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tv   CNN Newsroom With Pamela Brown  CNN  November 12, 2022 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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you are live in the cnn newsroom. i'm jim acosta in washington. shortly we are expecting more results to drop in nevada that could decide the balance of power. just 862 votes separate catherine cortez mastro and the republican. there are still a lot of votes to count. not long from now nevada's clark county will release votes from
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its remaining 22,000 ballots. if democrats keep this seat, they keep control of the senate. right now they are tied at 49-49. this comes after democrats garnered a key win last night, democrat mark kelly defeating republican blake masters. we begin in nevada where election officials have said they will release more results later on tonight. how about that for a tease? for all of our viewers refreshing results on their laptops, making projections and so on, this is high drama right now. we could get some pretty definitive answers later on this evening. >> reporter: you're absolutely right. this is a nail biter of a race.
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we could see results within the next few hours. stay tuned, keep refreshing, because we are as well to make sure we bring you the latest. according to clark county officials, they're expecting to post about 20,000 votes. now, these are ballots that are election day drop box ballots and mail-in ballots as well. officials hearsay they know that america is watching and they feel the pressure as they count today and post results. take a listen. >> we're still moving forward as quickly as we can. look, we know this is a siserio count. we're not taking that lightly. there's nothing we've stopped here. we're using every piece of equipment that's available and fully staffed on everything we've got to use for counting. >> reporter: the nevada u.s. senate race is so tight, the
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margin right now is .1%. let me run through the numbers here. adam lax at is ahead with 468,437 votes. catherine cortez masto trailing. we have watched laxalt's lead shrink. right now he's ahead by 862 votes. jim, that is razor thin. if what we have seen in the past few days is a preview of coming attractions, like you said, grab your popcorn, tune in, because we're going to have results here in the coming hours. >> pop a lot of popcorn. let me ask you this. what do we know about the mood inside the laxalt campaign? is it getting gloomy?
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what do you think? >> reporter: well, we've heard two different things. there is a nevada republican strategist who spoke to our colleague dan merica. it was said the mood changed. they had been very optimistic, then the mood changed within the laxalt camp to, quote, awful, that they felt depressed. there were several factions of the republican party pointing thi fingers saying catherine cortez mass toe is going to take the lead. we heard from adam laxalt's press secretary that that was not accurate, that they remain optimistic. adam laxat himself said if the trends continue, catherine cortez mass toe could be ahead. i did reach out to her campaign.
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her press secretary send me a statement saying they continue to be confident. that's what they've said from election day and they continue to be confident today. jim? >> thanks so much for that. let's pick it up with nevada's democratic senator jackie rosen. thank you so much for joining us. i'm sure in democratic circles in nevada, it is a busy time right now. what can you tell us about the mood inside senator cortez masto's campaign? we had some concerns inside the laxalt campaign. what do you know about how they're feeling? >> thank you for having me. like you, we're waiting for the results later this evening. democrats are optimistic knowing that where the votes are in the
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rest of the state, that she will win her second term in the united states senate, delivering the democratic majority in the united states senate. i'm not going to speak to what's going on in adam laxalt's campaign. i guess he'll have to do that for himself, but we're feeling pretty good right now. >> i covered senate majority leader harry reid when he was running for reelection back in 2010. i believe it was against an opponent sharon engel. i was out in las vegas at an event for harry reid. the race wassi itight. i asked him, are you concerned about things? he just looked at me with this funny look, like, there's no way i'm going to lose this race. his aides were so confident in turning out the vote in places like las vegas and clark county. do you get the sense that same kind of get the vote out effort is paying dividends this time
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around? >> absolutely. we have a strong coordinated campaign. make no mistake, nevada is a purple state. races are always tight here just as you said in the 2010 campaign where senator reid did win by a very small number. the path to the senate and the path to the presidency also runs through nenevada. it gives us a great argument to be first in the nation primary. nevada is a divorce working class pro-choice state and the west coast is about to deliver the senate majority, i believe. >> what do you make of some of these complaints, a lot of them from the republican side, that this process is take too long? and then there are some very irresponsible voices out
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there -- i won't mention any names -- who are trying to say there's something untoward going on, they're sowing doubts, the same kind of stuff we heard in 2020. what is your reaction to that? >> this is the first midterm we've had universal mail-in ballots. in nevada, we have always run free, safe, secure elections under both democratic and republican secretaries of state. we've expanded access in every way. we have a process. just takes time to run the process. i trust all of our election officials to do that. they'll be reporting when they feel confident they have tabulated what they need to. we're going to look forward to that and hopefully put catherine cortez masto over the top sometime soon. >> do you have a sense why this red wave did not happen? what's your sense of it? when you were talking to voters, what were you hearing?
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>> well, my sense of it here in nevada especially is that people want someone to come together, to put their head down, to be pragmatic problem solvers. both senator cortez masto and i work for nevada families. we try to find solutions to deliver for our state, reducing costs for folks, all those kitchen table issues that everybody worries about most, health care, priescription drug, affordable housing. that's what nevada wants. that's why we're a purple state. you see the kind of folks that are elected. we did well again with a democratic party electing very qualified people, our secretary of state, our attorney general. i think it's because we stick to thinking about people first. >> were you surprised how close this has been? >> well, like i said, nevada is
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a purple state, so we don't take anything nfor granted. as far as we're concerned, we are going to get through this and start focusing on 2024, because there's always more voters to be registered. there's always more people to talk to, more things to consider. we're a battleground state. i think we might always be that way, but i think it's a blessing because that means we listen to everyone and respond to everyone. it's important, i think, for real leaders to do that. once you're elected, to think about what's good for everybody, it's what i do, it's what senator cortez masto does. we're going to do that in the united states senate, put nevadans first. >> senator jackie rosen, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you very much. up next, a big win for democrats in their attempt to keep control of the senate, keeping hold of arizona's senate
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seat. we go live to phoenix, next.
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additional sheriff's deputies were called to an elections office in maricopa county, arizona, today after a group of protesters showed up outside the building where votes are being counted. kyung lah was there. what can you tell us. >> reporter: this created quite a law enforcement response. this is something they had been expecting just to have protesters show up at some point, but that it was happening during this particular vote count echoed back to 2020 when they had an enormous amount of protesters show up and at one point some of them got into this building. the sheriff did respond quite
3:16 pm
strongly. because this vigil, protest, whatever you want to call it, really came about because of prominent figures, both political and elected, who called for it to take place. listen to what the sheriff told reporters just a short time ago. >> you call on something and suddenly you see the crowd summoned and you think you're almighty oz. guess what? at some point in time we have to address this issue and we pull the curtain on you and you're just back there. be thoughtful. don't treat this like it's just a show. it's bigger and more important than that. recognize there's real people back here doing a job and they get scared when they see people out there yelling pretty offensive things in this direction. >> reporter: those real people the sheriff is talking about there, these are the people who are still counting the votes.
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it takes some time in arizona because of the signature verification and those early ballots dropped off on election day. all of this is still going on, jim, the process of democracy. it is careful, it is slow. we still have races not called here in the state of arizona. we are looking at tonight's expected vote drop, expected to be about 75 to 80,000 votes released some time in the 6:00 p.m. hour here, the 8:00 p.m. eastern time. >> we a projection into the mark kelly/blake masters senate race. we projected that mark kelly is going to hang onto his seat. has blake masters conceded in the way that other trump-aligned candidates have across the country? we're not seeing the same from blake masters.
3:18 pm
>> reporter: not yet. he did tweet certainly that he might be open to it. in a tweet he said if in the end after all the legal votes are counted, it is something that he will do. the emphasis he put in that tweet is all legal votes counted. that process is still going, but mathematically various news organizations, including cnn, have projected it will be almost impossible for him to catch up. >> larry sabado is a politics professor at the university of virginia. i want to get your reaction to blake masters' statement about the race. when he says iall legal votes, those are code words. isn't that sowing seeds of
3:19 pm
doubt? >> of course it is. it's what many trump acolytes have used, i think, with less and less effectiveness. the super maga group will always be willing to buy that there was voter fraud if their candidates lose. this is nonsense. more and more people understand that it's nonsense. i think, frankly, when a candidate screams vote fraud, it ought to be considered the equivalent of a concession speech. that's what we're getting from black masters and soefrl severa others. these poor election workers have been treated so badly by so many people with the threats against their lives and the cat calls and all the rest. what would have happened if the election counting had been rushed through without signature verification or without every i
3:20 pm
being dotted and t being crossed? they would have screamed the same way, you know, vote fraud, they're stealing the election. all they're doing is taking the time, a few extra days to make certain they have it right. everybody should applaud that. >> that's right. i will tell you we spoke with bill gates, top election official there in maricopa county in arizona. he pointed out these hard working folks behind the plexiglass. there are also election observers from both parties back there as well. when i asked bill gates about this, i said, how are they getting along? are they getting along okay? he said they're getting along great and talking about things like their kids and run of the mill stuff, not sticking fingers in each other's faces and that sort of thing. people have to understand this is the process we've had for so
3:21 pm
long in this country. systemic voting fraud doesn't exist in this country because we have this process that works so well. >> and i'm old enough to say this. it has improved with every new year. it's gotten better. there are more checks on the voting and the vote counting and the election process. i think ours is one of the best in the world. it's time for people to stop running it down. it's a great system. >> let's talk about your crystal ball. you're famous for your crystal ball predictions, the outcomes of these elections. i have to ask you this time around, did this election put a couple of cracks in the crystal ball? because a lot of folks were expecting this red wave. i don't know if you bought into it or not, but it just did not materialize. i'm curious what you think.
3:22 pm
>> well, we did pretty well on governorships and senate seats. we'll see what the final results are in the senate. we did well there. house? i'm not going to say we bought into the red tsunami. we did think there would be a red tide. after all, that's what history had taught us. midterm of a democratic president with high inflation. but this is something everybody in this process needs to learn. we don't have to follow history all the time because sometimes there are things that are ahistorical. new things happen. here it was a question of the supreme court helping the democrats, unintentionally, by overturning roe v wade and donald trump who refused to get off the stage and made himself very public even on election eve, and also president biden's democracy argument. more and more democrats have been thinking about that, are
3:23 pm
concerned about it. it started even before january 6th, 2021. but it's accelerated since then. that was a good way to end the campaign, no matter what the pundits said. they all made fun of it, but it actually worked, i think. >> typically these midterms are a referendum on the current president. this almost felt like it was a referendum on the former president. let me ask you this. there's new cnn reporting that according to republican sources, trump is calling up his allies in the senate saying mitch mcconnell is to blame for the republicans' performance. i spoke with a trump advisor earlier this week who said trump's been ranting and raving all week. former republican speaker of the house paul ryan is making it clear who's to blame. listen. >> i think trump is a drag on our ticket. i think donald trump gives us problems politically. we lost the house, the senate and the white house in two years
3:24 pm
when trump was on the ballot or in office. i think we just have some trump hangover. i think he's a drag on our offices and our races. >> what do you think of that, larry? >> well, he's right, but senior republicans, including him, but others more prominent should have learned this a long time ago. because donald trump has been poisoning their party as well as the system that we have in the united states for years now. maybe more republicans are catching on. i'm going to believe it when i see a lot more evidence, because we've been here before. remember right after january 6th? they were starting to break with him and they were saying the right things about the insurrection and the attempted coup d'etat. then it all faded away and they got back on the trump train. who knows whether they'll do it again? you can't trust them. >> reminds me of that line from
3:25 pm
the godfather part iii, every time i try to get out, they pull me back in. i want to look ahead a little bit to this georgia runoff. in nevada, i suppose if cortez masto wins, perhaps the runoff is not as important in determining the balance of power. given how this midterm is going and president biden's approval ratings, i mean, what do you make of the prospect that donald trump may announce he's running for president again and insert himself once again into a runoff situation in georgia like he did the last time around. >> it's great news for senator warnock. i'm sure that senator warnock and democrats generally are urging president trump to jump in, do it now and appear in georgia by all means. do everything you can to get that herschel walker vote up. it makes no sense politically. you know this, jim. you know it better than almost
3:26 pm
anybody. donald trump does what's in donald trump's interest, period. doesn't matter whether it helps another candidate or hurts the party or anything else. he's going to do what he wants to do. but it would be wise if he delayed his announcement. but another part of me says go right ahead. >> yeah. i mean, to quote another movie line, reminds me of jack nicholson, go sell crazy somewhere else, we're all stocked up here. thanks so much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. coming up, before we go, we want to show you a video. we have to warn our viewers this is disturbing. we're looking at a midair collision at a dallas air show this afternoon. details next.
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an update from a story we had a short while ago. new video just in to cnn. we want to warn you before we show you this video, a caution to our viewers that this might be tough to watch. you are looking at the moment right before a midair collision at a dallas air show this afternoon. there you see it right there. we're actually pausing this so you don't see the collision, but you can see what happened or you can mangeimagine what happened
3:32 pm
that. the faa and ntsb are now investigating. cnn aviation analyst mary schiavo joins us. this is a nightmare obviously for people involved in that air show. what are you thinking about as you're learning the details of what happened there? >> an air show, a whole different set of rules and regulations takes over. everybody's used to the faa. ordinarily a faster plane must give way to the slower plane. obviously the faster plane you can see coming in in that picture, it's a p63. that was the faster plane. but in an air show, the performers in an air show, particularly any air group where you're doing aerobatics or dynamic maneuvering, they have to have practiced this show. the faa has to have proof that
3:33 pm
they have done this within the last 45 days. so this maneuver was part of their air show maneuver, which is something they have to practice and show capability of doing and aerobatic specialization, for example. what appears to have happened was they were doing this maneuver and literally got out of sync. there are lots of rules for flying and a lot of those get suspended at air shows with certification and with the proper licensing, of course. this kind of show goes on all over america for most of the summer and the fall in good weather. >> people love these shows. mary, we want to point out there was a press conference not long ago. we've learned some new details. we were told both aircraft were normally crewed. one was a b-17 with normally
3:34 pm
four to five people and a p63, which was a single piloted aircraft. these shows are so popular. yes, i know the enthusiasts will say these accidents are rare. mary, do you think it's a good idea that we continue to have these kinds of air shows in this country? i know folks are going to get mad at me for even asking this question. >> that's a good question, because the faa has actually considered that. because when tragedies happen at air shows, the faa has to reevaluate whether these should be allowed. the faa does approve them, license aerobatic flights, license these dramatic maneuver events and air shows and they have to permit these air shows. the faa has decided that it's in the interest of aviation and keeping people interested in
3:35 pm
aviation, aviation skills, aviation promotion. so the faa has considered that from time to time. so in response to accidents, what they've done over the years is they've increased the safety margin. for example, spectators have to be at least 1500 feet away from what they call the aerobatic envelope. in other words, where the planes are performing these things, spectators must be back. they can't be more than 500 feet over spectators. the b-17 actually was cited by the faa probably ten or 15 years ago for corrosion and they had to redo the plane at great expense. so the faa over time has increased requirements and safety measures. but in the end you're flying extremely complicated maneuvers, you're doing aerobatic flight. you're supposed to be licensed
3:36 pm
to do so. it all has to be approved by the faa. >> mary schiavo, thanks for your expertise. thankful it's not a larger tragedy there in dallas. coming up, the turmoil at twitter showing no signs of stopping after elon musk tells staff bankruptcy is on the table. that's next.
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3:41 pm
whether twitter can survive all this. is this because elon musk simply paid too much money for this or because of some of the damage he has been doing since he took over? >> i think it's really more of the latter at this point. the big question is, can twitter survive elon musk? i honestly wouldn't have raised this question a few weeks ago when he had taken over, but the things he has done, particularly in the last few days, have given rise to questions about this platform's future. i'll break it down in simple terms. twitter is a company that makes most of its money through advertisements. advertisers are very afraid right now of the platform because of some of the things elon musk has said and done. think about when he pushed that paul pelosi conspiracy. it gave advertisers some pause. well, over the last few days,
3:42 pm
given all of the disarray, it's hard so see how these advertisers are going to come back. so without the advertiser revenue and without any other source of revenue, it leads to real questions about the future of this platform. >> no question about it. one of the biggest questions is what's going on with the chaos over paying for those blue verified checkmarks. our colleague pointed to these tweets, one saying, quote, was able to verify a fake donald trump account in less than two beers. another one got verified as jesus christ. i guess which is what happens when elon musk plays got. >> he also made a fake verified account for my cat in a few moments. that shows how easy this twitter blue verification was to game. this is another problem, because advertisers don't want to be on a platform where people are able
3:43 pm
to quickly impersonate brands, news organizations. that gives them pause. but because now they are paused the rollout of twitter blue, it takes away this other revenue stream that elon musk had. again advertiser revenue stream has developed quite a bit and they have no twitter blue revenue stream. where is twitter going to get its revenue? it's not easily answered, i think. >> the trust and safety head, the chief information security office, the chief privacy officer have all quit. how are they going to police misinformation, setting aside the fact that elon musk himself was spreading misinformation almost as soon as he took over the company? don't you need those kinds of people? they're pretty important. >> yeah, particularly the head of trust and safety. i think, again, not to be beating the drum on this so
3:44 pm
much, but advertisers look to this figure, he was a key figure integral at twitter as the head of trust and safety. they looked to him to make sure the platform was clean of hate speech, conspiracy theories. you don't want to be a brand advertising next to someone using hateful slurs, for instance. that was their job, to make sure everyone complied with twitter rules. now that these top executives are gone, it gives rise to this question. there have been some indication that hate speech are on the rise on twitter. we're not even talking about the fact that they laid off half the staff after the first week elon took over. big questions about how this platform is going to work in the future. >> absolutely. thanks very much for your time.
3:45 pm
we appreciate it. >> thank you. coming up, balance of power in the house and senate still undecided days after the election, but we're expecting more results soon from a nail biter race in nevada. and i'm going to tell you
3:46 pm
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steven spielberg film "the terminal" has died. he returned to live in the public airport since september and was pronounced dead today. he was in route to england back in 1988 when he lost his papers and passport and could not leave the airport for 18 years. sad news. we're expecting more ballots from clark county, nevada, which could decide which party controls the senate. adam laxalt leads catherine cortez masto by less than 900 votes. i'm jim acosta. see you back here tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. eastern. the situation room with wolf blitzer starts right now.
3:51 pm
welcome to our viewers here in the united states and around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. election night in america continues. these are live images of the vote counting process unfolding right now. any minute now we are expecting new results from clark county that's home to las vegas and the bulk of nevada's population. that potential could push us closer and closer to knowing the winner of nevada's pivotal senate seat. republican adam laxalt holds a
3:52 pm
razor thin lead over catherine cortez masto by 862 votes out of nearly a million votes counted so far. if cortez masto does win, democrats could keep control of the u.s. senate with at least 50 seats. it's now deadlocked with republicans and democrats have 49 each as of right now. let's begin our coverage with cnn's rosa flores on the scene in nevada right outside the clark county election center in north las vegas. rosa, four days after the elections, we are now approaching the crucial moments. update our viewers on the latest. >> reporter: according to clark county officials, they say they feel the pressure, they feel the eyes of america on them today because of what's going on inside the building that you see behind me. that's where hundreds of people are working to count these
3:53 pm
votes. let me give you a state of play when it comes to the entire state of nevada and where the remaining ballots are located. about 1,000 ballots are in douglas county. we are not expecting those to be posted today. there's another 12,000 ballots in washo county. we're expecting those results to post at about 7:30 pacific time, 10:30 eastern time. here's the breakdown. about 22,000 votes are expected to be processed today. those are the tallies we're waiting for. those are the votes that could be updated at any point in time. those include election day drop box ballots and also mail-in ballots. then there are also more than 7,000 ballots that still need to be cured. the deadline for that is monday. there's another more than 5,000
3:54 pm
provisional ballots. the deadline for that is wednesday. now, clark county officials say they plan to continue working today through the afternoon, through the evening until they finish processing those 22,000 ballots to make sure that those post today. that's the nail biting situation that we are in right now because of the balance of power of the u.s. senate could be coming down to nevada. here is the latest where that race stands. we have watched as the margin, the advantage that adam laxalt had dwindle from 22,000 to 10,000. right now it's at 862. wolf, that is a .1% margin. it doesn't get any more razor thin than that. we will be watching to see when
3:55 pm
those numbers are updated and you will see them here at cnn first. back to you. as democrats edge closer and closer to control potentially of the united states senate with a key arizona victory and a tightening race in nevada right now, cnn's david chalian, our political director, is with me. this is going to be critical. >> it's critical. i want to show you why it's critical. where we are in the battle for control for the united states senate, 49 seats awarded to the democrats and 49 seats awarded to the republicans. democrats are one seat away from staying in the majority. republicans need two. nevada is outstanding and georgia is going to a runoff. this is why nevada is so critical. if indeed catherine cortez masto can close that 862 vote gap, overtake laxalt and win this raise, democrats would have the
3:56 pm
majority. clark county is the population center, nearly three-quarters of the entire population of the state is in clark county. joe biden won this county by 9 prnts. remember, catherine kor toez m cortez masto is running a bit behind. she needs to overperform. she has to do better than this to overtake adam laxalt. 95% of the vote is out. we think there are about 50 to 55,000 votes overall in the state of nevada. >> that still have to be counted? >> that are still to be reported. we know from clark county officials that we're going to get some 22,000 votes, so a big
3:57 pm
chunk of that will go away when he get those votes reported. obviously there are some smaller counts in the red rural counts in the state. we're estimating about 94% in a tight swing county. we watched this throughout the course of this week go from a laxalt lead to now a cortez masto lead. washo is expected to deliver some votes. that could help catherine cortez masto potential little overtake adam laxalt there. those may come later in the evening. it's these two blue counties that have the most votes left to deliver, which is what's giving hope to the cortez masto campaign, that they can overtake laxalt and win this race. >> the biggest hope according to rosa, she said very soon we're going to be getting 22,000 votes in the largest county over there
3:58 pm
where las vegas is, the biggest city in nevada. those 22,000 votes potentially could put her over the top. >> and what is important to understand, when we saw the clark county votes that came in last night, they split much more advantageously for the democrat than her current spread in the county. now she's winning clark county 52% to 45%. last night they split 63-32. it is a dramatic improvement for cortez masto. if she can keep up that kind of percentage of victory of the votes as they come in, that is going to help her overtake laxalt and potentially pad a lead. >> right now he's only winning by about 862 votes. yesterday, 24 hours ago he was ahead by some 9,000 votes. it's really cut down. >> you recall we saw his lead
3:59 pm
shrink and then we saw it grow again when we got some of the more rural areas. i think we got a douglas county vote, carson city, that's a laxalt county. but these are smaller counties with smaller vote totals than what we are going to see out of this huge enormous democratic county, clark county. >> we could get the results very, very soon. that could be very critical to determine whether catherine cortez masto wins reelection or whether the challenger adam laxalt can stay on top. at some point if we do get results that are in her favor, there's potentially a projection we could make. >> potentially. we're going to have to see what the split is.
4:00 pm
if they look overwhelmingly advantageous for the democrat cortez masto, that is going to help her overtake this small 862 vote lead over adam laxalt. if they're really a big bucket of votes for her, that could put her in a position to go on and win this race. >> what are you going to be looking for over the next hour? >> definitely going to be looking for that clark county vote, because that is going to determine the ball game here. do the 22,000 votes we get tonight look similar to the votes that we saw last night, meaning, overwhelmingly in the favor of catherine cortez masto? that's going to be a game changer here. or does this batch of votes that we receive from clark county tonight not look like that. does it look like it's friendlier to ad


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