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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  October 24, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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hello and welcome to "inside politics." thank you for sharing your day with us. polling out of pennsylvania, wisconsin and michigan. an important read of your midterm move 15 days before we count your votes plus a disturbing reality check what democracy looks like in 2022. armed vigilantes dawning tactical gear patrolling a ballot drop box in arizona and a vow and warning from liz cheney. the promise, that if donald trump testifies the january 6th committee won't let him turn it into a circus. the warning in her view nominating trump would equal the death of the gop as we know it. >> i think that the party has either got to come back from
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where we are right now which is a dangerous and toxic place or the party will sprsplinter and there will be a new conservative party that rises and if donald trump is the nominee of the republican party, the party will shatter and there will be a conservative party that rises in its place. up first, just releasing right now cnn battle ground polling. numbers from three key states 15 days from election day. the big races are close and voters tell us that are highly motivated to vote but also tell us they're in a gloomy mood about the state of the economy. we'll look at two races absolutely critical for the senate balance of power. we begin with the pennsylvania senate race. no incomekcome -- incumbent. democrats hope to pick this seat up. democrat john fetterman has the lead 51% and mehmet oz 45%.
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this lead small outside the margin of error. democrats hoping they can pick up pennsylvania as joe biden did. joe biden won in 2020. democrats are hoping to pick up the seat but you'll see how close it is. we'll go inside the numbers in a moment. let's move to wisconsin a republ republican incumbent. 50% for the republican incumbent and 49 for the democrat. lieutenant governor mandela barns, no clear leader in this race. again, democrats would love a pickup in the state. republicans confident they can close it in the end. what is motivating voters as we go through it? we polled in michigan. we'll get to the results in the governor's race there in a few moments. in these three states, these three industrial battle ground states sors that were so importn the 2020 election. donald trump won them in 2016. joe biden flipped in 2020. what is first in 2022? the economy and inflation overwhelmingly. 46% in michigan, 47% in wisconsin, 44% in pennsylvania.
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that would lead you to believe the climate is favorable to republicans because voters are mad at the current state and take that out on the party in power. abortion ranks second in both states. higher in michigan with a constitutional amendment about abortion rights, higher there. voting rights and election integrity run third as you look at this. when you see these big numbers at the top, 44, 47, 46, the bones of the poll if you will would signiuggest the climate i favorable to republicans. there is a lot to dissect. joining me is the republican pollster kristen anderson and da david. these senate seats if you go back to pennsylvania and then wisconsin absolutely critical when we get into the day after the election of the days after the election, we're trying to figure out did democrats keep that majority or not? jumps out most. >> democrats are looking for a bit of an insurance policy in republican held seats but you put that issue list up john and
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i think that tells the story. economy number one and you said that is an environment that should advantage republicans. to put a finer point, among the 44% economy voters in pennsylvania split 64% for oz versus 32% for fetterman. in wisconsin 78% of the economy voters go for ron sjohnson and 21% for mandela barns. it clearly advantaging the republicans. >> you look first at the horse race numbers. is there anybody ahead? is it a big lead? look deep, what jumps out to you in both these cases is very close. slight democratic advantage in pennsylvania. as a republican at the table, are those seats in play for the democrats or do you see something in the bones to help republicans? >> everything is in play. if anybody tells you they're confident the way the united
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states senate will go, i wish i had that kind of confidence. i think inside the numbers in the poll is fascinating. in the race between fetterman and oz for instance, independent voters breaking pretty heavily for oz, so even though the top line number shows good result for fetterman, underneath the surface, whether it's that advantage among independents or advantage among voters who think the economy is most important, there are things going on suggesting republicans as you get to the finish line, if they're able to one, hang onto the voeters that might be on th fence, those folks that are late deciders, it seems like if those piece are in play, they would break for the republicans. >> i want to add that so independents always look at them obsessed. the narrow middle of the american politics but look at the partisans, i think it helps explain why fetterman is a little ahead. he has more consolidation among democrats. dr. oz has some work to do, m mehmet oz. he's made progress but he has to
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consolidate the republican vote in a pretty significant way. that discrepancy as well as unfavorables, he's not as well liked, oz is to fetterman and i think that's why you're seeing fetterman on top. >> i can back that up anecdot anecdotally from trumps. they ask is he one of us and superben republicans that turned on trump say is a trumpy? any north star is the president's approval rating. two weeks out if you look through the states, in pennsylvania 45 disapprove, 44. in wisconsin 43 disapprove 57. in michigan 42, 58. that's our national poll of polls if you look at the far right of your screen there. pretty consistent. pretty consistent. give or take a point of two, the president of the united states is under water including again, pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan. if you're taking the 2016 map versus the 2020 map for president and add in georgia or arizona, those states made the difference and made joe biden struggling.
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>> struggling very much so. that's why as we've said time and time again for the last several weeks, joe biden is not a popular asset on the campaign trail but you see the approval numbers higher in pennsylvania than other states, which is why the president along with kamala harris, the president is making his 15th visit to pennsylvania during his presidency this friday for an explicit campaign event. so the white house believes again, if you can at least flip pennsylvania, that gives them a lot of breathing room for the other states that could potentially flip in the other direction like nevada and georgia. >> we'll talk more about this later and then just the basic climate a bit litter but kristen, when you look again at the horse race numbers and see very close races and look at the bones to see where is the mood of the people? how is the economy doing in your state now? this is gloomy and you would assume advantage republicans. 8% think the economy is getting better and 63% say it's getting worse and in wisconsin 10% say
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it getting better. 6 61% say it's getting worse. 13% say it's getting better and 61% say it's getting worse. that's a tough environment for the democrats and yet, they're competitive in the races. >> that's partially because the brand of the republican party is still suffering a bit with voters who are in the middle. the benefit republicans have is that voters may go look, maybe i didn't love donald trump. maybe i'm not, you know, a gop but gosh, it feels like we need something to change. that's the dynamic that's let republicans even in an environment where swing voters in the middle may not be in love with the gop to never theless say we've got to change something. change with -- when change is in the air and you're the party out of power, that's exactly where you want to be headed into election day. >> i get nerd y sometimes going deep in the weeds of polling to understand the map on election night but i'm nowhere near david. >> i'll take the nerdy title. >> my point is you're smarter.
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you're a voter in one of these states. you care about medicare and the economy, whatever your issue or wait a minute, this race could determine the balance of power in the house of representatives in the united states senate. so we asked are you voting for candidate based on their issue positions or the party control of the senate? in pennsylvania 48% of likely voters said because of the issue positions, 27% said which party would control the senate? you see the numbers in wisconsin 45 to 20. a higher number if you want to call that -- is that strategic voting? >> the results are fascinating. they're so different in these two battle ground states. in pennsylvania, that is the swath of voters there, the 27% you noted strategically voting, that party control is a big factor in the vote. that actually is benefitting oz, the republican, right? in wisconsin the reverse is true. 20% in wisconsin say they're strategic voters. they're actually favoring
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mandela barns against ron johnson. you have two different stories how the voters are playing it. i would note the character, the integrity, that issue, it's down on the list here. it does not -- you know, about half as many say that that matters to their vote as the major factor as the candidate policy positions. >> what i thought was so interesting about this strategic voters question especially in pennsylvania is how much it broke for oz because fetterman for months in his campaign had kind of been campaigning on that strategic vote and he said he would bust the filler buster on union rights and if what really matters to you is who controls the senate, it's actually republicans that have the favor -- who are favored in that part and that's the calculations that particularly a lot of voters in georgia are making especially with the personal shortcomings of the republican candidate there but many voters are saying i want a republican representing me in the senate.
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9:17 am
pretty much a dead heat in the matchup between the incumbent. maybe at 50 to 48%. great reporters and the republican pollster is back with us. this was, i just want to put up, number one critical elections in the state. the governor is critical in the age when the united states says abortion rights is a state issue. these are also, these are states that donald trump won in 2016 and then were flipped by joe biden in 2020. the american politics of the next ten years largely decided in those three states. >> enormously important. for governor's races, we're usually a little less tethered to the national political environment and partisanship than races for the united states senate. we've got -- how many republican governors in the north east right now in a state like vermont? so you can see how these races for governor in some states might be a little more disconnected or, you know, determined by candidate quality, pennsylvania for instance, the state where republicans have the
9:18 am
ability to be competitive and not really looking like it but it's important to remember that governor's races are fundamentally different because of the issues involved. >> you just used the term a lot of republicans use, candidate quality. talking about a race maybe they thought six months ago might be in play that is slipping away or less competitive than you think. if you look at michigan, gretchen whitmer 52, dixson 46. if you go to pennsylvania 56-41. those two states, if you go back to the beginning of the year, republicans thought democratic president should be a good midterm. that could be an example when we get the days about candidate quality. the issue position and you mentioned earlier the case of mas mas there is questions. >> 99% of democrats will vote for josh shapiro. that's a big difference.
9:19 am
when you have your sitting republican senator pat too mmy saying he will proudly vote for oz but won't say a word about mastrino, that's a message this is a guy, again, the candidate quality issue is a question here. >> remind folks, he's a committed election denier in the position of governor in pennsylvania appointments the secretary of state on elected position. whoever wins the governor's race will be able to put the person in charge of election oversight and john, you looked at the map and you're comparing 16 to 20. to me, that's part of the joy of this midterm cycle in '22. we're dealing with really competitive contests in the presidential battle grounds and so this is going to tee up how these governor races go. sets the tone in the critical states for 2024 which is obviously right around the corner. >> because there are those critical battle ground states and you look at them here, again, think about where have we had mastrion and big
9:20 am
conversations about the election results in, let me get this to work in wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania. we asked this question in our poll, are you confident that your ballot will be cast that the integrity of the election from casting your ballot and the count of the ballot, are you confident of that? in pennsylvania 70% say yes and 30%, 3 in 10 say no. in wisconsin the same. 73% are confident. more than a quarter are not. in michigan 66% say yes. 34% say they're not. this, i call this the cancer in american democracy right now and i blame it on people who continue to say donald trump won when he did not in the sense that if you have 3 in 10 saying they're not confident either in how they cast their ballot or the count, where does that take us? >> it's really scary. and frankly, you know, when you ask voters to what extent they're worried about threats to democracy and so on and so forth? republicans and democrats are concerned about the future of our democracy for very different
9:21 am
reasons, democrats will often point to things like changes to voter laws they believe are making it harder for people to vote, harder for legitimate votes to be cast. republicans on the other hand more concerned their own vote isn't being cast or other votes shouldn't be costast. there is a lot of concern about the future of the democracy but very divided about the problems. >> what the problems are. somewhat different question but nbc asked this in a national poll released over the weekend about election confidence, 20% said no. 20% said they were not confident. look at the battle ground states with the biggest fights about 2020, it's 30% in pennsylvania 26% in wisconsin. so it's higher than the states where we thought this out at some point we have to come to a consensus about how this works and how we count it. we can do that regardless of party. >> ahead, a stark warning from a veteran democratic pollster. his message, the party is not singing the right tune to voters. that lets you shop tens of thousands of cars 100% online so you can buy, sell or even trade your car
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breaking news, there is shock and sadness in st. louis. two were killed, one teenager and one adult at a high school this morning. what else do we know? >> devastating update here, john. we just got this information from chief michael staff. the interim chief at the st. louis police department and he went through the timeline what
9:27 am
happened at the high school. a student body of about 400 people. about 9:10 a.m. officers got the call about an active shooter. they responded quote without hesitation and made entry into the school and didn't know exactly where the shooter was but got reports from students who were fleeing that school that there was a shooter inside. then they actually heard gunshots and ran towards that location. and that's when the chief said that police officers engaged with that shooter hitting him and it is believed -- or he did die according to this police chief, he died at the hospital while he was being transported there. as you said, john, two people we know of that were killed in this incident. one adult from a believed to be gunshot wound and another was a teenage girl that died there at the scene there are eight people in total transported to the hospital again according to the chief of police. at this point, what he understands is that the injuries of those injured are about gunshot injuries, shrapnel and
9:28 am
at this point, authorities have cleared the school. they don't believe there are any other threats, however they did say that this shooter believed to be about 20 years old, so not a student at the high school, they're still trying to i.d. him, figure out what his relationship is to this high school but he did have a car there on the scene so authorities as part of the investigation are going to go through that car, determine if there are other threats with the car, as well. just a devastateing incident. still trying to get reports, again, john, two people killed in yet another high school scootscoot scooting -- shooting in america. >> thank you. i know you'll get more information. 65 school shootings, at least this year. 51 of them at k through 12 level schools. back to politics. president biden due to deliver a pep talk later today at the democratic party headquarters.
9:29 am
where he is two weeks out in washington not out on the trail speaks volumes. most candidates in tough races think a biden visit would hurt more than help. what the president is saying is also getting some tough scrutiny from members of his own party. part of the speech will highlight strong jobs numbers and a recent dip in gas prices. some democrats are worried the president's message simply does not fit the midterm move. quote, it's our worst performing message. that from the veteran pollster from a blistering interview with "politico." he says quote, it is said to the voters that this election is about my accomplishments as a leader and not the challenges you're experiencing. also joining us about this debate, senator bernie sanders. >> i am worried about the level of voter turnout among young people and working people who will be voting democratic and i think again, what democrats have got to do is contrast their economic plan with the republicans.
9:30 am
>> joining our conversation is npr ayesha. still with us, stan greenberg veteran democratic pollster, i met stan back in the 1980s, 1990s. he said the president is wrong and shouldn't be saying, hey, th things are pretty good. he should start with things are tough. the white house agree or disagree? >> you see them wanting to tote their accomplishments, when gas goes down a penny or two they want to come out here and hold the whole cheerleading competition about it. that's what they want to say look, we're doing something. we sit here at this table. this is our job. i love being here. i love talking about politics. i think that when you look at what message will resonate with voters at this point, it is very hard to overcome the fundamentals. inflation is high. the democrats are in charge. and people are mad. like that is very hard to overcome and i don't know there is a golden message that you can
9:31 am
use to overcome that. >> and it's a critical point. this is a tough environment for any president democrat or republican, any politician, nimble politician, less nimble politician. the president is the man in charge right now and when you get this public criticism from within your own party, do they change the message or think we're right, you're wrong, we'll find out in 15 days? >> they seem to be changing a little bit. we saw on the sunday shows this weekend, there's more of a shift to talking about republicans' threat to medicare, to social security, so talking about what democrats have to offer and what republicans would bring if they are given control of congress but i think it's a matter of not just having had maybe the wrong message but just shifting a little bit too late. of course, if you're the president of the united states and you had this string of successes that he did this summer, you're going to want to tote them and there was a period when gas prices were coming down even more dramatically than they are now. of course, they will talk about that. it's just that we're now a
9:32 am
couple weeks away and the shift has gone in the opposi conversations you made in a different way, the conversations in washington are sometimes different than the conversations in the real world. senator sanders saying democrats talking so much about apportion rights, they lost the balance you can talk about but lead with the economy. >> i think what the democrats have got to say is we are going to stand with working people. we're prepared to take on the drug companies. we're prepared to take on the insurance companies and create an economy that works for all of us. is the abortion issue important? yes. but we have also got to focus on the struggles of working people to put food on their table. >> let's sneak the speaker of the house in here as well. she makes the point maybe she thinks we in our business over simply. she says democrats are trying to do a lot. >> nobody said we're doing abortion rather than economy but it's about both. and i can tell you that that issue is very, very provocative
9:33 am
and encouraging people to vote across the country. >> just the debate is a reflection that it's a tough environment for the democrats but also you can be in one house race and one senate race but maybe different than purple state versus red state versus blue state. >> to that point, i've talked to some democratic senate campaigns that say it's actually really helpful for them to tote their accomplishments when they're able to go out and tell voters look, we worked in congress to, you know, put the cap on prescription drug prices. we did x, y and z and that actually helps them. you know what works and washington may not work and nevada versus pennsylvania, strategies have to be different here and going back to speaker pelosi's point about how, you know, they weren't just talking all about abortion. that's correct. they were trying to talk about other things. if you look where democrats place their money in terms of what they thought would be effective abortion was a very -- the issue of abortion took up a lot of that campaign money in
9:34 am
terms of ad messaging. so maybe they are pivoting too late but we'll see what happens in two weeks. >> and we'll watch the spending numbers as the question is what do they use it for on the tv? we'll track that. next, we'll continue the conversation. armed vigilantes patrolling a ballot box in a key arizona county. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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9:39 am
them patrolling a ballot box. sheriff deputies showed up and they left. earlier in the week an arizona voter reported being filmed, followed in the queues while dropping their ballot. let's go to share insights, kyung lah is there and yvonne from "the washington post." you hear about these incidents and think they're isolated but they're not. this is the new normal? >> reporter: absolutely. at least there is a pattern. to give our viewers context, we're talkbiing about is two outdoor ballot drop boxes. this is in phoenix. the armed guys in tactical gear wearing body armor and masks, they were outside mesa, arizona, the other outdoor ballot drop box and what election officials tell us is this is voter intimidation. they haven't shown up just one night. i spoke with the sheriff's deputy last night and we took a
9:40 am
drive by the mesa box and there is a pattern. they've shown up multiple times, friday, saturday and last night as well. i did not see them. i saw a different group of women there. but this is a pattern and they are very concerned about it. and they believe that this is intimidation according to county officials because you can drop off your ballot at up to 30 indoor vote centers as well as indoor ballot drop boxes and also every single mailbox in the county is someplace where you can return a ballot. so this is mind numbing to election officials. they are concerned with this sort of visual armed, you know, people showing up and watching these ballot drop boxes, they're going to have some type of confrontation. we are just in early voting now. we still have a good bit of time before election day. john. >> and yvonne, you covered this issue for sometime and note these drop boxes have become
9:41 am
particularly a source of mistrust among trump and trump style voters. listen to this, this is a trump style republican nominee kari lake who is raising questions not only about the 2020 election but the one underway now. >> we have an incompetent secretary of state who is my opponent. i have a worry it won't be completely fair. i wish i could say i have complete faith in the system. i don't have faith in the system. >> is that not why these people are out there thinking it is somehow their duty to put on tactical gear and watch the drop boxes because they keep being told they're unreliable? >> for the past two years trump and his allies including kari lake have really been criticizing and denigrating arizona's election systems and we are now seeing the consequences of that, armed people wearing tactical gear,
9:42 am
people signing up online on these signup sheets, getting specific instructions to photograph people, to take pictures of their driver's licenses and to turn some of this information into some of these conspiracy groups that have for two years been preparing for this moment and that's what we're seeing now. >> and kyung, the secretary state is sending to the justice department these new complaints. she's trying to make this election integrity a defining issue. listen. >> race for governor, it's not just about democrats or republicans. it's a choice between sanity and chaos. she's based her entire platform on trump's lies from 2020 and that's what she's running on and we knew she was going to start making these unsubstantiated claims of fraud we're preparing right now for those challenges.
9:43 am
>> we'll obviously have to wait to see the pspecific challenges and then the vote count in the next 15 days. the race for governor incredibly close. is katy hubs getting out of that issue what she hopes? >> it's a little difficult to tell at this moment because what is really taking over the governor's race is whether or not katy hobbs is having enough public interface as far as events, whether she will ever debate with kari lake. it doesn't appear definitely she will do that. that really has become the over riding, at least immediate issue in front of voters but certainly, having armed people show up outside of something like a voting ballot drop box, that is something that is starting to pick up steam. but, you know, as of what i've seen so far, that's really been her only main comment but these issues are going to keep popping up and again, back to the
9:44 am
concern at hand, the immediate concern at hand is voter safety. whether anyone's safety will be compromised because of all of this ridiculous drama outside of these drop boxes. that is what law enforcement here is worried about. >> we'll see. we are seeing it in arizona and i think we'll see it elsewhere, too, based on some of the chatter among those who say it's an issue. we'll continue the conversation. appreciate your time today. we'll come back to that. up next, liz cheney talks trump and urges him to comply with the january 6th committee subpoena but promises if he temperatures, the committee will not let it become a circus.
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breaking news just into cnn a reprieve for now for lindsey graham. the supreme court freezing a lower court order that would make him testify in the case of donald trump trying to overturn the 2020 election. >> that's right, john. senator graham getting temporary relief from the supreme court. justice clarence thomas halted a lower court ordinary there would have required the senator to testify before an atlanta area grand jury that is hearing evidence about efforts to interfere with the 2020 election. now, the senator asked the supreme court to halt this subpoena while other legal challenges play out. the senator has insisted that his activities in the state following the presidential election, that they were all legislative activities that are protected by the constitution. now, this is certainly not the final word in this matter. the supreme court asked for a response from georgia investigators to be filed by
9:50 am
thursday. >> to be filed by thursday. we'll stay on top of that one. i'll say i'm going to use the word curious, clarence thomas given his wife's efforts to fight the election in 2020, i'll leave it at that. we'll continue to watch this case as it plays out and somewhat related story, the january 6th committee vice chairwoman liz cheney not ruling out public testimony if donald trump complies with the committee subpoena. but, whether it's in public or behind closed doors, cheney promising the panel wouldn't allow it to become a spectacle. the committee subpoenaed trump on friday and wants testimony under oath. >> we won't allow the former president -- he's not going to turn this into a circus. this isn't going to be his first debate against joe biden and the circus and food fight that became. this is far too serious set of issues. >> great reporters are back with us, is there anyone at the table that thinks donald trump would comply with this subpoena and not fight it for months and months past the life of the committee? >> no. he's going to drag it out.
9:51 am
>> if past is prolonged and usually is with donald trump, this was his tactic facing a lit knee of legal troubles, congressional request for information. they dragged it out. dragged it out. they put it through the courts and i wouldn't be surprised if that's the tactic here. >> this idea that they're not going to have a circus, the problem is that donald trump leads the circus. he brings it wherever he goes. he loves the rally, the showman. if in some, you know, world he did testify. it is going to be a circus. you know, that's just a fact. >> also asked tongue and cheek earlier whether if there was a guarantee of a evening showing of president trump would -- former president trump would say yes. he does like the attention as we all know, all attention is good attention for him but the likelihood of that happening on what representative cheney said is low. >> i suspect his lawyers would say no, no, no, absolutely no. >> cheney made quite clear she's not a fan of trump.
9:52 am
she thinks he's a threat to the republican party and country. she made clear she's going to take issue with glenn youngkin outcome campaigning in arizona with other election deniers. liz cheney says for her that's a l test. >> they're indefensible decisions. i said i think glenn youngkin has done a good job as governor of virginia, but nobody should be out advocating for the election of people who will not honor the sanctity of our election process. people who do that are in fact putting politics ahead of the constitution and ahead of the country. >> she's making that argument 15 days from the midterms but that's also a foundation of the argument she continue to make from 2022 to 2024. the question is can she succeed or is she a minority in the new republican party? >> she's a minority right now. specifically on liz china, the question is what platform will she have next year when she's no
9:53 am
longer a member of congress and no longer the vice chair of this committee? does she decide to run for president? does she find another way to keep this message going? she is for sure at least in terms of people in the party speaking publicly and advocating for that not in the majority on that issue. >> so it's interesting in the since that youngkin tries to win the election and keep faith and support among people like kari l lake. liz cheney says i don't want any part of that and says if trump is the nominee, it will be a fracturing and conservative movement will come to your point about what is her future might that be it? >> i mean, i'm not quite sure liz cheney is correct that if trump is the nominee that the party would fracture. i mean, even mitch mcconnell who is one of trump's biggest antagonists said if he runs in 2024 he would support him. that's a big if, if president trump is leading the republican party in 2024 but the problem
9:54 am
for liz cheney, along with what jeff said is that a litmus test for her is not for the rest of the party. i think republicans have made a calculations that even if they dismiss the election denials that are coming from some of the candidates, that winning for them is a better -- is better for them at the end of the day so they can win, put in place republican policies so they're kind of overlooking that here, and liz cheney is a very lonely voice here. >> a lonely voice hoping these election denieiers lose. >> i think she also said that her primary race was like a test for the constitution or whatever, and she didn't win that one. so i think that the problem is over and over again liz cheney's party has let her down and left her behind, and so even though she is speaking now, she has that platform, it does not seem like it is making a difference at this point. with her own party. >> we'll watch the conversation there. that's a fascinating one after the election, how that debate plays out.
9:55 am
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next prime minister after liz truss resigned after 44 days on the job. the first of color, hindu and the youngest prime minister. tomorrow president biden will roll up his sleeve to get the fourth updated covid shoot. the booster haves been available since august. he contracted the virus. the winter is coming and trying to use this event to get more and more americans boosted and vaccinated. the first lady jill biden says her son hunter quote is innocent. and that she quote loves her son. federal prosecutors you'll remember weighing possible charges against hunter biden for violations and making false statements when purchasing a firearm. he denied the allegations but later acknowledged he bought the gun when struggling with drug addiction. see you back here this time tomorrow. ana cabrera picks up coverage right now. >>


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