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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  September 27, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PDT

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time of the hour here. i'm erica hill. thank you for joining us. we begin with hurricane ian. the dangerous, powerful 3 storm that's barrelling toward florida. the outer bands already lashing the keys and other southern parts of the state putting
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millions there on tornado watch. is the west coast that could really feel the brunt getting slammed directly with life threatening storm surge and flooding in a day or so. millions of people in ian's cross hairs and boarding up the homes. people waiting in line for hours for free sand bags. mandatory evacuations were expanded. they're told it's time to leave now. fema's chief urged people to get out of harm's way. >> our biggest concern as we wait for this storm to make landfall is storm surge and i will note that storm surge is a leading cause of hurricane related fatalities. the decision you choose to make may mean the difference between life and death. >> overnight the storm made laufld in cuba with rain and winds. it is churning in warm waters of
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the gulf of mexico. jennifer gray is in the cnn weather center. there is a slight shift in the forecast path to the south. what does this change? >> basically means that areas just to the south get the bulk of the surge. with this storm it is the storm surge that is going to be the biggest impact and terrifying. we will see a section of the florida coast get up to 10 feet of storm surge and not in and out. this will last for hours and hours. as the track continues to shift to the east or west we'll know more at 5:00 but anywhere along that section of the florida coast told to evacuate get out. this is not a storm you want to mess with. 120-mi 120-mile-per-hour winds. the storm is undergoing another form of rapid intensification. we see it right now and seeing the storm strengthen to a
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category 4. talking about the storm making landfall by tomorrow night. anywhere from ft. myers to s tampa. the preparations should have been made by now. we could see 12 foot storm surge. as i mentioned with this storm moving at a walking pace you will get that storm surge for hours. this one's terrifying. this part of the coast is vulnerable and seeing huge impacts and we could see up to 30 inches of rain. >> not what folks want to hear. appreciate the update. thank you. let's turn to cuba. ian damaged buildings, downing trees, causing power outages. from the ground you can look at the aftermath.
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considerable damage to buildings at the tobacco farm in cuba. patrick oppman is there. looks like a little bit of the storm lingering. what have you seen? >> reporter: yeah. hurricane ian is not done with us just yet as much as we would like it to be and for the damage done to cuba. bands of the storm continue to hit behind us. certain points we lose sight of the other side of harbor of havana. you see the rain coming in and seeing the tide going up right now and should be going out and that is a storm surge. as the storm moves away from cuba the water comes rushing back in and hearing reports in havana of flooding and low lying
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areas of the city. many people evacuated before the storm but too many people to evacuate. people of course sometimes don't want to evacuate and now the concern is flooding here, that the homes go underwater and they could have to have to leave. there are still cars to be road. this is nothing compared with what western cuba was hit with. terrible damage to the west. help is now heading that way. to begin the process to restore electricity there. all the electricity in the area for 500,000 people knocked out. electricity taking down for much of havana, too. people could be electrocuted and the power is taken out and even
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though hurricane ian already moved into the gulf of mexico to florida now continues to lash cuba and goes to show how long this will go on for people wherever the storm goes to next. it is not a quick event. it will last better part of a day as it has here in cuba. still feeling the impacts of the powerful storm. >> an important point. appreciate it. we have new video of the hurricane hunter with the national oceanic and atmospheric administration. the governor desantis encouraging everyone to take this seriously. >> in some areas there will be catastrophic flooding and life threatening storm surge. our recommendation is to heed those evacuation orders. >> cnn's carlos suarez is
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watching the preps and evacuations in gullport, florida. what are you seeing there? are people listening to the orders to evacuate? >> reporter: yeah. some folks here in pinellas county made the decision to pack up the things and go. if you're a business owner that's decided to stay put and maybe finish boarding up the business you may have run out of time. a business owner told us they went to pick up plywood and told they were out and pick up sandbags and told they were out. a majority of the stores are boarded up and have been for a day now and got the sandbags out and plywood up and moved the items to higher ground. all in anticipation of whatever might come our way with hurricane ian. there are two mandatory evacuations for pinellas county and the last one this morning.
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officials told people in this area of the tampa bay area you have until tonight to get out. a few folks we talked to said they are taking some precautions. they have the hurricane supplies in order but going to stay put because they feel it is a high enough area to make this through. >> biggest worry? flooding maybe. i hope it doesn't come up further than it normally does. that's the biggest worry, flooding. >> reporter: over in hillsborough county in tampa there officials ordered another 90,000 residents to go ahead and pack up the things to get out of town because they live along the coast. with two orders in tampa looking at over 370,000 people in hillsborough county. erica? >> that is a lot and so
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important, too, to heed the warnings. appreciate the reporting. thank you. joining us is tampa's mayor who said the city is preparing for a devastating amount of water. tampa mayor castor with us now. thank you for the time. in a briefing this morning you said it could be a worst-case scenario and could be a forecast saying it is worse. would the change in this track a little bit changed the preparations at all? >> not at all. we have done all the preparation that we can. we called for evacuations. i was just out on the interstate. a main artery out. i-275 northbound traffic very, very heavy. eastbound along the expressways very heavy. evenings heeding the warning to get out. clearly not wishing anything negative on the neighbors but the worst-case scenario would be
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for hurricane ian to stall right off tampa bay so for it to go south would certainly alleviate a great deal of damage to the tampa bay area. >> understandably still though if we look at what we heard from meteorologist jennifer gray and the map we saw with 5 to 8 feet of storm surge in the tampa bay area that could sit there for hours. >> yes. >> do you get to a point you're worried you can't sustain this because we know that the ground is saturated and not places for the water to go. >> we already know that. we understand that. we have in preparation emptied out the storm ponds. taken care of the ditches. put as much water out the dam as we can but if the surge is that
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high, 8, 10, 12 feet that there's no place for that water to go. as you recognized the tampa bay area is saturated from the normal summer storms so that again is a worst-case scenario to have a storm surge that comes in for hours upon hours with no place to go. >> i know you spoke with the president this morning. what is the biggest concern at this hour? >> the water. making sure that the residents understand the severity of this. no matter where it lands. we are not getting out of this unscathed and will be flooding throughout the tampa bay area. we have over 120 miles of land that touches the water. basically of coastline. so we are talking not just the bay the rivers, canals. every source of water is going
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to be flooded in the next 24, 48 hours. >> i know you talked about being out there on the road getting a sense of how the evacuations were going. as my colleague carlos suarez pointed out 300,000 people under evacuation orders. is it your sense the majority of folks take this seriously and getting out of town? >> yes. without a doubt. you hear about the hurricane watches. that's just not the case anymore. i think everyone understands with the significant storms that when you talk 10 to 12-foot surge it is time to run from that water. >> real quickly, you did talk to the president this morning. anything you can share with us about that conversation? >> yes. the president called yesterday. left a voicemail and then the office said he would call today
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and he happened to call around 11:30 just to check in and see how things were going and if there's anything that we needed. head of fema was in his office at the time. on the federal, state and local level everyone is working collaborateively to do all we can to mitigate the effects of hurricane ian but it won't be pretty. >> thank you. we'll continue to check in. thank you. >> thank you. footage shows roger stone calling for violence the day before the 2020 presidential election. we'll show you that vivideo nex the trial agagainst the oat keepers and top deputies begins. the chargeges they face for the role on january 6.
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jury selection in the biggest trial so far for capitol rioters. five members of the oes keepers are being tried for seditious conspiracy and the charges stem from the january 6 insurrection. whitney wilde joining us from outside that d.c. courthouse. tell us more. just remind folks what these people are accused of. >> reporter: again, accused of seditious conspiracy, a charge that carries a maximum of 20 years in prison. what the prosecutors try to prove is stewart rhodes the leader and had the top lieutenants and it was beginning
11:19 am
shortly after the election in november 2020 they began this very lengthy, very detailed plot that culminated in january 6. prosecutors will try to argue that the ways in which they tried to carry out the plot included trying to recruit others, holding paramilitary trainings, amassing weapons and tactical gear and culminating january 6 when the group on trial beginning today really split off so one defendants today is accused of having a quick reaction force outside washington in arlington and additional accused of amassing weapons in that location at a hotel in virginia. some of the others are accused of you have seen the iconic video of a group in a paramilitary gear snaking through the gear up into the capitol building.
11:20 am
some of those defendants again on trial beginning today. again what prosecutors are going to try to prove is it wasn't spur of the moment and well planned and intended to stop president biden from assuming the presidency. the defense will argue thap there to help police inside the capitol and that they were there to keep the peace should clashes between the protesters and antifa erupt. >> in that same courthouse there's a rioter that pleading guilty to assaulting a d.c. police officer sentenced. what do we know about that? >> reporter: that sentencing hearing is underway right now. prosecutors are asking for more than five years in prison. police officer michael fanone says he wants to see at least ten years for this person, kyle
11:21 am
young. still waiting as that sentencing hearing is going right now. >> thank you. turning to remarkable documentary footage obtained by cnn showing trump ally roger stone calling for violence just days before the 2020 election. >> excellent. [ bleep ] the [ bleep ] the violence or [ bleep ] violence. let's get right to it. shoot to kill. done with this bullshit. >> that clip is one of several that was shared with the january 6 committee. jessica schneider is live now. the new clips that we now have, can you put them in the greater context and how do they fit in for the committee if we know? >> the committee subpoenaed the
11:22 am
danish filmmakers following roger stone and agreed to share eight minutes of the film with the committee with details and certain unedited portions and told don lemon last night the committee trying to piece together any three-way link between the white house, roger stone and extremist groups. the filmmakers warn they were not able to establish that three-way link but since the footage dates back to january 2020 before the election it shows how set roger stone was about wreaking havoc on the election outcome. this is two days before the election. >> let's just hope we're celebrating. i suspect it will be -- i really do suspect it will be up in the air. when that happens the key thing
11:23 am
to do is claim victory. possession is 9/10 of the law. no we won. [ bleep ] you. >> we are seeing the clips but roger stone issued a lengthy statement disputing the authenticity saying i challenge the accuracy and the a authenticity and believe they have been manipulated and select ily edited. how ironic that kim kardashian and i are both subjected to computer-manipulated videos on the same day. they do not prove i had anything to do with the events of january 6th and clearly shows that i advocated for lawful congressional and judicial options. he was at a rally the day before where members of the oath keepers provided him security and had contacts with the proud
11:24 am
boys but importantly not charged in connection with january 6 so we'll see if the committee in fact in the hearing tomorrow maybe shows the clips and explores if there's more of a connection between stone and the extremist groups. >> appreciate it. thank you. you can join cnn for special live coverage tomorrow as the hearings resume with new witnesses and evidence. tune in starting at 12:00 p.m. eerp here on cnn. hurricane ian barrelliling florida's west coast. sarasota, we'll speak with the city's mayor next. hurry in anl for a limited time. wnload the app and earn free food with ery order. dry skin is sensitive skin, too. and it's natural.
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citizens, in the potential impact area, should obey the instructions of local officials. evacuate when ordered and be prepared for the storm when it comes. your safety is more important than anything. >> president biden there with a very clear message to floridians to heed the evacuation orders. issued a federal directive. right now multiple evacuation alerts across sarasota county.
11:30 am
bridges set to shut down in the next 30 minutes. county officials are sandbagging as much as they can. joining me is the mayor of sarasota. the governor was at sarasota county emergency offices a short time ago for a press conference. bridges are set to close in half an hour why do you feel that these evacuation orders have been heeded? >> yes. yes. by and large, yes they have. our number one priority in city of sarasota is the safety of residents so that's why we ordered a state and local state of emergency. we have activated the emergency operations center meaning that utilities is making sure that the generators are up and running. they are. public works to clear out the
11:31 am
storm drains last week. fortified the city buildings. parks and rec clearing out. fuel farms are ready. florida power & light have individuals ready. the grid is likely to go down. police officers are redirecting traffic and websites updated to show you the latest. we ask everyone to be proactive. take the measures. we are in this together and we as a community are -- we are as prepared as we can be. >> good news. having covered so many hurricanes we know i have seen firsthand how important to have that staging ready to go. we hear consistently for folks that don't leave if there's an
11:32 am
emergency understandably first responders won't be able to get to them. do they have everything they need moving into the next 24 hours? >> yes. we have a transportation hub. sarasota county sort of upgraded the public transportation system. we now have a hybrid so it's sort of uber and drive to you and pick you up and a transportation hub and plus the national guard that is helping us in case we need additional perm. i have been getting numerous emails and calls of people to volunteer. it is a community coming together to ensure everyone's safe. >> which is great to hear about that community response. when i spoke about half an hour with the mayor of tampa who said with the federal, the state,
11:33 am
local coordination being strong and the biggest concern is water. is that your biggest concern, water, storm surge and how long the storm could sit here with all this rain? >> it is. it was supposed to arrive today right now and then progressing it got slower. so now we are anticipating we are going to feel the affects 1:00 a.m. and going to get hit around 2:00 p.m. tomorrow but lasting a while. we can't take for granted the -- or underestimate the impact storm surges and the wind gusts. even if it gets downgraded from a category 4 to a category 2 we
11:34 am
are still going to feel category 4 winds and feeling a lot of the remnants of a category 4 even if it is downgraded and need to be very, very careful. >> absolutely. we'll continue to check in with you. appreciate you taking the time to join us. thank you. >> i appreciate you. thank you. a new report says the price tag ofof president biden's studt debt relief plan could be some $400 b billion. so how will the white house pay for that? we're going to ask, next. new science shows it gets in between teeth to destroy 5x more plaque above the gumline than floss. for a clner, healthier mouth. listerine. feelhe whoa! new astepro allergy. now available without a prescription. astepro is the first and only 24-hour steroid free spray. while other allergy sprays take hours astepro starts working in 30 minutes. so you can...
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just in the last hour president biden speaking in the white house rose garden where he touted the administration's efforts the lower health care costs. >> over the last few years we have faced some of the most difficult challenges in our history but we are making progress helping folks get more breathing room, lowering health care costs and strengthening medicare is a progress on inflation not just with gas prices and other progress. >> white house senior adviser for public engagement joins us. nice to see you. we heard from the president this is seen as a big win for seniors. older voters. student loan forgiveness is seen as a win.
11:40 am
today a finding an estimated $400 billion price tag. if there's no an offset, cut or tax increase to the president's plan for student loan forgiveness. what's the plan to pay for that? >> we have to remember that under president biden's leadership our deficit has been reduced by record numbers already. $350 billion last year. on track for $1 trillion redex and also these estimates from my understanding based on the assumption of 90% of the eligible borrowers taking advantage. we know that's not the case. not normally that high but the end of the day this is about helping every day working people. if you make less than $125,000 a year you are eligible for a $10 rediction in the student loan payment amount.
11:41 am
$20,000 if you were pell grant eligible and for families making $250,000 or less a year so this is a game changer. the president and the team have been very thoughtful about rolling out the plan to make sure that the budget could accommodate it. >> sure the budget can accommodate it. this score again that we got yesterday from the cbo you would say based on 90%. pushing for the numbers the white house said we have to see how many people sign up. did the white house really work through all of these numbers? what if it is $400 billion? >> the white house was very thoughtful and will continue to be. this is not a one-time hit. this is absorbed over many years and again when we look at the record reduction in the deficit under the biden administration we know that this reduction in
11:42 am
the deficit in the trillions of dollars will help significantly towards passing on these savings to every day working people. >> when will we have those? we have other topics to get to. when will we have the numbers? >> the white house is working on all of the details. we will have a rollout in a few weeks to mack sure that people can go into the portal and apply for this relief. this is not automatic relief. we don't expect all 40 million eligible borrowers will take advantage. their to apply for the relief. with other programs we have not seen numbers near 90%. we certainly are prepared for that and a hope that as many people as possible who will have the chance to have their debt
11:43 am
completely wiped out will take advantage of this program. >> i do want to get you on immigration. this is a major focus for voters. it is a major concern for the country and the white house actually spoke with representatives from 19 countries yesterday about the issue of migrants and an increase in migration. one saying there's consensus of value working closely and trying to synchronize the policies. would make sense to work closely to have a uniform policy. is there holdups in the white house itself? >> we have to remember over the last few years prior to the biden-harris administration there was no thoughtful policy. we have to remember that when we see people like governor desantis and others play with people's lives, they flee
11:44 am
communism, fleeing venezuela and cuba and countries where they are experiencing communism and we need to globally work together and what this white house is doing. >> can you give me specifics in terms of that coordination with other countries? >> as you have mentioned we had discussions with world leaders to make sure dealing with the challenges that we are facing right now that we are looking at long-term strategies to globally work together to address this issue whether it be my graptds in the united states or going into other countries. this is something to be thoughtful about and work together to address the challenges and remembering that many of these people may not necessarily receive asylum in the united states but also being thoughtful that these are women
11:45 am
and children fleeing communism. i don't think anybody wants to walk days at a time after leaving the homeland. >> one of the challenges is the stress on a number of border areas. as far back as june dhs talking about sending migrants to cities further from the border and i.c.e. is pushing for part of this. going to cities where they have families and sponsors to help them out. would the president support a plan like that to alleviate the stress? >> the president is clear. this is a challenge for us as a country and so the challenge but the primary issue is not that migrants are going to other
11:46 am
cities. the biggest challenge is that there is no coordination. when you have governors putting migrants on buses -- >> right. but this proposal for coordination, specific proposal for coordination and the president would support that. that's a more efficient way to do that? >> the president wants to be very thoughtful about how we do it and can't just bus migrants into cities that are not prepared but if cities are able to receive the appropriate support that they need to absorb these migrants, make sure that they have an opportunity to be notified of court hearings then that's a different story. >> appreciate you taking the time to join us. thank you. >> thank you. u.s. offfficials expecting russia to waste no time annexing fofour occupied parts of ukrain afteter the sham referendum at n point.
11:47 am
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in ukraine voting is scheduled to end in the so-called referenda to decide whether four russian-occupied areas will actually join russia. u.s. officials say they won't accept any results there. observers say they were probably decided, the results that is, long before any ballots were cast. an ambassador to the u n will introduce a resolution to condemn putin to withdraw the borders. nick paton walsh joining us. at least one of four regions say voting has ended. how soon do we suspect russia will try to an sex these areas? >> reporter: it's going to be in a matter of days. at this stage we're getting
11:52 am
preliminary results, all suggesting approval in the high 90s. i should point out again this is not a democratic process. these are people in occupied areas being asked by the occupied military force whether or not they want that military force to allow them to become part of russia's territory. of course, anybody faced with a gun is going to likely say yes. high 90s approval numbers, what we always expected. that will probably get formalized in the hours ahead. the russian leaders of the areas saying they're going to go to moscow to begin the formal process of recognition of these areas being part of russia. importantly, these areas are changing in the size that russia holds because of ukrainian advances on the front line as we speak. the clock is certainly ticking on that. a suggestion from the british military defense that they putin might use a speech on friday to announce this annexation. the united states says it will introduce economic sanctions in
11:53 am
the event this formalization occurs and russia, too, has said it's likely extend its umbrella of full protection to parts of new russian territory that are formally recognized. that has many deeply concerned that we could be talking about becoming closer to realizing the constant nuclear threats they've been making over the past days, again, the u.s. adjusting the relatively silent response to the previous threats to start talking about how there will be horrific consequences and how they've been on the phone for the russians to try to persuade them against anything like that at all. a very dark few days ahead here. we know for sure russia is going to claim parts of ukraine its occupied by military force since february. a smaller and smaller patch all the time as genuinely in their mind being part of russia. we know, also, kyiv and russia
11:54 am
won't accept that. >> the big unknown that. nick paton walsh, thank you. seismologists in suite sweden have detected two explosions close to the natural gas pipelines which run under the baltic sea. that's after nord stream 1's operator said it sustained unprecedented damage. the maritime authorities say at least three leaks have been identified. this is fly-over footage we're showing you here. that's a patch of bubbling gas. it's nearly a mile wide. secretary of state antony blinken says if these leaks were caused by some sort of sabotage, it's, quote, clearly in no one's intererest. here in the u.s. we'rere keeping a close eye on hurricane ian barreling g toward florida' west coast. the director of the national hurricane center joins us next. formulated with nourhing, prebiotic oat.
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take the xfinity mobile savings challenge and see how much you can save. switch to xfinity mobile today. good afternoon. i'm erica hill. thank you for joining us on "cnn newsroom" "newsroom." we begin this hour in florida where millions of residents up and down the state's west coast are bracing for hurricane ian. the powerful category 3 storm is intensifying at this hour thanks to the gulf of mexico's warm
12:00 pm
waters. winds now up to 120 miles an hour. ian could make landfall as soon as tomorrow night, possibly as a category 4. parts of the florida coast may see up to 7 feet of storm surge. some areas as much as 12 feet. it's important to note, it's not just florida's west coast under threat. you're looking at pictures from key west, the florida key, southern parts of the state are under a tornado watch. frankly, all across florida people are getting ready, boarding up, as you can see, gassing up, piling up sandbags. in many areas officials hope they're heeding the warnings to get out. president biden also addressing the hurricane's threat a short time ago at the white house. >> i just spoke this morning with areas that will likely be hit, the mayors of tampa, st. pete and clearwater. all of them, all in the storm's path, and they're focused on the safety of their communities and doing everything they can to get people out of harm's w


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