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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  November 5, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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we are just three days away from election day. >> pittsburgh, i am here to ask you to vote. >> it is no coincidence that we have three presidents in the commonwealth of pennsylvania. >> you must vote republican in a giant red wave. >> most important of all is the senate race where democrats are trying to flip a seat. >> i'm running to serve pennsylvania. he's running to use pennsylvania. >> i want to go to washington and bring balance. >> georgia is often referred to as the center of the universe as a true battleground state. >> he has failed as a senator! >> he doesn't know hard working people. he doesn't know struggling people. >> the startling new admission from tehran. iran's foreign minister saying iran did provide a limited
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number of drones to russia, but it was in the months prior to the conflict. i'm alex marquardt in washington. pamela brown is off. thank you so much for joining me here in the cnn newsroom. ♪ let's begin this hour on the campaign trail. that's where we find our cnn phil mattingly in philadelphia where president biden and former president obama are appearing. phil, let's start with you. three presidents past and present in that state. that really says everything about how important the races in pennsylvania are. >> reporter: yeah, alex. i think it's fair to say pennsylvania is important based on who's here today. this is a moment three days before election day when both parties are going all in on their most important races and
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states. democrats are making clear it's the state of pennsylvania and the city of philadelphia. they need their voters to vote. that sound simplistic, however, midterm elections are often the moments democrats in particular see dropoffs in their stalwart homes like philadelphia, like pittsburgh. that's where president obama was earlier today. now he's here, a presidential bookend of sorts for josh shapiro for governor and john fetterman for senate. the whole mood is an atmosphere we haven't seen as much over the course of the last several months, particularly for president biden. they have been very focused at the white house to have tailored evented s to talk about the president's accomplishments. this is a tried and true campaign rally to get out the vote in this critical city. philadelphia county was a county
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president biden won by more than 60 points in 2020 in a state that we he only won by 80,000 votes. president trump is in western pennsylvania. that's why biden and obama are here. the senate race is what everybody really has their eyes on. a pickup opportunity for democrats as they have several other tight races. this is a race democrats say they need to win, they think they can win. now you have a former president and a current president trying to deliver that win. >> just like old times. we will be bringing you, the audience, more of what president obama and john fetterman have to say. let's turn to jessica dean. former president trump tonight campaigning with memet oz. he has been trying to distance himself a bit from the former president in this general ele
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election. >> reporter: he certainly has. he's been touting himself as a moderate as he seeks to get the swing voters that do exist here. this is a very, very purple state. oz has talked about that again and again. ads flood the television here. it is the most expensive senate race in the country. tonight to have him appearing at a rally with former president trump, it is a fine line for oz, because of course trump turns out the base in big numbers. look at this giant crowd of cars behind me that's shown up on a saturday night to see the former president. they certainly need the base to turn out. that's how you win in pennsylvania. you got to get your base to turn out and then you swing the independent voters. it will be interesting to see what oz has to stay tonight. these are all things we're keeping our eye on this evening. earlier, we were back in pittsburgh with oz's opponent, democrat john fetterman and
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former president barack obama as they were rallying earlier in the day in pittsburgh. fetterman sharpened his attack on oz when it comes to his relationship with president trump. listen to this. >> today dr. oz is going to be standing with donald trump on the stage. [ crowd reacts ] >> i'm going to be proud to be standing with a president that is 100% sedition free. >> reporter: again, as phil was saying, alex as you were saying, this race so incredibly pivotal. it is an open seat. democrats would love to pick it up. republicans certainly want to hold onto it. it could very well determine who controls the senate. that's the reason we have three presidents in the commonwealth of pennsylvania tonight. >> it is a very fine line. it will be interesting to see how oz walks that line. thank you both. we will be back with you later on this evening.
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let's go to internsuburban a where an elections investigation has revealed a troubling oversight. more than 20,000 people in cobb county requested absentee ballots, but those ballots weren't sent out, that is, until this morning. what went wrong? >> reporter: that what's so alarming because we know there are so many checks and balances and things put in place especially since the election of 2020 to try to make sure something like this would not happen. cobb county is one of the larger counties in georgia, covering the metro atlanta area. how did this happen? we're being told by the elections office through a letter to its board members and by the cobb county spokesperson that this was simply human error by one of the supervisors. take a look at the statement. while human error was clearly a factor, i believe reduced time frames of the receipt of request for and processing of absentee
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ballots provided under southbound 202 as well as the turnover in the elections office are also significant factors. she mentioned turnover. they lost a lot of staff. a lot of people had to be retrained for these positions. a lot of the people in the office are working 80-plus hours per week. she mentioned southbound 20 -- sb 202 that changed a lot of things in how the vote process works here in the state of georgia. all in all, both of those spokes people say there is no excuse for what happened and they're trying to remedy the situation. >> so many people rely on those absentee ballots. i'm going to go back to philadelphia where senate candidate john fetterman is on stage. he's been speaking about the stroke he suffered earlier this year. let's take a listen.
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>> and doug mastriano. a true exercise in moderation. but tonight, i get to spend this stage with two presidents. [ cheers and applause ] our next governor. and we are all 100% sedition free. oz, of course, stands with mastriano and they all want to
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ban all abortions right here in pennsylvania. [ crowd reacts ] >> i got to tell you we're so grateful to have josh shapiro as our next governor, because he would never let that stuff on his watch. >> that is pennsylvania senate candidate john fetterman speaking on stage at a rally in pennsylvania. following him will be former president barack obama. we will keep monitoring that rally and bring more to you during the course of the show. let's turn to the midterms coming up, of course, on tuesday. the nation's top cyber security officials are saying there are no specific or credible threats to disrupt election day. but if you have a sense of unease about what could happen in the next few days, you're not alone. only 26% of republican voters say they're very confident that
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their in-person votes will be counted correctly, compared to 55% of democratic voters. confidence drops for republican voters when it comes to absentee or mail-in ballots, just 10% saying they're confident those votes will be counted accurately. here too democratic voters have much more confidence. overall confidence in the vote count accuracy has declined since the events of the 2020 election. jen easterly joins us, the director of the cyber security agency. thank you for joining us. you have talked about a very complex threat environment. what are you most concerned about? what are you going to be watching most closely in the next few days? >> great to be with you, alex. it is a very complex environment, probably more complex than we've ever seen because of the array of threats. you still have cyber security threats from nation states like russia, iran, china. you have cyber criminals, you
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have insider threats. you'll have these unprecedented physical security concerns, threats of violence, intimidation, harassment. then, of course, you've got rampant disinformation, which can be used by foreign adversaries to sow discord and undermine confidence in the integrity of our elections or even to incite physical violence. we have no information about specific or credible threats to disrupt or compromise election infrastructure, but we are working very, very closely with state and local election officials to make sure they have everything they need on tuesday to run safe and secure elections. >> how do you walk that line when you do have those foreign adversaries, china, russia, iran, as you mentioned, interfering, trying to amplify disinformation that is created here in the united states that is being spouted by so many american politicians, including some who are actually running for office. how do you combat that and assure americans that the information they're getting is
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accurate? >> our mission is to reduce risk to election infrastructure. we are very concerned about disinformation from foreign actors. a that's what we are focused on. we do focus in many ways to ensure that the american peoplen they see disinformation, they can recognize it, they can question it and they cannot amplify it. we do a couple things. we put out information about the tactics of disinformation and how americans can build resilience to it, recognize it, question the source, investigate it, not amplify it. we have a site called rumor versus reality that puts out accurate information. at the end of the day elections are surprisingly complicated and technical. we focus on those state and local election officials who know the most about their voting infrastructure. we're really amplifying their
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voices as trusted voices. sisa is a nonpartisan agency. we work with election officials regardless of party, regardless of politics, whether they're elected or appointed, to ensure they all have what they need to run safe and secure elections. ensuring safe and secure elections is a nonpartisan issue. we all need to work together to make sure that is the case. >> what do you say to state officials who say they're not getting enough support from the federal government, not getting enough support from sisa? we heard from the head of the wisconsin elections commission megan wolf. she said federal partners are providing less backing than they did around the 2020 election. we have the secretary of state from michigan saying there's not enough funding for election security and the security of election officials. what would you say to them? >> i actually was just in michigan and wisconsin last week
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and i met with administrator wolf and met with the election administrator in michigan and asked if they were getting everything they needed from us. they were actually pleased with everything we've been providing. we've been working the last six years to provide tools and resources and information. one reason the american people should have confidence in the integrity of the election is we have put so much effort into developing mechanisms around information sharie ingsharing. we have provided all kinds of no-cost services. we can always do more and we will do more. i'm confident all the things that have happened over the past five years to include a lot more paper ballots, i think we have over 90% paper ballots that we've been able to provide what is necessary. there are grants available. one thing i'm excited about is
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the new state and local cyber security grant program, which can be accessed by state and local officials. we've been working with them as they develop their programs to access for election infrastructure. >> we only have a couple moments left. i have to ask you about what's happening at twitter. civil rights groups have been very critical of the severe cuts elon musk is making at twitter and how that could impact election integrity. have you seen anything that is adversely affecting the elections in terms of what's happening at twitter? how much more complicated is that making your job in combatting disinformation? >> to be clear, we don't flag anything to platforms around misinformation, disinformation. that is entirely up with those platforms based on their terms of service and how they enforce it. we are focused on countering foreign influence operations.
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we do that by providing information and amplifying voices of the true experts. if the american people have any questions, they should be going to those state and local election officials, these election directors and asking them those questions about voting. they are really the best sources about voting. >> that is critical. jen easterly, director of sisa, thank you for joining us. >> thanks for the time. we are following breaking news. singer aaron carter has died. carter was best known for a string of pop albums that he released starting in the late '90s. ♪ i want candy ♪ ♪ i want candy ♪ ♪ i want candy ♪ >> chloe, obviously this is devastating news for the carter
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family and so many of his fans. he was just 34 years old. what more do we know about how he died? >> good evening. it's really upsetting. he was just 34 years old. i've interviewed nick so many times over the years and back before i worked at cnn. he had long suffered with drug and alcohol addiction. just this fall, he lost custody of his 10-month-old child and he entered rehab again because he was trying to turn his life around to regain custody of his child. he's been in the headlines for not the things he loved, which was music and making art. that has been really hard for the people around him over the last several years. he went on the doctors, he's been on television shows talking about his issues with addiction. i confirmed this news earlier from a family friend, that he was found dead in a bathtub in his home. again, no further details from authorities as of right now as
3:19 pm
to what happened. we haven't heard yet from his older brother nick carter, who is one of the members of the backstreet boys. aaron had several hit songs in the early 2000s. he was on nickelodeon. he was on "dancing with the stars." he had highs and lows and ebbs and flows. at times he would say i need help. other times he would say pl publicly i don't need help and i don't have a problem. we were talking about how you see this with younger stars who grow up in the spotlight, sometimes in the shadow of their older siblings. he's talked so publicly about his struggle with fame and the attention. his family has had issues, not just him with drugs and alcohol. one of his sisters died of a drug overdose, a prescription pill overdose when she was 25 years old. that really shook the family
3:20 pm
deeply. again, the details around his death still unclear, incredibly, sad, tragic. he was a talented guy, really a kind soul. we've seen this with so many stars, whether it's whitney houston, but so many celebrities who have struggled with drugs and alcohol. he did inenter rehab even just this fall. as far as i could tell, he was trying to turn his life around. >> so devastating. they had lost their daughter, aaron carter's sister. that's incredibly sad. our thoughts, of course, are with the carter family. thank you so much for bringing us that report. let's go back to philadelphia, where former president barack obama is on stage. let's take a listen. >> it is good to be back in the center right now of the sports world. [ cheers and applause ]
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phillies have a chance to tie the world series tonight. eagles look like they might be the best football team in the country. the sixers, well, it's early. it's still early. so we won't talk about them right now. but i am not here to talk about sports, people. i am here to talk about something more basic. i am here to ask you to vote! [ cheers and applause ] for your next governor, josh shapiro. for your next united states senator, john fetterman! for all the democrats up and down the ticket. listen, let's face it, if you're
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at this rally, i'm assuming you're voting. but i don't just need you to vote. i need you to gather up your friends and family and make sure that they are also voting. i know there are probably some students here, right? [ cheers and applause ] you know that roommate of yours who's well meaning, nice person, but they're a little bit slack? you know, they're the folks who they'll leave stuff in your little mini fridge a little too long because they forgot about it. sometimes they miss class in the morning and in the afternoon.
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3:28 pm
he claims it was just drones and not missiles, which the iranians have also been accused of sending russia for their fight in ukraine. >> reporter: a start ling new admission from iran, saying it did provide a limited number of drones to russia, but adding a caveat those were given in the months prior to the invasion of ukraine, this admission happening in a press conference saturday with iran's foreign minister. there's a big but here. yes, iran admitting giving these drones, but not admitting the drones have been used in ukraine. the iran foreign minister says he's in touch with his ukrainian counterpart requesting concrete evidence that this was taking place on the ground. saying if they were provided
3:29 pm
evidence, iran would not be indifferent to the matter. a very vague statement there. drones have terrorized civilians, including here in kyiv. western officials familiar with iran's weapons program says more weaponry is on the way. iran is prepared to send more drones and ballistic missiles to russia. this could have consequences for iran. the united states and other allies have said if iran continues to provide weapons to russia, it could face more sanctions. alex. we are not seeing any let-up in tensions in the korean peninsula. earlier today north korea fired four more short range missiles after launching more than two dozen earlier this week. the dictatorship in pyongyang is saying south korea's ongoing joint military exercises with
3:30 pm
the united states are what they call a constant provocation that will trigger sustained counter action on north korea's part. since releasing that statement by north korea, u.s. b-1 bombers and f-16s have joined those air exercises with south korea. just days before voters go to the polls, the federal reserve has raised interest rates yet again. next, what it will mean for the election. ♪ ♪ what if we- ♪ what is that? ♪ hey lexus, turn it up! ♪ there's no place like unknown. -unreal. the all-new lexus rx. never lose your edge. ♪ one prilosec otc each morning blocks heartburn all day and all night. prilosec otc reduces excess acid for 24 hours,
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it's an aggressive trend we've seen all year, which is designed to cool inflation. some critics want the central bank to hold off on future hikes. they argue a recession poses a greater overall threat to the economy. let's head to catherine rampell. this was the fourth consecutive .75 increase. you have jerome powell saying the federal reserve has some q ways to go. that caused stock markets to drop. what do you make of the fed's strategy? >> what powell was trying to get across is the federal reserve is monitoring signs of weakness in the domestic and global economies and we are seeing that, of course. but inflation remains uncomfortably high. they have to do what they can, which is raise interest rates,
3:36 pm
in order to get inflation down. the fed decided to raise interest rates by .75%. there's some indication going forward they will raise rates by a smaller increment each time, so it's gently, less aggressive, because they're worried about what happens to labor markets, what might happen to gdp growth, things like that. they're going to keep raising rates for a good long while until inflation gets under control. >> let's talk about the labor market. the october jobs report better than expected, 261,000 positions created last month. stocks went up on that news. this is one of the best job markets ever. why is the fed chairman saying the economy might need to shed some of those jobs? >> he hasn't said the economy needs to shed those jobs. there's sort of a misperception that people think the federal reserve is trying to tank the economy or drive unemployment
3:37 pm
up. in fact, what they're hoping to do is cool the economy just enough to get inflation under control, but not so much that they accidentally kill the patient with their medicine. among the indicators the federal reserve is looking at, for example, is the number of vacancies, the number of job openings. in theory, you could have the number of job openings and there are now about two per unemployed worker, come down without displacing people who already have jobs. that may be an optimistic timeline, but that's the kind of outcome they're looking for. they don't want people to lose their jobs. they don't want people's wages to go down. they're hoping to cool the economy just enough without causing a lot of pain. powell, among others, has indicated that's a tricky balance to get right and they m may get it wrong. in the past the fed has gotten it wrong. >> thanks for your time. just one day after elon musk
3:38 pm
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whitestrips safely work below the enamel surface for whiter teeth in 3 days, guaranteed. a zillion times whiter! crest. elon musk, the richest man on planet earth, is defending his decision to fire thousands of employees of twitter, which he of course recently acquired. he claims he has no choice, as twitter was losing over $4 million a day. this also comes as twitter's cofounder jack dorsey is apologizing to employees that were laid off. he says the situation is his own fault for growing twitter too quickly. clearly, musk is going to shake things up. now he's proposing a subscription service to help increase revenues. what do we know about this? >> earlier today there was an app update on ios's app store
3:43 pm
that suggested this feature allowing people to pay $8 a month to get a blue checkmark on their accounts would soon be available. cnn tested that. it didn't seem like the feature was actually working. later a products director at twitter said they are still testing things out in realtime. it does seem like they are in a final sprint here to launch that feature, but the messy rollout here underscores the chaos that's really going on at twitter right now, especially with these layoffs where you have civil rights leaders saying that it could harm twitter's ability to detect misinformation and counter misinformation during the elections. >> it's really notable this is happening right in the middle of this critical midterm election. the civil rights groups have voiced some concern. now we've heard president biden, who's also raised concern about twitter's ability to fight
3:44 pm
misinformation and disinformation. what did he have to say? >> he was saying that twitter spews lies and really focusing his ire at elon musk for what musk believes is a change in the platform to better accommodate what he describes as free speech. now, you have lots of election security experts who are warning that this plan particularly to provide paid verification on twitter could actually make it easier for bad actors to spread misinformation. former assistant director chris krebs just tweeted, the main concern with the new twitter blue offering is the verified logo has been a marker of trust, ie, we've confirmed the person is who they say they are. now it's, quote, taking their money and their word for it. >> we just heard from krebs'
3:45 pm
successor jen easterly saying the onus is on the social media outlets and twitter to enforce their own policies, because the federal government has no say. lots of concern, lots of questions about what musk is going to do with his version of twitter as we head into these midterms. you are in the cnn newsroom. what are the chances that the democrats can keep control of the house of representatives and the senate? data guru harry enton joins us next to run the numbers. are you feeling sluggish or weighed down? metamucil's new fiber plus collagen can help.
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democrats have seen their
3:50 pm
chances of holding onto both houses of congress dwindle in recent weeks. so where do things stand right now? we go straight to harry enton, who joins us to run the numbers. harry? >> if we look at the house of representatives, i think it's a pretty simple ball game, right? the chance that the democrats maintain control there is down to just 11%. that would be a true surprise if democrats are able to do that. if they hold the house, things are really looking up for them. in terms of the senate, it's basically a 50/50 proposition at this point. what we saw was democrats were f favored to hold onto the senate. it could take days to figure out unless the polls are off which they could be. in that case, one side walks away. it is basically a 50/50 proposition.
3:51 pm
>> if democrats were to win that jump ball, how would they do it? >> so this gives you a pretty good indication. democrats with 50 seats. democrats like need to win three of the races and they're all within a margin of error. mark kelly up by 2 points. pennsylvania, mehmet oz and john fetterman tied. georgia, tied. and georgia at this point is the most likely to be the 50th seat. and of course, you need a majority of the vote to win in november. otherwise there's a runoff in november. my bet is there's probably going to be a runoff. if that's the case, we will have to wait until december to see who controls the united states senate. don't lose track of nevada where there's a very interesting race. ad of a ad laxalt with one point. it's a jump ball. >> and we have been watching president biden with his old boss, barack obama.
3:52 pm
how much of an impact can he have on these elections? >> i don't think most democrats watch biden campaigning with him. we're just south of west chester in new york city and i can tell you, it is very blue. why is he going to westchester? it is probably because he's not welcomed in a lot of places. his approval rating is just 40%. if you look at when a president is 46% or lower in mid-term elections, the average seats won by his party in the house is 202. and 218 is needed for a jrt. when we talk about that first line and democrats having only about a 10% chance of having the house. joe biden's approval rating is so low that it looks like the democrats will suffer major losses in the house. >> as you know, it isn't always the predictor of who will win. and you have some interesting numbers about republican
3:53 pm
candidates. >> yeah. so one of the big differences, why we're seeing the differences between the house odds and the senate odds, the republican voters in their primaries decided to nominate candidates who the voters, at least in the polls, suggest are not very well liked. look at arizona, nevada, georgia, pennsylvania. in all of these states, the net is underwater. more people have an unfavorable view than favorable view in all these states. and it is not particularly close. minus 9 points for blake masters in air air. minus 15 for herschel walker in georgia. adam laxalt, minus 5 points. so do they dislike him enough to overcome joe biden's approval rating? to switch gears dramatically, we have the powerball draw, yet another one. a guy like you who knows the
3:54 pm
numbers so well. who knows how infinitesimally the small chances are of winning with. do you go out and buy powerball tickets? >> no, i don't. although i should point out the chances are something like 1 in 192 million versus mega millions is something like 1 in 103 million. so it is slightly better with the mega ball. so my thing is i would move up to salem, massachusetts, and open up a halloween store. give the kids nice candy, you know. have a fun time in massachusetts. think of all new england, old colonial america. my question to you is, what would you do if you won? and i need a selfish answer. none of which, i want to give to charity. >> i've thought about this a fair bit. i do have one ticket that i bought at a 7-eleven in fairfax, virginia, at the urging of my wife. we understand the stats.
3:55 pm
you know, i don't know that i would change all that much. i think i would keep coming to work. i say that now on air. i think i would travel better. i think i would treat myself to a bit more comfort when it comes to traveling. but besides that, i'm not sure i would change all that much. >> well, at least that's a better answer than i heard from anderson cooper last night who couldn't give me an answer. maybe we'll go on a first trip, you and i, together. >> that would be great. i would enjoy nothing more. we'll head to italy next summer. thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> and be sure to check out his podcast, called margins of error. you can find on it your favorite podcast app or we'll be right back. with leading ultra-capacity 5g coverage. t-mobile for business has 5g that's s ready right now.
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