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tv   Early Start With Christine Romans  CNN  November 29, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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i love it when you talk nerdy to me. guy, guys, guys, we're still in session. and i don't know what the heck you're talking about. right now on "early start," 40 million americans wake up under the threat of severe storms today from texas to
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georgia and north to illinois. just hours from now an historic vote on capitol hill. the u.s. senate decides on protecting same-sex marriage in america. plus, president biden in a race against time. can he stave off a railroad strick just days before the deadline? all right. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm christine romans. let's get started. we begin with a rare november threat of a severe weather across the south, parts of the midwest. storm system expected to produce tornadoes, hail, winds into the afternoon. the severe storm threat will affect more than 40 million people. the national weather service says nighttime tornadoes could be especially dangerous and deadly. want to bring in meteorologist pedram javaheri. hurricane force wind gusts, hail, a whole lot of pain
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coming. >> it's a multi-faceted storm. it was on november 15th when we had a storm. the same scenario playing out as we go into the afternoon and evening. 62 tornadoes were reported from a similar setup. we'll watch it quickly. it develops rather quickly when you get to 3, 4,s 5 in the afternoon. portions of texas, louisiana and by the time you get to, say, overnight hours, late evening, overnight hours, the storm flourishes from mississippi, louisiana, alabama. that's the area of concern. you're breaking it down. the complex thunderstorms develop here as early as sunset. the concern with these, you know what time the sun sets between 5 and 6 p.m. any time you get the overnight storms, we have the tornadoes
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develop, historically speaking those are twice as likely to be fatal. we watched the storms develop into the afternoon and evening hours and flourish. for a span of 5 to 7 hours. conditions quickly begin to improve. the threat level, damaging winds could get up to 70 miles per hour. we're talking golf ball size hail. ef-2 could stay on the ground. the threat level increases. notice the 15% chance there within 25% in this region where tornadoes are possible. some will happen when it's dark and could be on the ground for many, many hours. if that plays out, it will be a very dangerous scenario in the night. be tuned in, have your weather
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radios on all night. >> thank you for keeping on top of it, pedram. thanks. today on capitol hill the u.s. will vote on the same-sex marriage bill. the house will need to approve it before it can be signed into law by the president. speaker nancy pelosi said the house will vote to avert a potentially crushing national rail strike. president biden is stepping in to avert a possible strike. this is a wild card in an already fragile economy. it could cause shortages of products and halt factory production in some places. cnn's jasmine wright. he thought he staffed it off back in september. what happened here? >> reporter: the white house has been urging both parties to come
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to a resolution for the last few weeks, but as of early this month, four out of the 12 labor unions have voted down that tentative agreement that president biden worked so hard to broker in september. so it put the president in a precarious position. now he's choosing to essentially override the state of negotiations to get congress involved in order to, in his own words, to protect the economy. as groups say the u.s. economy could lose as much as $1 billion in the first week alone as you can see on your screen here. i want to read you a part of the president's lengthy statement making a case as to why it's necessary. as a proud pro labor president, i am reluctant to override the rattification procedures, but i this case where the economic impacts would hurt millions of working families, i believe congress must use its powers to adopt this deal.
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christine, in terms of the next steps. congress is able to intervene because of the railway labor act of 1926. house speaker nancy pelosi in her final weeks in leadership is saying that they are going to bring a bill onto the house floor and they'll pass it without any changes or poison pills. when it gets to the senate, that's where it can get tricky. any senator can delay the process of when the vote could happen on the floor there. sources tell cnn, once that bill is on the floor, it should be able to break the filibuster with 60 votes. i want to note one last thing. the president intervening in this way is notable. for the last few weeks, even as late as monday the white house argued to reporters that the best way to resolve this was for labor unions and railway companies to come to a resolution on their own. there had been contrasting
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reporting about how involved the president was. one, can it pass? two, it will be whether or not this could pit democratic allies and pro union allies against their self-described pro union president, president biden. >> each of the 12 of those unions have accepted this deal. 4 are resistant. they're talking about scheduling, staffing leave, sick pay. jasmine, nice to see you. president biden set to welcome french president emmanuel macron to the white house for a state visit. he will arrive today. they'll discuss russia's invasion of ukraine and china is also on the agenda. the trade practices and beijing's violent crackdown of protesters. >> this is a moment for the
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chinese people and the chinese government to speak to. we have been nothing but clear and consistent. they should be allowed to protest. >> macron will visit china and the biden administration wants a united front among the g7 nations. the streets of beijing eerily quiet. kristie lu stout has the latest live from hong kong. it's been fascinating to see what's happening there. is there any possibility president xi could ease covid restrictions to calm things down? >> reporter: you're right. the pressure is on president xi. a full reopening for china would require a boost in medical cap
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capacity, a change of messaging and the last few hours you've been watching a national health commission and they have plans to boost vaccination rates for the elderly in china. they said lockdowns should be lifted, quote, as quickly as possible to reduce inconvenience for people but we've also been watching very closely the security clamp down in the wake of those pras sieve protests in china in response to the zero covid policy. in beijing, in shanghai police are out and barriers are erected at sites where the protests were taking place over the weekend. we've also learned protestors are being rounded up. one protester spoke to cnn saying around 80 to 110 protesters were detained by hang high police after saturday night protests. the protests said police took their biometric data, including the fingerprints and retinal scans. monday there were no new signs of protests but protests did
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compete in places like hangjo. it shows you the reach, the scale and scope of these antizero covid protests across china. you can see them taking place. it's been verified by cnn in 15 different cities across china from beijing, shanghai and elsewhere. there were protests even last night where they were holding this deeply symbolic blank sheets of white paper symbolic of censorship and symbolic of the censorship. >> even censoring how people can see the world cup. it's showing the world coming together playing sport without masks and that is something the chinese people see and that is not happening in china at all.
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>> thank you. the supreme court hears a critical immigration test today. the administration wants to focus enforcement on those who pose a threat to national security. texas and louisiana sued over the strategy. the case is one of several challenging president biden's authority to make immigration policy without congress. the victor will advance to the tournament's knockout stage. political tensions have o overshadowed this. amanda davies is live in doha. a lot more going on than a soccer match. >> reporter: yeah, christine. the u.s. team and the coach experiencing a press conference with questions like they've never faced before confronted head on by politics and
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international relations. we knew, if you remember, when this draw was made back in april that this would be the case, but given events in iran over recent months, that refusal by the iranian team to sing the national anthem on opening day here in qatar and the u.s. soccer stance changing the iranian flag, this is a sporting match-up that is impossible to extricate from the international diplomatic relations. if they cast their mind back 20 years, it was the same situation the last time they met in the world cup, france '98. iran won that match 2-1. the iranian players had been told they shouldn't shake hands with their american counterparts. there was increased security around the event.
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interestingly, the now u.s. coach greg berhalter was a broadcaster and he remembers not the politics but iran's passion on the pitch. >> that game sticks in my mind, burns in my mind. what i saw from the opening whistle is one team that really wanted to win the game and one team that didn't really want to win the game. iran wanted to win the game with everything and they played really committed, really focused. for us to have a chance to advance tomorrow, that's going to have to be the mindset of our group. we know exactly what iran is going to bring. >> reporter: berhalter urging his side not to make the same mistakes of the past. a source involved with the security around the team has told cnn of threats to the families of the iranian players really requesting, ordering the
2:14 am
players to, quote, behave. threats of imprisonment and even torture if they don't in the run up to this match. the iran coach has called for the politics to be put to one side for at least the 90 minutes on the pitch. he knows his side within touching distance of history. a point and they'll qualify for the knockout stage of the world cup for the first time ever. from a u.s. perspective, it's pretty simple. win or they're out. >> amanda, thank you so much. keep us posted. ahead, the cost of a fullup falling as the u.s. prices hit their lowest levels in nearly a year. plus, the desperate attempt to save over 100 stranded turtles. the world's largest volcano erupting for the first time in nearly 450 years. with f five nationally ranked hospitals, including two world-renowned academic medical centers.
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>> announcer: three questions in three minutes brought to you by ll flooring. your expert from installation to inspiration. the world's largest active volcano is erupting right now after a 38-year slumber. officials say there's no immediate threat to communities. residents of the big island have been told to be on alert. want to bring in benjamin
2:20 am
andrews from the smithsonian. good morning. >> good morning. so nice to be here. >> it's good to have you on. the pictures are riveting. wondering, why is this volcano erupting now for the first time in nearly 40 years? >> sure. as your intro said, this is the biggest volcano in the world. mauna loa. it has had magma coming in for the last six weeks and probably off and on again so the magma has been coming up and it was sitting at about three or six kilometers from the surface, two to five miles down, and it is now -- it's started to erupt about i guess almost 48 hours ago. >> you guys have been watching this. scientists have been using their instruments to try to predict, right, when that was going to happen? tell me about that process that you are excited.
2:21 am
>> sure. the united states geological survey monitors the island and they have a network of sizees m meters and as magma comes in, it inflates the mountain. it's not a balloon under there but imagine a big balloon underground. if you fill that balloon up, it will push the surface up. for the past six or eight weeks there have been increased numbers of small and as i said, about 48 hours ago the first magma reached the surface. there was also gas sensors that have been able to measure gas coming out. all of this are things the usgs scientists can monitor. because this is such a
2:22 am
well-monitored volcano. as the science get closer and closer to eruption, then it says, yes, something is going to happen. so hawaii county of civil defense, it looks like an eruption might happen or an eruption might now be tlengening. altogether, it's -- if there's going to be an eruption, this is not a bad place to be one. >> they're expocketing tourists to come and take a safe look if they can. how about air quality, lava flows, how long this lava flow can go on? >> sure. as the general public we think of lava flows as the big hazard and that can pose a hazard.
2:23 am
the lava flow, the biggest flow is about 10 miles from a saddle row that crosses the big island of hawaii. it's not threatening any communities. volcanic ash, it's little tiny bits of rock and glass. it's essentially frozen magma. that's nasty stuff. we don't want to breathe that in. the other part, we might mention bogs. volcanic bogs. it's smog from a volcano. there are smog which is like fog. asked how long an eruption might last, and that is a big question. one scientists and monitoring
2:24 am
agencies would like to know. the previous one happened in 1984. the past is a good indication of what is likely to happen. there's no telling how long. that is one of the biggest challenges. >> benjamin andrews, thanks for bringing us the science this morning. nice to see you. have a great day. >> thank you. you, too. quick hits across america right now. former virginia police officer accused of catfishing a teenager online before allegedly driving across country and killing her family. >> gunman charged in murder, a tented murder and motivation by hate.
2:25 am
more than 150 sea turtles rescued. a warning about the great barrier reef. why they say it's in danger. cnn on the ground in kherson to see firsthand what the russians left behind. >> this is the only way you can hear the artillery shells going off. this is the only way she can get water for her house. t that one.. that's t the one. at university of phoenixix, you could earn your master's degree in less than a year for under $11k. learn momore at nexium 24hr prevents heartburn acid before it begins. get all-day and all-night heartburn acid prevention choose nexium.
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in the southern ukrainian city of kherson, russian forces are still attacking that city despite retreating two weeks ago. residents who remain there are
2:30 am
desperate but defiant. cnn's matthew chance is on the ground there for us in kherson. >> reporter: the devastation of russia's retreating forces left behind. the village in southern ukraine torn to shreds and until now abandoned to this war. larry told me he's lived here 51 years and after evacuating for eight months is homeless. it's like a stun weighing on my soul. we build everything here with our own hands. russian scum. a short distance away in newly liberated kherson a pool of blood where russia is attacking the city it just left behind. four were killed when this grocery store was hit. now one desperate resident picks
2:31 am
through the debris eating scraps of food. is everything so bad, we ask? >> well, getting basic supplies though in kherson has become a massive risk. when it comes to the sea port, the river port really right on the dnipro river, with this woman here, tatianna from kherson to collect water so she can do washing up, flush the toilet. the water supplies have been completely cut off by the russians. this is the only way. you can hear the artillery shells going off in the background. it's dangerous. this is basically the front line. the russian forces have retreated to the other bank. the so the russian forces are
2:32 am
just across the river but the risk is one that has to be taken. what can we do, tattiana asks? we can't live without water. there's little electricity, either. people are cramming into make shift charging stations like this one just to stay connected. we found defiance here, too, in the face of hardship. the there's no water or power, hannah tells me, but also no russians so we'll get through this. what do you think? i think our enemies will all die soon, says nastia, who's only just turned 9. we'll show you what you get for occupying ukraine, she says. for many, the hardships are too much. roads out of kherson cramped with residents trying to leave.
2:33 am
for those who stay, it is a desperate struggle to survive. matthew chance, cnn, kherson. >> thank you so much for that. this morning the white house is blaming russia for postponing talks on a key nuclear arms control agreement between the two countries. the meetings were scheduled to begin today in egypt. let's go live to cnn's frederick pleitgen. fred, has russia provided a reason for poe postponing this or given new dates? >> reporter: so far, they haven't. we've been asking around the russian government. the russian foreign ministry, i was communicating with them and asking about all of this. they sent me the same message. the gates postponed. the russians not taking responsibility so far, it seems, for postponing that meeting even though we know the u.s. has said it was the russians who said at
2:34 am
the meeting cannot take place at this time and will be postponed to a later date. i was asking the kremlin about it. so far have not received an answer. difficult to say what exactly is behind all of this. it seemed as though over the past couple of months the russians were blaming the u.s. for not renewing the stark treaty. there needed to be a follow-on treaty. what we've seen is the u.s. and russia have, indeed, been talking like in turkey talking about the non-use of nuclear weapons in ukraine. the u.s. warning russia not to do that but the two sides were talking. what is going on now is difficult to say. one of the things we have seen, christine, it seems the russians are taking on a bit harder line towards the west and towards ukraine as well. one of the things we picked up on was last friday when vladimir
2:35 am
putin met with the mothers of the russian soldiers. he said he believed russia is not actually fighting ukraine in this war but is fighting those, as he put it, that are supplying and funding the ukrainians, which obviously seems to be the u.s. and also countries of nato as well. so certainly vladimir putin pretty hard in saying that. this morning we had dmitry peskov saying he does not believe there is any room for negotiations with them either. >> fred pleitgen, thank you so much for staying on top of that for us. quick hits around the globe. police joining forces to take down a super cartel of cocaine traffickers. it was taken from spain, netherlands, uae. 49 suspects taken down. china is going to launch the
2:36 am
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welcome back. a rural county in arizona defying the certification until friday citing concerns about voting machines. monday was the deadline for all 15 arizona counties to certify their results. now secretary of state and governor elect katie hobbs is suing. she claims the county is violating state law and could put some 47,000 votes at risk. former trump adviser kellyanne conway sitting for five hours with the house january 6th committee monday. she was asked about telling acquaintances that trump told her he knew he lost the 2020 election. here's what she told reporters after meeting with the committee. >> did the president tell you he knew he lost the election? >> oh, i don't reveal those conversations. i think if they want to know those, they should speak with
2:42 am
him. >> have you encouraged them to speak to him? >> they asked him so late. i think the committee is almost wrapped up. >> conway said she met with the committee voluntarily and she did not plead the fifth. the allegations suggested a 2014 decision on contraceptive access was leaked when religious leaders used donations to get close to conservative justices. they say in a letter there is nothing to suggest that justice alito's actions violated the hr ethics standards. elon musk now claims apple is making threats that could cripple twitter. gas prices going down. will it continue into the new year? ♪ love entwined. exclusively at kay.
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all right, your romans' numeral, 5.7%. that's how much the national average cost of a gallon of gas has fallen in the past month. the national average, $3.52. the lowest level since december of last year. looking at stock markets around the world. the hang seng dropped more than 5% reversing serious pessimism. will president xi loosen some of that. stock index futures barely moving here. the dow yesterday tumbled 500 points spooked by protests in china and fed protests in china and staying above trend next year. the nasdaq and s&p 500 falling more than 1%. consumer home prices and kay schiller moment prices due out today. at the moment, oil prices the big story. let's bring in denton
2:48 am
chicograna. denton, gas prices below 3 bucks a gallon in three states. they're lower than they were last year in eight states. down almost 6% this month. what's happening? >> well, a lot of it is seasonal. the formulation of gasoline switches. we're in a lower demand period even though thanksgiving holiday just passed. those are two big factors that play a role. the national average is 3.52. we're only 3.5, 4% higher than we were at this time last year. i think that trend be is going to continue. >> the biden administration has granted chevron limited authorization to pump oil in venezuela. how important is that shift? six-month sort of easing of a sanction there. how important is that in the global oil picture? or is it only on the margin? >> it's really good for the united states refiners.
2:49 am
refiners over the past 30 years have invested billions of dollars to be able to pay venezuelan crude that is heavy, sour, usually a lot cheaper than west texas intermediate and run that and the access to some venezuelan crude is a net t positive on the gulf coast. >> the global oil shock because of the war with russia. >> correct. correct. yeah. right now, i mean, russian oil is still making its way to the market. december 5th is a big date to keep in mind because that's when the e.u. oil embargo goes into place. the united states has had sanctions on russia for several months. will russian oil -- production in russia has not been too greatly impacted. it has been impacted a little bit. we'll wait to see what happens on december 5th when ocean-going vessels can no longer go to europe and if that has na impact
2:50 am
on them. >> what about european leaders sort of arguing about what type of price cap on russian oil? >> the prices leaked are in the 65 to $70 a barrel area. in the markets where it physically trades are not even close to those levels, it's 10, $15 close to those levels. we're not near a price cap. i don't think a price cap at that level would have much of an impact at that level. >> you rewind the tape and people are concerned about the high gas prices, the political implications, family budget implications about high gas prices. it's always good to remind people, president's don't set gas prices.
2:51 am
it is a very complicated picture. they get too much credit, too much blame. that is your sense of the gas prices and how they fit into the picture and family budgets? >> no, i agree. if prices were falling and i was president, i would be stupid not to take credit for it. there are three things that move the needle in this country, politics, religion and gasoline prices. they see the price whenever they pass a gas station. it's out there front and center. it's very much on the american psyche. >> politics, religion and gas prices moving the needle in politics. thank you so much for getting up early for us. nice to see you. >> likewise. thank you. actor kevin spacey has been cast in an upcoming british film. he'll have a voice role in the indie feature "control."
2:52 am
the allegations weren't a concern. a new york jury found in him not guilty. elon musk has a beef with apple. he claims the tech giant has threatened to pulled twitter from its app store. a move like that would, of course, crush musk's company. apple has mostly stops advertising. apple did not respond to cnn's request for a comment. the steelers fend off a last-minute coach back to defeat the colts. andy scholes has the bleacher report. >> good morning. mike tomlin has never had a losing season in 15 years. pittsburgh 3-7 going into last night's game in indy. wants to keep that going. steelers, they need to start winning. after blowing a 13-point lead, benny snell here going to take
2:53 am
this into the end zone to give the steelers 24-17 lead. colts driving late. matt ryan is going to scramble, get 14 yards. the colts had all three time-outs at this point but they just let time keep ticking away. 29 seconds run off on another play. ryan's path incomplete here. steelers win 24-17. after the game interim head coach jeff saturday defended the colts' time management. >> we still had time-outs. i wasn't concerned. we had time, we had time-outs, we were within striking distance. i never felt the pressure of needing the time-out. >> in college football meanwhile, michigan state receiving the largest fine in big ten history and he was
2:54 am
handed a $100,000 fine for pushing, kicking, punching players and kerry krompf was suspended for the first eight games of next season. tiger woods, meanwhile, will be hosting this week's euro world challenge in the bahamas. he will not be playing. 15-time major champion withdrew yesterday due to a foot injury that has made it difficult for him to walk. he still plans to play in the match on december 10th and in the pnc championship with his son charlie five days later. the houston cougars are the top ranked team in the country. state of texas with three teams in the top ten right now. house sfon number one, longhorns are two and baylor at number 6.
2:55 am
to the nba where it looked like the lakers wrapped up their sixth win in seven games. up by 17 over the passengers. indiana youflt scarred them and clinched it with andrew nimar drained a three-pointer at the buzzer. the lakers with 347-0 when leading by 17 or more in the fourth quarter in the last 20 seasons. the streak is now over. there was one happy lakers fan leaving arena. he hit a shot from beyond half-court to win $75,000. awesome moment for him. high five to fans. anthony david came over, christine, and gave him a big hug. the fans hitting half-court shots. never gets old. >> i love it. i love it. nice to see you, anty.
2:56 am
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good morning. what is it? >> tuesday. >> it is tuesday. it welcome to "cnn this morning." so glad you could join us. president biden called on congress to intervene and block a rail strike as it looms. they could act as soon as this week. ahead of today's mass against the u.s. iranian players told in get in line or their families could face torture or imprisonment. also this -- >> well, he should condemn those kind of things that anybody would stand for. no matter who they are. >> clear, there's no bottom to the degree to which president trump will degrade himself and the nation. >> a stream of republican


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