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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  November 4, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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quite strong, jobs still going up. wages up again too. but inflation is going up faster. it's a complicated picture and we know it is issue one as we close this midterm campaign. plus, big shifts toward republicans in house races. democrats though still in play to hold the senate and oprah wants to help. the tv mogul who made dr. oz a star says she would vote for his democratic opponent in pennsylvania. >> if i lived in pennsylvania, i would have already cast my vote for john fetterman for many reasons. >> and big political news that connects to important planning at the justice department. aides say donald trump could announce a 2024 presidential run just ten days from now. that won't stop the investigations but it could change how they are managed. >> now in order to make our country successful and sa safe glorious, i will probably do it again.
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get ready. that's all i'm telling you, very soon. get ready. >> back to that story a bit later. up first new data on your number one issue, the american economy keeps adding jobs and adding them at a robust clip. take a look, the top lines, we are not in recession, 261,000 new jobs added last month in october. the unemployment rate did tick up a bit to 3.7%. wages also up climbing even more than economists had anticipated. overall these numbers tell us the economy is resilient and it is weathering global turbulence better than europe or china, but and this is a critical but, the wage growth is not enough to outpace inflation and because of that it's unlikely this last jobs report before election day will significantly change how you feel about your bottom line which we all know is driving many, many midterm choices. with me in studio to share the reporting and insights, cnn dana bash, cnn audi cornish, laura
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lopez and peggy collins. i want to put up the numbers. 261,000 jobs added. the unemployment rate ticking up a bit. in some ways because of good news. more people are looking and getting off the sidelines saying it's a good time. the fundamentals, the bones of the economy are strong and yet there's the big but of inflation. >> that's right, john. one of the key takeaways for us was the economy is starting now to show signs of slowing. but not crashing, right, so that means a couple of things. the fed is going to keep jacking up interest rates in order to try to cool that inflation down, we did see that women's jobless rates climbed and really drove the unemployment rate going up to 3.7 so that is concerning but also did see a lot of jobs added in health care and needed that in the economy. >> so let's look across the sectors before we move on, health care, 53,000 new jobs, professional and technology jobs are up, leisure and hospitality jobs are up, manufacturing jobs are up again, again, the fundamentals of the economy, especially when you take in the
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global factor, china is in a slowdown, europe, uk in an economic funk. you mentioned if not crashing, is this economy playing out, the fed is going to keep raising interest rates for a period, tbd ahead but is it playing out as they will like and slowing at the right pace? a lot worry they will tip it into recession. >> for them it is somewhat good news because they are seeing some signs of that cooling but, remember, the fed is still jacking up and that's on a lag, right? this week they raised again 75 basis points but it's going to take some time to go into the economy an already seeing mortgage rates, for example, at 7%. so it's going to be a question of whether or not it tips over too fast. >> so the mortgage rate part, stay by. we'll come back to economics as well. some of the politics because we are days away and millions have already voted. look at wage growth versus inflation. wages are up and normally the president would be doing handstands saying wages are going up over the course of my presidency but the red line is
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cpi, the consumer price index. that is inflation which gets to this point from the republican pollster frank luntz. there's a lot for a president to brag about exception inflation. >> every week i raise the republican projections for the house and for the first time i now think that it is 51/49 that it will be 51/49 in the senate for the republicans. that as the economy takes center stage and particularly affordability, not inflation, affordability. >> it's a smart way to translate it. it's the impact of inflation that families are having trouble affording the basics. >> yeah, that's right. i mean, the president has been trying to today really zone in on those things that you said are actually good for the economy, which is the manufacturing jobs, his white house has been out in full force talking about the fact that means renewable energy jobs which are potentially higher paying manufacturing jobs and
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the president was pretty defiant. he said that he wasn't going to accept that higher job numbers, higher -- lower unemployment, more jobs was something bad for the american people. i got back from michigan and a lot are talking about the cost of living and they are talking about inflation, you know, the one thing for democrats which is that could potentially be a counteracting measure for them is, again, abortion, which i know we'll talk about later. >> all of those things can be true and all of those things are true at the same time. the problem the democrats have is that even though wages are up, even though the unemployment rate is down, again, true, those are facts, it doesn't matter when you are a human being at the grocery store trying to afford money -- excuse me, trying to afford eggs and milk and everything else that is basic, fundamental for your family and it's much harder. that is so much more visceral. >> right, you can look over the horizon and say, okay, the bones
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are strong, we'll be okay when we get through the storm but the storm is impacting a lot of families which is interesting. how does a democrat share with this. cheri beasley in north carolina running for the united states senate is a democrat in a tough year in a tough state. but her opponent is a republican incumbent in the house. so most voters say i'm mad about inflation and i'll take it out on the party in power that would be president biden. cheri beasley says what about him? >> we pay more in this country for prescription drugs than any other country in the world and congress can fix that. we also know that corporations are seeing 70-year record profits and using the cover of inflation to jack up prices on things that we need. congress can fix that and ted budd has been in congress and rather than fixing it he's helping it taking thousands of dollars from big pharma and voting against lowering the cost of prescription drugs and taking thousands from big oil. >> fascinating to see if she can pull it off. national headwinds are --
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>> that's a race to watch for sure. there's a lot going on in north carolina but we did mint several billionaires out of the pandemic. what goes up must come down and if you were -- took advantage of those mortgage rates, of those refinance rates, of those low car rates, of the retail frenzy that happened out of the pandemic, if you're one of those and part of that industry, you're feeling it now because now the government is saying, hey, maybe we need to dial back and i don't know how you manage that, right, like i don't know how you tell the american people some of this is from your own demand because you're still traveling, you're still going to restaurants and still shopping and main street businesses are having trouble holding on to workers. i also want to just bring up the fact that, you know, maybe silicon valley and wall street should not be the best measure of the fears of the recession. they tend to raise a lot of boogiemen then push back the moves that they decide to make
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if at all. i do have some reluctance to say, like, you know, this is really bad and everyone is feeling it because it's not just about the price of milk. there are other factors going on with people saying, hey, maybe we need to dial back, maybe we shouldn't hire so many people after they've had a really good run for the last couple of years. >> and also feeds into politics because people out in america struggling here, new york and los angeles or san francisco and washington talking about things and they say that's not the way -- it's not relating to my everyday life. excellent key point. need to bring in breaking news, just in not guilty verdict in the trial of tom barrick. a close donald trump friend who played point man for the trump inauguration. kara scannell has the details. on trial tore breaking foreign lobbying laws. what happened? >> reporter: the jury deliberated 13 hours over the past few days and came back a while ago with a unanimous verdict of not guilty on all
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nine counts. tom barrick was accused of acting as a foreign agent for the united arab emirates. prosecutors say he was serving as a back channel trying to influence u.s. foreign policy that was during former president trump's campaign in the early days of his presidency for the benefit of the uae. his assistant, matthew grimes was also charged. he was also acquitted. barrick was also charged of lying to the fbi, six counts of that and obstruction of justice acquitted on those too. this is a big loss for the department of justice. they have been really trying to bring many more of these case, whether they are foreign agent cases or undisclosed foreign lobbying cases under the statute and the record has been mixed trying to do this, a crackdown on national security risks and infractions, well, in this case they lost it across the board. tom barrick, he testified in his own defense, which a lot of defendants don't do but he was taking the stand. he testified he was not acting as a foreign agency. he was saying he was doing this
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for his business and his interests and the jury believed his side of the story. >> kara scannell, thank you. move on to another big story, a tough morning at twitter. nearly half of the company's employees now out of a job. a noon deadline tore staffers to be notified passed ten minutes ago. reorganization plan brought on by elon musk. we have more details. oliver. >> a very difficult day at twitter. like you said most of the employees or all of the employees affected by these mass layoffs should have been notified by now and should have received an email letting them know whether they should show up to work monday or not. throughout the morning we have seen them post on twitter, though, that they have been or some of them have been locked out of company accounts, company devices, presumably because they are affected by those layoffs. a number of these employees have been handling this difficult day with really good stride actually, john.
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they've been reminiscing on the times that they had at twitter, the people they made friends with, the memories they made over at the platform. i was texting with one ex-employee and he told me basically that being terminated from the company was almost a relief. he said it would have been punishment to continue to work at that company and now he'll get severance and can find a job elsewhere. the way it was executed could land elon musk in some hot water. there are laws regarding how you can conduct a mass layoff and twitter employees have filed a class action lawsuit basically accusing him of violating those guidance. >> oliver darcy, we know you'll keep your eye on that as twitter has its new controversial owner. up next back to the midterms. we map out the final shift in our midterm race rankings. 22 house contests are shifting. all but two of them tilting to the right. to get my master's.. i just saw something that said you could do it in a year for r like $11k.
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your vote will color in this map when we count. the count begins on tuesday night, of course, this is president biden's first midterm election and in our new and final race rankings suggest he will share a painful experience with barack obama and donald trump. meaning he is about to lose the party's majority in the house. cnn partners on our rankings with inside elections, the publisher and editor is with us. blank map, 435 house maps and let me flip them to look at the house battle for control. all of the races that you have helped us rank and mostly your work are here, dark red and dark blue and everything in between, the gold the toss-ups. your big shifts. they are important as we get to the end, right? democrats essentially five race, they could only afford to lose five seats and lose the majority. you have shifted 22 race, house races in your final rankings, 20 of those 2 move toward republican, some were solid
9:18 am
republican and move and the general trend toward republicans. old projection for the house was republicans would gain somewhere between 8 and 25. you now project republicans, 13 to 30. a much bigger number. why? >> well, in that -- within that range you see that 13, if it was 13 seats that would mean whichever party, if everyone wins the party that we think they're favored in and the toss-up is split evenly that would be a plus 13. still enough for a majority. but that's -- that would be under typical circumstances and right now it looks like the wind is blowing for republicans and that's why we get close to 30 because we're expecting undecided voters to break for those candidates. >> let's quickly stay in the house. your changes are coast to coast and i think that's what makes it important, not just one region or one kind of democrat. it's coast to coast so let's start right here. we start in virginia too. you bring up this race, southeastern part of virginia,
9:19 am
many know elaine loria. you have moved this one, why? >> a trump 49% district and so even though the two are running even in this environment with late breaking voters, this is not a place where as a democrat you want to go into election night and will get attention, should be one of the first where we know the results. >> the middle of the country, iowa too. a district in the middle. a couple in iowa you have changed. why? >> this one, congresswoman hanson looks like she'll be okay. cindy axne, she is again probably running fairly even with her opponent but you don't want to be tied in -- tied in this environment if you're a democratic incumbent. >> east coast to the midwest. all the way out west to a democrat -- another democrat who has become a big national name. she asks provocative questions and a favorite, katie porter's
9:20 am
district, still tilting democrat but shifting toward republicans why. >> this one in the 49th district where the republicans are feeling very bullish about california. we'll see if they end up -- places where biden won with 55%. i'm not sure republicans get all of them but even if they get a few that still means a big night for the gop. >> price of gas among the issues. let's switch to the senate. i have to switch maps. we come up here and so this is the race rank. i want to remind people we start here, 50/50, democrats with the majority because the vice president gets to break the tie. this is where we rank the races, light reds lean republicans, north carolina, wisconsin, ohio, light blue, tilt democratic or lean democratic. the orange are or gold is the toss-up. you don't change any of the rankings here but you are a bit more bullish on republican chances of picking up more. you used to have the rank plus 1 republican to plus 1 democrat and see a possibility of plus 2.
9:21 am
>> we have half a dozen senate races within a few points of each other. we're seeing republicans close fast. they were playing catch-up in states such as arizona, new hampshire, pennsylvania, and the question is can they get over the line in these races and so that's where i think the opportunity -- there are more opportunities for republicans right now. it's just a matter of can they get over -- >> for people as we tick through some race, the candidates, when you change your rankings or projections, walk through a little bit so people -- what are you looking at, polling, campaigns? >> it's a very quantitative measure. we're looking at polling. public, private, partisan, nonpartisan. we want to see it all. these are individual race, not national contests, but we are seeing a national trend with republicans, again, in good position because the late -- those undecided voters are prioritizing the economy or frustration with the economy and that is helping fuel them here at the end. >> fair to say that's the most vulnerable democratic senate
9:22 am
incumbent. >> yes, i mean if republicans aren't winning nevada on election night the night has started to go much differently than what they expected. >> nathan, pore prepared because of your help and appreciate it very much. for a deeper dive it's worth taking a look. check out the election center online at and click on the politics tab and go up to more on the midterms. up next donald trump hits the road for 2022 republican candidates and talks, of course, about a 2024 comeback. you shop s of thousands of cars 100% online so you can buy, sell or even trade your car from anywhere it's getting as soon as next day delivery or picking your new ride up at one of our sleek car vending g machines. and it's the comfort of a seven day return policy to make sure it fits your life. because at carvana, we take joy in making every customer well happy. carvana will drive you happy. two new ihop lunch and dinner menu items for twice the goodness, twice the flavor,
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most republicans believe focusing on inflation should dominate, dominate, dominate the gop's midterm campaign closing argument but donald trump and the trump rally are back for the final days and he has another idea. >> now in order to make our country successful and safary glorious, i will very, very, very probably do it again, okay? very, very, very probably. get ready. that's all i'm telling you, very soon. get ready. >> in fact, cnn has now told by trump allies the former president wants to declare his 2024 candidacy soon after we count the midterm votes. nothing is locked in but ten days from now, ten days from now, november 14th is the target date. our great reporters are back at the table. mitch mcconnell, if you're at
9:28 am
the table, call in. we'd like to know what you think about it. republicans think they're on a trajectory to a good election year. that's about the last thing most of them want to hear right now. whatever his planning is, do it after but don't talk about it. >> very, very, very probably true. that is definitely not even a probably, definitely true. look, this is kind of something that every republican you talk to has made peace with, expects, this is going to be their life. it already has been their life but even more so their life following the point that you're trying to make is, don't, don't get them off course because they believe that they are on a very good course now heading towards tuesday. don't do anything that is going to change that. to use the term that i've heard from more strategists than i've heard in any election cycle i think this is baked in. that voters are pretty clear that donald trump has not gone away and will probably be
9:29 am
returning to this the stage. >> i disagree it's a problem. the whole point is to get people excited. they're excited. he excites the base. this is exactly why you have oprah being trotted out and obama being trotted out. it's the end and he comes out and says hey, yet another to come out i'll be there too and plenty of people are excited. >> i think -- i know exactly what you're saying. it's definitely a base motivator but a divider. what they have been able to do with mitch mcconnell's guidance and others is three things, the economy, crime, and immigration. stay focused on those issues and they are worried that -- >> only a dividers if the voters you're talking about turn out. the swing voters. >> which is why joe biden this week came out and said, remember that guy, donald trump, he's still out there. >> another thing joe biden came out and said yesterday trying to tie this to this, if you give them power you won't like what happens including and maybe some republicans would like this, this.
9:30 am
>> they went back to the house and senate and they'll impeach me. i don't know what they'll impeach me for. recently they said we should stop talking about that until we win. well, all kidding aside, think about it. so much is at stake. >> audie talks about as a motivator for the republican base. maybe turning somebody in the suburbs away. is that a joke or does he believe making that case whether he will be impeached or members of his cabinet certainly in the house we'll hear talk about that. does that motivate voters. >> i think it could motivate democratic voters. when i was talking to some recently they mentioned democracy a lot. some republicans have said they want to impeach president biden. that they also want to impeach members of his cabinet. and so that is definitely something that could become a reality if they win the house. now, whether or not he's
9:31 am
convicted, if the senate flips is another question, because the senate tends to not always follow the house's lead. >> that's an understatement. >> yeah, but one thing also on president biden's closing message is that we heard his democracy speech this weekend. i think we cannot talk about it enough, one of the questions he posed to voters was, you should be asking anyone you might vote for if they are going to concede and accept the election results and that is a big question is whether or not a lot of these republican candidates are going to accept the results or not or immediately challenge them if it looks like they're losing. >> another key point so in a state donald trump narrowly won in 2016 then narrowly lost in 2020 would be wisconsin. the republican senator ron johnson is up for re-election. came to power as a tea party businessman in line with the trumpy message including senator johnson, if you lose on tuesday and the vote count shows you have lost, will you concede? >> i sure hope i can but i can't predict what the democrats might have planned.
9:32 am
it sure seems like there's an awful lot of in the past a lot of attempt on the part of democrats to make it easier to cheat. >> it's a little rich from a guy trying to convince mike pence to accept the false slate of electors from the state of wisconsin and who worked after the election at least was in touch with the people who were trying to steal the -- >> rich or on brand. if basically this is part of the conspiracy patois -- that's also required. no evidence and say even if you don't quite agree who among us has not been concerned about elections from the other side? i do feel like that's the bar of entry. >> a key point because republicans used to motivate their base by saying we will cut your taxes or add more cops, now it's that they use this to motivate their voters, the democrats are cheating. when there's zero evidence of that. >> that message backfired so badly in 2020 at the end because the whole idea that the election
9:33 am
was false idea that the election was stolen made republicans in the runoff in the georgia senate race say, well then why am i going to go vote? if it's not fair why should i vote? guess who won, the democrat. >> it doesn't look like it may backfire this time. kari lake in arizona, the gubernatorial race, republican governor candidate, she is repeating alt of these lies, whether it's election denialism, jim marchant running for secretary of state in nevada, a republican, who talks about democrats and the government being controlled by a zika balan -- secret cabal. 50% think they are controlled by a secret cabal. this is language that is becoming more and more entrenched within the republican party and how they are trying to win elections. >> it's in the bloodstream and we're going to be dealing with it for a generation to come. up next more politics. oprah winfrey made dr. oz a tv
9:34 am
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oprah now joining democrats hoping to preserve their senate majority. remember, it was oprah, oprah winfrey who gave dr. mehmet oz his tv breakthrough but she says the democrat, john fetterman, is her choice in the pennsylvania senate race. >> if i lived in pennsylvania, i would have already cast my vote for john fetterman for many reasons. >> our reporters are back at the table to discuss. she's obviously influential. millions of americans follow
9:39 am
her. a lot of pennsylvanians have already voted. because of early voting in a close race every voice matters and that's a pretty important voice. >> it's not just that she's for fetterman. it's that she's against dr. oz. >> she knows him. >> she created him and the reason dr. oz is dr. oz is because oprah put him on the map. and that endorsement is much more of an opposition announcement of oz, i think, than i i love john fetterman. >> i will be struck down by the gods for saying this. don't confuse that with brand maintenance and oprah has been very cautious about criticizing oz. when he first came out and when people have complained about, for instance, his positions on coronavirus, she said nothing or she said, it's up to the pennsylvania residents to decide. so this is about, you know, maintaining the relationship she has with her brand and also focusing on white, independent
9:40 am
women in the philly bushes, a huge part of her audience, white, independent suburban women and that is the right messenger for the moment. >> it's a great point and the question is, people out there would say, why should oprah influence my vote? if it influenced -- >> it's not for everyone's vote. >> look at the new marist poll out. a tough climate for democrats and turned increasingly tough, fetterman, 51, oz, 45. so you're just outside the margin of error. democrats want to pick this one up because it has a republican incumbent not running. they may lose nevada. this is in the chess game. >> a really big one for both parties but particularly democrats for the reasons you laid out and we're seeing that this weekend. there are going to be dueling rallies between former president trump, current president biden, obama is going to be there as well as the candidates for -- democratic candidates, josh shapiro and john fetterman for senate. so this is something i think
9:41 am
we'll hear from them what we've heard in the past few days, which is obama and biden both talking about democracy, talking about the threats to it, really trying to say that this is what's at stake this election cycle. even more so than past election cycles in addition to rallying the base around abortion which we've heard the president refocus on in the closing week. >> abortion and you feel less weak on economics because it's the crudite candidate. you don't have to have that battle about the economy, et cetera, that's not the best messenger for that. >> if you're watching at home and late to the campaign and don't get the crudite candidate, pick up -- >> at me on twitter. >> why they want to pick that up they're worried about losing a couple. one in georgia, the candidates we talked about the anxiety over the economy, the affordability, working families, who will best represent you in washington is the big debate. >> georgia deserves a united
9:42 am
states senator who understands the struggles of ordinary people and who will stand on their side and i promise you, if you will stand with me for the next five days i'll stand with you for the next six years. >> time to get people in washington to do the right thing and as my offensive linemen used to tell me, herschel, follow me, i'll take you to the promised land. vote for me and we will all get to the promised land. >> one of the more fascinating races and a lot of people early on said herschel walker has had character controversies in a dead heat with an incumbent united states senator. >> that comment alone is so indicative of the entire message, which is, reading between the lines, yeah, i'm famous and maybe i have lots of flaws but forget about me. look at the bigger picture. look at from his perspective the promised land and the perspective of the voters he's trying to reach is ending democratic control in the senate and i am the path to get there.
9:43 am
>> i think that on herschel walker/warnock race, again, we haven't really dived into abortion that much but i think that that is also going to be key there. there and pennsylvania because i think that the same way we've talked about polls not always polling republican voters or trump voters very well, dana, we talked about this recently, i think that the polling women who potentially are going to be voting democratic based on abortion, i'm not sure that polls are picking that up. >> the exit polls will be fascinating. this is tug-of-war dealing with inflation but care about the dobbs decision and the abortion issue. what do you make paramount if you have candidates with different position, nevada, the most vulnerable incumbent catherine cortez masto and that issue comes up for her running against the republican adam laxalt. >> we know we can't trust laxalt when it comes to a woman's right to choose. this is a man who called roe
9:44 am
versus wade a joke. >> she's a reliable vote for the joe biden agenda. 100% of the time she supported his economic agenda that has destroyed las vegas, crushed small businesses and made life unaffordable for all of you. >> textbook. laxalt running a traditional midterm campaign message, be mad at the president and this incumbent candidate. there's a lot at stake. >> context matters and what state you're in and the state of play around abortion does greatly affect your race. that's something we have to keep an eye on next week and also nevada in particular has struggled with the economy. they have not rebounded as well as other parts of the country and so, again, hearing a message that resonates specifically for the audience it's intended for. >> not much more than a year ago, 28% unemployment but it's come back and leaves a bruise. jane dana on "state of the union" joined with the
9:45 am
republican national committee chairwoman. ronna mcdaniel. next a cnn exclusive, the justice department is considering if it might need a special counsel to oversee the major federal investigations involving donald trump because he's about to run for president again. i'm cocovered for everything. which reminds me, thank you for driving me to the drugstore. earn big time with chase f freem unlimited with no annual fee. how w do you cashback? chase. make more ofof what's yours.
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critical cnn reporting on very important behind-the-scenes deliberations inside the biden justice department. sources say officials are planning on picking up the pace of the two sprawling investigations into the former president, donald trump, once the midterms finish. that includes potential indictment, a flurry of new hires to prosecute or
9:50 am
investigate cases and an experienced brain trust to help. one giant question, how to manage all this if trump declares a 2024 presidential run. one possible solution our team is told is bringing in a special counsel to oversee both ongoing trump investigations. during our conversation paula reid and carrie cordero. this theoretical conversation is very real. our team, our colleagues are reporting he could announce as early as ten days from now. special counsel, do they view that as the only option to give them some political protection or are there others? >> based on our reporting these discussions center around how do you make sure that the biden justice department is not accused of going after a political rival. really the chief political rival especially as he inches closer to a 2024 run but i'll push back. first of all, a special counsel is not independent. by design they report to the
9:51 am
attorney general and saw with special counsel robert mueller's investigation and the john durham investigation into the origins of the russia probe, special counsels are not immune from political attacks. actually asked the attorney general about a possible special counsel back in march and, of course, not surprisingly merrick garland gave a noncommittal answer. we're not afraid of highly political cases. so what changed between march and now? we knew trump was likely to run. that can't be it. what i have seen in reporting over the past seven years in these investigations, hillary clinton's email, russia, sometimes people who are not politicians come to the justice department and they underestimate just how politically fraught these situations are but, again, it doesn't appear that a special counsel will solve all the problems they have. >> as someone who's been in the building maybe not facing this question, do we indict a former president or who do we have handle settling the question or making the recommendation on whether we indict him.
9:52 am
two investigation, one about stealing the investigation, obstructing the government, the other about the sensitive documents taken to mar-a-lago classified records that some of which still may be missing if you believe the justice department and there's no reason not to. how do you handle this? >> well, these are really big investigations. these are investigations that i don't think are going to wrap up any time soon and so they really -- the justice department has to be looking over the next year or two. national security case, even though the mar-a-lago documents case might seem like it's straightforward. national security investigations, they just take time no matter what. dealing with classified information is hard. this decision is totally within attorney general garland's discretion whether or not to do it. he has to make the judgment. does he think that the appearance of conflict with an election over the horizon demands that he appoint the special counsel. he has to decide whether it's in the public interest. that's a very general and vague standard by which to make a decision and then he has to think about would the appointment of a special counsel
9:53 am
delay the investigations in some way? you have to get the appointment. somebody that would be acceptable, somebody who has the reputation and the actual experience to do it and then they have to hire a staff and they have to get a budget and get space to work so there is a delay aspect that he also has to take into account. >> and as those conversations continue, you do see beneath that and maybe to help with the recommendations where do we go from here in your reporting and reporting of your colleagues bringing in big names and more experienced hands looking to an old guard, bringing into the investigation kansas city based national security expert david raskin as well as a prosecutor turned defense lawyer who specialized in gangs and trying to find an a team then you go from there. >> also a lot of burnout and a lot of work at the justice department. it's not just the investigations into trump, all the prosecutions related to january 6th, you also have an investigation into the president's son and at least two
9:54 am
high-profile members of congress. nobody would want to be merrick garland right now so bringing in extra resources to help all the people who work there at the justice department. >> if you're there and meeting with merrick garland today and see he might announce as early as ten days from now, november 14th, that's not all politics too. he gets this. from a legal environment he wants to say witch-hunt. >> and so from the attorney general's perspective, that's why i think your reporting indicates they have to be planning for this scenario and have to think through it in advance. they can't be waiting for the former president to make whatever decision he's going to make. they will make a decision in the best interest of the cases and the country and that maintain the integrity of the justice department. >> fascinating moment in a giant test. appreciate the insights and great reporting. the leader of the oath keepers says he's against violence as he takes the stand in his own and colleague's seditious conspiracy trial. r yo.
9:55 am
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this week is your chance to try any subway footlong for free. like the subway series menu. just buy any footlong in the app, and get one free. free monsters, free bosses, any footlong for free! this guy loves a great offer. so let's see some hustle! topping our political radar, stewart rhodes taking the stand in his own defense, the oath keepers' founder testifying for two hours deflecting revelations that he wanted to spark a bloody revolution.
10:00 am
a self-described libertarian facing seditious conspiracy charges back on the stand in monday. a requesting military ballots for fake voters and sending them to a republican state lawmaker. the absentee ballots sent to the chairwoman on the elections committee and outspoken critic of how they were counted and believes the worker who sent them was trying to make a point about how easy it is to request military ballots in wisconsin. join us here at cnn for special coverage election night, tuesday, november 8th. 4:00 p.m. eastern. learn what's happening in your straight and around the country. thanks for your time today on "inside politics." have a fantastic weekend. ana cabrera picks up our coverage right now. hello and happy friday. i'm ana cabrera in new york. who will control congress? it all comes down to tuesday. four days, one final weekend for midterm candidates and big-name backers to get v


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