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tv   New Day With John Berman and Brianna Keilar  CNN  September 30, 2022 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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ian is not done yet. it has regained hurricane
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strength and it's taking aim at the carolinas, where people now are bracing for the worst. i'm john berman in ft. myers, florida. the storm now barreling towards south carolina with 85-mile-per-hour winds. it is expected to make its third landfall in the coming hours near myrtle beach. after seeing the damage in florida, the governor of south carolina says, we know what's coming. so this storm might be the largest natural disaster in florida's history. the destruction here in ft. myers, i'm standing in the middle of it, it is hard to comprehend. ft. myers beach, i had a chance to fly over it in a helicopter, much of it flattened. one official there describes the damage as, there's really nothing to come back to. at least 19 people have died from this storm. power is out this morning across the state. there have been hundreds of
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rescues. the coast guard has been out in force, airlifting people from flooded homes and neighborhoods. sanibel island hit very hard. the storm destroyed a major section of the causeway, which cuts off that island's access to the mainland. let's now go back to where the storm is headed this morning. as we said, it's back to hurricane strength, headed towards south carolina. miguel marquez standing by there. miguel, i can see it's already coming down hard. >> reporter: it is. and officials here in charleston say that we are at the highest level, starting to shut down streets, because the rain is coming down. this is an area that often floods in charleston. i want to show you what it looks like here. this is the estuary here. it is very low, because we're just past low tide. here's the problem. you have all of this rain coming from the sky. you're also going to have a very big storm surge and that's what they are most concerned with. around noon, which is when the storm is going to be closest to
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land and probably make landfall, it is also going to coincide with the tide here. they're expecting it not -- the tide here. this sea wall and many areas of charleston flood on a day. they are bracing for very big floods here, asking -- they are doing everything they can to sandbag homes, to open shelters for those who may need them, and anybody in low-lying areas here, saying stay away from the ocean right now, seek higher ground. john? >> i can see how hard it's raining there already, miguel. but the water coming from the sky. the water just gets everywhere, all over yo, all over the equipment. and this is just the beginning. it's going to be several hours of that. you and your team, stay safe there. we'll check back in with you in a bit. i want to bring in cnn chief meteorologist, chad myers. you know, miguel standing in charleston -- oh, is chad there? chad, what are you seeing? what is the forecast now?
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>> the forecast is somewhere around 2:00 landfall, likely north of charleston. and that might be some good news for charleston, but bad news for places up there along the grand strand, because that's where the biggest surge may be. but we have this charleston issue, which honestly i heard what he said, he kind of broke up. charleston can flood on a sunny day with a king tide. but all of a sudden, if you get up to high tide and push a hurricane into charleston, you get significant flooding. and we're going to have the rain. the rain is all the way up even into virginia right now. tropical storm over the gulf stream. the very warm water of the gulf stream. and i said this last hour, the same gulf stream that kept fiona so strong all the way up into atlantic canada and up into newfoundland and nova scotia. right now, we have hilton head, gusting to 43 miles per hour. for now, the wind is not right onshore, it's down along the shore. so not piling the water in just
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yet. but that's going to change. this whole storm will eventually move in to the left and onshore, likely somewhere around georgetown. north or south of george town, which is litchfield beach, which is pauley's island area, but you look to the north, where the big onshore flow will be, and that's where the highest tides and the highest floods will be. 4 to 6 inches of rainfall and it will be raining even in new york on saturday. here's your wind, charleston 51 miles per hour. notice the direction here into myrtle beach, significantly flooding there possible, especially like garden city. garden city in surfside and meryl's inlet, you can get sunny day flooding with a king tide. and if you push this much water back into the waccamaw river, you'll get flooding all the way back up that waccamaw river. and the winds could be 35 in roanoke, that could also be a big problem as you work your way into trees falling down.
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could be power outages from this in virginia. but it's the tide. it's the surge we're worried about today, 4 to 7 feet there along the coast. why are we worried about this? this is charleston harbor tide gauge. in the gulf of mexico, the tides were only up and down about a foot, foot and a half. but here along the east coast at this point, we are up and down 6 feet twice a day. and if we put this all the way up, the forecast is for 9 feet, that's only just a couple inches, 3 inches short of matthew, about a foot short of irma, and the record with hugo, which was the biggest storm ever, was over 12 inches and we're only 3 feet from hugo. a lot of water in the streets of charleston. a lot of downtown going to be flooded, john. >> yeah. a lot of potential for problems there. chad myers, thank you very much. we'll check back in with you shortly. to back here in florida, i want to bring in cnn's carlos suarez, who is in englewood, not that far from where i am. carlos, what are you seeing
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there? >> reporter: well, john, good morning. parts of englewood this morning are drying out and it seems like there is access to some of the barrier islands out here. it is quite dark in our drive in from i-75. understandably, because the power is out. debris litters the roadway out here. you can't get too far without running into some sort of law enforcement officer. there was a curfew for a part of englewood, and that's because the city is between two counties, that includes charlotte county, charlotte county does have a curfew in effect, since about tuesday. and that is going to continue on into the next couple of days, probably into the next week or so. there are some signs of folks trying to get some sort of routine back together here. there are some signs of trying to get back to somewhat of a normal life, if you will. right here at this gas station, there's a delivery that's being made. and just a few minutes ago, a fey highway patrol trooper also
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pulled into this gas station. there is a walmart just to the east of where we are. and the lights there did seem to be on. though the location itself did seem to still be closed. folks here are trying to get back to their homes, if they made it out here yesterday, and were able to get to them because of the receding floodwaters, they were able to get a look at some of the damage. but the further east you go, the higher likelihood is that your power might be back on and there might be one or two gas stations that might be back open. there was one of our way out yet back to tampa. that's where we were staying. the line was quite long, on the drive in this morning, it did look like they had run out of gas. but john and brianna, this morning, at least here in engel w engelwood, there are some signs of folks out and about, which is something that law enforcement is trying to zrodiscourage, bece you can't get too far without
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running into pretty sizable damage, whether it's downed trees or trash that litters the roadway. but access to the barrier islands down to the south of where we are, seems to be a possibility. this time yesterday, folks were not able to get into that part of englewood, just because the flooding was that bad. >> yeah, carlos, you're at the gas station right there pap few days into this, people have been without gas for a long time. this is when it starts to really be a problem. people start to be running low on their tanks, going from station to station. the way you can tell a station has gas, if there's a long line. that's the sign that they've got something. carlos suarez, thank you for all the work you've been doing. appreciate it. so as the storm moves north, rescue efforts are still underway in some of the areas hardest hit. these are just a few of the dramatic moments caught on video.
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>> you know, some of these images, tragic, some uplifting. just seeing all the people out there, the first responders, helping, putting themselves in
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harm's way to find those people in need. so the damage and the flooding on a scale that has never been seen before here around ft. myers. it is one of the hardest-hit areas in thehe state. we have a a report from cnn's bl weir who witnessed the devavastation in the community cape coral. what he learned about getting home insurance in florida, ahead. it has l-theanine to help me relax from daily stress. plus, shod ashwagandha for quality sleep. so i can wake up refreshed. neuriva think bigger. meet jeff. in his life, he's been to the bottom of the ocean. the tops of mountains. the er... twice. and all the places this guy runs off to. like jeff's, a life well lived should continue at home. home instead offers customized services from personal care to memory care, so older adults can stay home, stay safe, and stay happy.
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lost everything last night. >> i'm sorry. >> everything. >> family's okay, dogs are okay, parents are okay. lost everything we had. been in the house since 1987. pictures, memories. >> that was a man in ft. myers. the roof of his home blown completely off. thousands of floridians experiencing the same across the state this morning. i want to show you video from cape coral. really an entire neighborhood
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underwater. cnn chief climate correspondent bill weir was there as the full extent of the storm's destruction was coming to light. watch this. >> we know the coast guard has been doing some airlifts off of rooftops of people they had rescued this morning, i think a couple of dozen. and we've been seeing the big choppers with the back door open with the winch, ready to go. but this is just unbelievable. the amount of damage in this one neighborhood. we're between the river and san carlos bay and ian just raked this thing. i've been talking to the locals who have been telling me that the water came up so fast, chin high. a lot of retirees, elderly folks, families in here, working class, some manufactured housing here, more expensive condos near the river. so you've got a mix here, a
3:17 am
socioeconomic mix. and ultimately, it comes down to, where do you have to go from here? this is not saveable. these people have lost everything. and because there's a law now in florida that you can't get real good flood insurance or storm insurance unless your roof is less than ten years old. and for a lot of these homes maybe built in the late '80s or early '90s, they don't qualify. so i'm talking to a lot of folks who have no insurance. oh, my goodness. i'm just feeling with my feet. hazards that you can't see. that's what sos worrying for officials now, concerned about folks who are eager to get back and see what's left of their lives and may accidentally electrocute themselves, there have been fires that have started because of natural gas leaks worry about snakes, you've got to worry about sewage and maybe oil spills. this is just the beginning of such a painful stretch for so
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many folks. >> it's hard to imagine. that's a neighborhood. bill weir walking around a neighborhood in cape coral, just covered by water. so some of the worst storm surge damage was not too far from where i'm standing right now in ft. myers beach. i had a chance to look at it from the air. i took a helicopter ride with the lee county sheriff. you can see, there's a home in a canal. a home was simply pushed into one of the canals there. some of the homes closer to the water wiped away. you could just see foundations. joining me now is ft. myers beach town councilman, dan allers. and dan, you shared some pictures that you took as you had a chance to go back to ft. myers beach yesterday. just describe to me what you saw. >> yeah, thanks for having me. my wife and i actually rode out this storm in a friend's house.
3:19 am
we were in a, you know, fairly newer home that was -- i felt was safe for us to be able to do that. so we were able to get out first thing yesterday morning and do what we can, take pictures along the way. but total devastation, catastrophic. those are words that come to mind when you see what you see. i know in some of the pictures that i was able to take, it shows -- it just does not show the magnitude of exactly what it is. you mentioned homes that were in the -- when you took the helicopter ride, you could clearly see the devastation of not just one home, but several homes that were in the back bay. search and rescue spent most of the entire day just combing that, rescuing people out. you could see people being lifted out. that's just in the water park. that doesn't include the people that have been pulled out from building, people that are still hanging out of buildings. it's quite devastation. >> and you bring up a good
3:20 am
point. sometimes it's hard to tell, it's hard to even tell from the air, because you look down and you see what looks like a beach, just clear sand. but what you can't realize is that there were all kinds of buildings there that are just gone now. and instead, there's nothing but sand. you were involved in rescuing someone who was trapped. tell us what happened. >> yeah, i had received a call from a homeowner on the island that had said that they had no contact with one of their resi residents for about 24 hours, and if i could make my way down there, which is about 4 miles or so from where i'm at, to see if i could see anything or check on him. by the time i was able to make it down there, there were already two gentlemen there that had found him or heard him, buried in the rubble. i was able to help him out and we were able to get him to the beach where he was rescued and taken for his injuries. i believe he's doing okay, that he'll make it. but that's just one instance.
3:21 am
i just received another message this morning from another resident that said that there's a body hanging out of one of the windows down towards the southland. so as soon as we get off the phone, i'll reaching out to the sheriff's department to convey that information and we'll be back out on the streets as soon as we can see to help as best we can. >> yeah, that's what's so hard now, dan, is the discoveries that are still being made, as people realize who they haven't heard from. we were in ft. myers, not far from the bridge out of ft. myers beach in a mobile home park, and four homes down from where we were yesterday, it turned out that a neighbor realized that their friend had been in that home and had passed during the storm. and we saw the first responders come and take the body away. and that's what's happening now across the state. what are your plans on ft. myers
3:22 am
beach and what do you think's going to happen? >> well, you know, our local sheriff's department, our fire department, usar is here, doing the best they can. as you said, if you look from above, it looks like just a big s sandy beach. if you were to put side by side what it looks like yesterday versus what it was like a week ago, you would be simply amazed. it's quite -- it's almost like you went back to the 1930s when you look at the two pictures. where we're going, they were out plowing the road, almost like you would in the midwest from a big snowstorm, to try to be able to get vehicles down to our southern end of the island, where most of our seniors live and the condos, to be able to get supplies. they're running very low on supplies. and definitely not from a lack of effort. in my opinion, i believe, it's just a lack of help. and it's not because -- we're not trying or we don't have the
3:23 am
local help, but i don't know if anyone in washington can hear this. if you can send help, we need it. >> yeah, it's hard. i know everyone's trying to get as much help to as many places as they possibly can. as i was flying over ft. myers beach yesterday wi, i saw a few military helicopters on the ground, distributing aide, and also taking people out. dan allers, thank you for joining us this morning. i hope you're getting some rest. the people in ft. myers beach, they're going to need you in the days and weeks and months ahead. >> i appreciate it. we're doing the best we can and if anybody needs anything, please reach out. i'll do the best i can to get you help. >> we appreciate you, dan. thank you. so we have some new video of coast guard rescues here in florida. >> i.d.s, cell phones, wallets? all right. we're going to get -- there's a whole bunch of people just like
3:24 am
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the coast guard has been hard at work, trying to reach people in some of the hardest-hit areas. sanibel island was one of them, as hurricane ian pretty much left the island cut off from the mainland. it washed away a section of the sanibel causeway .
3:29 am
>> how many of there are you? >> me and my wife. >> do you have a bag or something? >> okay. what's your name? >> if you guys can make it out the window, you can come this way. make sure you have a bag with a dry pair of clothes, with i.d.s, cell phones, wallets. all right? we're going to get -- there's a whole bunch of people just like y'all. thousands of them. take you to a shelter where you'll be all right. you'll have food and water and everything. >> they're not going to go, are they? >> everybody else is staying. they don't want to go, so we're going to keep on going. >> it's going to be loud and you'll be a little cold in the water, but we'll take you to the chopper. it's about ten minutes in the chopper. you'll be okay.
3:30 am
>> >> you're going to get a little wet.
3:31 am
>> that video from the coast guard hard at work, still trying to reach people in need. coming up, we are going to speak to rear admiral brendan mcpherson about the rescues that they've been doing. a mandatory curfew has been set for all of caulier county and will remain in effect until further notice. the sheriff's office says it is needed to protect citizen safety, as they begin the process of trying to recover. with me now on the phone is caulier county commissioner, rick lecastro. rick, thanks for being with us. it's nice to talk to you again. give me a sense of how your towns, your cities are doing
3:32 am
this morning. >> good morning, john. yes, yesterday, once the sun came out, you could really see the level of devastation. i mean, my heart really goes out, all of us do, to the folks that were north of us. because the wind just did unbelievable damage, as you've been reporting. here, what we got was unbelievable amounts of storm surge. we were on that southeast quadrant corner where the meteorologists always warn is the dirty side. and although we did get hurricane force winds, nothing like what they experienced north of us, but most people here have never seen 12 feet of storm surge. a lot of times the takeaway is that's always an overestimation, it's always a lot less. this time it wasn't. we saw every inch of it. going around my district yesterday, what i saw were a lot of people dragging out all of their positions to the curb for pickup. people who had 4, 5, 6, 7 feet
3:33 am
of water. and what i saw is we did a great job with evacuations, and what you have is a lot of people that are evacuated and don't realize when they come back the state of affairs with their houses, their apartments, and their condos. >> what do you know at this point about fatalities. >> you know, here in collier county, we had some, but nothing to the magnitude of to the north of us. a lot of the rescues you're seeing are actually in lee county and we've provided quite a few rescue teams to the counties north of us that need that help. we have an older community here, so some of the fatalities that i've heard about were folks that hunkered down, that got water in their houses and they were rescued and taken to the hospital, but because they were maybe elderly or just the sheer shock of it all. but we haven't -- most of the videos you're seeing, they're not here from collier county.
3:34 am
you know, most of this county, you know, did evacuate, because we were worried about the storm surge and this isn't the first time we've had hurricanes, but fatalities here have been an extremely small number. there have been deaths for numerous reasons, not to the severity as we've seen north of us. >> yeah. no, we did see the pictures of the storm surge in naples, as it was happening. good work getting as many people out of there as you could before hand. rick lecastro, county commissioner from collier county, thank you so much for being with us. i can tell you hard you're w working. >> thank you, john. yes, sir. we're digging out and my prayers for everyone. thank you for your support. >> thank you, rick. so governor ron desantis said sanibel island hit with biblical storm surge. cnn takes a look at whaet effors arare being made to reach peopl there. and huhurricane ian forcing
3:35 am
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and i kept saying, we're going to be all right, we're going to be all right. you know what i'm saying? but boy was i wrong. i was wrong. if i knew it was going to be this bad, i would have got me and my family out ahead of time. >> you said your car is -- >> both our cars is gone. my daughter's car to get to college, she ain't got no way and i ain't got no way to work. so i'm going to have to figure this out. >> that was a woman in orlando, feeling what thousands in florida are this morning. and this morning, we do understand there are some search and rescue efforts that will continue as needed. and among the most vulnerable in the aftermath is those in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. according to florida officials, more than 3,000 nursing home residents have been evacuated because of ian. with me now the executive director at water's edge of lake wales, which is an assisted
3:40 am
living retirement community, local located in central florida. you did not have to evacuate, nor do you have to now. you've been without power for a long time. what was that like? >> correct. it is very difficult when you are dealing with seniors and especially with some seniors that may have alzheimer's and dementia. they get very confused and during this time, it is very confusing for even us. it is just very difficult and challenging. but we were able to get through, because our residents' safety is our top priority. >> i'm sure. what were some of the toughest moments over the last couple of days? >> the toughest moments was actually the night that the hurricane was going over our community. the winds were whistling, water was just banging against the windows. and the doors were shaking, because of just, i guess, the massive size and power of the hurricane. it was very scary, but we,
3:41 am
again, made it through, thank god. >> i know one of the challenges is that many of the people in your facility have families that care for them deeply and want to know how they're doing. and communication has been hard, believe me, communication has been hard. i can hardly make a phone call for the last few days. what message do you want to get to those family members that might be concerned? >> okay, our organization, we've set up a hurricane information line for families and friends to check on the status of our community. and this information is also available at our website, at w www.[ inaudible ]. families can call, get status updates and' where we are in our community. >> kwanzaa bryant, thank you so much for being with us. thank you for the work you're doing and caring for all of these people in need. i know it's been a trying few
3:42 am
days, but it will get better. >> thank you so much. so, hurricane ian, and it is a hurricane agaiain, heading towards south carolina. we're going to get a live report from the ground there in just a moment. also, we will speak to the secretary of homeland secucurit on what efforts the agencycy is making to help survivors of this storm. this is the moment for a eatment for moderate-to-severe eczema. cibinqo — fda approved. 100% steroid fe. not an injection, cibinqo is a once-daily pill for adults who didn't respond to previous treatments. and cibinqo helps provide clearer skin and less itch. cibinqo can lower your ability to fight infections, including tb. before and during treatment, your doctor should check for infections and do blood tests. tell your doctor if you've had hepatitis b or c, have flu-like symptoms, or are prone to infections. do not take with medicines that prevent blood clots. serious, sometimes fatal infections, lymphoma,
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welcome back. i'm christine romans. we'll go back to florida in just a moment. comedian trevor noah is making a major announcement. he is leaving "the daily show". >> but after seven years, i feel like it's, it's time, you know? i spent two years in my apartment not on the road, you know, standup was done, and when i got back out there again, i realized, there's another part of my life that i want to carry on exploring, you know? i miss learning other languages, i miss going to other countries and putting on shows, you know, i miss just being everywhere, doing everything. >> all right.
3:47 am
let's discuss with hln's melissa knowles and c.j. farley, author of "zero o'clock." welcome to the program this morning. this was a really heartfelt, i think, pre-good-bye, melissa, from trevor noah. do we know when he's going to leave and what he plans to do next? >> good morning, christine. we don't know what he's going to do next. it was certainly very heartfelt. he had this attitude of gratitude the entire five minutes of this monologue. he hasn't announced who his successor will be. and we don't even have a timeline yet. in fact, i would say, that when he made this announcement, there were audible gasps coming from the live audience there. people not expecting him to depart. he even said during the five minutes that he was speaking that this was the seven-year anniversary, in fact, that one of his correspondents, roy wood jr. reminded him, hey, dude, it's been seven years that we've been doing this show. i know what he wants to do next is more stand-up comedy and he mentioned learning other languages. >> this was breaking news as my household, because my teenager
3:48 am
loves him. this is the only comedian he follows, and really, it's how he gets his news in a way. this is a different kind of late-night host, isn't it? >> exactly right. i talked to him a few years ago, and when thing he wanted to do when he"the daily show" from jon stewart, he wanted to make it youblacker, because he's black, and younger, because he's younger than the other coasts, and bring up different conversations, and he succeeded in doing that. he brings on artists and activists, people you've heard of, but don't always get a seat at late-night talk shows. and he has conversations that are very in depth. he was always a very good interviewer, he's become a stronger and more thoughtful interviewer. if you watch his shows and his interviews, they take you in depth into whoever he's talking to you. he had candy wiley on, a really great visual artist, the kind of guy you don't see on a whole lot of other late-night chat shows, you usually see celebrities, and had a thoughtful conversation
3:49 am
about modern art and what he does and the responsibility of black artists. he really changed late-night conversation. >> and i really think bringing in a whole new generation of people watching late-night. in fact, people who aren't even watching it late night, they're watching it on tiktok or clips of it later. he has so much of a new social media influence. melissa, let's talk about the -- i guess the landscape of late-night. we've seen some high-profile departures recently. lay out the landscape for us here. >> so it's going to look different, right, but that's the way you go. you're looking at trevor noah leaving, samantha bee will be gone, conan o'brien has been gone for a while. a lot of people leaving are opening the door for the new people who are going to come through. it's just, who are those people going to be? is it going to be somebody already on the roster? somebody who's well known? one of the things that trevor noah even said during that departure speech was, hey, i was a relatively unknown person to american audiences seven years ago.
3:50 am
and it's time to open the door for somebody else and give them a chance. and we saw his success and his skyrocket to fame in the last seven years. i believe that we are going to see, hopefully, more women taking over late-night. >> yeah, he's 38 years old. he's got a very big career ahead of him, no question. it will be interesting to see what he does. melissa knowles, c.j. farley, thank you so much. nice to see you this morning. >> thank you. >> you too. coming up, miami dolphins quarterback suffers his second scary ininjury in five days. we'l'll update his condition. anand hurricane ian now barreling towards s south carolina, expected to makeke it third landfall in the coming hours. our special coverage continues next. , look-y what i got... (asdam) is that the new iphone 14 pro? (cecily) yup, with this amazing new camera, smile! (adam) and you got it on verizon? ecily) iphone 14 pro, on them. you should get one! wow, you can hustle. (vo) get a new iphone 14 pro,n us. and get it with one unlited for iphone. only on verizon. for adults with generalized myasthenia gravis who are positive for acetylcholine receptor antibodies, it may feel like the world is moving without you.
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♪ can you hear me calling ♪ ♪ out your name? ♪ ♪ you know that i've falling ♪ ♪ and i don't know what to say ♪ ♪ oh, i ♪ dude ♪ i want to be with you everywhere. ♪ from bolt to blazer, equinox to silverado, chevy evs are for everyone, everywhere. the miami dolphins quarterback rushed to the hospital after suffering a scary head injury last night. andy scholes has more on this morning's bleacher report. hey, andy. >> good morning, christine. this was certainly hard to watch and there's been a lot of scrutiny over how tua was
3:55 am
handled on sunday against the bills and what happened last night made that conversation even more concerning. dolphins were playing in senate. tua gets sacked here and his head bounces off the turf. his hands immediately seized up. the players gathered around tua as a stretcher came out on the field. the dolphins say tua suffered head and neck injuries and he was conscious and had all movement in all of his extremities at the hospital. the team also said tua was going to be discharged last night and fly back to miami with the team. now, this comes after sunday when tua stumbled back to the huddle after taking a similar hit to the head. the dolphins originally said that he was questionable to return to that game with a head injury, but then they changed it, saying it was a back injury. the nfl players' association launched an investigation into the process that allowed tua to return to that game. and coach mike mcdaniels says the team has followed all the
3:56 am
rules. >> i don't think that his -- an injury from last week made him fall the same way this week, you know? but, yeah, i do not have any, like absolutely zero patience for or will ever put a player in position for them to be in harm's way. that is like not what i'm about, at all. >> you know, as a football fan, just watching tua there, and seeing his hands, it just makes you cringe, it gives you chills. here's hoping he's okay. >> his teammates really shaken up by all of this, you know, his coach said this is not what you sign up for, right? >> yeah. >> thanks, andy. for more on this, let's bring in cnn chief medical correspondent, dr. sanjay gupta. when you see these two injuries, what is your initial impression? >> well, it's really scary. it's very concerning. you know, there's a lot of doctors who are sidelined
3:57 am
physicians. i was watching the game last night. and immediately started texting with others about this. given as andy said, especially what had happened just in a previous game, there's a couple of things. when you look at the video from last night, it obviously looks like a pretty significant injury. tua's on the ground for a long time. this movement that he's doing with his hands, christine, that is a significant sign, something that people really need to pay attention to. it can be a sign of basically disrupting some of the pathways, even temporarily, between the brain and the spinal cord there. let me just show you here. if that sounds serious, it is serious. you know, you look at some of these areas -- obviously, the brain, spinal cord down here. but some of these pathways here in what is called the brain stem can be even temporarily disrupted and that can cause people to have sort of these almost posturing, they call it, like reflexes.
3:58 am
it's a significant injury. if you see that and nothing else, that alone would be a sign of a traumatic brain injury. what is particularly concerning is if you look at what happened to him a few days ago. he was thrown back on his head, and then had -- >> he stumbled, he sort of stumbled. >> yeah, stumbled, he had what he called gross motor instability. you see him get up, and he clearly is unable to walk again for a second. what was particularly concerning about that and at the time, was that that is a typically a considered no-go sign for actually playing again. i can just show you, you know, when it comes to evaluating players on the field, making decisions, there are a few things that are basically no-go. that player is not coming back into the game. and loss of consciousness, obviously, but gross motor instability is number two on that list. he had that. clearly. in the previous game. and now has this injury from last night's game.
3:59 am
something known as second impact syndrome. you get the first impact, a few days later, get the second impact. that can -- it's not a linear process at that point. that can really amplify it. so, you know, we know he's flying home, but that was, as you said, really scary. >> it really was. and i think in that first game, he did go back in. they ruled that it wasn't actually a concussion. so you just heard the coach say that they were following the nfl's concussion protocols. what exactly are they then if he was exhibiting some of these no-go signs? >> well, there's a list of things that they go through. it's usually a team doctor and what's called an unaffiliated neuroconsultant. someone who's not affiliated with the team. and there's a series of things that they go through in terms of evaluating the person, are they oriented? do they know where they are? what time it is? all these types of things. they do a neurological exam. they go back to the locker room and conduct some of these components of the exam. it is, you know, and if there's obviously more concerns, the person will go to the hospital.
4:00 am
i think what is concerning about, again, the previous game, when it comes to tua was that the protocols are pretty good, but then again, there are some no-go criteria. some things you look at and you say, that is obviously a problem. and in the previous game, he pretty clearly had a problem. i think anybody who was watching that, that was gross motor instability. and then, now, you add this what happened last night on top of that, it could have magnified that previous problem. even if it didn't, again, as i show you, a significant problem to the brain and those areas going to the brain stem. >> you're a practicing neurosurgeon, so we take you at your word that this is a dangerous situation. dr. sanjay gupta, thank you so much. nice to see you this morning. >> you got it. >> cnn's special coverage continues right now. hurricane ian strengthening again and taking direct aim at the carolina


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