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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  November 5, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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well, we fell in love through gaming. but now the internet lags and it throws the whole thing off. when did you first discover this lag? i signed us up for t-mobile home internet. ugh! but, we found other interests. i guess we have. [both] finch! let's go! oh yeah! it's not the same. what could you do to solve the problem? we could get xfinity? that's actually super adult of you to suggest. i can't wait to squad up. i love it when you talk nerdy to me. guy, guys, guys, we're still in session. and i don't know what the heck you're talking about. ♪ hello and welcome to all of you watching us here in the united states, canada and around the world. i'm kim brunhuber. ahead on "cnn newsroom" -- a final weekend before critical
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midterm elections here in the u.s. i'll tell you where the big names are focused and whose message seems to be resonating with voters. tornadoes are wreaking havoc in the south central u.s. at least nine touched down in texas. we're live at the weather center in just a few minutes. the united states is going to be with ukraine for as long as it takes in this fight. there will be no wavering, no flagging. no flinching, in our support, as we go forward. >> a top u.s. official meets with president zelenskyy in ukraine and announces a new round of military aid. i'll have a live report from kyiv, just ahead. ♪ live from cnn center, this is "cnn newsroom" with kim brunhuber. the january 6 investigation, the u.s. president's domestic agenda, voting rights, abortion
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rights all on the line as americans prepare to vote in next tuesday ease midterm elections. candidates across the board are pulling out all of the stops in the final weekend of campaigning. president joe biden mlb in illinois this morning with a message on lowering prescription prices and shoring up social security and medicare. there, he'll head to battle ground pennsylvania where a crucial senate seat is in play. despite the discouraging poll numbers of late, the president sounded optimistic. here he is. >> i know you always ask me, how are we doing? we're going to win this time around. i feel really good about our chances. >> now biden isn't the only political star hitting the campaign trail this week. in the hours ahead, he will rally with former president barack obama in pennsylvania for the democrat senate nominee. later toe, donald trump will hold his own event for the state's republican nominee. and over the next few days we'll see more rallies from florida to
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illinois, where vice president kamala harris is also set to speak. now, according to two prominent election models from fivethirtyeight and the economists, elections in georgia, nevada and pennsylvania are so close they're considered so close for others tilt in one favor of the other. in arizona new hampshire leaned democratic, while north carolina and pennsylvania lean republican. it's important to know the prediction vote tallies are what counts. so how close are the races, well here's cnn's senior data reporter harry enten. >> let's start in arizona, right what we have is mark kelly, barely ahead of blake essig the republican. and the dead even race, 49-49, georgia, there's a special majority of the vote, if you leave, if no candidate gets the majority of the vote that means a runoff in december that could
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ultimately control the senate. right now, we could be headle to a runoff. and finally in pennsylvania where john fetterman is taking on mehmet oz. we have two different polls one showing fetterman up by six and then a tie. who nose. >> it's been jaw-dropping here in georgia. more than 2 million people have already voted. cnn's diane gallagher is in atlanta. >> reporter: well, the record breaking voting in georgia is coming to a close. at least 2.had million ballots have been passed. there are still mail-in ballots not yet to be returned. these numbers are going to continue to grow but what is undeniable is the enthusiasm here in this southern state, as the entire nation watches what could be control of the u.s. senate. that senate race between democratic incumbent senator raphael warnock and his opponent
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republican herschel walker is in a statistical tie as both candidates crisscross the state in bus tours, making their final pitches to voters. there's also the much-watched gubernatorial race. it's a matchup, a rematch, from 2018, between democrat stacey abrams and republican incumbent governor brian kemp. now, voters we spoke to tohere this particular polling place said they were very concerned about abortion rights, they were concerned about climate change. but we talked to other voters across the state more in step with polling who discussed the economy and crime as some of their top issues that they care about going into the ballot box. again, the entire nation watching what is happening here in georgia, election day on tuesday. diane gallagher, cnn, atlanta. >> a short time ago i spoke with political science professor
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thomas gift in london, i asked him to assess the voting ahead of the crucial election. here it is. >> i think it's the economy. it started out as the economy and then other issues percolated and it's reverted back to the economy again. that's the story of this election and i think that's what's going to dominate. while i don't think inflation itself is the problem that's going to sink democrats, buts a problem they haven't been able to solve. president biden is trying to blame other culprits, price gouging, climate change, polls show that voters are upset that the ranking they tell me is the number one issue all of this i think was exacerbated to some extent by policies that the democrats pushed, or at the very least some policies that they put forward like the inflation reduction act, really aren't able to combat inflation in the short term. it is true that you know employment remains low, 3.5%.
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and consumer confidence is fairly high. there are countervailing pressures, but inflation hits everyone and the majority is going to get scapegoated and i that's what this election is about. >> that was political science professor thomas gift speaking to us last hour. and joining us tuesday for in-depth special coverage of the crucial midterm elections which will determine control of congress, that starts at 4:00 p.m. eastern, 9:00 in london. it was a frightening sight in more than a few states, a dozen around its in oklahoma and texas, that number could increase in the coming hours. officials in oklahoma say one person died in the storm and are searching for possible missing people. and at least ten people were in youred in lamar county, texas, after a tornado touched down there. we're getting more new video into cnn. have a look here, this is in
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eastern texas where you can see some houses were entirely demolished, trees knocked down, people's belongses, clothes, strewn about. this is in boeing, texas, this building rip off its foundation and ripped to shreds. n lamar county, people there are grateful to be alive. listen to this. >> as soon as it happened, i just started going to the houses looking -- looking for people, making sure there's nobody in them and stuff. and i talked to all of our neighbors, everyone that was home is safe. so, that's the main thing. >> of course, then they take stock of the damage and the tough task of cleaning up again. let's get the latest now from cnn meteorologist karen maginnis. we said there might still be yet to come. what can we expect? >> it looks like the worst of it is over for now. but still there's the potential for that weather to flair up.
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it looks like the greatest possibility along the greater gulf coast region. but rainfall in the mississippi valley, that's is welcome news not going to completely end the drought situation we've seen there. but the severe weather was rather fierce and deadly across northeastern sections of texas, right in this general vicinity in that arklatex region where we did see a number of tornadoes reported and widespread damage. 18 reports of tornadoes that extended all the way from bowie county, texas tour broken bow, oklahoma. here's wrtd thunderstorms are trekking now. you can see a lot of those have really weakened quite a bit. and if you're living in these areas, you're wondering, well, there's a lot of lightning, there's a lot of rain and the wind is blowing. yes, there's that volume of severe weather, but we don't have any reports in any loca
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localized tornado warnings which means you have to take cover immediately and the broader picture, we don't have any of those. with the warm air with the return from the gulf of mexico with a vigorous area of low pressure, so vigorous that temperatures out ahead of this were in the 70s and 80s but back across the panhandle of texas, in amarillo there was snowfall. a real contrast to temperatures and a very dynamic atmosphere. now, this is going to trek towards the east so areas across mississippi and a good portion of central tennessee will see the flare-up of storms, as we move on in towards the later day on saturday, it will barely make it to atlanta, hardly anything in the way of precipitation so this weather system is dying out rather dramatically. let's show you the pictures out of sulfur springs. this is out of northeastern texas. lots of damage reported here. we've had some reports some of towns saying they were leveled
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there. one in particular is a town called powderly, that's in lamar county. that's a town of 1,000 people. they're saying that the town was essentially entirely damaged. some homes and businesses were destroyed. we'll have to see that national weather service in these local areas will go out and evaluate what they think the intensity of these tornadoes were. and we will know that by tomorrow. but we can see just how devastating it is. there you go. that looks like a rope tornado. and even though that doesn't sound menacing at all, these rope tornadoes can be quite impactful. they can grow in intensity. and be kind of more of a classic cone-shaped tornado. but this was very common across that northeastern quadrant of texas and in oklahoma. and if you're not used to the idea of tornadoes occurring this time of year, it is the second peak season of tornadoes. the first being in the
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springtime. the second peak is this time of year. we're right on spot. kim, back to you. >> all right, appreciate the update, karen maginnis. iran is making a stunning confession about supplying military drones to russia and now says drones were transferred to moscow but there's also a disclaimer. we'll have a live report from kyiv. and twitter's new owner makes his promise on massive job cuts. we'll hear from a former employee who lost his job in the latest round of layoffs. stay with us.
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♪ another $400 million worth of u.s. military aid will soon be headed to ukraine. u.s. national security adviser jake sul la is van announced the package on friday during his visit to kyiv where he met with pretty zelenskyy. includes dozens of renumber beneficiaried tanks, drones and surface-to-air missiles and the hauck air defense systems. and saying ukraine could count on more u.s. help, not just with weapons. here he is. >> we've laid out how we are thinking about making sure that the resources are there for continued security assistance.
2:17 am
continued assistance to help power ukraine's economy, continued assistance to help ukraine repair its energy grid, help the refugees and other humanitarian needs here. and we fully intend to ensure that the resources are there as necessary. and that we'll get votes from both sides of the aisle to make that happen. >> meanwhile, iran is making a major u turn on its claim about supplying military drones to russia. innerran's foreign minister now says that iran did spry drones to moscow but only in the months before ukraine. before, iran had denied supplying drones. salma abdelaziz joins us from kyiv. let's start with the news of iran's about-face. what more can you tell us about this stunning admission here. >> reporter: a very interesting staple from iran's foreign minister saying in a presence conference that iran did provide drones to russia but it was in the months leading up to the
2:18 am
invasion of ukraine. he goes on to say that he is isn't touch with his ukrainian counterpart, the ukrainian foreign minister, and they have asked for any evidence that ukraine has that iranian-made drones are being used here in ukraine he goes on to say if indeed there are evidence that iranian-made drones have been used in ukraine by russia we will not be, quote, indifferent to the matter. and that iran's position on the war is that it should end peacefully and those forced out of their homes should be allowed to return. a bit of context, kim. iranian drones have been used in ukraine, because ukrainians have found the remnants of those drones here in kyiv. and those have been shown to journalists. we do know they have been used. iran has denied any involvement. but it's preparing even more. and these are really, really
2:19 am
terrifying for civilians here in ukraine. particularly the shahad drone, it's difficult to detect, it's self-detonating, it's terrorized civilians across the country, and again, because it's difficult to detect that means it sometimes surpasses air fos defense systems. you did mention that ukraine is receiving even more air-to-defense missiles from united states. and we'll see what happens if they provide this evidence what the next steps as well. but it's also important for tehran to point that out that u.s. officials, european allies have warned iran they could put in more sanctions if it continues to support russia's war here. >> absolutely, plenty of consequences there. salma, let's turn to the vital battle for kherson. what's the latest there? >> reporter: so, indications,
2:20 am
kim, that both sides are really gearing up for that the battle for the all-important strategic rege of kherson. i just want to pull up a map to show you why it is important and what we are hearing as we talk through it. if you look at that map, the dnipro river cutting through kherson, the russian-backed officials have opposed an evacuation, a forced evacuation, to create a 15-kilometer buffer zone all along the river. they also say, ukrainian officials, that any boats, any water-crossing equipment are being destroyed by russian forces. essentially that they're trying to gain full control of that river, of that vital supply line as russian forces really dig in and prepare for this battle. on the ukrainian side, president zelenskyy has absolutely vowed to win back these lands for ukrainians, he says that they are preparing as well for that battle. there have been reports earlier this week that russian forces might be pulling out of the city of kherson. ukrainian officials have denied
2:21 am
that. again, this is not going to be an easy battle especially heading into the winter months, kim, do not expect anything to change overnight. >> absolutely. thanks a lot, salma abdelaziz. appreciate it. the ukrainian president has two words to describe the recent wave of strikes on the country's electricity system, energy terrorism. some 4.5 million businesses and homes are now facing blackouts including 450,000 in kyiv alone. as christiane amanpour reports, the city's residents are learning how to cope with that. >> reporter: week four of ukraine's new struggle against the cold and the dark. rolling blackouts, blanket kyiv, nighttime is spooky. and we're entering this high-rise apartment complex to city how the residents are coping with russia's constant attacks on key infrastructure. up to the 12th floor, no light in the stairwell, but our cameras, and no elevator. this man meets us hobbling down
2:22 am
on crutches and the foot she fractured on the step by the first night of the blackouts. she's a yujournalist and former press secretary to president zelenskyy. together, we visited her neighbor natalia with her 18-month-old daughter nina, one one of the whole generation of war-traumatized kyiv kids especially with the constant air sirens. is she stressed? >> h she's like, oh, oak, she's pointing to the window. but she knows something is going wrong. >> reporter: the two are recovering from a two-hour ordeal trapped in the tiny elevator when the power went out. now, all over kyiv, residents are putting small care boxes inside with water, snacks and anti-anxiety medicines. by the time we sat down to talk, the power popped back on again, after nine hours on this day.
2:23 am
do you feel demoralized? do you feel, okay, all right, enough already, it's time to surrender and negotiate? >> no way. look, we have passed through the hardships of '90s. and we did have light, water, heating everything, for hours and hours every day that then was desperate because we knew it was about poverty. now, it's about war. and we know that we must win. >> reporter: winning this phase of the war comes with weapons like these to charge phones and any other emergency equipment. >> it's the most important thing to have in ukraine. it's a power bank. without it, you don't have any connection and it's the most important now to know that your relatives are okay. >> reporter: they tell us generators are almost all sold out and super expensive now, as well as candles, torches and head lamps. natalia has improvised light from a water bottle and her iphone. downtown, it's dire for businesses, too. every beauty salon operates on
2:24 am
hair dryers for their blowout, and of course, water to wash out the shampoo and did the dye. elena is taking her chances today. >> translator: after i finish dyeing i might have to go home to dry it, but it's fine. >> reporter: just one floor here has power, and others are dark. before the war, her house had 150 clients a day now it's more like 50. and the salon has lost 60% of its revenue. but as dmitri, the commercial manager tells me, they keep calm and carry on. >> i believe that we should work even without light, even without electricity. we should help, and we should help our people. and we will do our job to the end. we believe that sooner or later, the light will come. >> reporter: like so many civilians they say, enduring these hardships on the home
2:25 am
front is part of their war effort, supporting their troops on the front lines who are fighting to keep ukraine independent, fighting for their homeland. christiane amanpour, cnn, kyiv. former u.s. president donald trump sends a message to the january 6 committee but fails to comply with their request for documents. details and a look at what happens next, after the break. please stay with us. tastes great in our iced coffees too. which makes waking up at 5 a.m. to milk the cows a little easier. (moo) mabel says for you, it's more like 5:15. man: mom, really?
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♪ welcome back to all of you watching us here in the united states, canada and around the world, i'm kim brunhuber. this is "cnn newsroom."
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well in three days, the u.s. will hold midterm elections to decide which party controls congress, and demand of the senate will likely come down to these four races. in arizona, senator mark kelly will try to fend off republican challenger blake masters trailing so far in the polls. in nevada, catherine cortez masto is tied with adam laxalt. in georgia, raphael warnock is in a tight race with herschel walker. and winner will need outright majority. and in pennsylvania, republican mehmet oz and democrat john fetterman considered a toss-up. and the committee announced a movement in a statement of trump failing to honor its initial subpoena. the panel said it, quote, received correspondence, end
2:30 am
quote, connected with the subpoena from trump's legal team but did explain what that correspondence was. the new deadline for documents is no later than next week. and the former president remains under subpoena for testimony beginning november 14th. joining me now is jessica levinson professor of law at loyola law school. and host of the passing judgment podcast. thanks so much for being here. to start, are you surprised by the committee giving donald trump an extension? i mean it seems to play into his hands making it easier for him to run out the clock on the democratic majority? >> it does, but i think they're looking at the electoral clock. and they understand that this committee is going to be dissolved in december. and to the sent they can get anything from the former president, i think they're seeing that as a win. they didn't give him limitless time. they gave him basically a few more days. and i think they're hoping that they can get some useful information. and they also want to show good faith, that they are trying to
2:31 am
agree to allow him to comply as much as he's willing to. and then they still can consider legal options. >> but, do you think they will actually get anything from him, i mean, it seems doubtful, no? >> that's the big question, as to whether or not they get anything. the fact that he's talking at all. the fact that he's interacting at all is a sign that maybe they will get something. my guess is it will be a small sliver of what is actually responsive to the subpoena. of course, at this point, we're talking about doucuments, but there is also that november 14th deadline for testimony. and the former president has not ruled that out but it's difficult to believe he actually would appear and answer questions. >> it seems like they're kicking the can farther down the road here. meantime, we got hints that donald trump may announce he's running for president as soon as the week of november 14th as the doj is discussing the need for a special counsel to oversee the
2:32 am
investigations into trump. do you think they basically have no choice if they want to avoid the appearance of the biden administration starting his political rival? >> well, i think that's certainly part of the point of announcing now that he wants to run for president, because any investigation, even an ongoing investigation that started far before the former president became a candidate again will potentially look politically motivated or at the very least, he will continue to claim it is. now, is the only choice here basically a special counsel of somebody to come in as an independent overseeoverseer? you know, i'm not sure at this point that the former president would accept anybody as truly independent. we can imagine, we remember what happened recommend to the robert mueller investigation and how he was vilified by the former president. so, i'm not actually convinced at this point that there will be some appointment of an independent person to oversee these two investigations.
2:33 am
in part because you need somebody who is qualified, who is viewed as independent, and who wants to do it. >> yeah. a good point. and even trump-appointed judges who have ruled against the former president have been accused of being part of this witch hunt and so on. so hard to say, but do you think it's likely that donald trump will be indicted? and if he is, for what? for his involvement in overturning the 2020 election or the documents at mar-a-lago? >> you only ask me the easy questions. i would say if we were talking about somebody whose napeme is t donald trump, i think if you look at the evidence piled up in either of these investigations, the answer has to be that an indictment is possible. i think at this point possibly the easiest legal path is related to the mar-a-lago investigation, in part because the january 6 investigation is just so knenew to our country a
2:34 am
it takes some in sways creative legal arguments. it's not to say they won't indict, but that it to say that mar-a-lago is the more typical that we see, of course there's nothing typical about this. >> yeah, exactly right. so if republicans do take the house, presumably, as you said, they'll shut down the january 6 committee. they have a long list, as well for their own investigations and possibly impeachments. here's the president on thursday. >> i've already been told if they win back the house and senate, they're going to impeach me, i don't know what they'll impeach me for. basically, they said we should stop talking about that until we win. all kidding aside, think about it, so much is at stake. >> yeah, i mean, he was sort of doing a bit there. but he's right, so many at stake, as he says. so, what are you expecting here?
2:35 am
>> so, i'm expecting that if in fact republicans do take the house, i think they will follow through on what they've been saying that there will be investigations. they will try and impeach even the current president. i don't think they have specified what that will be for. and i don't think that it will be successful. at this point, there's nothing that president biden has done that is an impeachable offense at least that's come to public light. we're certainly aware of nothing that would indicate that he's committed a public offense which is an impeachable offense. but i think we'll have at least two years of lots of investigations. i don't know at this point and i don't know republicans know into what. >> yeah, they've talked about hunter biden, going after dr. fauci, investigating the withdrawal from afghanistan. the list seems endless. is it just going to be another couple years of chaos, basically? >> i think it will be. and depending on what happens
2:36 am
with respect to some supreme court decisions dealing with election laws, i think it can be even more chaotic than we're predicting or we will predict next week, after we have most of the results from the midterm elections. >> yeah, depending on all of the legal challenges that we may be discussing coming out of that, listen, we'll have to leave it there. thanks so much for joining me, jessica levinson, really appreciate it as always. former trump adviser and strategist steve bannon has filed a noted this of appeal following his conviction for contempt of congress. bannon was sentenced to four months in prison for failing to hear before the house select committee for insurrection. bannon was convicted of not turning over documents to the committee. bannon is free awaiting his appeal. san francisco police said the police and fbi had a successful interview with paul pelosi, the husband of house
2:37 am
speaker nancy pelosi shortly after he was attacked alast friday in his home. the prosecutor told cnn that pelosi had good recall of the events and was able to convey that to the investigators. he's now back home after spending six days in the hospital for a skull fracture and injury. his wife speak for the first time after the attack. here she is. >> thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you for your good words, prayers, and good wishes for paul. it's going to be a long haul but he will be well. it's just so tragic it happened. but nonetheless, we have to be optimistic, he's surrounded by family, so that's a wonderful thing. >> pelosi's alleged attacker waived his appearance on court on friday. status hearing is set for later this month with a preliminary hearing mid-december. he's pleaded not guilty to all state charges including attempted murder. twitter's new owner elon
2:38 am
musk has carried out this pledge of sweeping job cuts at the social media giant. he laid off 3700 staff half the firm's workforce by email on friday. the billionaire tweeted, quote, unfortunately, there's no choice for a company losing over $4 million a day. i think that everyone who exited was offered three months severance. an employee found out on friday he'd been let go, spoke with cnn about his experience, here it is. >> it's been really a journey since april, since he first made that offer and spent most of the summer, even today, he said in conference that he tried very hard to get out of it. i think we all new that he publicly attacked the company and knew what the company was doing the whole time and ultimately would have had to complete this deal or nation the court case. and i think when it finally happened, it wasn't so much that
2:39 am
day, you know, him coming in that day or anything like that. but it was the immediate firing the whole executive team that i think really hit a lot of people. because, you know, these are people, managers or managers' managers, people were have close communication with, communications with a out of these seniors is very good. incredible people. that was a big shock. to have that whole sort of layer cut out and new communication from the new management at all in that time was -- yeah, it was weird and difficult to deal with for sure. it's frustrating, of course, the sort of waves of annoyance and frustration, all of that stuff, absolutely mitigated by the extreme solidarity we've seen from people in the company, people that have left years gone by, it's like a giant network
2:40 am
which has been absolutely amazing. >> twitter employees have filed a class action lawsuit arguing the layoffs violate the 60 days advance notice required by federal and california law. london's mayor is calling for an urgent review of how the british government treat as style lum seekers. it comes after reports of abuse, neglect and overcrowding in migrant facilities amid controversy of comments made by the administration home secretary. >> reporter: the british government is under increasing fire for an immigration system that even it admits is broken. the mayor of london sadiq khan has called for an urgent review and treatment of asylum seekers after a group of asylum seeker was reportedly left stranded in east london this week. this as police are investigating two incidents of sexual assault at the london hotel used to house migrants. charities have been warningch dire conditions in overcrowded
2:41 am
immigration center in kent. disease outbreaks and zoo-like conditions are among what is being reported there. the newly appointed home secretary has told the house of commons that 40,000 people have tried to cross into united kingdom by boats this year. she characterized this as an invasion on our southern coast, an instant backlash. al midmounting pressure, the secretary visited the center on thursday by health to speak to spoils and survey the conditions. she's singled out albanians which are responsible for a third of the crossing. and towards migration saying that albanians are being used as a scapegoat. with the number of people trying to get into the united kingdom by the coast increasing and an immigration system at breaking point the humanitarian and
2:42 am
political issues are not likely to go away anytime soon. bianca nobilo, cnn, london. north korea is once again firing missiles we're live in beijing with escalating signs along the peninsula. stay with us. to destroy 5x more plaque above the gumline than floss.. for a cleaner, healthier mouth. listerine. feel the whoa! there's a different way to treat hiv. it's every-other-month, injectable cabenuva. for adults who are undetectable, cabenuva is the only complete, long-acting hiv treatment you can get every other nth. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injtions, given by my healthcare provider, every other month. it's one less thing to think about while traveling. hiv pills aren't on my mind. a quick change in my plans is no big deal. don't receive cabenuva if you're allergic to its ingredients or taking certain medicines, which may interact with cabenuva. serious side effects include allergic reactions post-injection reactions,
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south korea is either cancelling or at least minimizing events that are likely to draw huge crowds. now, these images came to us from seoul a moment ago, a vigil for the 156 people killed in crowd surge during halloween festivities. the street events for the 2022 cater world cup have been called off. the music awards announced friday they're minimizing the event and cancelling the live broadcasting plan. while you'll see see vigil like
2:46 am
this, people are using social media to discuss the frustration. forcing them to mourn and making them feel further depress. a short time ago, south korea's military reported detecting four ballistic missiles from north korea. selina wang joins us from beijing. selina, the frequency of the launch is raising eyebrows. takes use the latest in the missiles and the context of what we've been seeing thus far. >> reporter: yeah, kim, this week, it's really been this unprecedented barrage of weapons testing from north korea. by cnn's count, this would be north korea's 31st day of missile launches just this year. so, the big question, of course, is what does kim jong-un want. we know that he's unhappy by the u.s./south korea joint military drills that were happening this week. we also know he's not happy about the new south korean leadership that's taking a much
2:47 am
more hawkish stance from north korea. so, starting on monday, we really saw the tensions dramatically escalate. that's when we saw the beginning of vision storm, the military exercises between south korea and the united states that involved thousands of military personnel from both sides. it involved hundreds of aircraft. north korea released a lot of harsh and aingery rhetoric in response to this, calling it a rehearsal for an invasion. and then on wednesday, we saw north korea fire the most missiles ever in a single day. also this week, north korea firing an suspected icbm, and also this week, we saw south korea scrambling for fighter jets because they detected a large number of north korean warplanes. now, those u.s./south korea military drills that were scheduled to wrap up today, well, they were actually extended by one day. and the announcement came about extension, well, it only angered
2:48 am
north korea even more. what is next. this is what concerns analysts and experts watching this because they say kim jong-un could be preparing for something even bigger. just last week the u.n. nuclear watchdog warns that north korea could be preparing for its first nuclear test since 2017. there was also a u.n. security council meeting this week, where we heard the u.s. accusing russia and china for providing blanket protection for north korea over any further u.n. security council action. we have also heard russia and china, both what the u.s. says, bend over backwards to try and justify all of these weapons launches from north korea. now, the context here is that for kim jong-un, these weapons are critical for him and what he says is regime stability, and providing any leverage in potential discussions with the united states. the u.s. has reiterated that it is still open to diplomacy and discussion with north korea,
2:49 am
kim. >> all right. i appreciate you monitoring all of the developments there, selina wang. after years of covid caution, they're throwing caution to the wind in hong kong. we'll tell you about the return of a major international sporting event, when we come back. please say tay with us. qulipta® gets s right to work. in a 3-month study, qulipta® significantly reduced monthly migrainene days and the majority of people reduced them by 50 to 100%. qulipta® blocks cgrp a protein believed to be a cause of migraines. qulipta® is a preventive treatment for episodic migraine. most common side effects are nausea, constipation, and tiredness. learn how abbvie could help you save on qulipta®. if you're living in the darkness of bipolar i or bipolar ii depression, caplyta can help let the lyte. discover caplyta. caplyta is ance-daily pill proven to deliver significant relief across bipolar depreion. unlike some medicines that only treat bipolar i,
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♪ hong kong is ready to party like it's 2019 -- in other words, before the pandemic made getting together in crowds and cheering for your favorite teams nearly impossible. now the hong kong sevens is back. as we heard from kristie lu stout, the city is ready to show it's back as well. >> reporter: it's the city's biggest sporting event. >> oh! >> reporter: but after a long hiatus, the hong kong sevens is back. >> we really want to make a statement that we're still here. hong kong is still a resilient, vibrant city. we're still open for business. >> reporter: this iconic leg in the global rugby series is hong kong's first major sporting event since the pandemic began.
2:54 am
it's seen by many as a symbol of the city's reopening after more than two years of isolation. hotel quarantine has been eliminated. social distancing restrictions eased and hoping to revise its status as a global business hub, hong kong established a summit, the first in almost three years. >> we've been closed for too long. we're beginning to open up, following the other parts of the world that have already opened up. and this is a tangible demonstration that hong kong is back. >> reporter: back but not quite. a mask mandate remains in effect. visitors are not allowed into restaurant or bars during the first three days in the city. and then there's the task of navigating hong kong amid simmering u.s./china tensions. >> the west must understand that hong kong is not only part of china, but is more part of china than before.
2:55 am
this political taboo is going to cloud the future of hong kong's economic development. >> reporter: hong kong needs the return of international business, in the wake of punishing political control and crackdown, it's struggling. competition is rising from regal rivals like singapore. to bring in new business hong kong's top leader who was sanctioned by the u.s. government recently unveiled a $3.8 billion troll for top talent. >> i wanted to focus on talent because that call will bring talent from the mainland. it will be more mainland-dominated. it won't be as global as it used to be. it will be a different commercial center. >> reporter: from more than three decades people from all over the world would come to hong kong for the sport and spectacle. this year, fans are back, but
2:56 am
thanks to lingering covid curves, far fewer guests. >> we're not quite back there yet. but we're pell owell on that pa. but an important milestone on that journey. >> reporter: the buzz is back but it's hard to claim the title of asia's world city when the fans are stacked with global fans. kristie lu stout, hong kong. in less than 24 hours, the clock will be set back, the official time is 2:00 a.m. sunday. and most digital devices will update automatically. people in arizona and hawaii, they don't observe daylight saving time so the clock change won't affect them. that wraps this hour of "cnn newsroom." i'm kim brunhuber. you can follow me @kimbrunhuber. for other viewers, cnn is next.
2:57 am
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good morning. buenos dias. welcome to "cnn this morning".


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