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tv   Inside Politics With John King  CNN  November 22, 2022 9:00am-10:00am PST

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hello and income to "inside politics" i'm john king in washington. thank you for sharing your day with us. survivors and heroes who made it out of club q alive give an
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account of what happened inside the night club. the special counsel takes over and moves full steam ahead with the trump investigations. another show down between the justice department and the former president's lawyers over those documents taken from mar-a-lago. and brand new cnn reporting this hour on ron desantis. he calls his midterm re-election win a national gop road map but the governor's go it alone approach leaves some with a bit of a sour taste. up first a sketch of pure grief emerging from the firsthand accounts from the survivors of yet another american massacre. this morning, the alleged club q shooter remains hospitalized, uncooperative and under investigation now for bias motivated relates crimes. just before his 16th birthday, he petitioned a texas court to legally change his name. why he did that and barged into the colorado springs club and started spraying bullets remain unclear today.
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but we have learned a lot. learned a lot through halting, tearful interviews with the people who made it out of that nightclub with their lives intact though forever scarred. richard fiero shrugs off the title but this is what a hero looks like. he went to the ground, first rifle pop before making a 20 yard dash straight for the shooter, pulling him down and separating him from his ar-15. last night on cnn fierro recounteding his attempt to stop the slaughter. >> i had to protect my kid. i lost my kid's boyfriend. i tried. i tried for everybody in there. i feel bad some people -- five people that didn't go home. and this [bleep] -- this guy, i told him while i was hitting him, i said i'm going to kill you man, because you tried to kill my friends, my family was
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in there. >> this morning, this gratitude from club q's owner to the man he credits with saving countless lives. >> you were a big part of saving many more lives and stopping this from being worse than it already was. we applaud you. and i can't wait to give you a big hug. i just can't say thank you enough. i'm just so happy you were there. you're an angel to many people in this community. >> so, nick, listen, i want to talk to you -- >> thank you for what you did. >> let's get out to the scene, colorado springs, rosa flores is there. tell us more. >> reporter: you know, john, just to tell you more about that hero, richard fee arrow, he's a 15 year army veteran, served four tours in iraq and afghanistan, he said his
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instincts kicked in to make sure others are safe. he describes the scene at the beginning of all this, before all this unfolded like some of the other survivors we talked to. it was a good time at club q. that's why people were there. this was a safe haven for so many, and then the gun shots rang out. that's when fierro says his instincts kicked in, he went directly towards danger to save other's lives. take a listen. >> i went, i got to stop this guy. so i ran across the room and i pulled him down. he fell to his left side. when i put him down, his rifle was in front of him, the young man that tried to help me was in front of him, with his feet towards his head. i started yelling get his ar and i was going for the pistol. i started hitting him to make him stop fighting. i'm not letting you get back up. and thomas, i told him, hey, kick, kick, kick, kick. kick this guy.
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kick this guy. >> reporter: john, he goes on to say that the shooter was going for his magazines, was going for his weapons that's why he and others kept on beating the man until police arrived. now the other thing that he was asked, fierro was asked if he had a message for his shooter and what he said is, he wants to see him in court. john? >> rosa flores live for us on the scene. the stories are compelling and remarkable. rosa, thank you. also disbelief today from the survivors telling their stories. unsure how they made it out alive while some friends did not. >> i ducked behind the bar. and as i did that, glass began to spew everywhere, all around me. after about a minute and a half i decided i needed to get out of there. >> it was so scary. i heard shots. broken glass. bodies.
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how? why? >> i feel down, he proceeded to shoot me. i got back up. i made it out of the back of the club. i had been shot seven times. seven times by now. i had been grazed once. i hopped on a table. hopped a 10 to 12-foot chain link fence. i don't know how i'm here. i do not know how i'm here. i don't know how i'm walking. >> we know the names, you see them there of the five people killed in the shooting. we know who they were from accounts of the people who loved them, daniel aston, a 28-year-olds transgender bartender and entertainer. 22-year-old raymond green vance, being described as kind, selfless and gifted. he went to the nightclub with his girlfriend and her parents to celebrate a birthday.
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kelly loving a 40-year-old woman known as being kind and caring to those around her. and ashley paugh known to be kind and caring to those around her. and she worked with the lgbtq to find foster families for children. and friends say 30-year-old derrick rump always had a bubbly and welcoming personality. important we remember them all in this strategy. new developments in the investigation surrounding the former president of the united states. donald trump's new reality, a special counsel now helms two investigations into his contact. today, a big courtroom test in one of those cases. lawyers are back in court fighting over the need for a special master, the third party official to examine the 2,200 pages of documents the fbi recovered from mr. trump's
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mar-a-lago home after a search warrant. let's go to paula reid covering this. what do we sknow? >> reporter: this is the first test for jack smith, he will not be here today, but he has personally approved all of the arguments that prosecutors will make in a short time in this courthouse behind me as they try to convince the panel of judgments to do away with the requirement that all of these documents be reviewed by a third party. we don't expect to get a decision today. but some good signs for the prosecution. previously this same court has granted prosecutors a carve out to this requirement, allowing them to at least investigate classified documents. and a short time ago we learned two of the three judges on that panel are also going to sit on today's panel to decide whether to do away with the special master all together. the big issue is speed, trying to move the investigation along quickly as there are concerns it
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will extend into the 2024 presidential campaign. as we know the former president has successfully used delay as a tactic in litigation and other investigations, so a lot riding on these arguments. we'll bring you all the updates as they come. thank you. important new cnn reporting on the early work of the new special counsel. sources telling our reporters there are no signs the pace of the big investigations into donald trump are slowing down as a result of new special counsel jack smith taking the reins. with me carey cordero and evan prez. i want to start with you quickly on the hearing here. do you believe the special counsel as opposed to the attorney general, does that make any difference in the special master case or is it weather the judges believe it's necessary? >> i don't think it's a difference how the court evaluates the issue in the case. it provides insulation for the justice department to show the
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new special counsel is engaged and making decisions whether to continue to go forward and stay on the path. but it shows that the arguments that the justice department is making are consistent from the attorney general being in charge of this investigation to now the special counsel and the 11th circuit really is going to look at whether the original judge who appointed the special master got the law wrong. >> so the letter head changes. you have a new special counsel, jack smith. what else changes? i want to read from your reporting, prosecutors who work under smith haven't made widespread changes to their schedule in the next few weeks of taking witness testimony, or documents with subpoenas. take us inside, a new boss, what else changes, if anything? >> he's communicating with them. he's still in the netherlands where he's recovering from knee surgery. so he's not here to lead the teams but he's already communicating with them that he wants to make sure that the activity and a lot of it, you know, was picking up certainly
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after the election, the grand jury activity we know people were getting subpoenas, we know witness testimony and so on was being scheduled and, of course, today's hearing is going ahead without any interruption. so those are the signs that he is trying to make clear to the teams that, you know, just because you have a new person overseeing everything i'm going to get up to speed but everything should continue as it was going along. john, how long that continues is still up in the air, obviously, because there's still a lot of concern that people have both people on the left and, of course, the former president's team that this is going to drag things out. >> that is the question, we don't know how close they were to big decisions that would be presented to merrick garland in this case. he decided since trump declared his candidacy, biden said i'm probably going to run, he's going to put this in the hands of a special counsel, in terms of how quickly does it take to get up to speed, the classified
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documents, and did they try to interrupt the transfer of power, how long does it take? >> i don't think the special counsel means there was an imminent decision about whether to bring indictments, whether against the former president or others involved in the potential conspiracies and then on the mishandling of the classified information of presidential documents. i think these investigations are active. as evan describes they're still doing grand jury witnesses, serving subpoenas. that is an indication of an ongoing active investigation, doesn't mean indictments are imminent. these cases, the election case and the classified documents case and the presidential records case, these are cases that are complex. it doesn't necessarily mean it's going to be handled quickly. >> the attorney general can overrule any decision at the end, that would be unlikely. once you appointment a special counsel you usually give them wide lane. but who is jack smith?
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this in "the washington post," talented, enthusiastic, fearless. he will be enthusiastic and throw himself into it. you have this from the acting chief of the fbi who had some tension. the fbi public integrity tension with jack smith when he was the head of the justice department. it was understood the fastest way for a case to die was to give it to them. so republicans are already attacking this. saying special counsel, political witch hunt. who is he? >> you know, he is all of those things. public integrity, certainly during the years that jack smith was there, did have some trouble. they lost a bunch of cases. including against the former virginia governor, mcdonald, and so these were important losses for that section that, in some people's opinion, and certainly i wrote stories about this, it made them a little gun shy about when to bring public corruption
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cases. things have changed. so we will see whether the justice department has righted the ship when it comes to those types of cases. i think the criticism that was being made is certainly very accurate. but it doesn't mean it's the same conditions now. >> and republicans seize on that, bob mcdonald, the virginia governor but also behind the case of john edwards, right? democratic senator, vice presidential candidate. >> i think the appointment is he found somebody who has the experience prosecuting former politicians that involves sen sensetyiveties and found someone who was not a political appointee before, so he's not a partisan person. >> the most important part, he's keeping the teams that were running these investigations that are reporting directly to jack smith now. >> so the new chapter begins and we'll see how it plays out. up next, a new congress. republicans have a narrow house
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house republican leader, kevin mccarthy is visiting the u.s./mexico border today, highlighting the issue they'll make a priority come january. it comes as he tries to quiet republican critics who want to block him from becoming the speaker of the house. he's short votes. as democrats plan to surrender the gravel, steny hoyer predicts chaos and predicts speaker mccarthy could have a short and stormy tenure like the previous two republican leaders. >> mr. mccarthy is going to have a tough time dealing with a caucus, conference as they call their group, that is very negative in its perspective and wants to look back, not forward.
9:20 am
when you look at john banner, and paul ryan, two previous speakers, they got out and got out early because they could not deal with their right wing extremists. >> with me to share hair repo -- their reporting. democrats are trying to stir up trouble for the republicans, right. it's post election, stir it up, however steny hoyer is right that both banner and ryan said i can't deal with this anymore and got out of dodge. so can kevin mccarthy manage a more combative group now? >> i think this is surprising and in some ways embarrassing for kevin mccarthy who spent so much time trying to shore up support, especially in the trump-ist wing of the party to be in the position where it's still basically a fight for him. i'm surprised for it. this is "inside politics" you guys tell me but this is uphill for him. >> as you say, the democrats
9:21 am
have helped stir the pot. it's good for democrats and good for the white house. because we know that the republican house is going to come in, start these investigations, do all sorts of things to unravel biden's agenda. but if they're in disarray and democrats can kind of poke at that disarray, it provides that contrast that president biden wants to give, which is we're governing and getting things done. >> and oddly, senate republicans on that regard, not the policy but the let the adults run the ground, what might be a white house friend. this is senator kevin kramer talk about the house republicans said we want to stop spending. let us get the majority we don't want to pass any long term spending plan, let us get the majority so we can stand up to biden saying the idea we could deal with the omnibus in the first week of the new congress is not realistic. i understand particularly the probably speaker's desire to delay some of these things, i
9:22 am
don't see there being that much more leverage. he managed to speak in a probably speaker mccarthy. >> also there is precedent, not many years ago, for a republican house not being able to do the basic function of governing and senate republicans, senate democrats and the white house had to team up and clean up the mess, talking about biden and mcconnell. even if leaders want to present a unified front at least initially when we're close to the debt limit or candidate fund the government, you're going to see a delicate puzzle that republican leaders have to navigate. obviously republicans want to wait until the new year to deal with the big issues so they can have an imprint and whatnot. >> just to challenge that for one second. at the time it wasn't something that they just didn't want to do or they were in disarray.
9:23 am
there were lawmakers, specifically the tea party, they came and said we want to halt the gears of government, period. that includes spending, that includes some of these policies and regulations. i think the difference now is now republicans, including mccarthy, they had that exp expe experience, know what that looks like and means for their own agenda. that's why this time around it may be do we want to get back on that again? because the public sees congress being a stalemate not doing anything and they weren't helped in these years. >> that's right. but they're only listening to the people in their districts. democrats have some challenges of their own. you saw steny hoyer there at the beginning of the program. one of the 80 somethings stepping aside in the house, speaker pelosi, jim clyburn and hoyer all stepping aside in their 80s.
9:24 am
so some of the other lawmakers from middle america and other battleground districts are saying what about us? susie lee who just won re-election in nebrvada. saying we need the members responsible for defending and winning and expanding our caucus every week need a seat at the table. will we see an effort among democrats to say create a new position for somebody who has to go home to a 50/50 district every two years so they're involved in every decision? >> in the past, speaker pelosi has often expanded the leadership table to assuage some of those concerns because obviously she did have that grip on power in her caucus for two decades but she did that in part by making sure more voices were at the table. it'll be interesting to see how soon-to-be leader hakeem jeffries handles that. does he want to expand the
9:25 am
voices to make sure it's accommodated. we know that pelosi when given the choice would side with the front liners because they were the ones that won her the majority, does hakeem jeffries do the same even though he's in the minority. >> most of the attention is on the republican battle but the leadership, the style of the new democrats as well, importantly the next election starts as soon as they gavel the next congress in. up next new reporting on ron desantis, he's a star but some say his go it alone style may prove an obstacle. mm. ...a "chow down" day... a "take a big bite" " day... a "perfectlyly delicious" day.. - mm. [ chuckles ] - ...a "love my new teeth" day. because your clearchoice day is the day everything is back on the menu. a clearchoice day changes every day. schedule a free consultation.
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ron desantis is in road test mode, selling his big midterm re-election win as a model for the national republican party. and there is no question a lot of republican leaders, donors, operatives and voters are impressed. but there's also some clear and interesting grumbling. the 44-year-old florida governor has a go it alone reputation, and a clear disdain or distrust of the republican establishment. desantis received a standing ovation this past weekend after speaking to a republican gathering in las vegas that attracted more than a half dozen potential 2024 prospects. but one attendee delivered a complaint and a compliment. telling cnn when desantis came on, all the kids came up, but he
9:31 am
didn't stick around to schmooze. is this just donors, operatives, they want to be loved, they want to schmooze? is it like so what? this is some egos that want to be stroked by ron desantis, or does he have a problem? >> this is yes and. ron desantis is a rock star you saw the reception, shaking hands on the rope line. at an event last week at the republican governor association meeting in orlando, he gave a speech, had a conversation, a big standing ovation, and look, he's got a lot going for him. he has over $200 million in the bank. polling shows if anybody is going to challenge donald trump for the republican nomination, it's him. but these donors are pointing out that he does seem to have a disdain, as you put it, for the glad handing that's going on right now in this moment in the primary process. he does not like to meet with
9:32 am
do donors. the meeting in his home state he went to one event. he wasn't at a reception with donors and they notice and picking up on it. it is a question of whether or not he can get the republican nomination without doing that. that's been his mo throughout his political career but he hasn't really been on the national stage the way he seems to be moving towards now. >> he's being picked apart like a turkey right now, because he is this rising star and because a lot of republicans who don't want trump think we might have to pick one person to rally around. chris christie says i don't think ron hangs out with anybody. dave jolly calls ron desantis a bit of an odd duck. ryan costello said he had friends, allies but he was not a backslapper. the question is, does that matter? we were talking during the break. barack obama was sort of aloof. i think he served two terms as president. >> i covered barack obama for
9:33 am
eight years plus his campaign. he was aloof. there were white house events where people were invited he was supposed to shake hands he got criticized for not staying at the event there, let alone fund-raisers for the denuclednc and his campaign. he did fine. it's okay to be aloof if that's who you are. but at the beginning of a national career on the political stage, no doubt that reporting is fascinating. it also shows that there's a target on his back. >> so you quote this desantis fund-raiser in your piece, no one seems to care if he wants to stay at a reception and shake hands they care what he does as governor to improve their lives on a day-to-day basis. this was the obama magic if you will, he could hold the establishment aside because he was winning. if they think you're the horse getting them what they want, which is the white house, people will grumble but send a check. >> desantis came up through the tea party era again and then sort of embarrassed the freedom
9:34 am
caucus and then was in the trump wing of the party. all of that means you entered the politics in a defensive crouch kind of. you're not going to deal with the establishment because you're an outsider. what happens when you're an insider? a governor running for election like any other governor. now you have to deal with if you don't want the establishment, the brasestablishment infrastrue and that's the money and the glad handers and donors and making those taste makers and king makers happy. trump has captured so much of the state party mechanism around the country that i don't know what desantis' lane is through that infrastructure. you don't have the state parties, you're not doing your hand shakes with the donors. who are the people you get? maybe you have the answer. >> i don't know. that is the question, a concern. you need friends if you're in ron desantis' position. that's something i hear, will he have enough friends.
9:35 am
he's not buddy buddy with the republican governors. >> and the base is giving trump all the small donations. he's not tapping that yet. >> he has over $200 million in the bank. he has money and he has a base of support. but these are the questions, he's under the microscope in a lot of ways. there's an eagerness to get on board with desantis among donors i speak with. they want to know more and so far they're getting halfway. >> we're in the era of the billion dollar campaign. that is how your table stakes running for president. >> until they had to, the republican establishment didn't want trump, pushed him away, he's not one of us, didn't share our principles, our party, the establishment doesn't like them, but he has the donor, base, and no trump states on trump's side. let's listen to desantis. you might not love everything about me, my record, i can win. >> we've shown in florida is you
9:36 am
can stand up for truth, you can stand on principle, you can fight the woke elite, and you can win. i don't think you can ever find a governor in history that has been attacked more than me for standing up for what's true. we've accomplished more over a four-year period than anybody thought possible. but i can tell you this, we've got a lot more to do. and i have only begun to fight. >> there is a trump-y message to that. go after the woke people, the media. >> also the only i can -- >> only i. but he essentially comes to the table with i have more than 10% of the votes to become president, i have florida, thank you very much. >> he does bring a lot of trump-y elements without being trump itself which is why if you talk to republicans who don't like trump they can be open to supporting gr supporting governor desantis. the fact that he won
9:37 am
resoundingly is certainly a plus in his favor. >> it helps everybody. >> he had a weak opponent but he still won. in the end it goes in the baook as a win. up next the thanksgiving break for the current president. but the republican house means the president does need a post holidays battle plan. (music) ...innovation... (music) ...discovery? or simply stability... you shouldn't have to choose. (music) gold. your strategic advantage. (music) visit [ coughing/sneezing ] dude, you coming? alka-seltzer plus powermax gels with more concentrated power. because the only thing dripping should be your style! plop plop fizz fizz with alka-seltzer plus. also try for fast sinus and pain relief! nexium 24hr
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president biden's thanksgiving and holiday season is already quite crowded. he's taking a holiday break starting tonight but he faces big decisions soon on how to deal with a combative new republican majority in the house and when to mike a final
9:42 am
decision on whether he will run again in 2024. count the vice president as quite bullish on the re-election question. >> the president said he intends to run and if he does, i will be running with him. and i have no doubt about the strength of the work that we have done over these past two years. >> our reporters back around the table with us. there are very important policy decisions and stylistic decisions to be made at the white house about how to deal with the republicans and this investigation. but this question keeps coming up, why? >> part of it is his age. the question of whether he pulls the trigger, actually decides to go forward, is going to keep asking until he files and comes out and says it officially. but i also think it's because both parties to some extent have a -- not an existential problem but a problem where do we go next. we've seen the turnover happening in the house leadership for the democrats.
9:43 am
at some point it's going to happen at the presidential level as well. does it happen in the next cycle or not. >> does he wait to see how it goes for a little bit? in the sense you have the narrow republican majority in the house that has made clear yes, there will be some policy debates in washington but mostly it's going to be about investigations with the hunter biden investigation, border security, perhaps the impeachment of the homeland security secretary. the trump related investigations are going to come up. they want to revisit the withdrawal from afghanistan, revisit the origin of the covid-19 pandemic. how does the house do it? do they cooperate or pull the trump card, no. >> we know they've been preparing for some time, staffing up, looking at what republicans are interested in. but one thing that the white house and democrats on capitol hill is hoping that republicans
9:44 am
overreach because this is not how they won their majority. if you look at the messages that were effective, they were talking about kitchen table issues, inflation. this isn't inflation. it is very aggressive investigations that democrats hope will turn off the swing voters who determined who won the house majority in a lot of these areas. >> the other thing that biden has right now that republicans don't have is a remarkable amount of unity from democrats. when you have progressives coming out and saying we weren't sure about this guy now we like him to run again. look what he's doing on student loans, climate change. that gives him strength facing a republican house. >> which gets you through the wait a bit. let's see how the first, three, four, five, six months of the new congress goes. this is the part of the week i let you all laugh at me and say i'm naive and should not have my
9:45 am
opt optimism. this is the governor-elect katie hobbes who believes the white house is not sensitive enough to the issue of border security. >> we need action on immigration reform, we need real border security. it's one of my things at the top of my agenda to talk to the president about in terms of bringing real security to the state and our border. i would love for them to visit and see firsthand the kind of support and relief the folks in these communities need from the federal government. >> another network will love that last part, i'd love to see them visit. but let's move to the substance of it. is it naive to think, the answer is probably yes, youthe republis care about the border security, mark kelly who just won re-election said the biden administration has not done enough when it comes to border security. let's do that and then do some of the immigration program, deal with the dreamers.
9:46 am
am i naive to think that's at all possible? >> i think about it differently. you're hearing as you pointed out from democrats about this, what are the things you would like to talk to biden about? what are the policy specifics, what does a democratic agenda around the issues look like beyond the dreamers legislation, et cetera. i think for a time they let that be an issue that they can demonize republicans on, we know the history, it's one of the most thankless political efforts to deal with immigration in a comprehensive way and i feel in some ways congress has wanted to stay away from it for that reason. >> any way, call the republicans bluff, do you want the issue or a deal? >> they tried in the bush years, the obama years. they probably could if there were scope for compromise but that's not the signal we're getting from the republican side. >> polite way to put it. listen to the podcast "the assignment" with audie cornish. it's available whenever you get
9:47 am
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right now a federal jury deliberating one of the most serious cases stemming from the assault on the nation's capitol on january 6th five members of the oath keepers group are charged with seditious
9:52 am
conspiracy, the justice department arguing they con fired to forcibly stop the peaceful transfer of power from president trump to president biden. sara sidner is tracking the case. what do we know? >> reporter: this is one of, if not the highest profile trial that we've seen so far in connection with the january 6th attack on the capitol. it involves five people, four members of the oath keepers and the other is an associate. its leader, stuart rhodes and one associate both on trial. prosecutors allege the five defendants conspired to forcefully stop the peaceful transfer of power from then president donald trump to joe biden. the jury has been deliberating just under three hours now and there have been some emotional and dramatic moments in this case that has lasted about seven weeks. they have seen a mountain of evidence. they have heard from dozens of different people. and we should mention they've
9:53 am
seen thing like text messages and some what look like planning to videos that the world saw on that day, january 6th with the defendants in that video, as well as some secret recordings of some of the defendants talking about some of their plans. the jury also heard something that you don't hear in every case and that is several of the defendants actually testified in their own defense. we heard from stewart rhodes, the leader of the oath keepers who took the stands to make sure the jury knew he was a yale trained lawyer and he believes the election was unconstitutional and neither donald trump or joe biden won the election in his legal estimation. but the jury also saw text messages and posts he had been putting out in the days leading up and after january 6th talking about civil wars, trying to keep donald trump in power. we also heard from oath keeper and transgender woman, jessica watkins who talked about being, as she said, being a dumb ass
9:54 am
for going into the capitol but never tried to stop the peaceful transfer of power. as well as thomas caldwell saying the violent words he used was because he was writing a screen play. the jury has a ton of evidence leftover and if convicted they face about 20 years possibly in federal prison. and there are more than just that one charge against them, john. >> stakes in this case and as you noted stakes for the justice department as they continue the prosecutions. sara sidner important duty. thanks so much. dr. anthony fauci about to head into retirement. how he wants to be remembered after serving as america's leading authority on covid throughout the pandemic. roster ever created.e mosh ♪ it's subway's biggest refresh yet!t! my most impoportant kitchen tool? my brain. so i choose neuriva plus. unlike some others,
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top our political radar today in what was likely his last appearance at the white house podium earlier this hour, dr. anthony fauci reflecting on nearly four decades of government service. >> i'll let other people judge the value or not of my accomplishments. but what i would like people to remember about what i have done is that every day, for all of those years, i've given it everything that i have. and i've never left anything on the field. >> dr. fauci, who has served under seven presidents announced earlier this year he plans to retire in december. learning about serious threats to a top election official in arizona, the governor elect katie hobbes said kari lake's conspiracy theories not helping.
10:00 am
>> many people across the country are misled by these so-called political leaders and their rhetoric is dangerous and it's leading to threats and violence and it needs to stop. >> the republican lake has not conceded and has suggested without evidence a machine error impacted the election results. senator lindsey graham testifying before a grand jury in georgia today over phone calls he made to the top election officials. the district attorney's office said the south carolina senator might shed light on donald trump's efforts to subvert the 2020 election. and the president of the united states has called richard fierro and his wife jessica, one of the individuals who tackled that shooter in club q in colorado springs. ana cabrera picks up our coverage right now. hello i'm ana cabrera in new
10:01 am


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