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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  November 4, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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facing seditious conspiracy charges back on the stand in monday. a requesting military ballots for fake voters and sending them to a republican state lawmaker. the absentee ballots sent to the chairwoman on the elections committee and outspoken critic of how they were counted and believes the worker who sent them was trying to make a point about how easy it is to request military ballots in wisconsin. join us here at cnn for special coverage election night, tuesday, november 8th. 4:00 p.m. eastern. learn what's happening in your straight and around the country. thanks for your time today on "inside politics." have a fantastic weekend. ana cabrera picks up our coverage right now. hello and happy friday. i'm ana cabrera in new york. who will control congress? it all comes down to tuesday. four days, one final weekend for midterm candidates and big-name backers to get voters to the
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polls. the heavyweights are hitting the trail with closing messages as key races tighten. biden, obama, trump, all ending up in pennsylvania, a high-stakes stat race there up for grabs as the woman who made dr. oz famous endorses his rival. maybe you've heard of her. >> if i lived in pennsylvania, i would have already cast my vote for john fetterman for many reasons. >> elsewhere today is the last day of early voting in some states seeing historic turnout, more than 34 million ballots already cast. plus, talk about a tease. donald trump addresses the 2024 elephant in the room. >> i will very, very, very probably do it again, okay? very, very, very probably. >> let's get out to the trail now. cnn's dianne gallagher and omar jiminez with us. it's the last day of early voting in georgia.
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tell us what you're seeing. >> reporter: you can probably see the line behind me, ana, that's completely wrapped around the building. this is typically the most robust day of early voting, the first and last days, look, we are talking about just astronomical, even record-breaking numbers for a midterm starting today. there were still more than 2 million, 2.26 million votes that were cast. that's about a quarter more than we saw in 2018 at this same time but saw a tweet right now from gabriel sterling with the secretary of state's office and says that number has gone up even more as of noon today talking more than 2,335,000 votes that have already been cast and we still have hours to go today. now, look, polling tells us that the economy is the number one issue for most voters across the country and that's true for a lot of the voters i talked to around georgia over the past month as well, but when we talk to people at this particular
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polling place which is in a heavily democratic area, they had different ideas about what their main issue was going into the ballot box today, something that would likely excite democratic candidates when they hear it. take a listen. >> it's abortion rights, it's jeopardizing voting itself. >> it's related to a woman's health and a woman's rights. >> a candidate stands on roe v. wade and overturn it is probably a big factor for me. >> i'm a medical student and just the hospital closings that we've been seeing in georgia have been affecting not only my classmates but the workforce in general. that's what i'm big on. >> especially abortion rights being a future position, not being able to advocate for my patients is definitely a big issue for me. >> my top major issue is climate. education close behind that. >> reporter: now, of course, the candidates themselves out on the trail trying to get those
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last-minute early voters or make sure that people have a plan to go and vote on election day, ana. again, polls close today in georgia at 7:00 p.m. so still several hours for people to get those early votes in or send back in mail-in ballots. >> the lines continue, again, even before election day. let's head to wisconsin now where a senate race there is also garnering a lot of attention, omar, fill us in. >> reporter: yeah, well, we're just a few days out to the election at this point and all of these candidates are in their final stretch bus tours. we're at an event for mandela barnes right now. he's going to do an event with levar burton but senator ron johnson had just done an event in cronin weather where he was asked whether he would accept the results of the 20 -- of tuesday's election, i should say, and didn't outright say yes. this is what he said. >> i sure hope i can but i can't predict what the democrats might have planned. you know, we're not trying to do
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anything to gain partisan advantage. we're just doing whatever we can to restore our confidence. it sure seems like there's an awful lot in the past a lot of attempt on the part of democrats to make it easier to cheat. we want to make it easy to vote but very hard to cheat. >> and it's unclear what he meant by democratic plans but he referenced a now former deputy director of the milwaukee election commission who was fired after she allegedly obtained military ballots for fake voters and sent them to a republican state lawmaker. that lawmaker referred them over to law enforcement as we expect some more information on charges filed later today. no votes were affected but state elections officials say it's damaging public confidence, ana. >> a lot that's damaged public confidence in these elections. thank you so much. appreciate your reporting. make sure we bring the facts to our viewers. let's bring in errol lewis.
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we went to georgia with dianne. a 29% jump in early voting this year compared to the 2018 midterms. more than 2.2 million georgians have already voted. michigan, nevada, wisconsin, other key battleground states also seeing an increase in early voting. what do you take away from this, errol? >> well, i don't know. we'll find out obviously on november 9th but what i think it means is that this is settling in. early voting is settling in as a habit and as part of the political culture. we've only had early voting in new york for a couple of years now and starting to see not record-breaking numbers but a substantial number of people are reorganizing their political life around the idea they'll have a week or two to cast a ballot. the political organizations and candidates are adapting as well and seeing that all over the country so hopefully there will be overall higher turnout but more importantly i think people's strategies, when and
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how they go to their base, when and how they try to bring out new voters and run their final ad campaign, all of that is changing all over the country. really fascinating to watch. >> absolutely, so can you read the tea leaves at this point about which party early voting might be helping? >> i don't do answers but die questions and my question will be, did the so-called roe-mentum follow through here. there were a surge of young women after roe v. wade was overturned who registered. first-time veto. i'd like to go through the data when the dust settles to see if they're part of this early voting surge. if so, that's interesting. there's some evidence especially in georgia that some of these early voters are students who are on campus. that's in part because of the schedule. if that's the case, that too is interesting. all of that has a lot of important indications for 2024 as well as the outcome of the midterms right now. >> and, of course, most votes, tens of millions more votes will
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come on tuesday. we have the big names, posting big events this weekend in those key battleground races. here's some of the closing messages we're hearing right now. >> my objective when i ran was to build, build an economy from the bottom up and the middle out and the fundamental shift, it's working compared to the maga trickle down economics. >> biden and the far left lunatics are waging war on iowa farmers crushing american energy, attacking iowa ethanol and strangling iowa families with soaring prices. >> in this race we're the only candidate that actually has hands on experience fighting against crime. and gun violence. >> we have families all over the commonwealth worried about crime, so much so they won't send their kids outside. >> all the state legislative races and local races, they are critically, critically important. not a joke. they'll determine whether our
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democracy is sustained. >> if you care about election integrity, volunteer as an election worker, poll watcher or poll challenger, we need you. >> errol, how much do these closing messages matter? >> they matter a great deal. the point of good closing messages is to bring home all of what has been done, right? you're supposed to first go out and reach your base then you're supposed to try to persuade others to come to your side. 23 a if all the numbers work out you will get your majority out to the polls and the message should be clear by the end of the campaign so all of those folks you just played are not speaking those words just because it is the first thing off the top of their head. it has been researched and battle tested and gotten reactions at people's front doors, they've gotten reactions at rallies and gotten reactions at the state fair, and this is where it all comes home, a concluding final message intended to make people feel
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good about their choices and bring in the final undecided voters which, of course, will all dwindle undecided vote in the end, the number is zero on election day. >> and we just heard from the candidates in the senate race in pennsylvania, of course, oprah made dr. oz famous but now she's endorsing fetterman. fetterman posting this new profile pick, a nod to her book club. your reaction to this endorsement and her timing and potential impact here? >> you know, oprah has a lot of juice with suburban women, suburban white women in particular. at least she used to. does she still have that power and that magnetic appeal. are people willing to buy whatever oprah is selling on any given day? some of this is in the past now. it's been a while since she was on daily television. we'll see whether or not it comes through for john fetterman and, of course, the fact that she was the one who discovered and elevated dr. oz is in some
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ways a kind of historical footnote. the question is are people loyal to the oprah brand and we're going to find out tuesday. >> errol louis, great to have you here. busy time of year for sure. okay, today we have a new measure of the u.s. economy, a driving concern for midterm voters. last jobs report before tuesday's elections shows 261,000 jobs were added in october. now, that number is down from the month before, but it is still higher than expected. unemployment creeped up to 3.7%. and joining us now is gina smilic, a federal reserve and economy reporter at "the new york times." thanks for being with us. the white house was hoping for a goldilocks report, not too hot, not too cold. where does this land? >> you know, it's not far off. i would say that this is still a pretty hot jobs market. but, you know, not showing any signs of reacceleration. what we're seeing is very strong
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jobs growth. very strong wage growth. sort of sustained low unemployment rate. i think the overall takeaway, this is still a very strong even i would say very unusually strong labor market. >> this morning, labor secretary marty walsh spoke to cnn, and here's his read on the state of the economy and how americans are feeling. >> we have to continue to do everything we can to bring down inflationary prices. at the end of the day no matter how many jobs i can tell you we've added people are still feeling the struggle at the kitchen table so that's why the president has been -- every time he speaks he talks about that bringing costs down and have to do more to bring those costs down. >> how do you do that? we keep seeing the fed raise rates and yet hasn't tamed inflation yet. why not? >> yeah, and so i think that the labor market reports are a big
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part of that. we have not seen a slowdown in the job market that has been as pronounced or as meaningful as many economists would have expected given how much the fed has been acting to restrain the economy. and so, you know, with an economy that is growing as quickly as the one we have right now with job gains like we're seeing with wage gains in particular like we're seeing it's just going to take a while to get prices back down. so i think that the sort of overall takeaway here, we still have more room to go in that sort of battle. the fed will probably continue raising interest rates and have signaled that at their meeting and as they do that we will see a slightly more painful situation in the economy. very likely the job market will slow in the next year and extremely likely and expected at the federal reserve that the unemployment rate is going to creep a little bit higher. up into the 4s, maybe as high as 4.5%. >> just seems like expectations haven't matched reality for some time. of course, economic norms became completely turned upside down
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because of covid and the pandemic. but during the decade before the pandemic, over the course of that time, the economy was adding an average of 183,000 jobs per month. today's numbers are still well above that, right? we keep hearing the layoffs will come. when do you think we might see that reflected in these numbers? >> i think that is the million dollar question that everybody would like to know the answer to right now. because like you said, yeah, we've just seen job gains much stronger than what used to prevail and it's worth paying attention to the fact that demographics have changed in that period. we have much better demographics in the decade leading up to the pandemic than today. an aging population, the generation that's aging into the workforce, gen-z are tiny compared to what millennials were, many fundamental reasons you would expect slower job gains today and instead we're seeing really rapid, rapid progress and so i think that this is sort of the big question
10:15 am
as we go forward, when does that start to crack? you know, we are seeing some signs of economic slowing in the housing market and you can see that in the jobs report. jobs pull back in those sectors, a question of when that becomes more generalized and certainly not hearing it too much in earnings calls at this point. some tech companies are pulling back but across a lot of the consumer economy it looks like momentum is still pretty solid and may still have a ways to go here. >> okay. it's tough with so much uncertainty, i know, all of us are seeking a better sense of what to expect. jeanna smialek, thanks for sharing your reporting with us. now, one of the nba's biggest stars is benched. the brooklyn nets suspend kyrie irving for refusing to flat out say he doesn't hold anti-semitic beliefs and not apologizing, at least initially when given a second or third chance to do so so what did he say when pressed by reporters and how the team
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nba star kyrie irving will not be on the court when his team, the brooklyn nets face off against the wizards. the nets suspended him for five games after he not only doubled down on the decision to share a link to an anti-semitic film but refused to clearly state he does not hold anti-semitic views when pressed by reporters and refused to just apologize. >> wanted to hear the word i
10:21 am
apologize or in your mind you said i didn't mean to cause any harm. were you apologizing or -- >> i didn't mean to cause any harm. i'm not the one who made the documentary. i respect all walks of life and embrace all walks of life. that's where i sit. >> i think what people want to hear is a yes or no on that question. yes or no. >> i cannot be anti-semitic if i know where i come from. >> so after that, the nets released a statement saying in part such failure to disavow anti-semitism when given a clear opportunity to do so is deeply disturbing against the values of our organization and constitution statutes conduct detrimental to the team. we are of the view he is currently unfit to be associated with the brooklyn nets. cnn national correspondent brynn joins us. he did apologize. what sesaying now? >> you ticked through that chronologically very well for
10:22 am
the viewers. it was a whole week of events happening in addition to the fact that the nets said they were going to give the anti-defamation league in addition to kyrie irving each $500,000 which now the adl says we don't want because he doubled down on efforts. he did eventually apologize but took all that to get to that point. in that i do want to read it coming late last night after his suspension. to all jushg families and communities hurt and affected by my post i'm deeply sorry to have caused you pain and i apologize. i had no intention to disrespect any jewish cultural history regarding the holocaust or perpetuate any hate. now, the big question is did this go far enough? you know, some people are reading it and saying, you know, he only did it because he got suspended. others criticizing the fact that the nba, it took this long for the commissioner to speak out. for the coach or the team rather to -- the franchise to make this decision to suspend him.
10:23 am
we'll see how it plays out. >> others are criticizing the teammates as well because they weren't speaking out immediately. this should have been no right from the get-go. >> should be easy. >> no thought to it. kevin durant actually, you know, another nba all-star spoke out at the pregame to the game that's happening tonight press conference and he kind of made these comments, saying, you know, he feels it was unnecessary that the team had to even respond to all of this controversy which, again, created a little bit more controversy. it seems like everyone should be quiet at this point but in that he had to send out a tweet to follow up to say, listen, he disavows anti-semitism and hate speech. but, again, it does seem at this point that tensions are high and everyone should probably just stop talking. >> yeah. and say i'm sorry. >> and say i'm sorry. >> thank you. republicans emboldened by recent polls are mapping out
10:24 am
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house republicans are plotting big investigations, should they win next week. topping the list, probes into the business deals of the president's son. hunter biden. congressman james comer and jim jordan are planning a press conference next week on the crimes they believe hunter biden has committed revealing the contents of a suspicious bank account and jordan sent a letter to christopher wray saying they will be examining what he calls the politicization and bias at the fbi and warning the justice department that they will investigate the seizure of classified documents at donald trump's mar-a-lago resort home. now, to investigations already under way and cnn exclusive involving behind-the-scenes conversations at the justice department. sources tell us top doj officials are discussing whether a special counsel will be needed to oversee the two federal investigations into former
10:30 am
president donald trump if or perhaps when he announces a 2024 run which we're reporting could come in the next couple of weeks. now, the two investigations we're talking about are trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election and the probe involving mar-a-lago documents. federal investigators are ramping up and staffing up both probes to be ready for decisions to come after the midterms including potential indictments. cnn senior crime and justice reporter katelyn polantz joins us. what is the plan? >> ana, it's just going to raise the stakes quite a lot on the political side and on the legal side. so we know right now that there's going to be a lot of very complicated decisions that the attorney general, merrick garland, is going to have to make after the election within, you know, a window of time before likely the next presidential election. those are things like whether there is a case to bring against a former president of the united
10:31 am
states, potentially. whether there is a case to bring of top advisers that were around him in the white house or after the white house, how should they be thinking about at the justice department in the grand jury steps that donald trump took when he was president and then what he was doing with federal records, the mar-a-lago investigation theoretically after the presidency so there's what he was doing with federal records, the mar-a-lago investigation theoretically after the presidency so there's a lot of questions there and so right now the justice department is in a period of preparation. they're figuring out exactly how to respond to this when they're going to need to and that includes, one, discussing the possible need for a special counsel if they see fit once trump becomes a candidate. the second thing they're doing is merrick garland is essentially bringing in a brain trust, people to focus on those two trump-related investigations, the mar-a-lago documents investigation and
10:32 am
january 6th investigation. they've brought in people with national security expertise, they've brought in advisers with criminal law expertise, people who have worked with cooperators and so this has been a quiet period leading up to the election on tuesday where the justice department isn't taking overt steps in these investigations, but what they are doing is they're table setting. and putting in place the all of the advice that they're going to need to make the big decisions as soon as the election period is over. ana. >> katelyn polantz, thank you for that reporting. let's discuss with former federal prosecutor jennifer rodgers. do you think a special counsel is needed? >> i'm skeptical, ana, because it will cause a delay. it takes time for someone to be.ed to staff up, get office space, get up to speed and i don't think the benefits are there and the benefits of a special counsel are it takes the politicization down a notch. someone semi independent. so we saw when robert mueller
10:33 am
came in, he was praised, oh, he's great. he won't be biased. as soon as he started digging up damaging information on trump it was a witch-hunt and he was completely biased. i don't think a special counsel would even get a honeymoon period. i think that benefit goes out the window along with the benefit of potentially lasting through an administration so john durham when he was appointed lasted into the biden administration and they did not fire him and that turns out to be the right move because he came up with basically nothing at all. i don't think that we can trust that a second trump administration or another trump-like gop figure would allow the special counsel to continue his or her work so i think the benefit really isn't there and i don't see it's worth the delay. >> so time is of the essence, right, and given this new activity like staffing up, what we've learned has been happening behind the scenes, compelling testimony through secret court battles, if trump throws his hat in the ring, does it change how
10:34 am
the doj approaches an investigation into trump and a potential indictment? >> i don't think so. i mean, the only rule here is the unwritten rule about acting close to an election. they already have been treating trump with kid gloves if we're being honest and been more cautious giving him more process than any other citizen would get when you look at how they handled it so i think they will continue to do that and ought to do that but i don't think they ought to change course. there is no special rule that applies to political candidates, only the rule around the time of the election and we all know one of the reasons that he wants to run again is to try to insulate himself from these kinds of inquiries in the first place so i think they should keep doing what they're doing and i think that's more than adequate. >> jen, stand by for a moment. we're just getting some new details about what happened in president trump's motorcade the day of the january 6th attack. we're learning the january 6th committee is now interviewing secret service agents who were part of that motorcade.
10:35 am
let's get to whitney wild who has this reporting. >> reporter: we're learning one of the secret service agents in former president trump's motorcade is interviewing at the house select committee today. this is crucial testimony and here's why. the house select committee has really been drilling in on what the plan was for the motorcade as well as what was former president trump's reaction to learning that he could not go up to capitol hill. they have several questions. they want to know what the planning was. they want to know what happened when former president trump said during his speech that he intended to go to the capitol. cnn previously reported that that prompted some discussion about whether or not that was workable and if they could get the metropolitan police department to assist them in a motorcade up to the capitol. that request, that discussion ended with the metropolitan police department basically saying, they can't do it which was why trump in the end was told, you cannot go to capitol hill. so they were going to drill down on all of these questions so this is a crucial interview, again, with an agent who is in
10:36 am
that motorcade. sources are also telling my colleagues andy grayer and zach cohen, next week they will very likely -- they very well likely will hear as soon as next week from another crucial witness, ana, that is the driver of the suv. let me take you back to june of this year. white house aide cassidy hutchinson said in this explosive testimony that inside that suv where there were only three people, former president trump, the head of his detail, bobby ingle and driver of the suv that trump was irate when he learned he couldn't go to capitol hill and cassidy hutchinson testified trump tried to lunge at the steering wheel and head of his detail so that driver's testimony will be crucial in corroborating if this driver does corroborate that testimony, giving them a real window into exactly what happened inside that suv because, ana, cassidy hutchinson
10:37 am
was not inside the suv and further testified that tony or at that time to told her that story so, again, that is very crucial testimony. the big headline here, ana, they are going at a very rapid clip to find out what the secret service knew and exactly what happened january 6th. >> okay, whitney wild, thank you for that update. jen rodgers back with us. we're told this is the fourth interview with secret service agents or officials in five days. so they're really digging in to the secret service. >> i'm really glad about this. not only because it's important to try to corroborate what cassidy hutchinson said and find out what actually happened that day but there is something wrong at the secret service if cassidy hutchinson is testifying as she did that this happened and that they are then coming out as an agency and casting doubt on her testimony. so, you know, they need to dig into, dongre congress does as an oversight matter. are there people there who need to be removed, not loyal to the
10:38 am
government. there are a lot of issues around that. i think that separate and apart from what the january 6th committee is doing putting together this case, it's really important that we learn more about that so that we can be sure the secret service is doing what it needs to do. >> took a long time for them to compel the testimony of these secret service personnel. thank you so much, jen rodgers for being here. twitter slashing its workforce today after elon musk's takeover of the company. how employees found out whether they'd keep their jobs or not and why some are now suing the company. he subway series menu. just buy any footlong in the app, and get one free. freeee monsters, free bosses, any footlong for free! this guy loves a great offer. so let's's see some hustle!
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right now most twitter employees should have found out via email whether they have a job or not. in a memo elon musk told workers they would be notified by noon eastern about the status of their jobs. but as early as last evening employees began tweeting about being locked out of their company accounts. several twitter employees have now filed a class action lawsuit alleging the layoffs are in violation of the warren act which forbids certain companies from carrying out mass layoffs without bigger notice. twitter's not the only company eyeing layoffs right now. cnn business correspondent rahel solomon is here with more.
10:44 am
hate to ask where workers are most at risk. >> it's important to point out we are still in the midst of a pretty strong labor market but does appear that every day certainly these days you're waking up to new layoffs. put on the screen some companies hearing of layoffs or pausing corporate hiring or freezing and you'll notice something. they're all tech companies. these are companies that over the pandemic really experienced explosive growth and now they're starting to pull back as we shift to a potentially different cycle economically but the real estate companies and i spoke to geiberger, one of the top economists and i asked him for advice for people who are trying to make sense of the jobs report and trying to make sense of if they're thinking about switching jobs. he said, look, it's still a strong labor market right now but it's not as strong as it was six months ago and probably stronger today than it will be in six months. think about that if you're thinking about switching jobs and plan accordingly. if you're in the type of industry like tech, real estate
10:45 am
and you were already thinking about switching, you might want to consider doing that because they will probably continue to experience challenges. >> okay, and, of course, sadly it's all coming right before the holidays. >> yeah, but which is so interesting, we got new reporting from the national retail federation, their new holiday forecast and they actually still expect strong spending up 6% to 8%, i believe it is, which is lower than last year, but certainly higher than the ten-year average. but it's saying that it expects people to rely on credit cards more, dip into savings more and, of course, we know that a lot of people still have excess savings so that desire to spend is still there. we'll have to see how certain people expense that. >> wow, that's part of what is driving inflation, of course, this vicious cycle. >> it is. >> thank you so much, rahel solomon. soon taking psychedelic drugs in oregon will be legal. and now more states are trying to jump on the magic mushroom train. just buy any footlong in the app, and get one free.
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the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ at the start of next year, oregon will become the first state to legalize a drug commonly called magic mushrooms. the plan is not popular with everyone. here is david culver. wrrt >> reporter: on the nearly 1,000 new frontier ranch, mike arnold wants to c s to explore unchart territory. >> it will save lives. >> reporter: and he is talking about magic mushrooms as most know them, a natural substance he believes can bring internal healing. >> i have to get it into as many
10:51 am
hands as quickly as possible. >> reporter: but to do it his company had to go where it is legal and they chose jamaica. with medical professionals on site to keep watch, they ingested the drugs. medicine as they prefer. >> it was mixed with like a juice. >> are you thinking what is this going to do? >> yeah, definitely nervous. >> reporter: and tracy turned to the drug to help her grief the loss of her sister and a recent breakup. >> i was feeling pretty lost and hopeless. >> reporter: and so in june she traveled down to jamaica for one of the retreats. she says she remembers every detail from her altered state. but like many, struggles to convey the experience through words. >> it almost was like i could see the life within everything around me. sounds weird, but it is like feel what it really is like to feel alive. >> did you start to revisit some of the loss and pain in>>?
10:52 am
>> there was a lot of processing and healing that i was able to do during and afterwards. >> reporter: and he wants to bring the same ceremony in state side beginning in oregon. they are the first to legalize the growth and distribution at licensed service centers to be taken under strict supervision and with restrictions on driving. and folks like jason, a dad of three toddlers, willing to spend nearly $50,000 to undergo the mandatory training ande. my family is here, all of our other businesses are here. it is a farm crop. >> reporter: he plans to host for a few hours as they experience a mind-altering journey. do you think it is safe for the kids? >> there is a wean rywinery rig there. people can drink as much as they want and drive down the road. i think that is a may more concerning conversation that i
10:53 am
have to have. >> reporter: something happening way out west, but other states across the country are also exploring this new frontier. colorado likely to put legalizing psychedelics to a state vote. more than a dozen other states actively studying the potential benefits or considering their own legislation. for centuries psychedelics have been used by take draditional cultures. but in the '70s they were criminalized in the u.s. today the medical community is studying it treat ptsd, anxiety, depression and even to curb coal abuse. but concerns are that it could spark erratic behavior. lingering unknowns and stigma creating a growing unease in oregon. >> we want to opt out for a while. >> reporter: more than 100 counties and cities in oregon
10:54 am
may be pushing back. henry porter, many who secured ballot measures allowing voters to ban the businesses locally. >> you feel like the community needs protecting from in this measure? >> yes. >> why? >> i don't know what it does. i don't know how it will be controlled. i don't know how to keep kids away from it. i guess the fear of things we don't understand. >> reporter: similar concern echoed back in southern oregon. it is here the legalization of cannabis proved messy in 2015. led to the participation of cartels, human trafficking and water depletion. legalizing 00 new drug? not going over well here. >> oh, boy, got that right. >> reporter: maryann lives next to the ranch and is open to the therapeutic benefits but is worried about the impact. >> we have a very unique community and we want to keep it that way. >> reporter: and arnold sees it as a vital service that is more
10:55 am
medicinal than recreational. >> people will get the peace they need to make it through another season, make it through another day, that they will learn that they have value, they have worth, that live has dignity. and that they are special and they are loveable. >> reporter: david culver, cnn, oregon. before we go, new york city marathon is back this weekend, first since full the pandemic, to welcome more than 50,000 runners and i'll be one of them. i originally set it to run as a part of turning 40, but it has become a bigger mission to support a causary and dear to me. i'm running in memory of our coll colleague's baby who died from pediatric brain cancer who died. another friend and colleague of ours lost her little boy blake to brain cancer too. and my own brother john is a
10:56 am
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