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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  September 27, 2022 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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>> franchise never quit. never gave in. you built it play by play, inning by inning, you ground it out and you did it together. >> the braves giving the president a custom jersey with his name and the number 46 on it. christine, aaron judge watch continues tonight. the yankees at the bluejays in toronto. you can watch that on our sister network, tbs. judge still stuck on 60. waiting for 61. >> andy scholes, thank you. thanks for joining me today. i'm christine romans. "new day" starts right now. hurricane een now a major category 3 storm making landfall in cuba as it continues on a path towards florida. we just got fresh forecast information a short time ago. i'm john berman with brianna keilar. officials across florida
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sounding the alarm along florida's west coast. people are urged to get out of florida's way. tampa's mayor tells residents if you can leave, just leave now. officials say the tampa region could see a storm of a lifetime. more than 15 million people are expected to feel the impact of ewh e ian when it arrives. 115 hour with the winds and could cause life-threatening storm surge, and storm surge is the biggest concern right now. so far ahead of the storm, the hospital in st. petersburg suspended service, transported patients, schooled and universities closed, at least three cruise lines re-routed passengers. the tampa bay airport will suspend operations at 5:00 p.m. today and nasa moved the artemis rocket back to the hangar for trekz. >> look at this video showing a steady stream of traffic leaving
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the tampa bay area monday night heading inland to safety. people hunkering down as well, though. the storm perhaps testing their patience. one tampa resident waited three hours to get free sandbags. u.s. military insulations are moving aircraft and ships out of the tampa and jacksonville areas, and to give you an idea just how massive this storm is, nasa released this video of hurricane ian taken from the international space station. >> cnn's carlos suarez is in gulfport, florida. patrick in havana and chad myers our meteorologist standing by at the weather center. first to florida. carlos a sense of what you're seeing? >> reporter: john and brianna, good morning. a second round of evacuation ordered will go into effect here in pinellas county later this morning. a number in gulfport already boarded up. firewood up. this a sense of humor.
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wrote "good vibes only," also put down a number of sandbags all in anticipation of what we expect to be a pretty significant flooding. down at the marina, business after business has all of this plywood out. pinellas county where we are now, about a 20 to 25 minute drive from tampa and the county sheriff's office, pinellas county sheriff's office already started to restrict some access to the barrier islands. later this morning they're going to need to show some sort of i.d. and a reason why you're trying to get this far out west, because if you don't have a reason to be there there is already an evacuation order in place for those barrier island. in hillsborough, 43 hurricane shelters opened yesterday and thousands, tens of thousands of sandbags were handed out at three locations that were opened by the city of tampa, and you mentioned in the lead-in out
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here, traffic cameras showing interstate 4, which connects the tampa bay area out into the central part of florida, the orlando area, that showed cars bumper-to-bumper at around tern a 10:00 and 11:00 at night. one woman at a sandbag distribution site said she made reservations for her family, going to orlando. a lot of emergency officials telling folks, look. just because there's an evacuation order doesn't mean you have to leave the state. just get to safer ground, higher ground. so they want folks to either head to one of these emergency shelters. if you can't get there, go ahead and make your way a little bit more inland. again, a lot of folks leaving the tampa bay area heading central, the central part of florida. most likely orlando being their destination. john? >> carlos, the storm surge the concern. the most important thing is to get inland. carlos suarez in gulfport, thanks so much. right now in cuba, the powerful storm is slamming the
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island with devastating lands after making landfall. forecasters say cuba could see water levels rise by as much as 14 feet. almost 20,000 people already evacuated from the western part of the island. let's go now to cnn's patrick altman standing by live in havana. give us the latest from cuba there. >> reporter: yeah. starting to feel the winds pick up here and it's been a steady rain all morning long here in havana. seeing flooding already in low-lying areas. really, the outer bands of the storm just begun to reach here. to the west of me, a very different story. people that are passed a really long, hard night. i was in touch with a friend who lives in the town there, and a tobacco-growing region. he says tobacco leaves, come from first light, much of his house has been knocked down, and so people there have been really holding on for dear life. you mentioned, tens of thousands of people evacuating from that
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region ahead of the storm. heeding the government's warning to get out of the way of the storm, because, of course, if people are in danger during the storm, there's really nothing anyone can do for them and already power is out in much of western cuba. communications very spotty. we still have power at our office in havana, but it's a question when we lose power, and so even though havana is getting the worse of the storm, doesn't take much. a heavy tropical storm, forcing buildings to collapse and cause massive flooding. we're watching for that today as the storm continues to go through here. >> we can see just on the edge of the storm, but that can be very dicey. patrick altman, thanks. right to meteorologist chad myers tracking the path of this. an update about an hour ago, chad, where do things stand? >> 125, wind speed right now.
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made landfall officially around 4:30 this morning south of peenor peen peen peen pinar del rio. hurricane force winds hours in advance of the eye and there it is right there from the key west radar. some of these storms today will rotate on the way in on the right side. there could be some tornadoes. now, the forecast map hasn't changed very much, but the model since shifted slightly. slightly to the east. that means that tampa and port charlotte, you are right in the middle of it. i know we're talking about the storm surge, significant surge. ten feet or more in some of these bays, even up towards tampa bay. making a huge difference whether the storm is here or off the map to the south. then there wouldn't be as much surge in the tampa bay but in port charlotte, fort myers, back
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into punta gorda where there was so much damage back in charlie, i was there with anderson cooper. i know you're trying to get away from the surge, but spots across florida with 20 inches of rainfall. so if you're in a flood-prone area you need to keep that in mind as well. not just saltwater surge, sut-of-but certainly freshwater rainfall making significant flooding across your area. >> storm surge coming in. freshwater flooding going out. a lot to worry about sitting here this morning. chad myers, thank you. much more on this ahead. in just a few hours jury selection begins as five members of the oath keepers, including their leader, go on trial for seditious conspiracies stemming from the january 6th riot. the first sedition trial in years and could reveal extremist efforts to overt the 2020 election results by whatever means necessary. live outside the federal
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courthouse with more on what we should expect here. whitney? >> reporter: brianna, the most aggressive case for the department of the justice and worth noting that a few people have already been, again, charged with seditious conspiracy. members of the oath keepers, and already pleaded guilty, giving prosecutors strength entering the first of three trials this year. this case centers on a man named steward rhodes. leader of oath keepers and basically quarterbacked this entire plot that began shortly after the november 2020 election and that was intended to stop joe biden from assuming the presidency. so they will focus on stewart rhodes and on four other defendants they say were his top lieutenants in carrying out this mission. what they're going to argue, brianna, again, this plot began shortly after the november 2020 election and culminating january 6th at members of these groups for several weeks hosted what
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were basically tactical trainings throughout the united states. they amassed tactical gear as well as weapons outside washington and created what they called a quick reaction force that was stationed outside washington on january 6th. further, again, pointing out several's these oath keepers went into the capitol january 6th. some tried to push past police in certain areas of the building. others looking for nancy pelosi. the defense for their part, brianna, will argue these oath keepers were not there to cause harm but there to become peacemakers, should riots break out between pro-trump protesters and antifa and further the defense will argue they were there inside the capitol to actually assist police. back to you. >> all right. here in washington with us, thank you. documentary obtained by cnn shows roger stone a longtime ally of former president trump
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calling for violence just days before the 2020 presidential election. >> excellent. [ laughter ] [ bleep ] -- [ bleep ] -- blets get right to it. shoot to kill. see you in antifa, shoot to kill. enough of this bull [ bleep ]. >> in another clip stone discusses strategy of simply claiming victory no matter who won. >> let's just hope we're celebrating. i suspect it will be, suspect still up in the air. when that happens, the key thing to do is it claim victory. possession is 9/10 of the law. no, we won. sorry [ bleep ] over. we won. you're wrong. >> roger stone responded to this individeo in a statement saying challenge the accuracy and authenticity of these videos and believe they have been
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manipulated selectively edited and the filmmakers did not have the legal right to use them. how ironic kim kardashian and i are both subjected to computer videos same day. the excerpts you provided prove nothing and certainly do not prove i had anything to do with the events of january 6th. that being said it clearly shows i advocated for lawful and judicial options. with us now, former d.c. metropolitan police officer michael fanone author of the forthcoming book "hold the line ": the insurrection and one cop's battle for america's soul." nice to see you. on that video appears to be roger stone talking about violence, saying forget the voting. go to violence before the election even happened. what does that say to you? >> i think it's just another example in what's becoming a laundry list of examples of members of trump's inner circle
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who planned for violence on january 6th. that what happened that kday wa not spontaneous, premeditated and part of a plan all along. >> that is roger stone. certainly known for being more eccentric in his language than people, i think you would say -- around or sort of in trump world. do you take what he's saying there to be representative of what others around trump thought? >> yeah. i mean, if you look at the speeches delivered on january 6th, there was a lot of violent rhetoric utilized by donald trump supporters and then lo and behold, january 6th happened, and it was violent, and individuals were severely injured. police officers were severely injured and some individuals lost their lives. so, yes. i think this is just more evidence of -- a seditious conspiracy that involved
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violence. >> don lemon spoke to the documentarian, filmmakers behind the footage we just saw there and one of the things they talked about, the proud boys and the relationship they saw between roger stone add the proud boys. how does that strike you? >> i mean, i'll be honest. i didn't know who roger stone was until after january 6th. now seeing that, you know, a member of the trump inner circle was interacting with a group like the proud boys, which is a white supremacist organization, and an anti-government organization, is shocking. it's alarming. i will say this. i've been involved in a lot of criminal investigations, and, you know, even the most unsophisticated drug dealer, i think, would tell you if you're going to plan a violent insurrection, don't embed a
3:14 am
documentarian crew with you while you go about doing so. >> i want to ask you about kyle young. one of the people who assaulted you on january 6th. he's actually being sentenced today and prosecutors are asking for a sentence more than seven years in prison. what do you think he deserves? what do you want to see? >> um -- hmm. i'll say this. before the trial and the guy's name escapes me, a former nypd officer sentenced to ten years. the time in and of itself really didn't matter to me. what did matter to me was what mr. young did with that time, and, like all the individuals who have been charged with assaulting me, the only thing i'm interested in seeing them do is suffer. i'm not looking for apologies. i'm not looking for them to turn
3:15 am
their lives around. if they want to do that, they can do that, that's fine, but i want them to suffer just like i have. just like a lot of police officers have. to me, that's what accountability is. now, having heard that that individual, that nypd officer was sentenced to ten years in prison i think that that's a -- a reasonable amount of time, for mr. young to serve, considering what his actions resulted in that day. >> michael fanone, appreciate you being with us to share your views this morning. >> thank you. the dow falls entering bear market territory for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. plus, the russian exodus satellite images showing line lines of traffic at the border to cross from russia to get out of the country in the wake of this draft. three -- two -- one! oh, my gosh!
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this morning u.s. stock futures are higher after all three major indexes started the week in major decline. the dow slipped into its first bear market since the pandemic. that is defined as a drop of 20% or more from a recent high. the index plunged more than 300 points amid investors concerns about central bank efforts to slow inflation. traders also concerned about a too strong u.s. dollar. the british pound hit a new record low against the dollar, which means u.s. companies doing a lot of business abroad could be hurt as the profits they make in other countries will decrease in dollar terms. meanwhile, global central banks including the federal reserve are hiking interest
3:21 am
rates to fight inflation. really no end in sight to this. so how will this impact you? bring in cnn chief correspondent christine romans for that. what does this mean? higher interest rates? >> it means the normal personal finance rooms really matter now more than ever, because you're borrowing costs are going up. if you borrow money for anything your standard of living could be affected. credit card debt important. you've heard me rail between credit card debt. 16% earlier this year, take you 33 months, $1,200 to pay it off. 24% apr taking a lot longer and pay a lot more in interest. reminder. pay down high-interest debt if you can. those rates could continue to go higher. mortgages. the mortgage rate last year epically low and a lot of people have houses at that rate. they're not really going to want to sell their house. right? to go buy another one and pay
3:22 am
something like 6%. it's about $700 more a month in extra interest if you bought the same house this year as last year, and that just shows how that interest really can add up. >> one thing to point out. in the middle of a 30-year fix your interest rate won't change. people looking to say, oh, my god. my interest rates are going up. no. that's what fixed mean. buy a new house or leave, that's when it's you're in a lot of trouble. >> getting in, not a lot of availability for them. talk about cars here. beginning 2022, a 60-month new car loan 3.85%. now about 5% and probably will continue to go higher here. more important than the interest rates are the money moves i think you're making with your car now. talk about important separate car buyers. if you leased a car in 2019, great advice from pat, copilot ceo, buy it. this is the only time when your depreciating car asset actually
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appreciated. probably a contract in 2019, volkswagen atlas, buy it back. it's worths $40,000. buy it. new cars are lower tech than older model used cars. this is what pat ryan means by that. listen. >> 2019 cars likely for many brands better equipped than any new car you can buy today. new features almost all computer chip dependent and with scarcity of chips the cars coming out in '22, '23, often less equipped. less bells and whistles. like a 2015. >> >> that amazing? the pandemic and supply chain was so messed up that a new car today is kind of like a 2015 car in terms of technology. >> used and old are the new advance. crazy. christine romans, smart is the new way. a book called that.
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this morning many fighting-age men in russia desperately attempting to flee president vladimir putin's mobilization order. look at this new satellite imagery shows traffic backed up for miles. this is the russian border. this is the border between russia and georgia. you can see the lines and lines of cars, people trying to get out of the country. people waited up to 48 hours to get over the border. this as two russian men launched
3:29 am
separate attacks on two recruitment stations yesterday. cnn's nick paton walsh is live for us in eastern ukraine with the latest on what's happening not only in ukraine, nick, also over the border in russia. >> reporter: yeah. i mean, startling, those images. a country that russia invaded in 2008, now the place of which russian men are seeking some sort of asylum or escape from being involved in russia's next invasion of ukraine, and this, of course, is stories how badly mobilizations continue to emerge. you mentioned those two attacks in recruitment centers, women a l . well, in the past days, a leading talk show host how it's handled with idiocy, a paraphrase, scientists leaked part of this almost and beginning to question how appallingly this is going. as we also see ukrainians trying
3:30 am
to get away from the likely time now when hours or days ahead russia will declare false results positively suggest referendums meaning they falsely want to join russia. that's changed potentially on the battlefield and ukrainian officials say in kherson one of those areas, it's impossible for ukrainians to flee. seen other areas, too, where a fear of escalation and continued shelling means ukrainians after six months of enduring war are now leaving. [ siren ] when the blasts pause, quiet in this area, few blessings to count and most of bitter. one is here. a familiar scene of private worlds torn open by a russian rocket two days earlier. but a place that might persuade you to believe in miracles. 19 people were trapped up here when rubble blocked the stairs, but somehow, not one of them was
3:31 am
even injured. a fire ladder getting them out. not even survivorses lie nain a t tall -- like natalia know how. >> translator: trash blew in, terrified of flames and realized we're on the seventh floor and it's collapsing. someone screamed don't come out, there's no way. it's a miracle. i can't call it anything else. >> reporter: as putin's fake referenda a few miles away threatened yes worse here. just now shelling finally become too much for some. rescuers are evacuating nina, 73, after six months living alone without water or help. we're told she's the last person to leave her block.
3:32 am
two days ago a rocket hit her building. yet also magically she was unscathed, and just sat here under the gaping hole. the lonely agony of the struggle before this moment lying around. the pictures of life left of her a-student daughter who died of meningitis, age 40. of the choices of what to leave and what to take. how hard just eating, washing and drinking has been. winter will rip through here. this may be the last time the lights go out on this home. she's taken to the courtyard
3:33 am
where dozens of similar agonies are gathered. even amp six months' hell, knowing still worse is coming and baffled by the heaviest question. "why?" >> reporter: ealana is leaving and does not know where to with her three children.
3:34 am
>> reporter: then the guns begin again. even in leaving a sense of urgency, because artillery firing from near where we are, well, that's been responded to by the russians and a shell landed over here. they're trying to get people on the bus as fast as they can and get them out of here. dozens of lives with everything left behind them and nothing certain ahead. the fear and anxiety here in ukraine is mounting, totally clear as these ren ren da forced
3:35 am
towards the end and russia continually threatens it will protect with all means at its disposal territory it formerly recogn recognizes as its own. whether russia has anything left in his arsenal to make good on its threat. >> fear of what russia might do. thank you so much for your reporting, nick paton walsh. for the first time, nasa successfully slam as spacecraft into an asteroid. the technology that might some day save civilization -- next. and a chess chap accusing his ririval of cheating. details of the allegationsns ahead. and the price tag of president biden's college debt relief plan revealed. we break it down, ahead.
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three-two -- one -- oh, my gosh!
3:40 am
>> oh, wow. confirmation -- [ applause ] >> nasa making history monday night with humanity's first planetary defense test. the goal was to deliberately slam a spacecraft into an asteroid in an effort to change its orbit and they succeeded. >> it is absolutely wonderful to do something this amazing, and we are so excited to be done! you know, we've worked on this mission for at least seven years now, and it's been a work of over 1,000 people that have put their heart and soul into it. so to see it so beautifully concluded today was just -- an incredible feeling. >> right. >> joining us now is nasa astrophysicist michelle thaler. we said it succeeded, we'll really know it succeeded if able to nudge this an appropriate amount. when will we know? >> a couple days or weeks to
3:41 am
know exactly what the change in the asteroid's orbit was. we know we hit it, so exciting and wonderful. now the question, did we nudge it enough if a similar asteroid was headed towards earth, we could actually put it on the right course to miss the earth. >> did you see how people were nerding it out yesterday! >> yes. a tiny object in the sky and here we are barely at 14,000 miles an hour, and last six minutes see it go from a little dot to this amazing collection of rocks and then, boom. that's fun. >> totally fun, and also brings us back to one of our favorite movies of the show, which is "armageddon" a little different. sort of blew of the asteroid, bigger, and sent it in two different directions around earth. maybe this was the way to go here. i wonder, when you're looking at something like this what are the chances are actually scaling it to get rid of an asteroid that
3:42 am
could really do damage? >> surprising thing. even a very massive asteroid, if we even just had a spacecraft fly alongside it, gravity of the spacecraft alone, a tiny, tiny tug. do it early enough. years before it hits earth, just need to change it just a little bit and that become as large miss, after millions of miles of this tiny, tiny little change. even an asteroid maybe kilometers across, yes, change the orbit a tiny bit a long time in the future and meaning we'll be safer. >> change it a little and it's far enough out, how far enough out, how much notice do we get? you remember in the movie, there wasn't much notice. >> that's right. >> i suspect that's not the case in real life? >> in the movie the size of texas and didn't see it coming. a little farfetched. that's right. we have scans that actually look at entire sky looking for asteroids all the tile. the problem is, could happen, one comes in we haven't detected.
3:43 am
unlikely but possible. the longer in advance we have, years, months, the time scale. but coming to a couple of days i don't think we'd get out there in time. no. >> one exciting thing they did seven years in the making. so cool, michelle. thank you for talking with us about it. >> thank you very much. nasa spacecraft deliberately hit an asteroid head-on at 15,000 miles per hour to see whether space rocks can be deflected away from earth. now -- before you start having panic sex with strangers on the sidewalk -- [ laughter ] i hope it's not because of this asteroid. >> get ready, here it comes. here it comes. here's the impact. [ laughter ] now, it's underwhelming. isn't it? you know what?
3:44 am
looked a lot cooler when bruce willis was doing it with aerosmith blaring in the background. >> aerosmith helps everything. talking about extinction-level events here. it does make some sense to prepare for that, if you can. >> completely. did you see the nasa, they actually tweeted, "don't want to miss a thing." there as an homage to aerosmith yesterday when they tweeted it out so you could go back to the video and take a look at it. even they know a little bit of aerosmith makes it even better. >> maybe just play aerosmith at the asteroid itself. >> michelle told us. doesn't take much. maybe the music can just push it off its axis, we'll see. a new study comparing pregnant with. and world war ii regimens dominated by college football stars who had their own sort of
3:45 am
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a new study finds using frozen embryos could be linked to increased risk of high blood pressure during pregnancy. cnn health reporter jacqueline howard joins us with more on this. pretty interesting. tell us about this. tell us why? >> it is interesting, brianna. this study found when prose itten embryos are used as you said there appears to be an increased risk of pregnancy complications related to high blood pressure lie preclampsia and other hypertensive disorders. think about the why, some might automatically think, older women tend to use frozen embryos could, it be associated with age? researchers adjusted data to account for age and other factors and still found it increased risk. so here's what they did. they looked at more than 4 million pregnancies, and in denmark, norway and sweden. they found the unadjusted risk
3:50 am
of hypertensive disorders in pregnancy was 7.4% after a frozen embryo transfer. lower at 5.9% after fresh embryo transfer and 4.3% after natural conception. now, when they adjusted the data, again they still found this increased risk. in fact, brianna, it appeared to be even more significant. i did speak with experts about the "why?" question, some say could be related to medications used during frozen em breeing ivf to mimic ovulation, but, again, main takeaway thinking about the "why?" for the everyday person, talk to your doctor about the best options for you when it comes to ivf. for every woman it's different. some embryo, it still offers benefit. >> thank you so much. more on our special coverage of hurricane ian making landfall in cuba a short time ago, continuing on a collision with florida. new footage of roger stone
3:51 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ president biden signed the inflation reduction act into law this afternoon. ok, so what exactly does it mean for you?
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on christmas eve 1944 dozens of marines faced off in a football game on the pacific island of guadalcanal. the game included an incredible roster of some top former college stars in the country. not long after many would die in one of the war's biggest battles in okinawa. the incredible story is the subject of "the ma quito bowl: a game of life and death in world war ii." award-winning journalist joins me and some of his former booking include "friday night lights." a heartbreaking book, real book,
3:56 am
about real war hero in a real game that took place with some of the world's biggest football players. >> why i got into it. i honestly don't know how i found it, but the idea of, a football game as close as you can get to the real thing on the island of guadalcanal in the middle of the pacific of christmas eve's 1944. they built goal posts it had programs, was broadcast on the radio to parts of the pacific blew my mind, and then two regimens stocked with great football players. i mean great football -- three all-americans. seven captains including notre dame. the more i read about it, and then 15 of the 65 died four months later in okinawa. it was just -- a great story. the greatest story never told. >> the greatest story never told. of course, the college game is big, if not bigger, than the pro game at that time. some of these players were household names. >> yes. >> and they weren't there as part of some glamour tour. they were there as marines to
3:57 am
fight, and die. >> there as marines and wanted combat. they joined the marine corps. it wasn't like they were drafted. there was no draft at that time. you know, they wanted ashction. many joined an officer training program, got an extra year of football and then going to boot camp at parris island. they wanted combat. >> the other thing, college football was different. not talking s.e.c. necessary, georgia/alabama. talking about brown university. >> brown. >> wisconsin. notre dame. some schools people know. perdue. a lot of schools. really, a true melt be pot. >> totally. it was a true melting pot. players from coast to coast. brown, cornell, wisconsin, perdue, as you said, montana state. a really tableau of america, another thing that appealed to me. you're also right. college football was huge. the pros was considered kind of
3:58 am
in the background and believe it or not college coaches said don't go to the pros. get an education. get a job. forget it. they're a bunch of thugs. >> playing pro bowl will keep you from making money, keep you from having a career. imagine that, at this point? when i say this is about real war here, you know, you don't -- gloss over the horror of this. >> i don't, and i don't want to put people off. you have to show what war is. war is death. war is death. and i felt i wanted the reader to see and feel and hear as much as possible just how horrifying combat is and what these men did, because i think it makes it an uplifting book. even in the tragedy of death, i think you will love these men and you will see, they died for us. they died for the legacy of us as americans. i truly believe that. >> and in the writing of this you learned your father was a marine in okinawa. right? he may have been at this game?
3:59 am
>> my father was a marine in okinawa. i guess choked up, gone 20 years. might as well look it up, i get the muster rolls. this name is my name and there he is, harry b. bissinger on the line on one of the regimens i'm writing about. hit the trifecta. loved to drink beer, gamble and loved football. it blows my mind the odds that he was there. >> and the book, "the mosquito bowl" is wonderful. love what you do. this one will really break your heart. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. all right. "new day" continues right now. hurricane ian making landfall in western cuba just a short time ago, continuing on a collision course with florida. it is tuesday, september 27th
4:00 am
and i'm brianna keilar with john berman. ian slamming cuba with 125 mile-per-hour winds threatening a path of destruction across the island. officials across florida sounding the alarm along florida's west coast in particular. people urged to get out of harm's way. tampa's mayor telling residents, if you can leave, just leave now. officials say the tampa region could see the storm of a lifetime. more than 15 million people are expected to feel the impact of this hurricane when it arrives, and the storm has rapidly intensified to a category 3 with 115 mile-per-hour winds that could cause life-threatening storm surge. so far ahead of the storm a hospital in st. petersburg suspended service and transferred its patients. floridas parks a md scand schoo closed. the tampa airport suspending operations at 5:00 p.m. today. and video showing a steady


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