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tv   Don Lemon Tonight  CNN  September 26, 2022 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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in the afternoon. anchored by anderson and jake tapper during this era. in through a primetime. so we do hope that you will join us for that. the news continues, let's hand it over to don lemon tonight. >> this is don lemon tonight, doughy of new exclusive clubs have been learned the january six committee. clips that they might play in their public hearing wednesday. but you are going to hear them right now. roger stone, this is him in his own words, what he says about refusing to accept the results of the 2020 election, months before the vote even took place, watch. >> what you are assuming that the election will be in, on election will not be known. you are the california results, sorry we, are not accepting them. there acknowledging that the court will show up at the electoral college. armed guards with. amount and the president. i you're not seeing, florida i'm challenging all of it. we have more exclusive clubs tonight. just a little while ago, i sat down with filmmakers who shot the documentary and they told me about this moment.
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burnished on, after a rally for trump ally, the night before the election. just hours before millions of americans would go to the polls. listen to what he says about voting. >> excellent. >> let's get right to it. >> it's great. to. see antifa, true to. kill them with the. >> cnn antifa, shoot to kill, done with this. more on this entire roger stone's respond straight. ahead >> when we, now the filmmakers of a storm foretold. christopher gold branson is the films director and producer. frederick manuel is the director of photography. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. >> fascinating what happened here. what was the arrangement with roger stone for the start many? i wish time did you spend with
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him? >> we spent around on a law for three years. recorded on enough for three years. it was a gradual process where we slowly got more and more access into his world. and of course, is we tried to get as much axis as possible and as much information and he has areas where we can sense he does not want. >> do you have idea of the things you want to do not have access? to any idea. >> yes of, course and the more detailed planning. of the stop the steal effort and sharon in january six. and i think there are a lot more conversations. >> let's talk more, we will get more into specifics. you were contacted because we mentioned the committee. which contacted him and then subpoenaed by the january six committee. what happened when they came? they came to me in copenhagen right? what happened? >> they came, for lawyers from
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the committee. and questioned us for four days. and we had a discussion about what their point of interests were. and what they were looking into. and we tried to accommodate what they needed to do. through those discussions, you agreed to provide eight minutes of footage in total to the committee. that is both finished documentary material and also roman thierry and. you said you end in sight. to the things that he wanted to share with, you and didn't want to share with you. you said the specifics of that stop the steal. >> what are those specifics? >> we had this process where they selected this material and i think what their interest and in particular, what we could very easily quickly grasp from
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the questions was their interests were kind of the chain from the white house, to roger stone. and proud boys and oath keepers. these groups that were direct and violently engaged in the assault on the capitol on january 6th. that is kind of where we could sense their interest was. >> so you think that you were able to establish a direct connection between all those? >> no, we have only been with roger stone and his communications with the white house. we did not know anything. >> all, right so this is from one of the clips you provided to the committee and it shows roger stone, this is november 2nd of 2020, on his way home, this is from a doug collins rally in georgia, let's watch. >> excellent. >> let's get right to it.
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>> shoot to kill. cnn antifa? then with this. >> she used to kill, cnn tiffa. shoot to kill, we are done with the. he says, explain to us what is going on. this is a day before the election right? what is going on here? >> he is traveling with two of his associates. they were at a rally in georgia and i think it reflects the atmosphere that i think a lot of americans were sensing. running the country in the days before the election. the most tension and in the movement around trump, also a lot of anger. at the look of possibly losing the election and have interim become president. >> you told us there were times when roger stone on camera did announce in violence, do you think that was sincere?
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>> i think it was kind of like a steppingstone. for accountability for his words but i think that it is very difficult for him to do that, because he is obviously talking to a crowd that engages in violence, so that's what i like the proud boys. >> i think actually, it's very emblematic for the whole way that the leaders of the trump movement communicates. you cannot really nail it down, whether he's joking or is he joking? but when you look at the words, and you look at what is happened, not only in january 6th, but also the lies surrounding the election. they have also set this, and before -- they said beforehand what they're gonna do, but they had a very difficult time really believing that, because so outrageous. >> we call it a win cannot, do
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you hear that assessment? >> so christopher, i want to play another clip you played the committee this is not been seen before and shows roger stone, this is recorded by stone's assessment during covid, and provided to, you look at this. >> but there is no one is the election will be normal, it will not be normal. these are the california, results are we're not accepting them. if they show up at the electoral college, armed guards will throw them, out on the president, i'm challenging all of it, and the judges were going to our judges i appointed. so you're not stealing the election, that's basically what pushes the door. they want to run a bunch of fake balls, we'll have investigation, these ballots are, figures altering validated, goodbye. it's gonna be really nasty. but you cannot count on -- you're not gonna get our selection. so it's a trump is a little bit
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behind right now, which we probably, is not doesn't bother me, but even if he wins an honest election, we're not gonna have an honest election. -- it's not the first time it's happened in this country, it happens around the world. so he's gonna have to fight for the presidency in the courts are next election will be decided in the courts because they cheat and we don't cheat, we never cheat. >> so this is a line for months before the election, and the rudiments the plot really to overturn election are being discussed, as early as this summer, months before. >> yes. >> and this clip was actually from the day before president --
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and this planning, what this all shows is the first small movements towards what became stop the steal in 2020. that we are here seeing roger in the middle of a conspiracy, basically. that is what it, is a conspiracy to overturn the election, and here we actually see documented how it kind of began as way. >> i mean, he's actually saying that's what they're gonna do, he actually says it. >> as we discussed just before, he's saying what they're going to do, and that's exactly what happened. and it's so outrageous when you see here, it that you approach this bravado, and separation, but when you look back in hindsight, you can see that's what more or less unfolded. >> in hindsight, everything was complete communicated pretty bluntly. >> even more so than those of
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us who sat there -- saying i told you so with all the rhetoric in the wake of the not as you say. you must have felt that way,. >> definitely, trying to take these people literally. >> this is another clip, this is where roger stone is employing the people in his orbit how important it is to claim trump's victory on election night, watch this. i suspect -- i really suspect that would still be up in the air. when that happens, the clear thing to do is to claim victory. say, over, we won. thank you. >> what can you tell us about the people he's talking to their? >> they are a bunch of hang around's, who were, to some extent, security, because he gets heckled the lot when he travels.
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so he likes to have some strong guys to play around him. >> and the time that you spent with storm, let me ask you >> and the time that you spent with storm, let me ask you this. this. then he's spend a lot of time with members of the proud boys then he's spend a lot of time? or the oath keepers, any with members of the proud boys groups like that? qanon people? >> yes. i, mean proud boys, is very? close to the proud boys. or the oath keepers, any when we traveled with them, groups like that? often there would be proud boys qanon people? >> yes. serving as his volunteer security. he's very close to them. i, mean proud boys, is very close to the proud boys. >> did you see him communicating with anyone? when we traveled with them, >> yes. constantly. >> constantly. do you have it on tape at all? i've been communicating with these groups? >>. guess >> who?
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>> particularly proud boys. henry kaye tarrio, who had that point was the national leader of the proud boys, a close supporter, who helps him out a lot -- for instance, when we wear in d. c., january 6th, he was also in touch with enrique tarrio. >> he said they were very interested, christopher, and his relationship with the proud boys. what did they ask you about that? >> while, they asked us basically to identify the people around him and what kind of communications they have had, and so on. but i would say that the thing that was most essential to them was, of course, to see the documentation. the recordings. we have him with them, for instance, the oath keepers that protected him, there were a number of these of keepers that are in the protection detail around him who have all been arrested today and ended up being prosecuted. we have them with him. we have the leader of that group, joshua james, with roger stone. >> what about the oath keepers?
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especially their leader, stewart rhodes? >> we don't have anything. we have one thing where -- which is where you can sort of, like, see a text on his phone screen. where i filmed from the back of the car, and you can see he's in contact with him on a signal app on january 6th. >> so he's in contact with someone. how do you know it stewart rhodes? >> it says stewart rhodes. >> the name on the phone says stewart rhodes. but you don't know if he's to? >> would be a very sophisticated play. >> one of the communications? >> he that says, don't call me on my regular phone, or call me on my regular phone. but either way, it suggests -- it's not a way you would communicate to someone if you hadn't been in contact prior to that. >> so you decent communications with a person on the phone who
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has been identified as roads. >> i think it's important to say this is actually not how you work. we weren't working and that forensic sense, looking to capture. >> you are just doing a documentary. >> yeah, we wanted to understand the movement, the sentiment of these people, and the changes that the states -- undergoing. because it's difficult when you come to europe to get a grasp of all this. >> so all of this is something that, yeah, that we got by chance, and that became relevant because of all these developments. >> so you are also contacted by the fbi? >> that's correct. >> tell us about that. >> we were sitting in editing, we won afternoon, i got a call from a person who presented himself from danish intelligence who had been in contact with the fbi who asked if we would have an informal discussion with them. and of course that yes, and then they came and visited us.
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>> they did. >> yes. >> what was that like? >> well, it was one special agent, i guess, and he was very cordial and professional. they want to dormitory ill, and we said no. >> why did he say? now >> well, in a modern democracy, we have each our goals. law enforcement has those, and the journalists have our own. we wanted to stay in our own lane. and they can see the film, use it from there. but i think crossing into a criminal investigation was too big a step for us to take at that point. >> so i shared with the january six committee and not the fbi? >> well, i would say the main difference was that they subpoenaed us. i think that made it very different situation for me, that when the u.s. congress subpoenas, you it's something you have to deal with very seriously. and i think their work is tremendously important, and they've done a fantastic job. >> do you think the committee's gonna call you both to testify?
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>> i have absolutely no idea. >> you don't know? >> now. >> would you if they did? >> yes. >> yeah. >> sure, of course. >> put this into context. what should we draw from this? is our conclusion or anything we should draw from roger stone in your experience with him in the time that you had with him before and after january 6th? or do you think this puts him in a? is he in a precarious position? do you think that something? do you think there's something that should happen or could happen with him? >> i think it's difficult to say about him in that sense. but what i learned from this, from being with roger stone for
10:18 pm
nearly three years, and the people around him, was that january 6th was not the culmination. it was rather the beginning of a movement that is increasingly undemocratic and is only more emboldened and challenging the institutions that protect limited states. that's what i'm taking away from it. how to put people to account and so on, as a journalist, that's not my role. >> do you think is complicit in doing what you said before? >> i think it's transparent that when i was at the capitol, on january 6th -- broad sure needed to take a nap and his sweet. so i walked down to the capitol, and has arrived, there was a trump supporter shouting out that three people have been killed inside. about, point those the 34 -year-old woman who had been trampled to death. there is a 35-year-old woman who had been shot trying to force their way in to the politicians. but all the people that headed inside or nowhere to be seen. trump was in his white house, watching it on tv. roger was back in the sweet. i think that's also another great tragedy in this. >> you believe they use those people? >> obviously. i mean, that's transparent, i think, for everyone. it's not a question of where
10:19 pm
you stand politically or not. we're not that engaged in american politics. or coming from another country. but from a moral standpoint, i think it's very transparent. >> yeah. >> it's leading lambs to slaughter. >> yes. thank you both. i appreciate it. >> thank you. >> roger stone responding tonight in a statement, and he says, i quote here, i challenge the accuracy and authenticity of these videos and believe they have been manipulated and selectively under that. i also point out that the filmmakers do not have a legal right to use them. how ironic that came kind deshaun and i are both subjected to computer manipulated videos on the same day. the excerpts provided below proved nothing, certainly they do not prove i had anything to do with the events of january
10:20 pm
6th. that being said, it clearly shows advocated for lawful, congressional, and judicial obstinance. clips you just heard are now on the -- candy connect the dots and all of this before they run out of time? this is the planning effect. president biden signed the inflation reduction act into law this afternoon.
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just >> so, this new documentary footage we exclusively obtained shows trump ally roger stone in the lead up to the election, election day 2020, digging in on declaring victory before the votes were counted. and talking about violence. i just poke with the filmmakers who caught it on camera. so let's talk about what it means for the january six committee is, what might be the final hearing later this week. join me now as a former federal prosecutor -- watergate prosecutor nick akerman. thank, you gentlemen, for joining us. i thought what they did and said was stunning to me. nick, you know roger stone going all the way back to the roger gate days. >> that's right. i interviewed him in my office in september of 1973. under investigation i was doing that in some ways was very
10:25 pm
similar here. he was on the capitol steps. as a diversion to the individuals who were brought up from miami, the same people who broke into the watergate complex two weeks later we were basically told by the white house to beat up daniel ellsberg who had released the pentagon papers. in fact, one of those people told me that he was instructed to kill ellsberg. and the whole idea was that roger stone was in a group of people that he recruited as counter demonstrators to detract the capitol police away from, you know, the individuals who are actually gonna perpetrate the assault. >> so, i mean here we are all these years later, and to me, i think it's clear that they're zeroing in on roger stone. what's your take away from that exclusive interview we had? >> out, i think it's all more
10:26 pm
of the same. one thing they didn't mention was that the stop the steal actually goes back to 2016 and the republican primary, when trump first ran. because roger stone was pushing that than on the theory that if trump lost, this was going to be their take. they were doing the same thing during the regular election to. trying to put out there that someone was gonna steal the election and this was gonna be rigged. it's more of the same. this goes back to roger stone in bush versus gore where he was kind of orchestrating that brooks brothers riot in florida
10:27 pm
when they were trying to count the votes in the hanging chats. it goes back to roger stone being a point man and the whole russian conspiracy, where he was dealing with russian agents who had the stolen documents from the democratic national committee. it was also dealing with julia -- julian assange and others from wikileaks who had the stolen documents and were releasing them to the public. so registering has been a key figure throughout all of this. you wound up being convicted for obstruction of congress and for witness tampering, and then was basically pardoned by trump. first, he was let out of prison. trump basically gave him a free pass. and then, after the election, he was pardoned. and what's really interesting
10:28 pm
is that in this whole mar-a-lago search warrant, lo and behold, item number one relates to roger stone. and i think if you really look at this, the other item that's in their relates to president macron. and there's very few documents there, which leads me to believe that these came out of donald trump's safe. so the question becomes, why was he keeping this kind of information and his safe, and will the information that roger stone wound up putting them both in the soup? >> there's a few things you know about roger stone. sarcasm. while. i could sit there and listen -- so many connections. jim, i'm gonna ask you. the filmmakers said they're
10:29 pm
focused on roger stone's connections to the proud boys and oath keepers. what are they trying to piece together here? >> at least the causal link, or another way to put it, the last nail on the coffin. i think the committee on wednesday is probably gonna want to try to draw the greatest connection between donald trump and the oath keepers and proud boys. there's a number of different connections. stones one conduit, according to the footage that we've just seen. but mike flynn had his own connections to both the proud boys and the oath keepers. he had his first amendment praetorian's that were also circling around the insurrection and reporting back
10:30 pm
to another colleague at willard. so i think that's where the committee really wants to go. they want to end this with donald trump was not a victim of parallel action. he wanted the election to go his way. and the crowd did too. they want to show that there is circumstantial evidence, at least, that almost trump was directing the traffic. >> does this say of anything about -- does this offer any sort of argument against the whole idea that january 6th was just some spontaneous event? >> i mean, absolutely. i think that's exactly what they're trying to unpack. and remember the stand back and stand by. i mean, there's so many different pieces to this puzzle that once you kind of take a step back and look at the overarching picture, including that this conspiracy, according to what we just saw, may go back to july, even before the election, the firing of chris krebs for saying that it was a -- safest election ever. trump's comments about the proud boys during the debates. all these things seem to be points in the same direction. >> nick, listen to this. cnn has obtained text messages that show retired army colonel phil walter, an early promoter of election related conspiracy theories, reaching out to chief
10:31 pm
of staff mark meadows talking about his attempts to gain access to voting systems and kigab battleground states after the election, starting with arizona and georgia. is this another point of contact between the white house and possible criminal activity? >> absolutely. this whole thing is just one piece of all that criminal activity with respect to the voting machines. i mean, we've had people actually, general flynn and this other lawyer, going in to see donald trump to try to get him to sign an order to seize voting machines. this was a big part of what they were trying to do. i mean, they had one piece after another, and it fits into the entire picture. plus, it also fits into mark meadows, who is really a critical guy who is in the middle of all this. he was communicating with roger stone. who's communicating with general flynn. he was communicating with this
10:32 pm
guy waldron. it was one after the other, and if there is one week link in this entire chain, it's mark meadows. and if i were in the department of justice, that's the guy i would be looking to turn and get him to cooperate against everybody else. >> and if you think about it, if you're doj, and really looking at all of this complex criminality, we're thinking about the racketeering statue. we're not just talking about sedition, or even felony murder. you're thinking about this hub of all these insiders, including meadows and waldron, trump, who are surrounded by these spokes of potential criminality. and you wouldn't think about the office of the presidency might have been corrupted -- racketeering conspiracy. but it's the only way to tell the whole narrative of what seems to have happened before january 6th, on january 6th, and even after. >> after january six. thank, you gentlemen. appreciate it. hurricane ian now a category two storm as it heads towards florida. the director of the national hurricthe mayor of tampa joins e next.- >> tech: when you have auto glass damage... choose safelite. we can come to you and replace your windshield. >> grandkid: here you go! >> tech: wow, thank you! >> customer and grandkids: bye! >> tech: bye! don't wait, schedule now. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ when high quality is the only quality that matters,
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>> tonight, mandatory evacuation orders are in effect for parts of the tampa bay area and western florida as the region face braces for here cain in, which is now a category two storm with winds of 100 miles an hour. is expected to get even stronger as it moves toward tampa over the next few days. region's not had a direct hit from a hurricane since 1921. residents are being urged to take evacuation warnings seriously. let's discuss now. tampa's mayor is here, jane castor. mayor castor, thank you so much. appreciate you joining us. we will get down there?
10:37 pm
>> can you see them on the screen. >> mayor, can you hear me? so we're having an issue with the mayor. let's wait for a second and see if we can get the mayor. and the mayor heroes? have the technical folks work on it. mayor, who they? a? okay. so we don't have a mayor. it happens. will go away, we'll come back. new astepro allergy. no allergy spray is faster. with the speed of astepro, almost nothing can slow you down. because astepro starts working in 30 minutes, while other allergy sprays take hours. and astepro is the first and only 24-hour steroid free allergy spray. now without a prescription. astepro and go.
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mountains, oceans, natural wonders, diverse and creative people. but when the out-of-state corporations behind prop 27 look at california, they see nothing but suckers. they wrote prop 27 to give themselves 90% of the profits from online sports betting in california. other states get much more. why is prop 27 such a suckers deal for california? because the corporations didn't write it for us. they wrote it for themselves. you were so glad to hear. i asked how you guys are doing, i understand you're not getting any of the wind. i just want to start with this new warning from the director of the national hurricane center. he's calling this a mere worst-case scenario for the
10:42 pm
city of tampa. will you most worried about? >> most worried about the storm surge. the amount of water that we're gonna get it. must people are aware by now that tampa bay is pretty shallow. this is gonna be pushing a phenomenal amount of rain up into our bay. we're already saturated from our regular summer storms, and there's really no place for this water to go. so, the flooding, the surge is gonna be monumental. >> you just got some rain, right? we are kind of daily evening
10:43 pm
rain that you get? >> we're pretty saturated here in the tampa bay area. but that's a normal storm season for us. but to have this hurricane ivan, the prediction that it's basically going to slow down if not stall right over the tampa bay area for anywhere from 24 hours on, is something that we don't need here, without a doubt. >> listen. what should people on the line of the storm be doing right now? and how is the city preparing? >> well, we're always prepared. we prepare every year. we have exercises, we rehearsed. the last thing we want to do is be on the main stage of our hurricane island, but we have been preparing. we have called for an evacuation in zone a. we have a little over 120 miles of coastline in the city of tampa. so i think everyone is heeding
10:44 pm
that warning to get up to higher ground. we always use the adage of hide from the wind and run from the water, and that's what we're asking everyone to do. get out of the way of this water. >> so you're saying get out of the way. today, residents and parts of tampa have received mandatory evacuation orders, as i understand. and i just want to play -- this is a very stern warning. this is from the sheriff of -- watch this. >> we issued that mandatory evacuation. what that means is that if you don't and you call for help, we're not common.
10:45 pm
because we're not gonna put our people in harm's way. and put them in peril because you didn't listen to what we told you to do. >> you also stand behind that statement? well residents really beyond their own if they ignore these warnings? >> well, i wouldn't be that dramatic. but the reality is that this water and most areas is gonna be too high for our first responders to go out, and once the wind is up past 45 miles an hour, nobody is going out there. so people need to heed the warning. they need to get out now. especially from where the storm, the waters, the surge is going to affect them. because we're not gonna have the ability to come out and get them. >> i've gotta ask you. i grew up down on the coast
10:46 pm
there, louisiana. down south. people don't want to leave, right? they want to stay in their homes. what's your message to floridians who say, we've been through horrible storms before like this. we'll be okay staying and riding in that. >> well, what i will say is that i've spent 30 some years and law enforcement, and i responded to a lot of areas that have had their hurricanes. michael, and, you charlie, and to the person, everyone i talked to who stayed during one of those storms said i will never do it again. and those were the ones that survived. >> yeah. mayor, be well. we're thinking about you. report back to us. we'll be checking in with you guys. thank you so much. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> thank you. anger in russia. protests over the country's partial mobilization. people fleeing to the border. is it pressure putin hasn't seen before? we will discuss. it's him! who? i'm just the flu! fight the flu with sanofi flu vaccines, which help prevent flu in older adults. they've even been shown to provide better protection from flu-related complications compared to standard dose flu shots. don't get fluzone high-dose quadrivalent if you've had a severe allergic reaction to its components, including egg products, or after previous dose of flu vaccine. don't get flublok quadrivalent if you've had a severe allergic reaction to its components. tell your healthcare professional if you've had severe muscle weakness after a flu shot. people with weakened immune systems may have a lower vaccine response.
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>> now, to developments in russia where normal citizens, angry about vladimir putin's order mobilizing more troops for ukraine, the fighting back. for the second day in russia's dagestan region, people battled police officers while protesting in the streets. the biden administration is sending a clear threat to putin over his threat to use nuclear weapons in ukraine. officials warning that the consequences for russia would be, and i quote here, catastrophic. a lot to discuss with cnn national security analyst steve hall, the former cia chief of -- thanks for joining. let's start talking about these incredible images here. they show part of the reaction to poke putin's mobilization. traffic jams as people flee for the borders. explain what we're seeing here. >> you know, don, it's unprecedented and a lot of
10:51 pm
ways. protests in the streets, we see fairly routinely in russia. and moscow and st. petersburg, primarily the richest where there is more information, relatively speaking, then many russians have from their television sets. that's not unexpected to see those for the protests. but to see these lines at the border with georgia and finland, and to have basically all the plane tickets sold out to places where russians can travel to without a piece -- like turkey. that shows some really significant social stress that is happening right now inside of russia. and to be honest with you, i don't know where it's gonna end up. this sort of fleeing from russia by conscript age young man is pretty amazing. >> i find it fascinating, considering the clamp that vladimir putin that has on the
10:52 pm
media there. these pictures tell the whole story, steve? there must be sectors of the population that firmly support the war. >> yeah. there are. the way it usually adds up, don, inside russia, is again, those richer locations like st. petersburg, moscow, have better access to the internet and can defeat some of the filters that the russian intelligence
10:53 pm
services put out on them. so what you have is in sort of the nether regions, and those areas where you have more rural russia, less access to the outside world, and have to rely more on the russian state, we're gonna get, because they're fed this diet of propaganda, will have greater support for the kremlin line. but the reaches a point where everybody knows a neighbor whose son has been sent to the front.
10:54 pm
or everybody has a buddy someplace who has been killed and the war. and that's something that propaganda can't entirely encapsulate. when it gets to that point inside of russia, or we may be reaching, vladimir putin is gonna have much more serious problems on his hands. >> the ukrainian -- spoke to cbs news about how seriously to take putin's threat to use nuclear weapons. here he is.
10:55 pm
>> [interpreter] maybe yesterday was a bluff. now, it could be a reality. i don't think he's bluffing. i think the world is deterring it and containing this threat. [end of translation] >> steve, is he bluffing? >> i think what we have going on here, don, it's a little bit of information warfare. whenever you've got people bluffing with nuclear weapons, it's got to be taken seriously. but seriously, vladimir putin wants the best to be worried about this. the nato allies and non nato allies as well to wonder whether or not putin will come to the point where he says, look, i have to use some sort of nuclear weapon. on the other hand, ukrainians also understand -- nervous about that. they want to make sure that the strength of the nato allies are providing last three different. -- through the winter. look, he's serious about this, you've gotta keep helping us. so i think the likelihood of a nuclear weapon being used is still relatively small, because the downsides for putin are so significant at this point. >> let's talk about the secession referendum and for occupied ukrainian regions. they've been dismissed as a sham by kyiv and western governments. what's your assessment? >> yeah. to even call them referenda is sort of falls on its face. this is a preparation for annexation. this just gives them time to set up the formal annexation, which then allows russia to sayf they're part protections for the on b all it j ukraand does h go home? gonthank, youapprecsouth, we'vel
10:56 pm
what's happening w hurricane. this one is being storm of a li resihurricane ian, now a c >> tech: don't wait. schedule today. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> that's justin. but we just update from the national hurricane center as hurricane ian takes aim at cuba and florida. the storm is a category two and has been rapidly intensifying. a storm surge warning is already in effect for tampa bay with the danger of a life-threatening inundation from the water moving inland from the coastline. one forecaster warning this could be the storm of a lifetime in tampa bay. cnn's pedram javaheri is i


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