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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 7, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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♪ hello. i'm victor blackwell, welcome to c"cnn newsroom." >> and i'm bianna golodryga. for the first time we're hearing from house speaker nancy pelosi. she sat down with our anderson cooper. >> pelosi returned to washington last night after being at her husband's bedside in california. she says that he has a long road to recovery ahead and recounted to anderson that the moment d.c. police broke the news to her, watch. >> i was sleeping in washington, d.c. i had just gotten in the night before from san francisco. and the -- i hear the doorbell ring and think, it's
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five-something. they must be in the wrong apartment. it rings again and bang, bang, bang, bang on the door. i run to the door and i'm very -- i see the capitol police and they say we have to come in and talk to you. i'm thinking my children, any grandchildren. i never thought it would be paul because i knew he wouldn't be out and about, shall we say. and so they came in at that time, we didn't even know where he was or what his condition was. we just knew there was an assault on him in our home. >> with us now is cnn chief congressional correspondent manu raju and dana bash. dana, she's obviously still kind of navigating this trauma. it's not been, what, two weeks, it's been a week and a half now. what do you make of what you heard there? >> trauma is the keyword.
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not just her trauma, but the trauma of her five children, the trauma of her grandchildren. most of whom are grown, but some of whom are still teenagers and it is something that is -- they're probably never going to get over to be honest with you. and to hear that detail, to hear the humanity of what happened when a woman, who happens to be the speaker of the house, in this case a woman, a wife, gets a banging on the door at that hour, of course her mind is going kind of crazy saying, oh, my goodness, obviously something happened to somebody in my family. and it turns out that it is her husband, and it turns out that it's not just that her husband is hurt, her husband is hurt because somebody attacked him looking to hurt her. >> yeah. and it is notable, dana. i felt the same way you did as a
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mother. she's second in line to the presidency. if her initial reaction was happened to my family, my children, my grandkids. the difference is, she is second in line to the presidency and this is unfolding when the speaker would normally be active in the final sprint of the midterms. >> no question about it. she was in washington at the time of the attack and she's been the central player in trying to keep control of the house. she's been barnstorming the country going to district to district raising a ton of money from democratic outside groups hoping to keep control of the house. obviously, not even imagining something so horrific could happen at their house while she was away. of course, we have learned since then that even though her house had been monitored by -- with a live camera feed that would be reviewed by live police, it was
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not being monitored at the time while nancy pelosi was away. the detail does not extend to her family members. that moment that captured the interview is just such a raw, real moment that she -- her first reaction hearing the banging on the door in her house in washington from capitol police and thinking how bad this could be and learning that this was an attack on her husband, a very real moment for the speaker there explaining exactly what -- for the first time exactly what was going through her mind as she learned about about that harrowing attack. >> we've talked about how the speaker is the target of ads, especially this time of the year heading up to the midterms in races well beyond her own, she has obviously faced threats before, this has to take a toll over the years. >> she -- i have to say, she's used to it. it's an unpleasant thing to be used to. but she is. just two years ago she and i talked -- or maybe it was
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actually more than two years ago. it was 2018, forgive me. so it was before she became speaker again. and i went with her to baltimore where which is where she grew up and we talked about the fact that not just this cycle but so many of the past cycles, really since she became democratic leader, never mind speaker, she has been the subject of attacks, the image -- imagery around her has been so intense for so long. when she talks about it personally, she belows it off and says, oh, it is what it is. but it's another level when it bleeds over -- forgive me, but it goes to the safety of her family and especially her husband, never mind anybody in her family. and, you know, you saw in some of the video that alexander
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pelosi, her daughter who is a filmmaker, released and that we saw last month at this point her grandson there on the day of january 6th watching as people came up and kind of noting, well -- in some way, shape, or form, why do they want to go after us? why do they want to go after my grandmother? it's that kind of reality and it's a reminder that these -- again, these are public figures. they're in the game and they understand the risks and the rewards and everything that goes along with it. but family members, especially young people and her 82-year-old husband, they unfortunately sometimes are the victims of it, whether it's emotionally or in this case physically. >> yeah. paul pelosi, as she said, has a long road to recovery. thank you. there is a lot more of this conversation, you can see anderson's entire interview with speaker pelosi tonight at
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8:00 p.m. right here on cnn. meantime, tomorrow will be americans' last chance to vote. in the first national election day since major inflation took hold and the first since the siege of the u.s. capitol. the political stakes could not be any higher as the world waits to see who will control congress. republicans feel they have the momentum right now to take back the house, but the senate continues to be anyone's guess. 35 seats in the senate are on the ballot, along with all 435 seats in the house. three dozen governor seats also up for grabs. >> there are 27 races for secretaries of state. this is normally a low-profile position of the state's overseers of elections, but now it's in the spotlight given multiple contenders deny the 2020 presidential election was valid. so far, more than 41 million americans have cast their ballots which is on pace to exceed 2018's historic record. over the weekend, three former presidents were in
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pennsylvania, clear sign of just how important the races there are and in the state's senate race, john fetterman, dr. mehmet oz, they're making impassioned pitches in hopes it will be enough to secure a victory tomorrow. >> it's going to come down to every single vote. and we're making our closing argument, you know, by showing up and going all across pennsylvania, up until the very last -- the last minute to make sure we take this kind of conversation with every single person and everybody understands what's at stake here. >> i'm not a politician. i'm a heart surgeon. the problems i fixed had to deal with life and death challenges that some of you have had in this audience. we can fix them because we unite, we bring people together. because we're stronger united than divided. >> there are some concerns about ballot issues. jason carroll jones us from
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philadelphia. tell us what's happening there. >> reporter: there clearly is a lot of uncertainty here on the ground among some voters this after the pennsylvania state supreme court last week, as you know, issued that ruling which basically said that any undated or ballots that were undated or not dated correctly cannot be counted. so as a result, you have a lot of folks wondering, will my vote be counted. they printed out a list of 3400 people who's names are on these ballots and basically who have said, your ballot will not be counted. inside here at city hall a little earlier, we saw a number of people who were lined up there trying to sort out whether or not their ballot will be counted. in allegany county, we saw where they printed out a list of some 1800 people who they say their ballots will probably not be counted if not fixed. so just a little earlier we spoke to the city commissioner,
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we talked to her about what they're tying to do here, trying to get these ballots fixed and she feels a number of people here in the city, she feels as though their votes will be disenfranchised. >> it has the potential to disenfranchise a number of voters. what if you've left the city and you can't come back? what if you are someone that is living in a nursing home? you were a responsible person to get us your vote in time, absolutely, not counting that vote does disenfranchise those voters. >> reporter: what we were trying to do is, we were trying to get a sense from the state, how many people statewide are potentially affected by this? early this morning, the acting secretary of state says she can't say for sure at this point. her office has reached out to all 67 counties here in the state of pennsylvania, trying to get input from them in items of how many people have been affected by this. still awaiting those numbers. >> confusion already before
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election day and a reminder to viewers that pennsylvania, we may not get the final numbers there for awhile. they don't start counting until the polls close. let's go to georgia now and that senate race between herschel walker and raphael warnock. >> jeff, how are the two candidates spending the final full day of campaigning there? >> reporter: both candidates are still reaching out to voters in a final series of events, but really the work is going on behind the scenes. more than 2.5 million georgians have already cast ballots. both of these campaigns are going after those who have not cast ballots. going after people who they had on their rolls and trying to remind them to vote tomorrow. senator warnock is campaigning earlier today in macon. he's hold an event later in columbus and herschel walker will be campaigning in the critical suburbs outside of atlanta. these two rivals are making their attacks toward each other
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very personal. here's a sample. >> you heard the president, the biggest threat to democracy is to vote for somebody in the republican party. is he crazy? the biggest threat to a democracy is to have him in the white house, is it not? >> you should ask yourself if the person you're voting for has actually demonstrated any interest in the subject matter. and you can tell if you listen to him talk. >> reporter: so that are the closing arguments from both of these candidates here. herschel walker trying to tie senator warnock to the policies of the white house. president biden won georgia narrowly two years ago. he's not stepped foot in the state in recent months because of that. he does not want to drag senator warnock down. senator warnock is saying that herschel walker in his view is not ready to serve, he's not fit
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for office. so in the final hours of this campaign which, of course, is one of the most important in the country, certainly not ending on a e positive note, that's reflective of how close this race is. party officials do not know how this will go tomorrow, but one indication, it could go another month because georgia has a runoff rule. if neither candidate gets 50%, they go to a runoff which is december 6th. >> all right, jeff zeleny there in mare yet that, thank you. president biden will be in maryland tonight to urge voters to get to the polls as democrats make their final push. >> phil, the president has been optimistic on the trail which is, of course, what you would expect. what's the feeling inside the white house right now? >> there's a reason why the president himself identifies himself as a optimist. oftentimes he's joking when he says that. but that's how he operates inside the white house.
11:15 am
it's not necessarily enthusiasm shared by everybody on his staff. i think there's a recognition here of kind of two very clear realities, one is the history and what they're up against in terms of a first-term president and what traditionally happens, dozens of seats are usually lost, but the headwinds. the difference here between perhaps this cycle is democrats look at these senate races and feel like in the tightest races they have a very real opportunity to pull something out. even if the president isn't necessarily where jeff zeleny was in georgia or arizona, they believe it is a message that they can turn out democrats and actually win in those races. part of that message has been the high stakes of this moment when it comes to democracy. take a listen. >> these deniers not only are trying to deny your right to vote, they're trying to deny your right to have your vote counted. i'm not joking. i'm not joking.
11:16 am
with these election deniers, there are only two outcomes for any election, either they win or they were cheated. >> there are more than a few democrats who question the strategy of focusing on that issue given how salient the economy is for voters right now. when you talk to white house officials, they made clear, that is an issue that resonates with younger voters, the type of voters that they need to turn out, that's critical in this moment in time. the president will be in maryland, not exactly a swing state at this point in time. but will be delivering a message very similar to that tonight i'm told. guys. >> we'll be watching, thank you. well, up next, an exclusive sit-down with kevin mccarthy. his take on his party's priorities if they take back the house. >> a bill to control the border first. you've got to get control over the border. you've had almost 2 million people just this year alone coming across. and sources tell cnn that former president trump could announce his 2024 presidential campaign tonight.
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republicans are already making plans for what they will do if they take back the house. >> in an exclusive cnn sit-down, kevin mccarthy laid out republican priorities and vowed oversight of the biden administration. >> you know what's on the table? accountability? shouldn't we know where the origins of covid actually started. shouldn't we know what happened in the last 60 days of afghanistan so we would never repeat that again? we wouldn't have 13 new gold star families. it should have never happened. should we know why the doj would
11:22 am
take it upon themselves to go after parents that would go to school board meetings and shouldn't we know where the taxpayers' money is being spent? i call that accountability. >> we sat would be with mccarthy for that exclusive interview on the campaign trail in texas. clearly he laid out a blueprint of accountability questions. what else did he tell you? >> yes, what kevin mccarthy was trying to do was outline his vision for power and he promised to secure the border, bring down crime rates and inflation and the high cost of goods. these are three issues that have become central to republicans' pitch to voters in the closing stretch of the midterms. but those bills would mostly be messaging endeavors. really, the big issue that's going to need bipartisan support if republicans win the house is going to be raising the nation's borrowing limit. and kevin mccarthy is signaling that republicans are going to demand spending cuts in exchange
11:23 am
for lifting the nation's debt spending. take a listen. >> are you willing to risk a default by using this as a bargaining chip? >> people talk about risk -- you don't risk a default. think about what -- >> not raising it would be a default. >> just sit and pause for one moment. we're not going to default -- >> under your watch, there would be no -- >> let me answer the question, all right, and let's not put other words in people's mouth. a debt ceiling is, you hit a limit on your credit card. if you're going to give a person a higher limit, wouldn't you first say you should change your behavior so you just don't keep raising it all the time? >> reporter: now a lot of republicans are calling for cuts to social security and medicare, but that is a hard line for democrats. and so how mccarthy handles this looming debt ceiling debate is going to be a major test of his potential speakership. the other issue he's going to have to confront is whether to
11:24 am
launch impeachment proceedings. that is something that his right flank is already pressuring him to do. while mccarthy has left the idea open to the idea of impeachment, he's only promising to pursue rigorous investigations. >> thank you, melanie. >> nia-malika, hillary rosen, welcome to you all, let me start here with you, alice. your thoughts on another element of melanie's fantastic interview with minority kevin mccarthy in which he says this is job one for republican-led house. let's play it. >> there's a number of things, i think stay in mexico you have to right off the bat. first thing you'll see is a bill to control the border first. you've got to get control over the border.
11:25 am
you've had almost 2 million people just this year alone coming across. but a part that hasn't been written about, when i came here more than a year and a half ago, it's the first time that it got mentioned. the people we were watching on the terrorist watch list, there's been 98 people on the terrorist watch list. it's duifficult to get on that. we caught them coming across the border this year. >> we know that the border is part of the republican trinity right now. crime, the economy, and the border. why start there? >> that's, again, part of the triad of issues that they're focusing on and the border that be something that's been top of mind for republicans for -- >> but the economy is the top concern across all boards. >> he's making border in terms of securing the border a priority for many reasons, for the illegal immigration, for terrorists coming across this country. we have the fentanyl crisis, the human trafficking. that's one part of it. first and foremost, republicans across the board are looking at ways they can fight inflation,
11:26 am
reducing the economic concerns that americans are having and a big part of that is outlined in his commitment to america. the top prong of his commitment to america that mccarthy put forward was about addressing the economy and implementing pro-growth tax policies and doing more to explore energy exploration in this country, to help the economy and also just putting in policies in place that reduce government spending, reduce waissteful spending and l of these will help the economy. and that's the top of mind issue for voters across the country. >> if i could get you to address what we heard from mccarthy there -- i'm sorry, what a speaker mccarthy would be pushing for -- >> take control -- >> wannabe speaker mccarthy. >> and that's using the ceiling as leverage and one way to push cost cuts like medicare and social security. i'm wondering if the president
11:27 am
missed an opportunity in defending the debt ceiling when he had people in his own party, even his own treasury secretary say that she supports abolishing the debt ceiling. >> look, we've been through this with the republicans before. they actually don't have an economic plan and the last time they were in charge, their entire economic plan was tax cuts for the rich and corporations. this notion that somehow they alone are going to fix the economy is nonsense and i think what we've seen is, look, president biden has done more for energy independence in the last three presidents put together, they've allowed more drilling, they've -- you know, created more alternative energy opportunities. so the economy is a complicated situation and kevin mccarthy doesn't have any answers. that's why they're focusing on the border. that's why they're trying to scare people. again, when they were in charge, they didn't pass a border bill then either. so, you know, they really don't have a record to stand on other
11:28 am
than a bad record and i think voters are going to have a choice on this, but it's -- you know, not something that any of us are fooled about when kevin mccarthy talks about his big ambition. >> if you can answer the question specifically related to the debt ceiling, did the president -- does this administration give republicans ammunition when the president says that he supports raising the debt ceiling and having a debt ceiling when his own treasury secretary and other economists and other democrats say they support doing away with it? >> it's a good question and i think, you know, the treasury secretary is uniquely nonpolitical. it's what we all appreciate most about her. and so she said in a perfect world we would not have a debt ceiling. i think the problem is once members of congress have a taste of some power, taking it away is virtually impossible. the president was in the senate for a very long time. he understands that would actually never fly. i don't think, you know, this is one of those things, like a
11:29 am
virus, that just pops up year after year after year. leverage on the debt ceiling is kind of a political tradition and they're going to have to deal with it. >> let's turn to the former president and sources telling cnn that he and aides are discussing potentially announcing a 2024 run tonight on the eve of the midterm election. election seasons don't just butt together, they overlap. >> especially when your donald trump and you're thirsty for attention. we know that so many trump-style candidates are on the ballot on tuesday and folks are voting for that now. he wants to essentially suck up all the oxygen. i think he wants to clear the field, right? there's a notion that maybe ron desantis might run. you saw him -- nickname him ron
11:30 am
de-sanctimonious. mike pompeo seems to be exploring a run, mike pence as well, donald trump's former vice president. so, yes, i mean this is classic donald trump. it is making republicans tear out their hair. they don't want this to happen right now. it's been rumored that maybe he would have already announced -- he'll announce after, but this will be something to see. he also just wants us to pay attention to whatever his speech is tonight, right, on television. >> i think whether or not he announces tonight is beside the point. he wants us to be talking about him today all day long. and the reality is, many republicans across the country do not want him to get back in. they were ready to turn the page on donald trump, they were ready to put him in the rearview mirror and he has remerged himself after the mar-a-lago searches came about. but republicans have done well to date and polling looks like we'll do well on election day
11:31 am
because donald trump is not in the picture, because we were not constantly talking about his tweets and his comments and his actions. republicans were able to focus on the policies that were important to the american people, top of mind immigration, inflation, crime, and issues that people are really concerned with. we were fortunate that republicans across the board focus on issues that were important to them. democrats tended to have the eye off the ball, focusing on other issues that weren't top of mind. i can tell you this, there are a lot of republicans that are hoping we can at least get through election day without donald trump putting his name in the mix because we're poised to do well on election day, but regardless of what the numbers are, regardless of what the polls show, everyone should get out and vote. >> i'm going to -- >> well, look, they've talked about donald trump more on msnbc than they have on fox news.
11:32 am
his life as the left's boogeyman has kept him alive and that's kept his base very enthusiastic. that's sort of at our own peril when we've done that. and i think in many respects, republicans and democrats and centrist democrats, they do want to turn the page. i think a food fight in the republican -- if a republican primary is good for democrats. if he wants to go and make a mess of this, have at it. but i will say that, you know, we have kept a lot of oxygen on our side in donald trump's, you know, balloon. >> listen, i mean, voters, republican voters still are very emotionally attached to donald trump. you look at all of the early polling, he is the clear favorite of any of the challengers that might come and run in 2024. it's not the left that is keeping him alive. it's very much republican base voters still very much like donald trump and they want to see him be president again. >> many of these candidates in
11:33 am
these close elections are trump supporters. >> many of these -- have offered who donald trump, i think, has been, you know, extremely telling considering how the -- the overall republican party feels about him. >> and i think the trump's base and his source of support, they're with him. they're not going anywhere. but we're doing well in this midterm election because we have appealed to independent and is undecided voters who are less concerned with donald trump's past grievances and more concerned with his status moving forward. that's been the winning message. and donald trump out of the picture has been a benefit for republicans in terms of staying on message about the economy. >> five seconds on this, if he announces tonight, do you think that moves any votes tomorrow? >> i don't think so. i think at this stage, we've had
11:34 am
already 41 million people have already voted. made up their mind. and i think that speaks volumes to people's confidence and our democratic process. i don't think that will change anyone's mind. i think that will help donald trump in his mind. but voters at this point have made up their mind. >> one more point, democrats have mostly voted early. republicans are depending on everyone going to the polls tomorrow. you never know what a trump announcement could affect. >> one last quick point -- [ laughter ] >> our producers are getting angry. >> i just want to say congrats to bianna on the new york marathon yesterday. [ laughter ] >> thank you. stay with cnn for all the election day coverage. it begins at 4:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow. more chaos and controversy at twitter after mass layoffs and today twitter's new boss is
11:35 am
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elon musk's twitter take overless than two weeks ago could be a wild card for tomorrow's midterms. musk himself tweeted this, to independent-minded voters, shared power curves the worst
11:40 am
excesses of both parties. therefore, i recommend voting for a republican congress given that the presidency is democratic. >> a source tells cnn that twitter will now delay the rollout of those paid for blue checkmark verifications. but they worry last week's layoffs could open the flood gates to misinformation since entire departments charged with policing false statements on twitter have been gutted. oliver darcy is going us now. what is going on over there? >> really, a remarkable statement coming out from elon musk earlier today saying that people should vote republican. i mean, he's the head of a major information platform and he's encouraging people to vote for republicans in the midterms. can you imagine, for instance, if jack dorsey had said vote democrat, you would see that all over fox news. but more broadly speaking as you point out, there's a concern about twitter and the midterm elections and what might go viral on those platforms and now
11:41 am
the fact that there have been these mass layoffs and just this general disruption to the company days before the midterms, whether they can really make sure that the platform is clean of these conspiracy theories and lies in that -- really pivotal view days with the midterms coming up. >> you mentioned jack dorsey on friday. we talked about what he must be thinking now. he supported musk taking over. they got into a twitter spat over the weekend and he actually apologized to twitter employees knowing what they're going through right now. so it will be interesting to see what happens tomorrow and in the weeks ahead. >> thanks, oliver. conspiracy theories are swirling ahead of tomorrow's midterms. what you should be on the look out for on election day. that's next. i'm a coastal lodge. i might sound fancy but i'm pretty down to earth. no flashy lights or big city noise here. i'm looking for someone who enjoys the soothing sounds
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tens of millions of people will vote across the u.s. in tomorrow's midterm elections and election conspiracy theories and the impact they could have on voting are a serious concern. >> there are different kinds of falsehoods that could viral on election day, we're talking misinformation, disinformation. it may be confusing for some voters to tell them apart. donie o'sullivan is here to break it down for us. >> it's going to be a really messier than normal few days on social media. what we have seen is that sometimes people post things from polling stations they misunderstand. they misunderstand how to use a voting machine, they'll post it and that could cause a kind of
11:47 am
panic. but what we're also seeing is people creating videos, images deliberately to try to undermine people's trust in the election process and i want to show you an example from 2020. there was a video that purported to show ballots for trump being set on fire. and they went viral during election week. it was actually retweeted by the then president's son eric trump and just to give you an example of how quickly that caught on, a day or two after the election, we were down in harrisburg in pennsylvania, one of the first stop the steal events, and one woman who said she didn't trust the results of the election, this is one of the first things she referenced and we spoke to her about it. >> i've seen too much pieces of different evidence so far that shows at this point, i would be okay with a revote. >> really? >> yeah, absolutely. when you have video footage of
11:48 am
people taking bags of ballots and showing that they are for donald trump and lighting them on fire -- >> i helped write a fact-check on that particular video. the election officials said that video has been going around for a few days. they are printout ballots. they're not real ballots -- >> you used the information of the election officials. >> somebody like me comes to try to fact-check it, and then i fact-check it, you'll come back and say, well, the election officials would say that. >> why wouldn't they, though? that's the thing, though. question everything, right? >> that was in 2020. we're going to see videos like that, newsrooms, we're going to be working hard to figure out what is real, what is fake. if there are issues at polls, that's going to be news we're going to report. but just to be very mindful of tomorrow when you're on social media. >> the carry over from our conversation and all the things that are happening at twitter.
11:49 am
if someone sees something like that online, they're not conspiracy theorists. they're not inclined to believe that, what are they supposed to do? >> i would say tomorrow to take a minute, to take a beat and to know that, you know, there's a pretty sophisticated network now of people who are trying to convince you not to trust american elections. so be extra critical, as you see that stuff tomorrow, and, of course, as you mentioned in your segment with oliver about all that's happening at twitter right now, the stars are kind of aligning in a not so great-looking way in terms of twitter has fired a lot of staff who were fighting misinformation on the platform. another reason just to be extra vigilant tomorrow. >> a lot of concern about regulation, oversight over social media ahead of such an important day. thank you. thanks so much. florida governor ron desantis is telling residents to prepare as a new storm system lurks offshore. the latest on nicole's projected
11:50 am
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11:54 am
u.s. national security adviser jake sullivan has reportedly been holding confidential talks with top aides to russian president vladimir putin. >> this according to "the wall street journal," he has spoken with his russian counterparts in recent months to reduce the risk of a broader conflict and avoid any dramatic escalation with the war in ukraine. there were reports sullivan has taken a leading role in coordinating the policy on the ukraine war. the white house declined to comment on the report. >> ukraine has just received a shipment of advanced air defense systems from its allies including the u.s. >> ukraine's defense minister tweeted out a picture of what the weaponry looks like saying, it will help make the skies safer from russia's aerial attacks which have knocked out
11:55 am
much of ukraine's power infrastructure in recent weeks. the defense systems will also help them confront a new threat posed by iranian missiles reportedly being purchased by russia. vladimir putin has also stepped up its raids in occupied areas of the kherson region. florida's governor has declared a state of emergency in more than two dozen counties, due to a very late subtropical storm. >> up and down the east coast, at risk of what became hurricane nicole. it's still getting organized in the atlantic, but it could strengthen into a category 1 storm before late wednesday or thursday morning. it would be the first november hurricane to make landfall in the u.s. since 1985. >> we'll be following that for you. meantime, in houston, my hometown, it's party time. >> the city turned out for a massive celebration at the championship parade for their
11:56 am
world series champions. the astros beat the philadelphia phillies in six games on saturday. now it's the team's second title in six years, but their victory in 2017 has been shrouded in controversy over a cheating scandal. >> yeah. my 10-year-old son still calls them cheaters. we've got tension in our household. >> maybe this one you can celebrate. cnn's exclusive interview with nancy pelosi. this is the first since the attack on n her husband paul pelosi. stay with usus. the day you get your clearchoice dental implants makes every day... a "let's dig in" day... mm. ...a "chow down" da.. a "taka big bite" day... a "pfectly delicious" day... - mm. [ chuckles ] - ...a "love mnew teeth" day.
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