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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  October 2, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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from the geography of the citizen's openness to outside influences. but they weren't the only ones. the venetians too relied on centuries of trade to create immense wealth and global influence. visiting the veneto today we can still enjoy ingredients still brought home by the merchants and eat the dishes they created with them by the sea. very clever people with the taste of adventure. hello, and welcome to review restraining us from the united states and all around the world. ahead at this hour, chaos breaks out in a deadly riot, killing over 100, during a football game in indonesia. we will have a live report for you. plus, ukraine hoists its
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flag, as russia retreats from a key city, just one day after putin claimed annexation at that very region. and it is election day in brazil in the coming hours. brazilians decide their leader in a race charged with tensions and even violence. we are following a developing story out of indonesia for you. police say at least 129 people are dead, and hundreds more injured. after chaos and violence erupted at a football match between two of the country's biggest teams. you can see of this video, the clashes between fans and security forces, authorities say a deadly stampede occurred after police fired tear gas into the crowd. well, cnn's senior
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international correspondent, will ripley, is following this story for you from taipei. well, tragic see teens scenes coming out of indonesia. >> teargas is banned by fifa, that is one detail we are learning as this is happening, the sinclair explains why the indonesian president is calling for an investigation, not in only into the way this match was held, but the procedures in place, because if police used a substance that is not supposed to be used in stadiums, and we actually spoke a short time ago with an indonesian sports journalist, someone who is covering this in real time, apparently once the teargas was fired, there was a gust of wind that blew it up into the stadium, and that is what actually caused the mass panic that you saw in the social media videos that emerged, people terrified as they started breathing in and feeling almost a choking
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sensation, so that is when everybody decided to run for the exit. they were running for a single exit gate. hundreds of people at once trying to cram through an entryway that is is not designed for that many people, of course, that is what can cause these kinds of horrific events. and we have seen previous stadium disasters, the most ugly was in peru almost a year ago. but this is been called the second deadliest stadium disaster, since they have been holding football matches in stadiums. 34 people were killed almost instantly, according to the police and the medical personnel in indonesia. but many others who were rushed to area hospitals, because you had 300 people in total who were either dead or on the scene, they try to get them help, but people were dying as they were on the way to the hospital that died shortly after arriving to the hospital, and more people have died while they were being treated. we know the death toll, officially, is 129, but we are looking to confirm a number of reports that put that number significantly higher. we are obviously holding off on that, until we can get enough sourcing, because we want to be careful when we cover this sort
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of thing, but the death toll of 129 within the next few hours, we expect to increase, possibly significantly. so that 180 number that is being treated, that number goes down, the number of debtors up. this journalist i was speaking to also said the match last night was considered a high risk match, so the police knew a scuffle might break out, depending on the outcome, and that is why they tried to stop awaiting fans getting into the stadium, but it was a packed house. we are talking about 42,000 feet sold for a stadium that the administrator said was only meant to hold 38,000, the official capacity, as stated online is 42,500. so, if this stadium was, indeed, overcapacity, and police used tear gas, not supposed to be used in a setting like this, you can see how all of the this is adding up to this horrific disaster. >> that is our international correspondent, will ripley, reporting on this developing story. thank you, will, appreciate it. on the set, patrick snell, from world sports, patrick,
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what has the reaction been to these horrific scenes? >> in the wake of an unspeakable tragedy will made an important statement on the use of the teargas, that is why we are waiting to hear back from people, the world governing body on that very topic, but we set at the top, these are two of the country's weakest teams, biggest rivals, longtime rivals, contesting a football match. it was meant to be just that, a football match. instead, a tragic loss of life, now one of the world's worst stadium disasters. look. you know there have been previous outbreaks and troubles at ranches in indonesia. hugely passionate fan bases over there, strong rivalries between the clubs. in the past years, it has led to unrest and violence amongst fans, but here is what we are learning so far this sunday, in terms of the reaction. we all know, the match is suspended, as a result of this
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tragedy, and also, we now know that one of the teams was banned by the indonesia nfa from hosting games for the rest of the season. bear in mind, indonesia is due to host the fifa world cup next year and also one of the three countries to host, after china pulled out. in a statement earlier today, the indonesian saying it regrets the actions of the supporters at the stadium in the incident had quote, tarnished the face of indonesian football, adding, we are sorry, and apologize to the families of the victims for the families. and arema fc also expressing its condolences. reports and treat victims were hospitalized to the families of the victims and the management of arema fc apologizing profusely and ready to provide comport compensation.
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and their opponents also releasing a statement saying that persebaya is a family, and it is those words that really do resonate, no life is worth football. >> absolutely. they do resonate, very poignant indeed. put this in perspective for us in terms of other tragedies that happened in this way? >> we are still learning, we are still trying to seek so much about what happened, what is playing out here in indonesia across this tragic weekend. but, look, each event when you go back in history, when you go back over the decades, bringing with it tragedy, different circumstances, let's make that clear, tragedies nonetheless. previous tragedies that come to mind from the world of football over the years, going back to april of 1989, the english fa cup semifinal, between liverpool and nottingham
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forest, overcrowding in the stands, in sheffield, england, ultimately leading to the death of 97 liverpool supporters, following a crash. 21 years ago in ghana, 126 people killed in a stampede of a football stadium, when people fired tear gas at rioting supporters and one of africa's worst football disasters. and back in the 1960s, the estadio nacional disaster, over 300 fans losing their lives during an olympic qualifying match between a peruvian national team and argentina. i will say it once more, this sunday, a day of unspeakable tragedy right there in indonesia. with very heavy hearts, our prayers and thoughts are very much with those families there. >> thank you very much, patrick. all right, in florida, at least 66 deaths have been reported from hurricane ian, four days after the storm demolished parts of the state.
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emergency crews have been going to the worst hit areas there, trying to find survivors and bring them to safety, while so far more than 2000 people have been rescued and evacuated, that is according to the governor, who is pledging additional support, such as satellite internet service from star link. he says, devastated areas such as this one might have much- needed food and phoneline access right now. more than 1 million customers are without power. many of them also lack basic necessities, such as clean water and shelter. >> can we get some help down here? you know, would that be too much to ask? i mean, look around here, with nothing, we have no power, no phone service, nothing. >> while president, joe biden, says he will visit florida on friday to offer more support, he will also travel to puerto rico, which was devastated by another hurricane. cnn's nadia romero shows us how one family in western florida is responding to the disaster.
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>> reporter: days after hurricane ian is still dealing with the aftermath, here in arcadia, florida. he would likely be able to take this, this is highway 70 right now, a highway, that is flooded by the peace river. this is the highway you would take through town, you could wrap around, go to palm beach, go to ft. meyers, not anymore. not unless you have a boat. so, the locals tell me that this river is about four times as high as it normally is. so, you have to have a boat. and there is an airboat coming over right now, there is a boat , it is helping people get through to the other side, where you can get to dry land. they have also been transporting medical supplies, water, and mr ease, food, and other things that people may need. you can also see, out in the water, those are rvs that were once at the peace river campground, that hurricane ian just picked up and swept away.
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so, now people are blocked off from the other side of their town, and they don't have the resources that they need. they are telling me that they are split in half, their job may be over there, all of the shops are over there, even family members, take a listen. >> everything is across the river. the only store on this side of the river is underwater right over here right now. you can't get to it. >> everything i own is over there. my whole life is over there. all of my vehicles are over there, my truck is the only thing that is over here, and i have got a dozen cars over there. >> reporter: so many people saw damage to their vehicles and their homes during hurricane ian. they don't have the means to really get the necessities. many of them have been without power for about three days now. that is why you are sing distribution sites like this one popping up and expanding. this was put together by the county emergency management office, by the salvation army, by the florida national guard, cases of water, not just water, but also boxes of memories.
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so that people can feed themselves as they try to figure out how to survive now that the storm has passed but to be question, what happens to this? to highway 70? once the peace river starts to go back to normal levels, county management officials say they are so concerned about the infrastructure, they haven't had time to assess the damage, because, first thing is first, they are concerned about the safety and well-being of people in this area. nadia romero, cnn, arcadia, florida. well, for more, let's bring in marty, he is the senior manager of fort myers, florida, where he joins us now. thank you, sir, so much for taking the time to speak to us and answer our questions. i just want to start off by saying our hearts go out to everyone in your area. it is starting to see the images and that devastation. what is your situation at the moment? >> well, things are all pretty good here in fort myers.
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we have a very experienced team of department directors and key staff, they have dealt with storms before. none this strong, i don't believe, but nonetheless, they know what to do and how to do it, so we have gotten a quick start on the recovery process, relocated a lot of debris out of the roadways, so that our normal services for sanitation and solid waste can start, and the people in the community can drive around. we had some things here we have not seen in the past, such as our yacht basins, some of the moats were piled up, and some were thrown out, washed out of the yacht basin or the marina, vehicles were carried down the street, relocated me and damaged . have some water and some homes, and some wind damage, but we have had wind, and high rains, with previous storms,
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but the thing that was different about this one was the storm surge. >> now, your area has been particularly hard hit, because governor, ron desantis, referred to ft. meyers is ground zero. but can you tell us about the search and rescue efforts, are they continuing? >> well, one distinction. we are the city of fort myers, and we are more urban city, the county city for the count, fort myers beach is the buried island on the gulf of mexico, about 14 miles from where we are. >> there still many people in shelters? >> you know, there's quite a few, but the county, lee county , it coordinates all of the evacuation shelters, it started out with 15, they have consolidated down to six now, so it's a little more manageable. but still quite a few people in those shelters, who lost their
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homes, or had significant damage in their homes. >> no, of course, hurricane ian developed into this behemoth of a storm, hindsight, you know, being 2020, we do understand that some residents, particularly in lee county, feel that local authorities just waited too long before ordering evacuations, which has meant that, for some, they just had a day's warning. was that enough? >> you know, i think it was. the county does an excellent job. they have a very robust management program. they, typically i have been over here a year, they typically make sound decisions, based on facts and data, and there was plenty of time in my opinion, to the evacuation
12:16 am
zones, a, b, and c, the press conferences, numerous outlets, where they encouraged the county manager, the emergency managers, even county commissioners were all on tv, urging >> but what did the local authorities say evacuate rain now, give the order. for people to evacuate. >> but i saw, yes, it was very strong urging for evacuations in the a, b, and c zones, here in lee county. >> conclusion, would you do things differently? >> you know, hindsight is always 2020, but during the preparation process, the planning process, we work very closely with the municipality, with county, and, you know, i would have to say that they did a commendable job with the entire process, pre-storm and
12:17 am
post-storm. >> ft. meyers city manager, marty lawing, thank you so much for taking our questions. russia's so-called annexation in ukraine is followed by a retreat on the battlefield. still ahead, ukraine captures an important city a day after moscow claimed the region as part of its homeland. plus, heading for the border. as a military draft hangs over their heads, russians respond to president putin's mobilization with their feet. proven on skin like yours. aveeno®. healthy. it's our nature.™
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roche's proclamation that it has annexed parts of ukraine faces a reality check on the ground. case in point? this development in the city of lyman. this video shows ukrainian soldiers tossing russian and separatist flags from the city council building on saturday. that is after russian troops pulled out of the strategic city to avoid being encircled. well, lyman was a major
12:22 am
logistical hub for russian troops in the east. it can now serve as a springboard for more ukrainian advances in the region. although the victory was welcoming news in washington, it came with a dose of caution about nuclear rattling out of russia. >> reporter: defense secretary, lloyd austin, called ukrainian capture of that key city of lyman and an encouraging sign. the defense secretary specifically spoke about the tactical implications it could have, specifically when it comes to russia's axis of supplies. >> lyman is significant, absolutely it is significant. we are very encouraged by what we are seeing right now. lyman sits aside the supply lines of the russians, and they have used those routes to push men and material down to the south, and to the west. and without those routes, it will be more difficult.
12:23 am
so, it presents a sort of a dilemma for the russians, going forward. >> this comes as the u.s. and its allies have condemned russia's's attempted annexation of four regions in ukraine. president biden calling that annexation a fraudulent attempt, and one that has no legitimacy. the u.s. and allies worked quickly to impose, what they described as severe sanctions against russia, in the wake of that annexation. the u.s. and allies have been working behind the scenes to prepare those sanctions, so they could be implemented right away, ahead of that x unexpected annexation. one thing the u.s. and other allies are watching very closely as whether vladimir putin might decide to escalate this work, including the possibility of him using nuclear weapons. national security advisor, jake sullivan, said earlier in this week they see no imminent threat at this moment, but they do believe there is a risk of all of what he describes as,
12:24 am
putin's loose talk and nuclear saber rattling. the u.s. has made clear to russia that there would be severe consequences if they go down that route. cnn, the white house. the leader of chechnya is engaging in his own nuclear saber rattling now, suggesting the use of those weapons should be on the table. we are joined now with more from london. >> reporter: absolutely, you are looking at very different things that are happening on the ground right here, the fact, the realities on the ground are actually happening inside ukraine, which is that russian forces are on the back foot. as you heard there, they just lost another strategic city, lyman. being used as a logistical hub , an operating base for russian troops in the east. that city, now under ukrainian control. the russian defense ministry saying that they have to withdraw, there is concern that ukrainian forces could encircle
12:25 am
thousand of moscow's troops. and on the other hand, have president putin, who is desperate for a win, desperate to appear that he is winning. that is which is on friday, the annexation, the legal annexation, rather, those four regions in ukraine. we have seen this partial mobilization announced just over a week ago in russia, 300,000 reservists called up in stages to join ukraine, a sign of just how desperate they are from been on the ground. and there is reaction, of course, that partial mobilization. i know we have a story coming up next on the thousands of russians trying to flee the country, in anticipation of that mobilization, and and has anticipation and fear that they could also be brought into this conflict, and then the reason why this is so concerning is how desperate is this president putin for that win. how far will he go? again, the possibility, the specter of nuclear weapons has been raised.
12:26 am
he mentioned the chechnya leader, in a statement after the loss of this strategic city, just yesterday, he pushed- - he openly criticized russian troops, saying that all tools in the arsenal should be used, including low yield nuclear weapons, and this is the first time this has been mentioned, president putin, again, over a week ago, raising that specter, saying he is not bluffing, saying nuclear weapons could be used afresh's territorial integrity is threatened. so, real fears and concerns that, while russian forces are on the back foot on the ground, how far will moscow go to get that desperate win? >> salma abdelaziz reporting , thank you, salma abdelaziz. disillusionment with the war that persebaya five mentioned in her reporting was on the border of georgia this week. the line of cars was almost 16 kilometers long at one crossing in recent days.
12:27 am
that was happening as tens of thousands of military conscripts were getting out of russia. lisa bell spoke with some of those who are leaving the country. >> reporter: the past, too narrow for these numbers, trying to flee, it has been a week since vladimir putin announced the partial mobilization. for many, that is how long it has taken to get here. everything is fine, says 10- year-old, griesha . but first, they had to get the right traffic jam a dozen miles long. impressive, even from space. but horrendous for those trying to get through the gorge and its tunnels. on foot, for some, but most packing their families into cars, as soon as they heard they might have to go to war. arriving at last, through the last crossing, and into the safety of georgia, the feeling?
12:28 am
freedom, an indescribable feeling. for 5 days, we didn't know if they would release us from russia or not. this family spent more than a week getting here. abdul says the men there are being rounded up, whether or not they are eligible to fight. >> nobody attacked russia, he says. acting out of oligarch ambitions, let the oligarchs go to war first. in the meantime, abdullah says he will keep his son on the georgian side of the border, so that they can live and take care of their own. lisa bell, cnn, the georgian russian border. a major r hurricane threate the pacific coasast of mexico. we will have meteorologist, jean norman. you will track the s storm's path, and break down j just how dangerous it will be. . plus, pulse just as
12:29 am
brazil's right-wing leader could be headed for defeat in today's election. a preview of what is to take effect just ahead. dry skin is sensitive skin, too.
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when the surge took out my sliding glass doors, i mean, within 10 seconds the water was up to my armpits. >> a florida resident there describing what she went through, when hurricane ian flooded her neighborhood, they spend four days since the instruct the community and still underwater. 1 million don't have electricity in many remain
12:33 am
displaced. emergency crews are going into the worst hit areas, trying to find survivors and bringing them to safety. first responders aren't the only ones making rescues. look at how a news crew from australia spring into action during a live report in florida. >> a hurricane is to americans what cyclones are to australia, but this one is as big as florida! that is massive. keep going. keep going. >> it is an enormous storm, we are just helping some people through the water here, that is our camera operator, glenn ellis, there, trying to help people who are waiting away-- >> have been struggling in the floodwaters, a reported stop describing what was happening, explaining how families lost their homes in the storm, even picking up the camera himself. he told his camera operator good job, when he returned.
12:34 am
>> excellent job. cnn meteorologist, jean norman, joins us with the latest development son ian, as well as another storm that is threatening the pacific coast of mexico. jean? >> exactly right. we first start with the remnants of ian, that is not news. this is just a cold front, but it does look impressive over here. the actual limits of you and are back here in northern virginia. and the combination of the rain from that the easterly flow along the host coast means we have a coastal flood advisories. we could see about a foot of inundation from long island all the way down to the sections of maryland. throughout the day today and monday. watch this rain, it kind of backs up here, from dc, to philly, to new york. it is going to be a soggy sunday. in fact, it may not stop raining in parts of the mid atlantic until some parts of early tuesday. now, let's shift gears and talk about hurricane orlean. how do we get from i, ian, to orlean.
12:35 am
two different ocean basis, we are up to i in the atlantic, and up to o in the eastern pacific. and boy, this is a potent storm. just became a major hurricane of the last two hours, category three, meaning it's winds are over 110 miles per hour, so 200 miles off the coast of mexico. this is another one of the storms that has the fingerprints of climate change. we talk about rapid intensification. we normally say rapid intensification when a storm increases from 30 five miles an hour in a 24 hour period, but look at how the storm has exploded increasing in just 12 hours. there are no hurricane warnings in effect for parts of the mexican coast, in fact, a 450 mile stretch from manzanita into the zone that could have a big impact. now, the storm will slow down as it makes landfall. the latest track from the hurricane center, slowing storm? not a good sign. because that means we will be looking at a lot of rain. look at how this ranges piles up and manzanillo, we are
12:36 am
talking about anywhere from three to six to eight inches of rain, and that comes down in a slow period of time. we are looking at the possibility of flash flooding, landslides, the scenes we are seeing out of florida could be repeated in mexico. >> all right, meteorologist, jean norman, thanks so much. seven americans detained in venezuela for years have been released in a prisoner swap. they include the five remaining executives of the group, called the spico six. joe biden announced their return, and said they were wrongfully detained and would be with their loved one soon. the venezuelan first lady a, sylvia for us. they had been sentenced to 18 years in the u.s. on drug smuggling charges in 2017. a crucial presidential election gets underway in brazil in just a few hours,
12:37 am
incumbent president, bolsonaro, recent poll show him well behind his main rival, the former president who was aiming for a political champ come back. cnn's madea has a preview. >> reporter: brazilians are bracing for the most polarizing elections in recent memory when polls open on sunday morning. the candidates spent the last campaign chasing the side of water voters, but almost a dozen candidates are to too clear, the leader in the polls, the former left-wing leader walking aside candidates. at night, the right wing president, jair bolsonaro let a rally, at night, bolsonaro live streamed on social media.
12:38 am
tensions are running high ahead of the race, with several cases of harassment and outright attacks between opposing political camps. there have even been accusations of poll researchers having their lives threatened by jair bolsonaro backers. the two top candidates have high rejection rates and jair bolsonaro has repeatedly claimed the electronic voting system can't be trusted without providing any evidence of problems. in recent days, lula da silva has provided a dominant position in the polls, the final poll released saturday evening gave lula da silva with 50% and jair bolsonaro with 60% votes. lula da silva's lead has said he could lead on sunday. if no one secures 50%, the top candidates will confront each other on a runoff vote at the end of the month. cnn, brazil, sao paulo. protests over the deatath o a young iranian woman n enter their third week.
12:39 am
a huhuman rights group says iran's military has been ordered to crush the protests. the report, after the break. when we started selling my health products online our shipping process was painfully slow. then we found shipstation. now we're shipping out orders 5 times faster and we're saving a ton.
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and traders in major cities from australia to europe are showing their solidarity with protesters in iran, who are defying a virtual government cracked down. while it began when 22-year-old, masa amini was detained by the morality police for not covering her hair with a he job. we have more, from istanbul. >> reporter: thousands of university students across iran to heart and protests on saturday in the capitol as well as other cities students protesting on campus, as well as taking to the streets.
12:43 am
we are those same, bold slogans and chance we have heard throughout these protests that have now entered the third week. calls for regime change, those chance of dust to the dictator, by some. some women taking off their headscarves, waving them in the air, as they chanted freedom. these young men and women appear really defiant and determined, despite this widening and intensify government cracked down. of course, the rating government has dismissed the grievances of the thousands have taken to the streets over the past couple of weeks, as rioters. they have described these protesters. they have described everything going on the country as a foreign plot to try and destabilize the islamic republic. we have heard from iranian officials, including the president, saying that these protests must be dealt with decisively, and that appears to be what the government is doing. right now.
12:44 am
by the government's own account, its own figures. more than 1000 have been detained so far, but according to human rights groups, they believe that number is much higher, in reality that there have been reports of mass rest taking place in the country in recent days. we have seen a number of influential iranians being detained and arrested by the government, including artists, musicians, athletes, poets, people who have come out in support of the protesters, as well as 28 journalists, according to the committee to protect journalists. and amnesty international, the united nations and others, have accused the government of using excessive force and dealing with these protest. amnesty international has said that government forces have shot directly and deliberately up testers. no one really knows how many people have been killed so far.
12:45 am
it is impossible for anyone outside the iranian government, to know the exact figure of those who have lost their lives, but we are getting different casualty tolls coming in from groups, human rights organizations, opposition groups, as well as state media, and they put the death toll anywhere between more than 40 people and up to more than 80 people. we can't independently verify these figures. it is very difficult for us to try and reach people inside iran, because if the internet blackout that is being imposed by the government, as well as the restrictions on medications, making it very difficult to try and verify information coming out of the country. there is a lot of concern that the more determined these protesters are, the more persistent these protesters are, the bolder their demands, and as they continue to take to the streets, that we are only
12:46 am
going to see the iranian government unleashing even more brutal force to try and crush these protests as it has done in the past. jomana karadsheh, cnn, istanbul. and the leader of a military coup is accusing the president of staging a counter offense just a day after he was ousted from power. hundreds of military supporters protested in front of the french embassy on saturday while the french foreign minister yes condemning the violence against the embassy, a fire broke out in several shots were heard. in the meantime, the president issued his first statement since being ousted, calling on the military to avoid a civil wawar. access to abortion is a volatile political issue, here in the united states, but in the netherlands it is seen as a basic right for women, even if they are from other countries. our report, after the break.
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works on that too, and lasts 12 hours. 12 hours?! who studies that long? mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs. closed captioning is brought to you by audiobook network. pretty say an audiobook with us. abortion is a huge issue in the u.s., especially after the supreme court overruled a long- standing national right to the
12:51 am
procedure. in europe, the netherlands is one of just a few countries, where access to abortion as possible past 12 weeks of pregnancy. so, the nation attracts women seeking the procedure from around the european union. cnn goes inside a dutch clinic to learn how it works. >> one of the last chances to have an abortion in europe, every woman who is making the decision is also doing this out of love for herself, but also for the fetus child. >> women can react in many, many different ways to an abortion. i have seen girls from 16 years old traveling through the whole of europe, traveling at night to come here and coming alone, and i have seen women from 39
12:52 am
years old come with their parents, and not able to make a decision. >> for me, it is not important if the woman has medical reasons or if there is something wrong with the fetus, it is her decision, and not anybody else's decision. lots of women from france, from germany, from poland, and other countries will come to our clinic. we saw a big increase in polish women who came to the clinic to have an abortion in the second trimester, and a big change for us was that these women had wanted pregnancies, there was either something wrong with the fetus or something wrong with the mother. >> i have been doing abortion activism for the last 16 years. predominantly, focusing on
12:53 am
getting abortions to people who live in countries, where access is restricted. we return abortion back to common people, no matter the law, no matter the stigma, no matter the cost. the police state provided 107 abortions in 2021. we, as abortion without borders attended 22,000, of which more than one and half thousand people travel. a person calls a number, and they have two options. one, if they are less than 12 weeks pregnant, they can take abortion pills in the privacy of their own house. if they are longer than 12 weeks pregnant, they are directed to sources abroad, and others, a abortion network, and those groups make sure that the
12:54 am
whole pathway from the place in poland, to the place abroad is taken care of. >> when a woman chooses for surgical abortion she will go to our first floor, where she gets a bed, and an infusion, and medication to prepare her for the treatment. we always try to come at people in the same the same room, and sometimes you see people bonding of talking with each other and having a very good relationship while they are here. the biggest challenges to cope with women who are having doubts , and to help them through it. it is sometimes not possible. you see a lot of grief and sadness, and we do our best to help them through it, to make them feel at ease, to make them feel comfortable, and sometimes, well, we talked about them, about the possibility of cremation of the fetus. >> i got the question from the women groups to have some kind
12:55 am
of memorial place for the polish women, because they couldn't take their child back home, and they have no place for grieving. so, i come to the cemetery in ireland to work something out. and that led to a nice memorial place for the stillborn's, that is what we call it. there is a little memorial tree with little leaves, and women can put the name of their child on this leaf, in loving memory of this child. but i think most important is that women have a spot, where they can think about the pregnancy and the child they lost. i don't know how to say this, but what i know is it feels like a job which is of importance.
12:56 am
>> actually, i start to feel more and more at the wrist, because there is a lot of antiabortion sentiments at the moment. we see the antiabortion groups take things from the united states are important in europe. nobody can be forced to have an abortion, and nobody must be forced to have a child. it is always the woman who must be in charge. the u.s. were men's basketball team defended its title as world champions. the americans be china 83-61, during the were men's basketball world cup in sydney, australia. organizers say more than 145,000 fans attended the tournament, that is the highest number in the history of the competition. asia wilson was named the tournament's mvp's, scoring 19 points. this is the restroom's 11th world title. that reps of this hour of
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we don't really use the v word. that's kind of insensitive. we prefer day-adjacent. i'll go man-pire. welcome to all of you watching us here in the united states, canada and around the world, i'm kim brunhuber. ahead on "cnn newsroom," tragedy at a sooker match in indonesia, more than 100 people killed amid the panic and chaos as fans stormed the field and clashe


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