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tv   CNN Newsroom With Alisyn Camerota and Victor Blackwell  CNN  September 27, 2022 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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waters. winds now up to 120 miles an hour. ian could make landfall as soon as tomorrow night, possibly as a category 4. parts of the florida coast may see up to 7 feet of storm surge. some areas as much as 12 feet. it's important to note, it's not just florida's west coast under threat. you're looking at pictures from key west, the florida key, southern parts of the state are under a tornado watch. frankly, all across florida people are getting ready, boarding up, as you can see, gassing up, piling up sandbags. in many areas officials hope they're heeding the warnings to get out. president biden also addressing the hurricane's threat a short time ago at the white house. >> i just spoke this morning with areas that will likely be hit, the mayors of tampa, st. pete and clearwater. all of them, all in the storm's path, and they're focused on the safety of their communities and doing everything they can to get people out of harm's way.
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i told each one of them, my conversation separately, whatever they need. sincerely, whatever they need, contact me directly. >> joining me now jamie rome, acting director of the national hurricane center. good to have you with us this hour. we saw in the most recent update, the 2:00 p.m. update that the storm was rapidly intensifying. the major concern at this hour seems to be the storm surge and also just how long this storm could sit. what are the areas that you're most focused on at this hour? >> i think water is going to be the big issue with this storm, both the incredibly heavy rainfall. you can see it starting to sweep over the southern portions of the florida peninsula. and the storm surge near to the east of where the center makes landfall, and those two when they combine together, it creates a lot of flooding issues. >> speaking the the mayor of tampa in the last hour, she was pointing to the separate
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saturation that they're already seeing on the ground there that they had ahead of this storm, separate rain issues they're having. with all that water, the concern, of course, is where does it go? >> it's not just tampa we're concerned about. it's points to the south. ft. myers, sarasota area as well. the strongest push of water is going to be near to the south of where the center makes landfall. the peak storm surges could be down in this area of ft. myers. >> so closer down to ft. myers. as you mentioned, the effects are being felt in the southern part of the state. there's a tornado watch for southern florida including miami. this storm is so massive. what are the warnings in some of these other areas that may not be hit, may not be taking a direct hit, may not be seeing the storm surge like they are on the west coast of florida, but so much of the rest of the state can be impacted as well. >> this is a great question. thank you for asking it.
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we've been advertising that the system would expand as it moved into the eastern gulf of mexico. that's unfortunately happened. the traditional mental model that people have about a hurricane, the worst conditions are going to be right at landfall is going to break down in this case t. hazards are going to be spread well far from where the center makes landfall, impacting a good chunk of the florida peninsula. >> so the florida peninsula, you mentioned as it moves in and makes landfall, there's also concerns about, obviously, north of florida. when we look at all the preparations being put in place based on what you're seeing, is everything going, as much as it can, according to plan to be ready for this storm? >> yeah. you can see that as the system moves inland over the central peninsula, it will spread its hazards further up the southeast coast of the united states into georgia and south carolina where tropical storm watches and warnings have been issued.
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>> when we look at where the storm is at right now, it's not moving very quickly. it's very big, sitting in the warm gulf waters which helps to make it stronger. intensifying as we said. how much of a concern is the speed of this storm right now? >> it's slowing down. you've seen that this morning. it could continue to slow down a little more as it sort of approaches the western coast of the florida peninsula. slow storms, slow movement is always a big problem with hurricanes for several reasons. it allows the water from storm surge to push longer. it allows the rainfall to accumulate longer and increases the duration of the damaging winds over the impacted area. if you sort of push this storm in here and sort of crawl across the central florida peninsula, you can envision the duration of this event. >> jamie rome, appreciate you taking the time to join us. i know you're a busy man these days. thank you. let's get you caught up on what's happening in cuba. ian made landfall overnight,
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coming ashore on the southwestern side of the island. take a look at this. >> you hear the voice of the person in that video, talking about the rising water levels. they told people outside of cuba that they didn't expect the hurricane to be this strong. here is what we follow about this hurricane, 125-mile-per-hour winds demolished this historic tobacco farm. look at these pictures. the areas is expected to get up to 16 inches of rain once the storm is done. cnn's patrick oppmann is in havana. clearly the storm is not done. ian has not fully moved on from cuba. >> reporter: no, cuban meteorologists said havana is still experiencing tropical storm force winds. nothing compared to what western cuba went through. it does speak to the storm's strength so long after it left
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cuban territory, still getting blown around by the storm. bands of rain are still coming through. the storm has gone on for almost a full day for cubans. it is concerning that the tide should be going out, and it's actually been rising. that's some of the storm surge that is now coming back as the storm is leaving that's the danger of when a hurricane leaves. you think you're done with the storm, but it actually just continues and continues. that could lead and has led to some flooding here in havana. that's the most dangerous part. that can cause people to be taken out to sea. it destroys homes and people many times don't want to leave their homes because they're afraid their belongings will be taken, they want to protect their homes. yet, when that water comes in, it becomes very dangerous for rescuers to come and get them.
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at this point in western cuba, which is the epicenter for cuba, we're starting to hae reports of groups of people coming in to restore power, to look at how bad that situation is. when you see the number of people that have lost the rooms, lost crops, lost their entire homes, this is going to take a long time for a country that is, fra frankly, as poor as this country is to recover. a lot of these people have lost everything, and it's going to be very hard for them to come back from this storm. so it's a region, a country that knows hurricanes very well. this is going to be one that goes down in the record books. >> not the kind of record that anybody wants to see. patrick, glad you're safe. thank you. millions of florida's coastal residents are scrambling to secure their homes, preparing for the historic flooding for the storm surge we were talking about. cnn's carlos suarez is on the ground in gulfport. what are you seeing at this hour, carlos?
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>> reporter: erica, the folks that live in pinellas county which includes gulfport, they're slowly running out of time to pick up their things and get out. there are two mandatory evacuations already in effect in pinellas county. folks have until tonight to get out of here. businesses along gulfport, they've done a pretty good job of getting ready ahead of the storm. the restaurant behind me, they're still in the process of pushing stand bags up to the entrance. they have plywood already up. the neighbors have done a pretty good job of making sure they've got everything set up here. this one shop this morning didn't have a single sheet of bly wood up. as you see, they have the door covered and the windows covered. these folks have been ready since we got here early this morning. they've got their sandbags, the tarp out in front of the main door. everyone here really is trying to take the necessary preparations ahead of whatever we may get when it comes to hurricane ian. over in hillsborough county
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where tampa is, that part of the tampa bay area, folks there have also issued a second mandatory evacuation. those two evacuation orders bring the total number of folks in hillsborough county being told they need to move inland to close to 400,000 people. now, we're told 43 hurricane shelters have opened. they are accepting folks right now. they have not reached capacity, at least at last check. but a number of folks are also making the drive from the tampa bay area out into central florida. they're heading to the orlando area. overnight we got look at traffic cameras that showed traffic building hour after hour as more people decided to go ahead and heed some of these warnings and just get out of town. again, here in pinellas county, they've got a few more hours before essentially law enforcement may start asking folks exactly what it is that they're doing out here. over in st. pete, the barrier islands there, you can't even get there unless you live there.
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right now sheriff's deputies are asking folks for identification. even once you get on the barrier island, they're reminding folks, whatever you have to do, get it done and get out. >> carlos, thank you. we do have news just in to cnn involving the january 6th committee and those planned hearings for tomorrow. cnn's manu raju joining us live from capitol hill. sounds like the effects of this hurricane being felt all the way in washington. >> that's right. we now are told that we can expect that tomorrow's laerg, highly anticipated hearing before the january 6th committee will be postponed because of the hurricane. that is the expectation according to two sources on the committee. that is in part because the focus will be on everything happening in florida and the fact that florida will be getting pummeled right around the time of the hearing. committee members are cognizant
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of the fact that the nation's attention will be on what's happening in florida and not on the new revelations that they plan to divulge in this hearing. one of the committee members is from florida, is in the line of fire from the hurricane. that is stephanie murphy. she represents orlando, the orlando area which could see some effects from the hurricane. i was told earlier today she was likely to stay back in florida, and it was unclear whether or not she planned to participate in the hearing even virtually. this had been an issue that had been debated pretty much all day. this morning the committee planned to go forward with the hearing. they had talked about having the hearing, despite what was happening. but this has been on on going discussion throughout the course of the day. we're told that now they're expected to postpone it. no word yet on the future date. this is expected to be the final hearing before the november midterms as members head back home to their districts to campaign before the elections.
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whether this hearing would happen before the midterms, we're still uncertain about that as all the members have plans for travel and campaigning during the october session. it still remains to be seen what will happen. we're now told that tomorrow's hearing is expected to be delayed because of the hurricane. >> once there is a decision, i have no doubt you'll know it and bring it to us. appreciate it my friend. thank you. >> thank you. the trial began today for five members of the oath keepers. they're charged with seditious conspiracy in the capitotol rio plplus roger stone's shocki comments promomoting violence i the lead-up to thehe 2020 election.
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jury selection is under way for five members of the oath keepers. one of the defendants charged with seditious conspiracy for his role. cnn has exclusively obtained new documentary footage of roger stone, footage that may be used possibly in an upcoming january 6th committee hearing. in that video stone, a longtime republican operative and ally of former president trump appears to call for violence before the votes were even counted in the 2020 election. that clip is one of several that danish filmmakers shared with the january 6th committee. another clip shows stone discussing strategy of simply claiming victory no matter who wins. take a look. >> let's just hope we're celebrating. i suspect it will be -- i really do suspect it will still be up in the air. when that happens, the key thing to do is to claim victory.
12:18 pm
possession is nine-tenths of the law. we won. [ bleep ] you. we won. you're wrong. [ bleep ] you. >> in response to that video roger stone responded with a statement saying "i challenge the accuracy and authenticity of these videos and believe they have been manipulated and selectively edited. i also point out that filmmakers have no right to use them. the excerpts you provided below prove nothing. certainly they do not prove i had anything to do with the events of january 6th. that being said, it clearly shows i advocated for lawful congressional and judicial options." cnn senior legal analyst elie honig joining us. this new sound from roger stone, what does this tell us? is it bringing things any closer in terms of a possible link
12:19 pm
between these extremist groups? >> i saw roger stone's denial you put on the screen. i'm not sure how it's lawful to say let's get right to the violence. i can't think of any possible lawful justification for that. you hit on the exact issue, is there a link here? we know roger stone has eagerly aligned himself with proud boys and oath keepers. he was a key adviser to donald trump and part of the inner circle. the question is can the committee or doj draw a direct link between the white house and people around donald trump and the extremist groups through roger stone or some other intermediary. to me that's one of the biggest questions that remains outstanding. >> we've got that question. meantime we're learning a few other things. we know the january 6th committee does want to talk with ginni thomas, the wife of supreme court justice clarence thomas. do we know how significant this testimony could be? and where would you put it in the grand scheme of things? >> ginni thomas was sort of everywhere in this whole situation. she was present at the rallies
12:20 pm
on january 6th. she claims she left before violence broke out. there's no reason to doubt that. she helped to hype up the rallies, involved in direct communications with mark meadows. most importantly, she was involved and there are emails and texts, in direct pressure on state legislatures to throw the election to donald trump. if i'm on the january 6th committee or doj, i would want to ask her about all those things. to me, the most important aspect is her efforts to pressure state and local officials to toss this election improperly, potentially illegally over to donald trump. there's also this nine-second phone call that came from the white house. still not clear who placed that call, but when we look at that, just the fact that there was a call from the white house that was placed to a person, a writer who had been at the capitol who had to leave quickly, but had been in the capitol. how important is that going to be, especially getting to the
12:21 pm
bottom of that and ideally figuring out who placed the call? >> it would certainly catch my attention, erica. it's very unusual to see a call from the white house switchboard, from the official white house phone lines to a person during the riot, a person at the capitol and later convicted of a crime for their participation in the rally and the riot. the first question i would want to know is who did the call come from in the white house? it's ooh nine-second call. that could be a hangup, inadvertent. you can communicate quite a bit in nine seconds. so there's a lot there that i think should catch the attention of investigators and a lot we still need to know about. >> we were hoping to get some answers, hoping to learn a little more tomorrow. our most recent reporting from manu raju from two different sources is this is likely going to be canceled now, understandably because of the hurricane barreling down on florida at this point. if there is not another hearing before the november midterms,
12:22 pm
when do you think we get the answers to some of these questions? >> well, it's a good question. ultimately we will see a formal written report from this committee. i think that will sort of lay out all their findings. the committee has to decide, do they need, do they want to hold another hearing. they have to be mindful. midterms are about six weeks out. it's been quite a while since they finished their summer hearings. i think they made a really compelling showing in those hearings. if i'm on the committee, i would want to get a hearing in as soon as possible which would serve as my closing argument to the american people. here is the six or seven pieces. make it your closing argument. >> do you anticipate there will be a criminal referral based on what you've seen? >> i get the sense they're not going to do that. there has been some disagreement within the committee members about whether to do that. adam schiff said recently they need to be unanimous if they're going to do that. it's a symbolic and political gesture. i think what it may do is inject
12:23 pm
politics into doj, at least the perception of politics into doj's ultimate decision about whether to charge cases. i think it might be better for both sides, congress and doj if they keep themselves separate on this one. > elie honig, always good to see you. thank you. >> thanks, erica. florida bracing for hurricane ian. the mayor of clearwater joins me next to give us a better sense of how his city is preparing. stay with us. a smarter, healthier pet food. delivered. visit and get 50% off your first box of food.
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as some of the areas on the west coast of florida wait for the arrival of hurricane ian, this is key west. these are live pictures in key west. perhaps not the brightest move to be standing there based on the weather coming through and the waves we're seeing. this gives you a sense of how big the storm is if key west is already feeling this. the storm, as we know, is having a massive impact across the state. look again at the size of this hurricane. several airports in the greater tampa region already impacted including clearwater international airport which actually ceased operations a
12:29 pm
couple hours ago. frank hibbard is the mayor of clearwater. he spoke earlier today with president biden about storm preparations. we understand, mr. mayor, the concerns here, massive flooding, life-threatening storm surges. how is your city preparing at this moment? do you feel you're in a good place? >> i do. i think our citizens have really taken this storm seriously. it is certainly very threatening. i'm always concerned about complacency when it comes to storms, especially with our residents who have been here a long time and seen many near misses. they tend to be a little more comfortable. those who have just moved here, they don't know what to expect so they're being very cautious. >> it's interesting when you point that out, i've noticed that, too, covering hurricanes. you talk to old-timers who say i have ridden out x, y and z, i'm going to be fine.
12:30 pm
this storm is massive, it is slow moving, sitting over the warm waters of the gulf, rapidly intensifying according to the latest 2:00 p.m. update. how much is the size of the storm a concern for you at this hour? >> well, the entire state will be touched by this storm, whether it be wind, rain or storm surge. nobody is going to escape without some impact. we just don't know exactly where. and so we have to plan for everything and not be complacent. we are getting to the end of being prepared though. if you have not yet evacuated, if you have not yet gotten your supplies, it's becoming too late. you just need to shelter in place and wait out the storm. the other thing we try to tell people is, even when the storm has passed, the danger has not. oftentimes trees, limbs and length cal lines are --
12:31 pm
electrical lines are still down. >> important reminders not to walk through, drive through any standing water because you don't know what's in it. i know you spoke with the president earlier today. i spoke with the mayor of tampa who also spoke with the president. he offered whatever was needed. was there anything specific that you asked the president to do? >> well, we're most concerned with after the fact. that's really when we rely on fema for all of the supplies and obviously the dollars that come from the federal government. that and working with our utilities to restore power as quickly as possible. those are the big things we're concerned about. the president was very sup supp supportive, said he was watching the situation throughout the day and would be checking in after the storm had passed. i truly appreciated him taking time out of such a busy schedule to check in with all the mayors
12:32 pm
in the tampa bay region. >> you talk about the evacuation window closing in pinellas county. do you have a sense of how many people have actually heeded that order, how many people have left? >> well, we have roughly 350,000 residents in evacuation zones within the county. the county has about 950,000 residents in total. what we tell people is, you don't have to go to new york. you can drive 100, 150 miles inland and you're going to be out of harm's way for the most part. i think that's one of the things that some people miss. also, there are many people who have houses that were built up to the miami code. and if you have and you're not in an evacuation zone, it's good to shelter in place. but just be cautious after the storm has passed to make certain
12:33 pm
that all of your surroundings are safe. >> mayor frank hibbard, we know you have a busy few days ahead. we'll continue to check in. thank you. >> my pleasure. thanks so much. as we are tracking hurricane ian, hurricane's fiona's wrath still being felt across puerto rico. as of today, some 40% of customers there are still without power according to emergency officials. the island's utility company says restoring power to critical structures like hospitals is a top priority. the department of homeland security says it's actively working on making it easier for emergency supplies to get to the island. we'll keep you updated on that situation with fiona. republican senator mitch mcconnell announced he backs reforming the electoral account count. it makes it harder to overturn a certified presidential election. cnn chief political
12:34 pm
correspondent manu raju joining us. >> this is significant. for months a bipartisan group of senators has been working to try to overhaul the electoral counteract of 1887. this arcane law dictates how concert phis the state certified presidential election results. what they're trying to do in complaining the law is make it harder for congress to overturn the electoral results which is a direct response to how donald trump tried to pressure mike pence, pressure members of congress to overturn the election results on january 6th. ultimately, of course, when we saw the deadly violence that occurred that day. mitch mcconnell just went to the senate floor and said he plans to join this bipartisan group of senators in voting to advance this plan. >> i'll proudly support the legislation provided nothing more than technical changes are made to its current form. i particularly want to thank senator collins and senator's capito, murkowski, sasse, tillis
12:35 pm
and young for their intense work with democratic colleagues to get this right. >> last week the house passed its version of this bill to overhaul the electoral counteract. that didn't have as much bipartisan support. only nine republicans voted for this plan. it even has a number of similarities with the senate bill including assuring the vice president's role is simply a ceremonial role. there are key differences including procedures for suing when there's a dispute over an election result in federal court, as well as a threshold for when there can be a vote to try to overturn an election result in the house and senate. there are differences between the two bills. they'll have to reconcile these differences, try to pass this. likely an exercise after the november midterms. mcconnell's support critical in assuring this bill will get out of the senate sometime this year.
12:36 pm
>> certainly an important development. manu, appreciate it. thank you. consumerer confidence is up. that's the good d news. so are home prices and interest rates. what does this all mean for the economy? we'll get you an answer next. do i just focus on when things don't work, and not appreciate when they do i love it when work actually works i just booked this parking spot... this desk... and this conference room! i am filing status reports on an app that i made! i'm not even a coder! and it works!... i like your bag! when your digital solutions work, the world works. that's why the world works with servicenow. think he's posting about all that ancient roman coinage? no, he's seizing the moment with merrill. moving his money into his investment account in real time and that's... how you collect coins. your money never stops working for you with merrill, a bank of america company.
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when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today. it is now official, the january 6th committee postponing tomorrow's hearing due to hurricane ian. the chair and vice chair say they'll announce a new date
12:41 pm
soon. saying in a statement in light of hurricane ian bearing down on parts of florida, that's why they've decided to postpone tomorrow's proceedings, they say we're praying for the safety of all in the storm's path and the select committee's investigation goes forward and we'll announce a date as soon as we know more. consumer confidence rose thanks to moderating gas prices and hopes that inflation may ease a bit. the dow down, but yet it slipped into its first bear market since the pandemic, likely due to investor concerns about efforts to slow inflation through aggressive interest rate hikes. rahel solomon joining us now. we have three major economic reports coming out, rahel. what are they telling you? >> some encouraging news on the data front which i know we don't get to talk about a lot when we're talking about the economy. let's talk about home prices. we're seeing slight cooling.
12:42 pm
if you're trying to buy a home, this is what you've been watching for. median home price for a new homecoming in at $436,000 compared to last month of $439,000. this is an area of the housing market that the fed has been watching closely. essentially the housing market needs a correction to make homes more affordable. so with the first sign of that, new home sales are rising quite significantly month over month, almost 20% more than the month prior and down slightly year over year. one thing that is in doubt, consumer confidence. that's something new. consumer confidence increasing for the second straight month. what's important about consumer confidence is directionally where we're headed. it means people are starting to feel a bit more optimistic about business condition, about the job market. that was good news. when we looked at the survey of what folks were saying, it was falling gas prices and the labor market which remains very
12:43 pm
strong. >> so those are good news. always a nice thing for you. there's a new survey out which caught my eye looking at wages and inflation and most americans by and large feel their paychecks are not keeping up. >> you can understand why, right? this coming from bank of america citing nearly 3 of 4 workers say inflation is outpacing how much they make. i want to show you these results. compare this 71% in july to a few months prior. 58% had the same response in february. this is really driving inflation, of course, which still is hovering around 40-year highs at 8.3% according to the last reading for u.s. consumer inflation. this is driving more people to tap into their savings. 21% of respondents said they had to tap into emergency savings. about the same said they had to work extra hours just to keep up with inflation. about the same say they're actually just looking for a higher paying job. 6% having to resort to 401(k)
12:44 pm
hardship withdrawal. we talk about the pain of rising borrowing costs in terms of what the fed is doing. this is also the pain of inflation. that's what the fed is trying to make better ultimately with these higher costs. people are really suffering out there. >> rahel, good to see you. appreciate it. facebook's parent company says it actually shut down two separate networks of fake accounts run from china and russia. meta claims the accounts were engaged in covert influence operations, some even posing as americans, weighing in on political issues. cnn's donie o'sullivan joining us now. what more do we know about these accounts and perhaps how broad the reach was? >> two separate networks, one from china, one from russia. they aren't saying if these are tied to the government in either way. the chinese accounts, a small number of accounts. they basically had no traction at all. but what we have learned from
12:45 pm
meta, from facebook, these accounts were posing as real americans on both sides of the political spectrum weighing in on divisive issues, everything from abortion to gun rights. the reason meta is talking about this and making this public and sharing this information with the fbi and other platforms is in the lead-up to the midterms they're on high alert and they haven't seen that type of behavior from china before. we speak to ben nimmo on the team at facebook. >> this is a small operation. it didn't seem to go to -- the first time we've seen an operation from china like this, really focused on targeting u.s. political debates. we're all on high alert of the midterms. they were running fake accounts pretending to be americans, talking like americans, and they were talking about really divisive domestic issues like abortion and gun control. that's a real change from what we've seen before. >> as ben says there, they are
12:46 pm
on high alert. they were caught in the back foot in 2016 oh zbloe need to be, too. not just because it's important for facebook users and in general, but also because they took a lot of heat and perhaps rightfully so. >> exactly. this russian network which was found points to why this is also important. there's so much investment, so much happening in this space of online influence, the russian campaign, the accounts that were taken down, there were thousands of accounts. they spent more than $100,000 on facebook ads, all pushing pro kremlin messaging about ukraine, even creating fake news web sites designed to look like western media outlets like "the guardian." we're learning how this is important. >> the russian one seems a little more serious. donie, appreciate it. a nenew study compares
12:47 pm
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and cleaner air. yes on 30. handling the fatal shooting on the "rust" movie set could be filing charges. there's questions if alec baldwin is one of those people. the actor insists he did not pull the trigger. cnn entertainment reporter chloe is joining me live.
12:52 pm
what do we know about the potential charges and whether baldwin could be a target? >> look. a whole series of events set off when some news reports came out this week about the letter sent on august 30th and the attorney general asking for more money to handle such a high profile case saying up to four people including very high profile actor alec baldwin could be among those charged. we don't know. so i have spoken to his attorney saying that he spoke to the district attorney's office and don't have the sheriff's report yet and waiting on for months. they have the fbi report. the droistrict attorney they ge the sheriff's report the clock starts to tick. could be several weeks once they get that report. so who are potential people? could be hannah gutierrez reed
12:53 pm
on the set as the armor. the assistant director. all speculation. we don't know if charges come down at all. alec baldwin sat down with me a few weeks ago and one of the only sitdown interviews since this fatal shooting in new mexico and he said that he had h hired a private investigator saying he won't be charged and a strong thing to say he won't be charged because we can't read the minds of the attorney general's office. alec baldwin's attorney told me last night that again the district attorney's office saying it is too early to make a decision. we don't have the new mexico sheriff's office report that they have been working on. they just got his phone records that have taken many months. again it is too soon to know but we should have answers in the
12:54 pm
next couple weeks. >> thank you. itit is important for the clarification. >> parts of florida feeling e impact of hurricanane ian. the latest on the cat 3 storm's track and what officials are pleading with residents to do. stay with us it may feel like the world is moving witht you. but the picture is changing, with vyvgart. in a clinical trial, participants achieved improved daily abilities with vyvgart added to their current treatment. and vyvgart helped clinical trial participants achieve reduced muscle weakness. vyvgart may increase the risk of infection. in a clinical study, the most common infections were urinary tract and respiratory tract infections. tell your doctor if you have a history of infections or if you have symptoms of an infection. vyvgart can cause allergic reactions.
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an important new study about in vitro fertilization is raising new questions. the data suggests that frozen embryos are linked to pregnancy complications. so what do ivf patients and doctors need to know about the study? >> patients and doctors should know that the complications are related to high blood pressure so the study found an association with an increased risk of hyper tensive disorders during pregnancy and looked at more than 4 million pregnancies in denmark, sweden and finland. the risk is 7.4% after frozen embryo transfer. lower at 5.9% after fresh
12:59 pm
transfer and 4.3% with natural conception. that's the increased risk found and when they adjusted the data to account for age, this increased risk still was present and it actually appeared to be more significant. here's the question why it exists requiring more research. some people might think the women are older but the researchers adjusted for age so this requires more research. for patients what they can take away is talk to your doctor about the potential risks and benefits. >> best advice. appreciate it. thank you. >> absolutely. just developing now, an american ski mountaineer is missing in nepal. she fell of the side and disappearing. the sponsor the north face says
1:00 pm
it is in contact with nelson's family and also supporting search efforts. she wrote about the challenges of the trip in an instagram post. in 2012 she became the first woman on record to climb mournt everest and the adjacent peak. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. ♪ florida's west coast get ready or get out. hurricane ian closes in on the united states as florida governor desantis warns of flooding and storm surge. while those who stay stock up and hurricane hunters fly into the storm to try to get the latest


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