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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 12, 2022 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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good morning, everyone. this just in. president biden speaking to reporters just moments ago as he departed the white house for a multiday west coast tour. m.j., what did the president just say? >> reporter: the president just departed the white house to go on this west coast swing. he actually stopped for a few minutes to take a number of questions from reporters. we asked him whether he had a reaction to the herschel walker controversy unfolding in georgia, and if democrats could keep that seat. he also got a number of follow-up questions with jake's interviews on issues relating to ukraine and vladimir putin. take a listen.
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>> reporter: do you think democrats can hold that seat? >> yes. >> reporter: they're calling for a stopping of armed sale for saudi arabia. will you support that? >> well will take action. [ inaudible question ] >> reporter: -- in ukraine? >> same ago always. beyond the pale. [ inaudible question ] >> reporter: -- to discuss brittney griner? any moment on that front? [ inaudible question ] >> know, of course the interview with jake last night touched on a number of topics. he cyr owed in on the issue of
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everything unfolding in ukraine, and drawing him out on the question of vladimir putin's mindset. as they attacks continue freshly in udrain, of course one of the key things he, i think president putin is a rational actor, but has miscalculated things significantly. also there was a question about whether there had been discussions about what exactly the united states would do if putin were to resort to using nuclear weapons. the president said, of course those discussions are ongoing, but it would be irresponsible to get into the details in public about what the u.s. may or may not do, but it was very clear the whole question of whether putin is a rational actor or not, that has taken on so much extra urgency, as he has acted by lashing out more and attacking these places across ukraine, and this is an issue
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that the administration has grappled with. bianna? >> and these attacks have only increased the last week. m.j. lee, thank you. russian forces shelled a market in eastern ukraine. three people were re cued overnight as missiles struck a residential building. fred pleitgen is in kyiv with the latest. rush ann is now accusing the west once again of nuclear rhetoric. a few weeks ago putin accused the united states of setting a nuclear precedent. what are we hearing this morning? >> reporter: putin is continuing to lash out at the west -- >> announcer: conference in moscow. >> okay. sorry, fred, we lost your shot for a second. >> reporter: okay. yeah, so vladimir putin earlier
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today, bianna, he spoke at an energy conference in moscow. he lashed out at the u.s., at the west, how he believed it was in the u.s.'s interests to prolong the war in ukraine. obviously the u.s. appeared allies is saying the opposite is the kay. they want russia to get out of ukraine. one of the things that is key to all of that. we just heard that from m.j. they say the key issue for them is the western air defense systems. right now, as they're facing this onslaught from the sky with these long-distance russian missiles hitting ukrainian towns, the chief of staff of the ukrainian military, he said that they -- >> fred pleitgen, our thanks to y
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you. congresswoman, i think you heard the gist of what the ukrainians are asking for, as well as what he heard from vladimir putin today. the ukrainians simply want more air defense, more sophisticated air defense systems, the united states says two are en route in the next two months, six next year. is that enough, given the barrage we have witnessed this w week. >> we're working incredibly hard to get the ukrainians what they need. of course, they have done extremely well with every tool. their technology has been superb, their use of the weaponry, and their desire to fight for their democratic rights. what we are seeing now is why
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this fight is so important, why democracy around the world is so important. what's amazing is each individual has a right to say, has a right to weigh in on the type of government they have, individual rights. we're seeing putin go against everything we believe in. bombing hospitals, playgrounds, schools, residential buildings, trying to force the people of russia to fight in a war they want nothing to do with. when he said he was going to conscript 300,000 soldiers, we're seeing people flee from russia, protests in the streets. and then we're seeing the ukrainians people that made the determination their rights are so important, they're willing to take on one of the powerful
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military . >> they continue for a lot of losses. they're asking for longer-range ammunition and missiles. the united states, thus far, has said no to that request. is it time to rethink that? >> i think we really need to look at ensuring we're supplying the ukrainians with everything they can to take on this fight. i think we should look at the longer-range missiles. i've said that to the white house, and you know they're considering the past forward and hue we can get them everything they need to fight this spike. they have been so successful with the himars, and the tools
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we've given them. as you said, the morale in the russian troops has been at a low ebb. that is frankly might be because they are committing war crimes. now we're hearing stories throughout the front, seeing the civilians targets that putin and the russian military have identified. it's really breathtaking the lack of concern for human becomes, for children, that the russians are now showing. >> you served as a russian policy officer and worked on the implementation of the american knew heart treaty obligations. we just heard from the u.n. secretary-general that nuclear exercises will go on next week as previously planned. these are routine. as we know, there's nothing about the current dynamic and tensions in the region.
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do you think it's wise the exercises continue, given in the past that similar exercises have been put on hold these past seven months? >> i think it's really important that putin understands that there is no path forward for him, should he choose to engage in a nuclear war, should he make this a nuclear war. i think it's really important we work to deter that in every way possible. it's concerning, because he has made grave miscalculations and mistakes from the start of this war. his lack of understanding of the world community and their push against him invading territory of democracies, the will of the ukrainian people to continue to fight for their freedoms at very high costs, the destruction of his own internal economy, and now we're seeing, even though he
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controls a lot of narrative in russia proper, we're seeing people baulking at this horrible war. on the one side he has the hardliners, on the other side he has the people of russia pushing back on this war. we need to make sure he knows that a nuclear strategy is something he should not pursue. >> let me ask you quickly before you go on opec and saudi arabia and their shocking decision to cut production by 2 million barrels a day. let's talk about the president and what he just said. he said he would look into saudi arms legislation when her returns from the west coast in response to that move. would you support that legislation? >> i certainly think we need to look carefully at our relationship with saudi arabia. we have worked with them in partnership against iran in the region, which has been very important, but right now, to see that they are going down this path, that they are going down a
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path with russia against democracy, against individual and human rights. we've seen them go down this path in yemen. we've seen the problems with free press with khashoggi. they're not taking the path we look like to see them take. this is just another step away from those values. i also find their decision, quite frankly, odd, given that we have worked very hard now in the last several pieces of legislation, including the national defense authorization act out of the house on my committee, the house armed services committee, to gain energy independence in this country. with an economy look russia and saudi arabia has, which is highly dependent on oil, almost nothing else in their economy supports them, to see them making these decisions to destabilize world oil markets i think is very short-sighted and
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will lead to people moving away from these fossil fuels more quickly than possibly if they hadn't engaged in this, to their detriment. >> congresswoman, we'll have to leave it there. thank you, as always. we appreciate your time. >> thank you so much. more from president biden's exclusive cnn interview as he acknowledging a slight recession is possible. how americans are feeling about where the economy stands right now. plus -- is he's lying? >> yes, he's lying. herschel walker doubling down on his denial over abortion allegations, as big names in the gop stand by walker just weeks before the miss terms. and soon jurors will deliberate the fate of the gunman behind the shooting, as the deatath penalty remains on e table.
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new polls showing momentum for president biden, even as opt tism surrounding the economy dwindles. his approval rating is up six months from june and july, but americans still feel incredibly worried about the state of the eco economy. dana bash joins me now to discuss. dana, always great to see you, my friend. >> you too. >> this was an issue that jake discussed with the president last night. clearly you could see the frustration in president biden, saying, listen, i don't think a recession is imnerve and people have been warning about a recession for months now. let's listen to his words.
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>> it hasn't happened yet. there is no if there is a recession, it will be very slight. >> no one has a magic ball here to predict what will happen in the future but what message do you think he's trying to send? >> he's trying to walk the finest of fine lines in that response. he's -- while also trying to acknowledge the reality of how people feel, the reality that is reflected in the poll just more than 2 in 10 americans are even somewhat positive about the
7:20 am
economy the flip side saying they're almost pessimistic about it. that is the palpable sensibility of democratic candidates people just don't feel good. if you dig deeper, our polling director made a point about the very real short-term political challenges in that they looked at the 50 most competitive congressional district. in those, it's especially challe challenging you see there on the screen, it is very stark.
7:21 am
>> and inflation repeat stubbornly high, plus the opec's decision to cut production. the issue of the president's age also came up with jake last night. he's soon to turn 80 years old. he would be 82, this is a conversation being had quite frankly within the democratic party, whether he should be running given his huge. here was his response to that question. >> what's your message to democrats, who like you, like what you have done, but are concerned about the age and demands of the job. >> they're concerned with whether i've gotten anything done. name my a president in recent history that got this much done in a matter of two years. i believe i've been able to do the job. i can do the job. >> he's got a point there, and he also believers he's the only
7:22 am
one that could beat former president trump if he runs again. he has history to prove him right on that. are the democrats doing a disservice by continuals to talk about it? >> democrats, the ones who are talking about it, are for the most part talking about it, because they're hearing it from their constituents, pretty much how you set up the question and the sound bite, bianna. and it is true, he does have a point that the biden administration has gotten a lot done. legislatively and through the power of his pen, particularly given where things stood when he took office with the covid pandemic still absolutely raging. having said that, when it comes to presidents, it's not just -- again, it's almost like the economy, it's not just about what they have done. it's about how people feel. presidents are very personal when it comes to americans.
7:23 am
they are in americans' living room nowadays, on their phones, representing the united states of america, the embodiment of america. and he is not a young plan. that is also something that is just a fact, and it is something that the democratic party is grappling with. maybe it's something that the republican party will grapple with, if in enact donald trump runs. he's not that much younger. >> no, he's not a spring checking either. >> no. always good to see you, dana. >> thanks. the january 6th committee plans to lay out more of their case, including a surprising finding in what is expected to be the last hearing before the mid terms. what can we expect? we'll tell you, up next. i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad. try this robitussin honeney. the real honey you love, plus the p powerful cough relief you need. mimind if i root through your trash? robitussin.
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the justice department filing a response to the supreme court on tuesday, opposing former president trump's request for the court to intervene over the dispute of seized documents. the doj called the record extraordinarily sensitive and the court should let stand a federal appeals court order that blocked the access over the records while legal challenges play out. joining muss is nancy gertler
7:29 am
ner, and caroline filici. nancy, let me begin with you, the argument that trump has not even attempted to explain how he's been injured by the partial stay, which simply prevents the disclosure of the documents with special markings. what do you make of the doj's arguments? do you expect the supreme court to even take up the case? >> let me and i think any judge reviewing it would say, of course, trump and the special master -- not just the special master, but trump wants access to the 100 or so classified documents specially set aside for review here while the ongoing review of the other
7:30 am
documents are going on. what they say, which is absolutely clear, is that trump has no entitlement to the classified documents. he has not attorney-client privilege with respect to classified documents, no executive privilege, and for the purposes of emergency relief before the supreme court, he has no showing of why he is irreparably harmed. should the supreme court intervene in this kind of factual dispute, it would be extraordinary and without basis. so for the second part of your question, i would be astonished if the court intervenes at all. >> on that note, caroline our supreme court analyst said even if it does side with former president trump, it would have no impact on the department of justice's doing with those
7:31 am
materials. do you agree with that? >> absolutely. i think it's important, when we talk about this specific sort of trial within a trial, if you will, is that we have to see the forest from the trees. this is sort of a sideshow, red herring. the heart of the issue, the legal issue is sort of a niche jurisdictional one. it's not a very interesting question. i agree with judge gertner, it would be very splicing if the supreme court took it up. for sure it couldn't take it up if it were any other plaintiff in this case. but like so many things we've seen in this case, the unprecedented nature makes it unclear what what will happen. the trump team wants to know what the department of justice has.
7:32 am
they want a real inventory of it. i don't think the supreme court will step in here, and i think the justice department's review will continue at pace. >> you're right. precedent has become an ever 46 growing term. judge gertner, let me ask you if the just department's response was that christina bo about. b, inaccurately attesting that all classified material had been returned following a, quote, diligent search of mar-a-lago. they said, provided a sworn certification in written on behalf of the office of donald j. trump that a diligent extent was done, and any and all responsive documents 'company the certification. it also certified no reproduction was retained. what do you think about the point that the doj appears to be
7:33 am
alluding at, that there may be copies of these documents out there somewhere? >> well, of course, there may be copies, about you if you recall, they found classified envelopes, with classification markings on the outside, but nothing inside. i mean, it was chaos with respect to the most serious and important documents that the federal government keeps. so in other reporting, it's clear there's worry other documents are out there, but just again, you have to step back. i keep on urging people to step back. these are documents that trump had for almost 18 months. the nothing that he needs access to the documents he has had is extraordinary at this point. it's just extraordinary. also, christina bobb, or whoever did the attestation, has levels of their own culpability here, which we understand the government is addressing.
7:34 am
>> it's interesting that the lawyers themselves have to gain lawyers in representation. caroline, let me ask you what you are looking for tomorrow's hearing, likely the last one before the mid terms. we're not expecting witnesses, but we are expecting the committee will present more evidence linking the former president to the rioters and the events that unfolded on january 6th. >> yeah, and that's really the hot button issue. i want from the beginning, the committee has done an excellent superb job of laying out the timeline. we saw never before seen footage of the mayhem that took place on that day. thereafter, we saw evidence of the other potential crimes looming here, you know, conspiracy to defraud the united states, to obstruct an official proceeding, but there hadn't been a real through line between the seditious conspiracy for which the department of justice
7:35 am
is prosecuting currently, and president trump. so i will be looking for more information about that, the willard hotel war room meeting, any communications between team trump and potential the oath keepers and proud boys. again, anything to draw the specific connection. that's what you need really legally here, a specific connection between trump and the seditious conspirators on that day. i think the committee should do a high defend light reel. they should know their audience. the american public tends to forget things. it's been a while since we've had a hearing, so i think they need to package this adeptly and smartly, so spot american public gets a picture of the whole thing. >> we'll be cover it of course, tomorrow on cnn. thank you both. we appreciate your time. one of the most high-profile races of the mid terms of rafer
7:36 am
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and if you got the devil on your shoulder... take him for a ride. in georgia, republican senate nominee herschel walker is denying new allegations from a woman who claims he paid for her abortion. this comes from new reporting from "the washington post," stating that the woman says she had to repeatedly push him to
7:41 am
pay for the procedure. despite the allegations, two promise yercht senators rallied behind walker on tuesday on the campaign trail. eva, how did walker respond? >> as of this morning, we have not heard back from the campaign regarding this latest upsay, saying she had to press him for the money, even though he was the one who wanted an abortion. he strenuously denies the allegations. >> initially last week, you weren't even sure who the woman was. >> which is true. >> but at this point you now know who the woman is. >> yes. >> have you had a conversation with her at all? >> not at all. i didn't know who it was, and i went, oh, that's not true, but they still ran with it. so, that's not true. i called it a lie.
7:42 am
right now, i said i'm going to go back to campaigning. did you ever have a conversation with this woman at any time about aan bores? >> no. >> did you ever, to your knowledge, to give money to pay for the cost of an abortion? >> no. >> is she lying? >> yes, she's lying. >> a i should note cnn has not independently been able to verify the core allegations here, but it's up to georgia voters to decide who they believe. he continuing to enjoy the full support of the establishment and conserve 'tis i spoke with at that rally, by and large say even if the allegations are true, they will support -- the
7:43 am
two will face out of -- >> eva mccann, thank you so much. he's at the center of a widely popular podcast, and he's now officially cleared of the the murder of his high school girlfriend. what the baltimore prosecutor is saying this morning. aspen dental w was built around your life. so come on in, no matter how long it's been. we're not just onon your corner. we're in your corner. with smarter, more affordable care. that'll bring more life to your smile... and more smile to your life.
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jury deliberations are underway in the penalty trial of nikolas cruz. jurors are decide whether he spends the rest of his life in prison or receives the death penalty. cnn's carlos suarez is live in fort lauderdale with the latest. >> reporter: bianna, just a few minutes ago, the jury finally broke, the case is now in their hands and he begin the work whether nikolas cruz will die for his actions or spend the rest of his life in prison. yesterday the state and defense made their final case of life and death in this case. the state once again reminded how clyle the shooting was, they describe how he we aren't back to some of the victims and shot them several times, just to make
7:49 am
sure they were dead. the defense asked the jury to show mercy, seo. the defense has tried to paint the picture of cruz as being a troubled manic mentally ill, whose adoptive mother had trouble raising a child with special needs and whose own birth mother used drugs and alcohol while she was pression mant with cruz. they even read some of his commentary. here now is some of the exchange in court yesterday. >> it was calculated. it was purposeful, and it was a systematic master. >> sentencing him to death will change absolutely nothing. it will not bring back those 17
7:50 am
innocent victims that he viciously murdered. >> reporter: all right. so deliberations could take some time. that's because each of the 17 counts of first-agree murder have four pages of questions that the jury has to answer in florida. the decision has to be unanimous on death or cruz will spend the rest of his life in prison. bianna? >> carlos suarez, our thanks to you. baltimore prosecutors dropped all the charges against adnan syed. >> they field excluded, you know, his brother said in court he felt blindsided and betrayed.
7:51 am
the feeling is only deepened and they feel there's a lot of questions that need to be asked that are not being asked. for them, this is not over. they intend to see everything possible to really get behind what happened here. >> as for syed, the case is over. according to the attorney, moseby cited results of his testing of clothing and shoes, which ruled out syed. >> justice delayed is justice denied. this man has been included, the dna has come back. we offer every sort of resource, counseling, a copy of the motion to vacate prior to anyone else receiving it. we were compelled in the interest of justice and fairness to dismiss this case. >> we should note that no other suspects have been named. welcome, two weeks after hurricane ian slammed into southwest florida, the struggle to get aid continues for those
7:52 am
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school officials in southwest florida are doing everything they can to help get students impacted by hurricane ian back into the classroom. in lee county, the school district is reopening enrollment offices this week. that would allow families displaced or relocated after the storm to re-enroll for the school year. there's still so much that needs to be done. nadia romero has more. >> i consider it kind of like -- >> reporter: that's how the mother of eight describes the shelter, still housing evacuees. the american red cross runs this
7:57 am
ice rink turned refuge that's usually home to the everglades hockey team. >> it's cold in here. >> reporter: even showers are ice cold. there's limited food and resources. >> there has been a couple overdoses, a lot of heavy alcohol use. there's been a lot of fights, a lot of dinners turn into peanut butter and jelly. >> reporter: she said he has heard from a red cross worker. >> can you help us out at all? what should we do next? they really don't have a plan for, you know, any of us at the moment. >> the american red control did not provide cnn with an on-camera interview. in a statement, acknowledged some challenges -- our feeding vehicle was delayed in reaching the arena due to clogged roads and heavy traffic. to help avoid further issues, we
7:58 am
delivered a mobile kitchen to prepare food on sites. tom feels lucky his insurance may help with some repairing. >> how long will it bet to get the rubbish picked up? i have a tree that's at the back of the house. i have a hole in the roof. we have to patch that. the contractors will be very difficult to find. >> reporter: entire neighborhoods in distress. christian organization is a mare tan's purse say they'll stay in florida for six months or longer to- >> we have seen a lot of work. you with drive down the streets. i was in arcadia a couple days ago, driving through here today. you see piles of debris on every street. that's a sign that recovery is beginning. >> mud and muck remain in what's
7:59 am
left of his home. saturday a fema representative, but homeowners and flood insurance -- >> they gave me some money right up front to get started for living expense and food, so it worked out really great. >> a temporary bridge to connect the islands is now open to emergency crews, and it will be open to the publicly october 21st, but he won't return for good. >> you're going to go to an i'd and god forbid you're going to come to another storm, and you do the same thing over again. i'm not going to do that. >> but some don't have any options. ♪ back at hertz arena, she wonders about all the moan that's been donated. >> they say a million more have been sent and we get peanut butter and jelly at night, and it's light, where is all the funds going? that's my honest question.
8:00 am
>> reporter: britney, who we just heard from, tells us they don't access to do laundry, and they've been here for two weeks. the american red cross telling us today they are actively sorting through clothes donations so they can provide the clothes to the shelter residents. bianna? >> an important reminder the road to recovery will be a long one. nadia rho mea, thank you. thank you for joins us today. at this hour with kate bolduan starts right now. hello, everyone. at this hour, president biden talks exclusively to cnn from ukraine to the risk of a recession. much more on that. plus the calls to resign growing louder and louder still in los angeles. the city council members at the center of a racist scandal are still refusing to step