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tv   CNN Tonight  CNN  November 28, 2022 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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they need everyone, hala coats. is a cnn tonight. after a long holiday weekend we are finally hearing from more
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republicans who are calling that the former president, for his minutes happened last week with holocaust and i, excited, and rapper, kind u.s.. >> president trump was wrong to give a white nationalist and antisemites and holocaust entire seat of the table i think you should apologize for it, and he should denounce those individuals and their hateful rhetoric without qualification. >> mike pence also signed symmetry doesn't believe former president is a racist or a bigot, but it does make you wonder about the company he is keeping, oh, given his statements of condemnation that you just heard from president trump. a white nationalist, a holocaust denier and the rapper formerly known, were now known as a. freshman tweet saying these clinical death con three on jewish people. not sure what qualifies for somebody to be called bigoted.
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but we will wait and see i guess, on, that from vice president mike pence. we've got more to come on this, plus the white shooter who killed ten people. in a supermarket in the multi black neighborhood in buffalo is pleading guilty, today. we talk to some of the men and women who are killed saying that they think he was treated differently than a black shooter would've been without a lot to talk about tonight during that cnn political analysts ashley allison. also kevin madden, top aide to the mitt romney presidential campaign. cnn political analyst, alex burns is here as well. good to see you all here tonight. look, there's been a bit of a pass that was given over the weekend, or thanksgiving, and we're not gonna hear from any members of congress. they're probably doing whatever they do and work with a home even turkey. but on monday today we are hearing things, we're hearing some condemnation. i want to sort of orient to discussion for a moment, because not everyone might know who mr. fantasies. and what he stands for. you hear the name and wonder, what could he possibly have?
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that may play through a lid of the clips he has and a lid of the mash-up, and the kind of comes this persona has access to former president of the united states was saying. >> we've got the white christian men that built this country the first time. we will do it again. we will do what must be done. centimeter into these black neighborhoods, make the streets a, they'll complete about, it it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter but never gonna vote for us. who cares. enough to jim crow stuff. who cares. oh no that's go to different schools and their water fountain in the famous picture was worse. who cares, go up? now they're going out about russia, and vladimir putin is hitler. that's not a good thing. i should've said that. we. >> he's so funny. he really is. >> normally provocateurs don't interesting that's because i really feel or fall for the say
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debate that they give. in this instance, the fact that this is somebody who had an audience with somebody who is running for reelection is very concerning, so to think? >> absolutely. i'm not surprised. donald trump continues to show us who he is and i do appreciate former vice president pence saying something. i wish you all would've said something as strong in charlottesville. when you head neo-nazis marching through the streets also saying anti-semitic things. so, the fact that you have someone who says they are running for president in 2024. who was the former leader of this country, sitting down someone like yay, whose problematic when many different -- but also why yay. he has no political analysis. air and at an antisemite it's troubling, we need to continue to pay attention to it because
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you cannot ignore this type of behavior. it allows you to continue to fester. what is new about this tonight is the former vice president spoke about this very issue and you are right. we've been infamously mute on a number of issues. still, never going all the way to distance himself, completely, from donald trump. the question is why? it is likely that he probably has aspirations of being president of the united states. whether that is a bible aspiration, we don't. no but the identities now coming around, alex, and you have other top republicans. who are condemning his behavior and actually having an open conversation about it, in fact, here's sandra dune and corner -- who are on top of these issues. sandra thune said that's a bad idea on every level. i don't know who is advising him or his staff. but i hope that whatever the person who scott was, but fired. gordon think it's, bad disappointed about. it usually perk thing it's ridiculous. that's on with about.
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-- saying it's ridiculous. some whose boss those views. you've got people come out and saying something. about it, even senator kramer, at one, point saying something from north dakota, serious. >> he should condemn those kind of things that anyone could stand. for clearly, it is not my view, i don't think it's his view. but, as you know, president trump doesn't condemn a lot of people who support him. >> that is a part, alex, the last sentence. he doesn't condemn a lot of people who support him. is that the crux of this issue? >> certainly, i think, for former president trump. it's much of the crux of the issue. i think it's so important about your hearing because we heard a handful of these republicans now, laura, for so mike pence. he's now not sort of wrapping the former president on the rest and moving on in the way,
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i think, we heard a lot republicans overtime. i do think that challenge to trump that he ought to apologize it's an interesting and very very deliberately sweatpants. right? that advances this conversation further, i don't think pence here for a lot of fight with donald trump. but it does mean that it is not silly quite so easily to say your piece, move, on hope to the media cycle moves on soon enough. i think more than anything though, this is an indication of the sense among republicans. and it's a pretty decent cross of during the party. you're not just talking about your never trump folks, or folks who voted for impeachment once or twice. he really is a politically we can force. why are you hearing a joni ernst or kevin kramer speaking so freely about what this is? problems donald trump didn't really seem, necessarily as guys running the show anymore. >> when you think about? that >> is not convinced about that yet. and the thing is knowing to me is that they're still doing this in such an incremental
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way. and they're doing with these little glancing blows. and then the sort of checking the temperature and saying, am i getting any blow back from the republican base? >> are they? >> they don't know yet. and that's not the right question to ask. and in the main question we should be asking is, it seemed out someone like nick fuentes disqualifying? the answer on that is emphatically, yes. it is a disqualifying actor said somebody with those views. you should not be able to be ahead of a major political party. where president of the united states. that should be the question that they're asking. quite frankly, i'd be saying it rhetorical. i asked myself that question as an elected member, or the the party. and answering patently, he does not qualify present because of this. >> if you think about the long list of things, right, that people tried to disqualify trump on the basis of. and the list is pretty long. you've heard congressman liz cheney, very intent on disqualification tied to the january 6th insurrection, for example. the notion here, and i don't
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want to give him, essentially an olive branch in this. but a statement to trump has been, look, i don't always know him setting. what kind of got some people with him. which gave me security questions about the people who, you don't know who's coming around the former president tonight? states i wonder if the obamas, or clinton, or have jimmy carter like. who comes and has a meal me these days? that is kind of a top. but that is what his statement has been. >> he has copycats all the time. when you are the president of the united states. for the former president, especially the most immediate former presidents. you know who you are sitting down with. there is betting that is supposed to be happening. now, it might not happen in the trump system because they don't actually have any protocols what i would say -- >> doesn't excuse it? you >>, know it doesn't. because of responsibility as a leader. and the thing that i think about and, really agree with, you. that is why are they doing this?
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now pence wants to be in the new cycle just as much as donald trump wants to be because he might not want this to go on forever, but he will bring it up on a presidential face. >> i'll just point was, in point, what you're saying. that the idea of trump's statement, this time around. requires a response. and the absence of a response, or the absence of an apology, is itself a response. or a refusal to acknowledge something. again, it is glancing blow. at that point do you think it is intentional by pence in terms of getting a response and wanted one? we're actually looking for one? >> how things are saying that mike pence and stop donald trump that is not incredibly intentional 19 that's been true for quite some time. to kevin's point, until you have the leader of the republican party out there driving the message that this guy is not qualified to be president. that he should be seen as having taking himself out of consideration.
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there's no mechanism to disqualify somebody from seeking public office just because their views are important and their characters deficient. that's about driving a message to persuade voters to see things your way. so you have folks on the right, not just dipping their toe in the water to say let's see how the base is going to react to this. but really taking the situation in hand and saying it is my mission to make sure the base believes that this guy is disqualified. you just in the sea route, after round of this. i just think in terms of the sort of cop out after cop out. how many times of donald trump accidentally had dinner with a left wing radical? >> you just mentioned it was the biggest tactical problem. here you are again, donald trump, driving the new cycle, and everybody else reacting to it. if you want to be the 2024 nominee inside the republican party, they are not donald trump. you have to get out this vicious cycle of just responding. every single day, to some donald trump controversy. that is the thing that i found
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interesting about the last two days. this is a 2016, 2020 reductions, everybody is responded to donald trump do cycle that was responded initiated by donald trump. >> it's from governor reelect, governor again, brian kemp. i do sense a bit of a change. in 2016, people were chasing the headline that was donald trump. and 17, and 18, and i can go on for the years it's happened. there seems to be a little bit more freedom. people actually being able to say something, at least to condemn even initially. maybe they pull back, but here is gonna campus today about this very issue. >> it was a bad decision. there's no place for that the republican party. and i know he's got his answer to that question. i will let him speak to that. my views on that are very clear. >> of course, his views on that might be very clear because he's not in the good graces of donald trump. and has a little bit more
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freedom perhaps not in georgia. but we will see how it all pans out. stick around everyone because as you can imagine this country is reeling from one mass shooting after another. and tonight's the gunman who killed ten human beings in a racist mass shooting at the buffalo supermarket in a mostly black neighborhood, today has pleaded guilty. the family of some of those victims. they are not happy about this. we will tell you why, next. for less than $57 a month and knowing that we are covered, it simplififies life. with my y plan for $0 a month, i know i can get the care i need to live e my best life. they were able to mamake sure that i was taken care of. it was really life changing to have that. and i only pay $16 a month for the first time in my life, i found a great plan for $0 a month. is here for millions like you. (vo) after fifteen years of the share the love event, subaru and our retailers have donated over two hundred and fifty million dollars to charity.
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the gunman in the horrific crisis measuring a bit of the course you saw that happen it may, pleaded guilty to the state charges today. 19,-year-old bates engendered plane guilty to one counts of domestic terrorism, motivated by hates. ten counts of first-degree murder, three counts of attempted murder, and a weapons possession charge. his plea now ensures will be no state level tribes does face federal charges, which has already pleaded not guilty to, at this point. some of the victims family members expressed some frustration with the outcome today. calling out the system that we have for being overly sympathetic towards the gunman.
7:18 pm
>> his voice showed -- made me feel sick. this country is inherently violence. it is racist. and his voice show that to me today because he didn't care. you couldn't hear him, in his voice. he was just the robot. >> in court today. a lot of anger was over my body. i was angry how the judge was constantly talking to this gentleman like he was a little prepubescent six great boy. i was angry they didn't have him look at the faces of the families victims that he ruined. >> let's think about what he was taken to custody and when others can have their hands up and not be taken to custody, they dip in the ground with
7:19 pm
both of them. my mother had bullets in her. i did not know -- i did not know the full extent so i came here today. >> -- all cnn got, as norm allen is joining us now. norm, when you look at this, we keep emphasizing. state charges versus federal charges. we know full well, of course, that it could often be that backstop. but just the idea of just the angered frustration of the families. you've been on the fence counsel, prosecutor, we've seen the frustrates of so many. what is the reaction? >> laura, i've worked in county cases defending those who are accused of these heinous crimes. my first reaction is not as a lawyer, it is a human one. and my heart is breaking for these families. there is nothing that can bring back the precious lives that
7:20 pm
were lost, or ever fully heal those scars. that is a scar that never fully heels. i do think that killing, for the terrible things he did, and this is not -- dozens be a case where say out is a crazy man. this is a stone cold killer. he made his mind, and he did it, on racist grounds. still, life in prison is a severe you, killing him is not going to heal those wounds. those victims, the families, we'll have -- as a nation i think a return to the question of, he legally bought a gun, he illegally modified it. we need to make it much more difficult, if you look at the statistics, lasting a say. the statistics internationally, or even the united states, where the easier and more difficult to get guns to these kind of modifications. where it is more difficult,
7:21 pm
there are many fewer mask innings. we must address the society to prevent this horrible pain and buffalo. >> and any -- numbers right. the human element of this. the pain, this is on the backdrop of how many mass shootings have occurred events as this happened in may. it is horrific that we are still, i've reported on so many, as we all have in our time. remember there's a time for the sentencing opportunity. or he impact victims to talk. i find it interesting, part of the frustration the family's was that they wanted to be able, through a trial, to have information come out. knowing as a spot and what happened. want to address all the evidence. just systematic way that has been sought out. this community, based on demographics, based on the intersection of race, income, geography. there was an intersectional
7:22 pm
story here. >> i am just like norm. i'm sure everyone here and everyone watching, i go back to that day when we heard about the shooting in buffalo. and it's a black american, it differently. there are many shootings but this one hit home. i and you never want to tell a victims family i feel like justice should be served. you can never fully empathize into in somebody's shoes. i'm not a support of the death penalty, but that doesn't mean if that should be with the family want, they ship to have that. i also think, what you heard was the racial implication. that the racial system was unjust. if they felt like this was a black shooter, that he might not have even had the chance to play guilty kathy would mean that. they might have had more
7:23 pm
transparency. he is sounding to just learning things today. the dean the transparency for closure. to norm's point, i do think that there are some measures we can take around assault weapons. but they're also some things on monitoring without invading prophesy. but chapters of people are in on social media platforms. where he was clearly exposing some of the site and his intent, and that should be addressed as well. >> speak layer -- i again, i would not dare to suppose a new justice look like for a family member. at the state of new york. the death penalty was not an option. it's a lifetime possibility of parole. but their federal charges. and it could possibly bring that out. this pasta maritime recounted penalty cases. actually tierney eric garland talked about not being in support of that penalty. despite his oklahoma city bombing asked as well. a proxy in that case. i can't help a look at these cases, kevin, on the backdrop. we see what happened with
7:24 pm
families don't believe the choice not taking place. there's not a simple suggests that some parts. meanwhile, here in washington d.c., you got the oath keepers trial. for many, it is clear as mud, thursday. depending on your viewpoint. about the evidence before the jury. in washington d.c., the jury is still deliberating. many look at it and say, what could be taking so long? that they're all these discussions about an expedited results. what do you make of this oath keepers trial that is verdict. but >> we are going attended a details about that because a lot details and a lot of evidence. i think one of the big challenges here about these cases is that we oftentimes have them driven public policy conversation, or political conversation, or large shirt of conversation with society. oftentimes driven just by events. some of the questions in problems we faced, and the day
7:25 pm
today, and the management of the judicial system. and the legal system. things like equity, fairness, so much of that as a conversation that can't take place just around one event. remember buffalo happened, and uvalde, happened that we finally saw some policy action. the conversations, and the addressed of these issues. a very deeply rooted problems in the system, and in society. those conversations have to be ongoing. on any trial, beyond any one event. it becomes use word when then turns the cameras on and reporters show up. that conversation probably has to be much more methodical, much more systemic. >> we are very reactive nation comes the policy. that's when the complaints. we have nearby discussions of gun control. when actually occurs. that sustained conversation, before we go to break, i'm curious learn from your perspective. are you surprised we have been kind of ready from the oath keepers trial? >> no.
7:26 pm
it is today's. we had one before the holiday, and i look at the second day. they sent a note out of the jury. >> it wasn't enough of the prosecution, all tell you that. >> it wasn't a terrible note. they want to understand what prevent, hinder, or delayed, in this case seditious conspiracies. there has been an agreement, prevent, hinder delayed, the execution of any law on the united states. and they wanted to understand how that related to laws governing the transfer of presidential power. and judge made, when he was a lawyer who practiced together in the form. judge made it sent back an instruction on how the two interacted. that they could have to find a agreement to interfere with the transfer of power by force, i think there's a lot of evidence of that. i represent the d.c. ag and a civil case against these militias. i know these are not easy cases. and i appreciate the juries taking their time. come on, we tried a bunch of cases. the jury was out moment in
7:27 pm
today's. the jury sent multiple notes. and then they convicted in the end. i think the evidence is strong. >> i don't really like me. and yes, i have to tell you. -- i'm getting. it is always beyond a reasonable doubt. let's undo laura coats. >> my jury is real for me in spite me not being as likable as orchids. they still ruled for me. i would say, for prosecutors perspective. if i have a jury who's asking questions about clarifying the definition that was the meat of my case, and word about what i may have altered on. but we will see and everyone, -- is extraordinary likable. in court, enough. so there you go. look at the smile. you see right there. >> i hope my family is watching. >> they're not. no watches me i did my family. but if, and i'm the personal. >> we are just a days away from what everyone is watching. it is a critical senate runoff in the state of georgia, and i wear them to the former president, donald trump.
7:28 pm
he's not going to appear to campaign for herschel walker in georgia. plus, lava is flowing down the largest active volcano in the world. i will talk to one of hawaii's top officials about whether the people there are at risk. wow. any i'm stuck! is that the new iphone? yup, i just got the new iphone 14 with its amazing camera at t-mobile. wow! at t-mobile, get four iphone 14's on us and four new lines for $25 bucks a line. ( ♪ )
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7:33 pm
more than 300,000 as of today. which blows up the old record of 233,000. very motivated voters. here that's according to georgia election official gabe sterling. back with me now ashley outs, and kevin, mountain alex burns returns as well. i want to play for you this part. because governor kemp, i think, really encapsulates exactly why there has been the turnouts. and why he is still promoting and endorsing herschel walker. this is what he had to say about why you should vote here and now. but >> we cannot rest on our laurels everyone. we are going to decide who are senator is. this is going to be a turnout election. who is more motivated? is it them or us? >> not a whole lot about herschel walker's campaign platform. >> turnout. who's going to turn out?
7:34 pm
that is a crux of it right? that is what he saying but. >> the basement about this race right now that it's been three weeks. one week to go. it is been an extension of we saw for the last eight months. it is just the same messages, it is the same tactics, it is the same two candidates, spending money on ads. that is really all it is. not much has changed in the last three. weeks >> $50 million worth of ads by the way. democrats higher, 37.3 million for democrats. 20.2 million for republicans. but i don't know. there seems to be a distant sort of taste in terms of the ads that are being run. for a long time, rafa warnock was criticized for not being more attacking of herschel walker. people wondered why he wasn't going to talk more about the abortion weighted scandals and whatnot. now he has his commercial out. which i have seen, and kind of chuckle that, because that was a conversation people are having. they would show you video of
7:35 pm
what herschel walker had to say, and that will what direction do? it you kind of hounded out that a little bit more of a tax away, but here it is. >> you can watch a stupid music late night open gets by britain get better anyway. the other night i was watching this movie. as washers movie called fright night, some type of night, but of empires. i don't know if you know vampires are cool people. >> what the heck is he talking about? is he serious? the firrea? >> but tyson they found out. we will continue vampire? >> what is he talking about? >> that was a question to ask about that very clear, alex. is this the protein ought to take in terms of senator warnock? >> personal to give herschel walker credit where do. i did know that. that is new information >> are you georgia voter? that he would want to know that too. >> look, far be it for me to sort of tell brian kemp how to
7:36 pm
win election in georgia. you said a very convincing victory. but we heard him say in that at, it's not quite true. the fact is that this is a turnout election, it's about our sideshow, part of their center not? with brian kemp raffle were knock showed in the midterm elections. is that that is a persuasion game also in georgia. you have many thousands of people turn out to vote, this november election. and cast a ballot for the republican governor, and for democratic senator. and what herschel walker badly needs to happen in the runoff, it's a lot of people who put their ballots either switch back to just voted straight ticket republican, meaning only for him this time. or they just stay home. and that not that many people show up. doesn't like from the early vote that folks just staying home is a great bet on this one. but you don't -- we see social walker trying to get those republicans rejected him last time. as i think he says outlandish stuff. they think it's a person of the character. and to say, listen, just vote for the team this time.
7:37 pm
>> i think what kemp was talking about, also, we call that like a persuasion turnout. they have to convince people to actually go and vote. some people call it get out the vote. i thought that add that the warning seemed put out was spot on, i'll areas, watch five times today. there's one part where they're like, he's talking about aaron, is at the guys like us all the same air. you know somebody need to name a thing. what is he talking about? all the time. every time he speaks the says something in the speech and you're like -- what is the? think there's something going on with? me am i missing the point? and now, his own party knows that is every time he goes out a chaperones cause i want to clean up if he said something crazy. what she did, most recently. not to say we said. we definitely had something inappropriate about an election. >> by the clipping or leave it alone. not to say, it will go google it everyone, right now. you see it yourself. >> it's not just reverend
7:38 pm
warnock was doing. this walker sitting back. i mean, he has an adult as well. because there are questions that were raised about a comment that senator rafa warnock made about -- what characters will happen once looking. listen to this. >> character is what you do when no one is watching. and warnock thought no one was watching when his ex wife called police to report his abuse. >> and he's a great actor. >> we're not known as watching, when he evicted poor people from their homes. >> is that effective, kevin? >> it is the same ads that were run in the general election. but we saw three weeks ago. it's the same thing, and i really do think in many ways for councillor shutout. one of the reef i think warnock has an edge in this race is, republican turnout is going to be deflated known that they can't really have a mantle to grab onto, with majority, give the democrats are still gonna
7:39 pm
be in the majority. i think that the plated turnout there, the fact that testing is all going to be about whether not you can win the suburbs and warnock was winning the suburbs of atlanta. and even ran ahead of stacey abrams in the suburbs. i think he gets the edge. not much has changed. i think that leaves the actual knock. >> -- makes a great point. because maybe has been a number that caught you say closer to the filibuster. being able to be done away with. that is a bit more enticing than just,, you have one more seat filled. having said that i don't think there is really a myth electorate but we will see what actually comes out here in places like georgia. look, everyone, let's turn the tables of the world starts active volcano. because it is erupting for the first time and nearly four decades. that is not just one. now a second volcano is erupting on the big island. >>
7:40 pm
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there is a really rare event happening in hawaii, tonight. you've got dueling, doubling eruptions from two active volcanoes on the big island. and for the first time in nearly 40 years, mauna loa, the world's largest active volcano is sending molten hot lava streaming down the side of the mountain. it became late sunday night and right now lava as likely to say and what is likely known as mauna loa's northeast riff zone and pose very little threat to residents. at least for the time being. i hope that remains the case. also, nearby calloway is the other volcano that is now erupting. about 21 miles away from mauna loa. to the way irruption in, 2018, that destroyed more than 700 homes. join me now, why is governor
7:45 pm
elect current lieutenant governor, josh greene. lieutenant governor, governor elects, our first was both. you've got both the titles right. now it is nice to see you. we are learning a lot about what is happening down in hawaii right now. right now i'm wondering, is there a big risk to the residents in the area? i mean to erupting volcanoes? it is crazy? >> it is crazy but there's not a threat to our people right now. thank goodness. it is interesting. this is the area right to care of patients as a physician. when i first came to hawaii. and we are a vulnerable community all the way out here. we've had so many different storms, and disasters, as you described. cutaway are up to, which is in 2018. and then, now, mauna loa. which has been a long time. it's been 40 years since model our update. because it's going to the northeast riff zone, that is a better way for the love of the flow. it goes to flatter area, of
7:46 pm
becomes quite viscus intensive slow down before cats and when there are people. we should be low. he was largest town on big island. and as we are mindless live, we just are getting a lid nervous without the time. it is a little weak away we hopeful it will make all it's a. down >> the idea of what that would be like. the prospect. although the lava may not present this immediate or urgent threat. i'm wondered about the air quality posed by the volcanic ash that might be in the area. it's pretty minimal, that could have some impact on some of our questions or -- >> that is true. right now there's more hot air coming out of the georgia special action, frankly. there is apathy volcano. but i will tell you it is not without consequence, here. we do have a thing called fog. that is what panic small. that does irritate peoples lungs. we did some research about people about twice as likely to have asthma exacerbation's or palms their copd, when the
7:47 pm
volcanoes go off. also there's a thing called pele's. glass or pele's hair. which is shards of volcanic ash and the carbon forms into a glass like fiber. people can read that in. right now, it is been very minimal. it is been safe. encouraging people to wear masks, if they're concerned, the department of health is working on it and monitoring air quality. there's no worries about traveling to hawaii. there's no worries about being in the forbidden island but it is a concern, always. we worry about all these things. >> i wonder how you prepare? obviously with certain national disasters, hurricane for example. people are more familiar with what happens there. is there a way to prepare. because i think the u.s. judgment survey had reported, early in the summer there had been some seismic activity near, at least, mauna loa. is there a way to prepare? or is it really wait and see approach that must be taken? >> we do monitor things constantly. and there are a lot of earthquakes. when you was coming.
7:48 pm
we stratified risk we do a lot of science here in hawaii, as you saw. we got covid we had good results. with the, volcanoes with science, we have people prepared. who've gone the other direction, if the lava had actually broken through to the other side. where from the northeast. and so the southwest it is more worrisome. because you can't predict where the lava flows would go. then it goes downhill really quickly, towards corona, and tele-. which of the other areas of the big island. that would've been more disconcerting. also, what if we have earthquakes we have some concern about the shock moving because of things like a tsunami. the shop was into the ocean. and all of this freeze people in the mainland out. but these are very rare instances. we fought them carefully with our geology. and we are okay. but we appreciate all the concern, does a run though so i. and these are pretty unusual things you don't see this on the mainland. >> we're thinking of everyone out there and it's heart all of
7:49 pm
the place like hawaii's we wish the best out there as well. lieutenant governor, governor elect josh greene thank you for taking the time to be here today. we will follow along. >> thanks for all about us, we characterize to. >> thank you. >> well, jaylen everyone, he is returning to the stage. and he is cracking some jokes. although probably not of the governor elect just about georgia. but we give jaylen more credit is well. the comedian is back at just two weeks after suffering some serious burns from kathleen fire. what did you find funny about? it will tell you, next. o make the right moves fast... get decision tech from fidelity. [ cellphone vibrates ] you'll getet proactive alerts for market events before they hahappen... and insights on every buy and sell decision. with zero-commission online u.s. stock and etf trades. for smarter trading decisions, get decision tech from fidelity.
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please call now. if operators are busy, please call again, or go to right away. the world could use some more heroes, and your call will make a difference. thank you for being our hero! jay leno making his return to the comedy stage over the weekend, suffering major burns in a garage accident just two weeks ago. here he is cracking jokes, arriving at the club. >> jay hough does it feel to be back on the stage? >> i'm not on stage yet, i just
7:54 pm
got here. >> back with me is ashley allison, kevin -- we are all pretty worried about how he would be doing, these are serious burns. it is shocking that he is burned, good to see him back out there. >> i love jay leno, i loved what his show, very excited to have him back, and i was particularly worried because the bruins were on his face and such an iconic face. >> most famous tune in show business. >> just to see him back in good spirits is what we need. >> he is a workhorse, too. he used to go back out on the road, even when he was the host of the tonight show. so the circuit is in his blood, is great to see him doing what he loves. >> and how fantastic on a day with some very heavy news to have jay leno back and showing us the role of humor in lifting up his own spirits and all of us, it just was a bit of good news that we needed. >> we need to have more of it. i'm glad to see him out there, and of course, what was not a
7:55 pm
laughing matter to some people was bob dylan, he tried to make his life easier by essentially using an auto pen to sign-limited edition copies of his book. you had super fans who are comparing online and thought, this is exactly the same. turns out that they indeed or some replication. i have course have a book with simon shuster, is same company as well, so i will not say too much more about my best selling book. but let's talk more about this notion because he was trying to cut corners a little bit, but it is bob dylan. >> the value of my books actually go down with, so we it is not the bob dylan situation. here is what i will say, laura. he started the show on call to trump to apologize, and we all know that trump will not apologize if pence asks him 100 times. paul dylan apologized.
7:56 pm
he made a mistake, he had vertigo, he used the auto pen, they are sending money back to the fans. again, that is what we need to see. you make a mistake, apologize. >> i will give him credit for apologizing. i hate that they only apologize when they get caught on things like this, but i do give him credit for that. >> i guess i'm too cynical, i am not surprised that they would -- that so many people use the auto pen to use their signature. >> i'm in government service, they all use the auto pen. >> i have a poster for my birthday that diana ross signed it, i did not see her signed, it in my heart i believe it's her signature. but if it's not, i would not hate diana ross. >> excuse me, diana ross would never lie, she is perfect. we will stop right there. we are moving on. you know i love diana ross. >> she is my favorite.
7:57 pm
>>. >> she is mine, and i love her. coming up next, where protests in china over the country's zero covid policy, anger in iran over the suppression over the regime. so have the world cup tie and all of this? we will talk about that when we come back, next.
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