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tv   CNN Newsroom With Ana Cabrera  CNN  November 17, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PST

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hello. so glad to have you with us. i'm ana cabrera in new york. and today history in the house. and perhaps a preview of what republicans have in store for the future. house republicans nancy pelosi stepping down from her leadership post after two decades. >> i will not seek re-election to democratic leadership in the next congress. for me the hour's come for a new generation to lead the democratic caucus. >> on the same day pelosi ends an era republicans start to lay out their priorities when they take control just weeks from now. let's go right to cnn's jessica dean at the capitol. jessica, pelosi is ending a historic leadership run. what's the reaction there on the hill? >> reporter: well, ana, there was certainly a sense of history both inside the chamber and outside as democrats crowded in. a handful of republicans were there. but it's worth noting that kevin mccarthy was not in the room for this.
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but there was really truly a sense of history being made as speaker pelosi laid out her future plans, that she will stay on but not seek a leadership pos position. of course she is the first and only woman to ever serve as speaker of the house. and there was really a sense of the moment in the remarks that she made. she really touched on being -- how she was i ayoung girl that came to the capitol the first time she ever saw it, how she was a wife, a mother, didn't think she would run for elected office, and to go from a housewife to speaker of the house, she really reflected on all of that. and note too she's wearing her white suit as she does in big moments, the color of suffr suffragettes. so again, there is a sense among democrats that this is truly the end of an era, ana. we are getting reaction from a lot of them as they're pouring out right now. hakeem jeffries, who is the chair of the house democrats, tweeting that she's the g.o.a.t., the greatest of all
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time. and keep an eye on him. he's one who could replace her. >> and is he the only one? who else might be in discussion to succeed her to lead house democrats? >> reporter: well, we learned some more about steny hoyer's plans. he just released a statement just moments ago. he is the majority leader in the house. and he said he will not be seeking leadership as well. so again, these two in their 80s. this is a real sea change. even with the two of them not seeking leadership positions this is big change for the house democrats. and it presents an opportunity for a whole new generation. jeffries among them. katherine clark as well. pete aguilar. those are some of the names that are being floated around. but now the jockeying begins as to who will succeed her after this really historic run. >> jessica dean on capitol hill for us. thank you. let's bring in cnn's chief political analyst now, gloria borger. gloria, she was the first and only at this point female speaker of the house. she held the gavel under four different presidents. what do you see as the impact of this decision to step back from her leadership role? >> i think it's a huge impact
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because don't forget, we've all been watchingler for decades in one role or another. and i think what was so remarkable about her was when donald trump came into office there was a lot of talk, when new members came in, new democrats came in, there was a lot of talk nancy pelosi, she's too old, we need a new generation, and it turned out that she met the moment with donald trump, that she was the leader who went toe to toe with donald trump. she was, you'll remember, after one of those state of the unions, i think you're showing one there, remember half hour his speech she ripped it up because she was so upset with him. she in an oval office meeting during -- there's that picture. in an oval office meeting when there was talk of a government shutdown she took him on when he wanted to build the wall. in the roosevelt room when they were talking foreign policy he
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said she had a meltdown or whatever it was. look at her surrounded by all those men. she stood up and took on donald trump. and so democrats said wait a minute, she is the person to take on donald trump, she did drive him crazy. and by the way, she was also the leader to bring in those younger members. and there was all kinds of fear, oh my goodness, how is she going to deal with aoc. she did deal with aoc. they are friends. they work together. so she has served as a remarkable leader not only during the trump years but over her decades in the leadership having a huge list of accomplishments. and as -- as barack obama said, the affordable care act would not have passed were it not for nancy pelosi because she knew
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how to count and get votes. and she will still help do that, i believe. >> right. because she's not retiring. >> no. >> and that's where i was going to take this. the fact is she's still going to be there. she's still going to be part of the democratic bloodstream in the house. you can take away the title but can you actually take away her influence? >> it's so interesting to me that she voluntarily gave up power. leave it to a woman to do that. she voluntarily gave up power. they're no longer in the majority. but i believe that behind the scenes i am sure she will be important to vote counting, to cajoling, to strategizing. you know, nancy pelosi is not someone that the democrats are going to just say oh, you're serving here for the next couple of years, good-bye. they admire her and they respect her. and so while she won't be an official member of the leadership and she will let a next generation take over, i guarantee you that she will be
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consulted regularly. >> on the other side of the aisle it was notable that kevin mccarthy wasn't there for this announcement. and i do wonder, with pelosi no longer at the helm of the party the gop in a sense loses that big scary campaign bogeyman that they've been focusing on for years. >> they do. first of all, let me say that i believe it was disgraceful that he was not there, even out of respect. i know they're not friends. steve scalise was there, also a leader in the republican party. and out of respect when it's possibly that she would be retiring, it was sort of remarkable to me that he did not walk in that chamber. i was just reading the other day when denny hastert lost his majority and just served out his term nancy pelosi gave him kind of a ceremonial office out of respect for the fact that he had been speaker. i wonder, i wonder if mccarthy's
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going to do that for nancy pelosi. we'll just have to wait and see. but the fact that he didn't show up today is not a good sign. >> i wonder if he wasn't there because of somebody he was trying to please like a man named donald trump. >> or maybe he had other commitments. who knows? >> that's possible too. we'll dig into that. gloria borger, good to have you here. >> thank you. >> divided government in washington means legislation could come to a standstill. but when it comes to oversight, house republicans plan to hit the ground running. and cnn's melanie zanona is live on capitol hill. melanie, what do republicans plan to do now that they have subpoena power? >> well, house republicans are planning a host of investigations into the biden administration. their opening salvo came today when jim jordan and james comber, who republicans who are poised to chair these powerful committees in the new congress, held a joint press conference to outline what they say are their early findings into their investigation into joe biden and hunter biden and their family's
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business dealings. but this is just one of their many investigative targets. they also want to look into the pullout of afghanistan. they want to look into the origins of the covid-19 pandemic. they want to look into the doj's investigations into donald trump. so there's a whole litany of things that they're going to be aggressively looking into. and i'll remind the viewers at home now that they have the majority that means they have subpoena power, they have the power to call in witnesses, to demand documents, to host hearings, and so we are expecting that to really dominate in a gop-led house. >> okay. melanie zanona, thank you. and we have new cnn reporting uncovering that long before the house republican majority came into view biden's white house started preparing for an expected onslaught of gop probes. let's go live to cnn's jeremy diamond now. and jeremy, what are we learning about the administration's approach? >> well, listen, ana, this has been by far one of the most aggressive and earliest efforts by a white house ahead of a
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midterm elections to prepare for the onslaught of investigations by the opposition party. and listen, even as president biden was campaigning over the summer to try and save that house democratic majority a small team of officials here at the white house, legislative affairs specialists, lawyers, as well as communications strategists have all been preparing, mapping out where these gop investigative targets might lead and also preparing the response and the strategy behind how the white house is going to handle those. they've been listening very closely to congressman jim jordan and congressman jim comey the heads of the house judiciary and oversight committees. and paying attention to how they've been telegraphing what they're doing. also sifting through hundreds of requests from republican members for information on various lines of inquiry. one of the examples of how the administration has also been preparing is convening these meetings with agency lawyers.
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i take you on our piece on inside one of those meetings that happened in the roosevelt room more than four months before those midterm elections were actually called. top officials from the department of homeland security. top officials from the white house including the new special counsel, richard sauber, who's going to lead the white house's response to all of this. meeting together to coordinate their efforts, to make sure they're on the same page going forward. and that is one of the meetings that they've held with other agencies as well including the state department, defense department, and so far we're already beginning to see after that republican press conference pushback from the white house on these lines of inquiry. and you can expect them to forcefully and aggressivively respond as time goes on. >> jeremy diamond at the white house, thank you. new today we're learning the u.s. is running low on some key weapons for ukraine as russia unleashes on the nation's infrastructure. plus, new details on the brutal killings of four idaho college students. investigators say two roommates who were home at the time are
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cooperating with police. the latest on this investigation. and two days after tiktok fans of taylor swift faced a ticketmaster meltdown a top senator is now accusing the company of abusing its market power. stay with us. you're live in the "cnn newsroom."
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we have new details now on that missile that exploded inside poland's borders. cnn has learned that a team of ukrainian investigators has arrived at the blast site. nato, the u.s., poland all continue to say the deadly blast likely came from ukrainian air defenses. meanwhile, scenes like this inside ukraine today as russia bombards power plants with new waves of missile attacks,
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knocking out electricity to about 40% of the country as the temperatures drop. cnn's nic robertson is live in kyiv. nic, we keep hearing from the u.s. and allies that no matter who fired that missile that hit poland russia is to blame. does russia face any repercussions if it's their fault? >> reporter: ukraine would certainly like to see them face repercussions. president zelenskyy has been pushing for full accountability, whether it be war crimes or acts like this. zelenskyy himself has said look, we don't know what happened, we don't know what happened, there needs to be an investigation. the world doesn't know what's happened. but he said of this, i'm sure that there was a russian missile, we did fire our air defenses. so zelenskyy is very clearly saying that his air defenses were shooting at a russian missile. he's made that very clear. but he's also made it very clear over time that russia should be held accountable, whether it's for the killings in bucha, the
10:18 am
rapes and all the other war crimes that every time territory is regained from russian control we hear so much about. the reality of who's going to impose, who's going to arbitrate on that is unclear. a hint of that came today in the decision of a dutch court today to find three people guilty of downing mh-17, that malaysian airliner that was hit and taken down in 2014 by ukrainian separatists and russian intelligence officials together. that's an indication there. and president zelenskyy made this point today. it is an indication that perpetrators of crimes will eventually be caught. to the point on that incident in poland, it would be a long way off i think before anyone is in the dock over that. >> speaking of possible war crimes, of the brutality that is being uncovered everywhere in ukraine as russian forces are retreating, one ukrainian official says investigators in the liberated parts of kherson have found 11 detention centers
10:19 am
and there's evidence of torture used in at least four of them. what do you know about this? >> reporter: yeah, when we were there over the weekend we met prisoners who'd been beaten and tortured, looked at a cell where the torturing had been going on. it was actually on fire. we were there so soon after the russians had fled. they'd literally put it on fire before they left. according to the prisoners we were talking to there. the former prisoners there. because the russians were trying to cover their tracks. been getting access, they now say they've found these 11 sites. they believe there are at least 63 victims of torture and possible killings as well. we were told by residents of the city that there was a possibility of mass graves or some sort of graves that were unaccounted for, russians killing ukrainians and putting them in unmarked graves at grave sites in the city. we talked as well to people who
10:20 am
talked about the torture, psychological torture as well as the physical torture. one man i spoke to said that his house was raided because a police car, a russian police car had exploded nearby. it had perhaps been perp tretra by underground separatists. russian authorities had suspected him. ten of them came to his house. they put a gun to his head and said just talk, just talk. he said what about? they said just talk. they took him away. there were mock executions. they connected electrical cables to his -- to his genitalia. he said that they didn't actually put electric shocks through him. but all of this was psychological torture. and this does seem to be what ukrainian authorities are hearing and getting more details about. of course all of this needs to be recorded and logs legally so it can be used in potential prosecutions down the line. >> it is horrific.
10:21 am
nic robertson, thank you for your incredible reporting there on the ground, and keep warm and safe. thank you again. officials tell cnn the u.s. is running low on some of the weapons systems and ammunition it's sending to ukraine. we're tacking about things like stinger missiles and artillery shells. cnn's oren liebermann is live at the pentagon. how can the u.s. be running low on these supplies? what does it mean for u.s. preparedness? >> reporter: ana, let's start quickly with an important distinction here. the u.s. keeps in its own reserves stockpiles of different kinds of weapons for its own war plans to meet contingency situations, emergency situations, and those remain untouched and will continue to be untouched because they're part of the u.s. reserve. but there are excesses. and that's what the u.s. has available to send ukraine. after nine months of sending all of these shipments we've seen since the beginning of russia's invasion of ukraine, some of those weapons in that excess are
10:22 am
slowly dwindling according to officials who spoke with cnn. examples as you point out include stingers which are the anti-aircraft shoulder-launched missiles that have been very effective against some russian aircraft as well as all the artillery ammunition, that 155 millimeter on your screen right there that they've sent over to ukraine. what is the u.s. doing in response? a number of different steps. first as we learned just recently from a u.s. official the u.s. was looking to buy 100,000 rounds of artillery ammo from south korea to transfer to the u.s. through ukraine. you see the u.s. trying to bring this international coalition together to find the ammo to send to ukraine. you saw that yesterday with the contact group. then you're also seeing the u.s. ramp up its own production, to restock its own supplies, for example, of the gamelers munitions fired from the himars that have wreaked havoc on russian lines. and you see it not just there but the other weaponry as well. the problem is the u.s. isn't at war right now after getting out of afghanistan and advisory role in iraq. so weaponry production isn't as high as it could be. but now with months of supplying
10:23 am
ukraine and perhaps with months more to go the challenge is how do you ramp up that production to keep that pipeline going. ana? >> oren liebermann, i appreciate it. thank you. a killer is on the loose. after the brutal deaths of four college students. and now we're learning the victims weren't the only ones in the house during the killings. and are you hardcore? twitter employees have just hours to answer yes, or they're out. rapid wrinkle repair® smooths the look of fine linines in 1-week, deep wrinknkles in 4. so you can kiss wrinkles goodbye! neutrogegena® i'm jonathan lawson here to tell you about life insurance through the colonial penn program. if you're age 50 to 85, and looking to buy life insurance on aixed budget, remember the three ps. what are the three ps? the three ps of life insurance on aixed budget are price, price, and price. a price you can afford, a price that can't increase,
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now to the brutal deaths of four university of idaho students. we've just learned the autopsies are complete and they could provide important clues in this mystery, a mystery that is deepening because police now say two other roommates were at the home at the time of these killings. cnn's lucy kafanov is following this story. have police said whether these roommates are being considered suspects? >> reporter: yeah, ana, so many questions about these two roommates who were apparently not only home at the time of the crime but also when police responded to that call for an unconscious individual at about noon on sunday a spokesman for the idaho state police tells cnn
10:29 am
both of the roommates have been fully cooperative with law enforcement's investigation into the murders, but while authorities are not referring to the roommates as suspects he adds that they are not ruling anyone out. so we don't have a clear idea of any suspects at the moment. we don't, as you point out, have a weapon. we frankly don't have a lot of information. still waiting for those autopsy results to be released. a lot of folks on edge understandably with a killer on the loose. and the police earlier this week assured folks that there was no threat to the community, but the police chief walking those comments back yesterday. take a listen. >> we do not have a suspect at this time, and that individual is still out there. we cannot say that there's no threat to the community. there's still a person out there who committed horrible, horrible crimes. so i think we've got to go back to there is a threat out there still possibly.
10:30 am
>> reporter: so right now authorities are working on a timeline of what led up to these attacks. the chief yesterday told us that ethan chapin and xana kernodle were at a party on campus while madison mogen and kaylee goncalves were at a downtown bar. they arrived home sometime after 1:45 a.m. we now have new video of madison and kaylee alive, ordering at a late-night food truck at roughly 1:41 a.m. they are seen waiting about ten minutes for their food. the video shows them chatting with each other and other people standing by the truck. they seem to look fine. the manager of the food truck actually told cnn that the two students did not seem to be in distress or in any danger. the police chief yesterday saying the video was helpful for piecing together timeline. but ana, again, this is a quadruple murder case that remains wide open with no suspect, no weapon, and not a lot of information. >> yeah. but we're told they were stabbed to death and when police arrived
10:31 am
the scene was gruesome, there was blood everywhere. so a lot is not adding up. lucy kafanov, thank you for your reporting. we're going to keep working on this story and get more information. meantime, even by buffalo standards this weather is scary. lake effect snow pounding western new york right now, and it will keep pounding for days. up to six feet could fall by sunday. the snowfall so intense people likely won't be able to see the roads assuming they even try to get out in this kind of weather. the governor has put 11 counties under a state of emergency and said the national guard is ready to roll. millions of people in five great lakes states are under snow alerts right now. cnn meteorologist jennifer gray is joining us. this is looking like a historic weather event. >> yeah, it really is. i don't think it's going to end up ranking number one for snowiest event, but this could definitely be the top five for several of these areas. several feet of snow in one event, that's a lot of snow. i don't care who you are. so what's happening is along the
10:32 am
great leaks the water temperature is much warmer than the air temperature above. so when you have these very cold winds swooping across the lakes it causes the warm air to rise, basically forms into clouds and then pushes that snow over the land. and so the wind's really steering where this snow is going to go. so right now the lake temperatures are in the mid 50s. we know the air above it is much, much colder. so it's basically dumping the snow just to the east of the lakes. and you can see this is a live radar now. we're already starting to see it develop. now, this is really going to intensify by the time we get into tonight into tomorrow and a little bit of change in wind direction is going to direct a lot of the snow right over places like buffalo. so just because buffalo isn't in the snow really right now, we could see up to four feet of snow there by the time this is all said and done. we still have those lake effect snow warnings, winter weather advisories. here with some lake effect snowfall totals so far. boston, new york almost a foot of snow. erie, pennsylvania has seen
10:33 am
already almost a foot. and more is to come. we are going to see the forecast radar continue. and look at that. we're seeing some really bright shades of pink, even reds in there. could even hear some thundersnow in this region. we are in this for the long haul. we are going to see this continue through much of the weekend. >> brr. and get your arms ready to shovel. going to be pumping some iron just doing the basic work there. thank you so much, jennifer gray. are you hardcore enough to work at twitter? now, employees have hours left to decide if they are after the chief twit elon musk -- he gave 5:00 p.m. eastern today to commit to extremely hardcore work or get out. and those who don't get a three-month severance package. cnn's senior media reporter oliver darcy is here with us now. i have an inkling this didn't go over well. what are you hearing from twitter peeps? >> yeah, i think the big
10:34 am
question, ana, is how many people are going to remain at twitter by the end of the week? because the people i'm talking to are not too thrilled by elon's ultimatum that they need to work, you know, extremely hardcore, which in some cases seems to be sleeping at the office. the employees i spoke to today, i was talking to one, he said, i don't want to stick around to build a product that's being poisoned from the inside and out. and another employee, a former employee who was recently laid off who i was speaking to and he's been in contact with former colleagues, said people don't want to sacrifice their mental health and families' lives to make the richest man in the world richer. and so keep in mind, this comes just weeks after twitter laid off 50% -- about 50% of its work workforce. so the question is if more people flee the company how are they going to keep the lights on or keep the main functions working? >> do we have any idea how many people are clicking no at this point? and is that a concern for those who are still running twitter?
10:35 am
>> we don't know exactlye at th. i think we might have some more clarity on that when the deadline passes. but even if 10%, 15% leave, you are talking about a company that's been depleted largely of large scores of people. so when it comes to content moderation or just keeping basic functions working on the platform there's a real question of how it's going to work. and also if you lose all these people how are you going to attract other people to come to twitter when you have elon so erratic and telling people that they need to be hardcore without seemingly upping pay or any other benefits, they have to now come back to the office full-time. this was a remote work company. so a lot of things happening here. >> i guess he's being transparent about what his expectations are. that's one thing he's got going. thank you, oliver darcy. can he have it both ways? former vice president mike pence wants to tout his accomplishments in the white
10:36 am
house alongside former president trump. but can he distance himself from his old boss at the same time? we'll discuss. but first, she survived an assassination attempt. but that was only part of the battle. a new cnn film begun just weeks after former congresswoman gabby giffords was shot, it explores her recovery and her activism. >> when we heard that gabby had been shot, we were heartbroken and scared. i already knew gabby well, knew mark. and when i visited with gabby, she was out and uncommunicative. >> a few minutes after we left her room and some of her colleagues from congress were in the room, gabby opened her eyes for the first time. [ cheers and applause ] gabby opened her eyes for the first time. [ cheers and applause ]
10:37 am
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same-sex and interracial marriages in the u.s. are one step closer to being protected under a bill that cleared a key procedural vote in the senate. that chamber still needs to vote on final passage. then the bill returns to the house before president biden can sign it into law. this bill would not set a national requirement that all states legalize same-sex marriage, but it would require individual states to recognize another state's legal marriage. he ran with donald trump back in 2016, but that doesn't mean former vice president mike pence thinks trump should run again. >> i think we'll have better choices than my old running mate. >> in a cnn town hall last night pence left open the possibility that he himself might challenge trump and seek the republican nomination this time around. he also talked about the january 6th capitol insurrection and he called it, quote, the most difficult day of his public life. >> when i saw the images of people smashing windows,
10:43 am
ransacking offices, and creating the mayhem that ultimately cost lives, i was filled with a simmering indignation. i'd served in the congress for 12 years. i dreamed from the time i was a little boy as i wrote in my book about someday representing my hometown in congress. and to see what was happening there, the first time since 1814 that our capitol building -- i just found myself thinking, not this, not here, not in america. >> joining us now is olivia troye. she was an adviser to the former vice president. great to see you, olivia. as somebody who knows pence, as you watched that town hall what stood out most to you? >> hi, ana. thanks for having me. i have to say i was struck by -- it just came off as overrehearsed and disingenuous. i just thought that it was inauthentic. pence is always best when he speaks from the heart, and i
10:44 am
just felt like i don't know who prepped him, i don't know who advised him, whoever it is he might want to reconsider that. but i just think it was just overrehearsed and it felt like everything he he delivered was a talking point to a focus group. and he had the opportunity to really separate himself from trump and trumpism, and i don't think he did. >> to your point about maybe being overrehearsed or scripted in some of his answers, i just want to play a quick example of something he has said repeatedly about trump on january 6th. let's listen. >> well, i must tell you the president's words and tweet that day were reckless. they endangered my family and all the people at the capitol. >> i mean, the president's words were reckless. it was clear he decided to be part of the problem. >> and i do believe that what i saw that tweet come across that criticized me directly at a time that a riot was raging in the capitol hallways that the
10:45 am
president's words were reckless. >> so he kept using that word "reckless." i guess that's just one example of a line that he has now said multiple times. you don't think he's being real? this isn't the pence you know? >> i have no doubt that he was really angry that day. but honestly, i feel like i'm more angry for him still today and it seems like he's just sort of decided to give this a pass. i think -- i kind of felt like i was watching someone that self-appointed himself as an apologist for trump, especially when he started talking about how remorseful trump seemed with his family. in the moment -- yeah, maybe so. he also talked about trump telling him to turn to god and praying. i didn't see trump pray once in 2 1/2 years in the white house ever. i don't know if he led his staff meetings with prayer. pence certainly did. every single one was led with prayer. i i'm just trying to figure out the angle here that mike pence is taking. i think if he's really considering a run for president i think he's going to have to actually dig deep and figure out who he wants to be and i don't
10:46 am
think he can tout policy successes in the trump administration but also cater back and pander to trump and how horrific of an individual he is while this person tried to get him and his family killed. >> and you say he actually was genuinely very angry on that day, but it doesn't come through, does it? >> no. i don't understand it. honestly, i think he just needs to just say it and actually answer the questions. that was another thing that i found frustrating last night, is he was pivoting a lot, and that's what i think came off as overrehearsed. i also -- look, i've been in the room. mike pence rarely forgets a name. i was shocked because he did forget people's names twice during that town hall, which to me told me that he was nervous. i think maybe he was nervous about the fact that he was going to publicly speak out against trump. but even so, it was measured. granted, he is a measured person. he's a gentleman in meetings. he was super kind to me and my family. that's how he behaves when he conducts business. and it would be nice to see
10:47 am
someone in the oval office behave like an adult for once on the republican party side of the house. but i don't think he's going to get there if he continues to kind of be half in on maga and half now the. >> and now he says he won't testify before the january 6th committee. he said last night that would perhaps set a terrible precedent for a congressional committee to summon a vice president to discuss deliberations held at the white house. he argues this would violate the separation of powers. how do you see it? do you think he owes the american people answers? >> i absolutely do. and look, i think that's a convenient cloak that he's using. he he should want to testify. he should want to address the american people and tell the truth, especially if he plans to seek that office. i think that would be the best thing for the country, to hear it from him, himself. i also thought it was rather ridiculous to say that he wanted a 9/11 style bipartisan independent commission. yeah, so did i. many of us did. but it was the republicans that torpedoed it. they're the ones that voted against it. his own party.
10:48 am
so don't use that as an excuse for why you don't want to come forward and testify when people like cassidy hutchinson, sarah matthews, there have been so many others that have come forward, rusty bowers, all republicans who have sacrificed a great deal, who are getting the vitriol right now, have sat there and told the truth before the committee, told the american people the the truth. i mean, come on. let's grow into the role if you want to be presidential. >> i've got ten seconds left here. would you vote for pence in 2024? >> that's a tough one. i was known for being very loyal to pence in the white house. i think most people would attest to that. i think he is a traditional republican. some of his more extreme stances on things like women's rights and gay marriage i don't agree with. but would i choose him if i were going to vote republican over trump or desantis? yes. >> olivia troye, i appreciate your time. thank you so much for joining
10:49 am
us. >> thanks for having me. up next, i'm sorry but the old taylor can't come to the phone right now. why? because she's busy breaking the internet. a top lawmaker is calling out ticketmaster after fans scrambling to buy taylor swift tickets crashed the site. what happens now? a a lot of ideas. so when she wants a plan based on w what matters most, she turns to fidelity. at fidelity, a anyone can create a free plan. a plan that can change as your priorities do. and nina's free plan? it leaves her free to focus on what's important right now. that's the planning effect. from fidelity. dove 0% is different. we left aluminum out and put 48 hours freshness and 1 quarter moturizers... in. dove 0% aluminum deodorant lasting odor protection that's kind on skin research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia.
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okay. i'm going to try to include as many song names as possible in this one. so if you're a taylor swift fan, get ready. if might be considered champagne problems to some and others saying shake it off. but ticketmaster has taylor swift fans see red, or maybe
10:54 am
maroon. ticket pre-sales overwhelmed the site leaving many fans they will never, ever get tickets, like ever. resell ticket prices aren't getting fans reason to think they need to calm down. cnn's chloe malos joins us. what went wrong? >> first of all, that might be my favorite inthrow ever to any segment that i've ever done with you. fans of taylor swift are so upset because they would be waiting for taylor to go back on tour since 2018 and now most people can't get tickets. i actually spoke to ticketmaster's competitor stubhub, asking them why is this happening, and they say it shouldn't be happening. >> to tunnel through one point of purchase, ticketmaster, it's on fire. that's kind of what we're seeing, being queued up and queued up and maybe for a chance to buy tickets. certainly there's a lot of
10:55 am
pent-up demand for the tour. and this type of demand isn't always suspected because it funnels through that one point of purchase. >> the problem, ana, is that ticketmaster is the only place that you're only able to get taylor swift tickets right now. and they're saying because of all of these artists, they have these deals with ticketmaster as the sole ticket distributor. and essentially, even lawmakers are saying ticketmaster has anomaly right now. >> but even stubhub, right, is seeing some price gouging going on from what i hear? >> look, i mean, if you go on stubhub, i asked them directly. i think it's over $70,000 for one ticket price listed for the atlanta, georgia, april 28th concert. look at that, $89,000. i asked stubhub, why are those prices listed? that is price gouging. they say those prices listed,
10:56 am
they're not selling, they're contacting the 30-party sellers to find out if these are typos. that everybody needs to calm down, wait a couple weeks and this will level out. >> we will see, thousands of dollars, that's insane. by the way, my producer gets credit for that creative intro. thank you, chloe. we'll be back tomorrow, same place same time tomorrow, until then the news continues with alisyn and victor afteter this. or picking your new ride up at one of our sleek car vending machchines. and it's the comfort of a seven day return policy to make sure it fits your life. because at carvana, we take joy in making every customer well happy. carvana will drive you happy. if you're on medicare, remember, the annual enrollment period is here. the time to choose your coverage begins octob 15th and ends december 7th.
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