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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 11, 2022 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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you are hive in the cnn "newsroom" >> reporter: >> and i'm bianna golodryga. americans are still waiting to see who will control congress. election officials in western states are urging patience while their poll workers are in overdrive to process and verify every ballot. in the house republicans are seven seat away from the 218 needed to take over. the senate control is neck and neck. democrats currently have 48 seats and republicans at 49. >> the balance of power right now hangs on three states, nevada arizona and georgia. if either party takes both arizona and nevada, georgia's december runoff no longer makes the difference, but if they split, georgia it did last year once again becomes the center of america's political universe n.arizona democratic senator mark kelly leads his republican rival blake masters and in nevada katherine cortez masto is just behind republican adam laxalt with tens of thousands of
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votes still to be counted. >> so let's get straight to the crowned in arizona first. cnn's josh campbell is in phoenix for us. josh, what are officials saying about votes there that will left to be counted? >> yeah. bianna, we'll start statewide. in the state of arizona right now we're looking at approximately 540,000 ballots that are yet to be counted. obviously every one of those ballots is important because of the tight margins in these key races. the u.s. senate race as well as the state's gubernatorial race. here where i am in maricopa counting there's still an outstanding 340,000 ballots to be count that. process is happening behind me at the county election center. now i want to hone in on a particular batch of ballots that could give us an indication of where this election is going and that's the 20,000 ballots that were dropped off on election day but those who received their ballot in the mail. this is important because as we start to get more information from that tranche of ballots, that will indicate whether we're
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moving in the direction of the republicans or the democrats. we know a lot of republican leaders had suggested to their supporters that they actually vote that way, even though they had had a mail-in ballot. they suggested they bring them to the polls on election day. also why these number count russia taking so long, because that is a rigorous process. these people behind me working doing the civic duty has to check the signatures on those ballots and ensure that they match up with the voter information. now that process itself. the slow methodical process has been the start of a lot of conspiracy theories that we've seen recently, particularly by kari lake who is a republican gubernatorial candidate. she suggested officials here are purposefully slow-walking or slow rolling that election process in order to help democrats. that has drawn a lot of ire from election officials, including a man by the name of bill gates who is the county election supervisor, a republican, and he spoke out against those theories. take a listen >> quite frankly it's offensive
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for kari to lake to say that these people behind me are slow rolling this when they are work 14g to 18 hours, so i really hope that this is the end of that. we can be patient and respect the results when they come out. >> now the race is tight here. by looking at the two key races, the u.s. senate race, senator mark kelly up against blake masters. that spread was 115,000 votes. on the gubernatorial race, it's katie hobbs, the secretary republican national convention versus kari lake, a much tighter margin, 27,000 votes. so still several hundred thousand votes left to be counted in this state. we'll have to watch and wait and see where this goes. we rec pecting another release of ballots here in maricopa county. we're told that this come around the 8:00 p.m. local hours, 10:00 p.m. eastern. all eyes on the state and we'll wait for the results. >> we'll, of course, be
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monitoring that very closely. josh campbell from phoenix. thank you very much. we want to pivot to nevada now and that's where we find cnn's rosa flores live there. how many ballots are left to count there? >> here statewide the estimate is about 95,000 ballots, and let me break it down for you, because majority of those ballots are right here in clark county, home to vegas. according to officials, there are more than 62,000 ballots remaining. now some of those ballots are from drop boxes from election day. others are provisional ballots and others are ballots that need to be cured. now clark county is a democratic strong hold. 7,000 more ballots are in douglas county. that is a republican stronghold and then's an additional 22,000 that are washow county, a swing county here in this state. now, all of these mail-in ballots that are remaining need
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to be post-marked by november 8th. that was the date of the election. this is one of the things we're montraffic. we'll be asking about because by law those vote can be counted if they are mail-in ballots so long as they are postmarked by the day of the election. now in washow county, they say some of the mail-in ballots they are received were post marked november 9th. those ballots cannot be counted because they are not postmarked on election day. now we're about to learn more. there's a scheduled press conference here in clark county in the building that you see behind me. we're going to be there. it's at 11:30 pacific and 2:30 eastern. we're going to be inside and asking questions. we are hoping to learn how many more ballots are outstanding, and this is the most populous county, buyers and bianna, so
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that should give us an idea of just how many more ballots are out there with the caveat, of course, that because of universal mail ballots, these ballots can come in until tomorrow, can come in until saturday, and so long as they come into the building that you see behind me, those ballots can be counted so long as they are postmarked election day >> so important and important for our viewers to see the poll workers behind you in the video that we've shown the split screen working methodically there so many hours after tuesday just to show viewers, to show americans how transparent they are in the process is indeed work. rosa flores, thank you for everything that you're doing to keep us up to date as well. >> we want to update you on some reporting that's new today into cnn. cnn has learned that members of donald trump's family are divided about the former president's 2024 aspirations. >> this is all happening as the family is gathering to watch tiffany trump walk down the aisle at mar-a-lago.
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cnn's kate bennett joins us now with the details. kate, it was a family affair inside the trump white house. you're finding out that may not necessarily be the case for the next run. what are you hearing? >> well, i spoke to several people who are close with jared kushner and ivanka trump, and they tell me that the couple is not going to be involved in a po potentialp donald trump run for the white house. this is a change for boast them as they were key in turning everything around. everything went through jared kushner as we know as we read through the years during the trump administration. ivanka trump, not only his daughter but a very close confidant for him as well, but in the two years since the white house couple has decided they are no longer interested in politics. they have moved on whereas perhaps their father has not from politics. now i will say this as the family is gathering for
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tiffany's wedding this weekend in mar-a-lago. donald trump jr. and his girlfriend kimberly gill boil. don josh will campaign for his father should he run, that he'll be one of his advisers. same goes for eric trump, the other adult son that he'll be involved but certainly it's a change for donald trump should he run not to have jared curb next not have ivanka trump by his side. this is a family that post-white house has definitely split in terms of how they see their own futures and whether politics is involved, and jared and ivanka have decided it's not for them moving forward. >> kate bennett, thank you. let's dig deeper now on state of republican politics following the mid-term elections. joining us now is pollster and strategist frank luntz. we appreciate you sharing your afternoon with us. a lot of republicans are on pins and neelsd awaiting this potential special announcement
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from donald trump next tuesday. some advisers are urging him to postpone at least until after that early december senate runoff in georgia. how do you think trump might impact that race? >> it could be significant. it was significant two years ago when donald trump went down there and said that -- that the georgia election was stolen and, therefore, your vote doesn't matter and thoughts of republicans stayed home as a result and they lost two seats that they otherwise would have won and the polling that we did in 2020, the generic ballot, was in favor of the republicans, but the actual vote was not and that's because republican voters stayed home. they don't want trump to be blamed for what happened then and they don't frankly want trump to be blamed for what happened on tuesday night when a whole lot of senate candidates didn't win because the feel was they weren't the strongest candidates, they had flaws and the election slipped away from them. it's interesting that republicans picked up seats in the house, haven't picked up
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seats in the senate ant former president is being blamed for that. >> and frank, if you are herschel walker, do you want trump coming down to the peach state to real and campaign with you? >> you do, but you don't want him in atlanta or the atlanta suburbs. you want him in the outer parts of state which is harder to get to. it requires more work. donald trump is still the number one republican in america today. there's no doubt about it, but his overall patina has been flawed considerably, darkened considerably and in the atlanta suburbs he is a negative. this is something that his canned days. did not real understand and i'm not convinced that he understands either, that for every one voter who thinks he's god you have got one and a half who thinks he's horrible. it had an impact in arizona and
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rp new hampshire and pepts pens and trump is brilliant at providing a margin of victory in a primary, but he's kryptonite when it comes to the general election. >> that's fascinating. one bright spot for republicans if we're looking at tuesday night was new york where they picked up i believe it was four house seats. they they swept long island and kicked out sean patrick maloney, the dcccc chair. what do you think was key to their success in blue new york? >> frustration not just with the economy but frustration with crime and the feeling that the democrat were not doing enough to keep people safe an secure. in fact, that's what the republicans did best, people living in the suburbs who knew what was going on in new york city lived away from that and chose to live away for a reason. i they want the other key factor
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was trumpet he wasn't there, wasn't involved and wasn't engaged. not picking winners and losers. not part of the process. in pens person, arizona, new hampshire, places that trump was involved in, he did not -- the republicans did not do well. places where trump did not campaign and such as new york the republicans did quite well. >> so if what you're saying is that donald trump is kryptonite, how would you council republicans to one many -- still wins primaries for a lot of these candidates. -term. >> that's a question that republicans will have to decide. in the end trump has the right to acknowledge. we intoed a nom that he's the most popular governor and when
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he attacks the cost ofia. and of florida, you'll see his number depeefr ate. it's one when he's attacking nancy pelosi, the public expects that, but when he's attack the next leadership many, the more they are going to. support him. if i were advising him right now/tell him to take a very long vacation, sim pill disappear for the next 30 days pause he's dry stroig himself by attacking of glen young kin and many --
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gramm-of-i am romania many -- i'm skeptical that donald trump will disappear for po dayed or any time began. thank you for your time. >> president biden is on the world stage proclaiming that the u.s. is back as a world cleared in the global cries kiss and calling on other leader to step up. >> plus, the biden administration's top border chief is being asked to resign over his handling of situation at the u.s.-mexico border. so far he is refusing that demand. we have new details ahead. i'm r! i was busy cashbacking for the holidays with chase freedom unlimited. you know i can't believe you lost another kevin. it's a holiday tradition! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited. ♪ ♪
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all across the country, people are working hard to build a better future. so we're hard at work, helping them achieve financial freedom. we're providing greater access to investing, with low-cost options to help maximize savings. from the plains to the coasts, we help americans invest for their future. and help communities thrive. president biden says the united states is back as the leader in the global fight
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against climate change. that was at the cop27 summit in egypt today, and he also implored other nations to do, quote, considerably more to reduce global warming. >> the president is now en route to cambodia where he'll attend a summit of southeast asian leaders. then it's on to bali for the g-20. there he's set to meet with chinese leader xi jinping. cnn's jeremy diamond is live at the white house. jeremy, foreign policy is in the president's wheelhouse. what are his priorities as he sets on travel the next couple of days? >> he'll be hitting every hot button foreign policy issue that you can imagine during the multi-state swing. he's en route to cambodia where he'll participate in the asean summit of. asian nations. he'll have ind-pacific security on the mind as well as trade and he'll be meeting with the heads of japan and south korea where
11:21 am
they are also expected to address north korea's increased missile activity and the potential that we've heard about for months now about another nuclear test from north korea from. there the president on sunday heads to the g-20 in indonesia where, again, the president is going to be addressing in particular russia's invasion of ukraine and some of the consequences of that on the food security front, for example, but on monday at the g-20 summit in cambodia, that's where the president will have his biggest meeting of this trip and that's the meeting with chinese president xi jinping where we expect the president to address the relationship in general there. there are so many top touks touch on, including climate change, including indo-pacific security, but more than anything advisers have told us that the president wants to take a measure of xi jinping for the first face-to-face meeting to get a sense of where this relationship is going and to try to avoid any miscommunication going forward. today though the president was addressing climate change at the cop27 summit in egypt.
11:22 am
we heard president biden for the first time be able to not just give the rhetoric about the russ wanting to be a leader on climate change but also be able to tout some progress that the u.s. has made with $370 billion in investments to tackle climate change passed through the inflation reduction act. the president also urged other nations to do more. listen. >> if we're going to win this fight, every major emitter nation needs to align with the 1 bee1.5 degrees. we can no longer plead ignorance to the consequences of our actions or continue to repeat our mistakes. everyone has to keep accelerating efforts throughout this decisive decade. >> reporter: and the president announced additional actions today including to strengthen methane emissions regulations, but he's going to face a challenge, particularly if the house goes republican, and that's something very colleagues, even as the president wants to do more, he's going to have to work with the other party that doesn't always acknowledge the reality of
11:23 am
climate change. bianna, boris. >> a very good point. jeremy diamond at the white house, thank you very much. a source tells cnn that homeland security alejandro mayorkas has just asked his u.s. customs and border commissioner to resign this. comes as the administration faces enormous criticism for its handling of the u.s.-mexico border. >> let's bring in cnn's priscilla awful reds who is breaking this story. priscilla, help us understand what got commissioner chris magnus under fire, and what is he saying about all of this? >> reporter: well, as you mentioned there, he's been under intense pressure and criticized both internally and publicly. this is coming at a critical time for the agency which has grappled with record border arrests over the last year, and officials tell me that he, magnus, seemed disengaged and he wasn't attending some meetings, so he has been facing criticism internally in that agency. this week homeland security secretary alejandro mayorkas
11:24 am
asked magnus to resign, he refused and he remains in the post. in a statement to the "los angeles times" magnus said, quote, i am excited about the progress i made and look forward to continuing that work. now as a reminder, magnus was picked by president joe biden to lead cbp, the largest federal law enforcement agency and was confirmed by the senate late last year and took the helm thereafter in a very difficult time for the agency which in addition to border security as oversees trade, and now the -- the commissioner is under fire and potentially in the situation where the secretary has asked him to resign. we should also note that i'm told by a source that the dhs deputy secretary and the deputy secretary miller are carrying out his day-to-day duties though magnus remains in the post. dhs and the white house have not yet responded to comment.
11:25 am
bianna, boris. >> it's interesting to add that per your reporting, priscilla, that president biden supports mayorkas' decision to fire magnus. nonetheless he remains there. priscilla alvarez, thank you. >> earlier today vice president kamala harris and second man and first lady joe biden visited arlington national cemetery and the first lady laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier honoring the americans and their sacrifices. >> here on hallowed ground, and we also remember those who gave our lives for our nation. we remember our service members who have not yet returned and their families, and we reaffirm our commitment to bring home all those missing in action.
11:26 am
>> harris also noted this is the first veterans day since the administration passed the pact act which expands health benefits to any veterans exposed to toxic substances while serving. if you've been feeling under the weather lately, you're in the alone. it's just the beginning of the flu season and half the country is reporting high or very high levels of respiratory illnesses. we have details on how you can try to keep your family safe. and this disturbing story. a noose is found at a construction site of the obama presidential center. what police are now saying about this discovery straight ahead.
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it's golo. it's all golo. it's smarter, it's better, it will change your life forever. the cdc says that half the country, half the country, is currently experiencing high or very high levels of respiratory illness. specifically because of dramatically rising cases of the flu and rsv. >> now the surge is having a devastating effect, as you can imagine, on children's hospitals in major cities like boston and ann arbor. at the university of michigan's facility, officials say their pediatric beds are now at full capacity. cnn health reporter jacqueline howard is with us. jack lip, this is something that we were worried about. all the signs suggested that this could hit us sooner this flu season.
11:32 am
here we are. what more can you tell us? >> that's right, bianna. here we are. what you're seeing are really the outcomes of higher than normal rsv levels as well as the ongoing covid-19 pandemic and an early flu season that appears to continue to just ramp up, and what i mean by that in the past week we saw the flu activity double and then it nearly doubled again this week and here's where we are. right now the highest levels of flu activity are in the southeast region of the country. you see here on this map that's where we're seeing the highest levels, but the concern sheer that as we enter the winter season we could see this sweep the nation and we could see more respiratory illnesses in the west and up north and that's the concern that health officials have, and they are urging people right now to get their flu shot if they haven't already, as well as get your updated covid-19 vaccine because we do want to reduce the risk of seeing our
11:33 am
hospitals even more overwhelmed this season. so far this flu season sadly we've seen about five children diary lated to flu. we also are seeing many pediatric hospitals at capacity, and we're also seeing some schools report outbreaks of respiratory illness, so the concern here, buyers and bianna, is that things could get worse this winter, so to keep your family safe get your flu shot, get your updated covid-19 booster and, of course, practice safe hygiene, and this thanksgiving if you're sick stay home, don't spread your illness sadly in you do happen to get sick this thanksgiving. boris and bianna. >> all good pieces of advice, jacqueline howard, thank you so much. the blame game between two of the democratic parties most prominent member is under way. after republican flip key house seats in new york. we'll talk about it all coming up next.
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also try for fast sinus and pain relief! right now republicans are just seven seats away from controlling the house of representatives. cnn has yet to make a projection in 26 races. the question now is do democrats have a path to keep control? >> let's get the cnn political director david chalian. david, is that the magic wall? david you're saying there's a chance. >> well, i don't know. if you're a democrat i can point to a chance, but look at the actual called race right now, guys. we have projected 211 republican seats, 198 democratic seats.
11:39 am
republicans are just seven seats away from the magic number of 218. they are right there at the doorstep of the majority, and that is the likeliest outcome here. when we click to see just what party is leading in the races right now, so this is just leading, these are not all called, 221 republicans, 214 democratic seats so that would be, if all the races ended right now the way that they are, it would be a very, very narrow majority, a three-seat majority basically above the 218 that republicans would have, but what i do want to show you is why we haven't called the house. yes, it's likely possibility is that republicans will win majority control but why haven't we called it? because the democratic path to the majority has not been mathematically eliminated. i just want to show you what that is right now from these uncalled races, so a bunch of different categories here. the likeliest races that would go right into the democratic column, two race, one in
11:40 am
colorado and one in new mexico where there's been a concession by the republican that the vote margin but they are going to fall digit and up here in maryland this is a democratic distruckers the sixth district of maryland, the democrat finally in the county finally overtook the republican, we anticipate that would grow. that would get them to 201 if i gave them -- gave the democrats those three seats. okay. now let me show you the next group of races. these are races where the democrat is currently ahead of the republican. there are 11 of them in these uncalled race, and i would note that these in california, where you see the green here, in the state of california, these districts here, if indeed traditional vote patterns sort of volume their way guys, the late-arriving absentee votes in california are likely to be democratic so i can imagine those going pretty easily to the democrat, maybe the ones ins as
11:41 am
a, nevada, washington and oregon we need to see a bit more of the late-arriving vote. let's give them all to the democrats. that would give them an additional 11 seats and so if my math is right that would put them at 2 tw12 and now let's taa look at the next group. there are two seats where ranked choice investigate will be in play so these aren't projected yet but the democrats are ahead and likely to come out okay in ranked choice voting in alaska and in maine's second congressional district so now we're up to 16, so now this scenario, democrats, if i give them everything there, would be at 214, just four away. this is now why it becomes a much less likely scenario. getting the additional four seats to 218, that would be a lot trickier here. it would require reach states, states like -- districts like
11:42 am
boe boebert's district in colorado and up here in oregon. those would be very tough states. i can see the democrats getting to 214, getting them to 218 would be a real reach. >> it is very close. thank you for that math, david chalian, live on television. not very easy. you make it look that way though. thank you. >> thanks. joining us now former adviser to gop leader mitch mcconnell and cnn political commentator scott jennings and ron brownstein of "the atlantic." scott, let me start with you, assume that the republicans do take the house, there is some speculation as to how secure kevin mccarthy's bid is to take over as speaker. what do you make of that. how vulnerable is her, amend if not mccarthy, who? >> boy, great questions. this is not what republicans were expecting. i think leader mccarthy was hoping with a bigger cushion. now he's dealing with small newspaper and to get elected speaker you've got to do it on the floor, get 218 voters on the
11:43 am
floor so if this faction of conservative republicans will try to stop it. i think he'll hold on but they are going to make to bands of him that he may or may not want to agree to. one of the demands is the rule about vacating the chair. sounds arcane. bottom line it means on any given day if the speaker of the house displeases this faction, they can just kick him out so if you've been like watching the british merry go round, it would be like that so on any given day if you upset a handful of people which would be terrible. you'd really be them going to almost it would europeanize the house and instead of having actual partiesport.
11:44 am
. it's like a back of cats. stick your hand in there. you get some furs and some claws. >> okay. i wanted to ask you about the leadership on the senate side for republicans because there are indications, some senators like marco rubio and josh hail, they are hoping to delay a leadership vote. some of the fallout from tuesday night, maybe a rivalry between rick scott and mitch mcconnell. >> well, you know, i think many people were anticipating rick scott would make a bid for leader if the election went better than it did. i think scott is the one who faces the very difficult question because he made a choice as the chair of the nrsc not to resist these trump nominees that the former president imposin the party, and i think there was a question all the way through whether he was acting in the interest of the party as chair or if he was skkting in his own long-term interests.
11:45 am
he made the a decision not to resist the trump nominees that proved very weak candidates in the general e >> exnow that trump has come into the conversation, let me ask you to respond what we heard from frank luntz earlier this house, and his prediction was that if trump who he still dream the leader of the republican party continues to attack popular elected republican officials like glenn youngkin, governor of virginia, like governor ran desantis, that his popular and that the party itself will move away from him. he eve seep him and to the extend too you look at these mid pierre-emile perlumt on what he and and can't do, and, yeah, can
11:46 am
i see republicans and i've heard from republicans that are moving away, the most important thing that trump is in charge of the republican party, not that the republican party is a governing party. the question is do we want to try to win a national election? the republicans will win the house popular vote but the distribution of vote is skewed a little bit because of how we do in some of the safe districks. i'll just finish and then you, ron. it's obvious he backed into the presidency with fewer involvements lost thenous '18 and lost white house in '20 and lost the senate in the georgia runoffs in '21. his candidates in the senate and in the house suburban areas got shellacked. what more empirical evidence do you need to see that he's not had a national majority-maker. he's a minority style candidate in a kun interest where you need majority votes, right? >> look at states that flipped from 16 to 20, arizona, georgia and michigan, pennsylvania and
11:47 am
wisconsin. there were trump-imposed nominees except for car irk lake and herschel walker in injury. they are going to lieu. in a climate that was the very difficult for the in party, that's going to be hard for -- it's going to be very difficult and inciting a riot, hoarding documents and using openly race unfortunate language for search years including at glenn youngkin was not enough to cause you to walk away from donald trump it would say something that fear of his electoral impact would be the straw that breaks the back. after everything that he has done over these years to kind of violate the norms and the rule of law, this will be why republicans choose to walk away from him? i'm not 100%. >> we're each there yes. >> it's the timing though. if you were ever going to -- to
11:48 am
walk you a way. we've got to least conversation there, scott jennings and ron brownstein. i feel like you guys are having a party in new york that i didn't get invited to. thank you so much, gentlemen. appreciate you. >> thank you. happening now, music stars and massive crowds are paying their respects to the late rapper takeoff after his tragic fatal shooting. we'll take you live to atlanta coming up next. y piece together that dogs eat food. as soon as we brought the farmer's dog in, her skin was better, she was more active. if i can invest in her health and be proactive, i think it's worth it. visit ♪ i got into debt in college and, no matter how much i paid, it followed me everywhere. so i consolidated it into a low-rate personal loan from sofi. get a personal loan with no fees, low fixed rates, and borrow up to $100k. sofi. get your money right.
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construction at the obama presidential center in chicago is on hold after workers found a noose at the site yesterday. the company building the library says work will resume after employees on-site finish
11:53 am
anti-bias training. they're also offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to whoever's responsible. let's go to adrian broaddus. a $100,000 reward. what more are you hearing tabou the search for suspects? >> reporter: boris and bianna, that is the reward builders are offering for information leading to the group or person responsible for leaving behind this alleged symbol of hate. earlier this morning, we saw activity taking place behind us for at least five hours. i reached out to a spokesperson with the construction company lakeside alliance, and asked why we saw activity here. that person told me via email that we would likely see some activity throughout the day. she called it additional construction services required to maintain and secure the site. she also said we will likely see vehicles entering the site here as they prepare for anti-bias
11:54 am
training scheduled to start next week for all workers and staff. the obama administration releasing a statement saying, in part, and i want to read it to you, "this shameless act of cowardice and hate is designed to get attention and divide us . the state's governor calling this a hateful act saying in part, quote, the noose is more than a symbol of racism. it is a heart-stopping reminder of the violence and terror inflicted on black americans for centuries. at this hour, it is unclear who is responsible and it's also unclear when construction here will begin again. boris and bianna? >> adrienne, i know we continue to follow this disturbing story for us. thank you. we're turning now to atlanta where family and friends are saying good-bye to takeoff, the
11:55 am
28-year-old rapper who was shot earlier this month. >> cnn's ryan young is live for us where this celebration of life is under way. there are big names there paying their respects. >> reporter: absolutely big names. justin bieber has been here. chloe bailey has been here, and so many people wanting to pay their respects to not only the rapper himself, but the group migos because this city so much embraces this group. some people call them the beatles of rap music. you can understand this is one of those things that took everyone off guard when this young man was shot. not even 30 years old. they did a limited ticket release for this going home service, a celebration of life. 70,000 tickets were taken up quickly by all those who wanted to arrive here, and we have been talking to those folks who started standing in line since early this morning who wanted to pay their respects. they told us they were tired of the gun violence. in fact, listen to a few of the folks that we talked to who arrived here early today to pay their respects to takeoff. >> he's been an influence for
11:56 am
over the last 12, 13 years now. with everything going on, man, you know, gun violence has got to stop, really and truly, and we lost -- a lot of people don't get to become an icon, but as you see, man. you see the whole of atlanta out here for this man. this man is an icon. god bless this brother, man. r.i.p., takeoff. >> he changed a lot of things. you have a lot of young rappers coming up and that were in the game starting to change the way they rap due to these -- due to migos. >> reporter: something i wanted to show you guys, but i'm told we don't have enough time for, was when they showed up at "carpool karaoke". that video alone had more than 63 million hits. these groups had songs you know in your head, "bad and bougie", "versace." they released them to a
11:57 am
generati generation, and people say this rapper didn't deserve to die the way he did. why have no arrests been made just yet? that's a big question out here right now. >> that's probably the most painful, lingering thing about all of this so far is there vice president bee-- haven't been an arrests or progress on that. sad day. >> or suspect names. >> right. ryan young, thank you so much for your reporting. the midterm ballot counting in two states continues this hour in nevada and arizona. the hold of the senate up for grabs. i'll be joined by the chair of the maricopa county board of supervisors. this is lily. when you see things differently, you can be the difference. ♪ capella university sees education differently.
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