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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  November 7, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PST

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hello, thank you so much for joining us. i'm ana cabrera in new york. it's almost half time for the biden presidency. after tomorrow, it could be a whole different game on capitol hill. the strategy, the players, about to be put to the test. so far more than 41 million votes have already been cast in this midterm election. we are on top of all the critical matchups. let's start in nevada. gary tuchman is in clark county for us. a county that's poised to decide a key senate race that could decide which party controls the senate. and gary, snort cortez masto is considered one of the most vulnerable democratic senators up for re-election. can dems afford to lose her seat? >> reporter: well, that's right. you know, in this dynamic state with a population double over the last 25 years and tripled over the last 35 years, there are three high-profile races.
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but as you said, there's one that's above them all, the u.s. senate race. the democratic incumbent, catherine cortez masto, is considered the most vulnerable democratic incumbent senator in this race. she is facing adam laxalt form attorney general, and challenged 2020's presidential election that joe biden won by more than 33,000 votes. the governor's race, sisilak beat adam laxalt four years ago. faces joe lombardo, the sheriff in clark county. he's stayed away from election denialists. but someone who hasn't stayed away is candidate for the secretary of state, an important job because you look over all the elections in the future. the republican challenger this is jim marchunt. he's said that the people here in nevada haven't really elected anybody since 2006. he says rather they've been installed by the deep state ka ball. the person facing him is cisco ag lu
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aguilar, an attorney, and harry reid. we'll know after the polls close at 7:00 pacific time tomorrow night. >> all right. thank you for being there for us. keep in mind, this is the first midterm election where all registered voters automatically receive mail-in ballots. officials started processing and counting those two weeks ago. those counts will be released after the polls close and may account for more of those early results. so set your expectations accordingly. this is a state where we could see a blue-to-red shift as the counting continues. let's go to arizona now. sara sidner is in maricopa county, another key county in a battleground state that could decide who controls the senate. and there in arizona this could all boil down to the latino vote. >> reporter: that's right. and we should mention that here in arizona the largest block of voters are actually independents or those who are with a third party. so not democrat or republican. and then following the independent voters, the second
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largest number are republicans, and the third largest number are democrats. now as far as the latino vote goes, this is an important voting block in arizona. this is maricopa county where we are standing, we are standing outside of a place where folks can vote. i want to give you a look, very, very slow traffic. people are coming in, and they are voting. you should know that in this particular county, about 85% of votes are cast early. whether that is mail-in, walking them in, or whether that is going to the polls a bit early. are you going to hear very early some of the counts that happened about an hour after the election close the. i tell you that the latino vote represents about 19% of arizona's electorate in 2020. that is from exit polls. they could be a very important voting block in these midterms. >> and again, the senate seat there is in play, the governor's race also a tossup. and this weekend more threats?
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>> reporter: that's right. there was a delivery according to authorities of an envelope that was containing some sort of suspicious white powder that basically prompted arizona gubernatorial candidate kari lake, a republican, to shut down her headquarters in phoenix. there have been also -- there was a break-in to the secretary of state, a democrat, katie hobbs' office, as well, in the weeks leading up to this. there is real concern, and there are security forces here. you will see this fence here, that is new. that has been put up and is a temporary fence outside of this particular area for voting. there is concern about security, and there are measures in place to try and deal with that. >> thanks for your reporting. how fast could we know arizona's results? absentee ballot counting begins as soon as the ballots are received, and those counts are usually released in the first report of the night. we know democrats typically prefer to vote early or by mail, while republicans often prefer to vote in person on election
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day. so again, we may see a blue-to-red shift with republicans gaining ground as counting continues there in arizona. let's head to pennsylvania now. the senate race here is so important, and both parties are making it a priority. the current president, two former presidents all campaigned in pennsylvania over the weekend. let's bring in jason carroll. you're in philadelphia where democrats really need to drive up the vote totals to win tomorrow night. but right now there are some issues with a few thousand ballots. what's going on? >> reporter: yeah. i mean, there is a lot of anxiety on the ground here on the part of some voters here. we're here at city hall here in philadelphia where inside we've seen a number of people who have lined up, and what they're doing is they're trying to check to make sure their ballot is going to be counted. this is after what happened in the state's supreme court. last week the pennsylvania state supreme court basically ruled saying that any ballot that was
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not dated properly or was updated cannot be counted. and so as a result, the city's commissioner's office went into action. they printed out the list of some 3,400 ballots that would be listed as ineligible and not be able to be counted because they didn't have the proper date or were updated. allegheny county printed a similar list before 1,800 people. here's the deal -- early this morning, heard from the acting secretary of state who basically says they don't have statewide numbers yet in terms of how many people this affects. they've reached out to 67 counties, haven't heard back from them yet. obviously democrats say this is going to hurt them because democrats vote by mail-in more than republicans, and that is something to consider when you're looking at the senate race here which is so close and crucial to both parties. ana? >> jason carroll in philadelphia for us. thank you. i want to caution, pennsylvania's a state where we may not know the results for days.
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officials there can't start counting those absentee ballots until polls close on election night, and even then counties are still not required to begin counting ballots for three days. because of this, the early results will be mainly election-day votes. and you may see a red-to-blue shift there in pennsylvania as the vote count continues. all counting has to be done within eight days of the election. so we will be watching very closely. to georgia now where it's been an ugly fight for the state's senate seat. a seat that until 2020 had been solidly republican. we have more from the get out the vote events today. eva, the early vote was big there in georgia, and the races are really close right now. >> reporter: yes, that is correct. and that really speaks to the battleground nature of this state. and what you see is the candidates speaking to that, really trying to message to those independent voters, those voters who have not made their mind up as yet.
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incumbent democratic senator ra raphael warnock on the campaign trail talks about his willingness to work with republicans if ultimately georgians benefit. over the weekend in his hometown of savannah, he was suggesting that he wanted to be in the mold of the late senator johnny isaacson. that speaks to how he has characterized himself. he has dismissed his republican opponent herschel walker as not fit to serve in the united states senate. walker, meanwhile, has argued that senator warnock for the past two years has been more focused on advancing president biden's agenda, namely his economic agenda, and not concerned with everyday georgians. we are seeing both of these candidates hone in on their closing arguments. georgia, a state that could determine the balance of power in washington. and also uniquely this state, if neither candidate gets above 50%, we could be seeing them campaign for another month if there is a december 6th runoff. ana? >> all right. thank you. i want to reiterate what she
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said. in the peach state, it could be weeks before we know the winner in that senate race because neither candidate gets 50% of the vote or more on tuesday it goes to that runoff. that would take place in december. also keep in mind you might see a red-to-blue shift here like we saw in 2020 as vote counting continues past election night. tonight, former president trump is lending his star power to the ohio senate candidate for republicans, j.d. vance. sources are telling cnn he's also discussing a possible big announcement of his own, that he's running in 2024. that could come during that rally in ohio. we'll see if that happens. that could have a lot to do with the mixed messages he sent over the weekend in florida when it came to backing up republican governor ron desantis. we have more. first came a jab, then a change in tone. >> reporter: yeah. sort of emblematic of the relationship between these men
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since desantis started rising as a potential competitor to trump in 2024. hot and cold. we've seen that rivalry seep into the public as we get closer and closer to that decision. see seen trump criticizing ron desantis on his truth social media. we've seen desantis endorse a candidate in a colorado senate race who has been critical of trump. then on saturday night and sunday, we saw the sort of whiplash from trump where on saturday he's giving desantis a new nickname, then on sunday encouraging his supporters to re-elect ron desantis for governor. take a look. >> there it is, trump at 71, ron desanctimonious at 10%, mike pence at -- mike's doing better than i thought. >> the people of florida are going to re-elect the wonderful, the great friend of mine, marco rubio, to the united states
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senate. [ cheers ] and you're going to re-elect ron desantis as your governor of your state. [ cheers ] and you're going to elect an incredible slate of true maga warriors. >> reporter: and that last clip you saw of trump speaking was actually in miami at a rally he hosted with a whole bunch of other republican officials in florida. not invited the ron desantis. he was on the opposite coast of the state holding his own events. really showing how much these two men are starting to -- the rift is starting to get into the public heading into election day. really overshadowing the final weeks of the race here, ana, as republicans are hoping to have a big win on election night. >> steve, thank you for your reporting. now we've talked a lot about the senate races. but control of the house is on the line tomorrow, too. if republicans win back the house, all eyes will be on congressman kevin mccarthy who would be the favorite to replace nancy pelosi as house speaker.
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and in an exclusive interview with cnn, mccarthy says one of the first things he wants to tackle is the border bill. >> reporter: will there be an immigration bill on the floor if republicans win the house? >> i think the first thing you'll see is a bill to control the border first. you've got to get control over the border. had almost two million people just this year alone coming across. >> mccarthy's handling of his increasingly pro-trump conference is under the microscope. as speaker he said he'd empower one of the most controversial members of that faction, congresswoman marjorie taylor greene. >> marjorie greene is going to have committees, yes. she has a right to serve. >> reporter: you have no red lines in terms which committee assignments she can get -- >> she can get any committee as any other member of congress who gets elected. >> and get ready for experiencing cuts -- >> a debt ceiling is you hit a limit on your credit card. so if you're going to give a person a higher limit, wouldn't
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you first say you should change your behavior so you just don't keep raising it all the time? i think we need to look at where the waste, the fraud, and abuse. washington has so much wasteful spending, we can curve that. that's what we should start looking at from day one. >> let's talk more about the gop's plans for that number-one issue for voters, the economy. matt egan is with us. matt, what changes if republicans take control, do they have a plan for bringing down inflation? >> well, we heard kevin mccarthy tell our colleague that they are going to talk about spending cuts. now in theory, cutting spending could help with inflation, but i think it would depend on what they're cutting and also when they're cutting spending. because if it's cuts to social safety net programs like medicare, social security, at a time of high inflation, that would obviously just make the pain worse for families, should mention that the deficit is not just a problem for the biden administration, this has been a problem really for every president in recent memory,
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including former president trump. as you can see on the chart, the deficit has gone up. there's actually been a deficit every single year since fiscal 2001 back during the clinton administration every year. republicans also embracing energy dominance as a way to get out of high gas prices. we know that is one of the biggest sore spots for voters now. now, that -- they want to ramp up oil production by cutting red tape. u.s. oil production has gone up under president biden, as you can see, but it has not returned to pre-covid levels. still about a million barrels per day below the peak under former president trump. so if republicans can fix that, that would actually help drive down inflation. of course it would also hurt climate. hard to have it both ways. one other -- >> even now regulation's not preventing some of these oil companies domestically from ramping up production, we know there are permits that are left unused now. >> that's right. the oil industry would argue, though, that there's a lot of uncertainty now because the
10:16 am
biden administration has talked about phasing out fossil fuels. i think the industry would like more certainty, and maybe they would get that with republicans in congress. but i think another thing we should talk about is immigration. we've heard kevin mccarthy say first action would be trying to secure the border. but he didn't talk about increasing legal immigration, and that's actually what economists and even some business groups like the chamber of commerce say we need because there's a shortage of workers. for every person looking for a job, there are almost two available job openings. that is inflationary, and to say we need more legal immigrants to address that. >> okay. matt, as always, thank you, sir. >> thanks. president biden is gearing up for his last big speech before election day. much of his closing argument focusing on threats to democracy. and the maga wing of the gop. is that message resonating? new backlash over elon musk's twitter shameup. more companies pausing ads on the social network as musk
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president biden is just hours away from his last big speech before election day at a rally in maryland. that's steep blue territory. his homestretch strategy -- taking on election deniers. cnn's phil mattingly joins us at the white house. what's the mood inside the white house right now? >> reporter: you know, look, there is a white house that is -- this is a white house that doesn't ignore the fact that there's headwinds and history that they're grappling with. the president has acknowledged, his top advisers, as well.
10:22 am
the headwinds in terms of inflation, history in the form of president's predecessors losing a dozen or more sets seats in the midterm election. some explain the president's argument particularly the idea of the broader view of democracy and the stakes as it pertains to that in this psychle two fold. one, the president genuinely thinks this is an issue people need to grapple with. and it's an issue that resonates with democratic voters in particular. there's concerns about enthusiasm among democrats, and there's a belief, particularly in a number of these senate races that are hotly contested, that if democrats turn out they can buck a historical trend that they've seen in past midterm elections. the other is the idea now that they feel like even though the president has primarily been focused or centered on deep blue territory, he'll number bowie, maryland, later tonight, campaigning for wes moore, one of the few democratic governor candidates that has an opportunity to flip a governor's mansion in the state of maryland. that that is also about enthusiasm. that's about helping kathy
10:23 am
hochul up in network empthat's about helping michelle grisham down in new mexico. those are seats they want to save. maybe they're not supposed to be the most contested, but they feel that the president could have a real impact. one thing they say more than anything else they feel they're in the game in a lot of senate races. the house, they may not say it publicly but acknowledge it's quite a hill to climb -- it's quite a hill to climb. >> thank you. misinformation is a serious concern ahead of tomorrow's midterms and the impact it could have on voting. cnn has been digging into election lies, specifically targeting the spanish-speaking communities. what did you find? >> reporter: yeah, i think one thing which we know is that unlike english-only-speaking voters in the u.s., spanish speakers use whatsapp more, as many people in latin america do, as they do in europe. and that opens a whole new world of misinformation because unlike the platforms like twitter and facebook which have some rules
10:24 am
in place, to push back against misinformation or to fact check it, whatswhatsapp, is a private messaging system. some of the family groups sometimes can have dozens or hundreds of members and friends, and it can kind of function more just as a standard social media platform. when none of those checks in place. another thing we found is -- what i found surprising was just how quickly a lot of these qanon-type conspiracy theories get translated from english to spanish. we spoke to one voter in florida. have a listen. >> in spanish -- [ speaking non-english ] if you stay silent, you're conceding the point. >> what is the phrase in spanish? [ speaking non-english ] you. >> you are acknowledging that it's true. >> and that's just, you know, the conventional wisdom is we
10:25 am
hear a lot of crazy conspiracy theories about kabals, et cetera. as maria makes the point, you know, for her, for her family it's better if democrats are out there pushing against this. but specifically the type of misinformation, the same type of election lies, but a lot of it targeting which is very sensitive to, of course, many people inside central america, the idea that democrats are communists, that they are socialists. even progressive, a bad word, for a lot of the folks who we're speaking to. >> so interesting. of course we know that the latino vote is not a monolithic group obviously. to see what's happening in florida where they have a lot of folks coming from cuba or who have cuban heritage or other places where socialism, communism, is a bad word. so that's why it's so potent to have that misinformation. let's talk about twitter. new reporting about the upheaval
10:26 am
that could make it tough for the social media giant to police misinformation, right? what can you tell us? >> yeah. elon musk fired half the company right before election day. a lot of those people are the people who were responsible for pushing back against misinformation, for keeping those guardrails on the platform. as we go into a week where no doubt races, people iran going to accept results, there's going to be pushing conspiracy theories. it's a recipe for disaster. >> thank you so much. i think you're going to have a lot of work in the next couple of days. thanks for being on it. we appreciate it. let's stick with twitter for a moment because a growing number of companies are now pausing their advertising with the company. cnn has more on these developments. oliver, what are we hearing from these companies about their decision to step back from twitter? >> reporter: yeah, companies have just lost faith in twitter's ability to moderate its platform and keep it free of hate speech and misinformation. twitter has come out and said that a lot of the layoffs that happened on friday really didn't affect the core ability to rid
10:27 am
the platform of the sort of stuff. but advertisers are just clearly not buying it, and a lot of them are pausing their advertisements. >> and so companies like united are among those. the naacp's hoping this snowballs, calling for all advertisers to boycott twitter. why specifically? >> reporter: yeah, twitter earns most of its revenue through advertisements. so i think the idea here is that the more advertisers pause their campaigns on the platform, the more leverage they will really have to force musk to take this issue very seriously. of course he is stressing again that platform rules have not changed, that they still remain committed to enforcing the current rules on the books. but again, advertisers are not buying this. and musk is growing frustrated. he came out a couple days ago and said that possibly naming and shaming advertisers for dropping their campaigns could be next on his list if this
10:28 am
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in ukraine right now, 4.5 million people are facing power outages. and ukraine's state energy company warns of more rolling blackouts due to russian attacks on energy facilities. kyiv's mayor says the capital must be prepared for the worst. more russian strikes that could leave the city with no water, no heat, no electricity, as winter nears. ukrainians are getting a battlefield boost. the country's defense minister says now advanced surface-to-air missile defense systems have arrived from western alliance which can engage russian cruise missiles. meantime, world leaders are sounding the alarm about the researchidly warming -- rapidly
10:34 am
warning climate. the superintendent kicked off in egypt. countries will discuss missed targets and broken promises much the u.n. secretary general warned that the world is losing the fight of its life. >> global temperatures keep rising, and our planet is fast approaching tipping points that will make climate chaos irreversible. we are on a highway to climate hell with our foot still on the accelerator. >> take a look at what's happening in the u.s. now. dozens of cities in the east and the south could see record heat today. florida may get hit by a rare november hurricane before this week is over. cnn's tom sater joins us now. give us the state of play. >> the record height, gosh, we -- heat, gosh, we could be breaking 50 record ts today.
10:35 am
in europe they had the warmest october for france, germany, austria, switzerland, breaking all-time temperature records, too. more in a minute. take a look at this. a november hurricane. how rare is it? the last one was almost had 0 years ago. -- 40 years ago. not just for florida, for all of the u.s. for hurricanes. governor desantis just declared a state of emergency for 34 counties in florida. and that does include brevard and broward counties. now before kate -- there's not that many. you go back before they were named. 1861, the expedition, a category one for outer banks. kaye was a cat two. yankee was a cat two in 1935. nicole is subtropical. don't pay too much attention to that. a cold core. the next 24, 46 hours it's going to gather tropical characteristics. as winds circulate clockwise it will push nicole toward the bahamas and continue with the possibility of a caregive-one hurricane wednesday evening.
10:36 am
ahead of that, national hurricane center issuing those hurricane watches from around cape canaveral southward toward miami. then the watches all the way up into southeast georgia. as we put this together, and we're going to get to election weather in a moment. this is going to be interesting. again, the track can always change, but around 7:00 p.m. we've got it as a cat one, making landfall before midnight. again, the timing will change. the waters are extremely warm. it's not just breaking temperature records across the northern and southern hemisphere, too, we're seeing these abnormal warm temperatures. that will add to this conducive environment. we could see three to five storm foot surge from southeast areas of georgia down toward west people, we're going to watch that. miami, got another one to two. that will cause flooding there. election day. get the rain gear. there will be scattered showers, there will be squalls. some of these could produce heavy downpours. again, mainly that east coast, but it will be sliding across the state. temperatures are going to be great. by sunday evening, maybe a break in jacksonville and you don't have that heavy rainfall. then we watch it get organized. again, these computer moddeals
10:37 am
change. it guides us in the forecast. we are looking at a rare november landfall. again maybe around midnight. the timing will change. heavy rainfall in florida again for tomorrow. it will be scattered, but if you're standing in line, you're going to have to be prepared for that. the winds will be gusti, too. the flood threat there. now today, more temperature records. over 50, this is the third day in a row we've seen that, not just 70s, mid 80s as far north into delaware. already newark, you're at 79. can you get higher? probably. you might hit 80, 81. d.c., 79. bridgeport, 78. here's the problems now. nice for the east coast. twin cities tomorrow, for election day, could have the most significant rainfall they've seen all year long. temperatures back into the teens in montana, windchills 10, 15 below. heaviest rainfall in california, that we've seen since march. ahead of that, though, it is going to be blowing wind in parts of nevada. east coast looks good. i mean, you're not going to be in the 70s and 80s, but it will be mild. into the midwest, nice. kansas city, st. louis, over toward denver, 70.
10:38 am
in the west we'll have problems. overall, ana, the states such as pennsylvania, ohio, georgia look pretty good weatherwise for election day. >> okay. a lot to track. a lot of varied weather. thank you so much. of course, that hurricane we'll be keeping a close, close eye on. back to our top story because it's election eve. get this -- three months ago, an entire election department in one texas county called it quits. we'll take you there. you can be the difference. capella university sees education differentlyly. our flexpath learning format lets you earn your bachelor's degreeee at your pace. they say you eat with your eyes first, so here's a good look at our new thick n fluffy french toast. artisan challah dipped in vanilla cinnamon batter. french toast the way it's mnt to be. try all three flavors. only at ihop. download the app and earn free food with everpurchase. about two years ago i realized that jade was overweight. i wish i would have introduced the fresh food a lot sooner. after farmer's dog she's a much healthier weight.
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less than 24 hours until election day, and a lot of the focus is on getting voters to show up at the polls. but in one texas county, the challenge has been getting an election administration team in place. in august, all three members of the elections office in gillespie county, texas, quit. they cited threats, harassment, and fears for their safety. cnn senior national correspondent ed lavandera joins us live. how is this county handling tomorrow's midterms? >> reporter: you know, imagine -- we spoke with democrats and republicans in gillespie county. said, you know, elections have gone off without a hitch for years. as long as anyone can remember. and then three months before the
10:44 am
midterm election, the entire office quits. sent everyone scrambling. >> this is the auction barn. >> reporter: on election day, david tribes will be here serving the voters of precinct 13 in gillespie counties, texas. and you have an official title? what is that title? >> i'm an election judge. >> reporter: tribe's role usually wouldn't rise eyebrows in this texas hill country town until you hear this -- you believe the 2020 election was stolen from donald trump? >> yes. i do. >> reporter: why should someone like you serve in this kind of official capacity for an election? >> well, i would think -- i would probably be a good candidate because i'm going to be really keen looking for anything that looks wrong, and my objective is integrity. not that my guys win, but integrity. >> reporter: the story of how gillespie kindergacounty reache
10:45 am
point is a cautionary tale of how the 2020 elections-denying conspiracy theory's virus keeps spreading. there's nothing glamorous about the gillespie county election administrator's office. inside the small election team did their work. but by missd-august awe three employees quit three months before the midterm election much the election trouble dates back to 2019 when a ballot measure asked voters whether or not fluoride should be used in the city's drinking water. the anti-fluoride activists who lost questioned the integrity of that election. and then the 2020 presidential election came along, pouring gasoline on the flames of election conspiracy theories. even though donald trump won this county with 79% of the vote, some republicans were convinced something wasn't right. in august of this year, the elections administrator, anissa her era, was done. she wrote in her resignation letter that threats against election officials, dangerous misinformation, poor working
10:46 am
conditions, and absurd legislation have completely changed her job. >> had to learn a lot of information really quickly. >> reporter: with no election team in place, it fell to the county clerk, lindsay brown, to serve as the elections administrator. >> people that have been in elections before, people that have worked it before, i've tapped into their knowledge and wisdom. >> reporter: i understand the texas secretary of state's office has sent in election trainers, they're sending in inspectors. how valuable or how needed have those people been? >> very -- very valuable. >> reporter: jerry vaclove is a gillespie county democrat who will work as an alternate precinct judge. he attended those polling training sessions and says what he heard from the election conspiracy theorists troubles him. >> one of the major questions in our training session is, well, what do we do with the fake i.d.s that the biden administration is issuing to illegals when they cross the border? and the secretary of state just
10:47 am
said, representative, said that's not happening, we went on. >> reporter: for now officials are hoping for the best. do you feel confident that this election will go off smoothly? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: and david tribes told us he isn't the only election denier who will be working in a similar precinct in the county. and because of that, democrats say that for the first time in as long as anyone can remember, they will be dispatching poll watchers to various precincts throughout the county. >> wow. thank you for shining a light on this. ed lavandera reporting in texas. a quick programming note now. a cnn exclusive tonight -- house speaker nancy pelosi sits down with anderson cooper for her first interview since the attack on her husband paul pelosi. that's on "ac 360" at 8:00 eastern here on cnn. we'll be right back. dove 0% is different.
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the world locks down and, guess what goes up? a new study shows that during the pandemic, the average daily screen time for kids increased by more than an hour and 20 minutes. elizabeth cohen joins us with details. elizabeth, i guess it's understandable that screen time would go up, but what do we need to know about the impact? how should we make sense of this? >> i think that we can make sense of this by saying, look, this was in the past, this was something that happened. hopefully, this will never happen again. but the numbers really are pretty stunning. if you look before the pandemic, children were spending about two hours and 42 minutes a day on screens. but during the pandemic, it was four hours and six minutes. as you said, absolutely
10:53 am
understandable. but -- and hopefully something that won't happen again, ana? >> is screen time necessarily bad? >> you know what, ana, it's not necessarily bad. as the mother of four, i get it. our children watch their fair share of, you know, back in the day vhs tapes and various other things. i mean, it's just a reality of life of being a parent sometimes. but the trick is, you don't want it to start to replace other activities. you don't want them to not go out and play. you don't want them to, you know, not read a book. that's the problem is when it starts replacing actual human interaction. some of the down sides of screen time are things like sleep problems or children can start to get lower grades. they don't have enough outdoor activities. they develop mood problems. there are ramifications to too much screen time. i know it's a delicate thing to say how much is too much, but i think you can sort of watch your child and sense when they've had too much time in front of a
10:54 am
screen when enough is enough. >> yeah, and now we are aware and that helps, at least with establishing new habits. elizabeth cohen, thank you very much for your reporting. before we go, i just want to thank everyone who showed their support either through a donation or a nice message or cheering along with electric new york city marathon route. there i am sweating and just grinding it out. it was my first new york city marathon and the race was grueling as much as it was exhilarating. especially in the heat. i needed every bit of your positive support and vibes especially during those painful last miles as i practically crawled across the finish line. but we did it. most importantly, thanks to you, we beat our fund-raising goal for team beans supporting pediatric brain cancer research. we have breaking news right
10:55 am
now. what are you filling us in on? >> you buried the lead. ana crushes the new york city marathon. there's magic in your feet. your time is blazing fast. we're talking a per mile pace of 6:46. you did not know we were going to do this because you would never brag about yourself. sixth place in more than 3200 in your age group. the top 1% of all 47,000 runners, women and men in the new york city marathon. let's see how you stacked up to other celebrity that is were running, ashton kushner, chelsea clinton. it's incredible. and you found a way to do it on top of being supermom, on top of
10:56 am
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