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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  September 27, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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berman. ian slamming cuba with 125 mile-per-hour winds threatening a path of destruction across the island. officials across florida sounding the alarm along florida's west coast in particular. people urged to get out of harm's way. tampa's mayor telling residents, if you can leave, just leave now. officials say the tampa region could see the storm of a lifetime. more than 15 million people are expected to feel the impact of this hurricane when it arrives, and the storm has rapidly intensified to a category 3 with 115 mile-per-hour winds that could cause life-threatening storm surge. so far ahead of the storm a hospital in st. petersburg suspended service and transferred its patients. floridas parks a md scand schoo closed. the tampa airport suspending operations at 5:00 p.m. today. and video showing a steady
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stream of traffic, a scene leaving the tampa area. this happened overnight. people trying to get inland from the coast taking cover. the storm, perhaps, testing their patience. one tampa resident waited three hours to get free sandbags. a u.s. military insulation, moving aircraft can and naval ships out of the tampa and jacksonville areas. an idea how big the storm is, nasa released this video of hurricane ian from the international space station. >> all right. i want to bring in michael brennan, acting deputy brechter of the noaa. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. michael, thanks, again, for joining us today as well. so tell us, obviously tampa low-liaring. what is the greatest threat? >> along much of the west central florida coast from tampa down to the fort myers area. since yesterday seen the track shift farther to the south or to the east.
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expecting the center of the end to cross the coast of west central florida near the south of the region increases risk of storm surge in places like fort myers, charlotte harbor, can see storm surge inundation up to seven to eight feet above ground level in these areas. this whole area is under a storm surge warning essentially from afte anclo river and zoom in here. an area most concerned for danger of life-threatening inundation from storm surge beginning later tonight and in through the day tomorrow. >> that shift eat to be better news for tampa but bad news for the fort myer area? >> any small wiggle or wobble of the track of ian, even approaching the storm to shift maybe only 10, 15 miles in one direction or the other make as
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huge difference who sees the worst storm surge, but this entire area a risk. not just storm surge. ian slowing to a crawl once it makes landfall in florida moving only four, five miles per hour. some areas could get 20, 25 inches of rainfall and water a huge story with this storm. not just as it makes landfall but even after it moves inland. >> tell us what you're looking for here in the coming hours and days, really, and, also, tell us when it is drop-dead time for people to make that decision whether or not they know that the path is going to come right for them, to get out? >> yeah. i mean, the message today is, if you've been asked to evacuate by local officials, please, do so. today is really your last day to get those preparations done and to actually move out in the storm surge warning area. the center of ian, tropical storm extend way out from the center. already raining here moving northward. conditions deteriorate even today, but as the core approaches, those tropical storm winds reach the coast.
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timing, most likely arrives southern end of the area by this evening, early morning hours wednesday. advancing northward into the tampa bay region by wednesday morning. really you have today to get to where you're going to be to ride out the storm. >> michael what is this damage looking like as the storm progresses? >> well, you know, in terms of storm surge, it can obviously flood out homes, businesses. put roads and infrastructure under water. the winds associated with the core of the hurricane where it moves onshore as a category 3 storm can cause damage to homes, damage to trees it, power lines. could be widespread power outages and flooding rainfall that happens on top of that. really looking at a multihazard, multiday-long event in much of the western and the central florida peninsula. >> michael brennan with noaa. helpful to have you. thank you so much. >> thanks. go to cnn's carlos suarez in gulfport, florida, on the west coast there in pinellas county. what are you seeing this
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morning? >> reporter: well, this morning we saw that second mandatory evacuation order just go into effect here in pinellas county. the other one went into effect yesterday and all of this impacts the barrier islands in the tampa bay area. we are in gulfport where a number of businesses have already started the process of boarding up. this one shop, one, two, three sheets of plywood up and also sandbags to a corner out here. i imagine going to move these a little later on to the entrance to this store and then just next door to me owner started the process getting plywood up on his business. he was telling us a few minutes ago the last time this area was hit by a storm, this part of gulfport saw about three to four inches of rain get into these shops. over in hillsborough county, the folks there, 43 hurricane shelters opened since the evacuation order went into effect at 2:00 yesterday. the emergency officials here are telling everyone to go ahead and just try to get further inland.
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traffic cameras last night, interstate 4 showing folks trying to get to the orlando area. that was bumper-to-bumper around 10:00 and 11:00 at night. you imagine we'll still see a lot of that traffic as this storm inches closer to this part of florida. john? >> all right. carlos suarez in gulfport, thank you very much. this morning, u.s. stock futures are higher after all three major indexes started the week in major decline. the dow slipped into its first bear market since the pandemic. that is defined as a drop of 20% or more from a recent high. the index plunged more than 300 points amid investor concerns about central bank efforts to slow inflation. traders concerned about a too strong u.s. dollar. the british pound hit a record low against the dollar means u.s. companies doing a lot of business abroad could be hurt as the profit they make in other countries will decrease in dollar terms. first on cnn, a new bank of america sponsored survey finds
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71% of employees in july said inflation is outpacing their pay. up from 58% in february. some employees also consider quitting. 21% say they thought about switching jobs. 9% did switch. top reasons -- compensation, burnout and work/life balance. so this morning, a new estimate of the cost of president biden's plans to address college debt. last month the white house canc $20,000 for low to middle-income borrowers. put out a price. price tag, $400 billion. cnn chief business correspondent christine romans is here with that. $400 billion. >> look, no offsets to this. right? this $400 billion number is likely to provide a debate over the most expensive, one of the most expensive parts of the biden agenda. a campaign promise kept, progressives said didn't go far
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enough. republicans called it a socialist giveaway and an insult to those who saved for college and went to community college instead. cancel it's loans to for millions of americans. $20,000 if you went to college with a pell grant. applies to those who hold loans with the department of education. calling figures uncertain and a lot of variables but in line with what many economists expected. the white house is expected to relise its own estimate in coming weeks. louse white house argued help low-income americans get out from under debt. wipe out entire debt of a lot of people. deadlines to be aware of. apply by november 15th to get relief by end of the year. important, because student loan paymenting resume, everybody, after that. beginning of the year. going to take 46 weeks to be reflected in the account.
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final deadline, december 31, 2023 before the program ends. student loan payments and interest paused, of course, since early days of the pandemic starting with president trump and continuing through the biden administration, i'll tell you, budget hawks say this is a big giveaway, frankly, without offsets, and without congressional approval. the president used his pandemic era powers to do this, john. >> christine romans with the price tag. thank you very much. ahead, reaction from senator joe manchin who called the president's plan excessive. this morning cnn has exclusively obtained new documentary footage of former president trump ally roger stone and in the video stone is seen calling for violence before the votes were counted in the 2020 election, and telling his associates to claim victory even if trump lost. cnn sunlen serfaty is joining us now. really something you have to see. >> certainly is. powerful video. roger stone in his own words and
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this is footage that was shared not only with cnn but with the january 6th committee showing trump confidant roger stone in the critic's moments leading up to election day essentially laying out a potential strategy to invalidate the 2020 election if trump. to lose. >> reporter: in documentary clips obtained by cnn, longtime republican operative roger stone advocating violence before the 2020 presidential election. >> excellence. [ bleep ] -- [ bleep ] -- >> let's get right. >> violence. >> shoot to kill. cnn, antifa, shoot to kill. done with this bullshit. >> filmed december 2020 and in the hounds of the january 6th house select committee investigating the capitol attack delivering a subpoena to
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copenhagen and received eight minutes of footage from the filmmaker the documentary. >> their interest was kind of the chain from the white house to roger stone and to all proud boys and oath keepers. >> you think you were able to establish a direct connection between all of those? >> no. absolutely not. >> you cannot? >> what we have -- we have only been with roger stone and his communications with the white house we do not know anything about it. >> did he spend a lot of time with members of the proud boys or the oath keepers or any groups like that, qanon keep? >> yes, i mean, proud boys, he's very close to the proud boys. >> did you see him communicating with anyone from these groups? >> constantly. >> reporter: they filmed stone's movements for periods over three years and filmed stone just days before the election saying then president trump to just claim victory. >> let's just hope we're celebrating. i suspect it will be, really suspect still up in the air. when that happens, the key thing
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to do is to claim victory. possession is 9/10 of the law. no, we won. sorry. over, we won. you're wrong. >> reporter: stone denies accuracy. videos writing in a statement to cnn, i challenged the accuracy and authenticity of these videos and believe they have been manipulated and selectively edited certainly they do not prove i had anything to do with the events of january 6th. that being said it clearly shows i advocated for lawful congressional and judicial options. in the clips collusively obtained by cnn stone as far back as july 2020 was laying the groundwork for the future "stop the steal" campaign and the false claims that the election was stolen. >> what they're assuming the election will be normal. the election will not be normal. oh! the california results. sorry, not accepting them. challenging them in court. if the electors show up at the electoral college armed guards
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will throw them out. i'm the president. not stealing -- challenging all of it and judges we're going to are judges i appointed. you're not stealing the election. that's what -- basically what bush did to gore. so, you know -- they want to run a bunch of fake ballots we'll have an investigation. your results invalidated. good-bye. the way it has to work. really nasty. >> reporter: in another clip shown is seen on january 15th days after the capitol attack criticizing the white house counsel's office for what he described as their argument that trump could not provide preemptive pardons to stone and others for their alleged involvement in efforts to overturn the election. >> i believe the president's for it. the obstacles are these, are these lily livered weak kneed bureaucrats in the white house counsel's office and now they must be crushed because they've told the president something that's not true. >> reporter: tomorrow on capitol hill the january 6th committee
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holds its next public hearing unveiling more of their findings and the committee making it very clear ahead of time, roger stone certainly is someone they've been looking into and committee member, brianna, jamie raskin says stone was someone who saw where things were going. >> interesting defense. raising possibility that there's an accuracy in authenticity problem with this. sunlen, thank you for that report. bring in cnn senior crime and just is reporter to talk a little more about what we're seeing here. the january 6th committee is actually holding a public hearing, perhaps its last public hearing. this is going to happen on wednesday, tomorrow. they've been looking for these ties. how deeply do these ties go between the circle people around trump and extremist groups like the oath keep canners? do do you think this will play a part? >> certainly sounds like it. some of the hints we're hearing what the hearing may be about could focus on roger stone. we know the committee is
4:15 am
interested in even getting access to some of this footage from the danish filmmakers. we've seen throughout the progression of hearings the justice hearing is maybe a step behind, maybe not even a step behind the house in what they're gathering, and we know the justice department this u.s. attorney's office in d.c. especially long had an interest in roger stone. took him to trial, earned a conviction for him lying to congress a few years ago. during that investigating some of his ties to prominent members of the proud boys. we knew there was a grand jury investigation then. proud boys obviously back in the discussion related to january 6th. charged with crimes there. then there's also, we know, the fbi. going after some of this video also the danish filmmakers have of stone and finally, stone has come up in the oath keepers case a couple of times. there are two men that were around him providing security that we know of that are oath
4:16 am
keepers. one pled guilty to seditious conspiracy we know cooperating. the other is going to go to trial. there's quite the possibility here that the justice department could be picking up where the house is leaving off with a lot of their parts of the investigation, and it's totally possible that they have looked further into some of the roger stone issues, even if he may not be a target at this time. >> what are you looking for in this oath keeper trial. we should mention jury selection begins today. >> a big test for the justice department combating domestic extremism, bringing the case and trying to convince a jury it wasn't just a conspiracy, charged with a lot of different groups of people that went to the capitol, but it was sedition. there was a seditious plot, and in this trial it's the first of th three sedition trials happening in the coming weeks. this one will take several weeks. five defendants including leader
4:17 am
of oath keep keepers, stewart rhodes. a massive undertaking a lot of effort by the justice department moving forward and oath keepers in their defense say it was all peacekeeping. weren't plotting, even if bringing guns and stashing them in hotel rooms, they say just responding and waiting for donald trump to call them for help. >> trying to keep the peace, their defense. see if that is something that flies. thank you so much to both of you. as workers return to the office, something else is rearing its head. that is traffic jams, because they are back to pre-pandemic levels. and regaining your sense of smell and taste after having covid. why does it take some people longer to get it back?k? sanjay gupta is digging deeper. and what does senate mcconnelsay about the new
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traffic is coming back to pre-pandemic levels. i've seen it with my own eyes
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thanks to a push for workers to return to the office. major u.s. cities including los angeles, miami, chicago seeing more commuter traffic congestion and it is growing. cnn correspondent pete muntean joins us live in i-395 outside d.c. with the details. look at it. it's already slow behind you, pete. >> reporter: traffic everywhere, john, here in d.c., but in major metros across the country. so interesting here. after labor day, kids going back to school, but more people are headed back to the office. the latest data from travel analytics firm. travel growing in all ten major metros. up 10% in just the last month. in miami alone. traffic is above pre-pandemic levels in miami and dallas, in houston and in phoenix. still below pre-pandemic levels here in d.c., also in new york, l.a., chicago, atlanta,
4:23 am
philadelphia. there is an interesting disparity, though, taking place in the numbers. monday and friday. that is when traffic is typically lower. even lower than it was before the pandemic. wednesday and thursday are the really big days for traffic now in major cities across the country. really starts to begin today, tuesday. what's also interesting here, john, one other factor. gas prices. the national average for a gallon of gasoline now $3.74. up 7 cents in the last week according to aaa. some people just might not be able to afford going back to work and that is keeping them away from commuting, john. >> and, pete, tell us about these new airline rules that are targeting fees that president biden is implementing. >> reporter: what's so interesting here, brianna, that fees have really become the background noise for many people flying. it went from free to fee about 15 years ago. now airlines are targeted by the biden administration to put
4:24 am
these fees essentially up front when you buy your ticket so you know the true cost of things. talking about things like just being able to select a seat. it could range from $50 down to about $4, depends on the airline, though and on type of fare you get. main cabin extra on american airlines, you could pay up to $280 to select your seat. that's not the norm pap bit of an upgrade. but the biden administration wants allianzirlines to put nump front so you don't get tacked-on fees buying your ticket. >> better to know before you keep clicking through. great to see you. hope you get back safely. so let's get right to it violence. more on our exclusive footage of trump ally rogerer stone just a day before the 2020 election. and could more changes be coming to "jeopardy!"? the new rule nowow befloated. we can come to you and replace your windshield.
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more now on the new documentary film footage obtained by cnn showing roger
4:29 am
stone a longtime trump ally, saying the day before the 2020 election that he had no interest in waiting to count actual votes before contesting the results. >> excellence. [ laughter ] [ bleep ] -- [ bleep ] -- violence. >> get right. >> violence. >> shoot to kill. see an antifa, shoot to kill. done with this bullshit. >> f the -- let's get right to violence. >> claiming victory on election night in 2020. >> hope we're celebrating. i suspect it will really still be up in the air. when that happens, the key thing to do, possession is 9/10 of the law. no, we won. sorry. you're wrong. [ bleep ].
4:30 am
>> with us now cnn political analyst and a senior adviser of george w. bush and the john mccain campaigns and co-creator and co-host of "the circus" on showtime, season seven just premiered and political commentators here as well. you have known roger stone a long time? >> yeah. first ran into him in the '80s working with trump and the casinos. felt like a mob out there. turns out, it was. some somebody telling you who you are in new jersey, and heard there, and as steve bannon said on our show, there's no surprise what happened january 6th. people like stone and bannon set the table for it. i mean, what we're learning now is it was not a random thing. pre-planned, pre-set by people like roger stone. >> shoot to kim.
4:31 am
>> and rhetoric of attack, attack, attack. the fact trump sat three hours and did nothing. you know, as we get details put it together and it shows that this was very much intentional. it's politics to the extreme right now and i think really scary, hearkening back to a time when postreconstruction, right? people used violence to resist progress. so it's, again, a reflection of trump's team being willing to do anything at all to maintain power. >> this is not, has nothing to do with right-left-republican-democrat. i also have known roger stone, and this is peak roger stone by way of anecdote. 2009, summoned me to a dinner, just he and i, because he wanted me to run for new york city mayor. not to win, just to "f-s up." "f stuff up." right? like the william f. buckley
4:32 am
thing, not going to win. just mess with stuff. always his mantra. let's mess with stuff you. what's important he saw in 2020 an opportunity for the judges, the trump loyal judges, he thought they might be corrupt enough for trump supporters. he thought they might be violent enough. he had a reading of 2020 where he thought all of this disruption could really work and take hold. >> another clip last night where stone was saying he was arguing for blanket pardons for all the congressmen, and but then he said, i think the president's for it, but it's the -- was it lily livered white house counsel, and the staff. i wonder how that went over in mar-a-lago? the idea that the president was not man enough to overrule the staff is kind of what stone was arguing. power of pardon is absolute. has nothing to do with the staff are and the u.s. constitution. i wonder when they see that how
4:33 am
that's going to land. >> another january 6th committee hearing is tomorrow and this could be a part of it. what do you think they need to do in this hearing, the last one, certainly before the election? >> connect the dots and make it clear as then have over the course of the hearings it was pre-planned. not a random event and there was communication by people like roger stone coordinating people like the oath keepers and there was communication between the white house and what went on that day. >> all right. news out of kentucky. right? there was an event at the mcconnell center of which you are. >> a graduate. >> and arizona democrat center kyrsten sinema and mr. o'connell said this. >> she is, in my view, and i've told her this, the most effective first-term senator i've seen in my time in the
4:34 am
senate. >> so if you were on social media yesterday you saw democrats going, uh-oh. mitch mcconnell saying nice stuff about kyrsten sinema, what does that mean? >> she's effective at essentially supporting republican agendas. right? she was effective at preventing democrats from moving legislation forward, and it's so interesting, because arizonans are united statesin disliking h. educated, non-college educated, she stands for bipartisanship in theory but in practicality, common sense everyday people don't see what she's doing. is she really effective is the question? >> sources familiar with thinking of mitch mcconnell. who have -- who have -- talked about kyrsten sinema, right? what does he say? >> oh, he has told me she's one of the, if not, the most interesting senators he's ever served with.
4:35 am
heard what he said as her effectiveness. he's been quite impressed with her since she came to the senate and i think it has a lot to do with her willingness to defend the institution. a lot of people in democratic party would love to destroy the institution, kill all rules to get what they want now. instant coffee ruined the world. she, in her willingness to defend the institution to a guy like mcconnell. an institutionalist to the core, impre impressive. can asigh about the mcconnell center, people on the left are and right. commitment to bringing the most interesting people in public affairs to campus is why she was invited to have that discussion. >> on its face, like, i'm a small government conservative. i like that someone wants to slow government down. which is what she wants to do by extending the filibuster. why she jumped in, in the way of
4:36 am
build back better. bothers most people in arizona, though. her polling, she is the least favorable rated of any democrat in the state. she's likely to be primaried in 2024. so if you're just playing politics with this, i'm not sure she's doing an effective job. keeping her seat. but doing an effective job. >> for people who like to see 14 dimensional chess with mitch mcconnell those saying, oh, this is mcconnell trying to line things up. so if democrats maintain control of senate 50/50, sinma will switch. >> listen, as a fan of instant coffee, i don't think the institution needs defending. filibuster comes from the dutch word "pirate." a kill switch denying majority voting what the country is supposed to be all about. campaigned 40 years and not once in those 40 years had a voter say, please defenden the filibuster. please. and by the way, i don't want congress doing anymore than their doing. say that. >> have you been talking to very
4:37 am
many republicans? filibusters and controlling the populace mobs. the thing about the filibuster rules. protects us from the mob. it's that's the house's job. they're a mob. the senate has the a distinct role to play in our culture, our political culture, be the saucer that cools the hot, sloshing tea. >> what about the instant coffee? >> also kill civil rights legislation. origin of the d-- >> let's play what kyrsten sinema had to say about the filibuster here. >> the best thing you could do for your child not give them everything they want. right? and that's important to the united states senate as well. we shouldn't get everything we want in the moment. >> actually talking about growing the filibusters. get everything we want in the moment. >> move from getting nothing done to really making sure you get nothing done. right? i think that, again, it's so theoretical where she's at. it doesn't reflect the reality of politics and how things work.
4:38 am
for voters when they see kyrsten sinema blocked voting rights legislation, intended to protect everybody regardless of party, a hard time making that connection. >> biden did get a bill passed reduce inflation act. might not reduce inflation but might do other thing. maybe getting in the way made it a better bill for democrats, republicans and voters. >> reconciliation. >> that's true. >> paired down from build back better. >> yes. >> and the not voting rights. voting rights protects everyone whether republican, democrat. why is that not something that's common sense that kyrsten sinema -- >> absolutely. >> don't want to federalize the election system. mcconnell thinks politics exists between the 40 yard lines, where he is and where kyrsten sinema is. >> harry reid got rid of it when -- reid broke it. broke now they had to buy it. the reality. senate advocating going back to
4:39 am
it yesterday. back to pre-reid. so, you know -- >> this one's broken, man. >> confused with the rules. people use the rules to win when they want to win. >> thanks. nice to see all of you. why do some people lose their sense of smell during covid and why y does it take a while to come back after testing negative? dr. sanjay gupta here to exexplain. and why the chess world chamampion is accusing his riva of cheheating. . new science shows it gets in between teeth to destroy 5x mo plaque abe the gumline than floss. for a cleaner, healthier mouth. feel the whoa!
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sore throat, coughing, fatigue. of course all symptoms of covid-19 but early on losing your sense of smell became one of the dead giveaways someone had the illness and sometimes
4:44 am
that symptom lingers on long after the virus is gone. dr. sanjay gupta explores importance of our sense of smell and frustration those who lost it have felt and he joins us now. this is one of the worst things, sanjay, when this continues on. it is so disorienting for people to not have this sense. >> yes. yeah. it can be loss of smell, which is called anosmia. or distorted smell, per ros nia, when you smell something and it smells like something typically different, particularly rotten. smell chocolate and smells like rotten food instead. interesting, brianna, you get 40% to 50% of people saying i had loss of smell, it affected my taste as a result of this. when they started to actually look into this now two years later and do objective measurements, they found probably much higher. cloe close to 90% had some loss of smell and corresponding loss of taste. significant number. vast majority if those
4:45 am
recovered. recovered from sometimes within days. sometimes took weeks but recovered. 5% of people for whom those symptoms persisted. millions of people in the united states. tens of millions of people around the world with persistent complete loss of smell perhaps worse distorted smell. things don't smell at all what you think they'll smell like. >> terrible. awful. does it behave differently with different variants? >> in the beginning, if you looked at original variants, alpha, seemed to have greatest impact overall. that was the 40% to 50% of people who reported loss of smell. interesting over time is that delta was a little better in terms not causing as much abnoralities in smell and omicron so far seems a lot less significant in terms of loss of smell. we don't really know how much the new variants are factoring them, but overall, it seems to
4:46 am
have diminished in terms of impact. >> why does this happen? >> this is a good question. i mean, as a brain guy myself i was really surprised by this. initially i thought, look, people get upper respiratory symptoms, nasal congestion, sinus con jekz. that's what's causing it. it's may more. interesting and scary about this virus. images, but basically the virus will go and attack some of the supporting cells that are responsible for your smell. responsible for the nerve that allows you to smell. and what happens is, those particular cells, they're supposed to regenerate every few months, but as a result of this virus they have a hard time doing that. so here's what happens. you could have loss of smell initially, and then it comes back. then three to four months later when the cells are supposed to regenerate, they don't. therefore, you have a second hit. kind of lose smell again. for the podcast "chasing life" i
4:47 am
talked to a doctor about this and's how she described it. >> when people have this more permanent type of loss of smell and taste, that natural inherent regenerative capacity of these different types of cells has take an hit too great. it cannot then browns back and regenerate. >> so a little scare think for thatt, brianna, potentially millions o around the world. >> how do you help people regain? can you help them regain a sense of smell? >> yeah. first of all, i will say it's interesting. smell is often thought of as the cinderella sense, when people are doesed what sense are you most willing to give up, people often say smell. it's critically important. important for survival in terms of smells smoke, rotten food so you don't eat it.
4:48 am
can be indication of a nerve degenerative people. you want to understanden the way people are smelling but there is a way to retrain your sense of smell. sound this fascinating and simple as well. go to someone like dr. patel or a small specialist. these four smells, rose, lemon, eucalyptus, clove, different smells that represent different areas of your what's called your epithelium. thain yourself. smell yourself over and over. over time a significant percentage of people may start to actually have objective improvement in smell. >> amazing. a bummer people have to go through this. you know? it is such an important sense. sang j sun jaye, thank you for takes us through that. for other stories. so many people are dealing with this. find the "chasing life" podcast
4:49 am
with sanjay wherever you download podcasts. hurricane ian making landfall in cuba this morning. and it's expected to gain some steam as it nears the u.s. we have live coverage from cuba and florida,a, ahead. a rulele change could be coming to "jeopardy!" that could win some people some serious cash. busy taking care of everyonene else you don't do enough for yourself, or your mouth. but eventually, it will remind you. when it does, aspen dental is here for you. we off the custom dental treatments you need, wheall under one roof,ntal iright nearby.u. we can bring more life to your smile... and mo smile to your life... affordably. new patits without insurance can get a free complete exam and x-rays, and 20 percent off treatment plans. schedule your appointment today.
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some chess drama after grand master magnus carlsen of norway abruptly quit his match and accused his rival of cheating. in a statement on twitter, he said american champion hans neimann has, quote, cheated more and more recently than he's admitted. but he offered no evidence of the alleged cheating. the 31-year-old carlsen still won the september 20th match despite withdrawing. neimann who is 19, admitted to
4:54 am
cheating earlier in his career but not any wrongdoing now. the international chess federation reprimanded carlsen saying there were better ways to handle the situation. what is ticked off? some "jeopardy!" fans are more than a little peeved that a major change could be coming to the game show. though it is just an idea right now. executive producer mike davies has suggested that cash bonuses could be awarded to contestants who successfully sweep a full category and you get to keep that bonus money whether or not you win the game as a whole. with us now, former "jeopardy!" champion, austin rogers, great to see you. >> thank you, john. >> talk to me about why you think they're suggesting this, that they would give you a bonus if you run the whole category. >> let's go back to the history of the game. back in the day in the olden times, you used to play lynn larly. and the writers write their category top down. they're creating a little narrative they want to take the
4:55 am
players and the viewers along with. the example i give is if at the top of a category it might say matterhorn, and you might go is it batterhorn or mont blanc and at the bottom they have the opposite one. and you'll only learn that if you go down the category. now, of course, is that the best way to play? no. you want to optimize with what the so-called forest bounce, hunting, picking, building up money and going targeted for the daily double. so, we're going to have some "jeopardy!" abpeople down the rd trying to figure out what is the right way to play, go for the bonuses or go for the hunt and pick and the hunt and pick -- hunt, pick daily double model. >> right. so, again, when you run the category, the show likes it because it tells a better story and the viewer can stay focused on one thing. but what people have been doing lately is looking for the daily double, going across, hunting and picking which say little bit
4:56 am
disjointed. the show can't tell you how to play. but they seem to be incentivizing the category option here. you'll get a little extra money if you do it this way. >> that money will not affect the ultimate winner, so in michael davies little statement it was, hey, maybe they'll give their second and third place finishers something else to go for, an extra carrot rather than extra stick on getting beaten. i think it is really going to be fun for the writers and fun for us to follow along. >> some people on twitter because this is what people do on twitter have been ticked off. you can't do this. you can't change this. you can't add something new now. >> "jeopardy!" players are typically on the risk averse side. that's why when we see optimum "jeopardy!" players, it is such an outlier. in the run of the mill day to day audience in, audience out show tapings of "jeopardy!" most people do try to start at the top and move their way down to the bottom.
4:57 am
so i don't think we're going to see this massive dramatic change that we used to, that we're going to expect and secondly running a category these days is exceedingly rare. in the old days, people would just routinely do it. but now, the clues are harder, players are better, everyone is training harder. i don't think it is going to be this massive earthquake that we think it will be. >> if you were going in tomorrow to play, would you do it? would you try to run the category or try to stick to the forest method? >> i tried to do is in the first place. i was not a huge bouncer until i amassed a nice tidy sum. in general, especially, and you did this, the clever categories, the word play ones, i don't know what they're going for. let's throw out the top two clues and stick it against the wall and see if it works. now, that linearity of the category is so much more apparent. >> yeah, for me, it is like if you're lucky enough to have a category you think you're good at, that's the only place you
4:58 am
want to be. i don't want to leave that category anyway. >> but then the third time char, so everything includes cha, is it in the beginning of the word, middle of the word, anywhere, i don't know until you see the first clue. >> none of this helps you with the buzzer, the hardest part of the game to begin with. great to see you. thank you very much. "new day" continues right now. to understand the seriousness of this situation. and, again, don't wait until the last minute. we can replace possessions. but we can't bring anybody back to life. >> that's tampa's mayor urging residents to heed the warnings and protect themselves ahead of the huge storm that is coming their way. i'm john berman with brianna keilar. and hurricane ian is making landfall in cuba this morning, as it continues to head right toward florida. the category 3 storm has
4:59 am
125-mile-per-hour winds now and is expected to bring life threatening storm surge. that is the major concern this morning. officials say the tampa region could see the storm of a lifetime, mostly because of that surge. more than 50 million people are expected to be affected by hurricane ian when it arrives. ahead of the storm, a hospital in st. petersburg suspended service and transferred its patients. florida parks and schools are closed. at least three cruise ship lines have rerouted passengers. and tampa bay airport will suspend operations at 5:00 p.m. today. >> there is a steady stream of people hitting the road, leaving the tampa area and heading inland. there are long lines for free sandbags. some people waiting up to three hours. u.s. military installations are moving aircraft and naval ships out of the tampa and jacksonville areas. and to give you an idea just how massive this storm is, this is video of ian from the international space station. >> cnn's randi kaye is live in
5:00 am
punta gorda, florida. patrick oppmann in havana this morning. and meteorologist chad myers is at the weather center in atlanta. let's go first to randi kaye in southwest florida, where people are getting ready, randi. >> reporter: yeah, they certainly are, john. we're in downtown punta gorda, florida. you see here people have started to board up their businesses here in downtown. they also have put some sandbags down. that's because people here, there is a real culture of preparedness. they remember what happened here in 2 04 with hurricane charlie when it chewed through this area. that was supposed to go to tampa, might a right turn and plowed through punta gorda. they have been stocking up on gasoline, stocking up on water and certainly up and down this street they have been putting up boarding along their shops. the story with hurricane charlie was wind. the story and the concern with hurricane ian, of course, is water and storm surge. they're expecting a 4 to 7 foot storm surge here in the punta gorda


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