going to try to strike back. >> that small dot is getting bigger. miles, what are you going to be looking for? >> i'm enjoying the ride, just watching it get closer, alex. but it's really interesting to understand what is going to
3:59 pm
happen afterwards. we know that this spacecraft will perturb the orbit. the question is how much? and what is slightly counterintuitive is scientists will be looking at the plume that is created by the impact. it could actually give them a little more bang for their buck. it could create more momentum. all of this will help if some day, god forbid, a rock that could take out a city or even worse heads our way. >> and miles, how soon will we know if this test is successful? >> well, we'll certainly know right away if it crashes that will be very straight forward as we'll be watching it live. we hope you'll all be joining in. this is must-see tv. ask any dinosaur about that one. it will take at least 12 hours and actually more for telescopes on the ground to measure the new orbit of this little moon dimorphos as it passes in front of the larger object, didymos. see how much fast they're orbit is and see how effective darlt
4:00 pm
was. >> kristin, if this works, what are the chances we're actually going the need to use this in a real world scenario? >> well, as of now, there are no known asteroids within this century that are headed for earth that could be one of those potential extinction level events. but it has happened where an asteroid has come at the last minute. they found out about it at the last minute. that's what they're worried about, alex. >> i know i'm going to be singing the "armageddon" sound track for the rest of the evening. thank you very much. very exciting. "erin burnett outfront" is up next. "up front" next putin faces fury from his own people. a russian opening fire on a commander. another throwing molotov cocktails in a recruiting station. lines to leave russia growing even longer tonight. plus, exclusive. one of the americans just freed after being held by


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