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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  November 6, 2022 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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our election coverage is going to be continual over the next several days. on election day i will be here with wolf blitzer as americans are voters and we have reporters across the country and john king at the magic wall. cnn will have coverage throughout the night as the votes get counted, and then on wednesday we will still be waiting on results from key races to determine the balance of power. a special edition of "ac 360" starts now.
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good evening. just two days to go until the first nationwide electoral contest, and the 2022 midterms will decide who controls the senate and what the biden administration will look like. the former president teasing a 2024 run is not, and the democracy is at stake this tuesday. they and former president trump all on the trail the last several days. he was in florida late today, and that's a story in itself we'll talk about tonight. president biden tonight in new york. >> if y'all show up and vote, democracy is sustained. this is not a joke. this is not hyperbole, for the
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second time. not a joke. it matters and it's in your hands. look, you are one of the reasons why, as i said, i have never been more optimistic about the future of this country. >> this, too, is a story. democratic presidents spending the final days in a blue state, and nationally take a look. out of the 435 seats in play, all republicans need this week is a net gain of five seats to take control of the house from democrats. over on the senate side where 35 of the 100 seats will be decided, and a single net loss will hand control back to the republicans. and the latest polling shows no clear leader, and we will cover all the close races and issues driving them. we begin with jessica dean in pittsburgh in a key state that saw president biden, obama and trump campaigning this weekend,
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and the senate race for fetterman and mehmet oz is close. >> tonight we see fetterman and oz crisscrossing the commonwealth, and pat toomey is retiring so that means republicans certainly want to hang on to that, and democrats would love to flip it. that's why it's the most expensive senate race we have seen and why there are so many eyes on the commonwealth. we saw presidents obama and biden rallying for democrats yesterday, really trying to turn out the bases in the democratic strongholds of pittsburgh and philadelphia, and we saw trump in a rural part of the state trying to rally the republican base, and the candidates hitting the trail again today trying to get every last voter they possibly can in the final sprint to election day. we have been hearing from oz. he really wants to cast himself as an independent voice, and to that end, anderson, we did not hear him name president trump or
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the republican gubernatorial candidate, mastriano. fetterman, for his part, of course, he's overcoming and recovering from a stroke back in may. he has also been on the trail all week leading up to the final stretch, and he's really trying to cast oz as a phoney saying he's simply not telling the truth and that it's fetterman who has been here in pennsylvania and he will stand up for the little guy over and over again. he said he got knocked down by the stroke but got back up. that's what we have heard in the ads flooding the airways here in pennsylvania. >> yeah, and mark kelly in arizona defending his seat against masters. cnn, a republican campaign stop
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in queen creek outside of phoenix. what is in the state of play in the final hours here? >> reporter: there's a mad dash to the finish. we are seeing bus tours that crisscross the state. i am at the final stop of the day -- not of the bus tour, but the final stop of the day for the republicans. they have been campaigning together, the entire top of the ticket. what we have heard again and again at the various bus stops, and there are multiple over and over again, that they are closing in on the economy and border security, that they believe the democrats have failed and they deserve to be in charge. you are hearing from the democrats they are countering saying, look at who the republicans have nominated, all of the top of the ticket have in some way or the other repeated election lies, and some very boldly again and again, saying they believe donald trump won the election, and the democrats say they cannot be elected just simply being too extreme for the state of arizona. what you will hear both
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campaigns, all the states from either party, anderson, is they do not know who can win, it is that close at the top of the ticket, anderson peu. >> i understand there was an incident at kari lake's headquarters? >> yes, overnight, for seven hours the campaign headquarters was shutdown, and the phoenix police saying there was some type of substance found in an envelope. one of the campaign staffers opened up an envelope filled with white substance and they had to respond, the fbi and the bomb squad, police, fire, everybody responded and they were evacuated and the street was closed for seven hours. kari lake has not commented on camera about this, but we anticipate she will be at the event talking about it, and the campaign gave a statement saying rest assure we are taking this
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threat seriously and our resolve has never been higher and we cannot be intimidated, and not highlighting it too much, but putting their stamp on it. >> senior chief political analysts, and former pennsylvania republican congressman, charlie dent, and melissa griffin who served as white house administrator in the previous administration. expectations? what are you watching tonight? >> look, first of all, we will know in a few days, maybe in a few weeks, so -- the time for guess s guessing is beginning to end. i have been through a lot of these waves in my life. i should be on the wet suit, i have been on the right side of them and on the wrong side of them, but they have a quality to
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them and they are almost impossible for the incumbent party to win certainly seats in the house, and that's particularly true if people are sour on the economy, and if they are sour on the president. all of those things pertain right now. you would say that would favor republicans, but as you pointed out at the top of the broadcast, there are unique circumstances here, and the question is whether these issues -- the abortion issue and the election denial issue, whether president trump's role in the campaign and the candidates who recruited, whether that will allow democrats to overcome some of the affect that you would expect in a typical mid-term. >> yeah, midterms are brake pedals on unpopular incumbent. you have a pretty unpopular incumbent right now hovering in the 40s. you know, i was talking to a
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political strategists this week, a republican, who said to me, you know, the president is out there saying trust me to get you out of the ditch that i put you in. that's a very difficult sell, because i know you are smirking at me, but that's what people believe, is that it's his fault and it may not be, right? it's a difficult sell for them. and i think what david is talking about, and mitch mcconnell talks about it, and candidate quality matters, and you have candidates who are deeply flawed and inexperience, and the question is whether there is enough of a wave to get them in office. >> one thing i would add to that is that, talking about people at the doors talking to people at the grassroots level, and i think there's an economic message that the democrats do have that is working on the doors that you have not heard
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from the big politicians which, the republicans -- it's not the lies the republicans tell about the election but the truth of the economic agenda, and they are saying on the tkodoors whenu say that, you get their attention. we look back and we see the economic message the democrats could have gone with. it's fools gold, if you are talking about abortion and democracy that will save you when people are sitting on a white stove economically. >> this mid-term -- if you are a republican, your argument is simple and you will put a check and balance on the party, and it's simple and seems to me that the inflation economy message is resonating and the crime issue, and i know that is evidence in the commonwealth, particularly in the pennsylvania region and it's front of mind for many
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voters. in oregon, nevada, they will get wiped out -- >> new york. >> they could lose five seats in new york. they have problems. you know, there are the dobbs decision, no doubt, and i am starting to think that is driving intensity and turnout, but for voters they already had. that's why i am starting to think it may not have the impact i thought they had a couple minutes ago. the democrats are going to have a tough night. >> it took the democrats far too long to get a coherent election, and i think they are relying far too heavily on dobbs turning voters out, when in ae ral tea if the average american family lost 6,000 of buying power due to inflation, that will motivate suburban women, and regardless of what side you come down on
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that, i think they went very far into thinking that the message around democracy. i am somebody who raised the alarm bells to election deniers, and at the end of the day people will vote on pocketbook issues. they have not made the case of a specific race, and why does the seat in new hampshire have -- of course you you don't want a secretary of state who is an election denier, and it's harder to make it across the board. any republican is going to be a threat to democracy. >> people think democracy is at risk, yet they are more concerned about what you are talking about which is the economy. they believe both things. >> yeah, and i was going to say, 30% -- >> they disagree, totally, but a large majority believe it's at risk. >> on the point that charlie
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raised about crime, there has been a shift through september and october among suburban -- voters and suburban women in particular that the "wall street journal" reported this week. i think that the crime issue has been effective in that regard, and you look at new york, oregon, places where you would expect democrats to be competing well, and they have got problems, and a lot of it is associated with that issue. >> we got to take a quick break. later, the former president campaigning for republican candidates is throwing a sharp elbow at one prominent 2024 candidate, ron desantis. we'll bebe right back. number climate360 0 smart bed. the only smart bed in the world that actively cools, warms and effortlessly responds to both of you. our smart sleepers get
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talking tonight about a mid-term election talking about how close the battle appears to be, and how some candidates will not accept the outcome win or lose. back with our political team. we have bseen former president trump and other candidates casting doubt on the election -- >> the problem with the dire warnings from the defendant and president biden's speech, i thought it was powerful but maybe not the right time. i think the most election deniers, the kari lake's are going to win. the only place it's complicated is georgia if it goes to a runoff, and i don't think it's the next big challenging of results like we saw in 2020. the scarier part is what happens in some of the secretary of state -- >> i don't understand if
5:19 pm
election deniers win and the republicans have a huge sweep, what happens to the democrats cheating. if they cheated in 2020, why wouldn't they do it again? >> because somehow they cleaned up the process. the polls in arizona -- >> it defies logic. >> the alternative is we have won by more, and we win or the election was stolen and there's no third option. >> we may have a little red mirage and blue wave situation on election night, because there are 1.5 million maryland votes that cannot be processed until election day, and republicans will vote at the machines, and republicans will be doing well on election night, but that lead will probably evaporate -- it will evaporate. >> we need to stop calling it a
5:20 pm
massage. that's playing into the whole election denial thing. what it is is the way votes are counted. votes are being counted and in different states they are counted different ways, so maryland ballots are counted after people who appear personally, so it's not a mirage, it's just a process. >> i think given how important pennsylvania is, and given that you could have oz and fetterman neck and neck, and if you see oz early ahead and beginning to fade, that's when you are going to hear the nonsense, and there's a concern that says the big cities are so well organized they just sit back and don't count the votes until they figure out what is going on, and then they just deliver -- i wish i lived in a blue city that well organized. i kpcan't get people to vote on time, and to get people to vote 100 times is nuts, but it could happen. >> a state that will be interesting is oregon, because
5:21 pm
they are an all mail-in voting state. if mail-in ballots are so corrupt, how did that result happen in a state that has been -- you know, that's basically a blue state? >> georgia, there has already been people casting ballots. that could go to a runoff. >> it could. it's a tight race. i think that's the supposition is that it very likely will go to a tight race. there are republicans and democrats who have suggested that, you know, there has been a little bit of a tick in walker's favor. you hear republicans more confident these days that maybe walker could win without a runoff. if there is a runoff and it's for control of the senate, it's going to be a wild ride between now and december 6th. >> i have a question, if donald trump is supposed to announce he's running on november 14th --
5:22 pm
>> no. >> if there's a runoff in georgia on december 6th, what does donald trump -- >> he will not delay announcing, and it will bring us back to the special election in 2020 where he costs us two georgia senate races that time. self interest will come first, and he will still announce. i think he convinces himself it draws momentum to the runoff, but it hurts herschel walker. >> it would be a disaster to announce in a georgia runoff. that's the last thing herschel walker would want to make the election about, donald trump. you want it to be a referendum on the party of power. >> and he will bring out excitement -- >> yeah, ask david purdue. >> traditionally, abortion has ranked relatively low on the list, and if you look at the past elections of the issue driving somebody to cast their
5:23 pm
ballot, and do democrats think now that roe is overturned -- >> it has not been that motivating issue because for 50 years it was guaranteed by the supreme court, and i think there's an over reliance on that issue, and i think people realized it but they have realized it late. i think democrats saw that as kind of a silver bullet issue. i think it has motivated people, and there will be people that come out that would not have otherwise, and young voters that would not have otherwise, too. one last point, van, you know, i mentioned states where a lot of pla places, in a state like new york and oregon, people are not worried about their abortion rights, because they know their
5:24 pm
states will preserve their abortion rights, so it has been less effective in the bluer states than in some other states. >> i do think that for younger voters, though, there could be a riptide here that the pollsters are not catching. people assuming younger voters will not be there, and you don't see evidence that they are, but this abortion thing was a big shock for young people. i talked to a lot of college students saying this is the why they want to vote, and they wouldn't be able to, and there's a fear, a national ban, in you set it up, you have a national ban and they won't be safe, but i think there has been an over reliance on the issue, but to young people it's a big deal. >> leader schumer deliberately didn't come out to say i would eliminate the filibuster to codify roe, and that's not a
5:25 pm
given even if they hold on to a one-seat majority, and it's a harder selling point to voters that put the economy first. >> the backdrop was removed, and in some states it's not changing anything in new york or maryland and a whole bunch of states so it's not an issue. this may have a moderating impact on this issue for republicans in states like kansas where they are finding out there are consequences to these very extreme bills and laws they are passing. >> just ahead, a live report from georgia on the race that could determine which party controls the senate next year, and that's breaking records in voter turnout already. that's because carvana had tens of f thousands of cars under $20,000. so aaron's folks could help him out with a sweet ride.
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georgia secretary of state noted that more than 1 in 3 active voters in the state, 63%, already casts their ballots, and it set a record in the mid
5:30 pm
tuterm elections. it could determine which party controls the senate next year. and jeff joins us from atlanta. you have been there as walker makes closing arguments to voters. what's he saying? >> anderson, basically herschel walker is blaming warnock for everything, from the economy to inflation to issues at the border, trying to link him to the white house, trying to tie him to president biden through and through, saying a vote for senator warnock is a rubber stamp for the administration. and herschel walker had sharp words for president biden himself and how he's talking about democracy. >> you heard the president, the biggest threat to democracy is voting for somebody in the republican party? is he crazy? >> clearly, herschel walker
5:31 pm
joining the legions of republicans mocking the president's closing argument of his own there, you know, highlighting the challenges with the democracy. anderson, we can't state enough how critical this senate race is in the puzzle pieces we will be looking on tuesday night. raphael warnock is an incumbent senator, and republicans feel more optimistic about the race than they thought they would be a few weeks and months ago. >> you had a chance to talk to walker voters. what are you hearing from them? >> reporter: as we talked to republicans that came out today to see herschel walker, we asked them what was motivating and driving them, and it was republican control of the senate being a check on the biden administration. voters are willing to overlook the allegation of abortion payments and overlooking to look at walker's inexperience for the
5:32 pm
job, and republicans are uniting around herschel walker, no doubt, and the question is the women voters and particularly others in the suburbs of atlanta and elsewhere, have they been able to look the allegations as well? we should point out it's unlikely to end on election night itself. each of these candidates, the winner has to get over 50% in order to avoid a runoff. this is likely to go into a runoff on december 6th. both sides are preparing for that. >> thank you. perspective from georgia's lieutenant governor who has been critical of walker. governor duncan, thank you for being with us. polls have walker closing the gap with warnock, and do you think that is independent voters coming home? is that something walker has
5:33 pm
done in the race? >> it's a number of components. one, is we have a governor run au runing away with it at the top of the ticket, and kemp gets it over stacey abrams. the economy is on the ballot and joe biden is on the ballot, and that's hard to explain if you are a democrat. raphael warnock is having a hard time explaining the economy. in the morning, there are thousands of people watching the show and they will be told they are laid off on monday, and it will continue on tuesday and wednesday, because the economy is in shambles, and that's hard to justify. >> does it surprise you that all the numbers improved during the controversy, or is it not about walker but a check on the democrats and the economy? >> yeah, i feel like i am a rational minded republican that
5:34 pm
wants to elect folks in the senate that are policy driven and use a tone that grows the size of our party and that's not what is being put on display. at the end of the day, joe biden is on the ballot and the economy is on the ballot, and that's the tailwind necessarily. feels like it will be close to a runoff, and i can imagine what it will be like in georgia. one thing i will tell you, we will have a fair and legal election. there will be a winner or runoff decided, and we will move on with that. certainly a couple changes. last time we had nine weeks for a runoff, and this time we changed the law to only four weeks. i can't imagine how many hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent on tv trying to rip the integrity of each side over that period of time. >> in georgia, we are watching tv, and the ads must be wall to
5:35 pm
wall. >> if you are a football fan you are stuck watching these ads. my kids were screaming in between the commercial breaks. it is what it is, and we have been here before and it's hard to watch nationalized elections here in the state. >> as you said, governor kemp has maintained a lead outside of stacey abrams outside the margin of error for months now, and early voting in georgia is at record levels. and the secretary of state said more than 1.25 million people have voted early or absentee, and does that give you any sense the turnout numbers might be wrong? >> those numbers tell me the republicans have done the right thing, it's proof that we know what we are doing in georgia and we are going to have fair elections.
5:36 pm
we accelerated voting patterns all over the country with the pandemic and early voting and m mail-ins. folks in the middle and on the right and the left will come in and vote at the polls for brian kemp. >> thank you. coming up on the most fascinating story lines, the cold war between the president and governor ron desantis heating up. that's next. ♪ can you hear me calling ♪ ♪ out your name? ♪ ♪ you know that i've falling ♪ ♪ and i don't know what to say ♪ ♪ oh, i ♪ dude ♪ i want to be with you everywhere. ♪ from bolt to blazer, equinox to silverado, chevy evs are for everyone, everywhere. let's dive in! but what about your back?
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yeah. i respect that. but that cough looks pretty bad. try this robitussin honey. the real honey you love, plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? robitussin. the only brand with real honeyand elderberry. in addition to the many mid-term story lines we are following tonight, there's a key 2024 story that is difficult to
5:41 pm
ignore and that's the expected fight between donald trump and ron desantis for the republican nomination. both held dueling rallies today. last night donald trump discussed his popularity and he slipped in a dig at desantis. >> we're winning big, big, big in the republican party for the nomination like nobody's ever seen before. let's see, there it is, trump at 71, and ron desanctimonius -- >> here's more on that relationship. >> i am thrilled to introduce the next governor of florida, a great gentleman, ron desantis. >> when ron desantis first ran for the governor of florida and was locked in a tough gop primary, it was donald trump that gave him a boost. >> i endorsed ron, and after i
5:42 pm
endorsed him he took off like a ro rocket ship. >> he's teaching madison to talk -- >> make america great again. >> desantis went on to win that 2018 primary by 20 points. >> i would like to thank our president for standing by me. >> their alliance was, at times, very public. desantis visited trump at the white house and mar-a-lago. in april last year, trump even suggested desantis could be his running mate in 2024. still, somewhere along the way their relationship seemed to sour and now with trump apparently accelerating his plan for another presidential run, two people that recently spoke to him told cnn the former president has complained about desantis, indicating he was ungrateful. trump still believes he's responsibility for desantis being elected governor here in florida in 2018. at the core of trump's ire seems
5:43 pm
to be the growing popularity, and his refusal to say he won't run against trump. and he vowed to actively campaign against another trump presidential run. >> this is governor ron desantis, america needs strong leadership and desperately, and that's why i am endorsing o'day for u.s. senate. three days later trump announced plans to rally in florida with senator, marco rubio. a source told cnn, desantis was not invited. and there was this moment at the debate with desantis and crist. yes or no, ron, will you serve the full term if you are elected governor much florida? >> desantis sidestepped that question about his potential
5:44 pm
2024 ambitions. trump then reposted a video in which former fox news host said this. >> you think a hard core maga is going to abandon trump or desantis? they are not. and desantis has made inroads with wealthy donors that also helped finance trump campaigns. and desantis was asked about a possible white house run in june. >> if he runs, do you run? how do you make that decision? >> nice try, man, and we are talking and having fun here, so it's all good. >> randi kaye, cnn, florida. >> maggie haberman, and author of the new best-seller, "the making of donald trump and breaking of america." and sarah griffin who served under the former president. you wrote in your new book that the former president has been kind of been privately calling desantis a variety of nicknames
5:45 pm
or names for months. do you think he was speaking off the cuff or thought it out >> i think it may have been a roger stone reference? >> this had been workshoped the last couple of week by trump, and he tested these things, and he had been trying this out on people over the last couple weeks, and roger stone posted using the nickname eight or nine days ago, and you can do the math from there on how it was. trump felt the need to have a shot ahead of tuesday, and if the poll something right, desantis will win handily, and trump wants to keep people in the maga world from gravitating to desantis, and that's why he did it. >> was it completely transactional always? >> for the most part, and she's
5:46 pm
right that desantis does owe his win to donald trump. the trump boost brought desantis to where he was and he was able to win. i have known him since he was in the house, and while he was educated and he seemed like a long shot, and there's a sense -- i am with megyn kelly on this, within republican circles, elected republicans would love to be candidate ron desantis, and trump with less drama and more serious, but the maga bases will always be with trump. the notion that they would go with him when so many felt he was denied the last election, and of course he was not, but they think it was stolen from him. i think the hits will keep coming from mar-a-lago against the governor, and i don't think
5:47 pm
pushback from some republicans will stop it. >> i agree with that. and all of the wish casting from other elected republicans that don't like trump, or the donor class, they don't like trump at this point, and they don't know how desantis will do on a national stage, and he has had -- i wouldn't call them stumbles, but they have been cringe worthy moments, that ad he put out with a fighter jet and jacket, and there are things he has taken, you know, that novice candidates do on the national stage that look strange. we will see how he does after tuesday. it's not a sure bet he will be able to take trump on and he's really the only person that at the moment is seen as existing in trump's lane. trump is willing to do and say things that no other candidate is going to say, and i am not sure desantis will either. >> you will never out trump trump. he has a moral compass that keeps him from going too far, and at the end of the day to maggie's point, there's a lot to
5:48 pm
like about desantis if you are a republican. but he does not have a sophisticated political operation, and i would argue mike pence has a much more sophisticated political operation, and he's known for being weak on retail politics, and that's a big part of running. the only person that can get away with not having that is trump. i think he's peaking very early, and the hits are going to keep coming. >> it's interesting that trump didn't, you know, continue the name calling at the florida rally? >> i think he was aware that was the bridge too far. go into a state at a rally he decided to hold without desantis being invited, and to go into the state and insult the guy and give the crist team something they can use as opposed to trump saying that at a rally, and even trump realizes that's a rail he should not touch. >> does he want to be president
5:49 pm
again, or is it wanting to be part of the conversation and not being out of the loop? >> by the way, i don't think he wanted to get boo'd in florida. >> good point. >> i am not sure he misses holding cabinet meetings other than when people praise him, but i think the legal wall is closing around him and it's the best hedge to protect himself for legal liability. >> i think he does miss the power of the office, and i think a next term would be so driven by spite, that's what he's looking for. unlike 2016, he didn't want to be president but w5uanted to wi and i think it's the reverse thing, and he needs the infrastructure that gives him against the legal problems. >> the president's closing message to voters, next.
5:50 pm
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president biden has been busy on the campaign trail this weekend. and a sign of how competitive races have become. the president spoke at an event in new york tonight in support of new york's governor kathy hochul. polls indicate she is facing a surprisingly tight race against the republican challenger lee zeldin. as mentioned earlier, yesterday the president was joined by former president obama in pennsylvania as former president trump also campaigned in the
5:55 pm
stay. what is the thinking on getting the president on the campaign trail in this final push? >> reporter: democratic strategists i spoke with today said this is just crunch time and they are trying to drive up the democratic turnout heading into tuesday's election. that is why president biden was deployed to democratic rich philadelphia yesterday with president obama and why he was up in new york in yonkers with new york governor kathy hochul as they are trying to save her from the possibility of defeat by her republican challenger gop rep lee zeldin. one democratic strategist i spoke with today said they felt president biden really could offer that contrast. argue why hochul and zeldin differ especially on an issue that zeldin has tried to make a center piece of the campaign and that is crime. take a listen to what president biden had to say earlier today. >> if a politician won't stand up to his party leaders, and keep cops on the beat, he won't stand up to the nra and get assault weapons off the street. do you really think he'll help
5:56 pm
your families keep safe? >> reporter: this was the second time this week president biden had deployed to try to help a governor in a blue state. the white house and democratic officials arguing they recognize that those democratic governors would be key to enacting the president's agenda and that is why you've seen him go into these states to try to offer assistance. >> what is the closing message for the president in the final days? >> reporter: there are really two parts to this. one, the president trying to warn of the threats election deniers and some republicans pose to democracy, actually something he spoke to specifically when it came to congressman zeldin in new york today. then there is the economy. i was out on the trail with him in new mexico and illinois this week. the bulk of his speech was talking about the economy, some of the bright spots in the recovery but also trying to warn of the threat he believes republicans would pose to the economy including on issues like social security and medicare. the challenge that the white house and democrats are running up against is that for all of the messaging coming from the
5:57 pm
president, many americans just simply aren't feeling that same level of recovery that he has talked to. there is still so much economic anxiety heading into the closing days and that is one of the key challenges for democrats across the country. >> appreciate it. more perspective from biden biographer and author of "the making of america's fury." evan, president biden has been selectively on the trail in the final push. a lot of places he wasn't used because candidates probably didn't want him there. we just heard him in new york earlier today. what particular considerations is he navigating in the final few days? >> part of the message he is driving home is sort of counter intuitive which is let this not be about me. in a way an incumbent president is always facing the challenge of having the election be a referendum on him and what he has said over and over again, in new york, pennsylvania, let this be a choice between two very different visions for the united states. two very different visions on
5:58 pm
policy, things like guns, issues like the very future of democracy and how we buttress it. he is trying in a curious way to say i know you may not be happy with me but really think about the choices you're making and who you are putting into power. >> how do the next two years play out for him if democrats lose the house and even the senate? >> enormously important for him, anderson. just on the policy level, obviously if they lose control of congress that deeply constrains what they're able to do in terms of passing legislation. but of course also some republicans have talked about launching investigations against the president or his family or even an attempted impeachment. i also think you have to look around the world at what the message would be that would be sent which is a lot of people are looking at the united states and saying is the united states moving back into this chaotic period, the trump years? the president in effect is trying to signal to allies in europe who have come together to support the war in ukraine to say that the united states can
5:59 pm
maintain focus on big issues. i think if there is a decisive move against this party and president it is going to be harder for him to sell that case. >> we talked a lot in the past about biden's legacy. the results of these midterms seriously would impact that. >> they would. it is going to be harder for him to make a case to the party if they get really seriously beaten back in this midterm that he is the one to carry it forward in 2024. but history says that this party has already got a disadvantage ahead of it. if they are able to hold on to the senate that fortifies his case. there are going to be younger members of the party perhaps who say it is time to think about another generation of power. i will add one other thing which is that joe biden has been through a lot in his life as he often says when he has faced a setback. he did it in 2007 when he ran for president, back in 1988 same thing. when he is dealt a blow he often says, look. i've been through harder problems than this.
6:00 pm
it is not just empty talk. if there is one thing in his life it is that this guy had moments when it seems as if he has been dealt a really decisive blow that he is in fact able to find a way forward. that is the message you're going to hear from him. >> thank you. a lot more still ahead as candidates coast to coast make their final pitches to voters in key races that could decide which parties control the house and senate. we'll talk to cnn's political director to lay out what is at stake and the crucial races to watch. should be your style! plop plop fizz fizz, with alka-seltzer plus cold & flu relief. also try for fizzy fast cough relief! let's dive in! but what about your back? it's fineeeeeeee! ugh! advil dual action fights pain two ways. advitargets pain at the source, acetaminophen blocks pain signals. advil dual action. if you're living in the darkness of bipolar i or bipolar ii depression, caplyta can help let in the lyte.