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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  November 15, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PST

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hello, and welcome to "inside politics." i'm john dmking in washington.
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thank you for sharing a very busy news day. republican kari lake loses arizona's governor race. she responds in true election denier fashion, calling the results bs. plus, on the brink, yes, republicans now three seats shy of capturing control of the house, and yes, they are in a very nasty fight over who should take the speaker's gavel. >> there are definitely at least five people, actually a lot more than that, who would rather be water boarded by liz cheney than vote for ken mccarthy for speaker of the house. >> reporter: and tonight, well, here we go again. donald trump announces a third presidential run. he does so as new reporting details how he weaponized the irs, raked in money from foreign dictators and remains the subject of multiple investigations. his once loyal number two is among those saying republicans just must move on. >> will you run for president in 2024? >> we're giving it consideration in our house, prayerful
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consideration. >> do you believe you can beat donald trump? >> well, that would be for others to say, and it'd be for us to decide whether or not we'd want to test that. >> back to that story in a moment. today simply just a remarkable and very complicated news day. the president of the united states at the g20. good inflation nauz ews today, republicans a few race calls away from seizing the house. donald trump about to announce a third presidential run, and democrats win another critical midterm battleground. we see the sad and predictable reaction from the election denier who lost. katie hobbs will serve as arizona's fifth female governor, right here, arizona. her win flips the governor's mansion there to blue and it deals a loss to the are republican and trump ak lite kari lake, the tv anchor who transformed into a conspiracy house. lake's reaction expected and sad, egregious. arizonians know bs when they see it, she tweeted. make no mistake, math is math.
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the numbers unlike election deniers do not lie. kari lake trailing 49.6, katie hobbs, 50.4. how did this happen? we made the projection last night after new votes came in in maricopa county. in the last installment from maricopa county kari lake came out on top but was well beneath the margin she needed to catch . katie hobbs ahead, small batches of votes came in from around the county surrounding the state too. katie hobbs, katie hobbs will be the next governor of arizona. think about that. katie hobbs, the secretary of state in 2020 who said, no, donald trump you lost. joe biden won, will now be governor, defeating the woman who stood by donald trump, who . outside of battleground arizona, look what democrats did. democrats lost the nevada governorship. thaw win in arizona. they hold, wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania. they pick up massachusetts, they pick up maryland. they hold kansas and colorado.
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they hold oregon as well. democrats looking at the governor's race and saying we have built a bench for the future. kari lake saying even before we made the projection last night, this is not over. somehow i must have been cheated. >> i don't believe that people of arizona would vote for her and that she would win, but if that's what happens at the end of the day, how do you certify an election that is this botched, and she's the one that would certify her own election where it was botched where the machines didn't work in more than a third of the polling centers. i don't know how we remedy this, but the people of arizona are furious. they're reaching out to us by the thousands saying i don't think my vote even was counted. >> with me in studio to share their reporting and insights, jackie ka sen itch of the daily beech, and tia mitchell. kari lake says arizonians know bs when they see it. no, arizonians know math, tough
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math, competitive race, very close race just like the 2020 presidential race was, but katie hobbs is the next governor. the question is kari lake has every right, wait until 100% of the vote is counted. wait until it is certified as official. if you see something you want to have a recount or a canvas, that is within the right of any candidates, but then what? will she stick to this or move on? >> what we've seen with other election deniers throw the last couple of days is they have conceded. it may have taken a couple of days. it may have grudgingly, but there have been concessions because they all lost. the election deniers, the people that really closely affiliated themselves with donald trump's misinformation lost across the board, but, you know, we'll have to see if eventually she concedes. she certainly doesn't look like she's head there had. >> doug mastriano, who conceded, i think it was like the morning of his concession, he was still re-tweeting claims of election fraud for which there was no evidence. i think the big difference between the concessions of some of these candidates versus
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donald trump's continued election lies about the 2020 election is trump had far more power, far more influence over the process than any of these candidates do. as much as kari lake would like to perhaps continue denying the result of the election, her ability to actually change those results or to try and influence it through some kind of january 6th moment is limited. >> the question is does kari lake want to run again? what does she think the best strategy is if she wants to have a future in politics. we saw across the country, whether it's mastriano in pennsylvania, maggie hassan says today the american people and republicans should take note. election denying doesn't work. >> i think the people of the united states of america resoundedly rejected election deniers. they know how dangerous it is. i think we need to focus on changing our campaign finance system, and i think we need to
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make sure that people know that election denial is not spouppord by voters. people know how dangerous it is. >> voters seem to have agreed with that that in most -- not all, but in most cases, especially the big high profile races for kbrgovernor and secrey of state, the question is does kari lake get that message? >> yeah, i think it's because so many of these election deniers -- and you know, being perceived as eroding democracy did not help, but a lot of them, that denialism was very much their brand as a candidate. they didn't seem to bring much else to the table when it came to actually policy, policy issues that american voters, you know, want their elected officials, particularly in these governors' mansions to address. and so to me that's a lesson too is like you can't just be one note, especially when the economy and other policy issues are at the top of minds of voters. >> so the democrats held the senate race in georgia to see
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next month, to see whether they can get 51, which would be a majority from the committees, which would allow them to do a lot more. this is very significant when you look to the future. look at these governor's races. jared polis held on in colorado, gretchen w gretchen whitmer held on in michigan, the democrat reelected in kansas. two democrats replacing retiring republican governors in massachusetts and maryland. those republican kcandidates in those races were trump election deniers. >> right, and that's, again, one of the reasons -- something like the josh shapiro race, that wasn't even remotely close. it was just, you know, a landslide. similarly, michigan wasn't the race that i think some people thought it might be because of some of the dissatisfaction with governor whitmer. and all of these people have the -- that were the election deniers were the candidates of former president trump. there were other candidates.
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there were other candidate that ran against these folks who may have done better. we'll never know, but that warring was over in the primary, and that's what they were left with. >> i think that while there is a clear message nationally about this election denialism, especially when voters are looking at people who can impact the process, right? because there are dozens of house republicans who denied the election who still won re-election, but it was the governors and the secretaries of state who ran on election denialism who lost. i think while that's a clear message, arizona for me is, you know, we're talking about 2,000 votes at this point. it is not the 15 pouint margin, and so i think that does still show the potency of some of these election lies. the fact that they are not going anywhere anytime soon especially as it relates to the republican base. >> now the senate race in 2024 will tell us about arizona's movement. democrats are thrilled at the governor's races. democrats are thrilled they will keep their senate majority and perhaps build on it. here's the pain of the midterms.
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the republicans right now are just a few race calls shy, 215 you see we've called that many for republicans. it takes 218 to get the majority. there are 16 seats remaining. it is most likely republicans. republicans will have a narrow house majority come january, which is going to make president biden's life more complicated. some would say more miserable. >> yeah, no doubt about it. i mean, whether it is -- look, there are differences in terms of a, you know, 20 seat majority versus a three or four seat majority, but subpoena power. they that stays. it doesn't matter what your margins are. this is going to be a headache for the biden white house. the president controlled both houses of congress, democrats did. it is going to be a difference. >> unless you count joe manchin, he had to power share there. >> this is a white house very much gearing up for that
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reality. >> that's a good point, the 50/50 senate maybe gave him a little experience. house republicans have a big leadership vote today amid fierce finger pointing over their midterm debacle. kevin mccarthy hopes to be the next house speaker but most quiet a gop revolt. wait - i'm paying again?! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited. ♪ ♪ it's the subway series menu. 12 irresistible subs. the most epic sandwich roster ever created. ♪ it's subway's biggest refresh yet!
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dinosaur? we just got an order from a dinosaur, colorado. start an easy to build, powerful website for free with a partner that always puts you first. godaddy. tools and support for every small business first. today republicans are on the verge of winning a narrow house majority, amid a ton of grumbling that their midterm gains should have been much bigger. kevin mccarthy wants to be speaker of the house, and today he will ask his fellow republicans to nominate him. but mccarthy faces a challenge. the question is whether he can contain it or enough republicans see him as so awweak that they turn to someone else as a candidate when the full house picks a speaker. what do we know? >> reporter: well, for kevin mccarthy it's all about the road to 218. it is likely to be a rocky road.
9:16 am
later today he's likely to become the gop nominee for speaker. that is because he only needs a simple majority of his own party. the real test is going to come in january. that's when he needs a majority of the entire house or 218 floor votes. as we first reported on cnn, congressman andy bigs, a trump acolyte is preparing to challenge mccarthy not because he's a serious candidate or a assessor contender but because he wants to represent the anti-mccarthy vote. the hope is they want to show mccarthy how vulnerable he is, how he doesn't have the 218 votes and force him to the negotiating table. so far kevin mccarthy has been really resistant to make any promises or give in to those demands, but this is a numbers game, john. ultimately if they do take the house with a razor thin majority, these members are going to have leverage. those members know that, ken mccarthy knows that, and so i suspect in the next few weeks, you're going to see kevin mccarthy hunkering down, trying to cut deals and win over these conservative critics. even though he's so far
9:17 am
expressing confidence he's going to be able to get there, it's going to be a messy couple of months here on capitol hill. >> might be an understatement. i appreciate your hard work on this story. our reporters back around the table to discuss. she mentioned messy. look, republicans know they're going to have a tiny majority, maybe three seats, maybe five seats, maybe six or seven if they get lucky in these last undecided races. it's going to be tiny. so republicans when i started covering politics tended to be more disciplined than democrats. now we have tribes within tribes. it's not unusual for people to mount a challenge, even know they're going to fail, just to identify their brand. supporting him or at least not supporting mccarthy is matt gaetz who says this. >> i think you'll see a critical mass say that we want to turn the page. we want new leadership. we want fresh faces and new ideas and what i can tell you as i stand here right now is that kevin mccarthy does not have 218 votes to become speaker. i don't think he has 200.
9:18 am
>> matt gaetz is not a serious player among house republicans, but he is a very vocal player in sort of the trump media universe, the maga media universe, call it what you will out there. so what is his end game? >> it seems like matt gaetz wants to establish his own, you know, brand there in the party, but he also has marjorie taylor greene who's actually on ken mccarthy's side. you mentioned discipline. there isn't discipline in the republican party. there's not going to be any repercussion for voting against kevin mccarthy. there's no carrots and sticks. they just have to try to get stuff done. that was established even before the majority was taken. we saw that last year when kevin mccarthy refused to punish members who were doing all sorts of things. democrats ended up punishing them, he would come back and double down and take their side. he's been really sowing this for quite a while. we'll see how he's able to
9:19 am
govern. >> it's a great point. marjorie taylor greene and paul gosar were kicked off committees. he says he will take off swalwell, adam schiff, ilhan omar. retaliation there. people noetice the trump ak lites. trump is with kecvin mccarthy. >> if we don't unify, we're opening up the door for the democrats to be able to recruit some of our republicans, and they may only need one or two since we don't know what we will have in the majority, how many seats we'll have, and i will not allow that to happen. we need subpoena power, and in order to have subpoena power, we have to elect kevin mccarthy. >> we not we knneed to help american families deal with inflation, not we need to cut
9:20 am
taxes. not we need to help small businesses, we need subpoena power. >> right. when we think about what kevin mccarthy has promised to marjorie taylor greene or indicate head will allow her to proceed with with republicans in the majority, you can think about what needs subpoena powering, impeaching fauci, impeaching president biden, impeaching vice president harris and the list can go on. marjorie taylor greene has talked a lot about those arrested and charged related to january 6th. she would like to do inquiries about how they have been detained and those investigations and what committee, you know, could you see marjorie taylor greene on judiciary perhaps. >> or oversight. >> or oversight. it's clear that they've been talking all along. he's been keeping her kind of within his ranks. now it's looking like she believes it's going to pay off. >> it's interesting to watch. kevin mccarthy needs help.
9:21 am
remember kevin mccarthy after january 6th went to the floor said donald trump bears responsibility, count to ten, he went to mar-a-lago and kissed the ring and said never mind. this on cnn today, kevin mccarthy seeks to asuage concerns, for house speaker. believe the california republican will be an asset down the road, should the former president find himself in a contested 2024 primary. again, it's not about policy. it's not about direction of the republican party. it's about trump thinks this is in his personal self-interest if he has leverage over the house speaker period. >> yeah, that's right skprgs t, and that is where we have seen that mentality kind of infect the republican party. it is a party that is now focused in many ways on leveraging power based on personal grievances, and tiffs, et cetera. that is where i can tell you that the white house is as much as they know that republicans having subpoena power and
9:22 am
investigations is going to be problematic for them, they also very much believe that republicans are going to overreach, and that in ove overreaching that the american public is going to see republicans not focusing on inflation and the economy and issues that matter to them, but instead focusing on these investigations, many of which are borne out of personal or travel grievances. >> help me with the context. i don't know if we know the answer. there are always tribes within the tribes. nancy pelosi faced a challenge from tim ryan who ran for senate. one of his calling cards i voted against nancy pelosi for speaker. paul ryan faced challenges. john boehner faced challenges. >> mike pence. >> so andy bigs, congressman from arizona challenges kevin mccarthy is it different this time or is it that andy bigs wants to establish a brand as a rabble-rouser, as someone who's not establishment, understandable to a degree, or is this different? >> i think as the numbers game, it seems -- and i think andy bigs has stated this, that they want it to be clear that they
9:23 am
are portion and that kevin mccarthy needs to cater to their needs as he would to other factions within the conference. >> and i think, again, it's very interesting what that means. do we see more house freedom k caucus members in these very influential committees that are able to make waves in ways that it's going to be problematic for the white house. what is the end result? what does the next congress look like with a more empowered house freedom caucus? >> we will learn a lot more about that assuming kevin mccarthy gets nominated today. up next, donald trump makes a big announcement tonight, yes, he's running for president again. despite midterm results that prove his brand is more than toxic in many battleground states. but then i i found clearchoic.
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. donald trump is running for president again, despite mounting evidence the country and his party would prefer to move on. the former president plans an announcement tonight at mar-a-lago and he has authorized his aides to -- he will declare his candidacy. trump and his brand took a
9:29 am
pounding in key races coast to coast, yet he somehow sees this as the right moment to start the next campaign. let's find out why, kristen holmes live for us in west palm beach. what is the rationale behind now? >> reporter: well, that's a good question, john. we talk about the right moment. many of his aides and advisers believe this certainly was not the right moment. they said that he didn't have the momentum after those lackluster midterm results and they were urging him to wait until at least after the georgia runoff saying that if herschel walker loses trump would be blamed and indicates if he jumped in, warnock's fund-raising numbers, the democratic opponent, would go up immediately. however, that being said, donald trump, we are told by aides, is all in. he is going to announce this third presidential run, and he is entering this period on the defensive. it's not just the midterm results. we've also heard from a number of other republicans in the last several days who have said it's time to move on from donald trump. we know he's in the middle of several federal investigations,
9:30 am
but when you talk to those around donald trump, they say that he is pointing to 2015 and 2016. time where he says he was largely written off by other republicans and the mainstream media and yet was able to take the white house in 2016. one thing to point out here is i talked to a number of allies across the country who are concerned that trump doesn't have that same magnetism he had in 2015, 2016 that carried him to the white house, particularly given his focus on election denialism, which largely fizzled during tuesday's midterms. so that's one thing to note here. the other thing i want to point out. there's another reason that he is announcing now. that is to clear the field. it is becoming more apparent this is going to be likely a big republican field in 2024. he wants to get out there, kind of suck some of that oxygen out of there and secure down his voters before some of those other big gop heavy hitters get involved. john. >> kristen holmes live for us in west palm beach. big night there tonight.
9:31 am
you can make a contrarian argument in 2016 he won because it was a crowded field and he was able to have his base. why does he want everybody else to go away, doesn't he benefit from a crowded field. donald trump, look, he has surprised us before. he has defied the laws of political gravity before. for anyone who wants to say forget about it, be careful. be careful. but this is from the exit polls in arizona, north carolina, ohio, pennsylvania, and wisconsin, all states critical on the presidential map. he is under water, unfavorable, 57%, 53%, 58%, 58%, this from the midterms just over. you could argue a political strateg strategist might argue let that heal a blittle bit or confront it. >> i think there are so many reasons why it might have worked more in his favor including, you know, he wasn't the front runner in '15 and '16. he was considered the long shot that kind of had this slow burn, and now he's coming in as the juggernaut that everybody else is going to want to take out,
9:32 am
and they're going to come for him. now, of course we know we cannot count president trump out. we're seen how he treats his opponents. but again, he's going to be on the defensive more than he was the last go round, and i don't know if he's calculating for that. now everyone's coming for you. >> is it to freeze out other people, remind them, i can raise tens of millions of dollars? i may not have the network i used to have. itch i have a very good network. or i'm giving him too much strategic credit here. 20% of republicans view donald trump unfavorably. that's not horrible, but it's 10% of democrats viewunfavorabl. you cannot win the white house with 66. you can win a republican nomination, but you cannot win the white house with that number. is this about repair? does he know he needs time?
9:33 am
>> i think more than anything one of the things we've watched with donald trump and the republican base is that once he can get them on his side, there becomes -- you see what develops, a certain defensiveness among the republican base to any criticism that is launched trump's way. i've heard countless voters describe to me they felt like when the media fact checked him, when the media criticized certain things that the president did that were out of bounds, that that made them defensive about their candidate, their guy, right? and so by getting out there first, i think he achieves that status once again of showing republicans that he is their champion, quote, unquote. i think the difference we have to see now is will republicans who are anti-trump coalesce around one candidate. as you said, i think a crowded field definitely benefitted him back in 2016, and also, are republicans going to be willing to go after trump with the same ruthlessness that trump goes after them. even with these sberp views from mike pence, the comments we've
9:34 am
seen from ron desantis, the level of ruthlessness doesn't come close. >> you mentioned ron desantis and mike pence. the florida exit poll from the midterms. do you want to see this person run in 2024. 61% of republicans say sure about donald trump. that's not -- okay. 76% say it, i'm looking at a different graphic hear. i'll move on from that one. but -- and mike pence is given a bunch of interviews. he has a book coming out. he says the republican party should be ready, must be ready to move on. >> in the days ahead, i think there will be better choices. >> better choices than donald trump. and for me and my family, we will be reflecting about what our role is in that. >> will you run for president in 2024? >> we're giving it consideration in our house, prayerful consideration. >> i have a hard time figuring out the mike pence lane. >> right.
9:35 am
>> a christian conservative in the house has a policy record that appeals to many republican base voters, a record that appeals to republican base voters. if you're an anti-trumper he was on the trump pence, he was on the sign with donald trump. if you want to move on completely, why would you -- what's the lane? >> it seems like there's a new lane developing. trump policies without the trump chaos and mike pence is trying to plow that lane, kind of the ron desantis lane. it's not so much never trump, we liked what he did policy wise, but we're ready to go maga without, you know, king maga. >> is that the mike pompeo lane, cia director, secretary of state for donald trump says listen -- >> one of the reasons i think we didn't do as well on tuesday is we didn't make the case that we were the trusted hands, the serious leaders who had real answers for the american people. people are starving for real leadership that is serious. they're not looking for
9:36 am
celebrity. >> serious not looking for celebrity, i think he might have had somebody in mind there. >> and i think about this in the context of, you know, marjorie taylor greene faced the same type of primary opposition from opponents who said i can give you the trumpism. u i can give you the conservative without all the things that make marjorie taylor greene controversial, and they could not raise the money. they could not raise the profile, they could not compete with her charisma, and to me, that's the question, when donald trump -- and we know he loves the campaigning. he loves the rallies. he loves the big crowds and the theater and the pomp and circumstance, he's going to do that well. can they compete? are they willing to throw the hay makers that are going to be required to keep up with donald trump? because just offering trump without the trumpism, i don't know if that resonates with those conservative vote, who in a lot of ways liked everything about trump kind of short of the election denialism that for many
9:37 am
voters is where it was a bridge too far. >> we also need to be really clear. donald trump is the unquestioned front runner for the republican nomination in 2024. >> sure. >> and i think that over the the last week, as much as -- as bad as some of trump's numbers with independent voters, as much as he may have hurt republican candidates in various states, his approval numbers with republican base voters are still sky high, and i think there's been a lot of wishful thinking perhaps among the republican consulting class that things have changed. i don't know that that much has changed. >> we'll see, that's about to be put to the test. it's a stunning point you make, he is by far the most dominant in there, losing 2018, and losing 2020 and '22 again. three times. the former vice president mike pence will join jake tapper for a live cnn town hall tomorrow night. next all the investigations trump wants you to ignore. just today georgia's republican governor is a grand jury witness facing questions about trump's effort to steal the 2020 election.
9:38 am
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even you in 22c. flight attendants, prepare for big savings. drop everything and get to the xfinity black friday sale. click, call or visit a store today. just one high profile reminder of the legal peril facing donald trump as he em berks on another presidential run. governor brian kemp is testifying in front of a grand jury investigating trump's effort to overturn his 2020 election loss in georgia. the former white house aide cassidy hutchinson set to appear tomorrow. you might remember from the january 6th committee she worked for mark meadows and senator lindsey graham is expected thursday after the senator lost his court fight to quash the
9:43 am
grand jury subpoena. joining me now, elliot williams. let me start with you on this georgia investigation. there's been a big debate about this. some people think this is the place where you can actually prove because of the phone calls to the secretary of state and other pressure put on state officials, you could prove a direct effort to steal an election. others say wait a minute, state, federal boundaries, it's murky. >> stop, you're both right. the proof is there in terms of the president calling state officials directly and possibly violating georgia election law. look, he's got a decent case hear to go into court and say, number one, as a former president you ought to charge me in federal court. number two, i'm immune under the first amendment and son. we're all in agreement that those arguments are probably nonsense, but you have to take them into court and he's got at least a plausible lawsuit to challenge the charges in georgia. >> until proven guilty belongs to everyone in america, including donald trump, but look at these investigations. there's two federal
9:44 am
investigations, one about did you try to disrupt the procedures in congress january 6th. one is about the classified documents. there's a january 6th select committee, there's the georgia investigation. there's a house ways and means tax investigation, there's a manhattan criminal investigation of the trump organization. there's a new york attorney general fraud lawsuit. again, innocent until proven guilty, but different to announce a presidential campaign with all of that around you. >> right. this is a highly unusual thing for, you know, for everybody involved, and i think, you know, the former president is making the play here that if any of those investigations go forward, that it actually just propels him and makes him more popular. i think that's the play he's making. we'll see whether these prosecutors, any one of these prosecutors actually goes ahead. i mean, i think everybody, though, is quite aware of this. i mean, people at the justice department have talked about this behind the scenes of like what exactly do we do when we get to the point where we can look at the evidence and whether we would charge a president, a
9:45 am
former president like this or a candidate for the presidency. it's kind of a place we've never been before. >> to this candidate question, whether you charge donald trump with a kcrime today or tomorrow after he's announced as a candidate for presidency, he's still the most famous person on the planet after, i think, the rock and justin bieber. literally, nothing changes when he's a candidate for office. it's just a question of whether you think you have the facts and the law to charge him. >> he gin undes up his people b saying it's another witch hunt. i'm trying to save america, i'm trying to be your president. that's his argument, which he has used effectively to keep his base. they had to pause at the justice department, they don't stop but they get more quiet around election season. we're almost out of election season. i don't know where they restart the clock. we haven't called the house yet. maybe it takes a week or two. when you look at the classified documents investigation, did donald trump actively try to obstruct the united states
9:46 am
government from doing its job, ma moving on to the next president, where are we? >> i think we still have one more election to go through, which is in december. there's been no indications so far that the activity has picked up at the justice department. it may well be that they'll wait another couple of weeks, you know, for the december runoff in georgia. but look, i mean, you can see fwa's georgia's already starting to have their activity pick up. the clock is ticking for the justice department. they have to start making decisions of where they're going to go with these cases, especially the mar-a-lago case, which is all there already. >> in the mar-a-lago case, "the washington post" saying some of the prosecutors think it's his ego. i'm fgoing to take these documents, i'm the former president, and i want these documents. sf is that a defense? >> why he did it is irrelevant to the statute. they would have an argument when they go into court saying, look, consistently this is why he kept possession of those documents and document one, document two,
9:47 am
document three, he all -- with each one thought that it was boosting up his ego. it just helps them build a narrative but at the end of the day the crime isn't why you did it, it's that you did it. >> we have parallel tracks, trump candidacy, all these investigations. it's why we come to work every day. up next, president biden on the world stage. he's in indonesia at the g20 summit working to strengthen global support for ukraine just as ukraine today is facing new missile strikes from russia. ♪ ♪ this... is a glimpse into the no-too-distant future of lincoln. ♪ ♪
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another day for president biden in ball i, indonesia. the war in ukraine one of the big focuses behind the scenes. leaders there said to be considering a draft resolution that condemns russia's war. russian president vladimir putin notably absent at the g20. cnn's mj lee joins us live from bali. missile strikes across the krngts m.j., as the president and others try to work on a resolution. what are you hearing? >> reporter: yeah, john, we are seeing this vivid split screen today of these missile strikes across ukraine on the same day that global leaders kicked off the g20 sum nmit to discuss in large part the war in ukraine, both the destruction that we've seen across the country throughout the year, but also the global economic and political and humanitarian impact that it has had across
9:53 am
the world, and heading into today and the kickoff of the summit, u.s. officials had said that most of the g20 member countries do condemn the war. there was this recognition essentially that a handful of the member countries haven't always been fully and openly condemning and critical of the war. we are talking about, of course, countries like china, india, saudi arabia, even to some extent the host country i indonesia but ultimately, we are told that most of those countries did end up signing onto this declaration, condemning the war, which isn't insignificant for president biden for whom of course the overarching goal of attending this summit was to try to elevate the collective voice of other countries that have been involved and been more vocal in condemning this war. >> and mj, president putin decided not to come. he did send his foreign minister sergey lavrov, is he an active
9:54 am
presence or is he just sitting and listening? >> reporter: yeah, you know, vladimir putin ended up sort of being the elephant min the room except just not physically here. there was a lot of speculation leading up to the g20 summit on whether he would come, and whether he would not, and ultimately he did end up sending sergey lavrov instead, but even until yesterday, there was a lot of speculation and senior administration officials on the u.s. side were being asked questions about what would happen if he showed up virtually, for example, would there be a boycott. what kind of reaction would president biden have. and officials were basically saying that's a hypothetical we can't engage in. ultimately what we saw was president biden and other leaders discussing putin and the very war that he started without him being actually here. john. >> mj lee live for us on the ground at the g20 in bali. president biden praising a new report back here in washington that shows inflation shows signs of slowing. (groaning)
9:55 am
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only pay for what you need. jingle: liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. the eat fresh® refresh just won't stop! now, subway® is refreshing their catering with easy-order platters and lunchboxes perfect for any party. pool parties... tailgates... holiday parties... even retirement parties. man, i love parties. subway keeps refreshing and refreshing topping our political radar, a brand new inflation report out this morning shows price increases are slowing down. the bureau of labor statistics says wholesale prices were up 8% last month compared to last year, but that's a dip from september's number and a better result than economists expected. president biden praising this new report calling it, quote, more indications inflation is finally moderating. a bipartisan group of senators says it has the votes to pass a bill that would codify same-sex marriage. that bill expected to get its
10:00 am
first procedural vote tomorrow. the majority leader chuck schumer echoing optimism on the senate floor today. >> the respect for marriage act is precisely the kind of will democrats and republicans can rally around together and merges across the country want to see us work on. it already passed the house earlier this year with significant 47 republican votes and i'm optimistic we can achieve a similar result in this chamber. >> appreciate your time today on "inside politics" hope to see you tomorrow. ana cabrera picks up our coverage on a very busy day right now. p . hello, thanks so much for joining us, i'm ana cabrera in new york. the balance of power and the power struggle, right now house republicans are on the cusp of taking control and are about to meet behind closed doors. the mission, decide who will lead their conference an


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