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tv   CNN Tonight  CNN  November 30, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PST

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republican leaders ramping up their condemnation of former president trump for having dinner at mar-a-lago with nick fuentes. a white supremacist and holocaust denier. kevin mccarthy saying there is no room in the gop for fuentes. but senator mitch mcconnell going further. questioning for trump's fitness to run for office again. >> there is no room in the republican party for anti- semitism or white supremacy. and, anyone meeting with people advocating that point of view in my judgment are highly
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unlikely to be elected president of the united states. >> former trump top adviser steven miller testifies before a federal grand jury investigating the january 6th insurrection. now, while trump's former deputy chief of staff meets with the january 6 committee. we will get to all of that tonight. but first, can we start with a bright spot in the day today? it is a bright light at night. the empire state building in new york city lit up in red, white, and blue. why? they are honoring the u.s. men's soccer team victory over iran at the world cup. and just take a look for a moment. at how excited the team was. as the fans return to their hotel tonight. families of the men's team are in qatar to witness today's victory. staying up late tonight for us and joining me now, are harry
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and vicki perry. the grandparents of mid fielder acosta. thank you for staying up late to help us cheer on your grandson. i'm a mother of small kids. the number of orange slices you got to cut. the number of games you got to run to to watch the kids on the field before they are any good. what was it like seeing your grandson in this way? >> it is just as much of an enjoyment for us as it was for the entire team. the people here are fantastic. and, this was just icing on the cake for us. >> it is not as if people
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expected the united states. there were people who did not expect them to go as far as they did. what was it like in the energy in the crowd? it wasn't as if you were the only ones cheering for this team. there was a significant spirit in the crowd. rooting for the u.s. >> it is extremely nice to help all the folks there from the u.s. families. and quite a big contingent from iran. it was ecstatic. it was electrifying and we had a phenomenal time. >> and, grandma, when you are looking at what's happening. go ahead. i don't want to leave you out. go ahead. >> it was just great. it was exhilarating to be there. to see the guys on the field. to see my grandson on the
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field. and playing. and, the fans from the united states just did a fabulous job. >> what i really appreciated seeing was in the presence of these players was how frankly diverse this team is to see the representation. to see the world athleticism and the camaraderie and the skills. what was it like for you seeing this very diverse team? >> it was exciting. not only racially diverse. it was diverse. play as one.
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>> hopefully, we can be there, but if not, we will be watching him on tv as well. we are hoping. but we have to make some changes in our plans to do so. >> i'm sure i will be hearing your voices over everyone else as well. i'm so proud of your grandson. i can only imagine what it is like for both of you. if you come back nine time zones back, we will be here cheering alongside you with snacks. i'm glad to see you guys get some rest. congratulations. and please, let your grandson know that everyone is rooting
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for the whole team back home. >> we will do that. and we would like to shout to our friends at saint andrew's. it was just exhilarating not only here, but, like you said, over nine time zones. >> i love it and i see you have matched the glasses to the outfit. i love it. i love the whole thing about it. it is wonderful. nice so see you both. you take care, congratulations. well, i love having that bright spot. we will be watching on saturday as well and waiting with baited breath to see what happens.
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we will talk now about the republican leaders who have been condemning trump's dinner with the white supremacist. and a federal grand jury investigating the insurrection. back with me now, david urban. i want to say, go team usa about this. >> quite a turn. >> that's the nature of the beast, my friend. got to pivot up the stairs but thinking about the pivots, frankly, there was a bit of a thanksgiving pass that was given to many of the republican members of the senate in the house. with respect to not coming out immediately and talking about that dinner. you are seeing condemnation now. far more widespread, senator mitch mcconnell speaking about
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this issue, you know. he is persona non-gara the former president trump. are you seeing a change in the winds here from the willingness of people to speak out? >> not really. not enough. is republican party has to drive the extremists out. they were set up to win a landslide in this midterm. they had high inflation. crime surging. trouble at the border. biden unpopular. they snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory. but it's all true. the democratic party 100 years ago was the party of segregation, lynching, the most racist. the ku klux klan probably had a dozen senators who were democrats. my party drove them out. went to the party of barack obama. ronald reagan helped to drive the john birch society out of the republican party.
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created the moderate conservative movement and made them dominant. republicans have to do that again. they have to drive these extremists out. if that includes donald trump and i think it does, it will be good for the republicans, good for america. >> thinking about this, too, taking a step back, you have of course this dinner. but you also have, we are all focusing on the idea of steven miller testifying. steven miller is the first known witness if i'm not mistaken to testify since the doj appointed a special council. >> it gets you close to the former president. the problem is we are not going to know what he said. and frankly, if anything that he provided the grand jury was all that useful or if he felt he had criminal exposure and just fled the fifth the whole time. but, it is a very senior staffer to the former president coming in and talking to a grand jury. every day, we have these
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moments where we ought to step back and think how remarkable that fact is. and so, perhaps, when the books are written on this information, this will come out. or, maybe if he is charged with the crime you will find out what he said. but it is a significant moment in criminal justice history and the arc of the story of donald trump. >> how about the arc politically, david? just hearing about all the things happening. there's a lot of news. mark meadows, steven miller and a plethora of other things. mitch mcconnell talking about somebody being disqualified from office. this is exhausting for the republican electorate i would assume. >> this midterm election, independence broke away from republicans in record numbers because of what paul was saying. they looked at their ballots. and, they voted against extremism. right? so, they had a choice to make. they could pick a republican or a democrat. and they were fearful if they voted for the republican, it
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would lead to more extremism. and so, we need as a party, republicans, if we want to win, we can do a lot of things but we need to win back the independents. we are not going to do moderation by having nick fuentes for dinner. a simple goinger search would say maybe this guy shouldn't go to dinner. it is beyond, i didn't even understand how it happens. right? i promise you, donald trump probably had no idea who the guy was so how he got in there is probably a very interesting story. jjust figure that out. who said this was a good idea. >> but he knew who ye was. >> the three of us have worked for elected official ins some way and someone had to be in the room. >> and this is my point, right? who didn't say, no, this is bad. i don't care if you are the
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door. you lay on the tracks, you say this isn't happening. and fortunately, with the former president, we see this a lot with mark meadows with other folks who are now testifying before grand juries. >> well, the idea of yes people around people in power is not novel. but it certainly has been indicative of this prior administration. we will talk more about this just ahead everyone. and, the supreme court has questioned the biden administration's authority to prioritize which non-citizens to deport. the legal challenge brought by two republican state attorneys general. we'll see what's at stake. that it just hit. it just landed perfectly. we talked with my mom and was like, “hey do you think that we should do something like that for dad?” and she was like “you know what i think that would be actually really cool.” ♪ i figured this is a great holiday present since i won't be with him for christmas. ♪ it was the best gift that i ever received, in my entire life. because it opened up my life. unwrap your family story, with ancestrydna.
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prioritize which non-citizens to deport. the challenge says it goes against federal immigration law. we are here to talk about all of this. so arianne, set the stage for us. this case is about this tension. about what the biden administration is able to set as priorities, about who to actually pursue deportation against. right? >> right. >> what it really is, is the latest battle between conservatives and the biden administration. particularly on immigration. it has been an all-out war. here in this case, in 2021, the biden administration set forth its priorities about which non- citizens had created certain crimes could be deported and the guidelines went through the priorities. they said for example those individuals a threat to national security, public safety, border security, they would be prioritized. but the guidelines also gave a
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lot of discretion to immigration officials. that is because there is something like 11 million non- citizens right now and the government can't handle them all and it is worth noting that other administrations like the trump administration, the clinton administration, they have set their own priorities. but here, these two states, texas, and louisiana, these republican attorney generals say this violates federal law. federal law says that these people shall be detained so these priorities are in conflict. and in court today, you could see the justices really struggling. on one hand, the conservatives did seem to buy into the fact that louisiana and texas had the legal right to bring this. and that's a big deal. right? because as alaina complained, she said if you are going to allow texas and louisiana to come in here, then every time a state doesn't like an immigration policy, the federal government will be back in courtment that was one issue. but when you got to the merits
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of this dispute. the heart of the dispute, do these guidelines violate the federal law? the conservative justices were a little bit more torn. you saw chief justice john roberts. he said i see the language shall. but if we allow this it will create kind of chaos. because the government does not have the resources to deal with all of this immigration. that was the heart of it. >> thinking about the politics of what you described, the immigration debate is raging still to this very moment. what do you make of this tension? >> it is exactly what arianne said. it is the conservative states just trying to cause chaos, trying to be a problem for the biden administration. it is important to note this goes back so many administrations and what they
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call it is prosecutorial discretion. i worked at ins under the clinton administration. they were doing it then. imagine now, that there are double the amount of undocumented immigrants in this country, and these attorneys general and these conservative states really believe that the federal government can detain 11 million undocumented immigrants tomorrow. that's what they are arguing. number one, it is unrealistic. the economy would collapse in one day if we did that. >> but isn't it a larger issue, maria, i would assume for many republicans looking at this, why are there 11 million undocumented immigrants? >> i would say maria is makeing the case for conservative republicans. >> actually no. this goes back to the original argument. you and i have talked about this. immigration is one of the most complicated issues that has really been an issue for so many administrations. this will not get fixed until republicans and democrats come together in a common sense sane manner and we were so close so
12:23 am
many times until frankly in the last decade it has been the conservative ultra right wing that has said absolutely not. >> i would like to see the president go to the border and make it an issue. >> is that is only way to do that? >> maria, if you want to shine a light on it, you know this. the bully pulpit. the president of the united states has the biggest megaphone. if it is that big of an issue for this president, he should go to the border and highlight it. listen, we have to work together republicans. >> everyone understands it is a huge issue, david. we were so close in 2013 to come to an understanding. the gang of eight had passed it in the senate. it went to the house and john boehner sad clearly to barack obama, president obama, he was not going to pass this because he knew it would pass with mostly democratic votes. president trump could have been transformational on this issue,
12:24 am
david. he also had an opportunity to do this. chuck schumer offered $25 billion in border security in exchange for some kind of legalization plan of the 11 million undocumented immigrants and they blew it out of the water. >> comprehensive reform on dreamers. we have to understand. the people here aren't going anywhere. we have done this before. we did immigration reform. the notion of touch back, not going to work. we have to come together as a country and recognize there are huge problems on our southern border. trafficking of humans, fentanyl. it is every bad thing you could imagine. >> we seem to have our marching orders but not the bipartisanship to actually accomplish something. >> david and i can do it. >> i nominate both of you to do it. >> we probably could actually. >> please, allow there to be a camera and we will be there as
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well. >> it will get struck down by the court. >> you need expertise. >> the legislation is not clear enough. >> it is frivolous. >> new york city's mayor eric adams is ordering officers to intervene and if necessary, involuntarily commit someone suffering from a mental health crisis. we shall talk about this new mandate next. wrap mucinex nightshift fights your worst nighttime symptoms so you can get to sleep and wake up ready to go. how could you?
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i can't wait to squad up. i love it when you talk nerdy to me. guy, guys, guys, we're still in session. and i don't know what the heck you're talking about. new york city mayor eric
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adams announcing a push to remove those with untreated severe mental illness from the streets and subways. first responders including members of the police and fire departments will be expected to enforce a state law giving them the power to intervene when someone appear to be suffering from a mental health crisis. and to potentially commit them involuntarily. >> a common misunderstanding persists that we cannot provide involuntary assistance unless the person is violent, suicidal or presenting a risk of imminent harm. this myth must be put to rest. >> the announcement already drawing concern from civil rights activists. let's discuss. juliet, when you think of first
12:31 am
responders and being able to on the one hand acertain in realtime and assess whether the person has a mental illness, that sounds like a very difficult charge, even given the concerns obviously they have been raised by the presence of people who they believe might do harm. >> yes. and i have to say the details have not really been disclosed. this was a press announcement without a lot of details behind it. and, he, as i always say in teaching at school public policy, what's the harm you are trying to solve? this is where the mayor was incredibly vague. he talks about there is a mythology on what police officers can do. what we need to make clear, first, this is not consistent with the movement in most jurisdictions toward non-law enforcement intervention in mental health issues. that's the rise of the 611
12:32 am
phone number. even if not violent, you don't want to have police come in because of the nature of the potential conflict. the second is of course, if you are saying, you can commit non- violent people. perhaps involuntarily, what is the trigger that will convince a police officer or a fire official that that person is in fact a threat? and that gap seems to me to be something that has to be filled by the mayor and public policy officials. you can't throw this out without a lot of thinking because the danger as we know is real. >> new york state passed the law in 2021 that allows first responders to involuntarily commit someone in need of immediate mental health care. you know, john, there is a lot on the plates of law
12:33 am
enforcement officials and first responders. there's a lot of criticism that has been leveled against them for their inability to decipher what is a mental health crisis from something that would initiate arrest proceedings. i wonder what you make of this new policy and the implementation of it. >> there is a lot of dependencies there. what mayor eric adams knows is he is in a homeless crisis. there's an estimated 48,000 homeless people in new york city. that is kind of the biggest number we have seen in new york since the great depression. the old standard was for someone to be picked up and forced to go, for psychiatric evaluation or to be involuntarily committed, they had to pose serious risk of imminent harm to themselves or others. the new standard is expanded. the law hasn't changed. the interpretation of it has. the new standard is persons who
12:34 am
appear to be mentally ill and inability to produce basic living needs even when there is no recent dangerous act. so, to talk about what are the standards, they give a number of case studies. and there are coresponse teams mixed with police and police and clinicians. way tonight to expand to the people who need help even if not acting violently. it is getting cold and they will suffer. >> those who appear to be something. and, there will always be the moment thinking about how does one acertain. is there the training or the resources? are they available? and the scope of the problem you described, even if at some point, they will meet a ceiling by the ability to actually be able to house and treat. but, this is as you mentioned,
12:35 am
we will talk about this another time as well. as this unfolds. there has not been the level of details. nice to see both of you. thank you. well, will smith is now opening up about the oscars incident where he slapped chris rock in front of the entire world. you won't want to miss what he is saying about that. finally, next. o 12 hours of re. 12 hours!! not coughing? hashtag still not coughing?! mucinex dm gives you 12 hours of relief from chest congestion and any type of cough, day or night. mucinex dm. it's comeback season. oh, wow. but we got to sell our houses. well, almost perfect. don't worry. just sell directly to opendoor. close in a matter of days. get your free offer at
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actor will smith opening up to the daily show's trevor noah about slapping chris rock at the oscars. >> that was a horrific night. as you can imagine. i was going through something. not that it justifies my behavior at all. you are asking what did i learn. and it is that we just got to be nice to each other, man. you know? it's like, it's hard. and, i guess the thing that was most painful for me is i took my heart and made it hard for other people. you know? it's like i understood the idea where they say hurt people. hurt people.
12:41 am
i was gone. i was gone. that was a rage that had been bottled for a really long time. >> cnn has reach out to chris rock about will smith's recent comments but we have yet to hear back. let's talk to nichelle turner. i always look to your reaction to some of the issues happening of the day. and i wonder what you make of the statements that he has said. the idea of hurt people, hurting people. the timing, we are almost in december. we are just now hearing after that july, we are hearing from him in an interactive capacity. >> we are hearing from him in an interactive capacity because he has a new movie coming out. he has a movie to promote. he knows he has to do press for that. that is why we are hearing from him. and when you sit down to do press for a new movie, you will get asked about this. because we haven't heard you
12:42 am
talk about it. that is number one why we are hearing from him right now. number two, you know, i think it is interesting, he said hurt people hurt people. all those things are true. all of us that night, as disappointed and disgusted as we were, we all said that slap was not about chris rock but a whole bunch of other stuff that will smith was dealing with. you can see that. you know it wasn't about that joke. you know that joke may have been a culmination of a lot of things he had been bottling up. but hearing him say he was going through something that night, was very interesting because, when we were on the red carpet, my cohost kevin frazier and i and will came in with jada on the red carpet. they just breezed by. it was very odd. didn't talk to anybody. didn't say anything. that is so unlike will smith. so we both looked at each other that night and said, something
12:43 am
going on? we did think that something was going on that night. >> one thing that was going on, he was up for an oscar. he was up for a win and king richard. this all happened at night. i want to play for you guys. he does talk about his childhood. not just people hurting people. he talks about the little boy inside of him. here he is. >> it was a lot of things. the little boy that watched his father beat up his mother. you know. all of that just bubbled up. that is not who i want to be. you have known me a long time. so you know. but y'all might not know.
12:44 am
>> yet, we feel like we do know him, people think they know the celebrities. what is your reaction? >> that is a profound tragedy. and we ought to pray for him and his family. it is a horrific thing. it does not give you a right to assault someone on national television. so cry me a river with the hurt people hurt people nonsense. it is an explanation, but not a justification for it. and it is still a crime. it is still an assault. it is still wrong. he shouldn't have done it. that is a nonsense interview of a man trying to sell an interview and it is silly. >> i think he absolutely feels bad about it. he is completely sorrowful that it happened and he wants to make amends. the problem is the timing.
12:45 am
that he could have been this remorseful a little bit earlier. he could have tried to speak publicly or explain he has been trying to reach out to chris rock. chris rock is the victim here. not him. yes. he went through childhood trauma. and even like he said in the interview, there are people in the audience going through trauma right now. we don't see them coming up and slapping people in the face on national television. >> there is no excuse for what he did. he assaulted a guy in public on a big forum. it is not acceptable. if he said, look, you know, he was up there, talking junk about my wife. i lost my temper. i shouldn't have done it. he has obviously gone to counseling and met with pr people who said here is what you do to come back. >> here is the thinness of that explanation. if he would have done it if a woman had done the joke? or if it were the rock or vin
12:46 am
diesel? a bigger guy? >> i seriously doubt if the rock would have said it. but, one never knows. you were in the area. you covered this all the time. you have interviewed so many people. i wonder, what do you make of the fact that he is not going to be able to escape this on the movie trail. it will haunt him. it will be asked of him. >> everyone on the panel is correct if they say will smith is not the victim here, chris rock is. we are talking to will smith tomorrow. and we will be asking him about this when we speak with him tomorrow.
12:47 am
ly push back a little bit though. i'm not sure that he was making a justification. i think he was explaining. i think back in july, he did make a statement, i was wrong, i think he does realize and understand that there is a large faction of people who are just going to say what a lot of the panelists have said. like, cry me a river. boohoo. so what? we don't care. there is a faction of people who will be able to forgive him and that is what he is starting to do. i'm so disappointed. because i'm a huge fan. but i don't think he wants to be that person. so will this go away in heal something i'm not sure. i think he could have had a harder hitting interview. >> you know i have been a
12:48 am
prosecutor and i got to tell you, it is very difficult. you meet people when they have made the worst decision of their lives. and then, they meet you. and, the idea that i have always been, maybe not in all of my moments but i hope to be someone who believes in redemption. i don't know if that is always available in the court of public opinion. but nice to speak to you as always. >> thanks to the panel too. >> there is some joy. have you heard about this? 51 years later? their daughter had been kidnapped 51 years ago. now, a texas family is reunited and it is all thanks to not police work, and detective work, it is thanks to a 23 and me dna test! the amazing story is next. but she had enough.
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there is the most amazing story in texas. a true miracle for one family. a woman has been reunited with her parents 51 years after she was kidnapped. the family saying melissa high smith was just 22 months old back in 1971. when she says she was abducted by a woman hire today babysit her. now reunited thanks to 23 and me. joining me now is lisa jo shealy, a genealogist who helped to reunite this family. i'm so glad to hear about this
12:54 am
miracle lisa. but what these family haves been here in terms of thinking about 51 years. this was 23 and me ancestry? >> basically, you have a family who wasn't willing to give up. not only do you have 23 and me showing them an obvious match. but you have ancestry. it is just all of this completely unbelievable. >> it really is. how did you come to be involved with the high smith family? >> so, i was called in to look at the results. and, you had both these platforms telling them what the predicted relationship was between them and these matches. and, basically, when i came in,
12:55 am
it was like, look at these. is this what we think it is? and, absolutely it was. it was not a hard genealogy problem to solve. >> the idea of how this is coming. i remember reading more about this and what the mother went through, the criticism and failures she faced. the idea of people questioning her. not giving up hope. this reunification must have been so wonderful to be a part of. >> absolutely. i mean, even just, i live in minnesota, obviously, this happened in texas. you have a sister in spain, even from afar, this was amazing and i'm on the other end of the phone like, let me know what's going on. it is just, it is very exciting for everybody. >> it really is. just to see the pictures and be a part of this vicariously feeling it.
12:56 am
and know how increasingly these genetic tests are being used to unify families in ways we never anticipated. it is unbelievable. thank you for letting us hear more about this. thank you for watching this moment and the program today. our coverage does continue. then, gertrude found something for it. delsym. and now what's going around is 12-hour cough relief. and the giggles. and the great dane pup. and grandma's gluten-free gooseberry pie. which is actually pretty great. the family that takes delsym together, feels better together. and try new delsym no mess vapor roll-on for cough. in one second, sara yes! will get a job offer somewhere sunnier. relocating in weeks. weeks? yeah, weeks. gotta sell the house. don't worry, sell to opendoor, and move on your schedule. yes! request a cash offer at
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hello and a warm welcome to our viewers joining us in the united states and all around the world. i'm bianca nobody by low from london. max foster is on assignment.


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