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tv   CNN Newsroom Live  CNN  November 27, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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you watching us here in the united states, canada, and all
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around the world. i'm kim brunhuber. g ahead on "cnn newsroom," some 55 million people are traveling on this holiday weekend. the weather's causing a snarl. we're live with the latest. plus -- >> the reason i'm here and you're going to vote for me is i'm going to be your champion. >> it's time to show up and vote. >> tens of thousands of people are taking advantage of early voting in the crucial u.s. senate runoff in georgia. we'll look at the messaging this time around. and -- soccer superstar lionel messi keeps argentina's world cup hopes alive. we'll bring you the latest on the qatar world cup. ♪ >> announcer: live from cnn center, this is "cnn newsroom" with kim brunhuber.
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we're following two big stories as they unfold this holiday weekend here in the u.s. let's start with major travel headaches for millions of americans, people traveling home from their thanksgiving holiday destinations face widespread snow and rain that could cross multiple areas of the country. on saturday alone, more than 2,000 commercial flights were delayed due to adverse weather according to flight iowaware. more flight cancellations are cancelled in the coming hours, and in the world of politics voting is underway in parts of georgia with the closely watched senate runoff. stakes are high. we'll explain why it took a supreme court's reuling for tha to happen. first let's get to the travel woes with the holiday weather. let's check in with derek van dam. >> it's a vigorous low pressure
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system across the region. it's not impacting the airports just yet, but as people start to wake up, it's only 5:00 a.m. eastern standard time, they start to fill the airports. by the way, it really tapped into some moisture across the gulf of mexico, moving into the new orleans region on saturday. let me take you there because there was actually a tornado that was reported just west o new orleans. this is in the st. charles parish. you can see roof damage to buildings, trees were snapped like twigs. there's a power line over it as well. and that tractor trailer bed overturn and some of that shrapnel wrapped around a tree trunk. very typical damage path to a weak tornado. so that was confirmed. let's get back to the graphics here. you can see clearing skies anticipated across the deep south across the coast. that's where we're going to feel the pain from the system. rain moving across. let's zoom into that region.
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75, 85, 20 wet right now moving into charlotte. but a little further into north into chicago, 80 going east and west, a major thorough fair, they're about to get hit by a stronger rain band at the moment. we're only 200 miles away from rain hitting the east coast cities. just a few more hours and that starts to fill in and we see that rainfall impact impacting the i-95 corridor. it will be wet. there will be ponding. add extra time to get home from pham i and friends as you wrap up the celebrations from the long holiday weekend. you add the travelers that will be hitting the skies along with bad weather, we're going to see potential delays into laguardia, new york city, as well as the logan international airport near boston. even minor delays anticipated across chicago with radar i showed you a few minutes ago. you can see the precipitation. my advice for everyone watching
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this morning, get out the door if you're along the east coast because you've got a few hours of dry weather before the rain moves in. kim? early voting in the u.s. senate runoff battle is now understood way here in some georgia counties. democratic incumbent raphael warnock faces herschel walker. saturday voting was allowed in nearly two dozen counties. many georgians took advantage of it. cnn's eva mcend reports. despite the long lines, a steady stream of georgians coming out on saturday. this is galvanizing for democratic voters. one woman telling us she left
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the site and came back because it was so important for her because the democrats fought hard. this saturday access also important for the college students. this perhaps their only shot. take a listen. >> i thought it was my responsibility that while i was home i should vote and make sure my voice is heard. >> i go to boston college, so this is the only time i'm in georgia and able to vote. i've had a lot going on in the last couple of days being back from college. so this is really the only time i had available to vote. i leave tomorrow, so i'm really happy i was able to get it in. >> reporter: by law all counties will have to offer early voting starting on monday, but, of course, if georgians don't have the opportunity to get out and vote early, they can vote on december 6th. eva mckend, cnn, atlanta. and for more on this, let's bring in raul balia for a broadcasting radio station based here in atlanta.
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thanks so much for being with us. how does the fact that having control of the senate has affected the dynamics of the messages and runoff? >> it may have taken a little bit of the spotlight offer the state of georgia, but it's still a fight for one of 100 u.n. senate seats. it still means mill yums are coming on ads, social media, and staffers to knock on doors and get out there, and we're still seeing the big names coming to the state of georgia. former president barack obama will be coming later this week, and a long list of u.s. senators coming to the state of georgia as well. >> i notice you didn't mention donald trump. still a question mark as to whether he will come and whether that will be a big drag on herschel walker. i'm wondering without the urgency of control of the senate here, is the challenge bigger for walker who has to not only convince the people who voted for him for your the first time
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to come back, but then to find some new voters among moderates and independents? >> it doesn't seem like that's the approach. it seems like the approach with herschel walker is to turn out the base. he's focusing on core republican conservative issues, to turn out his base voters. that's what we're seeing. connecting with senator warnock and president biden on issues like inflation and gas prices. that seems to be the focus when it comes to herschel walker. >> i guess no better than brian kemp. his admirers said he wrote the playbook on how to win in georgia. he did much better in his election battle than walkerdy. so how has the governor and his extensive campaign operation helped walker because a decent
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number of those who voted for kemp voted in a split tick and actually supported warnock over walker. >> there were actually 200,000 people who voted for governor kemp but did not vote for herschel walker, and you've seen the two-pronged approach. we saw governor kemp make his first campaign appearance with herschel walker earlier this week. but as you mentioned, more importantly, it's the lending of that very strong engine that glonch kemp's campaign built of people who knock on doors t data operation, the whole staff now get behind herschel walker is just as important as governor kemp going on the tray with herschel walker. >> if you were to see herschel kemp as a balloon listing walk eric is donald trump an anchor, especially now that he's declared his running in 2024? is that a factor here? >> you've seen senator warnock feel like it's a factor. you've seen an ad out there that
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basically has that portion of former president trump's speech when he announced he was running for president bring up he was supporting herschel walker. so you've seen it come up in the ads that he's connecting the former president with herschel walker. >> yeah. i mean those ads are just ubiquitous here in georgia and atlanta where i am, and i guess that has to do with the fact that warnock has a huge money advantage. how is that playing out on the ground? >> there is a money advantage for senator warnock, but you've got so much national money, national organizations who are also buying addads, so you're seeing up the tons of ads. you're seeing any number of sports whether it's world cup or college football, you're getting plenty of ads on both sides. >> all right. so finally, you know, the
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significant element of the battle in the selection was around the opportunity to vote as we saw in that package, democrats recently ruling that would allow early voting. how might that affect the race, do you think? >> i think you heard an avis piece, it did affect voters over the saturday voting, over the interpretation of the law, around whether saturday voting could happen around a state holiday, in this case, thanksgiving. so did it motivate some people? you probably saw some people motivated to vote on saturday and possibly vote today on sunday as well. we'll see how that turns out with all the mandatory early voting this upcoming week and, of course, election day on the 6th. >> a fascinating race to follow and so much at stake as you point out, rahul bali. appreciate it. >> great to be on. donald trump is downplaying
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a meeting he had with a holocoust denier nick fuentes. people are criticizing his meeting along with kanye west especially after he announced he russ running for president again. we have more details from the white house. >> reporter: the backlash is continuing. nick fuentes is a podcaster who has a large and growing following on the far right. west became so. he showed up at trump's private mar-a-lago club with nick fuentes heechls been banned from most major social media platforms. sources told our kristen holmes west was a guest of trump's. they sat at thanksgiving dinner along with others at trump's outdoor patio table.
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he was engaged with fuentes and found him very interesting. he had a good understanding of trump's base and told him that they prefer it when he speaks off the cuff and ad-libs during speeches which, of course, trump's advisers do not want him to do. and at one point during the dinner, sources told kristen tlp liked fuentes. west echoed that sentiment in a video he posted on twitter claiming that trump is, quote, really impressed with fuentes. but all of this is creating considerable controversy for trump who just announced he's running for the white house again over a week ago and trump has already made essentially attempts to explain fuentes's appearance at his private cluchblt i just want to read you the statement on this. he said, quote, this past week kanye west called me to have dinner at mar-a-lago. shortly thereafter he unexpectedly showed up with three of his friends whom i knew nothing about. we had dinner on tuesday evening
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with many members present on the back patio. the dinner was quick and uneventful. they then left for the airport. of course, in his post he has the opportunity condemn the ideology that fuentes has espoused, and he has not done that so far. so obviously this is quickly becoming a major issue in his campaign. maeve ruston, cnn, washington. listen to this. >> reporter: mr. president, what do you think of mr. trump having dinner with a white nationalist? what do you think of it, sir? >> you don't want to hear what i think. >> in a statement he said, bigotry, hate, and anti-semitism has no place in america
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including at mar-a-lago. holocaust denial is repugnant and dangerous and must be forcefully condemned. that's by andrew bates. it's been two weeks since four idaho student were killed and shocked the town. and people of china take to the straights in a show of anger and defiance over the country's strict covid policy. we're live from beijing after the break. stay with us. neutrogena® hydro boost lightweight. clinically proven. 48-hour hydration. for thatat healthy skin glow. neutrogena®. for pepeople with skin.
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on university campuses and in cities across china saturday in an unprecedented show of defiance and anger over the government's restricted covid policy. some protesters held blank sheets of white paper, traditionally a symbolic protest against censorship. a deadly fire in an apartment building in the far region appears to be fueling the most recent anger as it appears lockdowns delayed firefighters from reaching the victims.
2:20 am
in an op-ed published saturday morning, they call the covid measures scientifically effective saying the public should have full confidence in them. let's get more from cnn's beijing bureau chief zooerch jang. we've seen isolated protests before, but do these seem different in terms of the size and scale? >> that's right. i think the deadly fire and how authorities handles the aftermath seems to be the straw that broke the camel. t after insisting for weeks and months that lockdowns must be maintained because of the covid situation, they all of a sudden announced a miraculous victory of they a campaign and a reopening. that served as a wakeup call in terms of how increasingly ineffective and unscientific and
2:21 am
how danger this policy has become, and, of course, all the absurdities surrounding its enforcement. that's why we're now seeing people across the country are trying to take things into their own hands. we've seen people taking to the streets deerks mamding their freedom, clashing with security forces, but also people elsewhere including beijing tearing down metal barriers or fences seelg off residences. all of that culminating saturday night into sunday morning when there were multiple vigils and protests spearheaded by young people including on many university campuses with as you mentioned people holding up white paper because white paper is a color of mourning for the people and also to vent so much anger and frustration penalty up inside themselves because for a lot of these college kids they have spent their entire college life under some form of
2:22 am
lockdown, kim. >> stephen, you mentioned clashes with police. is there a chance the crackdown might turn more violent, maybe even deadly? >> reporter: that is increasingly the worry especially as you played some of that protest from saturday night. that was an extraordinary moment because the protester there chanting slogans directly targeting the ruling communist party and its leader xi jinping. that was considered a watershed moment by many because up until that point, many opponents of the zero covid policy had been dancing around this by saying the policy itself was not all wrong, the leadership had their heart in the right place, but they blamed local enforcement or overzealous or incompetent officials, but they're directly challenging the legitimacy of the party and their straw man leader. that's something not tolerated. that's why there's increasing war and concern about the fate of some protesters that have been taken away by police.
2:23 am
we have seen fresh video demanding those people's release, but now we understand there's a heavy security police presence on that location trying to clear the people from that location some of there is a lot of growing uncertainty and anxiety from the government's perspective. they're very fearful of this kind of protest, that kind of chanting inspiring others across the country. kim? >> we'll keep following that stoifrm steven jiang, thank you so much. degree gatts as well as those in opposition have looked at managing the humanitarian crisis. since 2014 venezuela has been in an economic spiral due to the krornic mismanagement and collapse of the price of the crude oil, their main export. saturday they granted chevron limited authorization to continue pumping oil as long as
2:24 am
they continue to honor their agreement. we're returning to here in the u.s. ite benz two weeks since the killing of four university of idaho students. local, state, and federal investigators are still looking for answers. after more than a thousand tips and at least 150 interviews, they have yet to identify a suspect or discover a murder weapon. meanwhile a small college town that didn't have a murder since 2015 is reeling in the aftermath with residents and students alike worried about their safety. here's cnn's camila bernal with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: it has been extremely frustrating for the families and the friends of the victims and frankly for the entire community. it's two weeks later and we still don't have a motive, we don't have a weapon, and we do not have a supporter. authorities say they need more time to look ore the crime scene, to process the crime scene. they say things like blood needs to be evaluated.
2:25 am
fingerprints, tire marks. they've already taken about 4,000 pictures at the scene. they've collected about 100 pieces of evidence. they've done three d scans and that's in addition to the hundreds and hundreds of tips they have received, about a thousand so far, and authorities say they've already done about 150 interviews. so it's going to take a lot of time and it is also going to take a lot of money. governor brad little already pledging up to a million dollars to help in terms of resources for this investigation. and we've seen those resources there. officers even working on thanksgiving day. in terms of the case and the timeline, it's pretty much the same. what authorities have been telling us is that these four students went out on saturday night, november 12th, came back on sunday at around 2:00 in the morning. they're believed to have been
2:26 am
killed during the early morning hours, stabbed multiple times while they were likely sleeping. some of them did have defensive wounds. it's possible some of them fought back, but there are still so many questions as to what exactly happened that night. one thing, though, that authorities are saying is they believe this was a targeted attack. camila bernal, cnn, los angeles. in colorado residents are showing support for a man hailed as one of the heroes in the club q mass shooting. richard has reopened his family's brewery for the first time since the deadly attack of the lgbtq nightclub. to support him, large crowds lined up with some people traveling across the state to be there. richard is one of two people who police say took down the accused gunman in the shooting prevent ing club goers. he spoke with cnn about the support he received.
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welcome back to all of you watching us here in the united states, canada, and around the world. i'm kim brunhuber. this is "cnn newsroom." ukraine is marking the anniversary of a horrific famine by working to send food to people who need it now. ♪ on saturday president zelenskyy honored holodomor led by stalin. he used the occasion to host the grain from ukraine summit designed to send grain to countries in need. it raised about $150 million that will help 5 million people
2:32 am
facing starvation. ukraine is still working to fix its power grid after russia's recent missile strikes. comparing it to what happened in the 1930s couldn't be missed. here he is. >> translator: ukraine will not watch it silently and without taking action. our nation remembers the horrible silence of 1932 and 1933. we must do everything possible to restore global food security. we need to rid russia of the weapon called hunger. >> the gruesome tactics back then entailed confication of grain and food supplies to force the deportation of ukrainians. today we stand united in states that hunger must never again be used as a weapon. that's why we cannot tolerate what we are witnessing. ukrainian emergency crews are making progress, fixing the
2:33 am
power grid in the capital. the officials announced this morning power was largely restored in kyiv. president zelenskyy said on friday power shortages are still a problem. here he is. >> translator: today our power engineers continue restoring the system and now we have more opportunities to generate and supply electricity, but unfortunately not enough to make the supply completely stable. if the consumption increases in the evening, the number of outages may increase. this once again shows how important it is to announce a power and consume it rationally. meanwhile we're getting reports of a barrage of russian artillery strikes in russia/ukraine and that includes dozens of attacks in the kerr schon region and zaporizhzhia. this morning sam kiley joins us from zaporizhzhia. plenty to discuss with you, sam.
2:34 am
take us first through the grain from ukraine initiative. >> reporter: it's no accident at all, of course, that the grain from ukraine inish tissue as you point out is on the same day as ukrainians mark holodomor. that's when stalin used the food or absence of food deliberately. it was also characterized by mass deportations t banning of the ukrainian language frequently, the effort to on lit late rate and suppress any talk of ukrainian culture, history, or art. now, that very similar playbook being used by putin who has himself forced deportation from russian occupation here in ukraine and, of course, he's been accused by the international community and ukraine of using grain and food as a well more widely to show the world the more deadly consequences worldwide of
2:35 am
sanctions against russia at the very least. now, the grain from ukraine has raised $150 million. that's a backdrop of ukrainian officials saying the net production will be down by about 44% this year. the exports since june, july, are down by about 30% and that's not even accounting for those experts that were simply stopped completely through the first half of the year as a result of russia's invasion soichlt ooh is a very timely reminder of why it is, kim, that ukrainians are so resolute in their effort to drive the russians out of their country. they've been through this before under the soviet union. they recognize a lot of the tactics being used but they know their history because now at least as ukraine was independent, they're able to achieve an accurate version. kim. >> good points. meanwhile, sam, we're learning the railway infrastructure was
2:36 am
hit by russian missiles this morning among attacks around zaporizhzhia. what more can you tell us? >> reporter: so these are difference, kim, from the cruise missile attacks against the energy infrastructure, but we've seen this before, the deliberate targeting of the rail infrastructure. there was a massacre some months ago where more than 50 people were killed. no attacks there in the neighbors province neighboring to where i am now, but it has hit a significant transport hub, and the authorities are saying rail transport is going to be severely disrupted. there have also been some other strikes on the outskirts of the city where i am, zaporizhzhia. that raises tensions because there's a nuclear power station downriver from where i am which is often the scenes of outgoing shelling and incoming shelling, a very dangerous situation
2:37 am
there, kim. >> all right. and meanwhile, of course, ukrainians suffering not just through those direct attacks but also the effects of the attacks on the power and water system. there has been good word recently. we got word that 80% of electricity needs have been restored. so what's the latest on the efforts to restore and to protect these slightal systems? >> reporter: well, the restoration system is ongoing. they say it will take two years alt least to get ukraine back to 100% capability. what they're really talking about now, meeting 80% of the needs, that's the key word, which is absolutely necessary is online. that includes kherson which had destruction to its power capabilities and those into ukraine. those have been partly restored.
2:38 am
notwithstanding, the attacks on kherson and individuals nearby have been hit in the last 24 hours alongside the city there. so the palace supply is being restored. ukrainians are pretty much every day saying to the international community please help us with air defenses. they've got more sophisticated equipment, but it's nowhere near what they say will keep the missile swarms out of the skies. very, very long way from being able to defend themselves much less dominate their own skies and get further onto the front in terms of their military campaigns onto the ground. kim? >> really appreciate getting all of your reporting there in zaporizhzhia. sam kiley, thanks so much. a second victim has died
2:39 am
from his wounds after two explosion rocked jerusalem wednesday. medical authorities say the man was hurt badly in the attack and succumbed to his injuries. a 16-year-old was also killed. they were carried out by a, quote, well organized cell. the explosive devices used were very powerful. so far no one has claimed responsibility. search and rescue operations continue for victims of a landslide on the italian island. at least one person was killed and 10 others missing. eight people have been rescued, but weather conditions are making the search for others testify. cars, roads, and 3wi8dings were damaged when tore enreal rain swept through the coast of naples on saturday. protests continue to rock the country of iran. we'll have the details coming
2:40 am
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pr praising others for the crackdown. they describe the military as, quote, innocent fighters protecting the nation. he called the protesters rioters and thugs and alleged they were being backed by foreign forces. this as iranians took to the streets on friday. many as you see here, they protested against him. let's bring in cnn 's jomana kharadsheh. they seem to be doubling down on
2:44 am
the protests. >> reporter: they were addressing a gather ing. the pair mill day is affiliated with the rusevolutionary guard corps. they have led the way with the violence and brutality as they have for a long time, for years and years in an attempt to crush descent in the country. and many are seeing this with the supreme leader praising them for confronting the enemies of iran, the rioters and thugs as he described them as giving his blessings for this crackdown and the green light to continue and in intensify the regime's attempt to crush these protests. you know, this narrative from the regime is not new. we have been hearing this for weeks and weeks now, describing the protesters as rioters, as
2:45 am
thugsings as mercenaries, as agents of foreign president obama powers with this conspiracy and plot as they have describes it, naming countries from israel to the u.s., uk, sark and the list goes on. they use this as a pretext to intensify this brutal crackdown and to unleash brutal force on these protesters, and we heard from the united nations, human rights chief on thursday who described the situation on the ground now as a full-fledged human rights crisis. he urged the regime to listen to its people torque address their grie grievances, saying this narrative is a convenient one, that it is the typical narrative of tyranny, and the oil ways and this fortress mentality durmt work anymore. what it does is it aggravates the situation. this is exactly what we've been seeing now for weeks. the more people are killed, the more people are detained, this
2:46 am
is only making people angrier, more defiant, and more determined to continue protesting and risking everything for regime change. the concern is when you're seeing the protesters not backing down, still defined after all this, and the regime calorically not softening its position, at least publicly, the concern is the situation is going to get far, far worse on the ground. if you look at what's been going on according to the u.n., 300 people have been killed. more than 300 people have been killed since september including more than 40, but they believe the numbers are much higher than that. more than 14,000 men, women, and children have been arrested since september and at least six people, six protesters have been sentenced to death. kim in. >> all right. thanks so much, jomana karadsheh. i appreciate it. dozen os of female activists
2:47 am
came out in support of the protests in iran. take a look. they shaved their heads or cut off their hair to show solidarity for women's rights. iran, of course, has been rocked by demonstrations while in ply custody. former president khan called off a meeting. this is his first meeting since he was attacked. he's been pushing for protests since his ouflter in march. he called off the violence. here he is. >> translator: i have decided not to go to islamabad because i know there will be destruction and the loss will be to our
2:48 am
country. instead of causing loss to our country, creating havoc, it's better that we get out of this corrupt system. >> the interior minister and senior intelligence official were behind a plot to kill him. government and military officials have denied the accusation. still ahead, jubilation in argentina. the country keeps its world cup hopes alive after a heroic performance from lionel messi. we'll show you the top moments from saturday's match coming up. please stay with us. the face of clean. the faface of whoa. some are of intensity, others, joy. alall are of - ahhhh. listerine. feel l the whoa! give the gift of shihine at the black friday sale. get 30-50% off everything. ♪
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soccer fans in argentina jumping for joy there as their world cup hopes are kept alive by their superstar lionel messi who, of course, scored the team's first goal in mexico on saturday, helping the team secure a 2-0 victory. it was a must-win after their
2:53 am
shocking loss to saudi arabia. in the days ahead, the u.s. will play its own game. it will face off against iran on tuesday after playing against heavily favored england cnn's carolyn manno joins us with more. a full day of action today. it just kicked off. i have my eyes on the germany/spain game. germa germany, a must-win by spain with a huge win. my nation playing against those savvy croatians. but i want to jump ahead to tuesday, u.s. against iran. what are you expecting? >> i love -- kim, it's great to be with you. i love those images. it reinforces everything we've been talking about, to have an exposure to such different fan bases. there's no question the spotlight will squarely be on this match on tuesday. you havee joe political tensions. so there's a lot of nuance here
2:54 am
in terms of protests. but in terms of the match itself that a lots of people want to focus on, and, oh, by the way, 15 million people on fox here in the united states effectively watched their last match. you can imagine the attention that's going to be focused on tuesday. this is win or go home, united states, entering the world cup with no experience. the united states has really embraced this moment. the goalkeeping has been a highlight for sure, the work of matt turner has been superb. what they've lacked is the finishing tough offensively. they've got two points to show for all of this effort, and they need that win, like you said, to advance. you can expect them to push the attack a little bit harder. you might see their manager use some substitutions a little bit earlier. there's been some question about lineups and who's been in and who's been out. beating iran on tuesday is not a guarantee. i mean this is a quality team.
2:55 am
we have spent so much time talking about everything that that country has been going through politically. they were the 20th ranked team, so they have a lot of quality, and so do the united states. they need to show the world that this so-called golden generation of young players is really ready to come in and excuse offensively because we've seen so many incredible chances but they haven't capitalized on nearly as many as they have gotten. you see one draw that felt like a bit of a loss against wales and one that felt like a bit of a win against england. >> speaking of expectations, all the expectations on lionel messi, is he the g.o.a.t., the greatest of all time? the one missing thing, the world cup. he took a big step in helping his nation as we teased in the opening in their win. >> seasonal that incredit snbl argentina could have drawn against mexico, but you're saying what everyone else is
2:56 am
thinking. that wouldn't have been good enough. they would have lived to fight another day. this is what makes messi incredible. have a situation where it feels like a must-win. they had a historic and hum ling loss, and who rose to the occasion. they gave argentina the second half lead, a 35-year-old who said will be his last world cup, keeping his country in the contest, his quest for the world cup alive and well with the second goal as argentina goes on to win. then you have poland on the top of the table. robert lewandowski is one of the best scorers the world has ever seen. the emotion was a takeaway for sure. >> absolutely. great to see. so much to look for. i can't wait for the matches today. i really appreciate having you hear to talk about it.
2:57 am
thanks so much, carolyn manno. appreciate it. i'm kim brunhuber at cnn center in atlanta. you can follow me on twitter @kimbrunhuber. next up "tech for good." on thet with red currants on top we wish yoyou a happy holiday, only at ihop. new gingersnap apple french toast, part of our new holiday y menu. try all threree flavors. because your lives are forever entwined. ♪ love entwined. exclusively at kay. yes, i need a trim.
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