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tv   New Day Weekend  CNN  October 1, 2022 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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one. the crowd is going absolutely nuts. rally, whose nickname is big dumper, the first to clinch a playoff spot for his team. the mariners have not been to the playoffs since 2001. amara, think about that, all of the kids, even in college, from seattle, you've never seen your team in the playoffs. congrats to everyone there. fun times in seattle last night. >> yeah, you got to have a big celebration as we saw there on the field. thank you so much, andy scholes. and the next hour of "new day" starts right now. ♪ good morning. buenos dias, and welcome to this special edition of "new day." it is saturday, october 1st. we're grateful that you're starting your weekend with us.
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i'm boris sanchez coming to you live from hard-hit fort myers, florida, where cleanup is under way where hurricane ian took aim. >> boris, good morning, i'm amara walker, thank you for starting your morning with us. what is left of hurricane ian is moving north this morning after leaving half the destruction across florida and now the carolinas. >> and after making landfall as a category 1 hurricane in that region, it's now moving inland as a post-tropical cyclone. and even though it's been downgraded officials warn it still trains that area with heavy rain and flood. >> yeah, in south carolina, the storm flooded homes and vehicles along the shorelines. and as high winds purged with storm surge higher, two pier, one in pawleys island, and this one in north myrtle beach
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partially collapsed and just washed away. ian is blamed for at least 45 deaths. the severe category 4 hurricane wednesday packing sustained winds of 150 miles per hour. the coast guard said it has rescued more than 200 people. but volunteers have gone out to save many more. the cajun navy came to the rescue of a woman in fort myers beach who said she stood on her bed for hours as waters rushed into her home. >> i am up to my neck in water. >> okay. all right. >> i am so cold. >> hopie, i'm losing you. i can't hear you. >> i love you. >> i love you. >> oh, my goodness. you can just hear the desperation and the toerror in that woman's voice.
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across the state, 1.3 million homes still in the dark this morning. and for many able to evacuate, they are unsure of what they're going to return to. >> my grandparents are still at the house. we have animals there. they didn't want to leave the animals. whether we left on the boat, it was a scary feeling you don't know if you're ever going to see them again, your animals again. life is shooken up, you just never know what you're going to come back to. >> and we're hearing more of these harrowing accounts, as folks start to pick up after the damage to hurricane ian. we'll get to those stories in just a moment. but we want to update you on what we're dealing with right now. beginning with the coverage, cnn's meteorologist britney reitz is monitoring the north. but miguel marquez is live in
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myrtle beach. miguel, the storm just passing through they're not long ago. what does it look like right now? what conditions are you in right now? >> reporter: it is always a shock to go through those storms and to see such devastation and how horrendous they can be. and how fearful they are. and then the sun comes out the next day and it's a perfectly gorgeous day like we're seeing here in myrtle beach. but this is a lot of stuff that they're dealing with here. the beach erosion is really bad along the south carolina coast. still a lot of people without power here. there are a lot of trees down. the rain, the water. not only coming from the sky in the form of rain but also the tide and that storm surge all at the same time is what they were most concerned with here. the mayor of north myrtle beach here, sort of explained, why the storm, even though it was a only a category 1, why this storm was just so difficult. >> i don't think that we
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expecting it to come in as close to the north myrtle beach area as it did. the eye made landfall about 35 miles from our community. and, of course, we received winds that were around 50 miles per hour. but the storm surge, the timing of that storm was not good for us. the tide, it came in around the high tide time. >> reporter: and it was that high tide and that storm surge together that really caused a lot of damage in communities across the coast here. but because that storm came across so devastatingly in florida, because people were paying attention to that there were no mass evacuations here in south carolina. but people were paying attention to what authorities were saying. they were watching the weather. they were watching the storm. and amazingly and thankfully,
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there were no major injuries or deaths here in south carolina. boris. >> we're glad to hear that folks there heeded the warnings. of course, miguel, the situation here in southwest florida, unfortunately very different. miguel marquez from myrtle beach, thank you so much. >> let's go now to cnn meteorologist britley reitz. where do things stand with ian? >> it's still got the potential of causing major flooding. and we still deal with wind gusts, amara. the system itself has decomposed basically. as it hit the land, it frayed apart. gusts reaching over 45 at times, but the heavy rain one of the bigger concerns. across parts of the virginias, back to the parts of tennessee river valley, a few showers left over. we widen out to show you the rain in new england. and in some of these areas we could be dealing with flooding
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especially since we're saturated from previous systems. over the last 48 hours from charleston to wilmington, we picked up 2 to 6 inches of rain, heaviest through charleston, in yellows and red. 3 million people are under some sort of flood alerts. we have coastal flood advisories and warnings towards the coastline from wilmington to norfolk to parts of jersey. with this news, it's not raining, it's just pushing the water on to shore because of gusty winds. we wind up in the areas with one to two feet of water standing. within the flood watches as you're seeing across parts of the virginias, this is where we are getting rain and it is heavy at times which is why we're highlighting yellow from that flight risk, a little more vulnerable for picking up another 2 to 4 inches of rain on top of what we picked up. showing the future radar, the rain extends up over new england into the next few hours into the rest of this evening, finally, the rain chances will taper back
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a bit as we roll into the latter part of our weekend. we talked about the strong winds, many under advisories highlighted in orange. that extends through ted, over 2 million dealing with wind gusts over 35 miles per hour, amara. >> britley ritz, appreciate it, thanks. as dawn rises here in southwest florida, neighbors are confronting some difficult questions including when can we go home. and once we return, what might be left of home? it's too soon to tell exactly how long this recovery is going to take and how much it's going to cost. hurricane ian pummeled florida leaving a stunning scale of wreckage. just a devastating trail all the way from southwest florida, fort myers beach, sanibel island, naples, all through orlando which got heavily flooded. and surprised those who have survived other powerful hurricanes. many who have been able to return to their neighborhoods
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have found their homes unrecognizable. >> i thought i was saving the rug by putting it on the bed but that is soaked. well, there's the fridge. >> we want to talk to the person who shot that video out of naples, florida. brandon barlow joins us this morning. his brother dylan is also with us. brandon and dylan, we're grateful that you are with us. it appears that the damage you that sustained was mostly just property and not physical. brandon, that was from your grandfather's home. what was it like walking in there and seeing all of that? >> right. so, i mean, it's devastating.
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it's a low one-story home, right on the canal. and just walking in there, you know, you realize that either the whole house needs to be gutted. or it needs to come down. because, you know, you don't know if it's going to happen again in the future. but, you know, i just want to thank all of the first responders, we've had people coming and doing door checks. we've been seeing the coast guard fly around in helicopters. we have three families with homes in the area, within vanderbilt beach. and were all affected. so, you know, just everybody, everybody that's been affected, you know, thoughts and prayers with everybody. >> no question. and our thanks and sincere appreciation goes out to those first responders, the work they do is incredible. and it's still ongoing. we're hearing stories of folks as of a few hours ago were still
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stranded on their roofs because their homes had become inundated in areas that are inaccessible to people. and dylan, i'm wondering when you hear that, that there are still folks out there that are trapped, that are untiin need o help, how does that make you feel knowing that the damage you sustained was relatively -- it was only property, when you hear that your neighbors are going through that, how does that make you feel? >> yeah, this is a very devastating hurricane. it's definitely the worst of my life. and we're just glad that my family is safe. yes, the home is damaged. yes, the cars are gone. but what matters is that we're okay. so -- our community is currently coming together to help everyone out. and we're just trying as best as we can to help the community. >> yeah. it's so inspiring during these difficult times to watch people
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come together in the most difficult circumstances. brendon, i want to share with our viewers video that you shot during the storm. because your own home suffered extreme damage. the first floor was completely flooded. how are you handling this now? >> so, i mean, we've been talking to neighbors right now. and, you know, we're just glad that everybody's okay. but that's from here, we're rebuilding. so, we've been cleaning the whole house. talking to insurance. and, you know, the one thing with florida and insurance is that sometimes they'll give you a hard time dealing with that. so, you know, everybody that's been affected by the storm needs to take proper action. make sure you're being treated fairly by insurance companies or other third parties. there's going to be a lot of people and contractors coming out, and i just want everybody to make sure they're being informed. and looking at best practices when doing that. >> brandon, that's a great piece
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of advice. i'm actually from florida myself. and i'm familiar with, unfortunately, some of the fraud that comes with storms like this. and insurance companies are often very critical. they scrutinize a lot of claims. so it's important that people know what they're getting themselves into. and how to get what they need from insurance companies. dylan, we understand that you guys also have to rescue your grandfather. tell us what that was like. >> yeah, so my grandfather actually lives a few streets away from us. and i was looking over the canal at the neighbors' home being flooded. so, i called my grandfather, and i pretty much -- i didn't ask him to pick him up. i told him we're picking him up. we took a car, we got to his house, by the time we got him out of the house there was already maybe two feet of water. and, you know, we drove back in the water. and it was very close.
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but we got him out of there, we got him back to my mom's house. safely. >> i'd like to add, if we didn't get him out when we did, he would have been swimming to higher ground somehow. so, it was close. it was a close call. >> yeah, brandon and dylan, i'm glad it worked out for you and your grandfather. we're glad that you are safe. please keep us updated and let us know in what way you can help out the recovery in your area and help out your neighbors when they need it most. >> okay, thank you. >> i'd like to just, you know, say that, you know, as floridians, our thoughts and prayers and hope everybody is doing okay out there. >> thank you so much, brandon and dylan, appreciate the time. >> thank you. >> of course. in just about five minutes or so, we're going to check in with florida power and light on
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the efforts they are undertaking to get the lights back on. to get the electricity back up and running to the more than 1.3 million floridians that are still in the dark. there's also a new tool we're going to tell you about that the state's largest electric company is using to aid in that process. all right. still to come this morning, the u.s. announces new sanctions against russia. the warning from president biden after putin's latest land grab. also, a government shutdown averted, just t hours before funding was set to expire. we've heard this happen befofor right? whatat it took to get it done. and what lawmakers will have -- when they'll have to do it all over again, that's next. apple business essentials with apple care+ is included so you can easily mana your team's devices, here, and here.
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anytime. anywhere. even here. that's because nobody... and i mean nobody... makes hybrid work, work better. welcome back. i'm boris sanchez live in fort myers, florida, a city left virtually in ruins this morning,
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after hurricane ian. in the wake of the storm's destructive path, more than 1.3 million homes and businesses in florida remain without electricity. about 75% of those outages are in lee county which includes where we are in fort myers and nearby cape coral. at the front of the effort to restore electricity is florida power and light. their spokesman, dave reuter joins us live. dave, thank you for sharing part of your weekend with us. i know it's a very busy time. as our crew was driving into fort myers last night, there were countless utility trucks headed towards this area. it made up the majority of the traffic as we were getting here. so, we know that you guys are working hard to get folks back online. how long do you expect it's going to take to get the lights back on in places like fort myers? >> good morning, boris. yes, you know, we are making
5:21 am
really good progress, i think, in terms of the restoration of power. at the height of the storm we had about 2.1 million customers fpl customers out of power. we've restored 1.4 million customers the good news, just a while ago, we went to 700,000 without power. obviously, we still have work to do in west counties. that's where the focus is at the moment. and we're not going to stop until we get every single customer's power back on. >> walk us through some of the challenges that you face as this effort gets under way. because it is a complex job, right? >> it is a complex job. you know, i think you look at what we've been seeing in the west counties. you know, we've been out flying our drones, starting to really get eyes in the sky and understand the extent of the damage in the west. that's obviously where the storm surge in particular has caused a
5:22 am
lot of problems for us. and, you know, those are problems that are going to take several more days, maybe even weeks, in order to solve successfully and get the lights on for everybody. but, you know, the other good news is, if you look at the rest of the state, we think we will be essentially restored in every place but the west by about tuesday. and then our focus, you know, will continue to be to get the lights on for everybody in those west counties. >> and, dave, we're showing video of some of the drones that you mentioned that are assisting the sort of new technology that helps expedite the process of getting the lights back on. i'm wondering, how do you prioritize where you're able tole restore power first? >> well, we certainly start with our power generating plants. we start with the transmission grid. that allows us to make sure the back bone of the system is operating well. and then we get down to the neighborhood level, right. where the power lines you that see in your neighborhoods, the
5:23 am
substations that provide power to different, you know, subdivisions and so forth, that's where we have most of our efforts are going to be in the next few days. particularly in the west. yesterday, current since we were out with our drones we were able to fly the fpl drone for the first time, we through up and down the coast, from for the my yes south, assessing where we see the damage and that's allowing us to put the game plan together so we can figure out what the next days and weeks are going to hold. >> yeah. it's going to be a long process, i imagine. over the last few years, dave, we've seen an increase in active hurricanes and intensity of these storms. i wonder how fpl is preparing florida's electrical grid in the future in the face of potentially another catastrophic storm like this one? >> well, for the last 15 years
5:24 am
we've been investing significantly and hardening the grid throughout the state and throughout the service territory. we've poured billions of dollars into underground lines into hardening transmission structures, more concrete and steel, as opposed to wood. we're actually at the point where the entire transmission system in the state is steel or concrete. we're underground with about 40% of neighborhood lines throughout our service territory. so, those efforts have paid off in this storm. for instance are the transmission grid that runs through the west part of the state did not suffer a single power failure. and that's important, because that's going to allow us to get the power back on, even quicker, as we get down to the neighborhood level. >> dave reuter, we have to leave the conversation there. we appreciate your efforts to get power back to the people of florida. it is going to be a long process of recovery. and getting the power back on is such a keystone in that. dave reuter, thank you again. >> thank you, boris.
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russian president vladimir putin is facing backlash over his move to annex parts of ukraine. putin says russia is using four regions of uche, about one-fifth of the country, after what the u.s. and the west called sham referendums. cnn's senior international correspondent matthew chance looks at how putin's plan is playing out. >> reporter: victory will be ours, he says. president putin vowing success in ukraine, soon after after
5:30 am
no announcing a significant escalation in this war. the invited crowd yelled their support back but this carefully choreographed fervor is likely to be shared by many russians still fleeing his call to arms. earlier, putin dramatically increased the stakes, annexing four more ukrainian regions after his sham referendum showed huge unlikely support for moscow's rule. >> people living in donetsk and lieu luhansk and zaporizhzhia are ours for. >> reporter:. >> reporter: the fate of the souped region was not up for debate. >> translator: the choice of the people in the four provinces we are not going to discuss. russia not going to betray it. >> reporter: his speech with
5:31 am
russia's land grab is part of an existential battle, a move that western allies determined to weaken his country. he determined that any attack on the annexed areas would be an attack on russia itself. vowing to use all the means at his disposal if ukraine tries to reclaim them. the announcement met with dutiyful applause from russia. but behind their stony glares they must know how much this war is costing. on the battlefield, russia is facing its worst setbacks since invading in february. while at home, there's been wide protests against the mobilization of russia's men to fight. there's also it's globe condemnation. the u.s. imposing fresh sanctions against russian officials with other western allies following suit. and in ukraine, president zelenskyy called putin's move a farce.
5:32 am
saying ukraine would accelerate its request to join nato. >> translator: today, here in kyiv, in the heart of our country, we are taking a decisive step for the security of the entire community of free nations. ♪ >> reporter: in red square, the stage managed celebrations meant to send a powerful message at home and abroad. no matter the criticism or the consequences, putin's russia is determined to take this path. >> all right. our thanks to matthew chance for that report. also new this morning, ukrainian forces have encircled several thousand russian troops near a key town in donetsk. one of the four moscow-held territories that putin claimed to annex on friday. an army spokesperson tells cnn that russian fighters have tried to form convoys to break through the blockade. but their attempts have been
5:33 am
unsuccessful. and that retaking the area would give ukraine more leverage to push farther east into russian-occupied territory. it's getting complicated now. let's bring in retired lieutenant general mark hertling, senior general and europe and the seventh army. lieutenant general, good morning to you, the question is are we about to see a major escalation now, with this land grab? >> well, i certainly think, we're talking, first of all, a land grab that's in flagrant violation of international law has no legitimacy. and it's going to generate repercussions on the world stage, to be sure. you mix that, amara, as you just said, there's been additional successes on the battlefield year the city of lyman where ukrainian forces have surrounded what's estimated to be about 5,000 russian troops in that key city. in one of the o blocks that had
5:34 am
been falsified under orders from the kremlin. all of that is going to contribute to ramping up the dynamics of this war on both sides. i think the ukrainian forces are going to continue to assault in both luhansk and donetsk. they're going to continue to secure the cities of zaporizhzhia in the south and kherson, the capital of those two provinces. so, this whole sham and almost ditottic proclamation by mr. putin is just against reality. >> despite the fact, lieutenant general, we've been hearing over and over again, how deleted the russian military is at least with that partial mobilization of 300,000 russian troops and how desperate putin is, and how he's been put in the corner with the setbacks and missteps militarily, and even though he's in flagrant violation of
5:35 am
international law. so, i mean, what can the west do beyond sanctions as we've seen with the 2014 crimea land grab, the sanctions didn't prevent putin from proving into this new phase of russia's annexation of ukraine, parts of ukraine? >> yeah, the crimea land grab in 2014 is entirely different from both a military, economic and diplomatic effort that we're seeing this time, amara. you mentioned, and everyone is watching the military activities very closely. and ukraine is increasingly successful on the battlefield. but the sanctions and export controls that are hitting russia now, that are having significant effect, are just more dynamics that were not happening in 2014. after putin staged the treasury department sanction, 14 international arms suppliers that were supporting russia with weapons, that hadn't happened before. they sanctioned not only just members of his inner circle, but yesterday, 109 additional
5:36 am
numbers of the russian state douma, which is the lower house, our equivalent of congress. and 169 members of the federation council, the upper house, or our senate. that's never happened before. so, you saw the faces on that crowd inside the kremlin as mr. putin was giving his speech. there were not a lot of happy campers inside of that audience. and it was reflected on their faces. you can tell a lot by body language. in addition to that, you have president biden signing legislation for another $12 billion funding and expecting more in security assistance next week. in the u.n., you're going to see a vote taken to, again, counter russian activities. and even russia's allies, china and india, are sustaining -- or excuse me, abstaining from those votes. he doesn't have a whole lot of friends in diplomacy, economy or military right now. >> i just want to pick up on the word you used earlier, lieutenant general, you said
5:37 am
psychotic describing putin. are you seeing or hearing a more emboldened or desperate or recs putin right now, especially with all of the tactical losses? >> yeah. i think all of our -- all of us are. you know, i'm no psychiatrist, amara, you know that. the fact that there is such hubris in the face of failure at every level that mr. putin is exhibiting ask just amazing. and he still tries toed machiavellian approach of maneuvering pieces on the chess board. and there's nothing to maneuver right now. he's been condemned on the world stage. he's lugie losing on the battl and his economy is faltering and yet he's still doubling down. he's not been successful in any of his political or strategic operations yet. so just doubling-down indicates someone who has lost a
5:38 am
relationship with reality. >> and just quickly, is there time for the u.s. to give more high-end weapons to ukraine to step things up now? >> well, i think that's what's happening with the most recent tranche of weapons that the president signed yesterday. and hopes to sign next week. but building a modern day army on the battlefield, a large modern day army is going to take time. secretary austin has said that's the intent. as in the long term. but you just can't drop weapons on the battlefield and expect them to come together in a large-scale operation. so, the gradual delivery of these kind of weapons, not just the united states, but other nato nations, is critically important to the future of ukraine. >> always appreciate your perspective and expertise, general mark hertltling, thank u very much for your time. >> thank y you, amara. trououbling new data from m cdc showing suicide rates on the rise. we're going to have the numbers
5:39 am
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suicide rates close in 2021, that is according to data from the cdc. experts say it needs more access to mental health services. cnn medical correspondent dr. tara narula has the story.
5:44 am
>> we know that suicide is a major contributor to premature death in the united states. and in fact, it's the second leading cause of death in the u.s. in those ages 10 to 34. the cdc recently released data that shows after a two-year decline there was an increase in suicide in 2021. 48 individuals died by suicide in 2021 which is up by 1700 from the year before. in general, when you look over the past 20 years there's been about a 31% increase in suicide. when you break it down by gender, men are about four times more likely to die by suicide than women. and in this particular study, the group that saw the biggest perfect, statistically significant increase was in those 15 to 24 and were male. all of this really points to a need in this country for better mental health care. better mental health care access. and really a comprehensive approach to how we deal with suicide prevention.
5:45 am
in fact, the recent launch of 988 suicide prevention text and call line hopefully will help. they saw over 400 contacts in august. and one other thing to point out, we know that firearms are actually used in over 50% of those who die by suicide. and this has led many to focus on safe storage as a big way to at least lower the lethality associated and hopefully keep many more individuals alive. >> very concerning. thanks to dr. tara narula for that. we are live this morning in fort myers, florida, as rescue and recovery efforts continue in the wake of hurricane ian. up next, we're going to take you to another part of lee county where businesses are left behind as nothing but splinters and boats were tossed into the street. a devastating hurricane for southwest florida. more pictures and stories still ahead.
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we are just about 51 minutes past the hour live in fort myers, florida, as folks here are assessing the damage and beginning the recovery effort after hurricane ian. a powerful category 4 hurricane tore through this area. you can see from other vantage point from this mobile home park that we're in, in fort myers, that people's homes have been totally devastated. we've come across everything from homewares, clothing,
5:52 am
furniture, toys on the ground, just debris flung through this entire park. and it's not just fort myers that's suffering. look at this head line from the tampa bay times. it really says it all "florida brought to its knees." the damage expansive from fort myers beach, naples, even hours away with flooding in orlando. amara, while there are aerial photographs of the devastation that hurricane ian left behind that give us one view. an up close look reveals details of homes, details of lives torn apart by ian. >> all of the personal things that were lost as well. cnn's correspondent bill weir talking us through a walk-through, one neighborhood turned upinside down by ian. >> reporter: these are shore birds and pelicans, walking across wreckage in what used to be san carlos harbor. it's seen better days, as you
5:53 am
can see. this is the destructive path of ian that came raging across here. a lot of the businesses here, of course, have to do with recreation here in paradise, kayak rentals, bait shops, completely split open by the wind. but what's most striking about this particular spot is the boats that's have been tossed into the mangroves across the street here. we have a bit of a bottleneck of human activity because this is the road to fort myers beach. and the sheriff's department is not letting anybody on. if you haven't seen any pictures of fort myers beach, this is why. there is a first and former law in florida that's supposed to give us access when there's a state of emergency. but you got to feel for the sheriff's deputies just trying to manage the crowds that are piling in. you've got journalists, of course, you've got first responders, you have residents who are just curious who are coming by. and that's creating this huge
5:54 am
pileup. but this is what i wanted to show you, this is across san carlos boulevard. just get a road of this, just wanton, indiscriminate destruction. i think about how a family saves up their whole life to buy a boat. or if you're a fisherman, you dream of being a captain one day and now perilous that is even in a good year sometimes. but now what this will do to the maritime businesses around here. the insurance, the marine insurance companies that will have to deal with the aftermath of this. and this is what i really wanted to show you, guys. look at this. i will always represent the sight of captain greg's boat "the cracker jack" now parked on top of this achieve chevy subur.
5:55 am
you can hear the alarm going off in the boat to alert the captain that this is going on. it's heartbreaking. you've got laundry baskets in the mangrove. another bait shop. and then you find stuff like this, look at this, just a random. this is nicholas rulan's mgm card, just set down there by the most violent storm in history. meanwhile, over here, you have the beeping of earth movers as they try to shove these grounded sailboats out of the way, as we learned in irma and maria, cleanup can be as much of a man-made disaster as the hurricane itself. if not properly managed. we can only hope that all available resources are managed to unjumble the mess as soon as
5:56 am
possible for these poor folks. >> scale is just hard to grasp. that was o our bill weir reportining. >> our coverage ofof the aftermh of hurricane ian continunues throughout the morning. and the day here on cnn. we're going to turn it over to michael smerconish up next. >> we'll see you in an hour. ♪ the audi e-tron family. progress that moves you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ this is the moment. for a treatment for moderate-to-severe eczema. cibinqo — fda approved. 100% steroid free.
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a word before we rebuild. i'm michael smerconish in philadelphia. the deadly storm ian now categorized as a post-tropical cyclone is now moving inland across north carolina. as communities from nort


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