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tv   CNN Tonight  CNN  September 26, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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we mentioned at the top, the house january 6th committee returns to national television wednesday afternoon for another hearing that if experience bears out, will make news. we'll have special coverage and perspective anchored by anderson and jake tapper during this hour wednesday night and throughout prime time. we do hope you'll join us for that. the news continues, so let's hand it over to laura coates and "cnn tonight." >> thank you, john bergman. i'm laura coates, and this is "cnn tonight." here we are. we are less than 48 hours from what could be the final public hearing of the january 6 committee. and yes, we are already nine
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hearings in, and yes, 20 months away from january 6th. but we are still finding out new information as of tonight. and the information is raising even more questions, interestingly enough, the questions about the trump white house's involvement in the attempt to overthrow our democracy. that's really what the whole thing is about, the heart of what the committee has been trying to get to the bottom of according to what they have said time and time again for about nine hearings and for more than a year. so, will we see anything new, or will this just be a kind of summation? well, we've been told to expect new footage we haven't yet seen before and new witness testimony according to the committee's chairman. and remember those missing secret service text messages, we're apparently going to hear more about those and the agents who have allegedly been uncooperative with the panel. >> there were secret service agents who were playing a hugely important and very courageous
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role, and i think that there are some who, you know, have not been forthcoming with the committee. and you will hear more about that. >> well, lest you forgot about this man, long-time trump ally, roger stone, will make an appearance. no, it's not going to be in person. but he'll be featured in a new documentary video about his alleged context. cnn has obtained some of that footage from a danish documentary crew traveling with stone before the 2020 election. this is stone apparently coming home from a rally in georgia. >> [ bleep ] the voting, let's get right to the violence. shoot to kill. >> f the voting? let's get right to the violence? hm, more on that to come. as for the new questions i mentioned just a moment ago,
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well, why was donald trump's former right hand man, mark meadows, texting with the conspiracy theorist who helped drum up a wild plan for our military, the military, to illegally seize voting machines in the days before january 6th? retired army colonel phil waldman was behind plots to access voting machines in key swing states. cnn has a text exchange between waldron and the chief of staff on december 23rd. waldron was grieb griping that a judge in california dismissed his lawsuit to give his team access to voting machines in the state, to which meadows responded, quote, pathetic. i'm not going to overstate this text message or parse the words pathetic or find anything legal to talk about. i don't know if it's legal or not at this point from what we know. but we know is that shows us someone actively trying to overthrow the 2020 election had a direct line to the chief of staff for the president of the
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united states. and speaking of lines, well, who is it that made a nine-second phone call to a rioter during the attack on our capitol? and it came from the white house. and even maybe more curiously here, why was the call made? we don't yet know, but we do know who it was placed to. that cell phone belonged to a 26-year-old trump supporter from brooklyn, new york, named anton lunic. he pled guilty to charges. this is lunic seen entering the building. the call was placed at 4:34 p.m. on january 6th from the white house land line. to put that time slot in context as to why it's important, this was a call that was placed after trump told rioters to go home at 4:17 p.m.
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>> so, go home, we love you, you're very special. >> lunyk claims he doesn't remember getting that call or didn't know anyone in the white house. a former republican congressman isn't buying it. he worked as a technical adviser for the january 6th committee. >> i really don't count anybody who says i don't know anybody in the white house and i don't remember the call. why don't we go to the originator. and i know the committee has tried the do that because those white house extensions are important. for me as a data guy, i don't pay attention to what the data is saying when the data is telling me something else. >> what is being said about all of this come this wednesday. let's talk about it with my table, david squird lek, elliott williams, former prosecutor, and
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doug heye, former rnc communications director. glad to have you all here. it's been a couple months now. you heard from this committee. everyone's wondering what they're going to talk about. we're very close now to the midterm elections. i'm wondering from your gut reaction, will this make any difference to voters? >> laura, i think it will make a difference. the committee did a lot of work over the summer cementing this idea in people's minds. and this is one last reminder, as we head toward tend of this congress. and of course we're obviously just a few weeks out from election day. i don't think we're going to learn anything that's going to blow anyone's mind or change anyone's mind. americans now know what they think. it's about this committee being able to document what they have found and about them being able to say, look, we've done our work. it's up to you now, voters ft it's up to you now, justice department, it's up to you now judicial system, to do what you will. congress has oversight authority
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but they don't -- >> they can't prosecute. by the same token, roger stone is both parts blast from the past and now evergreen in terms of the lead up to january 6th. is that going to tip the scale in any direction? >> i don't think it tips the scale in any direction based on what we know right now. you have communication lines between roger stone and some of the folks at the capitol building and communication lines between roger stone and the people in the white house. what you don't have is the connection between all three. i think for charging people with crimes, you need to establish that specific connection. it's bad for roger stone. that clip you played at the beginning of -- what was it -- f the whatever, let's just start shooting. i didn't want to repeat it, but it's bad and disgraceful conduct. does it change anything? who knows. but at the end of the day they're putting together a report at the end of this for the american people. it will lay out the charges, lay out the allegations, rather, and we shall see. >> as they say, but wait,
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there's more. if you didn't like that, let me play another clip we have from that documentary footage that's been obtained. by the way, if you're keeping tabs on how many documentary videos were conducted or filmed through the course of this, number three or four, right? here it is. >> let's just hope we're celebrating. i suspect it'll be -- i suspect it'll still be up in the air. when that happens, the key thing to do is to claim victory. possession is 9/10 of the law. no, we won. [ bleep ] you. we won. you're wrong. [ bleep ] you. >> let me just say he has responded to this footage coming out. i want to read it. he says, quote, i challenge the accuracy and the authenticity of these videos and believe that they have been manipulated and selectively edited. i also point out that filmmakers do not have the legal right to use them. how ironic that kim kardashian and i are both subjected to computer manipulated videos on
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the same day. the excepts you provided below prove nothing. they do not prove i had anything to do with the events of january 6th. that being said, it clearly shows i advocated for lawful, congressional, and judicial options. doug, i choose to speak english, i and heard what was said in parts about the idea of possession 9/10 of the law, claim victory. that really was the blueprint. >> yeah, and look, he needs a good press secretary communications director. if you just look at that statement, on the one hand, he says, this is all fake, popular word in the trump administration. and then says, but it clearly shows i didn't do anything. and the a and b don't equal c here. because fact ts don't matter at all, say whatever you want to say, your base will go along. it's the rest of the voters, a lot of whom have made up their minds. here's where i slightly disagree with david here. i don't think voters who haven't made up their mind yet are going
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to make up their mind on this. if you're a campaign you don't want to be talking about this. if you're a republican campaign, you're going to talk about inflation, crime, and the border. you don't want to be talking about abortion and donald trump on anything. this is going to make them respond to donald trump yet again. >> isn't the way to put an end to the point of january 6th happen, the election denialism to stop denying the elections? there's kind of an easy way for republicans who are overwhelming talking about this notion saying that, couldn't they simply do away with the constant talk about trump by not supporting? everyone's like no, laura, no, laura, no, laura. >> at this point it's almost partly about not wanting to admit you're wrong. there are plenty of republicans who are hard core trump supporters. there are plenty of republicans who still are bitter over the 2020 election. there are others who still may vote republican, to your point. but in their minds, they know this was an attempt to overturn
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the results of a free and fair election. and people have a hard time admitting they got buffaloed by president trump and the president trump show. >> i think you're just thinking like a lawyer, which is that if i -- i'm dead serious. >> does that mean logically? >> facts and reality. >> you're right. i don't know why i would think about that. >> silly you. literally, if you simply explain that you are correct, people will eventually understand it. i think we're in the post-explaining you're correct phase in american politics right now. that's part of what's the disconnect among the two of them. >> it is true, though. if you are a republican who would like to reclaim the majority in congress, the last thing you want to be doing is talking about the past. that infamous saying about if you're talk about the past, you're already losing. of course you have the exception being the infamous line of, are you better off today than you were in the past. that's more of a forward thinking notion. why is this idea -- why is there not the universal approach to focusing on the fauture?
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>> i think everybody here has seen the movie "blazing saddles." with the everybody move. in north carolina last weekend ted budd the senate candidate had had a rally with donald trump. donald trump spent about ten minutes saying ted budd is a good guy. the rest of it was the donald trump grievance show. that's what you sign on for. if you back donald trump, you've got to back him every step of the way. >> the next line of course says, he's just crazy enough to do it. i thank you for that particular line. is he right in the idea that this is a new way of thinking about a self-inflicted wound for the republican party or donald trump? because he hasn't yet to declare and he has the track record of having his endorsements do very, very well so far. and the talking point about
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democrats only focusing on a way to get trump down. did the cat really have your tongues? the two most opinionated men i know -- three. >> republicans are playing catchup. democrats had a dismal 2021, the biden-harris had a dismal 2021. now democrats see they have a story to tell and now they have to come up with a message other than we back trump, other than joe biden is falg. they make take congress. i do think now they are caught without an affirmative agenda that really resonates with voters. and that is going to be where the rubber hits the road. >> that's what kevin mccarthy and other republicans had to do. we have an agenda we want to run on and that agenda isn't donald trump. that's the problem for them. they have to answer questions all things trump and trump makes sure of it for them. >> now the question they have to
6:14 pm
ask is why don't you have more information like newt gingrich's 1994 contract with america plan? separate issue but along the same lines. by the way, wait, there's more with don lemon tonight. he'll have more coverage on that documentary. so, stick around to hear that as well. and ahead, the scandal involving football legend brett favre. it's hard for me to say packers legend brett favre. new text messages have surfaced alleging his involvement in haw massive welfare scheme. what they reveal and what they could mean for the hall of fame quarterback is next.
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but they were given to other projects. newly released text messages show favre repeatedly pressing the governor about funding a volleyball tournament where his daughter happened to be playing, even after he was told it was potentially illegal to go down this route. the then governor texted favre, quote, use of these funds is tightly controlled. any improper use could result in violation of federal law. auditors are currently reviewing the use of these funds by families first. less than two months later after an in-person meeting, favre texted bryant the following. quote, thanks for having us. we obviously need your help big time, and time is working against us. and your name is the perfect choice for this facility, and we are not taking no for an answer. you are a southern miss alumni, and folks need to know you are also a supporter of the university. now, bryant then responded,
6:20 pm
we're going to get there. this was a great meeting, but we have to follow the law. i am too old for federal prison. smiley face emoji. bryant is not named in the civil lawsuit and has not -- has not -- been criminally charged. favre, on the other hand, is named in the civil suit. his attorney says he did not know that welfare funds are being used for the volley ball center and insist his fundraising efforts for the facility were entirely honorable. our guests are back to discuss. first of all, if any of you says fav-re, i know you don't watch football. his name is brett favre. there's a trend in text message. the fact you have a text message or something in a civil suit in general, is that hot water? >> it's absolutely hot water. look, texts don't lie. and they -- there's a reason why in the law statements that are made in the moment are given
6:21 pm
more weight, right? you don't have time to mull them -- get your story straight. it's what you're saying to someone at that time in that moment. and that was a conversation that they thought wasn't being monitored wouldn't get out to anyone. and it just doesn't look good if nothing else. i would say you need to get yourself a criminal defense attorney, wink emoji, because of the fact you're kind of in trouble here. it remains to be seen whether it goes far now have face criminal exposure. it looks really bad when somebody is saying to you, i'm afraid of criminal exposure. i don't want to go to prison. >> you could probably get the -- there's the benefit of the doubt, the idea that can be lost in translation. it doesn't come across the same way. but then you've got this message from brett favre, where he was asking this particular next thing i'm going to put on the screen for you here. it's brett favre says, if you were to pay me, is there any way the media can find out where it came from and how much?
6:22 pm
no, we never have information publicized, understand you being uneasy about that though. let's see what happens monday with the folks at southern. maybe it will click with them. there's obviously the knowledge of why not to have the receipts in play here. forget that it's brett favre. forget that it's about the idea of a volley ball center. are we not old enough to remember the outrage of misappropriation of fund, the allegation of money needed for the most needy? why is there not a bigger outcry and why is this story never getting the reaction? >> laura, i don't think you can forget that it's about brett favre. everybody gets their day in court, civil or criminal. this is a lot of trouble over someone with one super bowl ring. >> oh! >> 2010. he was fined $50,000 by the nfl for not cooperating with a
6:23 pm
sexting investigation. last year he had to give back $600,000 in another thing related to mississippi state funds. he wasn't charged with anything. now we come to this. we don't know all the facts yet. he will get his day in court. but it speaks to me of someone who believes his own legend way too much and thinks he can walk on water. when you see those texts and you see the governor of the state saying, essentially, i don't want to go to prison over this, you have to believe that favre thought he was invincible. >> what doesn't help brett favre is that two people he has been associated with have convictions already in connection with the case. now, look, the whole point of conspiracies is when the guys around you have been convicted of something, it doesn't look good for you. and it further strengthens a possible case against him. it's just not good on many levels. but i don't know who hurt you, swerdlik. >> i mean, i thought i was a vikings fan. you are the cheese head. let me ask you a question, doug.
6:24 pm
you are a communication strategist. what advice would you give if this were your client? >> there's another court and it's the court of public opinion. >> right, right. >> as david highlighted, brett favre doesn't have a -- god, i said it correctly, thank god -- doesn't have a great cooperating with pros. he's got a smart team around him aside from a legal team to determine what's true, what's not true, what he's able to say, and what he's not able to say. he hasn't talked yet. at some point he isn't going to have to. this isn't just an nfl investigation. we're talking about criminal statutes now. he's going to have to get a story and stick to it and hopefully if not win in the courtroom win some kind of public opinion court. >> if you put in the big umbrella of allegations of fraud, just last week there were conversations involving covid-19 fund as appropriatiated. this is not what brett favre is accused of having done at all. these are civil allegations at the very least.
6:25 pm
which are no less serious for other reasons. when you talk about the idea of what happened with covid-19, what happened with the funding there, the big doj probe, you were former deputy attorney general, when you see matters like this, what do you think the political reaction is? >> number one, it's a lot of money in one place. number two, you have desperate people and desperate victims and it's easy to cover your track. it creates this perfect storm of where people think they can defraud others. >> it's sickening. >> why is it so easy to cover? >> people think it's easy because the amount of money and the complexity of these programs. it's really hard to administer a government program or a welfare program because you have a lot of different recipients. ive a lot of different criteria. and people think they can slip through the cracks and get there. it's the most sickening because you're praying on the vulnerable and their ability to get to recover. >> this was a concern when we went through round one, round
6:26 pm
two, round three of funding was we were throwing money at a problem that we hadn't figured out to solve yet. these were the right decisions for congress to make. given the massive sums of this, it was easy to see there would be a lot of fraud. >> it was in 2020 when this started happening. what struck me about this story, i know it's near and dear to your heart. >> in minnesota. >> look, 2020 was the height of the pandemic. people were struggling. as you said, people needed this money. and some people said, good, let's have this money -- let's let the government turn on the faucet. and some people were saying, good, the government is turning on the faucet. it really is despicable. >> and politicians in some respect for thinking, good, for another reason because they were having a talking point about the inability to track the money, the ability to do it for the right purposes. all around kwouf are got the talking point of was it a good idea, a bad idea. and i wonder who's benefitting. elliott, thank you. david and doug, stick around. you didn't have enough analogies
6:27 pm
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well, tonight hurricane ian is gaining strength and barrelling towards florida, where it could deliver the first direct hit on tampa in 100 years. video shows tampa residents lining up for hours today for sandbags as meteorologists warn that ian could literally inundate low-lying areas with rain for days. 300,000 people in coastal areas are already been ordered to evacuate. the head of the hurricane center director calls hurricane ian a, quote, near worse-case scenario, unquote, for the city. today meteorologist tom sater joins me now. tom, give us a closer look at where ian is right now and what the latest advisories tell us about when the storm might make landfall in florida. >> we're about 100 miles from
6:32 pm
making landfall on the western tip of cuba. 8:00 p.m. advisory is the pressure is dropping. what that means, it's getting stronger. usually these systems move over land mass and break down. we're not expecting that to happen at all. in fact, it's already undergone one process we call rapid intensification. decades ago one or two a season would happen. now climate change, it's happening all the time. here's now the hurricane warning for the tampa area. we're going to see conditions go downhill in the keys tomorrow morning. southwest florida by the afternoon and up into tampa tomorrow night into thursday morning. there's still some variation in some of the models. this is good we want to see it off to the west. we want to see this move in what could be a disaster. this does not have to make landfall to be one of the worst-case scenarios ever for the tampa area. if it hangs offshore and sits for a while, it's going to be really bad. it goes up to category 4
6:33 pm
already. that interaction with land means nothing, other rapid intensification process keeps it as a four. that's a lot of water, again, as a major hurricane carrying all that water welling underneath it. even though we're still at a three, notice how close these are. it doesn't have to make landfall. this could be the worst thing they've seen since 1921. >> even if it doesn't makelandfall, it could have that effect. there could be a chance where ian could slow down and sit for 47 hours, 47 hours. what would that mean for potential storm surge and of course flooding? >> we've got the storm surge warnings in effect from north of tampa all the waying southward. as the system gets closer to the coastline, the storm surge height is going to get higher and higher. if it's parked off tampa bay, and we think maybe 25 miles, the closest tampa has been brushed by a major hurricane since 1950.
6:34 pm
and if it sits there, and the models are showing this, they're now in agreement -- we want them to agree so we can get a handle on a track. we just don't want them to agree in this case. if this slows down, it looks like for two days this duration, national weather service out of tampa has a wind forecast, and it calls for winds to be tropical storm force in the st. pete for 47 hours. that means that wall of water is going to continue to just push into the region, push into the region, further and further inland. we're not talking about just a row or two of homes. we're talking about a mile or two inward. then it impedes the water from releasing into the gulf. it acts as a dam. now you've got 10, 15, 20 inches on top. that's going to make the flooding situation worse. >> it's shocking to think about this. even without landfall sitting over for 47 hours.
6:35 pm
what can you tell floridians to be doing right now. is there any way to prepare short of evacuation? and where do you go? how far away do you go to be safe? >> they're doing the right thing right now by staggering the evacuation zones. they don't want to clog the roads all at one time. you can see the inundation process. if you're in this region, all you have to do is head east and maybe south. head over to the other scoastlie because that's when the system is going to be moving north of here. flooding inland is going to be a big deal as well. even at port charlotte, the charlotte harbor, this is peace river. that is several miles inland. first have your alerts ready. get your information. know your zone. know your evacuation routes. get ready for a crazy couple of days. what we need to see here is just 25 to 30 mile shift to the west, and that will alleviate a lot of the problems. still could happen.
6:36 pm
>> thank you so much tom sater. unbelievable. coming up, the economy isn't the only challenge that democrats are facing with the midterms just six weeks away now. will crime concerns help republicans win back congress? plus, she could be the next mayor of l.a. and she's also a recent crime victim herself. but now w she's facing a lot of scrutiny after guns from her home were stolen. are there legitimate questions or something more dubious going on? we'll ask next. contestants ready? go! only pay for what you ed. jingle: liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty.
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six weeks out from the midterms and republicans are betting crime will be a winning issue. a new "washington post" abc news poll shows that behind the economy, schools, and inflation, crime has surpassed abortion as a highly important matter among voters. 56% of voters say the republicans would do a better job handling crime compared to 34% for democrats. and republicans also lead voter trust in those other two top issues, the inflation and the economy. republicans tried to change tactics in a way in recent weeks. according to the data firm, ad impact, republican candidates and allies aired about 53,000
6:41 pm
commercials on crime during the first three weeks of september alone. that's up from the 29,000 crime ads they aired in all of august. the question is, will it work. david swerdlik and doug heye are here. and maria is here to add to our conversation as well. i want to ask, first all, when you think about the gop and the crime issue, we know being soft on crime is a talking point people will say. the idea of the numbers increase in violent crime, increase in crime overall, law enforcement, defund the police, the idea of mistrust, leading into the crime issue, can this work for republicans? >> it can. i think democrats can avoid the shellacking that president obama and democrats took in 2010, but it's still going to be hard to hold on to congress. pew research found the similar
6:42 pm
results. abortion is not the number one thing people rank when polled heading into voting and we're just a few weeks away. >> why are you laughing? >> here's the problem. people didn't think abortion was going to be an issue in new york '18. people didn't think it would be in kansas referendum, and it overwhelmingly was. the problem with these polls is the abortion issue has completelier in apologized and mobilized young women. abortion is the number two issue for latino voters. that is astounding on the side of keeping abortion legal. so, what you're seeing is that -- and as we all know, when you poll registered voters or even likely voters, if you haven't voted in the last three elections, you're not going to get polled most likely. so, those numbers are not showing up. i guarantee you that there will be a flood of women coming to the polls in november whether or not it surpasses crime, i don't
6:43 pm
know, but i guarantee you it will continue to be a driving issue. you know, laura, an election hagt no furry like millions of women scorned. >> we're talking about crime and the discussion surrounding abortion. the issue surrounding the dobbs decision is the criminalization of abortion. i wonder if they're parsing out for the polling purposes the distinctions of a certain way. doug, i want your opinion. karen bass, member of congress, who's now running for mayor, as we know, her opponents had criticized her since she was the victim of a crime, burglary in her home, guns stolen from her home. it's turned into conversation instead about whether she had secured them properly. the idea well now there might be. let me let you listen to what she said, where she herself was blamed. >> my home was burglarized. i called the police and later they arrested two suspects. and the storage and registration
6:44 pm
were 100% legal. you call on me to prove one thing or another, and then the councilman calls machine owe mb investigated. >> what i said about your burglary is that i feel sorry for anybody, including you, for that to happen to. but i will also say this, we have two guns on the street now and we have terrible gun violence in the city of los angeles. that's a shame. but knowing how that's stored, it's a simple thing to answer. >> what strikes me, doug, first of all you have the idea of what people often find on congress, somebody that can be pro-gun control -- she's got an f rating from the nra. this is not somebody that the nra wants to be poster child. they seem to be a long winded oxymoron in political speak. do you think this is a
6:45 pm
successful strategy to point out somehow there is some inconsistency being being a gun owner and also linking it to crime? >> this is not only the most bizarre happening i've ever seen in a campaign poli. it's also bizarre messaging. there are so many things you can run on. abortion if you're democrats. democrats are talking about that. crime, inflation, the border. a whole host of things. this is a bizarre issue to stake your claim on as a candidate and think you're going to get real traction. and it's not what voters in los angeles want to hear. >> even though congresswoman bass doesn't have that huge profile n california, she's very familiar to people. she was the speaker of the california assembly, share of the congress m black caucus, she's been around l.a. a long time. caruso is behind, so he's trying to attacker had. >> what underscores the racism
6:46 pm
and misogyny, i think actually if you're a white man, how many members of congress, democratic, white, male members of congress, who have guns are out there talking about how they own guns and they're the ones that are proposing gun safety measures? it gives them credibility. >> like president biden? >> well, exactly. exactly. and then everyone that lives in the west, manchin, the senator from montana. but a black woman can't do it. and it's completely the opposite and she is seen as somehow what they're trying to paint her as -- and let's just say things as they are -- as dangerous and bizarre. and they want to inject fear. and to me, it is just the outright use of fear mongering. it is an old republican tactic. i don't think it's going to work. clearly like you said, she is running away with it.
6:47 pm
and this is complete desperation on her opponent's part. >> you know who agrees with you? karen bass. she said, and i quote -- she's speaking to the l.a. times. she said, it's the whole narrative that they're attempting to create that is always created with black elected officials trying to make me untrustworthy. either way this is the new horizon, new frontier, well, it's ugly. thank you david swerdlik, doug heye, and maria cardona. coming up, everyone, a crarh test in outer space. we'll look at nasa's extraordinary mission next. >> tech: at safelite, we take care of vehicles with the latest technology. we can replace your windshield ...and recalibrate your safety system.
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