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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  October 12, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> reporter: britney, who we just heard from, tells us they don't access to do laundry, and they've been here for two weeks. the american red cross telling us today they are actively sorting through clothes donations so they can provide the clothes to the shelter residents. bianna? >> an important reminder the road to recovery will be a long one. nadia rho mea, thank you. thank you for joins us today. at this hour with kate bolduan starts right now. hello, everyone. at this hour, president biden talks exclusively to cnn from ukraine to the risk of a recession. much more on that. plus the calls to resign growing louder and louder still in los angeles. the city council members at the center of a racist scandal are still refusing to step down.
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and brett favre insists he is the victim of -- he insists now he is the victim of a smear campaign in mississippi. this is what we are watching at this hour. we begin with cnn's exclusive interview with president biden. the president responding for the first time about putin's war in ukraine since his warn about a nuclear armageddon. he told jake tapper he doesn't believe the st. putin will actually yew nuclear weapons, but the mistake he believes putin may upon invading ukraine. >> i think he's a rational actor who has miscalculated significantly. i think he thought he was going to be welcome with open arms. this is the home of mother russia, and i think he totally miscalculated. >> the conversation also touched on saudi arabia. brittney griner, the economy, even the possibility of criminal
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charges against the president's son hunter. more on that in a moment. let's start with m.j. lee. m.j., he doesn't do many sit-down interviews these days. what are you hearing from there today? >> that's right, kate, he really doesn't. this came at such a high-stakes moment both for the president here at home and on the global stage. one thing we saw jake do is draw the president out a lot on sort of what he seeing about vladimir putin's current mindset as the attacks across ukraine continues. obviously one of the key lines was when the president said he thinking that putin is a rational actor who has miscalculated significantly. he also explained what he meant when he recently said he believes he has seen a direct threat of a nuclear war for the first time in 60 years. take a listen. >> when i'm talking about, i'm talking to putin, he in fact
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cannot continue with impunity to talk about the use of a tactical nuclear weapons as if that's a rational thing to do. mistakes can get made, and a manages calculation can occur. no one is sure what would h happen. >> reporter: the president lest in the last half hour, to head to the west coast. one of those questions from the reporters was whether he has seen any movement lately on the brittney griner front. he said, not from putin. obviously one of the things he told jake last night was that he would be willing to meet with vladimir putin at the g-20 if the greiner issue was something he wanted to discuss. kate? >> good to see you, m.j. vladimir putin is speaking publicly as well, coming after president biden's biting criticism. he was addressing an energy conference in moscow, trying to
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claim he is not to blame for europe's energy crisis, this as russian forces continue their revenge strikes across ukraine today. fred pleitgen has the latest. >> reporter: we are monitoring the speech that vladimir putin made at that energy forum in moscow, to see whether or not he would comment on some of the things that president biden told jake tapper in that interview last nights, about still being a rational actor, but having grossly miscalculated. putin didn't directly do that. he didn't speak about the a attacks. however, the kremlin did react to that. i want to read what divide mitri peskov said today. this is a quo -- every day that they practical nuclear rhetoric every day, we consider this a pernicious and provocative practice, he said. obviously the russians are essentially trying to throw things back to the u.s. and its
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allies. of course, the ukrainians are specially concerned about -- and a possible tact call nuclear strike if they continue to lose. we have a show of defiance in ukraine. in fact, the area where i'm standing was hit by one of those russian missile strikes on monday morning. five people were killed here. as you can see, the ukrainians very quick to pack it back up and get traffic rolling again. however, this city does remain under alert. in fact, tonight, we did have several air ride environment alarms, an d zap orrishia was
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also hid. >> biden hasn't done many interviews, especially recently. when it comes to his assessment of putin and the war, did you see a president confident in the position that the u.s. is maintaining in that conflict there? >> he was a president careful with the position the u.s. is maintaining with regard to russia, incredibly careful, to the point where, when jake responded to him, or followed up with him on the notion of putin being a rational act op, biden was quick not to impugn putin, by saying his actions are not rational. to me, that spoke volumes about biden being as cautious as he is. with understanding. it's very understandable that he
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is cautious, because you're talking about somebody who has attacked a sovereign nation, and also is -- has nuclear weapons, and the u.s. is concerned. maybe not overly concerned, but concerned about estimates susan, i want your take, bus first i want to play this. >> the whole point i was making is it could lead to a horrible outcome. not because anybody intends to turn it into a world war end, but once you use a nuclear weapon, the miscalculation that could be made, who knows what could happen. >> you say people should not take that as a comforting thought.
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why, susan? >> rational is a pretty low bash. mad men in a way is a cop-out to say putin went craze and invaded, where as a matter of fact it's clear with him repeatedly escalating, repeatedly resorting to outrageous use of military forces as a way to achieve political epds, this terror campaign he's waging on the civilians of ukraine is very consistent with how vladimir putin has waged war throughout his tenure as russia's leader. he's waged his own people in chechnya in the same way. he did the same in syria in the city of aleppo. it doesn't signify some crazy rupture that vladimir putin is doing this. he is holding ukraine and the rest of the world host age whic
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is why i think president biden is forced to consider sonar uses. >> and whether he would meet with vladimir putin, biden's take is he had no intention unless putin wanted to speak about wrongry detaining americans like brittney griner. he was asked today about the negotiation over brittney griner. >> reporter: are you open to a meeting to discuss brittney griner? have you seen any movement on that front? >> not with putin. >> susan, what is this that he's trying to message here, do you think? >> first of all, i would say it's highly unlikely you'll see any meeting between vladimir putin and joe biden any time soon, even over a limited subject such as the release of
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another american hostage, which is what brittie greiner is. the reason is that putin is, right now, acting as a terrorist as i pointed out. america doesn't negotiate with terrorists. i think it will be hard for biden to directly engage with vladimir putin, given the weigh he sort of outraged the international order. i think it's important for bide been to be shown political as someone speaking up for an american citizen, who has essentially become a pawn in this super-power contest. i think the aggressive effort to negotiate unfortunatelily, this is a sign they're not get very far in their private effort. the way he responded, not with
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putin, i took as optimistic, because everyone wants to be brittney griner come home, maybe there are discussions going on just not with putin. >> i imagine there have been discussions, but remember, the united states just a couple months ago made public its offer to try to get brittney griner released. to me thatn indication that their private negotiations had reached a standstill. the fact that since then it corrects -- unfortunately it was the correct interpretation. >> good to see you both. >> you too. >> thank you. the first public comments about the possible criminal charges against his son. hunter. more from cnn's sit-down with the president, next. it's clinically proven to moisturize dry skin for 24 hours. aveeno® it's the subway series menu!
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should the american people prepare to a recession? >> no, they say this every six months. it hasn't happened yet. there is no -- there's no guarantee. i don't think there will be a recession. if there is a recession, a very slight recession. president biden now downplaying the likelihood of a possible recession. a new cnn poll also shows it is top of mind with americans right now, the economic, inflation, the recession, a majority of americans are not optimistic about the economy. only 22% saying they think the economic conditions in the united states are good. back with me now, chief cnn political correspondent dana bash. when you put those this innings
8:17 am
side by side. it really does show the struggle and challenge that the president and his party really have before them. >> such a struggle. >> that feeling that you talk about that you show the on the screen, that's it. that's the whole ball game when you talk about what's going to happen in mid november. we say that, because we know from experience that the economy is almost always a driving factor. we know from polls, but also anecdotally -- i went out to cover a competitive race in ohio. the governor's racial in michigan, a competitive race in the tidewater area of virginia, and the economy is a huge issue. i know i sound like captain obvious here, but i think the
8:18 am
feeling part of this challenge is critical, because that's what i heard from voters. even if it's not necessarily that it's a -- the grocery store, everything is more expensive there, or at the pump. it's just an overall feeling of i don't feel confident in this economy. i don't feel confident i can provide adequately for my family. that's a very, very challenging political environment for a president and his party in control of congress. >> absolutely. with the economy in mind, biden also said he's reevaluating the relationship and plans -- i want to show how he talked about it in this interview. >> when this house and senate gets back, they're going to have to -- there will be consequences for what they have done with russia. >> what kind of consequences. menendez says suspend all arms
8:19 am
sales. is that something you would consider? >> i'm not going to get in what i will consider and have in mind, but there will be consequences. >> one top democrat told me yesterday any freeze in the relationship that's not totally defined is not as simple as it sounds. it could in some regard ba backfire. how real do you think this talk of consequences is? >> well, i think of consequences might be real, but what you said is, you nailed it, of course, on the complications of dealing with saudi arabia. all we have to do is see what president biden has done in the past, you know, few months, which is he went to saudi arabia, met with the crown prince even after saying very harsh things about him because of the murder of jamal
8:20 am
khashoggi. that's exhibit a of how complicated it is. you layer the opec. i think it's the president's fellow democrats pushing legislation on saudi, it's another example of people out there wanting their members of corning, their senators to do something. this is a chance -- senator blumenthal is afternoon example. he's tough on saudi, probably in a pretty safe seat in connecticut, but he is out for reelection. the fact he's out front is also telling where the voters are. i also want to play what biden also said about his son hunter, and the possibility he would face criminal charges for a tax crimes. >> by the way, this thing about a gun, i didn't know anything about it, but it turns out when he made application to purchase a gun, what happened was le --
8:21 am
you get asked the question are you odd drugs or use drugs? he said no, and wrote about saying no in his book. so i have confidence in my son. i love him, he's on the straight and narrow, and has been for a couple years now, and i'm just so proud of him. >> dana, there's a lot in that answer. i think people don't appreciate it enough. what do you think of that, bearing in mind this is a very big topic among his republican critics. >> very big topic. ever since the now president started -- was asked about hunter biding on the campaign trail, the tack he took was, first and foremost as a father, obviously, but also as a father of somebody who has had a drug problem. that is, unfortunately, a credibly relatable to a lot of people in this country, and what happens to people with drug
8:22 am
problems, they have other problems with regard to the law, with regard to other issues in their lifts. so he notably didn't answer on potential criminality, and just kept it on substance abuse and, of course, the love for his son. >> absolutely. any family who has dealt with addiction knows the support and love and just hearing that you're proud of someone, and saying you're proud of someone is a huge thing in keeping them on the straight and narrow. good to see you, dana. >> you too, kate. brett favre, he now claims he was the victim of a smear campaign, denies his involved in a massive fraud scheme, despite texts that he was worried about the public finding out where the funds s were coming from. that's next.
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officer is now charged with aggravated assault after shooting an unarmed 17-year-old sitting, eating in his car in a mcdonald's parking lot.
8:28 am
cnn's josh campbell joins us now with more on this one. josh, what were you learning about these charges? >> kate, a significant development, this stemmed from the inns didn't that was seen on body cam footage, where you seen officer approaching a vehicle. he then opens fire. this video is graphic and disturbing, but that teen was found a block later. we now know the officer that was seen on this video has been criminally charged with two counts of aggravated assault. our colleague report ago short time ago this officer has bonded out. he's out on $200,000 bond. this move was first tell graphed to cnn yesterday on "new day," the police chief talking with brianna keilar. he expected charges to be filed by the end of the week. the prosecutor is moving
8:29 am
quickly. we have tried to attempt this former officer brennan. we have not made contact with him. the police chief in san antonio is distancing saying that shooting is not representative of sapd. take a listen. >> this was a failure for one individual police officer. it had nothing to do with our policies. le pose did not allow that. our training does not teach that. this was a fail for one particular police officer. here we are as a result of that fail. >> reporter: here is that policy. this is the san antonio deadly force policy. an officer shall attempt to move to a position of safety rather than discharging a firearm at the vehicle or any occupants of the vehicle. so, again, we saw that on video ourself, the violation of that policy. finally we got a statement in from the attorney representing the family of this teenage boy.
8:30 am
they say they're not commenting on the criminal charges. their focus is on the kid. he remains in the hospital unresponsive on life support. >> my god. josh, thank you very much for that update. so, nfl hall of fame quarterback brett favre speaking up to defend himself, making a rare statement since being connected to a massive welfare fraud scheme. he claims that the funds for the volley ball weren't specifically meant for the state's needy families. diane, i spoke with a state auditor, who uncovered this whole scheme. he made it very clear at the time that he believes that favre knew where the money came from. let me play this. >> now we know mr. nauv not only knew he was receiving money from
8:31 am
this nonprofit, which was funded by taxpayer dollars. we know the funding for that was a sham. we know that he knows that, too. and we now know he didn't wanted media or public to find out about this. >> so, diane, what is favre saying now? >> this is the first time we've heard from brett favre himself in months, but it's kind of the same denial we've been hearing through his attorneys -- i didn't know about this. this time he's essentially painting himself as a victim, saying he's been unjustly smeared by the media and wants to set the record straight writing in pardon -- no one ever told me and i did not know the funds designated were going to the university or me. i tried to help my alma mater raise funds for a wellness center. my goal was and always will be to improve the athletic facilities at my university. he later added, after i found out that the money i was paid
8:32 am
for fund-raising came from federal well fair funds, i returned all of it. he's talking about two different things, also the $1.1 million in welfare funds that went directly to brett favre for sort of a psa campaign of commercial spots and public appearances that the state auditor says he never made. favre's attorney says he was never asked to make them, but brett favre, as we mencountry. now, as part of that lawsuit, we have seen some text messages that do involve brett favre that have been entered into the public record here. one of them that stands out to people in particular is with a woman named nancy ngu.
8:33 am
she'd pleaded guilty to this. she has pleaded guilty. in it brett favre wrote to her -- if you were to pay me, is there any way the immediate could can find out where it came from and how -- she responded, no, we've never had the information publicized. kate, his new attorney, brett fa favre, said that favre was simply uneasy about being a celebrity and people finding out where it got paid from. it had nothing to do with the affect that he knew it was welfare money. much more to learn. good to see you. thank you. coming up for us -- >> let's respect people who showed up to give their voice to us. [ chanting ] >> outrage clearly over racist comments reaching a boiling point in l.a. i'm going to speak with one of the city council members next. wet and dry coughs. ms
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and let's respect people who showed up to give their voice to us. >> crowds were demanding the resignation over a leaked ought i don't recording. cnn's nick watt is live in los angeles for us. where do things stand now? his press secretary believes he believes they and should design, now,al that meeting, there was sadness, shock, anger, pointed profanity, all of this based around this leaked audio on which the president of the city council speaking about the young black son of a fellow council member, said he was misbehaving at a parade and, quote, looks like a little monkey.
8:40 am
all of this was part of a discussion of redistricting, which is often viewed through the prism of race. and also said of the citi's d.a., eff that guy, he's with the blacks. what could be the long-term impact? take a listen. >> these individuals have possibly damaged the -- of intentional difficult work of building multiracial understanding and solidarity among black and latinx communities. >> the acting president laid out a bunch of proposals, one of them having an independent body handle the redistricting. that acting president said, i do not believe we can have the healing necessary or govern as we need if these three members remain on that council. kate? >> thank you, nick. joining me is curran price, one
8:41 am
of the very members we're talking about. thank you for coming in. you've called for your three colleagues to resign as well. you've called their actions unbelievable. if they stay on the council, though, will you be able to work together to serve the people of your city? >> i think it will be very difficult, kat by eselected, officials, but in l.a., a multicultural, multiethnic city, those kinds of feelings just have no place. i'm going to be working withy colleagues and restoring faith in our government. >> i want to play what councilman mike bonnen, what he said of the meeting --
8:42 am
>> i can know or comprehend or feel the weight of the daily relentless racism that my son is going to face but, man i know the fire that you feel when someone trying to destroy black boy joy. man, it's a rage. >> this is a very tough moments but you've talked about unified. could this be a moment of racial healing? >> i think it can be. they have to resign. otherwise there will be no peace. we start to have start having frank discussions about programs and policies, and about being more and more inclusive. i support,ed offof an expanded
8:43 am
council, perhaps more members -- i certainly believe verb have an independent redistricting committee, a district that does not have the council with the final say. we have to work to make sure we are pulling everybody together in this discussion, so healing can begin, but it won't start until they at least resign. >> one thing we might be wondering, did they be forced to resign? from what i've seen, it's very hashed. a recall election is very costly and expensive, can take a long time. if that's the case, have you tried to have a personal one-on-one conversation with these members, with nury martinez, away from the microphones, a human-to-human conversation, to express this, to tell them how this whole
8:44 am
thing has made you feel. what it is doing to the city and also to hear what they have to say, considering it seems very hard that anyone can force them to resign. >> you're right. a recall takes time the best result is for them to resign. appointed a caretaker, and then decide how the next election will take place. yeah, i've spoken with a couple of them, indicated the heartburn they're causing, the pain they have caused, urging them to resign. yesterday morning i spoke to two members, asked them to leave the floor even, because their mere presence just creates chaos that we cannot tolerate if we're serious about moving forward. i think we have to. we are a resilient city.
8:45 am
we have worked hard creating the kind of relationships -- especially between black and brown communities. we want to make sure the bonds are reinforced, that we don't let the statements and comments tear us apart, but we want to make sure we are governing in a way that's more inclusive, more collaborative, and it takes everyone into consideration. >> councilman price, thank you for coming on. coming up for us. russian-speaking hackers knock off 14 airport web sites across the united states. is this a shot across the bow. taking a break to recharge doesn't mean dropping everything. here is dr. sanjay gupta in "chasing life." >> getting through a pile of work definitely takes concentration, but taking breaks is just as important. a newfound that microbreaks, ten minutes or less can increase
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vote no on 27. it's a terrible deal for california. we win. you lose. it was a real concern that if the u.s. and our allies came
8:52 am
together to inflict sanctions or other consequences on the kremlin, that they might retaliate. there might be direct retaliation attacks on critical infrastructure. there might be a criminally aligned -- a group aligned with russia that might launch a ransomware attack or cascading consequences from an attack in ukraine or europe. >> that is the director of america's cyberdefense of the nation's top cyberdefense agency. this week pro-russian hackers knocked offline the websites of more than a dozen u.s. airports. fortunately it didn't impact airport operations but it is raising fresh concerns about the vulnerability of america's infrastructure. joining me is chris krebs, the former top cybersecurity official for the department of homeland security. good to see you. this airport attack showed no sign of impact actual air travel, if you will, but could this be a precursor to something
8:53 am
more. how does the team figure that out? >> i think what you're seeing right now is patriotic hackers aligned with the kremlin that are just trying to make noise, and it's really nothing more than a nuisance attack. as you pointed out it did not affect air operations at these various airports. it really, if anything, disrupted your ability to see how many parking spots were available at the airport or see what food options are available, but there's no correction whatsoever to air operations, so i think your viewers should rest assured that the current attacks at least are not a safety or real security life safety issues. going forward, though, as director easterly pointed out, as we are still very much in the early stages of the russian invasion of ukraine, a conflict that could drag out for many months if not a year or longer and as russia's hopes, their capabilities dwindle they're going to start resorting, perhaps, to unconventional
8:54 am
capabilities, and that would include targeting cyberor using cyberto target critical infrastructure and we've seen for years that they've expressed interest in our electric grid, they've targeted our election infrastructure. now, they haven't had, you know, an effect to date, but it is something that our government agencies are worried about and our private sector partners as well working every day and that shields up a posture that jen has mentioned repeatedly. >> so how vulnerable is critical infrastructure in the u.s. to a cyberattack that is not just a nuisance but could have a real and damaging impact? >> well, i think the question is more about how resilient is our infrastructure. we have seen time and time again actors, whether it's ransomware or russians or iranians, north koreans, any number of actors including the chinese, that have attempted to infiltrate, compromise, steal data. but what we haven't necessarily seen is a true disruption to our
8:55 am
economy and i think probably the closest thing was last year's colonial pipeline ransomware attack. so i think the resilience and the reliability of the infrastructure is actually quite robust. the concern that i would have is tors, russians in particular, combine technical cyberattacks with information operations, psychological attacks where they're really just get into our heads and undermine our confidence in the ability of our government to protect us and our critical infrastructure providers to be able to, you know, continue to provide services, so i think, again, resilience, reliability is high, but the splash factor, the perception hack is an area where they may see some success and create a little panic. >> so interesting. it's always great to have you, chris. thank you so much. >> thanks, kate. >> i really appreciate it thank you all so very much for joining us. i'm kate bolduan. "inside politics" with john king
8:56 am
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