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tv   The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  November 4, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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happening now, georgia wraps a record-breaking run of early voting. candidates there and across the country are making urgent closing arguments. we're following the final sprint to the midterm finish line with four days to go. president biden is heading to a campaign event in illinois, pivoting back to issue one for voters, the economy. will the final preelection jobs report help his case? today was the deadline for former president trump to hand over to the subcommittee. his reply and what happens next. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world, wolf blitzer is off today, i'm brianna keilar, you're in "the situation room." more than 34 million americans have already cast their ballots
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with four days to go until the midterm election that will determine control of congress. the economy is the most important issue for voters, and races in some key battleground states are neck and neck. >> reporter: with four days, the latest job report is taking center stage. the economy is issue number one. >> the economic continues to grow and add jobs as gas prices come down. we have a lot more to do. >> reporter: even as the u.s. economy adds jobs for october and unemployment is historically low, voters are expressing concern about rising prices. >> people are scrambling to buy gasoline to go to work. or figure out what they're going to have for dinner because the cost of food is so expensive. >> reporter: heading into the final weekend before election day, the battle for control of the senate is on a knife's edge. >> folks are feeling pain at the
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pump, the cost of prescription drugs and everything in between in the greatest country in the world. >> reporter: duelling bus tours as candidates drive voters to the poll. republican johnson refusing to commit to accepting the results >> i sure hope i can, but i can't predict what the democrats have planned. >> reporter: quickly said the republican sent: to be expected. quick that is what we have always been and will continue to be. and sending fraudulent collectors to the vice president 2021. we will be successful this year. >> johnson said he had no knowledge of any fraudulent electorates. candidates from both beginning surrogates. pres. biden campaigning tonight tonight to pennsylvania where he and former pres. obama overly for democrats including senate nominee federal.
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stumping for mehmet oz, for and also over helped him she is throwing her support behind federman . >> if i lived i would also have cast my vote federman. for. >> it is an icon it is an honor and i am grateful. >> on sunday biden will be on the trail into york with gov. kathy hogle will trump goes with marco rubio but not gov. ron desantis. dissent is releasing into video today saying god created the republican leader to be a fighter for florida courts god made a fighter. >> now heading into this weekend it is crunch time here in wisconsin. will be making final stops and almost every stop we have been to there are jokes on how
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elections in wisconsin are close. those jokes are expected to become reality as polls have shown no clear leader among these two. but what has been clear for these candidates are the stakes of both of them have been campaigning on the country. >> omar jimenez thank you for that report. let's take a closer look at all of this with chief national correspondent and executiv e dunking who is that are magic well. i know you have a look at the final race reading. >> we do, the shift toward republican in the final days let's start by saying this is the current matt. on tuesday we told in a new map all the lines had changed this is the census of two years ago. republicans do not need much to pick it up let's split to where
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you are. these are our final rejections 216 races tilting ending likely or solidly republican. that means republican only two races away from the. the battlefield tilting their direction. look at the shift we have seen in the final rankings want to bring this up. 22 house races in all shift. forgive me for turning my. 22 racing shifting towards republican. yesterday we said republicans could have eight to 25 now republicans could gain 13 to 30 seats. there are some who think it could be higher. in the competitive races the gold races either cleaning or tilting one way to run coast to coast. let's look at a couple in the house races one is the chairman of the democratic campaign. congressman sean maloney looking
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to take back the house. we call this a tossup something to watch in new york state. several races in play. look at one more along the east coast they search over and over. we told republican virginia second republican district. that has always been a tough district she is nationally no because of her will on the january 6th committee. in several races in plays if you look at this map the competitive house races we need more and more in republican favor. let's shift a look at the battle. omar was talking about the decrease in wisconsin this is the current state of play. the democrats have the majority of the 50/50 the vice president break the tie. we have not changed our rankings but republicans could pick up as many as two seats. the democrats want to desperately pick up a seat in pennsylvania held by republicans not incumbent on the ballot. what do they want to pick this up? they want 51 for an insurance policy georgia is in play. republicans are making a late charge in georgia and possibly washington state. the reason democrats are nervous
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and desperately need pennsylvania is because they think they could lose out of the state of nevada. the incumbent the most vulnerable democratic incumbent. this is the most recent poll it shows it as a tie no clear leader. enthusiasm of a republican. you do not want to be a democrat and tied or a point ahead you want to be up to offset the church. republicans think the content is one red and if they do it is more than likely the senate will turn. >> thank you for that jon stay with us. we want to bring in cnn chief meteor analyst and bill mattingly as well. and i want to start with this new jobs report. 261,000 jobs. and you have pres. biden messaging on the economy. is this something that helps? is
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this too soon to the midterms? >> in terms of the report this is a report the white house wanted. this underscores the job market and wages is a true success story for this white house. i was struck by omar's pc individual he was talking to make clear the political problem that is been so pervasive. not just for the white house but democrats across the country. gas prices although taking down power right in front of the voters basis they are driving this discontent they are driving the malaise we have seen when it comes to using the economy and direction of the economy going forward. that is been a significant problem. the president has tried to balance that and success story. underscoring the understand the inflation problem has been the message the last few weeks has not made a tangible difference get at least in pulling we have seen. until the ballots are counted that is an open question. >> the grocery prices our weekly
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reminder and a worry. you look at the job number share, it is good. but for a lot of people it is not changing their lives. inflation is it is real. and our latest poll showed three out of four say we are early in a recession. >> that includes 61 percent of democrats think we are in a recession and that is a problem for democrats you see the president saying we have got to vote democratic to save our democracy. i understand we are in a ditch and we are the ones to get you out of it. most americans feel they are in the ditch and a lot of folks are not sure the people in power are the ones to get them out of it. these are very strong headwinds there. >> what do you think about the democratic messaging at this point in time.
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where they have been on the economy you see the president. but you see different candidates taking different test. >> you talked about the republican lot will they lose ohio will they lose pennsylvania and other races. maybe georgia. the conversation the democrats and republicans. republicans are mostly the economy and the democrats talking about crime. the president st. inflation is a problem what can we do to help you with affordability issues may be a tax credit. the democrats having a very public debate about their strategy. some democrats are saying stop. the fighting and salvage the races we can argue. >> gloria, oprah has weighed in on who she would vote for in the pennsylvania one is the most interesting. she is the one who put dr. also on the map she said she would have voted for jon federman if she lives in pennsylvania.
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does it matter? >> i am not sure it does talk to a republican pollster who said to me look. suburban men matter more than suburban women. maybe it will not matter so much but the race is close. one thing i want to point out about oprah is she said i would have cast my vote for jon f fetterman for many reasons but she did not say what they work. and so if it were a huge endorsement you would expect her to say it will make your healthcare costs less he will do this for you that for you. and dr oz. wouldn't but she did not. work that person might change my mind. but to gloria's point try anything to the end why not? >> very good point through all the things of the wall. thank you so much for the conversation.
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and we are back with our political experts counting down to the final day of midterm voting. and johnny king to see him in this king to see him in this king to see him in this heat it talks about 2024 and this is what he said on whether he plans to run. >> i will very, very, probably do it again. okay? very, very, very. >> very, very, very, probably. >> john: that one what i say when they asked me to come to work. he enjoys the tease and for people who support trump they like the theater for those who do not like trump it drive them crazy. that is the polarization of
3:18 pm
donald trump those reporters who spent time with him say he will announce. 's plan is we will see what happens. 's plan is possibly ten days from today possibly november 14th. that would cause a big decision at the justice department. and it is to save trump is running trump is a candidate come on in if you dare. but remember what happened in 2016 they are trying to beat and shape the political field. is interesting to watch i would take there is a more important election on tuesday for a lot of republicans would wish donald trump would stop talking about donald trump until after the midterm election where republicans have a lot at stake in state, country. he is allegedly campaigning 2022. >> do you think you would to ohio to make sure that bradley would win, no he went there for his own means which is the iowa caucus. he is already in that mode. and as you point out other candidates. they do not have the money and once you get in.
3:19 pm
you are restricted by all the presidential fundraising rules. and i think it is 2900 a person. they are affected by that so maybe they can't get in. >> john:'s lot of jobs in politics a to just win an election and they can't. >> what if he says i will not get in it donald trump it in and then you get and what do you do? >> gloria: it is still very, very, probably the house. the house is the most likely chamber to flip your. you have democrats who have written it off at this point in time it will be tough to hold onto the margin is so slim. pres. biden mentioned the possibility he could be impeached if republicans take back the house. it is gaining some traction just
3:20 pm
how concern is the white house about this? >> john: as much as some senior republicans have tried to take them that talk. officials try to tempt down running for the midterm elections. for the house republican congress that would pursue something like that. and make clear they want to. in conversations at the white house publicly they will never say they expect the house to flip. privately they are looking at the same maps in the same structural realities in the wake of redistricting that we all are at this point in time. if you need more evidence of this ever since the spring over
3:21 pm
the last couple of months they have been preparing for a republican house. on the investigation side on the legal and communication side. that would wake up quickly if republicans to take the chamber. the one thing i think officials see here it is a double edge sword. they do not want significant investigations the know what being empowerment and people in front of committees means for those individuals in the administration itself. but they also recognize the fact there's a real possibility for overreach. a real possibility they could benefit politically. is to the last few years of warfare it is republicans and whether they can deliver on the goods they are selling. white house officials believe they will win that battle even if the wind the white house was what are you preparing for if there is a republican house. over the next few years look like? >> john: everything changes in washington the new republican revolution in the 90s. we were here when the democrats swept nancy pelosi. it changes everything. sometimes presidents benefit politically from divided government. if the overreach joe biden could benefit from that. bill clinton did back in the day
3:22 pm
but you will have battles overspending. you will have republicans try to push priorities also joe biden will we know them. and we will have a lot of investigation. one key question is it just the house? if they take the senate they will have oversight will receive a different tone between house republicans and senate republicans? we need the midterm election and over the landscape is. divided government gets complicated and sometimes it tips politics back upside down again quick sometimes presidents can cut deals with divided government they could not get it that the please the base of their own party. we are talking joe biden. >> we will see if that is the case thank you it has been a pleasure. coming up nancy pelosi speaking out publicly for the first time about her husband after the brutal attack on him in their home. new in the situation room. e lack access to safe surgery. thousands of children are suffering
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6:30. >> we are bringing this into the situation room and they pelosi's first public comments about her husband's recovery from that brutal hammer attack inside their san francisco home. >> it is with a grateful hart i thank you for being here coming together this morning. usually we are wednesday but paul came home yesterday. that enables me to be at home with all of you. thank you, thank you, thank you for your kind words, your prayers and your good wishes for paul. it is going to be a long call but he will be well. it is tragic it happened. nonetheless we have to be optimistic he is surrounded by
3:28 pm
family. so that is a wonderful thing. a poem written by ahuw monu i read it after what happened on january 6th. i am not reading the whole poem but from it. i have no other country although mainland is burning. my veins, my soul with aching body and humble hart here is my home. i will not be silent. my country has changed her face. i will not give up on her i feel reminder and speak into her her ears until she opens her eyes. that is and is really poem. but it is a country we need to bring our country together. so when we are fighting this fight getting out this vote let's do so with the greatest
3:29 pm
respect for everyone. again, i have always said that the arts would bring us together that is why i quoted that poem. because we can be inspired we can laugh, we can cry, we can be inspired we can share common thoughts and ground and forget our differences. and i find that to be the saving grace. >> cnn jamie dingell has more on this. she is nothing if not tough and to see that. this is also been so devastating for her and i think that comes through. >> she is tough normally she is usually extremely composed. i think we just saw somebody who is very emotional especially for
3:30 pm
nancy pelosi. there were a couple of things she said that struck me she said it will be a long call for her husband. i think we have been hearing 82 years old. i know he is in great health 482 but this was a trauma. she talked about it being tragic and optimistic. but you also saw the politician there. she is getting ready for the midterm elections next week. the democrats are perhaps going to lose the house. she talked a little bit about that but i think the most interesting thing is this family has just been through a horror. the most horrific attack. and paul lucy was the physical victim but the target was nancy pelosi. and she talked about we need to bring the country together. >> and i am sure there is no way around not taking it
3:31 pm
personally. >> correct. >> she sees this as a bigger thing than the attack on the country. and she is talking about taking the high road when it comes to how democrats should be looking at the election on tuesday. she is talking about having respect for people. >> she read that poem after january 6th. she said look, i think there is no question that this was political violence. she was the political target of it. and i think that was a remarkably composed message considering what that family is going through. >> is certainly was. jamie, if you can stay with us i would like to bring in cnn correspondent elliot williams and marie for some analysis and
3:32 pm
other stories we are following here. you also have some reporting, jamie, on the january 6th select committee. today was the deadline for pres. donald trump to hand over documents. and they are busy conducting interviews what could you tell us? >> the interviews going on right now are the secret service. although there has been a quiet period about hearings we note this week they had four, i believe, different witnesses from the secret service and former secret service. we expect those interviews to continue for the next couple of weeks. we are in a wait and see mode. sara and i were talking about it earlier. those documents were due from donald trump and his lawyers at ten am. many hours ago. and the committee, i am told, is working late tonight. we expect something from them
3:33 pm
this evening. but as of yet donald trump and his lawyers have not turned anything over. >> what does the committee do? >> it depends. window they are not getting the documents today that is a pretty safe assumption. it depends on how they don't get documents does the president simply thought comply at all? where does he appear to be acting in good faith in some way? you have got to give him that chance. if the former they can charge them with contempt. they have the time between now and january when a new congress comes in to declare contempt or to get documents between now and january. >> as the clock just run out on that? jamie? >> if you are the top team is in they were in good faith they asked for a lot of documents a lot of communication. they are saying we need more time to put this together. that is one thing i think the other question is is the trump team buying time because they
3:34 pm
will file a lawsuit? is that they have no intention of complying but looking to buy time to find out what they want to put? >> sara what about what the doj is waiting when it comes to next with the cases involving former pres. trump? >> sara: obviously the trump residential announcement will be imminent the next couple of weeks the justice department knows that as well. they are weighing whether a special accommodation to oversee the two investigations. the january 6th and the ma mar-al-lagomar-a- lago investigation the concern is when he says he will feel for president assuming that happens then you have joe biden justice department investigating donald trump. potentially the two men running against each other. they wonder should we try to reduce that heat by putting a special counsel in place ? no
3:35 pm
decisions have been made these are discussions ongoing. >> what do you think about that? >> elliot: it is hard to fire a special counsel. if they put one in place you can only get rid of him or her if they broke the law and violated rules. at the end of the day whether donald trump is a candidate or not it will still be. and it is seen as a political attack to charge them. at the end of the day the justice department if they have the evidence to prosecute him just prosecute him bringing a third party does not change inks. >> jamie: and can i add we have seen him play this before with the mueller investigation the political follow-up will be he will try to use this if they go down the road. and how will his political base react to it? he knows how to rip them up. i think it would be interesting to see how other gop
3:36 pm
presidential hopefuls react to it. >> it is politicized either way and we have seen that. thank you for the conversation. justst ahead is a major battle brewing over a russian heleld major city in southern ukraine. liveve from ukraine.
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3:41 pm
>> what we are seeing is political sparring between both sides and military maneuvers on the ground. that perhaps there is going to be a greater contest. a fiercer contest in the future but we are not there but are we hearing from the russian backed side khershon in we believe they are in convoys where we can from the ukrainians. the defense minister said today he believes in essence breaking down his sarcasm. that the ukrainians will have to fight khershon for the russians were not going to give it back despite not having many troops in the city despite hardening the defense but the ukrainians will have to fight for it the russians will have losses. and he added as well he did the russians would have a tough time
3:42 pm
because their trenches are in irrigation ditches around the sport city and there has been a lot of rain. and it is taking down tonight trenches around here will be filling up. and it will make the fighting harder for both sides. i think the significant military maneuvers are around the key dan upriver from khershon that the ukrainians have said if they get it inside of their artillery directions will know it is the only route of retreat the game is that. essentially and they believe gradually. now the russians and pres. putin has reinforced this forcing civilians from villages on the east bank. the opposite side from khershon around that dam and just upriver from the dam which means the fight make it stronger and get closer. but again a lot of this is conjecture there is a lot of political sparring without military maneuvering.
3:43 pm
>> nick robertson in from k kramatorsk, i want to get more from the former u.s. ambassador to ukraine bill taylor. you hit the report it is almost like will we talk to nick about everyday on what is happening with khershon because it is murky as you see there. what are you expecting now that we have seen the rare weigh in from vladimir putin himself? >> it is hard to say but khershon is important to both sides. and what is cliff the russians are sending inexperienced troops people they have just called up not much training. they will be sitting there on the side where kherson is they are not well disciplined or trained. if they panic like what happened in harkev that could have a devastating impact on the rest of the russian army. khersonis important and neither
3:44 pm
side showing their hand and showing what they will do. do not put it past the ukrainians to go somewhere else quick to not let them go somewhere else what does that mean? what they do not want to destroy downtown kherson. kherson is beautiful they do not want to destroy it by artillery by house to house fighting. they could be looking at other ways to make the russian pass. >> the u.s. and asked 400 million in new security assistance and a revamped command to train these soldiers. is that enough to support ukraine through this? here for a while especially when you consider we have these midterm elections upon us. and even partial republican control of congress could stymie efforts to get more into uk
3:45 pm
ukraine. >> i do not believe that what i see in today's congress. >> you do not believe republican control. support of ukraine? >> that is right do not believe republican control of the house was stop report for ukraine. why? because right now the american people and the full range of congress is little concern on the left and right. but basically you have a solid bipartisan majority. and it turned out there are not many changes of seats. i do not see a big change in the numbers i certainly do not see the congress reducing dramatically support. i see it continuing and it will take real leadership on sen. mcconnell and sen. schumer and nancy pelosi and the president to keep the support up. because it will be hard this winter. herd here, hard in europe but hardest in ukraine. >> they seem to have quite a will behind them. even without water and power in
3:46 pm
our reports today. ambassador taylor always good to hear your respective. >> thank you. >> coming up accused of calling for a buddy revolution to keep donald trump in power. the leader of the old d keepers takes the stand in his defense today. el purchased through chase on this rental car. that lake is calliling my name! don't you get seasick? we'll find out! come on. and i earn 3% on dining including takeout. so much for catching our dinner. some people are hunters. some are gatherers. i'm a diner. pow! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours.
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3:51 pm
>> it was really interesting. we saw a very different side or at least the jury did of stewart rhodes. and it seems very calculated. he got on the stand, and he really acted as his own character witness. he talked about, you know, how much of a person that he believes in doing the right thing, that he's nonviolent, that he wants to protect businesses, particularly black businesses and stood up for members of lgbtq. you saw this side of him that was softer and gentler than what the jury has been seeing for the past four weeks where they are seeing all kinds of violent rhetoric, aimed at the biden administration before it took office, and also aimed at donald trump to try to get him not to concede. and so you saw very different person, and it seems that this is a strategy that the defense is using that he is trying to show his other side. the other thing that i thought was really interesting is when he was asked about what his thoughts were on the 2020
3:52 pm
election. now, for a long time, we have heard that he has tried to give donald trump an open letter to president trump to get him not to concede. but the bottom line is he says, look, i don't think either person won the presidency. i think that it was unconstitutional because states change their laws. they didn't do it legislatively, they did it from the executive branch. so it's very, very interesting that he sort of changed things up a little bit. >> it's so interesting to see him speaking for himself. is this the last we've seen of him? >> no. he is going to continue testifying on monday, and then he will be cross-examined. >> sara sidner, thank you so much for that. we'll have more news just ahead after being suspended, a top nba star finally apologizing for posting a link to an anti-semitic film. now ports cacan know where evey piece of cargo is. and where it's going. (dock worker) right on time. (vo) robots can predict breakdownss and order their own replacement parts. (foreman) nice work.
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3:57 pm
for his tweet linking to an anti-semitic documentary. cnn's brian todd is working this story for us. brian, irving finally apologized for his actions after the suspension was handed down. >> reporter: he did, but many believe that was a forced apology and way too late. in about five minutes the brooklyn nets will take the court against the washington wizards without kyrie irving. our sports analyst christine brennan says she may never have seen a worse week for the nba. nba superstar kyrie irving at the center of growing controversy tonight. irving's team, the brooklyn nets, suspending him for at least five games without pay after he was asked at a news conference if he has anti-semitic beliefs. >> i respect all walks of life and embrace all walks of life. >> reporter: then when pressed for a yes-or-no answer -- >> i cannot be anti-semitic if i know where i come from. >> reporter: the nets issuing a statement saying, quote, we were dismayed that kyrie refused to unequivocally say he has no
3:58 pm
anti-semitic beliefs. we were of the view that he is currently unfit to be associated with the brooklyn nets. >> this is a mess. it's a total mess why the nba and the nets didn't handle this immediately and suspend him right away is beyond me. >> reporter: the antidefamation league said it's no longer interested in accepting irving's money. $500,000 irving had pledged along with another 500,000 from the nets to work with the adl to educate people on anti-semitism. the leader saying, quote, after watching the press conference, it's clear that kyrie feels no accountability for his actions. it was only hours later that irving finally said this to the jewish community on instagram. quote, i am deeply sorry to have caused you pain, and i apologize. i want to clarify any confusion on where i stand fighting against anti-semitism by apologizing. >> i don't believe the apology goes far enough. he's only apologizing after he's suspended and called unfit by the nets.
3:59 pm
he did not apologize for days when this was exploding. >> reporter: the controversy was sparked more than a week ago when irving tweeted a link to the film "hebrews to negroes: wake up black america," which civil rights groups say is anti-semitic. >> at a time in america when we are literally seeing the highest levels of anti-semitic incidents that we've tracked the adl in almost 45 years, was incredibly stunning. >> reporter: pressed for days on that tweet, kyrie irving would only double down. the anti-vaxx flat-earther saying this. >> i didn't mean to cause any harm. i'm not the one that made the documentary. >> if you or i or any of us provided a link to the protocols of the elders of zion or to mein kampf and then said i didn't write it, i'm just hoping to illuminate something, shut the hell up. >> speaking of shutting up or at least staying silent, some of
4:00 pm
the nba's biggest-named superstars, players who speak out all the time on issues of social justice have remained conspicuously quiet. he thought the nets' organization should've kept quiet about all this. kyrie irving said he doesn't condone anti-semitism or hate speech. >> what have we heard from the nba commissioner? >> just a couple of days ago adam silver said he was disappointed in kyrie irving and that he would be meeting with him in the next few days. but that's pretty much all he said. he's roundly criticized for that in many quarters here. cnn's byr cnn's brian todd, thank you for that report. "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. and good evening. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, down to the


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