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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  October 14, 2022 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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habitat for humanity and the carpenters union in rejecting prop e and supporting prop d to build more affordable housing hello, everyone. at this hour, another day, another mass shooting in america.
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teenager and on off-duty police officer among the dead in north carolina. donald trump ignoring a subpoena from the january 6 committee how so how will congress an the justice department respond. and an ominous warning that this year's flu season could be the worst in years. this is what we're watching "at this hour". and thanks for being here. i'm erica hill in today for koib. five people are-v been killed in a mass shooting in raleigh. a teenage boy and an off-duty police officer are among the victims. shooting suspect, a 15-year-old white male. he is in custody with life-threatening injuries. and officials briefed the media this morning. ryan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. when you think about it, there is so much going on this morning alope. we had the fuse conference and now we move to this location because we wanted to show you that this still remains an active crime scene as police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened here. we're still waiting to hear what
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the motive could have been but so many people are in shock about a 15-year-old being connected to that case. when you think about the gun gunshots fired in a neighborhood like this one. so many questions left unanswered an the idea that the governor said he can't believe this sort of violence has shown up in this community. take a listen to what the governor had to say about an hour ago. >> no neighborhood, no parent, no child, no grandparent, no one should feel this fear in their communities. no one. as policymakers, we cannot and we will not turn away from what has happened here. we must be resolved to make changes an to succeed. >> reporter: erica, we want to show you names of the victims. all five of them. because obviously someone is
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still in the hospital at this point. think about in community being in shock. you look at this neighborhood and it is a beautiful neighborhood. we've seen neighbors crying and holing hands. obviously shook by the violence that hit here. this started around 5:00 yesterday and it took several hours of a manhunt for police to be able to cord on off the suspect and despite losing one of their own and another officer shot who has also released from the hospital, you think about the pain that community is going through and then to deal with this now with so many unanswered questions, we're digging down on this to figure out what happens next. but so many unanswered questions at this point. >> and yet another heartbreaking shooting in this country. ryan, appreciate it. thank you. turning now to the insurrection investigation. donald trump is dismissing the revelations from yesterday's january 6 hearing, ignoring the house panel step of voting unanimously to subpoena the former president. sara murray is live in washington with the very latest for us. sarah, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well there wasn't a lot of substance in the letter from
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donald trump. but you do get a sense of his disdain for the committee in that response. that is as you said after the committee took this extraordinary step of subpoenaing the former president for documents as well as testimony. >> the central cause of january 6th was one man. donald trump. >> reporter: the january 6 select committee focusing squarely on former president trump and the last hearing before the midterm elections and closing with an extraordinary move. >> those in favor will say aye. >> reporter: voting to subpoena trump for testimony in their ongoing probe. >> we are obligating to seek answers directly from the man who set this all in motion zwrncht after members revealed new evidence that trump planned months before the 2020 election to try to stay in office no matter the outcome. >> president trump had a premeditated plan to declare that the election was fraud lent and stolen before election day. before he knew the election
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results. >> the key thing to do is to claim victory. let's get right to the violence. >> if biden win's, trump is going to do some crazy [ bleep ]. >> in leading up to january 6, trump's officials tried to des pell the fall claims of election fraud trump continues to repeat. >> suitcases of ballots. you saw it on television. totally fraudulent. >> there is no suitcase. the president kept fixating on this suitcase that supposedly had fraudulent ballots and rolled out from under the table. and i said, no, sir, there is no suitcase. >> i told him that it was crazy stuff and they were wasting their time on that. and it was doing a great disservice to the country. >> reporter: using witness testimony to show that trump have-h privately admitted that he lost the election. >> i looked at the television and said can you believe i lost to this f'ing guy. >> he said i don't want people to know we lost, mark. this is embarrassing.
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figure it out. >> the committee disclosed new documents received from the secret service detailing how officials knew about violent rhetoric days before january 6. in a december 26th email, a field office relayed a trip that the proud boys planned to march in washington saying they -- >> they think that they will have a large enough group to march into d.c. armed and will outnumber the police so they can't be stopped. they're plan is to literally kill people. please take this tip seriously and investigate further zb. >> reporter: the committee showed nancy pelosi rushing to safety as protesters breached the capitol. >> we have got to get into the proceeding -- >> reporter: anger and disbelief in the hours that followed. as pelosi and chuck schumer skranlbled to get help. >> i'm going to call the secretary of d.o.d.
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>> [ inaudible ]. they said somebody was shot. it is just horrendous and all at the instigation of the president of the united states. >> why don't you get the president to tell them to leave the capitol, mr. attorney general, in your law enforcement responsibility. a public statement they shouldal leave. >> reporter: showing witnesses testified that at same time trump was in one place. >> it is my understanding he was watching television. >> reporter: one question the panel leave unanswers whether recommendations for criminal referrals will be sent to the department of justice. >> our committee may decide to make a series of criminal referrals to the department of justice. but we recognize that our role is not to make decisions regarding prosecution. a key element of this commit yes's responsibility is to propose reforms to prevent january 6th from ever happening again. >> reporter: now members of this committee wanted to speak to the former vice president mike pence. when i spoke to the chairman of
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the committee after the hearing yesterday, they suggested we have enough information that mike pence did his job. in stead they want to talk to former president because so many people around donald trump refused to speak to the committee or invoked their fifth amendment right. >> thank you, sarah. you just saw leaders scrambling in the capitol. it was taken at a nearby military base where they were taken during the siege. we obtained an hour's worth of video not shown by the january 6 committee. that was taken by pelosi's daughter who is a filmmaker and with her mother on that day and in it you see nancy pelosi and chuck schumer pleading with vice president pence to stop the violence. here is more of that moment. >> i'm at the capitol building. i'm literally standing with the chief of police of the u.s. capitol police. he just informed what you will
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hear from official channels, paul irving, the sergeant at arms will inform you that their best information is that they believe that the house and the senate will be able to reconvene in roughly an hour. they also confirmed that they have thousands of law enforcement, they're confident that they could secure the campus and that all those will communicate to you the procedure to have your point of contact on security to have that -- that they'll explain to you the process for re-entering. but steven has told me that he believes, the capitol police believe the members will be in a position to reconvene the house in roughly an hour. >> got it. >> thank you. >> senate as well? >> the house and the senate?
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>> yeah, i have communicated and i'm going to give senator schumer a call. >> i'm here. i'm here. i'm here, mr. vice president. >> yeah. we just needed to -- >> the senator is also hear. >> just giving you a head's up. the sergeant at arms will be the official one. i'm very pleased to hear from the chief. we think we'll be able to reconvene the senate, madam speaker you could reconvene the house in roughly an hour. >> good news. >> the sergeant at arms will be in touch about that so that the process for getting back. >> i'm going to go see our people. >> okay, great. >> why are we here. thank you very much, mr. vice president. good news. i'm see you in an hour.
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>> -- on the campus and they're confident they could continue through the campus to reconvene. >> thank you very much, mr. vice president. that is very helpful. >> i'll let you know through different channels. >> look forward to seeing you in an hour or two. thank you, bye-bye. >> joining me now, paul callahan and jeff zeleny. so there is a lot to get to. i want to go back to the letter that we got just a short time ago. this letter from the former president which really i guess is just re playing his greatest hits if you read through it. it is a lengthy response, it does not directly address the subpoena, what do you see in this letter? >> well, look, the letter, if you read it, it is a bit of a time warp. you may think it is in the days an weeks after the november 2020 election or in the month of december of that year. but it is not. we've learned so much from the committee's work over the past year, learned so much
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information from the doj and what the attorney general, other judges across the country have said there simply was not election fraud enough to overturn the election. so the president, the form he president started out in all caps saying the election was stolen. it simply isn't true. so he included attachments of photos of crowds from that day. it is largely beside the point. is the question is, is he going to comply with the subpoena or is he not. and i'm told there is part of him that he believes throughout this whole process he's not had a chance to tell his side of the story but any lawyer would say he should not testify. and the bottom line is 25 days until the midterm elections and the clock is running out here for do not look for him to testify any time soon. but that statement was largely things we've heard again and again. >> it is his greatest hits play list, a number of them, a number of lies and debunked election fraud claims.
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when we look at, when we talk about the subpoena, paul, i'm just curious, could it have potentially been more effective this ends up being a drawn out fight, which is a possibility, to first ask donald trump to appear before issuing the subpoena? >> well i think if they had more time that probably would have been a smart way to go. if it were three or four months ago. but with the midterms come up in three weeks an possibly a republican congress being sworn in in january, they are dead out of time. so now if they want him, they have to serve the subpoena and they have to enforce it and if he doesn't he has to be held in contempt by congress. >> because he'll try to litigate it. >> meantime, i want to go back to the clip we just played, we see the speaker and senator schumer on the phone there in conversations with vice president mike pence who is telling them what is happening. this is mike pence whisked away to safety.
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doing his job, doing what needs to be done. well, we know, the juxtaposition there of what is happening in that moment versus what we're told the president was doing in that moment, which was sitting back and watching television. you could just weigh in on that for us? >> it is extraordinary. seeing these images really for the first time from inside for the -- of fort mcnair, you see them responding and doing their work. they have a warm conversation with speaker pelosi and mike pence and asked if he's okay and concerned about his safety and calling back to say the capitol will be cleared in an hour. these are government officials doing their job and the president was awol during those hours and we know that from people that work in the west wing, allies of his, said did he not do anything to try to stop the violence in realtime. so i think it is extraordinary to show that much of the government was working, mitch
8:15 am
mcconnell, john thune, chuck grassley the republican senators, the top leadership and the top democrats, nance and chuck schumer and steny hoyer. you saw people trying to move the process forward and certify the election results. president at the time was simply awol, not a part of any of this. >> the committee was very clear in making the closing argument yesterday. they're putting donald trump at the center of this plot. based on what has been presented, based on what we know, again, lirz made it clear they're job is not criminal charges but based on your experience is there enough evident that you see to bring any formal charges? >> i think technically there is enough to support an incitement to riot charge against him for the things he said in that speech and also his role and his aides role in gathering this large crowd. this letter that the ex president has sent today, 16 pages of delusional nonsense,
8:16 am
that has been debunked about election fraud. but he started out by talking about the size of the crowd. well, that just indicates that he was aware of what he was dealing with, if the crowd was as big as said it is. all the more danger when you encourage them to march to congress wild congress is about to certify the presidential election. so i do think you could support an indictment on cha charge. however, i think it would be difficult to get a conviction and that on appeal you might have problems in sustaining a conviction on that particular charge. and prosecutors usually, when they look at that situation, they don't go forward with the case. so i think in the end, he doesn't get indicted for that. but maybe on some of the other theories that garland is investigating. >> good to talk to you both. thank you. two former trump officials have been spotted at the court for the investigation of the
8:17 am
insurrection and a source tells cnn mark short, the pharmaceut pharmaceuticaler -- the former chief of staff declined to comment as he left the courthouse. kash patel was also seen in the area where the grand jury meets. they pedalled numerous fall claims about the 2020 election. and donald trump suffered another legal set back. the u.s. supreme court rejecting his court to intervene over documents seized from mar-a-lago. he wanted court to allow a special master to review a hundred documents marked classified and arguing that they should be off limited in a potential criminal case. in a one sentence statement on thursday the supreme court denied that request. outrage after a jury spares the parkland killer the death penalty. >> today's ruling was yet another gut punch for so many of us. and the monster that killed them
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new details of behind the scenes tension among the trial of the park land killer nikolas cruz. on thursday, the jury spared the shooter's life. they recommendation instead of death penalty of life in prison without the possibility of parole. the families of the 17 victims killed, many of them outraged by
8:23 am
the decision. joining me now is tony montalto. his daughter was murdered at parkland. thank you for taking the time to join us today. i know this decision was not what you were hoping for. sitting there in the courtroom as you listened to this verdict, you listened to each count, you're hearing your daughter's name. what was that like for you in those moments? >> it was terrible to hear that the jury found a way to excuse the full measure of justice for someone who walked in a school, killed my beautiful 14-year-old daughter gina, 13 of her classmates and three of her teachers. how could we excuse someone for choosing to take the life of so many other individuals and attempt to take many more in his own words.
8:24 am
the only reason he stopped shooting was he ran out of people to shoot. >> so many family members were also in court yesterday. i'm wondering if you've had a chance, without the cameras around, to speak with one another privately, to talk through this verdict together? >> we have had the time to speak with one another, to speak with the state prosecution team and quite frankly it is just an unfathomable verdict. we look at the restrictions that were placed on our families in the courtroom by the head judge. we couldn't wear pins to represent our daughters, our sons, our organizations that we founded to remember them by. during our victim pimpact
8:25 am
statements we're restricted by law about what we could say. and then, in one of the ultimate insults, the law requires that the victim pact entertainments not be considered by the jury that is the only time that we could speak for those that can't speak for themselves. how are laws in florida allow that to be ignored is something that stand with parkland -- which is formed by the families who had someone taken that day. it will be something we sure look at changing in the next legislative session. >> as you look forward, as you look to that next work that you just mentioned, when we look at what happened with the jury here and i know this wasn't the result you wabnted, and they cie the the gunman's mental state. one juror felt threatened by another juror. if you could sit down with these jurors, what would you want them
8:26 am
to know? >> i would want them to place themselves in our shoes. and look at the innocent victims, my beautiful daughter left our home for school on valentine's day. the other sons and daughters that left their loving homes. the teachers that went to their jobs and they failed to come home to our families because this admitted murderer chose to take a weapon to school, chose valentine's day. and these are not facts that i'm making up. these are his own words that he used that were presented as evidence. how you could ignore that kind of evidence. he planned this attack. they found that all of the a aggravators existed yet they found a way to justify his actions, to excuse it. that is unfathomable to me.
8:27 am
as i said yesterday, we have to start looking at the facts. and we to remember that facts need to be verified by a third party. we can't just say things and make them facts. that is called an opinion. clearly this juror had an opinion and she ignored the facts. and as a country, we need to look at who victims really are. victims are not the ones who perpetrate the crimes, victims are the ones who are innocent. who are going about their daily lives. and then victimized by someone who is having a -- a troubled time in their lives. that is inexcusable. we saw evidence put forth in the rebuttal phase which quite frankly wiped out the defense's case. for anybody who had an open mind, for somebody who had an agenda, for somebody who wasn't
8:28 am
honest with themselves prior to participating on that jury, they had an easy way. but when we look at 17 murders, we look at another 17 wounded, we look at the stalking of the hallways. how could we justify that anything in murderer's life justify the actions that he took at that school. >> mr. montalto we're almost out of time but tell us about gina if you would. >> gina was our first born. she was bright. she was bubbly. she was kind and compassionate. gina was a girl scout. she was active in our local church. she was on the color guard team at the high school. she truly loved life and gina,
8:29 am
unlike this mass murderer, she knew right from wrong and she was faced with a decision to help a child that had fallen into a pool. she doesn't need to be told to dot right thing. she knew. she walked over, she picked up child up and brought him to shore safely before his parents could even arrive. j gina was a life savor. the world is a poorer place without her. >> i'm sorry that we're speaking under these circumstances but again we appreciate you taking the time to join us and thank you for sharing some of your beautiful daughter with us. we'll be right back. >> well thank you. at america's best, you can get two pairs of glasses and a free eye exam starting at just $79.95. twtwo pairs! and they don't evn have to be identical!
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and supporting prop d to build more affordable housing for everyone. now. developing at this hour, british prime minister liz truss has fired her finance min iftser and reversed course on her plan
8:35 am
for sweeping tax cuts. she's trying to hang on to her job following weeks of turmoil in the marks. we are live at the prime minister's residence in london with more. probably not the friday she wented. >> reporter: certainly notment and times are unprecedented for a number of reasons. to fire your finance minister or chancellor as we call them here is a huge move. we have had four finance min efrts in as many as months. that is a figure that will stay around for many years an this is the prime minister closest ally and close friend. somebody who introduced her during her campaign to become leader of the conservative party and prime minister. and perhaps that is why we don't detect a trait of bitterness which we wrote to the prime minister after being fired by her. he wrote, for too long this country has been dogged by low growth rates and high taxation that must change if this country is to succeed, continuing saying that the medium term fiscal plan is crucial to this end and i
8:36 am
look forward to supporting you and my successor to achieve that from the back benches. now erica, this is a simply stunning development. less than six weeks into liz truss being prime minister, having to fire her number two, her closest friend and ally, after their financial plans set the markets into a spiral precipitated this economic crisis and now members of her own party plotting how to oust her. just six weeks in after all of the boris johnson years but that is not the case. and the statement that she gave today in press conference has not convinced any lawmakers that she's got what it takes to become a better prime minister. to listen to her party and to become more competent in her role. erica. >> it is interesting to see how it plays out in the coming days. thank you. former president trump has not yet said whether he'll comply with the subpoena to the january 6 committee. so what happens next? i'll discuss with top democrat
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after farmer's dog she's a much healthier weight. she's a lot more active. and she's able to join us on our adventures. get started at the january 6 committee ending their last hearing ahead of the midterms by taking the extraordinary step of voting to subpoena former president donald
8:42 am
trump. now mr. trump has not yet said whether he's comply. the pressure is mounting on mayor. >> joining me now ro khanna. good to have you with us. the former president's response this morning, i am not sure you've seen it but this is debunked claims of election fraud and out right lies, slamming committee. i wonder, when we look at what we're hearing from americans and whether or not these hearings from broken through, if these hearings have not broken through for some folks, and we do have that evident, what do you think will, i'm not talking about the former president, i'm talking about his followers? >> well i think the committee has done as good a job as possible to lay out the facts. and now it is for the american people to judge. but the video yesterday that they released was chilling. basically the speaker of the
8:43 am
house, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, having to plan the protection for the united states capitol and the president missing in action from protecting the united states capitol. >> we are likely go toing hear more about that but i do want to move on because there what a lot you were tackling in washington this weekend. you and senator blooumenthal th would halt the sales of weapons to saudi arabia. and you noted in a op-ed, your citing the blowback to the collusion with russia as evidence that this time you believe it different. why this time different in terms of support for a move like this? >> it is the ingratitude, as a time where americans are hurting because of the energy challenge at the pump. saudi arabia is doing putin's bidding in cutting production, they're making almost $100 billion, saudi did in 2022. and they're doing this to aid
8:44 am
putin. this given all of the assistance that america provided saudi arabia, it is just wrong. and they're going it be consequences. the president has said that and there is bipartisan outrage on the hill. >> so you talk about the bipartisan outrage. the president's comments obviously where we said there will be consequences. but give us a sense. you've cited in that op-ed, bipartisan support in both chambers. who is on board with you? what will propel this forward? >> well there are many people who are concerned that the saudis should not just provide a slap in the face to the americans, now i don't think that anything is going to move before the midterm elections. but after the midterm elections, we're going to be pausing the patriot act sale and i think there is a large conversation about what other arms sales should we pause if the saudis don't reverse their position. this is not just about increasing gas prices now, this could have ramifications for next few months an the saudis
8:45 am
need to reconsider their decision. >> so i'm not hearing exact names but you believe that concern about turn into action in fact after the elections. when it comes to what we're looking at here, is there any concern that in pausing those armed sales, this could push saudi arabia closer to russia? >> well they're already doing russia's bidding. they already have made the most draf drastic cuts. i don't think they they could cut further and the opec won't go along with it. so we need to at some point stand up to them and say we're not going to continue to provide 70% of their defense, continue to proviooid technicians to fly their planes and i expect the president will doing in smt next week. then the saudis will reconsider. >> you've met with the saudi ambassador this week. you said her government should listen to her more. is there anything in that
8:46 am
conversation that indicated they may change course, the kingdom may change course here. >> i don't want to go into my private conversations with here and i plan to meet with her again. my understanding is she's gone back to saudi arabia. and i think she understands this was a strategic mistake, just like the murder of khashoggi was a mistake and i hope that saudi leaders will listen to her because she has a pulse on how capitol hill feels and how the american people feel about this decision. >> congressman ro khanna, appreciate you joining us this morning. thank you. >> thank you. coming up, health officials issue a stark warning about this year's flu season and an alarming new study on the rise in cancer rate as mong increasingly young patients. those under 50 need to pay attention. but first getting back to real live after a vacation. we know it is never easy. so here is dr. sanjay gupta with today's chasing life. >> i'm dr. sanjay gupta, hope of chasing life podcast.
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health officials are warning this year's flu season could be,
8:53 am
quote, really, really rough. flu indicates are already on the rise across the country. look at that jump there. higher than normal for this time of year. cnn medical correspondent dr. taron arula joins me now. doctors say it will be bad. i feel like dr. fauci was warning us it would be bad even a couple of months ago. what do we need to know about this? >> i think we need to remind people there are hundreds of thousands of hospitalizations every year and people get the flew anywhere from 12 to 50,000 die every year from the flu so already seeing cases rise and spread and there is concern that this is going to be a bad flu year. when you look at the summer hemisphere there was a lot of activity but the concern is we will see the same thing here. in fact, in san diego there was a high school where a thousand students were absent on wednesday, many of them with the flu. they're actually investigating that right now. but it's important to remind people, please get your flu shot. it's ideal to get it before the end of october before halloween,
8:54 am
takes two weeks to build immunity and important for high-risk groups over 65, less than 2, pregnant women and those with chronic health conditions. >> the flu is series. it's not just a bad cold. it's not going to hurt you. go get it. separately, as everybody on this show knows, i was struck by a new study that's out, researchers seeing a rise in cancer among young people specifically people under the age of 50. i think i like a number of people who are in that age group, i have seen a rise in cancer among my friends and cancer deaths among those close to me and others around me and i always say to my mom, i don't remember this when you were in your mid to late 40s and 50s and she said, i don't remember it either. >> these are young people in the prime of their lives with kids and families and has a personal and societal eneconomic impact. researchers reviewed data from 44 countries and found an increased incidence of cancer in a younger population less than 50 since the 1990s in 14
8:55 am
cancers, eight were digestive cancers so, for example, important to remind people one out of ten colorectal cancers aged in people 20 to 50. when they looked at the average annual there was an increase of %, uk 3% and korea 5%. over time these are big numbers. >> i know we're tight on time and don't know what's causing it but looking at a number of things, environmental factors. even food. when we look at things affecting your gut should we rethink what we're eating -- i have teenage boys now. should i make sure they're not eating as much red meat and processed food. >> we need to look at everything. all these exposures. yes, some is increased screening, better technology but a lot is what we're being exposed to in utero, conception and first 19 years of our life and that includes alcohol and tobacco, processed foods, red meat. are we getting enough sleep, food ad additives, pollution, all these things that changed in
8:56 am
the last 50, 60 years may be implicated in some of these rising cancer cases that these happen very early, so, yes, lifestyle factors are important. >> interesting too as you point out the first 19 years of life. >> right. >> thank you, appreciate it. thanks so much to all of you for joining us, "inside politics with john king" comes to you right after this break.
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