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tv   CNN This Morning  CNN  November 16, 2022 4:00am-5:00am PST

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a fund that gives me access to... nasdaq 100 innovations like... wearable training optimization tech. uh, how long are you... i'm done. i'm okay. good morning, everyone. wednesday, november 16th. welcome to "cnn this morning." and this morning we are learning who launched a missile into poland, a member of nato. we're all over this story with reporters on the ground in poland at the g20 summit in bali and at nato headquarters in brussels. also he tried to overturn
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the election, former president trump announcing his bid for re-election. the scrutiny around elon musk's takeover of twitter with connecticut senator chris murphy. we begin this morning with the breaking news, russia denied responsibility and now we are learning it was likely ukrainian forces that fired missiles into poland, a nato member, killing two people. poland's president acknowledging the incident was probably an accident. nato ambassadors are holding an emergency meeting right now to discuss the deadly explosion and how to respond to it. mj lee is live for us in indonesia, and melissa bell is standing by at nato's headquarters in belgium. mj, hello to you, what are you hearing about the meeting, learning about the incident? >> reporter: what we're learning from two officials who were briefed on the initial u.s. assessments of this missile this morning is that it appears that
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the missile originated from ukraine even though it is russian-made. now this would help explain why president biden after he emerged from an emergency meeting with foreign leaders earlier here today in bali said preliminary information seems to suggest that it was unlikely that the missile originated from russia. and the u.s. would support poland's investigation into this matter saying, quote, we must figure out exactly what happened. and he said any next steps taken would be determined collectively by the united states along with allies. now determining exactly where this missile came from of course is so critical because poland is a member of nato, and an attack against one of those nations is considered an attack against all. so really, guys, the stakes could not be higher right now. >> melissa, we also got a really critical update from the nato secretary general about the
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intention behind the attack, which is vital here. what is he saying? >> reporter: that's right. he's been speaking here at nato headquarters after that nato ambassador's meeting kaitlan, saying there is no indication of any attack on the part of russia on nato territories and more than that, no indication that russia is planning any offensive activities against nato members. that's what we were waiting to hear from him because we knew that nato knew more about what had happened. there had been, we understand from nato officials, a nato aircraft above polish airspace when the missile had been shot. the secretary general also confirming this looks now as if it was a ukrainian anti-missile system that was used to try and counter, to deflect, a russian cruise missile, debris of each were found on polish territory, important fact there and
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important to understand what he went to do, which is try to explain the tone, saying increased vigilance is needed. >> no indication that it was a deliberate attack. it's incredibly important. mj lee, melissa bell, thank you both for the updates. the battle for the future of the republican party and perhaps the white house becoming clearer this morning. look at this split screen. florida governor ron desantis fresh off his re-election telling donald trump to, quote, check the score board. former vice president mike pence who's been critical of his former boss appearing tonight on a cnn town hall. and former president trump announcing his campaign in a speech full of old lies and hits. listen. >> in order to make america great and glorious again i am again announcing my candidacy
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for president of the united states. >> danielle dale joins us now. you were sharpening your pencil yesterday for sure and running through your fact checks. it's stunning the lies the president included in that. let's hear what he said first about climates. >> the green new deal and environment which they say may affect us in 300 years is all that is talked about and yet, nuclear weapons, which would destroy the world immediately are never even discussed as a major threat. can you imagine? they say the ocean will rise one-eighth of an inch over the next 200 to 300 years. >> so the fact check on that? >> reporter: i counted more than 20 false claims in this speech, guys. and this was one of them. sea levels are expected to rise more than former president trump said, the u.s. government's own
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national ocean service said on the website, sea level along the u.s. coastline is projected to rise on average, 10 to 12 inches in the next 30 years, which would be as much as the rise in the last 100 years. and trump strongly suggested there that climate change in general may only affect us americans in 300 years we know that is accurate. it's affecting the u.s. today in a wide variety of ways. >> what else did you find that was -- you said so many of them. he made this claim about rising prices when it comes to, especially, turkey, listen to this. >> you can't get anything -- and good luck getting a turkey for thanksgiving. number one you won't get it, if you do you pay three to four times more than you paid last year. >> so turkey prices aren't up 300%, right? >> they are not. they are up but not close to that. you can look at the data online from the u.s. department of agriculture.
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depending on what kind of frozen bird you get it's up 7 to 12% from last year. it's not nothing but it's not 200% or 300%. so he's exaggerated about a price people can feel and see themselves. >> he ran on it last time and running on it again, is the border wall. he made this claim saying it was completed. here he was. >> we are going to restore and secure america's borders just like we had them before, best ever. we built the wall and now we will add to it. we built the wall, completed the wall, and said let's do more. and we did a lot more. >> it's not done, right? >> reporter: it's not done. those comments are self-contradicting. we finished it and said we'd do more. it's not true he completed it. we know according to an official
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report written two days after trump left office, there were 250 miles of wall completed under trump but 280 more miles identified for wall construction had not been completed. so this is an attempt to make it sound like he fully succeeded on a key signature campaign promise but he only partially fulfilled it. >> he likes to point the finger at other people. with his legal jeopardy saying his predecessor is also guilty. >> the raid of mar-a-lago, i said why didn't you raid bush's place, clinton? 32,000 emails, why didn't you raid clinton's place? why didn't you do obama, who took a lot of things with him. we will dismantle the deep state and restore government by the people. >> none of that checks out. >> reporter: none of that checks out. i'm going to call this a lie. he said this obama stuff, he
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claimed obama took documents himself in august. and it was debunked then by the national archives and records administration. explained in a public statement it had taken custody of obama's records after obama's terms and it had itself taken the records to a facility it managed in the chicago area saying, quote, former president obama has no control over where or how we store the records of his presidential administration. so trump is suggesting that barack obama did something like he did, taking documents to his home, but it didn't happen. >> poppy said you were sharpening your pencil. i hope you're in the computer age. >> i'm thinking now that trump is running again, daniel doesn't get a day off. seriously, we'd be lost without you. thank you for the facts. going forward, the 2024 campaign isn't the only thing that trump has on his plate.
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he is facing a constellation of legal challenges concerning the 2020 election, mar-a-lago documents, his finances, individual lawsuits. paula reed is live for cnn in washington this morning. we heard from sources saying what was driving a big part of the announcement has to do with the investigations the that the president is staring down. >> reporter: good morning. let's be clear, running for office does not insulate trump from ongoing investigations. those prosecutors need to grapple with the political considerations of potentially indicting a presidential candidate. the most immediate threat for trump appears to come out of georgia where later today, former aide cassidy hutchinson is expected to testify to a grand jury about trump's efforts to overturn the last election. >> i'm a victim. i will tell you. i'm a victim. >> reporter: as he announced another run for the white house, former president trump said he feels agrieved by the multiple
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criminal investigations he faces, including in georgia where two of his allies, senator lindsey graham and former trump national security adviser mike flynn are expected to testify before a special grand jury hearing evidence about efforts by trump. >> we want all votes counted by election night. >> reporter: and his associates to overturn the state's 2020 election results. >> i don't see anything to prosecute him over. >> reporter: on tuesday, georgia's governor, brian kemp appeared. >> the truth is ensuring the integrity of the ballot box isn't partisan. >> reporter: kemp is a central witness to the criminal investigation being run by fulton county's district attorney. >> we are going to look at everything until that investigation is complete. >> reporter: the georgia probe was prompted by an hour-long january 2021 call from trump pressing georgia officials to find the votes to help him win.
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>> i just want to find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have. >> reporter: in washington, trump faces two parallel investigations into his role on the attack on the capitol. the house committee investigating january 6th subpoenaed him in october for documents and testimony. >> we are obligated to seek answers directly from the man who set this all in motion. >> reporter: trump is not expected to appear before lawmakers, he sued to block that subpoena and the committee's work wrapped up at the end of the year. but the justice department is also investigating his role in the attack. a grand jury in d.c. has heard from witnesses including trump's former white house councsel. and the former president's legal exposure expanded in august when the fbi searched his mar-a-lago residence and found documents, including some marked classified, taken from the white
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house. >> they should give me immediately back everything they've taken from me because it's mine. >> reporter: prosecutors are looking at whether trump mishandled national secrets or tried to obstruct the investigation. attorney general merrick garland insisted his investigations are free from influence. >> no person is above the law. >> even the former president? >> maybe i'll say that again, no person is above the law in this country. i can't say it more clearly than that. >> reporter: sources tell cnn that justice officials have considered appointing a special counsel to handle the investigations now that trump has declared his candidacy, the attorney general needs to decide if that's something he wants to do. but under the regulation, a special counsel still reports to the attorney general. so it's unclear if a special counsel will insulate the attorney general from any political blowback in these
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investigations. >> thank you. in just a few moments we are going to be joined by cnn political analyst and corres correspondent maggie haberman to discuss his announcement. and our coverage of that missile hitting a member of nato. was it a mistake? new details from nato headquarters and why russia is praising the u.s. senator chris murphy recently traveled to poland, and will join us live on "cnn this morning." (vo) verizon small business days are back. and there's never been a better time to switch. get our best offers of the year on business internet. help your business stay ahead with the reliable connection your business deserves. book your appointment today. and switch to the network america relies on.n. verizon. you could manufacture a whole new way of mananufacturing. disrupt buying habits before they disrupt your business. and fuel the search for what comes next.
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this is what real food looks like fresh real meat and veggies. the food dogs where built to eat. the farmer's dog is changing the way we feed our pets. visit to see your dogs personalized meal plan. ♪ more on our breaking news over seas now. the head of nato moments ago said that the missile landing in the nato nation of poland, they believe was a mistake. sources tell cnn that the
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missile likely originated from ukraine, it went off track. there was concern, of course, yesterday as this was first breaking that it had come from the russians. joining us now to talk about these developments is democratic senator chris murphy of connecticut a member of the foreign relations committee and co-chair of the u.s./poland caucus. thank you for joining us, senator. first from the head of nato saying they believe this was a ukrainian missile fending off a russian attack. what's your reaction? >> well, i think we need to understand how high the risk is of escalation. i'm going to get briefed today on this matter. i hope that it's true that this wasn't a deliberate decision by russia to escalate and launch missiles into a nato nation. but listen, it may be a matter of time before a russian missile finds its way into a neighboring country, especially given how far russian attacks are being
4:20 am
launched into western ukraine. so this is a serious situation. obviously russia understands that if there was an attack on a nato member that the united states has a treaty obligation to respond and to defend our nato partners and let's just hope this early news that this was a mistake is true. but it's just further evidence of how dangerous this situation continues to be. >> to follow-up on that, are all senators being briefed today or just the foreign relations committee? >> i expect we'll get briefings today. either formally or informally on the foreign relations committee. so there's no scheduled briefing for all senators. but when something like this happens normally the members of the foreign relations committee will get formal or informal information from the white house or the department of state. >> and president zelenskyy came out and seemed to suggest they
4:21 am
were russian missiles now saying they believe it was an accident. do you think zelenskyy needs to come out and clear that up? >> well, the foreign minister also made fairly definitive statements yesterday. listen, this is a war, and obviously the ukrainians are operating on a knife's edge. they do need to be careful about making allegations about attacks on nato countries until all the evidence is in. obviously the united states and nato allies are not going to make a decision to defend ourselves based on claims from the ukrainian government. we're going to do our own investigation. i'm glad poland and the united states took the time to do this investigation. but, you know, the ukrainians are -- you know, have frayed nerves right now. and having watched russia deliberately and brutally attack ukrainian civilians, of course,
4:22 am
it wouldn't be completely ridiculous to think that the russians may actually launch attacks in polish territory. they have shown zero regard for international norms. they have violated international rule after international rule, and again, i think we just have to be honest that while this may not have been a russian attack against poland, we can't rule that out in the future. >> the other big news last night that's happening now is, of course, the former president throwing his hat back in the ring to run for president again. i'm wondering how democrats feel about that. it's been reported that democrats are excited because they think this is the best chance for them to win or joe biden to win in 2024 if he decides to run. what's your reaction to the former president? >> i'm not excited about donald trump's decision to run for office. i think it would be better for the country, from the political landscape this is the most
4:23 am
dangerous political figure america has encountered, at least in the last half a century. and his attacks on democracy, his support for political violence, it threatens to undo the very fabric of the country. yes, of course if you care only about politics, the republican party will likely be in chaos over the next year as they decide whether they are going to continue to be a cult of personality centered around donald trump or whether they're going to be a real political party. for democrats this probably increases our political fortunes but it's bad for the nation and i hope that donald trump loses and loses decisively in his bid for the republican nomination. >> senator a couple questions for you focused around saudi arabia. starting with twitter and elon musk's acquisition. the committee on foreign investment is hands off. they're not looking at this. janet yellen wrote a letter to
4:24 am
cbs news they're not going to do it. she says, we have no basis to examine the finances of this company. i'm not aware of any concerns it would cause us to investigate. i just wonder what your response is to her? >> i don't understand secretary yellen's decision to not inquire about the circumstances of this massive foreign investment in an american media company. the committee that reviews foreign investment in american companies was set up for this exact situation where a foreign government has made an investment in a very important media company, perhaps with the intent of affecting american politics or getting access to americans' data. some people will point out that the saudi company here had a stake in twitter before elon musk bought the company. that's true, but almost
4:25 am
everybody else cashed out when musk paid a price for twitter that was way above valuation. twitter instead, partnered with musk, stayed in on the deal. it just makes sense for the united states government to ask why. what promises did musk have to make the saudis in order to stay as part of this financing deal? >> well, if the committee isn't going to do it, it falls on congress to decide if you want to do something about it. will you? can you? what could do you? >> well, i hope we will. in the foreign relations committee, i chair the subcommittee that oversees the middle east. most everything in our committee is a bipartisan basis, we have to agree, republicans and democrats, to look at the investment. the chair of the committee said yesterday he believes an inquiry may be warranted. so i hope that congress takes a look saudi's investment. maybe the conclusion is that this is a straight up money play
4:26 am
by the saudis. they think they're going to get their money back. they have no side deals with elon musk and the deal moves forward. but let's at least ask those questions. because if musk says that the reason he bought twitter is to promote free speech, well, then the saudis are a curious partner because they have the exact opposite goal. they want to repress free speech. they want their enemies, political dissidents to be thrown off of twitter. so it doesn't seem to be a marriage that makes a lot of sense unless the saudis are getting something out of it for their goals which is not the same as elon musk's stated goals. >> on opec and the decision to cut 2 million barrels of production a day, the opposite of what the biden administration was hoping for when president biden went there, met with them. you have said repeatedly, and i quote, there have to be consequences. there haven't been. what should the biden administration do?
4:27 am
>> yeah. i actually, you know, think more about this in terms of the long-term relationship with the saudis. i think their decision to decrease oil production is just final confirmation that saudi arabia is not an ally in the normal sense of the word. there are times when our interests intersect. but more often than not in the last ten years, u.s. interests and saudi interests are not aligned. so i think we need to be very careful about the ways in which we work with the saudis. so i think we need to down size our defense commitment to the saudis. i would rather see some of the missiles we're sending to saudi arabia to protect that country be sent to ukraine instead. i don't think we end our defense relationship with saudi arabia but i don't know they need to be the preferred partner the way they are today especially when a country like ukraine could do more with the advanced weaponry that we are sending to the middle east. >> i want to ask you about
4:28 am
what's happening in the senate before we let you go. because we had chuck schumer here earlier in the week and he wants to work with republicans. then you have what's happening with rick scott and mitch mcconnell. i wonder if sort of the turmoil in the republican party, if you are worried that's going to hinder the work you're wanting to do for the american people? >> certainly i worry about it. we did a lot of really good bipartisan work in the last two years. last summer with several conservative republicans, i wrote the first gun safety bill in 30 years. and some of those partners, retired right, the folks on the republican side, the folks with democrats, under such assault from donald trump that many of them left the senate. i hope republicans don't sort of learn the wrong lesson from the last two years. i hope they stand for their beliefs but continue to engage with democrats when they think they can get something done that's good for the country. we're going to continue to do
4:29 am
outreach with the republicans, try to get deals done. i think you'll see we'll get one done this week. pass the marriage equality angt which forces states to recognize same-sex marriages. and that may be a signal of this era of bipartisan cooperation the last two years is not over. at least i'll keep my fingers crossed that's the case. >> senator chris murphy, all important topics. thank you for joining us here on "cnn this morning." >> thank you. the artemis moon mission taking flight in a launch, it's going to pave the way for nasa's next era of space exploration. could former president trump's next re-election run hurt or help him as he faces a slew of investigations. maggie haberman is here. adding lysol laundry sanitizer kills 99.9% of bacteria dedetergent alone, can't.
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>> yes. >> this is "the new york post". you can barely see it because it says only florida man makes announcement. how things have changed. let's bring in political analyst, maggie haberman, the author of "confidence man, the making of donald trump and the breaking of america". this says everything. >> there is nobody who knows better than rupert murdoch that the way to upset donald trump is not to say his name. it isn't that he's not the full front page, he's the banner on the florida, he's florida man. there is a move away from trump. i don't want to overstate this, he is still the front runner, still the establishment. still a former president but there are a number of people in the republican party who are going to start making clear that they think he is really bad for the party in ways i think they couldn't quite articulate the same way in, say, 2016, because
4:35 am
he didn't have a record, january 6th hadn't happened, we hadn't seen the election denialism of the last 20 months. so that's a compelling factor. >> was it overnight, if you're just at home watching you're like, wait, these people have been behind donald trump forever. >> it feels like overnight. >> it feels like overnight there was this shift. was it tuesday? >> i think it was largely tuesday. if republicans had the night they were forecasting in the polls that turned out not to be right. i think you would have seen people saying, well, you know, trump succeeded a lot of candidates he backed. particularly in the senate this is a slate of candidates that he largely encouraged or recruited, in the case of herschel walker. now, you know, there's a long way to go. lindsey graham was down with trump this weekend at mar-a-lago -- or at least in florida, urging him not to run. lindsey graham puts out a tweet last night about what an incredible speech this was. there's a habit of people who
4:36 am
were critical of trump then praise him so they could get back on his good side. we're not done seeing that dynamic yet but there's a shift. >> what about trump himself? watching that speech last night we watched it together. that versus trump in 2016, big difference. >> it was pretty subdued and what i would say wasn't difference, was the grievance, the i alone can fix it attitude that we have seen over and over again. and claiming he finished things he didn't finish when he was president. making statements how his presidency went in ways it didn't go. there was a sense of playing the old hits of this. but i agree with you, this is not somebody who seemed raring to go again. some of that might have been because they knew that networks would not take him live if he was yelling, talking about the 2020 election over and over again. i think there was a real effort to keep him from doing that so the cameras stayed on him. he doesn't seem happy.
4:37 am
he just seems angry. >> it feels like the colorized version of your favorite movie, why would they do this? the reaction from all of us, we all texted each other, it was an energy that was not there. the reaction from people that were texting me and in the room with, saying this is so low energy, what happened? it feels like a movie, i've seen this before and i really don't want to see it again. >> it was so low energy that jeb bush called it low energy on twitter, which was one of the knife twists we saw from a bunch of people last night. it was, and part of that was because it was a teleprompter speech. he never does well with a teleprompter speech. >> it was something beyond that. >> i agree with you, but when that's the set up, that's always a recipe for not doing well for him. i was saying for months his heart is not in this. he wants to be president again, he wants the power of office, be
4:38 am
protected from the investigation. i don't think he wants to do the work for two more years. this is the earliest we've seen him announce the candidacy. >> he clearly wants to be grover cleveland but there are so many differences in terms of defying history. the only former president who's done this, a democrat but also won the popular vote i think like every time. i just wonder, you've said, maggie, there is nothing that you could learn about trump that would surprise you. >> that's true. >> so nothing last night surprised you? >> no. last night, again it was a litany of things we've heard him say over and over again. i think part of why people were not so roused by the speech, it felt very familiar. and particularly when he gets to the part about -- he literally said i'm a victim, talking about the investigations into him. that was the one thing i wasn't surprised but i was struck by it because that's something you're going to hear over and over
4:39 am
again, he went head on into the investigations. he brought up the kim jong-un that he is under investigation for taking to mar-a-lago. that stood out to me because he's under investigation for that. >> and look at ukraine in the background. the reason that he was -- >> the first impeachment. >> yep. >> and he came out and said russian fired the missile, that's not true. ivanka trump put out a statement saying that she's not going to be involved. she supports her father, loves him, she's not going to be involved in politics this time around. were you surprised by that? what did you make of that? >> i wasn't surprised by that. the trumps in general, as a family, to varying degrees, like press coverage. she's much more like her father than her other siblings in that respect. i think she wanted a news story about what she was doing. but i think she had a hard time at the end of the administration. she was there on january 6th with her father. she's widely credited by people who were there being one of the
4:40 am
people who got him to tell the rioters to go home. i think she felt burned by the experience. we've never seen history before where you have individual staff members putting out statements what they're going to do. but it's a reminder he's going into this campaign in a different way than he was last time. earlier this morning, axios re reported, jonathan swan, that steve schwartzman isn't going with trump, he was one of the last donors trump had left. >> i kept wondering what is schwartzman going to do. >> just real quickly i have to ask. the it struck me when you said his heart is not in it. maybe it's a simple answer. is it because he can't help himself? why? >> needs the attention, the protection of the investigations and misses the power that the office had. it's really that simple. >> thank you, maggie. appreciate it. tonight former vice president mike pence who could be a trump challenger will join
4:41 am
jake tapper for a live town hall. tune in, it's at 9:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. this is a fascinating story that poppy has been educating all of us on -- >> please. >> -- no, you know the ins and outs of this. sam bankman-fried is now fried. what he's saying. >> and taylor swift has bad blood with ticket master. what lawmakers are also saying. ♪ [ coughing/sneezing ] [ door knocking ] dude, you coming? because the only thing dripping should be your style! plop plop fizz fizz, with alka-seltzer plus cold & flu relief. also try for fizzy fast cough relief!
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♪ ♪ you won't break my soul ♪ ♪ you won't break my soul ♪ ♪ you won't break my soul ♪ ♪ i tell everybody ♪ >> every day this summer i heard this song like about 80 times. and i loved it, i played it. talk about a renaissance. beyonce has made grammy history again. her first solo album in six years picked up nine nominations for the awards making her the top nominee this year and tying her with her husband rapper jay-z with the most nominations of all time. her nine nods a this year along with jay-z's five, puts the couple with a whopping 88 nominations each. goodness gracious. beyonce taking over sir paul
4:47 am
mccartney. queen bae, don't get made at me beehive. has won more grammys than any woman in history, 28, if she wins four more this year she becomes the most awarded artist. and the grammys will be must watch tv. beyonce squares off with another power house singer facing adele in three categories setting up a rematch of the 2017 awards. remember this moment? >> i can't possibly accept this award. and i'm very humbled and grateful and gracious. but my life is beyonce, and this album for me, the lemonade album was so monumental. it was so monumental. >> that's how you do it. >> when i sit here every morning, i think the same thing, i get to sit here with you guys it's so monumental. >> you're adele? >> that's what he says every
4:48 am
commercial, people. >> beyonce, i long to call her beyonc. she's amazing. >> she's a force. both of them. >> the forces in the crypto industry -- >> so crypto in crisis, you know this, as the collapse of one of the biggest players is partly to blame, sam bankman-fried build ftx into a huge crypto exchange valued at $32 billion in three years. last week it imploded sending aftershocks throughout the industry. on thursday, he said on twitter sorry i fed up, i should have done better. on friday he resigned as ceo and announced the firm is going into bankruptcy. now comments he made months ago when he was considered a white knight in the agency they're not aging well. >> i think getting protection in areas where there is not currently enough can be helpful for a robust ecosystem. it's important to do so in a way that fits the product.
4:49 am
we should hopefully end up in a world in which we're not the ones making financial decisions on behalf of our users. you know, we want to offer the products that there's demand for. i'm going to be here for the long term. no plans to leave. that is not something that is on my horizon. and, you know, i would not be -- i would not be, you know, spending a lot of my energy looking at, you know, a succession plan that was not going to come into effect. >> here with us now, david yaffey bellamy. he's interviewed sam bankman-fried. it's a hard interview to get. he told you it could have been worse. congrats on getting the interview. when i read your piece i thought two things, hue bris and move fast and break things. >> it was interesting to get into his mind in the crisis that's hurt hundreds of
4:50 am
thousands of people, cost the industry and his fortune overnight. he sounded relaxed to me. i was shocked by his tone at certain points. at the end of the interview talking about critic tweets he was posting, the video games he was playing. at times he seemed almost agonized by what had happened. but the overall tone was kind of peculiar. he didn't sound like somebody whose life had just been ruined. >> if you read the catch line for the show is bringing the world home. if people are sitting in new york, iowa, minnesota, louisiana, or alabama, why should they care about what this young kid is doing or has has done? >> his whole plan was to bring crypto to the masses and represent himself as the
4:51 am
non-scammy end. he testified in congress. he was a growing force in democratic circles, a huge donor to joe biden and other politicians over the years and someone who was trying to style himself as a major f philanthropist. his fall registers far outside the crypto world. >> people in finance know about these things and they still don't understand what's crypto themselves and they work in the industry. >> well put. >> this is not -- it's also weird because it's not regulated or whatever. what is your answer to that? what is this? >> that's the $10,000 question. i think crypto is poorly explained by the people who work in it. it is generally very complicated to understand and i think the industry is sort of grasping for a real application beyond the casino-style gambling that sam's company offered to the masses.
4:52 am
i think that's why regular people have trouble grasping it. the industry has not articulated what the technology does clearly. >> we also heard from experts that the warning signs were there. maybe it does need to be more regulated but people say we could see this coming. i was so fascinated. you spoke with him when very few have spoken with him, he has said very little publicly and he doesn't seem to have any regrets about this. >> i don't think that's entirely fair. he expressed numerous regrets to me, said he feels horrible about the damage that was done. the tone was kind of discordant at times. he sounded relaxed, like he was laughing at times. it's a strange conversation speaking with him. >> is he worried about regulations, about
4:53 am
investigations, sdny? is there concern about that or is he just brushing it off? >> i asked him how do you feel about the prospect of going for prison because that's certainly on the table here. legal experts say based on what he's accused of doing, it sounds like he committed a crime. >> he said no comment? >> using his customers to prop up the hedge fund part of it. >> he said he's not going to talk on the record about that. >> i am so struck by the fact that it's not regulated yet. sheila barr will join us, who has compared this to madoff, in a sense. how can this be so risky that regulators don't have a handle on it? it sounds like government is way behind the ball.
4:54 am
>> government moves slowly. >> it's like the internet, the same thing. >> you wouldn't put planes in the air without regulating them. you don't put things out there. >> my analysis that the internet moves so fast, it was tough for people to regulate it. >> if somebody launched planes in the air and the government said there's planes in the air, we have to regulate on them. >> a lot of people wouldn't get on that plane. a lot of people on this plane. >> the same thing did happen with drones, right? they had to figure out how do we deal with these drones? >> do you feel like he has a strategy how to handle it? >> i really don't think so. last week he was scrambling to line up financing before the ban bankruptcy financing to prop up hus his company.
4:55 am
he's been kind of widely maligned by his own employees and executives he used to work with. i don't know. i think there's maybe a little bit of kind of magical thinking going on there if he thinks that he can turn this around. he's go good white collar lawyers working for him now and i'm sure he's getting good advice for somebody. >> that's who always gets paid in these things, the lawyers. thank you. your reporting was so good. we appreciate you being on. elon musk with a new warning to his staff, employees this morning, telling him in an e-mail to commit to me, quote, hard core, or be fired. and cnn this morning is live in poland and brussels belgium at the nato headquarters as we learn it was likely ukrainian forces, not russians forces that fired that missile into poland yesterday. our coverage continues ahead. 48s and 1 quarter moisturizers... in.
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multiple foreign officials are saying it could have been an
5:00 am
accident. we'll have an interview with mark esper in a moment. >> and the "new york post" reacts saying it could have been an accident last night, referring to donald trump's run for president. breaking news, u.s. officials confirming it was likely ukrainian forces that was responsible for the miss ile strike that killed two people in poland. and it was just revealed that authorities believe it was an accident. >> melissa bell is standing by at nato headquarters in brussels. matthew, good morning. you've made it there with your


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