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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  October 1, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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i'm pamela brown in washington, and you are live in the cnn newsroom on this saturday. the people impacted by hurricane
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ian are learning more about how their lives are upended by one of the most powerful storms to ever hit florida. minutes ago we learned that power will likely not be restored in many areas before next sunday. think about that. but ian is also proving to be one of the most deadly in recent years and officials in florida say that at least 66 people are confirmed dead and more than half of the fatalities are here, amid the widespread devastation in lee county which is home to fort myers, sheriff says there that more than 600 rescues in that county alone, and more than 100 1,100 across the state. and there is a threat of a levee collapsing which is a 15-foot wall crashing into the neighborhood. officials reopened a stretch
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between north port and englewood and there have been lanes that had been shutdown in both direction, but it is reopened now. and earlier governor ron desantis said that overflowing lakes and rivers have created havoc. >> there are other areas that may be experiencing additional flooding. there is more standing water in central florida than southwest florida even though they are a couple of hundred miles away from the storm and the storm surge, and a lot of water in the rivers and the inlets overflowing. so it is creating a lot of problems really across the state. >> all right. i want to bring in jim acosta in fort myers, one of the hardest-hit areas, and i know that you have a lot of experience, unfortunately r covering hurricanes and the devastation, and you have been there on the ground. how does this compare to past hurricanes that you have
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covered? >> yeah, pam, i think that is what a lot of people in this area are going to be talking about over the next several days of what happened with hurricane ian and other major hurricanes on the coast. i covered hurricane charley that went through the same part of southwest florida, and i have talked to official after official and they have said that hurricane ian have surpassed hurricane charley in terms of the damage, and this is a major storm as well in 2004, and you can see the devastating effect here behind me. the sun has gone down, and it is nighttime. the boats that were tossed around like toys are now sitting on the dryland next to this bridge by the fort myers marina that we are standing in now. but, pam, you have to go to the barrier islands that are off of the coast of fort meyers to see the full scope of the devastation. we were in matt lachey here
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where a lot of retired the people and retired military people are living, and i was talking to one marine by the name of whitney hall about the devastation in his area, and we were standing on a road that had been washed awayk and the road was completely gone, and the bridge was intact, but the road was gone. you can see the video, because it looks like an earthquake hit, and the cars are thrown around, and cars and houses are demolish and this is what whitney had to say about how some of the neighbors in his community likely did not survive. >> i live on the side of it. the people say that your house is going, and your house is going, and they let me on. my house has been standing for 80 yards, and so it has good bones. and i have buddies with boats
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coming in, and -- >> whitney what is your last name? >> hall. >> h-a-l-l and you were in the marines. and what is this looking like given your background? >> well, one of the guys looking like, and this is different type of the kay, you because you are not worried about yourself, man, but you are worried about the neighbors, and i think that most of the people they are in the moment right now, so they are not crying, and they are not celebrating, but they are just trying to get through day-by-day now. community, man. so much of the division that we have in the community right now, and i hate to say it, but this is what brings people together. >> it is true. >> i have never talked to you in two years, and they talked to me, because i had an extra neighbor. and that is because they were broke down. >> what that gentleman was talking about people coming
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togethert in the community, and it is true, pam, that is what people were clinging to, because they cling to each other, and they have nothing else to rely on and it is the kindness of their fellow community members and neighbors, and we were on a boat, and the boat broke down, and two other gentlemen helped us to come get the footage that we got earlier today, but one of the things that we are hearing time again and not just the residents, but a fort myers official, but never the area, pam, they are steeling themselves for the likelihood that the death toll is going to be going higher. it is at 66 right now, but talking to the folks anecdotally, and they are saying, because the bridge is washed out and so on to sanibel island, and parts of the area that have not been accessed by law enforcement officials and rescuers and so on, so it is going to be taking days to unpack the full level of devastation here. so the question here in the beginning, pam, i am seeing is
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scenes here since i covered hurricane katrina in 2005 and that level of destruction, and because of the storm surge coming ashore s and turning everything into a washing machine, and chewing up palms and cars and boats and turning them around, and it is something to see on the ground to believe, because it is absolutely devastating, pam. >> that is right analogy, a washing machine, just tossing it around and we don't know the extent of it and we won't know for days, jim. thank you for the reporting there, and your important reporting on the ground. >> you bet. okay. let's go 80 miles up the coast to sarasota where we are finding gloria pasmina and what is the latest on the levee there, and the evacuation and the latest on the families there. >> and we have been driving around for a couple of hours, and we have heard from the fire chief in north port which is an hour south of here, and they were dealing with the evacuations there as well, and
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the fire chief told us that the evacuations here where we are near the myakka river went well. i know it is very dark, but the area directly behind me is water as far as the eye can see, and over here, this family has been using this boat to get around and the try and go out there into the water, and try to salvage as much as possible of what is left out here on their property. we spoke to them earlier, and they were talking about these waters that just began to rush in. it was early this morning that the sheriff deputies were going door-to-door to warn people about the potential of this water coming in. i wanted to show you a house that is over here on this side. they told me that house has been here for more than 100 years. it has been in the same family. they have never seen this amount of water come up high. we spoke with people who live
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here in this area on the other side which is where a lot of the flooded roads are right now, and they told me that they got the emergency alert early yesterday during the morning and they were just desperate to get out. >> we didn't realize it was coming down the street, and when it got to our motor home, it was horrible. it was just horrible. it was just going up to the step, and so, my husband, and they said that they had the big vehicles to get us out if we get stuck. >> what i hope that people realize is that this water is continuing to rise. >> yeah. >> which means that at the other end where all of the disaster happened, this is not over for them, and that water is going to continue to rise. >> so that is the concern right now, the water is sitting there as the rivers are continuing to move in and out, and that is going to make the recovery very
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difficult, and these people's belongings here, the furn chuck, and the beds and the linens, and trying to dry the place up, and get as much back as possible. the woman who lives here on the property told me that this is an improvement from what it looked like just couple of days when ian moved through here. >> thank you, gloria in sarasota for us. thank you. >> now, down the coast to naples, brian todd, and you have been there all day long, and brian, i know it is hard to see, but there is so much debris where the governor said more than 1,100 rescues and some of them where you are? >> yes, and jim talking about the rising death toll, and jim talking at the areas that are inaccessible near sanibel island and that is a real issue here in naples as well, because we are e
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naples fire and search and resc teams. and this is not a high-rise, with eight floors, and buildings that are a lot higher, and there are people stuck in the upper units of the buildings according to the fire department with the people who we have talked to, and they have to get to especially elderly people stuck in the upper floors. they could not access the stairs or use the stairs, and no elevator service, and running out of food and water, and this is an issue tonight, and the urban search and rescue have to go up and knock on the doors and try to find people, and that is a tall task the. yu have buildings like this all up and down the coast. this is another problem that the fire department is telling us about is that i have had an uptick in the house fire ps and the structure fires, and why?
5:12 pm
because when the power is turned on, it is a surge, and it can cause sparks in the homes that are damaged. and with all of this damage, fires are started and with the loose wires, and with people coming too soon, they are rummaging around, and trying to use a generator, and it is an issue, and three days after landfall, and these are the things still going on in collier county, and the dangers with the res residents and the first responders are facing tonight. >> it is unbelievable what the dangers they are still facing today and the days ahead. thank you, brian todd. and now, up to the gulf cos, and in this scene here, utter destruction from fort myers and cape coral, and roads watched out, and joining us is mike who
5:13 pm
is the president of the matt le s shais historical society. >> we are trying to cut through the red tape to get through the homes, and the majority are in tact, and we have boats and grateful to the governor for the viz it to the matlacha, and we are hoping to bring out the naval bridges to get back over here, and we are like an armada off of normandy waiting to get back to the properties and get them in shape, and then we will help the rest of the government to restore matlacha to what it
5:14 pm
will be forever, an eye cop ik place in florida. >> and you said red tape, so tell us what you are hit with. >> people are told that they cannot go to the matlacha and we all have boats, and we know it is not true, because we can get to our properties via the water, and when we get there, we are not stupid. we have the wherewithal to bring the generators and the wherewithal to clean up our properties before they are infested with mold, and it is going to cost the insurance companies an arm and a leg to restore our properties. we can get it done, and we did it with charlie, and we are frustrated by the fact that the temperament is that you cannot do for ourself. and we can do for ourselves. and we have earth movers and marine companies and honch marines, and george williamson and insurance people, and all type of people who have volunteered in this little
5:15 pm
community of 700 to come back to restore matlacha, and let us do that and we will help you with the infrastructure on pine island road so this place, the jewel of florida recognized by the governors and the jewel of florida will never die again like this. and there are reports of utilities that are not being restored and what are you told on that front? >> because we don't have the utilities to support human life to go there. and there were people living on pine island long ago without utilities to go therement and the fishing cottages that were built there to be poachers are gone, because of their frail ti, bu -- frailty, and we will get them up to code, and leases is
5:16 pm
going to be coming back, and leona's is going to be coming back, and all of the places that bring people to matlacha are going to be there and be there soon and one message to my friends who are able to get on the island and walk around. there is an iconic side that is on the bridge at what used to be the bridgewater hotel, and it says "island time begins here" and the sign is down in the rubble, and when one of you sees that sign, take it and put it behind my house so we can put it up again next year when pine island and matlacha are restored. >> mike canon, i appreciate your optimism there for your town and the rebuilding of it, and that by next year, you think that it is going to be back to how you envision it to be. thank you so much for coming on. >> thank you, pam, for what you are doing for all of us.
5:17 pm
>> thank you. >> and now, as communities and families are rebuilding, we will speak to architects who looks at climate change in mind in the rebuild. and also, ukrainianing raising blue and yellow clubs in areas that vladimir putin claims to have e annexed. and now, president trump says that mitch mcconnell has a death sh. more details coming up after this srt break. (fisher investments) in this market, you'll find fisher investments
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well, the pictures are terrifying showing you the pictures of how thousands of floridians are left homeless as hurricane ian left across the state. even some of those people who
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have lost everything, many are vowing to rebuild b, but you ha to ask, is it worth it? should they? as more climate change is bringing more ocean levels to be subjected to more violent storms. still, the land is sinking. we are joined by an architect and a member of the american institute of architects. and welcome to the show, colby px px, and it is one thing to say, that we are going rebuild, but should we rebuild in this area of southwest florida? >> so, that is a very good question. historically, we have always plan and built around these areas, not only in the united states of america, but everywhere else, so, look, i have had been through hurricane
5:23 pm
andrew, and now this hurricane, and this aftermath i think will lead us to rebuild in this area. i think that is what will happen, and overall, we will find a way to do so. we have been doing this for thousands of years from venice, italy, to venice, florida. so we will rebuild. >> so you will rebuild in these same areas. i want to know because there is a weather report from noaa weather saying that flooding is to increase in these areas, and so what would happen? >> here, the rebuilding of this area, we will build it according to the wind velocity and codes that we have implemented after hurricane andrew in 1992, and now, specifically, what we will do is to raze the structures to accommodate not only the fl
5:24 pm
floodplain but also the grid if it is solar on the homes that are then connected to a battery pack inside of your ga ranls uplifted with a backup -- inside of your garages that would be connected to the water shed so you will not be experiencing downtime, and so we will look into how we are designing and learning and planning, and so after the hurricane andrew, we overhauled the entire way we designed our homes. the glass did withstand the hurricane, and that is how we are designing throughout, but there is a positive element to come out of here which is that all of us concentrating together
5:25 pm
not only meeting the wind event, but also the water and the flood event not only for water level rising and flood mitigation, but also for in this example, the wave crest that comes through. after the hurricanes. >> that is interesting, kokobi karp, thank you. you are in thehe cnn newsro, and the president is condemning vladimir putin's nuclear threat, and more with the sit-down interview with fareed zakaria next. ♪ this is how we work now ♪ [ sleep app ] and the end. you have now reached the end of the sleep app. younow i want to sayson tocongratulations,t. but it's also disappointing. wh do you mean? that's it? i've got nothing lef hey if i were you, i'd try warm milk.
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tonight the head of the chechen government is urging the use of nuclear weapons on the battleground in ukraine. that plea was part of an angry statement where he also called out russian generals for giving up the ukrainian city of lemon. fareed zakaria talked about this with secretary of military lloyd austin. >> have you talked about this or what kind of retaliation there would be if there was a use of the tactical weapons? >> well, you have heard people in our leadership among our leadership who have said that we have communicated to them recently. personally, i have not talked to shoigu in recent day, but vi
5:31 pm
talked to him in the past, and vi addressed this very issue, and warned to not go down this path, an d conduct this type of irresponsible behavior. yes, i have done that in the past, but i have not done it recently. >> did you get the sense that he got it, and you felt like he heard your message? >> i do think that he heard my message, but to be clear, the guy who makes that decision, and it is one man. there are no checks on mr. putin. just as he made the irresponsible decision to invade ukraine, you know, he could make another decision, but i don't see anything right now that would lead me to believe he had made such a decision. >> and with more of fareed's interview, tune in tomorrow to fareed zakaria gps at 10:00 a.m.
5:32 pm
and when i spoke to susan glasser, she said that the saber rattling is nothing new. >> what you are seeing is that putin's play brooke that he has referred to time and time again during his time in office, and escalation, and not dialing it down, but dialing it up, and of course, the nuclear blackmail and saber rattling of the ally, and it may or may not indicate a willingness to use nuclear weapons, but what it does say is that it is dangerously normalizing to a dialogue around nuclear weapon, and that is of itself, a unthinkable thing in the post-cold war era, we have not had a situation where the leaders of a nuclear country are openly talking about constantly talking about nuclear weapons. >> and like you said, normalizing it, and it is so
5:33 pm
beyond disturb, and there is precedent of referencing u.s. and japan, and this is the whitwhite house reaction to that. >> i have been clear, and president biden has been clear that given the loose talk and saber rattling of this, that he would consider this, and we have been very clear of what we would expect if he should make that decision. we do not currently see any use of that. >> what do you see from the white house about this ratcheted up rhetoric of putin? >> well, they have been very specific of not now, but any russian use of nuclear weapons on the battlefield would be met with a catastrophic response on the part of u.s. and nato allies and not just ukraine. that is very general.
5:34 pm
what they have not been doing is to be more specific in what kind of response is not clear whether it is a conventional military strike on perhaps russia itself, and here, again, what we are having is up until then unfathomable conversation, and facts on the ground is more embarrassing reverses for vladimir putin. it is going to expose the farce of the fake referenda, and the farce of creating political reality where his military has not been ibl to do so. >> on that noeshgt i am wondering what is your take on this, because it is russia's ministry of defense saying that the russian forces had to retreat out of the square, and in admitting defeat, what do you make of that? >> well, looking, the ukrainians at the same time are saying that they managed to either capture or kill all of the remaining
5:35 pm
russians in that section. the fog of war is still on the battlefield, so it is not entirely clear of how it has worked, but russia has suffered another embarrassing defeat, and the momentum appears to be on the ukrainian side, and we know that putin's response to the next counter ofen zif has destabilized the russian society within, and you have had over 2,000 russian men flee the country rather than to be called up by putin and that has destabilize the situation inside of russia a itself. and still to come, the national archives says is that it is still missing documents from fmer president donald trump's advisers. (customer) save yrself?!
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>> well, tonight, the national archives is still not able to obtain records from a former white house officials that it says should be in the possession. that revelation coming nearly eight weeks after the fbi searched former president donald trump's mar-a-lago homes and seized some 11,000 document and some marked classified. jeremy, some of this new concern is directed at one of the former president's aides. >> yeah, that is right, pam. this new letter from the national archives singles out former trump trade adviser peter navarro, and it was sent to chairwoman carol maloney, and the national archives have yet to gain back all of the documents from the trump administration, and it is because navarro used personal emails to conduct personal business. now, senior white house aides are required to use the emails
5:41 pm
on their personal accounts that they used to personal business to the public account so that they can be used. then the archives cited a personal case that navarro had used certain emails that had to do with the covid response, and so the doj is trying to get those letters and deborah wall said that while there is no easy wa to establish absolute accountability, we know that we do not have custody of everything that we should. she added that to obtain records from a number of professionals and would continue to pursue those records. this is separate from the ongoing justice department investigation into the classified records that former
5:42 pm
president donald trump took to his mar-a-lago report. and the chairwoman asked to get all of those materials back into the government's possession. the archivist refused to comment about the documents at mar-a-lago, and cited ongoing investigation, and they refused to comment further about it. >> whand on social media friday trump accused mitch mcconnell for having a quote death wish for what he calls the democrat-sponsored bills. he did not explain what he was referring to, but mcconnell endorsed the electoral count act to make it harder to overturn a certified presidential election.
5:43 pm
trump attack ed the wife of mcdonnell and called her cocoa chow and said that mcconnell would need help from his loving wife. now, we will take to you texas next. ♪ hit it!♪ ♪it takes two to make a thing go right♪ ♪it takes two to make it outta sight♪ ♪one, two, get loose w! it takes two to make a-♪ gedouble rewards points this fall. book now at ♪one, two, get loose w! it takes two to make a-♪ power e*trade's easy-to-use tools like
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just in, the saturday night
5:48 pm
tragedy in indonesia where a soccer match descended in violence where 127 people are reported dead. fans of the team that lost the match poured on the match and clashed with police officers in tactical gear and some of the police officers are among those killed. while clean energy remains a divisive issue in texas, solar farms are springing up, and a department of energy analysis is projecting that hundreds of thousands of energy jobs are going to go to red states like texas. gabe cohen has more. >> reporter: the vast plains of west texas are not just oil and gas country anymore. >> there it is. >> reporter: on allan's cotton farm outside of san angelo, the boom is above ground. this lifelong republican and neighbors are lesion 700 acres to an energy company making hundreds of thousands of dollars
5:49 pm
each year to allow these panels on the land. >> it is rocking chair money, and it is money that will come every year. >> reporter: san angelo is one of the rural companies that is going to bet big on the renewable energy. >> it is not all about drilling and energy. >> reporter: michael loony is recruiting the energy companies to build at least nine solar and wind farms near their small city of 109,000 people. >> they are providing a strong source. >> did you get pushback. >> there is some in certain communities that find them to be not a good fit, but in tom greene county, we found a perfect fit. >> and sometimes it is a political issue in texas, but right now -- >> oil is king in texas. >> reporter: but right now, most of the districts are represented by republicans, and the areas have the space needed for the
5:50 pm
projects. >> the bill as amended is passed. >> reporter: the nearly $370 billion climate bill which is part of the inflation reduction act passed without a single republican vote, and some are calling it a gift to elite liberal state, but projects two-thirds of the investment from the billion including hundreds of thousands of jobs will go to red states with projects planned in texas, oklahoma, tennessee, south carolina, and ohio just to name a few. >> it's going to do nothing but help to stimulate more of these types of projects. >> reporter: rough ly one quarter of texas electricity come from renewables. in a rural town, a group of ranchers are housing this massive wind farm. >> it was a business decision. >> business decision, yes. >> reporter: tim teagarden is one of them. down the road, the school district is using tax money from
5:51 pm
the project to build a new technical education lab, athletic facility, and a large cafeteria to replace this current one. how much will all this construction cost? >> right now we're looking at about $17 million. >> and how much of that is coming from the renewable project? 80 to 85%. >> superintendent fabian gomez says more than half of his students come from low income families. >> it gives them an opportunity that otherwise they wouldn't have and we couldn't provide it. >> reporter: what's often framed as a red versus blue issue may become much blurrier as more rural regions tap into clean energy incentives. >> trr people who support renewable energy because it's clean, and there are people who support renewable energy because it's a way to make money, and they're not mutual exclusive. >> reporter: and some republicans like alan gully are all in. >> long after i'm gone, it's going to take care of all of my children and possibly grandchildren. >> reporter: he bought a plug-hybrid and is on the list
5:52 pm
for an electric pickup. >> there's no question it's the future. >> do you see renewables as a red or blue issue? >> i guess i do, but i don't think it should be. >> gabe cohen, cnn, texas. new tonight, n neurotrauma consultant who handled the miami quarterback head injury evaluation has reportedly been fired. we're going to have details on that right after this quick break. . ♪ ♪ we'll build freelance teams with more agility. ♪ ♪ the old way of working is deader than me. ♪ ♪ we'll scale up, and we'll scale down ♪ ♪ before you're six feet underground. ♪ ♪ yes, this is how, this is how we work now. ♪ new astepro allergy. no allergy spray is faster. with the speed of astepro,
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new data from the cdc has found that after a two-year decline, u.s. suicide rates are rising once again. last year, almost 48,000 americans took their own life. that's about one death every 11 minutes with just nearly 1,700 more than the year before. cnn medical correspondent dr. tara narula has been following this for us. >> we know that suicide is a major contributor to premature death in the united states, and in fact, it's the second leading cause of death in the u.s. in those ages 10 to 34. the cdc recently released data that shows after a two-year decline, there was an increase in suicide in 2021, almost 48,000 individuals died by suicide in the u.s. in 2021, which was up by about 1,700 from the year before. in general, when you look over the past 20 years, there's been about a 31% increase in suicide. when you break it down by
5:58 pm
gender, men are about four times more likely to die by suicide than women, and in this particular study, the group that saw the biggest percent statistically significant increase was in those who are 15 to 24 and were male. all of this really points to the need in this country for better mental health care, better mental health care access, and really a comprehensive approach to how we deal with suicide prevention. in fact, the recent launch of the 988 suicide crisis prevention text and call line will hopefully help. they saw over 400,000 contacts in august. and one other thing to point out is we know that firearms are actually used in over 50% of those who die by southuicide, a this has led many to focus on safe storage as a big way to at least lower the lethality associated and hopefully keep many more individuals alive. >> all right, and if you are in
5:59 pm
crisis or considering suicide, please call the national suicide and crisis lifeline available nationwide. just dial 988. well, to want more fallout from an ugly concussion episode involving the starting quarterback for the miami dolphins. tua tagovailoa returned to the game despite this play last sunday where you can see his head hit the turf violently. the doctor involved in clearing his return to the game that day has now been fired. he's an unaffiliated neurotrauma consultant, and it got worse for the dolphins quarterback later in the week. he took another shot to the headhin thursday night's game against cincinnati and he had to be carted off the field on a stretcher. the nfl and the nfl players association are conducting a joint review into the handling of this injury. former president jimmy carter is celebrating his 98th birthday today. the carter center released a
6:00 pm
photo of him marking this milestone in his hometown of plains, georgia. it says he spent the day surrounded by friends and family including his wife roslyn, the former first lady who is now 95 years old. happy birthday to former president carter. what a picture. don't forget that you can tweet meme @pamela brown cnn, y can follow me on instagram with the same handle. thank you so much for joining us. i'll see you tomorrow night at 5:00 eastern. the murdochs is next. >> arguably the most influential media figure in the english language. >> an extraordinary, powerful figure. >> media mastermind. >> global empire worth more than $80 billion. >> he is rupert murdoch.


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